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ABBOTT, Caroline Matilda (1875-1947)
Caroline Matilda Abbott
CRANE, Susannah (1831-1919) Susannah Elizabeth Crane
CRANE, William Christopher (1799-1876) William Christopher Crane
HARTILL, Catherine (1829-1886)
Catherine Hartill
HERMANSON, Walfrid Theodore (1878-1955)
Walfrid Theodore Hermanson
INGS, Elizabeth (1870-1954)
Elizabeth Ings
PHILLIPS, Mary (1874-1939)
Mary Phillips
ROSE, Alfred William Henry (1902-1971)
Alfred William Henry Rose
ROSE, Brian Henry (1932-2000)
Brian Henry Rose
ROSE, Edith (1901-1963)
Edith Rose
ROSE, Gerald William (1931-1955)
Gerald William Rose
ROSE, Henry William (1869-1937)
Henry William Rose
SAUNDERS, Dorothy Phyllis (1905-1976)
Dorothy Phyllis Saunders
SAUNDERS, Herbert Ethey (1869-1923)
Herbert Ethey Saunders
SAUNDERS, Jack (1903-1974)
Jack Saunders
SAUNDERS, Louis Herbert (1897-1966)
Louis Herbert Saunders
SELLER, Elizabeth (1834-1886)
Elizabeth Seller
SELLER, Ethel Maud (1883-1967)
Ethel Maud Seller
SELLER, Frederick (1826-1911) Frederick Seller
SELLER, Thomas (1798-1878) Thomas Seller
SELLER, Thomas Theophilus (1855-1943) Thomas Theophilus Seller
STANNARD, Harold Norman (1905-1938)
Harold Norman Stannard
STANNARD, Kenneth James (1908-1944)
Kenneth James Stannard
STANNARD, Neil Philip (1945-2008)
Neil Philip Stannard
STANNARD, Robert James (1870-1917)
Robert James Stannard
STANNARD, Robert Nelson (1902-1976) Robert Nelson Stannard
STREET, MARY (1846-1924)
Mary Street


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