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header3 Rose Family, originally from Frome, Somerset...

Origins of the Rose surname, courtesy of

"As a Scottish surname, Rose is recorded in Scotland from the early 14th Century onwards; the family of Rose of Kilravock, near the town of Nairn, are believed to be a branch of the ancient de Ross clan. This family came originally from Yorkshire, and held a large amount of land in the northern part of Ayrshire during the 12th Century. The de Ross family were of Norman origin, where the name is locational, from Rots near Caen in Normandy; the place is thought to be named with the Germanic element "rod", clearing. The family were established in Kent in 1130, and one Godfrey de Ros is the first of the name to be recorded in Scotland; he witnessed a charter in Gilmerton, near Edinburgh, in 1189. The branch of the family that took the name Rose have mostly stayed around Nairn and Inverness, and have kept an unusually unbroken pedigree, documented in the book cited below. One William Rose was a charter witness in Inverness in 1360. The marriage of Walter Rose and Elspet McKilican was recorded in Inverness in March 1654. The christening of one John Rose was recorded at Ardersier, near Inverness, in 1741. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Muriel de Roys, which was dated 1333, "A Genealogical Deduction of the Family of Rose of Kilravock", 1848, during the reign of King David 11, King of Scotland, 1329 - 1371."

Alfred William Henry ROSE arrived in South Africa in 1825.  His family had lived in the Frome, Somerset area, moving between Rode, Beckington and Lullington, for at least 100 years before he left the area and the country to live in South Africa.  Afrer imigrating to South Africa he met and married Ethel Dorothy HERMANSON on 22 Nov 1930 in Cape Town.

So far we have traced our Rose family back to his g-g-grandfather, Thomas Rose, born about 1775, died about 1825.  The first record we have of him is his marriage to Dinah TUCKER on 24 Dec 1810 in Rode, Somerset.  His occupation was listed as 'weaver' on the baptism parish records of all his children in Rode.  It is thought that he died between 1822 (when the baptism of his last child, Ann Rose, is recorded in Rode) and 1825 when his wife, Dinah, married John Line on 25 Sep 1825 in Rode.  She was listed as a widow in the parish register at the time of this marriage.  This page focusses on the direct line from Thomas Rose to Alfred William Henry Rose, but a chart containing as many of Thomas Rose's descendants as I've been able to trace is available here, and more information can be found about his family by following the link on his name to the family tree pages.

Thomas Rose's place of birth is still a mystery, although it is possible he may have come from the Hinton Charterhouse / Norton St Phillip area, both parishes are relatively close by, and to which he had a link...his daughter-in-law, Harriet FUSSELL, born about 1812 in Norton St Phillip, according to the 1851 England & Wales Census.

Townsend, Rode taken between 1926 & 1935
Townsend, Rode taken between 1926 &
She married his oldest son, William Rose (born about 1812, baptised in Rode on 19 April 1812, on 16 Mar 1834, the parish register lists Priscelene Fussell and Charles Scott as witnesses to this marriage.  William & Harriet Rose remained in Rode until their deaths, living in Townsend according to some England & Wales Census returns, William's in 1879, and Harriet's on 18 April 1885 (sadly she was living in Frome Union Workhouse at the time of her death).  They had 8 sons, all baptised in Rode between 1835 & 1854.  William's occupation is listed on various census returns as 'labourer', 'coachman' and 'servant', the 1881 England & Wales Census lists Harriet as a 'charwoman' and  a widow.

Cast Iron C19th Village Pump in Lullington, photograph by Trish Steele
William & Harriet's second son, Aaron Rose married Lucy SADLER in Lullington on 31 May 1857, witnesses to this marriage were listed as Eliza Sadler & Charles White, Lucy's sister and future brother-in-law.  They settled in Lullington, where Aaron Rose worked variously as a 'carter' and 'agricultural labourer'.  It appears that he was a member of Beckington Baptist Church, being baptised into this church as an adult in 1873.  Both Aaron Rose and Lucy Sadler remained in Lullington until  their deaths, in 1915 and 1893, respectively. Cast Iron Pump in Lullington

Goose Street, Beckington, photograph taken by Maurice Pullin
Goose Street, Beckington Their son, Henry William Rose, born about 1869, married Caroline Matilda ABBOTT on 3 Apr 1899, they settled in Beckington, where they lived in Goose Street, and where Alfred William Henry Rose was born on 4 Aug 1902.  All of the census returns put Henry William Rose's occupation as 'agricultural labourer'.  He passed away on 25 Dec 1937; and my mother tells me that her grandmother, Caroline Abbott was a washerwoman who passed away while hanging the washing in 1947.

My research into the Rose family has been greatly facilitated my mother and her brother & sisters, they have been a great help in pinning down names and dates, and supplying photographs, thanks Cecil, Elin, Ethel & Una!  It has also been helped by a useful contact researching the Sadler family from Somerset, thanks Jane!  Another very useful resource has been the Yahoo Somerset 100 Research Groups.

My current 'brick wall' in researching the Rose Family is finding out where Thomas Rose came from...

Surnames linked to the our branch of the Rose family since about 1780...

Abbott    Blommenstein    Botha    Hermanson    Lancaster    Miller    Sadler    Stannard    Tucker   

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Family names encountered in my research include:

  • Abbott
  • Berlin
  • Broome
  • Cave
  • Chambers
  • Cowlin
  • Crane
  • Davidge
  • Felton
  • Fussel
  • Gilbert
  • Girle
  • Goshen
  • Hartill
  • Harvey
  • Heath
  • Ings
  • Knuckey
  • Maidment
  • Mercer
  • Minchington
  • Oppy
  • Phillips
  • Saddington
  • Sadler
  • Seller
  • Spargo
  • Stares
  • Street
  • Tregoning
  • Tucker
  • Vincent
  • Wake
  • Whelpley
  • Wyatt


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