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                               Staplehurst 1841 Census
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Population by
       Age Bands
       Born in Kent





  The population of Staplehurst on 6 June 1841 was    1591 .

  Population by District

                  District     Households      Males      Females       Total
    5                 113                  275           297               572
                    6                   41                  133           128               261
                    7                   87                  256           219               475
                    8                   47                  157           126               283
         Total                     288                   821          770              1591





    Population by Age Bands
                                         Males    Females    Total      of Total     
      Under 1 year old             31            20            51          3.2
       1 to  5 years of age       132          115          247        15.5 
      6 to 12 years of age       147          153          300        18.9
      13 to 20 years of age     156          146          302        19.0
      21 to 30 years of age     132          122          254        16.0
      31 to 40 years of age       81            80          161        10.1
      41 to 50 years of age       58            55          113          7.1
      51 to 60 years of age       37            44            81          5.1
      61 to 70 years of age       37            25            62          3.9
      71 to 80 years of age         6              6            12          0.8
      Over 80 years of age         5              3              8          0.5
                  Total                 822           769        1591      100.0

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  Population born in Kent

  Of the total Staplehurst population in 1841 (1591) :

             1 only was classed as born out of England with an I indicating Ireland.
             64 people were classed as born in England but outside of Kent;
                  of the 64, 36 were women not born in Kent.

  This means that 1524 people were born in Kent or 96% of Staplehurst inhabitants.

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Of the total population of Staplehurst in 1841, 32.6% or 518 are shown with an occupation. This
  518  represents 55.0% of the population over 14 years of age while the male population over 14
  shows an occupation for 88.2%. Only 19.7% of the females over 14 years of age show an

  In addition to the 518 employed, there are 29 people (6 of them men) shown as having Independent

  The youngest children recorded as employed were two boys aged 10 classed as male servants
  within the same household. There are two 12 year olds and four 14 year old boys classed as male
  servants plus one 14 year old employed as a brick layer.
  Fifteen seems to be the normal age of employment and there are 37 fifteen year old boys engaged
  in an occupation. Of the 15 year old boys not showing an occupation (37 in total) almost all of them
  are shown on farms and will almost certainly be working with the family. No doubt younger children
  are also working with their families, but we have no way of establishing how many.
  There are 33 men aged 16 to 25 shown without an occupation (and only 6 over 25 years of age).
  As the enumerators were instructed that there was no need to enter an occupation if the person
  was living with their parent and not receiving a wage, we might assume these young men are
  also working with their families.
  We can make similar assumptions about the young women. Most will be employed (unpaid) within
  the family. Of the woman shown as employed, the youngest are three 13 year olds employed as
  female servants. There are two 14 year olds and twenty-one 15 year olds shown as employed. The
  vast majority of women work within the family unit. Of the total of  769 females in Staplehurst, only
  90 are shown to have an occupation and 60 of these are over the age of 20.

  Note the following statistics account for only those people with a recorded occupation.

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   Agriculture is the main employment in Staplehurst in 1841 with 64.1% (332 people) of the
   employed population engaged in farming. Note that I have included within this category the men
   who are show as male servants. Of the 75 men classed as male servants, 61 are under the age
   of 21. When looking at the data in detail most of the men in this category are living with a farming
   family and not their own. I am, therefore, assuming that the largest proportion of male servants are
   employed in agricultural and living within the farmers household. Those classed as agricultural
   labourers are living in separate households and most will be married men.

                                                         Males    Females    Total     % of Employed
                    Farmers                               49         4          53
                    Agricultural Labourers        200         1        201
                    Male Servants                      75         0          75
                    Bailiff                                     2         0            2
                    Poulterer                                1         0            1
                         Total                             327         5        332                 64.1%

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  The group I have titled domestic, is the second largest occupation in Staplehurst. The largest
  element within this group is the female servants. Many of the better off families employed one
  female servant, while the Hoare family at Staplehurst Place, appear to have 7 female servants.
  There are several instances of 2 female servants but generally there is one; and of course, the
  vast majority of families had no servants. Most female servants were young with only 10 over
  the age of 21.

                                                      Males    Females    Total     % of Employed
                    Female Servants                           69          69
                    Char                                              2            2
                    Gardener                        1                           1
                    House Stewart                1                           1               
                    Governess                                      1           1
                         Total                          2            72         74            14.3%

  I must note here that some of the male servants within the agriculture category may well be domestic
  servants.  Also worth pointing out that of the 90 women classed as employed, 80% are employed

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The occupations I have grouped together under this heading are all related to providing a service
  to a rural community.

       Blacksmith              5                         Brick-maker            2    
       Wheelwright            3                         Cooper                   1
       Sawyer                   3                          Basket-maker         1
       Timber Hewers       1                          Saddler                   1
       Carrier                    2                          Tailor                      3
       Miller                      4                          Shoemaker            11
                                                                  Hairdresser             1
   The 2 following items are the only trades involving women.

        Dressmaker           3                           Milliner                   1

  The building Trade makes up a large section of the trade group.    

        Bricklayer               6                          Carpenter             13
        Mason                    1                          Builder                   1
        Painter                    1                          Labourer                1
                                Apprentice of unknown trade   1

  The total people involved in the trades is 68 or 13.1% of the recorded people with

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  T0 provide the provisions for the villagers, there is the bakers, grocers, butchers,
  drapers, and beer retailers.

       Baker                      2                         Butcher                6
       Grocer                    8                         Draper                 3
       Retailer of Beer       2

  Total of 21 people (of which 2 of the grocers are women).

  There is also 2 innkeepers, 1 ostler, and  1 victualler.

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      Solicitor                             1              Appraiser           1
      School Master / Mistress    6              Clerk                 1
      Surgeon  & Assistants        3               Nurse                2
      Dissenting Minister             1               Artist                 1
      Surveyor of Highways        1               Toll Collector     1
      Army                                 1               

  Of the total of 19 people in this group, there are 4 women school mistresses and
  2 female nurses. Both nurses are older women shown in the homes of people with
  new babies.
  The other item of note is that there is not shown a Rector for the village church,
  however, Thomas Hornbuckle was the Rector at this time and he is living in the
  village but with an occupation shown as Independent Means.

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