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Surname Forename
all variants all all all  
Bartlam Sarah CHS 1842  
Baskerville Lucy STS? 1815  
BlackwellSarahPrestburymarried 1806 
Bowker Alice Cooke LAN 1874 - 1938  
Brown Elizabeth CHS 1818  
Clarke James Stanier Minorca, Spainborn 17 December 1766  
Hall William Stonehewer Crowborrow, Horton bapt 1726  
Stanier all Stoke on Trent STS all  
Stanier all Handsworth STS C18 - C20  
Stanier Edward Stourbridge WOR born 1819  
Stanier Francis OXF 1657 - 1725 Rector Copredy. MA Oxon, marr Mary Taylor, Wardlington OXF
Stanier Francis Uppington SAL 1657 - 1726  
Stanier George STS C19  
Stanier Ivey/Luey? STS C18  
Stanier John STS C19  
Stanier John SAL 1800s Is he Elizabeth Stanier's father?
Stanier John Uppington SAL ~1701  
Stanier John OXF 1619 - 1691 Provost Eaton, marr Rachel dau Robt Allestree of Derby
Stanier John OXF 1751 - 18?? Rector Hope Bowdler SAL, MX OXF, marr 1809 Mary ?
Stanier Joseph Keele STS died 1920s?  
Stanier William Birmingham WAR 1788  
Stanier William Wolverhampton WOR 1764  
Stanier William STS 1902  
Stanway any any any  
Stanway Cyrus CHS C18/C19  
Stanyer any Chester CHS 1800s  
Stanyer any Stone STSany  
Stanyer Alfred Burslem STS born 1891, Smallthorne Probably the first Stanier in Malta
Stanyer Charles Chester CHS C18 - C19  
Stanyer Charles Fulford STS1824 - 1870married Mary Bagnall, Bucknall 1847
Stanyer Daniel Neston and Thornton Hough CHS C18  
Stanyer JosephTrenthan Fulford STS1800 - 1850smarried Sarah Cope, Stone 1822
Stanyer Peter Chester CHS ~1825  
Stanyer Peter born Neston CHS 1805  
Stanyer Peter STS 1830 -  
Stanyer Peter STS 1853  
Stanyer Samuel Lancaster LAN born 16 Aug 1858  
Stanyer Thomas Chester CHS ~1815  
Stanyer William born Neston CHS 1805  
Stanyer William Chester CHS ~1800  
Stanyer WilliamBiford Stoke STS1864 - 1930smarried Mary Ann Wise, Cheadle 1887
Stanyer WilliamFulford STS1755 - 1830married Alice Holford, Stone 1775
Stanyer/Stonyer/Stonor any any any  
Stonier parents of Mathew and Ralph? CHS? late 1600s  
Stonier Francis (Sir) NTH February 1606  
Stonier James Odd Rode CHS circa 1790 - 1848  
Stonier Mathew CHS? late 1600s / early 1700s  
Stonier Ralph CHS? 1700s  
Stonier William Biddulph STS born circa 1784  
Stonehewer any Manchester 1850 - 1900  
Stonehewer any Gtr London C18 - C20  
Stonehewer any any any  
Stonehewer any Macclesfield CHS any Trade: joiners
Stonehewer George Ardwick, Manchester1848 
Stonehewer George Gawsworth CHS1791 
Stonehewer George AlexanderLAN1874 - 1916 
Stonehewer George HenryLAN/YRK1899 - 1945 
Stonehewer Hugh CMN early 1700s  
Stonehewer John CMN/BRE 1791 - 1851  
Stonehewer Joseph Old Withington CHS ~1725  
Stonehewer Ormond BRE 1780 - 1851  
Stonehewer Richard Biddulph STS ~1540  
Stonehewer Roger Congleton CHS 1423  
Stonehewer Samuel Macclesfield 1800 - 1850  
Stonehewer Thomas Congleton CHS 1372 - 3  
Stonehewer Thomas Manchestercirca 1825 
Stonehewer Thomas Macclesfieldborn 1785 
Stonehewer WilliamLAN1863 
Stonehewer WilliamLAN? father of above William
Stonier Edwin Burton on Trent STS died 1890/1  
Stonier Elizabeth Manchester LAN sister of Rhoda (below)  
Stonier George Crewe Green CHS 1800?  
Stonier James any - London pre 1850  
Stonier James STS? 1815  
Stonier John Kingston STS bapt 17 Feb 1847  
Stonier Mathew STS born 1746  
Stonier Ralph CHS died Crewe CHS 1784  
Stonier Richard Kingston STS 1806 - 1855  
Stonier Rhoda Manchester LAN born 16 Aug 1837  
Stonier Susan any - London pre 1850  
Stonier Susan Marylebone MDX 14 Dec 1850 marr Reuben Neat, compositor, at St. Mary's. (witnesses: Wm Jackson and Catherine Almond. Fathers both James, Susan's a farmer, Reuben's a gatekeeper)
Stonier Thomas Kingston STS bapt 14 Jun 1842  
Stonier Thomas CHS ~1844  
Stonier/Kaye George Kirkheaton, Huddersfield YRK born 28 Feb 1868  
Warner SarahLAN1853 - 1899 

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