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Place Index to the Stonehewer to Stanier Society Library

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NameItem numbers
AB CAN28, 35
Abbey Cumri RAD WLS447
Abbey Cwmhir RAD WLS447
Abbots Bromley STS39, 418
Abbotsford BC CAN24
Aberdare GLA WLS24
Aberystwyth538, 545
Abington OXF145
Acton CHS39
Acton STS481, 5
Ada ID USA167
Ada OH USA351
Adderley SAL21, 418
Ahmic Harbor, Parry Sound ON CAN477
Ahmic Harbour ON CAN29
Alameda CA USA167
Alamo NV USA167
Alberta BC CAN109
Alberta CAN109
Albrighton SAL35
Albuqueque NM USA167
Alcomlow, Astbury CHS19
Alcumlow CHS39
Alderley Edge CHS32, 39
Alderminster WOR372
Aldershot HAM209, 5
Alexandria SCT5
Alfreston SSX76
Alfreton DBY209, 76
Algrave NTH405
Alkerton OXF442
All Hallows, Barking MDX144
All Saint, Birmingham209
All Saints, Dilhorme STS209
Allandale ON CAN486
Allen County OH USA5
Almy WY USA167
Alpraham, Bunbury CHS5
Alrincham CHS209
Alrywas, Burton-on-Trent STS209
Alsager CHS167
Alstonfield STS21, 418, 71
Alton STS418
Altrincham CHS15, 209, 32
Alverstoke, Gosport HAM209
Alverton, Westmoreland Co PA451
Alyeham CHS82
Amblecote STS87
Ambleside LAN209, 372
Ambleside WES167
American Falls167
American Fork UT USA167
Amhurstberg ON CAN391
Ampney GLS372
Ancoats Manchester LAN413
Andlen CHS479
Angola, Steuben County IN USA351
Apedale STS167
Apolda, Germany167
Ardrossan, Alberta209
Ardstone TYR29
Ardwick LAN30, 413
Armitage STS32
Arromanches, France43, 93
Ash Green, Trentham, Stone STS209
Ashborne Green DBY141
Ashbourne DBY107, 141, 209
Ashburton NZ147
Ashby De La Zouch LEI167
Ashley CHS15
Aspley Guise BDF76
Astbury CHS108, 109, 12, 19, 20, 209, 3, 344, 38, 39, 391, 413, 55, 552, 61, 64, 69, 83, 86
Aston209, 29, 529
Aston Under Lyme, Salford LAN209
Aston WAR171, 172, 7
Aston, Birmingham WAR209, 392, 6
Aston, Wellington SAL10, 407, 6, 87, 9
Atcham SAL172, 450, 9
Atcham STS21
Atherstone WAR147
Atrincham CHS209
Attercliffe, Sheffield YKS209
Auburn, Sydney AUS351
Auckland NZ147
Audlem CHS418, 5
Audley STS209, 3, 36, 39, 4, 418, 535
Audley Street, Chesterton209
Austin Friars LND141, 209, 32
Australia147, 209
BRK109, 96
Back Oth Hill, Buddulph STS91
Backford CHS82
Baddesley Clinton WAR147
Badger DOR209
Badowe ESS109
Bakersfield CA USA167
Balinar IRL209
Baliston ANT29
Ball Haye STS71
Ballington CHS209
Balterley STS527
Banbury OXF167, 408, 442
Bancroft ON CAN28, 29
Bangor GWN WLS24
Bank End, Norton STS552
Banning, Fayette Co PA451
Banning, Fayette County PA USA451
Bardsley CHS109
Barhead AB CAN29
Barking, London MDX209
Barlaston STS1, 167, 21, 342, 351, 418
Barley Croft, Biddulph STS91
Barley Ford, Biddulph STS45, 497
Barleyford CHS109, 141, 209, 554, 69
Barleyford STS87
Barleyford, Biddulph STS44, 65, 81, 92
Barleyford, Prestbury CHS85
Barmont, Montgomery County IL USA27
Barn Field, Biddulph STS91
Barnfield, Biddulph STS41
Barnsley YKS209, 5, 504
Barrow CHS418
Barrow In Furness CUL209
Barry GLA WLS24
Barthomley CHS109, 12, 4, 418, 527, 551, 61, 65, 82, 86
Barton Upon Irwell LAN167, 209, 302
Basalt ID USA167
Baschurch SAL6, 7
Basford DBY209
Baswick STS21
Bath SOM167, 96
Bath Township, Allen County OH USA5
Bath Twp OH USA351
Bath WIL81
Battersea LND1, 5
Battersea SRY351
Battle, Brecon BRE WLS24
Beamhurst STS507
Bebington CHS418, 82
Bedington, Auada, London MDX209
Bedlinog, Treharris GlA WLS24
Bedlow BKM209
Bednall Head, Bednall STS209
Bednall STS5
Bedulf STS67
Bedull STS41
Bedulphe STS67
Bedyll STS41, 67
Beech Bank, Trentham STS5
Beedulfe STS41
Beer Shop, Coton, Milwick, Stone STS209
Beeston CHS82
Belfast NIR29
Bellbroughton SAL147
Bellbroughton, Chelmarsh SAL145, 209
Belleville ON CAN486
Belmont IN USA351
Belmont Nr. Alton IN USA5
Bentleys Croft, Biddulph STS91
Berkeley CA USA167, 35
Betchton CHS102, 209, 3
Bethnal Green MDX144
Betley STS21, 63
Bettley STS372
Betty STS209
Bewdley WOR35
Biddulph CHS19
Biddulph Church STS109
Biddulph Grange STS74
Biddulph Old Hall, Biddulph STS109, 45, 497
Biddulph Parish Church STS109
Biddulph STS101, 102, 104, 106, 107, 109, 12, 142, 167, 209, 21, 22, 32, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41, 413, 418, 42, 43, 44, 50, 52, 53, 552, 59, 61, 65, 67, 68, 69, 70, 72, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 81, 83, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95
Biddulph St Lawrence STS42
Biddulphe STS41
Bidston CHS82
Bidston Cum Ford And Birkenhead CHS82
Big Close, Biddulph STS91
Billesdon LEI167
Billings MT USA167
Bilsthorpe NTT50
Birchfield STS171
Birkenhead534, 551
Birkenhead CHS167, 82
Birmingham All Saints WAR171, 456, 458, 459, 461, 464, 466, 468, 470, 471, 476
Birmingham St George WAR469
Birmingham St Martins WAR171
Birmingham St Philips WAR167, 171, 406
Birmingham WAR12, 13, 35, 391, 406, 418, 457, 465, 475, 476, 48, 49, 5, 50, 62, 87, 88, 92
Birmingham, Detroit MI USA29
Bishop Auckland NZ391
Bishton Hall STS71
Black and Bull STS485
Blackburn LAN167, 209, 3, 391
Blackfriars, London141
Blackpool LAN109, 30, 445, 5
Blackwood142, 60
Blandford, Hampden County, MA USA27
Blibworth Colliery NTT50
Blidworth YKS209
Bloomfield NM USA167
Bloxwich STS76
Bluffton SC USA351
Blurt ON STS5
Blurton STS209, 21, 351, 479, 487, 5
Blyrlie Marsh209
Blyth Marsh STS481, 5
Blythe Bridge, Dilhorn STS342, 445, 5
Blythmarsh STS5
Boise ID USA167
Bollington CHS12, 209, 47, 49, 88, 92
Bollington, Rosthorne CHS19
Bolton LAN209, 302
Bongate WES479
Booley SAL167
Boons Meadow, Biddulph STS91
Bornefield, Biddulph STS67
Bosley550, 568
Bosley Minn CHS39
Bottom House STS3
Boulogne, France43, 93
Bountiful UT USA167
Bow Gage STS5
Bowdon CHS418
Bracebridge ON CAN486
Brackley NTH404
Bradbourne DBY107
Braddock's Hay, Biddulph STS40
Braddocks Hay, Biddulph STS53
Bradfield BRK5
Bradford YKS209, 5
Bradley Green STS68
Bradley Green, Biddulph STS52, 61
Bradley In The Moors STS418
Bradley STS209
Bradley, Newton, Manchester LAN209
Brampton Brian HEF32
Breadsall DBY76
Brecon BRE WLS24
Brecon St Johns WLS109
Brecon St Marys BRE WLS24
Brecon WLS109
Brentford, Middlesex209
Brereton CHS109
Brereton STS551
Bretby, Burton On Trent DBY50
Brew House Bank, Newchapel, Brieryhurst STS209
Brewood STS35, 418
Brideswood House, Biddulph STS91
Bridge Street, Sandback CHS209
Bridgeford, Milwich STS5
Bridgend GLA WLS24
Bridgnorth SAL35, 351, 5, 6, 87
Bridnorth SAL7
Brierley Hill STS209
Brieryhurst STS209, 391
Brimstage CHS82
Brinnington, Stockport LAN11
Bristol GLS147
Bristol SOM209, 96
Britt ON CAN24
Brixton LND351
Brixton SRY372, 5
Brockhusrt Bank, Biddulph STS84
Brockville ON CAN209
Brodsworth Church Doncaster209
Brodsworth Colliery YKS50
Bromborough CHS82
Bromley By Bow, Tower Hamlets MDX5
Bromley Hurst STS5
Broughton LAN209, 503
Broughton, Salford LAN209, 5
Brown Edge, Norton STS552
Brownlow CHS20, 39
Brownsville, Westmoreland Co PA451
Bruce AB CAN28
Bryn LAN38
Bucklow CHS209
Bucknall Cum Bagnall Church STS5
Bucknall Cum Bagnall STS351, 479
Bucknall STS484
Bucknall, Stoke On Trent STS5
Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent, STS451
Buffalo NY USA29
Bughawton CHS209
Buglawton CHS101, 108, 209, 32, 39, 413
Buhl ID USA167
Buknall Cum Bagnall STS209
Bunbury CHS82
Burcott BKM6
Burley ID USA167
Burnham On Sea SOM418
Burns Lake BC CAN28, 29
Burrows, Brails DBY141
Burslem STS108, 167, 18, 209, 21, 392, 418, 451, 5, 63
Burton Abbey528
Burton On Trent DBY50
Burton On Trent STS14, 209
Burton STS482
Burton Upon Trent STS167, 351, 418, 5
Burwardsley CHS82
Bury LAN351, 5
Bustumly Farm, Leigh, Uttoxeter STS209
Butley CHS209
Butte CA USA167
Butterton STS76
Buxton CHS82
Buxton DBY209, 5
Bylthe Bridge, Dilhorn STS209
CAN109, 29, 486
CHS109, 209, 27, 39, 412, 418, 439, 477, 52
Calgary AB CAN167, 29, 3, 35
Calton Mill STS75
Calveley CHS82
Camberwell MDX144, 209
Cambridge CAM109
Camp Street Methodist5
Campbell River, BC CAN209
Canada109, 372, 5
Canada West209, 351, 5
Cannock STS145, 209, 5
Cannon Street, London MDX209
Canterbury KEN105, 106
Canterbury NZ540
Capesthorne Hall CHS109
Cardiff GLA WLS209, 24, 418
Cardington BDF538
Cardston AB CAN167
Carey ID USA167
Carleton Private Hospital, Burnaby BC CAN5
Carlshalton STS209
Carmarthen CAE WLS24
Carmarthen WLS109
Castle Gate UT USA167
Castlemartin PEM WLS109
Castleton LAN351
Castleton St Martins LAN74
Castro Valley, Alameda Co CA451
Cauldron Lowe STS3
Caverswall STS209, 342, 418, 5, 71
Caverswell Park59
Caverwell STS489
Cedar City UT USA167
Cedar Foty UT USA167
Cefn Coed, Cardiff GLA WLS24
Centerville UT USA167
Champion AB CAN167
Chandler AZ USA167
Chapel In The Frith CHS109
Charlotte FL USA5
Charmouth DOR12, 49, 74, 88, 89, 92
Chartley, Stone STS342
Chasetown STS418
Chatcull STS351
Chatcull Township, Eccleshall STS5
Chatham KEN96
Chathill, Eccleshall STS209
Chatkill STS479
Chatswood, Sydney AUS351
Cheadle CHS167, 351, 418
Cheadle Hulme CHS109, 418
Cheadle Hulme LAN109
Cheadle STS209, 342, 445, 446, 448, 45, 489, 497, 5, 506, 507, 71
Cheapside, London MDX209
Checkley STS209, 5, 507
Cheddleton530, 531
Cheddleton STS104, 143, 36
Chelford CHS19, 418
Chell Bank STS52
Chell STS451
Chelmarch SAL351, 5
Chelmarsh SAL145, 147, 209
Chelsea543, 544
Chelsea LND1, 209
Chelsea MDX351
Chelsea, London MDX209, 5
Cherry Tree Farm, Rostherne, Altrincham CHS209
Cheserton STS209
Chester CHS109, 11, 141, 15, 209, 26, 29, 418, 5, 97
Chester Jail CHS109
Chester St John CHS11
Chester St Marys CHS29
Chester St Oswalds CHS11
Chester UT USA167
Chesterfield DBY209
Chesterton CHS209
Chesterton STS209, 21, 50
Chesterton, Stoke On Trent STS209
Chesteton STS209
Cheteton STS71
Chetwyns Hay Meadow, Biddulph STS91
Chetwyns Hay, Biddulph STS91
Chillingford STS35
Chillington STS41, 70, 87
Chillington, STS142
Chiswick MDX35
Chorilton LAN209
Chorley LAN209, 5
Chorlton LAN392
Chorlton STS449
Chorlton Upon Medlock LAN413
Christ Church LEI167
Christchurch NZ147
Christchurch, Cambridge CAM109
Church Lawton CHS209, 3, 39
Church Street, Knutton, Wolstanton STS209
City Of London MDX418
Claresholm AB CAN167
Claughton CHS82
Clay Cross DBY391
Clayton Griffith STS70
Clear Creek UT USA167
Clearfield UT USA167
Cleobray Mortimer SAL5
Clerkenwell, Middlesex209
Clifton LAN351
Clough Hall Colliery, Kidsgrove76
Coalville LEI167
Coalville UT USA167
Cobble Hill BC CAN172
Cobridge STS209
Cochnech STS142, 167
Cocknage STS167
Coleorton LEI167
Collumbus, Franklin OH USA5
Colonia Dublán Chihuahua, Mexico167
Columbus WI USA167
Colwich STS418, 76
Conant OH USA5
Condover SAL167
Congelton Moor CHS20
Congleton CHS107, 108, 109, 167, 20, 209, 32, 38, 39, 391, 392, 40, 413, 492, 527, 55, 59, 61, 65, 69, 80, 97
Congleton Edge CHS101, 109, 38
Congleton STS492, 91
Conwy, North Wales538
Cookham BRK391
Coplands Meadow, Biddulph STS91
Coppenhall CHS82
Coquitlam BC CAN172
Corning IA USA167
Cosford SAL12, 48, 49, 84, 9
Coton Hayes, Coton, Milwich STS209
Coton Hayes, Milwich STS5
Coton, Milwich STS209, 5
Cottage Grove OR USA167
Cottage, Chelmarsh SAL209
Cotton Hayes, Milwich STS209
County Tipperary, Irland209
Courtenay BC CAN29
Covelo CA USA167
Coventry St Michaels146
Coventry WAR29, 418, 444, 81
Cowbridge GLA209
Cowbridge South Whales209
Cowbridge, South Whales209
Crabtree Green CWD WLS12, 49, 59, 88, 92
Craik, Saskatchewan209
Cranbrook KEN96
Cresswell STS489, 5
Crewe CHS209, 4, 447, 5, 82
Crewe Green CHS4, 551
Crewe SAL447
Crofs Town, Nether Knutsford, Fnutsford CHS209
Cromborrow STS167
Cromborrow, Horton STS72, 81
Cropredy OXF109, 167, 23, 404, 406, 442, 87
Cross Town, Knutsford CHS209
Cross, Biddulph STS61
Crowborrow STS439
Crowborrow, Horton STS12, 48, 49, 60, 77, 86, 88, 89, 92, 93
Crowburrow, Horton STS42
Croydon SRY146
Crumpsall LAN209, 30
Crystal Palace50
Cubley DBY209
DBY107, 39, 50
DEV109, 26, 29, 477
DUR27, 418, 50
Dacorum HRT209
Daglingworth GLS4
Dairy House Farm, Horton, Biddulph STS51
Dallington NTH167, 407
Dalston NBL76
Dalton GA USA167
Dalton, Kirkheaton YKS4
Dane Bank, Church Hulme, Sandbach CHS209
Dane Valley STS44
Darlaston STS418, 479, 5
Darlt STS209
Davenport CHS39
Davis CA USA167
Daw Mill WAR50
Dawley SAL10
Deep Creek29
Delta UT USA167
Denver CO USA167
Derby DBY14, 209, 482, 50
Derrington STS209, 5
Detroit MI USA29
Deweyville UT USA167
Didsbury CHS351, 5
Didsbury LAN172, 418
Dieulacres Abbey, Leek STS39
Dilbourne STS209
Dilhorn STS48
Dilhorne STS12, 142, 342, 418, 47, 49, 5, 506, 61, 63, 81, 88, 89
Dilhorne STs92
Dilhorne, Stone STS342
Dillon MT USA167
Dirty Piece, Biddulph STS91
Dockley STS142, 70, 87
Dodsleigh STS5
Dodsley Fields, Leigh STS209, 5
Dola OH USA351, 5
Dolcy AB CAN28
Dolgarth, Penmorfa WLS109
Doncaster YKS50
Dorking SRY488
Downpatrick DOW29
Draycott In The Moors STS342, 418, 5
Draycott STS209
Draycott in the Moors STS489
Drby DBY446
Dresden ON CAN391
Dresden STS342, 487, 5
Dresden, Longton STS5
Drumnageak ABD81
Dubbo NSW AUS5
Dublin DUB IRL76
Dudley STS147, 6, 7
Dunedin NZ147
Dunsville, Hatfield YKS25
Durban, South Africa413
Durham DUR109, 418
Durham St Mary Le Bow DUR27
E HAM109
Ealing MDX391, 76
Earls Barton NTH405
East Ely NV USA167
East India372
East Indies209
Eastbourne SSX146
Eastcheap St Leonards LND32
Easton On The Hill NTH418
Eaton CHS3, 39
Eaton Constantine SAL87, 9
Eccleshall STS418, 479
Echo UT USA167
Eckington DBY209, 50
Ecton NTH404, 405, 442
Edensor Church342
Edgbaston WAR209, 76
Edgerton AB CAN28
Edgmond SAL342
Edmonton AB CAN28, 29
Edmonton MDX351, 5
Edmonton, Alberta209
Edsall SAL8
Egerton AB CAN29
Eighton Banks DUR418
El Paso TX USA167
Elham, Kent209
Elko NV USA167
Elkstone STS76
Ellemere SAL209
Ellesmere SAL11
Elm Hurst, Biddulph STS53
Elmshurst, Biddulph STS74
Elwood, Madison Co IL USA451
Elworth CHS418
Ely NV USA167
Ely, St Louis Co MN USA451
Emery UT USA167
Emmett ID USA167
Endon STS108, 209, 418
Endon, Leek STS91
England109, 209
Ephraim UT USA167
Ephrain UT USA167
Eton43, 76, 93
Etowah TN USA167
Etruria STS209
Eturia STS3
Exton RUT351, 5
Eydon NTH442
Eydon, NTH404
Eyton, Wrexham CHS438
Fairfield DBY505
Far Bentleys Field, Biddulph STS91
Far Milstone Field, Biddulph STS91
Far Sweet Piece, Biddulph STS91
Faraday Township, North Hastings County ON CAN477
Farewell Church, Lichfield109
Farmington NM USA167
Farmington UT USA167
Farnborough HAM14
Farnham SRY76
Farnum ID USA167
Farnworth LAN302
Farnworth, Prescot LAN209
Farwood House64
Fayette Co PA451
Fegy Hayes, Wolstanton209
Fenton STS209, 392, 483, 485, 5, 556, 557
Fenton Vivian STS81
Fenton, Stoke On Trent STS209, 484
Fenton, Stoke STS5
Filmore UT USA167
Fir Tree Farm, Marthall, Knutford CHS209
Firenze, Italy167
Fisherton Anger WIL418
Fitz SAL21
Flamborough Head YKS109
Fleetwood LAN485
Fletcher, Henderson NC USA351
Foden Bank, Sutton CHS109, 32
Foleshill WAR418
Forest Lawn AB CAN11
Forest, Hardin OH USA5
Forrest OH USA351
Fort Erie ON CAN29
Fort Ord CA USA351
Fort William ON CAN209, 5
Fountain Green UT USA167
Fountain Street, Tunstall, Wolstanton STS209
Fowlchurch STS439
France109, 30, 50, 534
Francois Lake BC CAN28, 29
Franklin County OH USA5
Franklin ID USA167
Franklin OH USA351
Fraser Lake BC CAN29
Fredonia AZ USA167
Freedom UT USA167
Freemantle WA AUS505
Frgy Hayes, Wolstanton209
Frickley YKS50
Friern Barnet MDX87
Frodesley SAL21
Fulford STS209, 342, 418, 448, 483, 489, 490, 5, 506, 507
Fulford, STS451
Fulford, Stone STS441, 450, 479, 5
Fulham MDX391
Gallatin, Sumner County TN USA27
Garanada, Spain209
Garfield UT USA167
Garshall Green STS209
Garshall Green, Milwich STS5
Gatehead, Co Durham209
Gavagh ANT IRL24
Gawsworth CHS30, 418, 55
Gayton, Colwich STS209
Geelong, VIC AUS146
Geraldton WA AUS505
Germany109, 451, 538
Getcliffefields, Biddulph STS41
Gib Heath WAR209
Gibralter43, 81
Gilla, Biddulph STS91
Gillingham KEN109
Gillow Fold STS41
Gillow Ford House, Biddulph STS109
Gillow Head STS38
Gillow Heath Head, Biddulph STS12, 48, 49, 72, 81, 88, 89
Gillow Heath STS40, 59
Gillow Heath, Bank End Farm STS109
Gillow Heath, Biddulph STS105, 12, 49, 69, 77, 88, 89, 92
Gillow House STS93
Gillow House, Biddulph STS48, 81
Gillow SAL167
Gillow STS109, 41, 45, 497
Gillow, Biddulph SAL143
Gillow, Biddulph STS12, 60, 61, 64, 67, 68, 77, 80, 86, 87
Gillowfold STS35
Gillowhead Heath STS70
Gillowheath Head142
Gladstone QLD AUS24
Gladwin MI USA167
Glasgow SCT29, 50
Glastonbury SOM418
Glebe, Sydney AUS351
Gleichen AB CAN167
Glen Orchard ON CAN209, 5
Glenn CA USA167
Gloucester GLS109, 418
Glyntaff GLA418
Godley Barn, Dilhorne STS5
Golden Hill STS3
Golden Hill, Wolstanton STS209
Goldenhill STS209, 36
Goldley Barn, Dilhorne STS209
Gorton LAN5, 501
Gosforth, Northumberland209
Goteliff Field, Biddulph STS67
Gracechurch St Bennetts, London141
Granada, Spain13, 209
Grand Junction CO USA167
Grange, Biddulph STS53
Granger UT USA167
Granite UT USA167
Grantham LEI24
Grantsville UT USA167
Grass Creek UT USA167
Gratton, Horton STS81, 93
Grays ESS141
Graysville MB CAN209
Greasley NTT209
Great Bridgeford, Whitgreave STS5
Great Broughton CHS477
Great Budworth CHS39
Great Close, Biddulph STS91
Great Finborough SFK6, 87
Great Glen LEI4
Great Harwood LAN11
Great Intake, Biddulph STS91
Great Leve, Bolton LAN209
Great Warford, Alderly CHS209
Great Whitchley SAL444
Green Hills Mine, Wildboarclough109
Green River WY USA167
Green, Biddulph STS91
Greene NY USA5
Greene, NY USA209
Greensburg, Westmoreland Co PA451
Greenshields AB CAN28
Greenway Moor59
Greenwich, Sydney AUS351
Grendon WAR71
Grenta Hall DFS167
Greybull WY USA167
Grosse Isle29
Grotton, Horton STS142, 70
Guernsey, Channel Island209
Guilsborow NTH405
Gun End STS506
Gun End, Cheadle STS5
Gurnside Farm, Meerbrook STS51
HAM109, 63
Hackney MDX11, 6, 96
Hadley SAL10
Haggerston NBL76
Hagley WOR418
Hale SRY76
Hales STS551
Halesowen St John The Baptist WOR8
Halesowen WOR6
Half Acher Farme, Tunstall STS209
Halfway House Farm, Horton STS66, 88, 89
Hall, Buxton DBY412
Halliwell Lanc209
Halls Stables, Biddulph STS91
Halton CHS39
Ham Common SRY81
Hammond BC CAN172
Hampstead Christs Church MDX76
Hampstead MDX209
Hanchurch Hill STS5
Hand STS5
Hand, Hilderstone STS5
Handchurch STS342
Handford STS209
Handsworth STS172, 209, 418, 463, 483
Hanely, Stoke On Trent STS209
Hanford CHS479
Hanford STS209, 351, 488
Hanford, Stoke On Trent STS451
Hanford, Trentham STS479, 5
Hanley STS167, 209, 3, 342, 36, 418, 479, 5, 548, 76
Hanley, Bursden STS209
Hanley, Stoke On Trent STS209
Hanover Square, London6
Hansen ID USA167
Hardin Co, Ohio209
Hardin County OH USA5
Hardin OH USA351, 5
Harecastle CHS39
Harewood NZ540
Harlington MDX418
Harnege SAL35
Harpenden HEF87
Harrisburg OR USA167
Harrisburg, Dauphin Co PA451
Harriseahead, Stoke On Trent STS344
Harrogate YKS50
Harthill STS448
Hartlebury WOR167
Hartley Row HAM372
Hartshill566, 567, 568
Harworth NTT50
Haslington CHS4, 82
Haslington, Chester CHS209
Haughmond SAL444
Haughton CHS82
Hay Hill, Biddulph STS142, 35, 38, 42, 48, 60, 61, 64, 69, 77, 81, 84, 88, 89, 92, 93, 94
Haying, Keele STS209
Hayward, Alameda Co CA USA451
Haywards Heath SSX418
Hazel Grove CHS418
Heaghley Heath, Stone STS209
Heath WOR8
Heaton Norris LAN167, 209, 5
Heaton STS79, 92
Heaton, Leek STS38
Heber City UT USA167
Helley ID USA167
Helper UT USA167
Hem Heath STS351
Hendon MDX209, 5
Henley SAL STS147
Henter UT USA167
Here Lane SAL70
Hereford HEF209
Hey Hill, Biddulph SRS47
Hey Hill, Biddulph STS38, 72
Hey Hill, Bidullph STS12, 49
Heyhill, Biddulph STS87
Heywood LAN3, 391
Hibbard ID USA167
High Bent House And Tenement, Biddulph STS91
High Bent, Biddulph STS69, 75
High Ercal SAL209, 6, 7, 9
High Hatton568
High Hatton SAL92
High Ligh CHS209
High Park, Milwich, Stone STS209
High Street, Bollington CHS209
High Street, Golden Hill, Oldcott STS209
Higher Buxton DBY5
Highland Grove28
Highleigh CHS209
Highley SAL209, 351, 5
Highworth WIL209
Hilderstone Chapelry, Stone STS5
Hilderstone STS209, 342, 493, 5
Himley STS209
Hixon STS479, 5
Hodnet SAL21, 372, 418
Hodnet STS555, 74, 89
Holbeck YKS4
Holbeck, Leeds YKS4
Holden UT USA167
Hollington, Checkley STS5
Hollinwood LAN418
Holloway End STS8
Holmes Chapel CHS109
Holt WIL418
Holy Bank, Sale LAN15
Holyhead WLS109
Homestead, Biddulph STS91
Hong Kong147
Hooper UT USA167
Hooton, Wirral CHS11
Hope Bowdler CHS109
Hope Bowdler SAL23, 35
Hope DBY372
Hopton Heath SAL38
Hornell NY USA29
Horseford Mill147
Horton530, 531
Horton STS104, 108, 12, 143, 209, 36, 413, 418, 42, 51, 61, 62, 63, 64, 86, 87, 91
Horton, Biddulph STS12, 86
Houghton DUR209, 5
Houghton Le Spring DUR418
Hounslow MDX11, 209
Houston BC CAN28
How Capel Frith, Ross On Wye HEF4
Howard Street, Trentham STS209
Howarth Dale, Cheadle STS5
Hoytsville UT USA167
Huddersfield YKS4, 5
Hulme LAN413, 418
Hulme Walfield CHS39
Hungerford ON CAN29
Hunt, Biddulph STS60
Huntley Ley, Tunstall STS209
Huntsford12, 86
Hurst Vale, Biddulph STS45, 497
Hurst, Biddulph STS109, 12, 38, 42, 44, 48, 49, 53, 58, 59, 61, 62, 64, 67, 68, 69, 72, 74, 75, 77, 81, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 92, 94
Hute, Keele STS5
Hyde Park UT USA167
Hyrum UT USA167
Hythe KEN32
IRL209, 486
Idaho Falls ID USA167
Idridgehay DBY141
Ince LAN504
India209, 5, 501
Inish DOW29
Ione CA USA167
Ipstones STS3, 439
Ireland31, 39, 5
Ironville DBY209
Irving Township, Montgomery County IL USA27
Irwin, Westmoreland Co PA451
Isleworth MDX11
Islington ON CAN29
Jackson Center PA USA3
Japan543, 544
Jerusalem UT USA167
Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL209
Jimtown, Somerset Co PA451
Johannesburg, South Africa413
John Street, Congulton CHS209
Joliffes Almshouse25
Juab UT USA167
Kaiapoi NZ147
Kaiopi NZ109
Kamas UT USA167
Kampala, Channel Islands209
Kanab UT USA167
Karachi, India35
Kearns UT USA167
Keele STS109, 209, 351, 418, 451, 479, 5, 551
Kegworth LEI167
Kellingley YKS50
Kellogg ID USA167
Kensington LDN109
Kenton, Hardin OH USA5
Keynsham SOM209
Kidderminster WOR147, 418
Kiddermninster WOR29
Kidley CHS82
Kidsgrove STS209, 3
Kigsgrove STS209
Killamarsh DBY209
Killmarsh DBY209
Kilmorick DBY209
Kilnhurst Colliery YKS50
Kimberly DBY209
Kimberly HTT209
Kineton WAR87
King Hill ID USA167
Kings Heath, Birmingham WAR462
Kings Norton, Birmingham WAR460, 462
Kingsley STS342, 418
Kingston ON CAN29
Kingston Upon Thames209
Kingstone STS14, 418, 5
Kingswinford STS209
Kinver STS21
Kirby Mucloe LEI4
Kirkpatrick Duram SCT3
Kirkstall YKS109
Kleek STS109
Knapton WAR405
Knightville UT USA167
Knippersley STS70
Knippersly STS142
Kniveden, Leek STS42
Knottingley YKS391
Knowl Wall, Trentham STS451, 479
Knowle Wall, Trentham STS479
Knox County OH USA5
Knutsford CHS209, 62
Knutton Lane, Normacott STS5
Knutton STS5
Knutton, Silverdale STS479
Knypersley Hall STA53
Knypersley STS12, 35, 40, 41, 49, 61, 68, 69, 87, 88, 89, 92, 93
Knypusley STS38
Koosharem UT USA167
Kooskia ID USA167
Kynpersley STS91
Kypersley STS48
LAN109, 209, 412, 418, 50, 74
LEI342, 418, 50
Ladywood Birmingham WAR171
Lafayette OH USA209, 351
Lafayette, Allen OH USA5
Lakeview OH USA351
Lakeview, Allen County OH USA5
Lambborn DUR27
Lambeth SRY351
Lambeth, London209
Lambton DUR27
Lancaster LAN11
Lane End STS5
Lane OR USA167
Langley BC CAN24
Langley, Sutton CHS141, 209, 32
Lapley STS418
Las Vegas NV USA167, 451
Lathrop CA USA167
Lawton STS109
Leake STS45, 497
Leamington Spa WAR145
Leamington UT USA167
Leaton SAL172
Leaton, Wrockwardine SAL9
Leeds YKS167, 35, 418
Leek528, 531, 550
Leek Firth STS209
Leek Frith STS25
Leek STS107, 109, 12, 141, 143, 167, 18, 209, 25, 3, 32, 33, 39, 391, 412, 413, 418, 451, 478, 5, 527, 540, 56, 60, 66, 71, 80, 86, 89
Leek St Edwards STS478
Leesburg PA USA3
Lehi UT USA167
Leicester LEI167, 24, 4, 418
Leigh LAN501
Leigh STS209, 446, 448, 5
Leigh Staffordshire5
Leigh, Stoke On Trent STS342, 5
Leigh, Stone On Trent STS445
Leigh, Uttoxeter STS209
Leighton SAL450, 532, 6, 7, 8, 9
Leighton STS21, 35, 87
Levan UT USA167
Levenshulme LAN302
Lewisburg, Bedford County TN USA27
Lewisburg, Marshall County TN USA27
Lewiston UT USA167
Lichfield STS58, 70, 76
Lilleshall SAL10, 21, 35, 488, 5, 9
Lillshall SAL209, 351
Lima Allen Co. OH USA209
Lima City351
Lima OH USA351, 5
Lima, Adams IL USA5
Lima, Allen Co OH USA451, 473
Lima, Allen County OH USA5
Lima, Allen OH USA5
Limerick, LIM IRL209
Lindon ON CAN209
Lindon UT USA167
Linton DBY50
Linton SAL35
Linton, Repton DBY14
Little Chell STS141, 209
Little Close, Biddulph STS91
Little Wenlock SAL21
Littlehampton DEV351, 5
Littleover DBY50
Liverpool LAN109, 11, 16, 209, 3, 5, 62
Llandudno Junction545
Llanelly BRE WLS24
Llangollen DEN35
Llanhamlach BRE WLS24
Llansamlet GLA418
Llantrisant GLA WLS24, 4
Lloydmnster AB CAN28
Logan OH USA351
Logan UT USA167
Logan, Auglaize OH USA5
London107, 109, 13, 14, 141, 144, 147, 167, 23, 27, 32, 372, 39, 405, 444, 551, 70, 96
London ON CAN209, 29, 351, 5
London UK146
London Underground4
London, Middlesex County ON CAN351, 5
Long Benting NTH209, 5
Longford WAR4
Longgannett SCT50
Longsight LAN11
Longton STS209, 3, 351, 36, 418, 483, 5
Longton, Stoke On Trent STS209, 342, 5
Longton, Stoke-on-Trent STS487
Los Angeles CA USA167
Loughborough LEI167, 50
Loughborough St Pauls LEI76
Louisville, Jefferson Co KY USA451
Louisville, Jefferson KY USA5
Lound LEI209
Lower Biddulph STS40
Lower Boons Meadow, Biddulph STS91
Lower Close, Biddulph STS91
Lower Heath Hay, Biddulph STS91
Lower High Carr, Chattery, Wolstanton STS209
Lower Mitton WIL167
Lower Moss Side LAN413
Lower Tean, Checkley STS5
Lower Within, Biddulph STS91
Lowes Garden, Biddulph STS91
Lowes Leigh, Leigh STS209
Luddenham KEN76
Ludlow Bursden STS209
Ludlow SAL93
Ludlow STS43
Luqa, Malta538
Luton BDF11
Lymm CHS11, 15
Lyn ON CAN209
Lyndhurts HAM32
M'how India501
MDX109, 418, 6
MON172, 209
Mablethorpe LIN50
Macclesfield538, 540, 550
Macclesfield CHS109, 12, 141, 15, 16, 17, 19, 209, 32, 36, 39, 391, 412, 413, 5, 55, 86
Macclesfield LAN30
Madeley566, 567, 568
Madeley Heath560
Madeley Manor SAL92
Madeley Manor STS89
Madeley STS21, 35, 38, 418, 48, 81, 93
Madisonville KY USA167
Magma UT USA167
Magrath AB CAN167
Maidenhead BRK391
Malpas CHS70
Malta109, 538
Maltby YKS50
Manchester LAN109, 12, 141, 17, 209, 24, 302, 32, 351, 39, 392, 4, 413, 418, 439, 48, 5, 501, 61, 70, 73, 74, 86, 89, 92
Manchester North391
Manchester UK146
Manhattan NY USA167
Mansfield NTT14
Manteca CA USA167
Manti UT USA167
Manwoods, Handsworth STS5
Mapleton UT USA167
Marbury CHS82
Marin CA USA167
Market Bosworth LEI167
Market Drayton566, 567, 568
Market Drayton SAL167
Market Drayton STS209
Marshall County TN USA27
Marshfield Gate64
Marthall Cum Warford CHS209
Marthall, Knutford CHS209
Marton CHS418
Marylebone MDX172
Marylebone St Marys LND109
Matfelon St Mary Whitechapel144
Maughold Christ Chrch IOM76
Maury County TN USA27
Mayfield STS418
McGill NV USA167
Meadowcroft Place, Scarborough ON CAN209
Mear STS5
Mear, Caverswell STS209
Mearbrook STS51
Mechanicsburg OH USA5
Medford OR USA167
Meer Green STS491, 5
Meike, Biddulph STS41
Meir Lane, Caverswell STS5
Meir, Stoke On Trent STS209
Meir, Stoke STS5
Melbourne, Brevard Co FL USA451
Melcombe Regis DOR418
Mellor LAN109
Menan ID USA167
Meole Brace SAL6, 7
Merced CA USA167
Mercer NJ USA392
Mercer PA USA11
Meriden WAR171
Merrilow Heath STS5
Merther Tydfill109
Merthyr Tdyfil GLA WLS24
Methyr Tydfil WLS109
Metiskow AB CAN28
Mettevies, Augustus [1835]451
Middle Biddulph STS40
Middle Close, Biddulph STS91
Middle Temple LND35
Middlesborough YKS413
Middletown, Dauphin Co PA451
Middlewich CHS209, 451, 551
Midway KS USA167
Midway, Wasatch County UT USA27
Milbow SOM24
Mill Stones Farm, Biddulph STS74
Mill Street, Leek STS209
Millers Piece, Biddulph STS91
Millstone Cottage, Biddulph STS88
Millstone, Biddulph STS58
Milstonbergh Quarry, Congleton Wood CHS67
Milstonbergh, Congleton Wood CHS39
Milstonburg, Congleton Edge CHS44
Milton Keynes BKM391
Milton STS209, 36
Milwich Heath STS5
Milwich Heath, Stone STS209
Milwich STS209, 445, 446, 498, 499, 5, 502
Milwich, Stone STS209
Minchinhampton GLS4
Minersville UT USA167
Mission City BC CAN28
Mitchell ON CAN26, 29
Miwwich STS501
Mobberley CHS109, 209, 91
Mobberly CHS109
Moddershall STS209, 351, 479, 5
Mold WLS351, 5
Mole CHS109
Mollington OXF404
Monken Hadley LDN87
Monkton ON CAN29
Monmouth MON24
Monroeville IN USA351, 5
Monteret CA USA167
Montgomery AL USA351, 473
Montreal CAN486
Monument Hill, Tittensor, Stone STS209
Moor Cop STS36
Moor House, Biddulph STS45, 497, 51, 53, 69, 72, 74, 75, 81, 89, 91
Moore Lane, Church Hulme, Congeltion CHS209
Moorestown Heath, Leigh STS5
Moosup, Windham Co CT USA451
Moreton CHS20, 39, 82
Moreton Cum Alcumlow CHS39
Moroni UT USA167
Morrilow Heath STS342, 448
Morrilow Heath, Leigh, Uttoxeter STS209
Morriston, south Wales545
Moseley LAN209
Mossborough DBY50
Mossley LAN39
Moston LAN209, 32
Mount Pleasant UT USA167
Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland Co PA451
Mount Street, Hanley, Stoke On Trent STS209
Mow Cop CHS39
Mow Cop STS209, 538
Mow Cop, Sandbach, Congletion CHS209
Mowcop St Tomas209
Mt Barker, South Australia146
Muckelstone STS21
Mucklestone STS35
Murray UT USA167
NBL209, 418
NTH418, 50
NTT418, 50
NZ109, 35
Nail Maker506
Nampa ID USA167
Nantwich CHS38, 39, 418, 5, 82
Nantwich SAL447
Nantwich, Crewe CHS209
Nantyglo MON24
Napton WAR442
Naughton Newtowne SAL444
Naylors Meadow, Congleton CHS91
Near Milstone Field, Biddulph STS91
Near Sweet Piece, Buddulph STS91
Nelson BC CAN35
Nephi UT USA167
Neston CHS11, 26
Nether Stoneknowle, Biddulph STS41
Neutral Bay, Sydney AUS351
New Field DUR167
New Hall Street, Meer Green STS209
New Hall Street, Trentham STS209
New Meadow, Biddulph STS91
New Piece, Biddulph STS91
New Steet, Wolstanton STS209
New Westminister, British Columbria209
New York NY USA5
New York, USA209
Newbold Astbury CHS39
Newbold CHS39, 65
Newbold, Astbury CHS65
Newcastel Upon Tyne NBL27
Newcastle STS489, 543, 544, 556
Newcastle Under Lyme STS109, 12, 167, 20, 209, 21, 342, 351, 372, 413, 418, 439, 44, 447, 448, 449, 451, 47, 472, 479, 48, 49, 5, 50, 63, 66, 69, 70, 72, 76, 78, 81, 88, 89, 92, 93
Newcastle Upon Lyne STS472
Newcastle Upon Tyne NBL209
Newcastle, Wolstanton, Biddulph STS109
Newchapel STS18, 22, 418, 48, 50, 551, 61, 63
Newchaple STS209
Newchaple, Newcastle Under Lyme STS209
Newfield STS12, 42, 49, 77, 88, 92
Newington, Edinburgh413
Newinn Lane, Tettensor, Trentham STS209
Newport Division SAL438
Newport GNT209
Newport IOW209
Newport KY USA351
Newport MON5
Newport SAL209, 43, 488, 5, 6, 7, 70, 9, 93
Newport, Campbell KY USA5
Newry NIR29
Newstead Abbey NTT50
Newton Heath LAN351, 5
Newton LAN413
Newton-le-Willows LAN545
Nitson DBY5
Norbury CHS418
Norfolk538, 551
Normacot STS5
Normacott Church109
Normacott STS209
Normactt STS209
Normancott STS496
Normicott STS5
North America29
North East Cheshire413
North Kensington MDX413
North Meols LAN11
North Ogden UT USA167
North Pirehill, Newcastle Under Lyme STS209
North Salt Lake UT USA167
North Staffordshire542, 566, 567, 568
North Surrey BC CAN5
North Telford SAL10
Northampton NTH167, 405, 408, 418, 442
Northampton St Giles NTH407, 443
Northerne CHS209
Northwich CHS39
Northwood By Stoke On Trent STS5
Northwood, Stoke On Trent STS209
Norton In The Moors STS12, 167, 209, 21, 36, 372, 413, 418, 49, 72, 81, 89
Norton STS209, 551
Norton-in-the-Moors STS552
Norwood United Church, Norwood MB CAN5
Norwood, MB CAN209
Notting Hill LND`11
Nottingham NTT391, 418
Nyassa OR USA167
OH USA351, 451
ON CAN29, 486, 5
OXF109, 96
Oak Bay BC CAN172
Oak Creek CO USA167
Oak Hill, Stoke On Trent STS209
Oakham LEI74
Oakland NE USA167
Oakland, Alameda Co CA451
Ockley SRY418
Odd Rode527
Odd Rode CHS101, 102, 109, 20, 209, 3, 39, 65
Ogden UT USA167
Oklahoma City167
Old Bailey LND109
Old Hall, Biddulph STS38, 41
Old Rode CHS19
Old Swinford St Mary WOR8
Old Swinford WOR418, 8, 87, 9
Old Withington CHS109, 19
Oldcot STS209
Olde Stoneyknowle, Biddulph STS41, 67
Oldham LAN25, 418
Oldswinford WOR35, 44, 6
Ollerton NTT50
Omagh TYR29
One Dale Lodge, Stone STS209
Ontario CAN147, 413
Ontario, Canada209
Orange County NC USA27
Orem UT USA167
Ormskirk LAN209
Orovilee CA USA167
Oswego NY USA486
Oswestry SAL25
Otago NZ540
Otley YKS167
Oulton STS5
Over CHS11
Over Close, Biddulph STS91
Over Hall Farm, Biddulph STS66, 83, 88, 89
Over Peover CHS209
Over Within, Biddulph STS91
Overton Green, Smallwood, Congleton CHS209
Overton, Biddulph SYS104
Oxehay, Biddulph STS81
Oxford OXF109
Oxford St Alphage OXF76
Oxhay, Biddulph STS12, 48, 49, 87, 88, 89, 92
Oxhey STS93
Packington LEI167
Paddington MDX11, 5
Paisley SCT6, 7
Palos Verdes Peninsula CA USA167
Pangbourne BRK109, 2
Panguitch UT USA167
Paradise UT USA167
Paris, France13, 96
Park City UT USA167
Park Head141
Park Head Farm, Biddulph STS51
Parker ID USA167
Parkgate CHS82
Parry Sound ON CAN24, 29
Payson UT USA167
Pear Drive, Derby DBY209
Peckforton CHS82
Pendleton LAN302
Pendleton, Salford LAN5, 76
Penkhull STS481
Penmorfa CAE15
Penmorfa WLS109
Pennsville, Fayette Co PA451
Penny Croft SAL209
Peoplow Hall SAL48
Peplow555, 566, 567, 568
Peplow Hall SAL167, 43, 72, 89, 92
Peplow Hall STS12, 49, 81
Peplow Hall, Market Drayton SAL109
Peplow Hall, SAL93
Percy Township, Northumberland County ON CAN209
Perryopolis, Fayette Co PA451
Perth Co ON CAN477
Perth SCT413
Perth WA AUS505
Peterborough CAM209
Peterborough ON CAN209
Phoenix AZ USA451
Pickwood143, 439
Pierce NE USA167
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa413
Pine Canyon UT USA167
Pingle, Biddulph STS91
Pipers Croft, Biddulph STS91
Pirehill Hundred STS38
Pitts Hill SRS52
Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co PA451
Pittspurgh PA USA351
Plano ID USA167
Platt LAN32
Plesanton, Alameda Co CA451
Pntypridd WLS109
Pocatello ID USA167
Pontefract YKS209
Pontypridd GLA WLS24, 4
Poole DOR142, 209, 351
Poole STS70
Port Hill, Wolstanton STS91
Port Huron MI USA29
Port Lambton ON CAN29
Port Lyttelton NZ540
Portland OR USA167
Portsmouth HAM209, 50
Pott Shrigley CHS418
Poulton CHS209
Poynton CHS391
Prescot LAN209
Prestbury CHS109, 141, 15, 209, 32, 39, 412, 55, 69
Preston, Biddulph STS91
Prestwich LAN391, 47, 5
Prestwich, Manchester LAN44
Prestwick LAN141, 209, 413
Price UT USA167
Prince George BC CAN28, 29
Prince Rupert BC CAN29
Providence Island RI USA451
Provo UT USA167, 27
Pull Wyke, Ambleside WES167
Punta Gorda FL USA351, 5
Punta Gorda, FL USA209
Putney ENG172
Puyallup WA USA11
Pyecroft Crossfield, Biddulph STS67
Quarnford STS209
Quebec CAN209, 26, 351
Quebec, CAN5
Radnor CHS39
Radnor RAD32
Rangiora NZ147
Ranton STS484, 5
Reading BRK209, 96
Red Street STS143, 3
Redding CA USA167
Reno NV USA167
Reno, Washoe Co NV USA451
Rexburg ID USA167
Rhondda WLS109
Rhyl CWD209
Richfield UT USA167
Richmond Place, Kings North WOR209
Richmond SRY418
Riddings, Biddulph STS91
Ridge STS32
Rigby ID USA167
River Dee, Chester CHS11
River Plate, Argentina109
Riverside CA USA5
Riverton UT USA167
Roaden SAL444
Robertsdale AL USA167
Rocester STS21, 418
Rochdale LAN209, 3, 5
Rockwardine SAL9
Rode Corn Mill, Odd Rode, Sandbach STS209
Rode Corn Mills, Odd Rode CHS209
Rode Mill, Odd Rode, Sandbach STS209
Roden566, 567, 568
Romford Essex109
Roofstone Creek29
Roosevelt UT USA167
Rosemoyne AB CAN28
Rossington YKS50
Rostherne CHS15
Rostherne, Altricham, Knutsforfd CHS209
Rostraver, Westmoreland Co PA451
Rotherham YKS209
Rotherhan YKS50
Rotherley LEI209
Rothwell YKS418
Rough Close, Barlaston STS342
Rough Close, Stone STS342
Rough Hurst64
Rough Meadows, Biddulph STS91
Row Of Trees House CHS109
Row Of Trees, Chorley CHS109
Rudyard Hall STS91
Rudyard STS108, 209, 5, 74
Ruffs Dale, Westmoreland Co PA451
Rugeley STS351, 418, 487
Runcorn CHS39
Rupert ID USA167
Ruschlikon, Zurich, Switzerland11
Rushton James CHS413
Rushton STS21, 83
Rushton Spencer STS533, 79
Rushy Intake, Biddulph STS91
Russel Wall, Trentham STS209
Ruth NV USA167
Rye SSX118
Rye, East Sussex109
Ryecroft, Biddulph STS41
SAL10, 109, 142, 209, 39, 418, 50, 7, 93
SCT109, 3, 486
SRY109, 147, 418
STS109, 342, 344, 39, 418, 451, 50
Saleham MDX144
Salem UT USA167
Salford Christ Church LAN76
Salford LAN141, 209, 302, 5, 503, 505
Salisbury WIL96
Salt Lake City UT USA167, 27
San Anselmo CA USA167
San Bernardino CA USA167, 351, 5
San Francisco167
San Joaquin CA USA167
San Jose CA USA167
San Juan Pueblo NM USA167
San Luis Obispo Rural CA USA167
San Michele, Venice167
San Rafael CA USA167
San Ramon, Contra Costa Co CA USA451
Sandbach CHS102, 109, 209, 25602, 3, 391, 4, 418, 489
Sandbach STS392
Sandhurst43, 93
Sandiacre STS76
Sandy City UT USA167
Sanford CO USA167
Sanpete UT USA167
Santa Fe NM USA167
Santa Monica CA USA167
Saskatoon SK CAN29
Saughall Massey CHS82
Saverley Green STS479, 489, 495, 5, 506
Saverley Green, Cheadle STS209
Saverley Green, Fulford STS342, 484, 485
Saverley Green, Stone STS342, 5
Scampton LIN109
Scampton, Lincs109
Schofield Reservoir UT USA167
Scholar Green553
Scholar Green CHS413
Scipio, Millard County UT USA27
Scot Hay560
Scottdale, Westmoreland Co PA451
Seabridge STS500
Seattle WA USA167
Sedgley STS21
Seighford STS21
Selby YKS50
Selina KS USA5
Selly Oak, Birmingham WAR467
Shamokin PA USA167
Shanghai, China146
Sharpley Heath STS494
Sharpley Heath, Hilderstone STS209, 5
Shawnee OH USA351
Shawnee, Allen County OH USA351
Sheffield YKS12, 147, 209, 418, 50, 86
Shelley ID USA167
Shenington GLS404
Shepshed LEI167
Sherborne DOR81
Sherbourne GLS372
Sherwood Park AB CAN28
Shiffnal SAL35
Shoeburyness, Essex209
Shooters Hill109
Shotover Park, Wheatley OXF81
Shrewsbury Holy Cross SAL9
Shrewsbury SAL172, 35, 444, 7, 8, 81, 87
Shrewsbury St Alkmund SAL8
Shrewsbury St Chad SAL9
Shrewsbury St Chads6
Shrewsbury St Mary SAL21, 87
Shudehill, Manchester LAN73
Sibbertoft NTH147
Siddington CHS418
Silk Street, Congleton CHS209
Silver Creek, Marshall County TN USA27
Silver Creek, Maury County TN USA27
Silverdale527, 560, 566, 567, 568
Silverdale SAL351
Silverdale STS109, 167, 209, 372, 479, 78
Silverdale, Keele STS5
Sioux City IA USA167
Smallthorn STS209
Smallthorne STS109, 209
Smallwood CHS209, 3, 39
Smestow STS147
Smethcote, Hadnett SAL81
Smethwick STS351
Smithton, Westmoreland Co PA451
Snell Stoke On Trent STS451
Snelston DBY5
Solano CA USA167
Solihull WAR406
Somerford Booths CHS39
Somerford CHS39
South Africa109, 351, 50
South Harting SSX391
South Haven MI USA11
South Huntingdon, Westmoreland Co PA451
South Jordan UT USA167
South Pirehill, Stone STS209
South Street, Norton In The Moors, Bradley STS209
South Street, Norton In The Moors, Dudley209
South Weald ESS418
Southampton HAM109
Southampton Holy Trinity HAM76
Southmere NFKA76
Southport CHS209
Southwest (Hecla), Westmoreland Co PA451
Spanish Fork UT USA167
Sparpley Heath STS209
Spokane WA USA167
Spot Gate STS5
Spout Croft, Biddulph STS91
Spring City UT USA167
Spring House, Biddulph STS58
Springhill, Fayette Co PA451
Springville UT USA167
Sprinke Adjoining The Riddings, Biddulph STS91
Sprinke, Biddulph STS91
Sproston CHS109
Sprowston CHS70
Spurston CHS82
Sretton, Burton On Trent DBY50
St Antholin, London31
St Anthony ID USA167
St Bennetts Gracechurch LND32
St Bennetts, Gracechurch, London MDX209
St Chads SAL29
St George Hanover Square209, 351, 5
St George UT USA167
St George WA USA167
St Giles NTH167, 23
St Giles Newcastle Under Lyme STS109
St John BRE WLS24
St Margarets Church, Wolstanton STS109
St Mary Matfelon, Whitechapel209
St Marys PEM WLS109
St Pauls Wharf LND76
St Peter Port GSY11
St Peters, Adderley SAL109
St Tomas, Elgin County ON CAN351
St Tomas, Elgin, Co Ontario209
St Werburghs Abbey, Chester CHS39
St. Peters, Littleover209
Stable Croft, Biddulph STS91
Stafford STS145, 167, 209, 32, 342, 38, 418, 439
Stafford St Mary STS21, 441
Staincross YKS504
Standen SSX96
Stanislaus CA USA167
Stansgate ESS81
Stanton566, 567, 568
Stanton-upon-Hine Heath566, 567, 568
Stanways Meadow, Biddulph STS91
Stapeley Manor, Nantwich541
Starkies Meadow, Congleton CHS91
Stavely DBY4
Stepney MDX144
Sterling UT USA167
Steuben IN USA351
Stevenage HRT11
Steyning, Shoreham By Sea SSX209
Stockport CHS413, 418
Stockport LAN109, 32
Stockport STS209
Stockton Brook STS109
Stockton CA USA167
Stockton DUR413
Stogurrey SOM76
Stoke On Trent STS109, 167, 209, 21, 25, 3, 342, 351, 36, 391, 413, 418, 448, 451, 479, 481, 483, 485, 5, 74
Stoke STS342, 449, 5
Stoke St Michael SOM418
Stoke on Trent542
Stoke-On-Trent SYS489
Stoke-on-Trent STS501, 556, 557
Stoke-on-trent STS551
Stone Heath, Hilderstone STS5
Stone Heath, Hilderstone, Stone STS209
Stone STS1, 209, 21, 342, 351, 418, 441, 451, 474, 479, 488, 489, 490, 491, 493, 494, 495, 496, 498, 499, 5, 502, 505, 527
Stone St Michael STS441
Stone-on-Trent STS500
Stoneyknowle, Biddulph STS67
Stourbridge Junction545
Stourbridge SAL209
Stourbridge WMD109
Stourbridge WOR6, 8
Stourbridge, W Midlands109
Stourton Castle STS76
Stowe By Chartey STS76
Stowe STS351, 5, 76
Strathablyn, South Australia146
Streatham MDX167
Stretton, Burton-on-Trent STS209
Stroud GLS4
Sturminster DOR209
Styall CHS209
Sugar City ID USA167
Sugdon566, 567, 568
Summit UT USA167
Sun City, Maricopa Co AZ USA451
Sunderland DUR418
Sunnyside UT USA167
Sunset UT USA167
Surrey BC CAN5
Sutton CHS109, 32, 412
Sutton St James109
Sutton, Macclesfield CHS141, 209
Swansea GLA209
Swansea WLS50
Sway HAM167
Sweet ID USA167
Swidlincote DBY50
Swindon WIL109, 209, 24, 391
Swinton LAN302
Swynerton STS5
Swynnerton STS209, 351, 5
Sydeny, Austalia209
Sydney AUS351
Sydney NSW AUS5, 73
Syke, Rochdale LAN3
Sylmar CA USA167
Syracuse UT USA167
TIP Ireland5
TX USA209, 351
Talbot Fields, Biddulph STS91
Talke O' Th' Hill STS534
Talke On The Hill STS70
Talke STS209, 3
Tamworth STS209, 418
Tarporley CHS372
Tasmania AUS109
Tattenhall CHS4
Tatton Park543
Taunton SOM96
Taylorsville UT USA167
Tean, Checkley STS5
Tern Hill SAL5
Teton ID USA167
Tettenhall WOR147
Tewkesbury GLS109, 167
The Hague551
Thomas, Elgin County ON CAN5
Thonon-les-Bains, France35
Thorney Lee, Leek STS59
Thornton Hough CHS11
Thorny Lee STS12, 86
Thringstone LEI167
Thurlwood, Sandbach STS209
Thursfield STS50
Tideswell DBY108
Tilston Fornhal CHS82
Timaru NZ147
Tipton STS17
Tittensor STS21, 351, 451, 5
Tittensor, Stone STS209, 479, 5
Tittesworth STS51
Tiverton CHS82
Tiverton DEV372, 96
Tolston Hall WEM40
Tong SAL21
Tooele UT USA167
Toronto CAN391, 486
Toronto ON CAN209
Tottenham MDX351
Town Hall, Macclesfield CHS109
Towyn, Conway WLS109
Trent STS18
Trent Vale543, 544
Trent Vale STS3
Trentham STS167, 209, 21, 342, 351, 418, 451, 479, 487, 491, 5
Trentham, STS209
Trenton ON CAN209
Tretham STS488
Trimdon DUR167
Tripoli, Libya344
Trondheim, Norway391
Tropic UT USA167
Trough Stones, Biddulph STS91
Troughstones Hill, Biddulph STS92
Troughstones, Biddulph STS73, 74, 75, 88
Truro209, 538
Tunstall STS209, 3, 344, 35, 392, 451, 484, 5, 50, 52, 527, 62
Tutbury Castle528
Tutbury, Burton On Trent STS209
Twickenham MDX11
Twin Falls ID USA167
Tynemouth NBL418
Tyrone PA USA351
Tyrone, Perry PA USA5
Tywchowys, Biddulph STS41
USA109, 209, 29
Ucon ID USA167
Underwood House, Biddulph STS91
Upper Biddulph STS40
Upper Boons Meadow, Biddulph STS91
Upper Dirty Piece, Biddulph STS91
Upper Heath Hay, Biddulph STS91
Upper Leigh, Uttoxeter STS209
Upper Tean STS5
Upper Toker, Leek STS209
Upper Tyrone Twp, Fayette PA USA351
Uppingham SAL109, 72
Uppington566, 567, 568
Uppington SAL12, 142, 167, 172, 209, 21, 22, 23, 35, 418, 44, 444, 49, 6, 7, 70, 81, 87, 88, 89, 9, 92
Uttoxeter STS445, 446, 448, 482, 5, 507
Uxbridge ON CAN209
Vacaville CA USA167
Vale GSY11
Vale of Rheidol545
Vancouver BC CAN28, 29, 5
Vancouver CAN413
Vancouver Island, BC CAN209
Vancouver, BC CAN209
Vernal UT USA167
Victoria AUS146
Victoria BC CAN172, 24, 35
Victoria, BC CAN209
W Bolton LAN142
WAR109, 418, 476, 50
WIL418, 96
WLS109, 209
WOR109, 418, 7
Wackley STS35
Wakefield YKS4
Wallaceberg ON CAN29
Walsall STS447, 5
Walsall St Matthew STS55
Walton STS21
Walton West PEM167
Wandsworth LDN109
Wandsworth SRY167, 2, 209
Wangford SFK351
Wapping Falls NY109
Wapping MDX144, 209
Wappingers Falls NY USA11
Wappingers Town USA109
Wardington OXF404, 87
Wardle CHS82
Wardlington, Oxon109
Warmingham CHS82
Warrington CHS209
Warrington LAN109
Warslow STS209, 5, 76
Warth Fold LAN351
Washington USA109
Waterford IRL167
Wauchula, Hardee Co FL USA451
Wearmouth DUR50
Weathercock Farm, Biddulph STS56
Weathercock Farm, Heaton STS12, 49, 73
Weathercock Farm, Rudyard STS74
Weathercook Farm, Heaton STS89
Webster, Westmoreland Co PA451
Wednesbury STS351
Wednesbury St Johns STS76
Welbeck NTT50
Wellington109, 29
Wellington NZ147
Wellington SAL10, 26, 6, 8
Wells SOM209
Wellsville UT USA167
Welshpool MON372
Welshpool SAL35
Wen SAL209
West Bromwich STS171, 209, 351, 5
West Columbia, Maury County TN USA27
West Covina, Los Angeles CA USA351, 5
West Derby LAN172, 5
West Jordan UT USA167
West Linn OR USA167
West Newton, Westmoreland Co PA451
West Street, Leek STS209
West Valley City UT USA167
Westminster MDX11, 14, 167
Westmoreland Co PA451
Weston Coyne STS5
Weston Coyne, Stoke STS5
Weston Coyney STS209, 5
Weston Under Red Castle SAL21
Whalley CHS209
Whalley LAN141, 412
Wheeler TX USA167
Wheelock CHS551
Whitchurch SAL32, 6, 8
White Lee141
White Rock BC CAN5
White Rock, Surrey BC CAN5
White Rock, Surry, BC CAN209
Whitechapel St Marys141, 209
Whitefield LAN351
Whitelow Brook STS499, 502
Whitelow Knowles, Milwich Heath, STS5
Whitelow Knowles, Milwich STS5
Whitelow, Milwich STS209
Whitemore STS209
Whitfield GA USA167
Whitgreave STS5
Whitley CHS39
Whitlow Brook, Milwich STS5
Whitlow Knowle STS209
Whitlow Knowles STS5
Whitmore STS38, 40, 41, 447, 449, 450, 76
Whittington CHS5
Whitwick LEI167, 418
Whitworth LAN209
Wibaux MT USA167
Wildomar CA USA167
Wilford ID USA167
Wilkinson Street, Lambeth SRY5
Willington DBY14, 50
Willoughby, Sydney AUS351
Willows CA USA167
Wilmslow CHS209, 39, 418, 439, 5
Wilscot OXF442
Wilscott OXF404
Winckles Of The Moor, Biddulph STS91
Wincle CHS109, 32
Wincombe Park WIL81
Windsor BRK5
Windsor Castle146
Windsor, Berkshhire209
Winnipeg BC CAN29
Winnipeg MB CAN5
Winnipeg MN CAN35
Winnipeg, MB CAN209
Winsall STS351
Winshill DBY5
Wirksworth DBY141, 412
Wistaston CHS82
Withington HEF146, 551
Withington LAN109
Withinton, CHS209
Withycombe SOM418
Woking SRY209
Wolfhampcote WAR32
Wollstanton STS109
Wolstanton STS109, 12, 142, 151, 167, 209, 21, 22, 3, 351, 391, 392, 418, 44, 48, 488, 49, 5, 551, 62, 63, 69, 71, 74, 77, 78, 81, 86, 88, 89, 92
Wolverhampton STS13, 147, 167, 209, 21, 50
Wolverhampton St Pauls STS76
Wombourne STS147
Wood House, Biddulph STS51
Woodley CHS38
Woolwich KEN141, 167
Woolwich, Kent209
Worcester WOR29, 35, 418
Worfield SAL6, 7, 87, 9
Worthing SSX209
Wreakin SAL444
Wrenbury CHS418
Wrexham SAL11
Wrockwardine SAL10, 167, 6, 7, 8, 87
Wrostfield, Biddulph STS41
Wroxeter Church SAL109
Wroxeter SAL109, 172, 21, 35, 6, 81, 9
Wybunbury CHS418
Wychwood ON CAN486
Wynbury CHS82
YKS109, 39, 418, 50
Yale Bristol209
Yard, Biddulph STS91
Yarmouih, Elgin Co209
Yarmouth NFK96
Yarmouth, Elgin County ON CAN351, 5
Yeld Mill Farm, Ranscliffe, Tunstall STS209
Yew Tree Inn, Chesterton STS209
Yew Tree, Chesterton STS209
York Township486
Youngwood, Westmoreland Co PA451
Yoxall STS418
Ypres, France109

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