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Occupations Index to the Stonehewer to Stanier Society Library

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Item numbers prefixed OR are from The Original Record

OccupationItem number(s)
ADC to Governer-General of Australia113
ADC to the Queen316, 380
Academy Director247
Accomptant for DistributionOR104872
Accomptant for Distribution for London BreweryOR104872
Accomptant for FinesOR90765
Accomptant for London BreweryOR90765
Acolyte109, 119
Adjutant1008, OR238632, 43
AdmiralOR995, 117, OR151163, 203, 218, OR298007, 81, OR8404, OR9098
Admiral of the Blue176
Admiral of the WhiteOR995
Advocate for the AdmiraltyOR995
Ag Lab489, 507
Agent182, OR256371, OR271215, 345, OR366055
Agent and Land SurveyorOR373534
Agent and SolicitorOR107002
Agent etcOR373546
Agent for TaxesOR71791, OR72155
Agent of the Victualling OfficeOR9675
Agent to T and M Pickford and CoOR368331
Agent to the Caledonia, etc, Steam PacketsOR42555
Agent to the Fenton Park CompanyOR366090
Agent to the Phoenix Fire OfficeOR89280
Agricultural Labourer1035, 209, 319, 479, 610
Agricultural Labourer and Woodman209
Aide-de-Camp to the Governer-General of Australia455
Air Chief Marshall203, 218, 379
Air Observer1036
Aircraft Technician24
AldermanOR169673, OR169951, 178, OR25999, 348, OR80373
Ambassador of France237
Ambassador to the Great SeigniorOR207637
Ambassador to the Venetian RepublicOR298007
Ambassador-Extraordinary to the court of VersaillesOR7530
Antique Dealer128
ApothecaryOR297, 127, OR155562, OR169951, OR25999, OR277633, OR299269, OR302048, OR303863, OR321722, OR325610, OR325692, 35, 408, OR60810, OR60892, OR71780, OR74349, OR75085, OR77324, OR77912, OR82023, OR83241, OR84131, OR84289, OR84559, OR89035, 9
Apothecary and Man MidwifeOR89035
Apothecary to the HouseholdOR90765
Apothecary to the PersonOR90765
Appraiser and AuctioneerOR90203
Apprentice209, 378, 448
Apprentice Brass Finisher130
Apprentice Engineer355
Apprentice Joiner445
Archbishop177, OR207588
Archbishop of Canterbury177
Archbishop of YorkOR174400, 177
ArchdeaconOR297, 403, 433, 442
Architect128, 13, 176, 179, 34, 50, OR89606
Architect Assistent128
Architect, Carver and GilderOR89606
Area Manager349
Army Officer128
Army Officer and Farmer128
Army Officer, Squire and Farmer128
Art Director541
Artist128, 13, 160, OR42555
Artist - Picture209
Artist Paint - Horse Painter209
Assessment CommissionerOR72187
AssistantOR104872, OR87268
Assistant Clerk of AccountsOR104872
Assistant Curate76
Assistant Gas Engineer (Gas Works)580
Assistant Manager174
Assistant Schoolmaster11
Assistant Store KeeperOR104872
Assistant SurgeonOR9098
Assistant Works Manager355, 378
Assistant Works Superintendent355
Astronomer RoyalOR105702
Atlas Silver13
AttorneyOR297, OR104169, OR104707, 113, OR11382, OR132496, OR165680, 178, OR233344, OR233404, OR236120, OR244832, OR268448, OR277633, OR304109, 32, OR321568, OR325394, OR325610, OR325692, OR373622, OR373936, OR379381, 409, OR42555, OR72321, OR74349, OR75085, OR77324, OR77912, OR83241, OR84551, OR84559, OR87856, OR89035, OR89288, OR90203
Attorney GeneralOR207838
Attorney General of IrelandOR207588
Attorney General of VirginiaOR107002
Attorney at LawOR303863, OR80373
Attorney or Solicitor GeneralOR72310
Attorney's ClerkOR256371, OR365996, OR370633
AuctioneerOR16112, OR17583, OR271215, OR368331, OR370633
Auditor of ExciseOR104872, OR90765
Auditor of HidesOR90765
Auditor of ImprestsOR71828, OR72155
Auditor of the ExciseOR297
Auditor of the ReceiptOR129890, OR207588, OR207805, OR207808, OR207838, OR71791, OR71828, OR71956, OR72204
Auditor of the Revenue of ExciseOR7530, OR8404
Aurist OperatorOR90765
Author128, 4
Author and Composer297
BakerOR104169, 109, OR124112, OR124243, OR169660, OR169673, OR169951, OR170001, OR233344, OR244802, OR244832, OR246862, OR256371, OR25839, OR25970, OR299269, OR302048, OR304027, OR319663, OR321568, OR321754, OR325394, OR325610, OR359028, OR372576, OR373576, OR373882, OR373936, OR374395, OR374399, OR374436, OR379381, OR44507, OR60023, OR60810, OR75085, OR77324, OR80373, OR80998, OR81297, OR8302, OR83241, OR84551, OR87102, OR89035, OR89146, OR89280, OR90203, OR9098
Baker and Confectioner360
Baker and Flour DealerOR256371, OR365996, OR366102, OR368272
Baker, etcOR365996
Baliff to Earl of Derby109
Band Box, etc MakerOR370633
Band MasterOR90765
Band Sergeant187
Bank Clerk1024, 6
Bank Manager410
Bank TopOR89035
BankerOR297, 128, OR16112, OR16824, 346, OR365996, OR368331, 374, OR72039, OR8404, OR87856, OR9675
Banker and MercerOR90203
Bankers Clerk167
BarberOR170001, OR244832, OR268448, OR299269, OR303863, OR304027, OR304109, OR317477, OR321754, OR74947, OR75085, OR77912, OR83241, OR84131, OR84551
Barber ChyrurgeonOR124243
Barber SurgeonOR25999, OR26016, OR59865, OR60810, OR60892, OR74349, OR74947, OR80373, OR81297
Barber Surgeon RoperOR80998
Barber Surgeon Web MakerOR80998
Barber and Peruke MakerOR83241
Barber etcOR319663, OR77324, OR77912
Barge OwnerOR90203
Baron of ExchequerOR8404
BaronetOR107001, OR107002, OR7420
BarristerOR104452, 127, 128, 27, OR8404
Barrister At Law9
Barrister at LawOR28516
Basket Maker579, OR61086
Bassoon PlayerOR9675
Bay WeaverOR236120
Beadle and FiremanOR104707
Beer BrewerOR169673
Beer Retailer431
Beerhouse and Shoe MakerOR256371
Bellows MakerOR77912
Bellows Pipe MakerOR374399
Bill Discount OfficeOR370633
Binding Weaver158
Bird PreserverOR256371
BishopOR107001, 119, 177, OR7420
Bishop of CloyneOR107002
Bishop of Lichfield176, 346, 374
Bishop of LincolnOR995
Bishop of Saint Davids1033
Bishop of Salisbury212, OR8404
Bishop of St AsaphOR90714
Bishop of St Davids212
Bishop of Worcester176, 179
Blacksmith149, 176, 193, 209, OR230593, OR230885, OR233344, OR233404, OR236120, OR244802, OR246862, OR25970, OR277633, 28, 29, OR317477, OR321722, OR321754, OR325394, OR325610, OR366027, OR366090, OR368331, OR372576, OR373534, OR373546, OR373622, OR373882, OR373936, OR374395, OR379381, OR44507, 465, 551, 577, OR60023, OR61086, OR61773, OR75085, OR77324, OR77912, OR80373, OR80998, OR83241, OR84289, OR84551
Blacksmith and FarmerOR373576
Blanket ManufacturerOR8302
Bleacher, Cotton Spinner and Power ManufacturersOR370633
Block MakerOR42555, OR84131
Board of Trade Chief Executive for Reconversion320
Board of Trade Midlands Regional Controller320
Boat Builder181, OR374399, OR90632
Boatman82, 95
Boiler Maker11
Boiler Stoker, Stationary505
Book KeeperOR89035
Book SellerOR104707
Bookbinder138, OR16112, OR17583, OR277633, OR359028, OR368331, OR370633
BookeeperOR366102, 4
BooksellerOR16824, OR271215, OR379381, OR84131, OR87268, OR90632, OR9675
Bookseller Stationer8
Bookseller and StationerOR87102, OR89288
Bookseller, Printer, Druggist and Tea DealerOR16112
Bookseller, Stationer, Printer Druggist, and Periodical PublisherOR366027
Boot and Shoe MakerOR252203, OR365996, OR366102, OR373546, OR89146
Boot and Shoe Manufacturer73, OR89288
Boot and Shoe WarehouseOR370633
Borough Council Police Constable14
Bottom Weaver209
Box Maker478
Box Maker - Paper209
Boy 1 ClassOR97480
Boy 2 ClassOR97480
Brandy MerchantOR366090
BrasierOR60023, OR77324, OR80373, OR84131
Brass ?209
Brass CasterOR256371, 475, 476
Brass Caster - Journeyman458
Brass Caster Journeyman461
Brass Dresser430, 465, 466
Brass Finisher130
Brass Founder209, 234, OR256371, 468, 470, 476
Brass Turner456
Brazier1005, 189, 191, OR236120, OR304027, OR365996, OR374395, OR38960, 39, 65, OR87856, OR89146, OR89280, OR89606, 97
Brazier and Tin Plate WorkerOR256371
Brazier and TinmanOR89146
Brazier and Tinplate WorkerOR366102
Brazier etcOR373882
Brazier, Iron, and Tinplate WorkerOR370633
Breeches MakerOR246862, OR319663, OR321568, OR321722, OR372576, OR75085, OR84559, OR89035, OR89280, OR89606, OR90203
Breeches makerOR374399
BrewerOR104169, 144, OR16824, 209, OR26016, OR271215, 31, OR38960, OR42555, OR61773, OR89146
Brewer Traveller128
Brewer and Spirit MerchantOR16112
Brewer and Wine and Spirit MerchantOR16112
Brewer etcOR84559
Brewer's Commercial Traveller297
Brewers Clerk11
Brewers Labourer25
Brewers Manager471
Brick Fireman515
Brick Layer209
Brick Layers Assistant209
Brick Layers Labourer209
Brick Maker1006, 193, 209, OR256371, OR304109, OR317477, 319, 326, OR366027, OR368272, 445, 472, 479, 492, 527, OR89280
Brick Maker - Journyman209
Brick Maker Employing 2 Men479
Brick Maker's Labourer326
Brick Makers Wife209
Brick Manufacturer100, 39
Brick and Tile MakerOR89288
Brick, Tile, Quarry and Soughing Pipe ManufacturerOR373534
BricklayerOR123805, OR169951, OR170001, OR236120, OR256371, OR271215, OR321568, OR359028, OR365996, OR370633, OR373576, 446, 448, 506, OR75085, OR80998, OR8302, OR83241, OR89280
Bricklayer Employing 2 Men479
Bricklayer and ColourerOR256371
Bricklayer and MaltsterOR90203
Bricklayer etcOR373546
Bricklayers Labourer209, 479
Bricks Fireman479
Bricl Layer209
Bridge MasterOR90632
Bridle and Carriage Bit MakerOR256371
Brigadier12, 128, 203, 237, 379, 380, 394, 49, 89, 92, 93
Brigadier General394, 81, 89, 92
Brigadier-General12, OR132135, 49
Brisk Fireman182
Britannia Metal and Electro Plates Ware ManufacturerOR256371
British South Africa Police128
British Vice Consul209
Broad Glass maker179
Broad Glasse maker176
Brush MakerOR16112, OR244832, OR359028, OR370633
Brush ManufacturerOR16824
Brush makerOR370633
Builder104, 109, OR16112, OR16824, OR17583, 209, OR302048, OR373576, OR38960, 448, 5, OR87102, OR89606
Builder and Contractor382
Builder and SurveyorOR297
Burnisher209, 487
Bus Driver24
Butcher12, OR122154, OR123805, OR169660, OR169673, OR169951, OR230593, OR230885, OR233344, OR233404, OR236120, OR244832, OR252203, OR268448, OR28516, OR299269, OR304027, OR317477, OR319663, OR321568, OR321722, OR325394, OR325610, OR325692, OR359028, OR365996, OR366027, OR366102, OR370633, OR373534, OR373546, OR373576, OR373882, OR373936, OR374395, OR374399, OR374436, OR38960, OR60023, OR60810, OR61773, OR75085, OR77324, OR77912, OR80998, OR82023, OR8302, OR83241, OR84131, OR84551, 86, OR89035, OR89146, OR89280, OR89288, OR89606, OR90203, OR90632
Butcher and GelderOR230885
Butcher etcOR366027, OR373546
Butcher, Grazier, and FarmerOR368331
Butler167, 82
Button MakerOR252203, OR374399, OR89146
Button ManufacturerOR87102
Button Merchant158, OR321754
Button Seller141
Button and Brace MakerOR252203
Button and Twist ManufacturerOR89146
Butty1010, 380
Caach MaterOR8302
Cab Driver209, 25, 478
Cabinet Maker130, OR170001, 193, 209, 21, OR230885, 24, OR252203, OR299269, OR319663, OR325692, OR359028, OR365996, OR373936, OR374395, 476, OR77324, OR84131, OR87856, OR89035, OR89280, OR89606, OR90203, OR9675
Cabinet Maker and JoinerOR87856
Cabinet Manufacturer128
Calico ManufacturerOR370633
Calico Manufacturer and PrinterOR104707
Calico PrinterOR104707, OR370633
Calico printerOR38960
Calico, Dimity, and Fustian ManufacturerOR104707
Cammandant Staff College225
Canal CarrierOR104707
Canal Carriers209
Cane Chair MakerOR80998
Canon203, 76
Canon of Wensminster203
Caol MerchantOR16112
Caol Miner Hewer209
CaptainOR297, OR995, 1003, 1008, OR104452, 113, 115, OR121746, 122, 128, OR129890, OR132135, OR134003, OR151163, 158, OR177522, OR238632, OR28516, OR298007, OR373523, 380, OR42555, 440, 541, OR8404, OR9098, OR9675
Captain in Territorial Reserve381
Captain in the ArmyOR90203
Captain in the NavyOR90203
Captain of the Bells176
Car Builders Labourer209
Card Cutter610
Card MakerOR372576, OR87102
Card makerOR104169
Carpenter11, OR123805, OR124112, 137, 149, 154, OR169951, OR230593, OR230885, OR244802, OR244832, OR246862, OR256371, 26, OR271215, OR277633, OR303863, OR317477, OR318397, OR319663, OR321568, OR325394, OR325692, OR359028, OR373622, OR373882, OR373936, OR374395, OR374399, OR374436, OR379381, 39, OR44507, 527, OR60023, OR61773, OR74349, OR74947, OR77324, OR77912, OR80998, 82, OR84289, OR84551, OR84559, 9, OR9675, 99
Carpenter and TurnerOR104169
Carpenter etcOR373882
Carpenter of his Majesties Ship the Royal GeorgeOR321754
Carpenter of his Majesty's Ship WorcesterOR244832
Carpet Weaver29
Carriage and Wagon Superintendant378
Carrier 5 Acres of Land209
Carrier by WaterOR366055
Carter209, 25, OR359028, 507
Carter Labourer209
Carter Railway209
CarverOR124243, OR236120, OR277633, OR77912
Cashire and Pay-Master of his Majesty's Revenues of CustomsOR107002
Caster209, 468
Cattle DealerOR373546
Cattle Rancher, Hunter and Picture Framer128
Certified Colliery Manager180
Chain and Anchor ManufacturerOR271215
Chair MakerOR368272, OR89280, OR89288, OR90203
Chair Maker, Turner, etcOR365996
Chairman of British Sugare Beet Growers Society381
Chana WeaverOR304027
Chancellor of ElyOR105702
Chancellor of the Diocese of SalisburyOR8404
Chancellor of the ExchequerOR207805
ChandlerOR104169, OR170001, OR359028, OR365996, OR59865, OR60810, OR80373, OR82023, OR83241, OR89146
Chandler and Flax DresserOR60810
Chandler's ShopOR89146
Chaplain203, OR207808, OR207838, 237, OR238556
Chaplain General225
Chapman141, 178, 32, OR75085, OR77324
Chargeman Fitter355
Chartered Accountant128
Chartered Patent Agent128
Cheese FactorOR373546, 566, 567, 568, OR89280
CheesemongerOR104169, OR8302, OR89146
Cheesemonger and Flour DeakerOR104707
Chemist and DruggistOR89035, OR90203
Chemist etcOR379381
Chemist, Druggist and ApothecaryOR89035
Chemists Book Keeper128
Chest MakerOR90632
Chief Baron of the ExchequerOR7530
Chief Chemist South East Gas Ltd228
Chief Chemist South Metropolitan Gas Company228
Chief Clerk of Tea and candle EntriesOR90765
Chief Constable of Police50
Chief Executive542
Chief GovernerOR71828, OR71956
Chief Governer of IrelandOR207588
Chief JusticeOR207838, OR71956
Chief Justice of New YorkOR8404
Chief Mechanical Engineer378
Chief Mechanics Engineer355
Chief Planning Officer253
Chief Reporter164, 349
Chief Warder379
Chief of Combined Operations379
Chief of the General Staff220, 316, 380
Chimney SweeperOR230593, OR365996, OR366090
China Manufacture541
China ManufacturerOR16112, OR366090
China painterOR366027
ChirurgeonOR84289, OR84559
Church WardenOR28779, 9
Churchwarden41, 61, 67
ChymistOR16112, OR230593, OR271215, OR90632
Chymist and DruggistOR89035
Chymist etcOR379381
Cistoms CashierOR72155
Civil Clerk14
Civil Engineer518
Civil Servant11, 391
Clean StarcherOR230885
Clerk1033, OR104872, OR122154, OR124112, OR124243, 127, 137, 158, 167, 17, OR170001, OR21354, OR25458, OR25508, OR25600, OR25602, OR256371, OR25666, OR25681, OR25726, OR25743, OR25752, OR25827, OR25839, OR25863, OR25917, OR26004, 326, 343, 382, 405, 428, 442, 552, 6, OR60892, OR62908, OR62930, 68, OR71676, 76, 8, 9, OR90632
Clerk and CollectorOR87268
Clerk of Bills of ExchnageOR104872
Clerk of Commissioners of AppealsOR104872
Clerk of IncidentsOR104872, OR90765
Clerk of the Bills of ExchnageOR90765
Clerk of the ChequeOR90765
Clerk of the Course161, 358
Clerk of the Court382
Clerk of the Court of Common PleasOR11382
Clerk of the Crown OfficeOR72286
Clerk of the Green ClothOR107002
Clerk of the Parish of BagnallOR373534
Clerk of the Peace of HampshireOR297
Clerk of the PellsOR207805
Clerk of the PipeOR72390
Clerk of the Privy CouncilOR107002, 578
Clerk of the Robes and Wardrobes of the King and QueenOR71681
Clerk of the SecuritiesOR104872
Clerk of the SignetOR132496, OR207637, OR207838, OR71828, OR72310
Clerk to Land Agent326
Clerk to the Commissioners of Land Tax in LondonOR8404
Clerk to the SecuritiesOR90765
Clerks OfficeOR236120
Clock Hand MakerOR373622
Clock MakerOR170001, OR233404, OR244802, OR25863, OR28779, OR321754, OR325610, OR372576, OR374395, OR374399, 460, 465, OR74349, OR89280, OR89606
Clock Maker Journeyman464
Clock Maker and GrocerOR89288
Clock and Watch MakerOR87102
Clog Strap MakerOR256371
Cloth DresserOR42555
Cloth MerchantOR16824, OR271215
Cloth WorkerOR60810, OR60892
ClothierOR104169, OR233344, OR71780, OR71853, OR8302, OR89288
ClothworkerOR122154, OR123805, OR233404, OR77912
Club Steward1017
Coach MakerOR17583, OR230593, OR244832, OR271215, OR277633, OR359028, OR74349, OR77912, OR8302
Coach and Iron Axle Box Fitter501
Coach makerOR104169
Coachman128, 167, 24, 29, 82
Coachman and Groom209
Coal Carrier507
Coal Caster209
Coal DealerOR256371, OR366102, OR368331, OR89035
Coal Master and Pawn Broker Employing 103 Men and Boys209
Coal MerchanrOR8302
Coal MerchantOR366027, OR38960
Coal Meter's OffoceOR104169
Coal Miner184, 209, 236, OR321722, 483, 512, 513, 551
Coal ProprietorOR366027, OR366090
Coal and Stone Miner209
Coast Waiter in H M CustomsOR9675
Coat MakerOR60892, OR80998
Collar MakerOR233404, OR236120
Collector and MessengerOR87268
Collector of ExciseOR72204
Collector of Excise for the Port of LondonOR104872
Collector of HearthmoneyOR72204
Collector of TaxesOR373576
Collector of the ExciseOR90765
College Porter426
College Porter (retired)425
Collier1037, 133, 184, 193, 209, 21, 50, 551
Collier and Stone(mason?)133
Colliery Agent104
Colliery Engineer138, 50
Colliery Manager50
ColonelOR995, OR104452, 122, OR129890, OR132135, OR134003, 237, OR238632, 348, 382, OR7530, OR9675
Colour Workers At ***209
ColourmanOR104169, OR90632
Comb MakerOR169951, OR359028
CommanderOR59865, OR72204, OR72390
Commander Designate, 1st (British) Corps225
Commander in ChiefOR71956
Commander in Chief United Kingdom Land Forces316, 380
Commander in Chief of the forces, etc, in ScotlandOR107001
Commander in Chief, India380
Commander of the North BatteryOR8404
Commander-in-Chief of HM's ShipsOR298007
Commercial Commissioner for the City of London and its VicinityOR28516
Commercial SchoolOR366090, OR368331
Commissary Master122
Commissary of Stored and Provisions in the Islands of GrenadaOR7530
Commission Agent1029
Commission WarehouseOR104707
Commissionary of the UniversirtOR105702
CommissionerOR174400, 176, OR207588, OR28516, 90, OR90765
Commissioner and Surveyor Of The Turnpike Roads52
Commissioner for AppealsOR90765
Commissioner for Sick and WoundedOR72155
Commissioner for the Management and Receipt of his Majesty's Revenue of ExciseOR7530
Commissioner for the Management and Receipt of his Majesty's Revenue of Excise, and other DutiesOR107002
Commissioner for the Receipt and Management of his Majesty's Revenue of Excise, and other Duties in AmericaOR107002
Commissioner for the exchange of PrisonersOR132135
Commissioner for victualing his Majesty's NavyOR7530
Commissioner in co Gloucester of the 3s [2s and Additional 12d] AidsOR71828
Commissioner of ExciseOR107001, OR107002, OR8404
Commissioner of the TransportsOR207838
Commisssioner of the lietenancy of the City of LondonOR132135
Common BrewerOR271215, OR38960, OR42555
Communications Manager128
Comptroller and Accomptant General of the Revenue, IrelandOR71681
Comptroller of AccomptsOR90765
Comptroller of AccountsOR104872
Comptroller of CaseOR90765
Comptroller of CashOR104872
Comptroller of Customs AccountsOR71828
Comptroller of his Majesty's NavyOR7530
Comptroller of the Customs, EnglandOR132496
Comptroller of the MintOR132496
Comptroller of the Mint at BristolOR132496
Comptroller on the Cashire of the Accounts of the Customs and other Duties in AmericaOR107002
ConfectionerOR104707, OR169951, 25, OR373622, OR89035, OR89146, OR89280, OR90203
Confidential Clerk355
ConstableOR156926, OR373576
Constable of Carnarvon CastleOR207637
Constable of Her Majesty's Tower of London379
Constable of WindsorOR238632
Constable of the Tower of London316, 380
Consul General at TripoliOR107001
Consul General of LisbonOR107002
Contractor's Storekeeper393
Controller of the PipeOR71681
Cook1017, 1024, OR122154, 187, OR244802, 6, OR61086, OR74349
CooperOR122154, OR123805, OR169951, OR17583, OR230885, OR233404, OR268448, OR299269, OR303863, OR304109, OR317477, OR319663, OR321722, OR321754, OR325610, OR366055, OR366102, OR368272, OR372576, OR374395, OR374436, OR379381, OR59865, OR60810, OR60892, OR61086, OR75085, OR84131, OR84551, OR84559, OR89035, OR89146, OR89280
Copper SmithOR370633, OR60023
Coppersmith171, 463
CordwainerOR230593, OR230885, OR233344, OR233404, OR236120, OR244802, OR246862, OR268448, OR277633, OR299269, OR302048, OR304027, OR304109, OR317477, OR319663, OR321568, OR321722, OR325610, OR325692, OR359028, OR373622, OR373882, OR373936, OR374395, OR374399, OR374436, OR379381, OR38960, 506, OR59865, OR61773, OR74349, OR74947, OR75085, OR77324, OR77912, OR80998, OR8302, OR83241, OR84131, OR84289, OR84551, OR84559
CordwaynerOR123805, OR80373
Corn ChandlerOR104169, OR71615, OR72039
Corn DealerOR271215, OR89035
Corn Dealer and BakerOR8302
Corn Dealer and SeedsmanOR104169
Corn Dealer's Assistant503
Corn FactorOR104169, OR38960
Corn Factor, Grocer, Flour and Provision DealerOR368272
Corn Merchant128, 297, 4
Corn Miller209, OR366055, OR373546
Corn Miller and Farmer209, OR373576
Corporal115, 158, 174, 393
CorrespondentOR104872, 381, OR90765
Cotter MakerOR233344
Cotton Boubler209
Cotton Hand209
Cotton ManufacturerOR104707, OR38960, OR42555, OR8302, OR89035
Cotton MerchantOR104707, OR370633
Cotton SpinnerOR104707, OR16112, 209, OR370633, OR373546, OR8302, OR89035
Cotton Spinner and Calico ManufacturereOR370633
Cotton Spinner and ManufacturerOR17583
Cotton Weaver209
Cotton Winder209
Cotton and Twist MerchantOR370633
Cotton and Twist WarehouseOR104707
Cotton and Weft DealerOR104707
Cotton, Twist, Weft, Calico, etc, WarehouseOR104707
Cotton, Twist, and Weft MerchantOR104707
Cotton-Twist Spinner and MerchantOR104707
Crate Maker21, OR366055, OR366090, OR379381
Crown Equerry203, 379
Crown Equerry to the Queen455
Crown InnOR89280
Curate1043, 108, 21, OR25681, OR25726, OR25743, OR25752, OR25827, OR25863, OR373534, OR373546, 428, 432, 578, 61, OR62908, 76, 82, OR87856
Currier115, OR16112, OR170001, OR17583, OR233344, 24, OR252203, OR303863, OR317477, OR319663, OR321722, OR325394, OR325610, OR325692, OR368331, OR373622, OR373882, OR379381, OR60023, OR60810, OR83241, OR84551, OR84559, OR89280, OR89606, OR90203
Currier and Leather CutterOR87856, OR89288
Currier and Leather SellerOR366102
Cursitor Baron of the ExchequerOR105702
Customs CashierOR207805, OR71681, OR71828, OR72039
Customs CommissionerOR132496, OR165680, OR207637, OR207805, OR71681, OR71791, OR71956, OR72155, OR72204
Customs CommissonerOR71828
Customs Officer391
CutlerOR122154, OR169951, 31, OR60892, OR84551, OR89606
Cutlery DealerOR370633
Dancing MasterOR89606, OR90203
Darber etcOR83241
Database Programmer128
DeaconOR238556, OR238632
DealerOR38960, OR8302
Dealer in CattleOR42555
Dealer in CoalsOR8302
Dealer in HorsesOR8302
Dealer in Musical InstrumentsOR89035
Dealer in Wood and CoalsOR104169
Dean of St AsaphOR25970
Dean of Westminster203
Decorating Firm11
Deputy Auditor of ExciseOR104872
Deputy Auditor of WalesOR207637
Deputy Comptroller of AccomptsOR90765
Deputy Comptroller of AccountsOR104872
Deputy CorrespondentOR90765
Deputy District Registrar152
Deputy HousekeeperOR104872
Deputy HousekeeprOR90765
Deputy Judge Advocate, Commissary of Musters and Receiver General of the Island of MinorcaOR107002
Deputy Lieutenant Of Shropshire35, 93
Deputy Lieutenant of Hampshire316, 380
Deputy Receiver GeneralOR104872
Deputy SolicitorOR90765
Deputy TreasurerOR174399
Deputy Usher of the Black Rod to the House of Lords in IrelandOR107002
Die SinkerOR252203
Die Sinker and Glass Mould MakerOR256371
Dimity ManufacturerOR104707
Dimity and Pullicat Handkerchief ManufacturerOR104707
Dinity, Quilting, Calico, etc ManufacturerOR104707
Director Farmer's Land Purchase Company381
Director General Weapons225
Director of Education for Worcestershire320
Director of Military Operations225
Director of Power Gas355
Director of Public Relations (Army)316, 380
Director of Studies316, 380
Director of Volunteers, Territorials, and Cadets225
Dissenting MinisterOR89288
Distiller144, 209, OR60810, OR71676, OR74947, OR87102
Distributor of StampsOR104872
District Administrator of Macclesfield Hospotal227
District Nurse Manager83
Divisional Locomotive and Carriage Works Superintendent355
Doctor149, OR26016, 66
Doctor Of Physic405
Doctor of MedecineOR62908
Doctor of Physick403, 433
Dog TavernOR89035
Domestic Duties1032
Domestic Housekeeper501
Domestic Nurse448
Domestic Servant209, 372
Door KeeperOR90765
DraperOR16112, OR169660, OR17583, OR233404, OR244802, OR271215, OR299269, OR372576, OR42555, OR60892, OR61086, OR61773, OR72039, OR72286, OR72321, OR74947, OR77324, OR81297, OR8302, OR84131, OR84559, OR89606
Draper and Freeman of the Russia and Hamburgh CompanyOR60892
Draper and GrocerOR16824, OR89288
Draper and TailorOR16112
Draper etcOR244832, OR319663
Drawing MasterOR89146
Dress Maker11, 111, 209, 234, OR256371, OR373534, 445, 476, 485
Dress makerOR368272
Driggist and GricerOR16112
Drill Sergeant115
Driver1043, 34, 355
DruggistOR104707, OR170001, OR271215, OR321754, OR359028, OR373882, OR374395, OR42555, OR87856
Druggist and DrysalterOR370633
Drummer115, 158
Dry SalterOR104707, 128
Drysalter141, 209
Duke of Ancaster and KestevenOR297
Duke of Grafton318
DyerOR104169, 25, OR321568, 325, OR38960, 478, 540, OR59865, 608, OR72321, OR89146, OR89288
Dyers Finisher25
Dyers Labourer25
Earl of Bradford345
Earl of Chester177, 454
Earth PotterOR84551
Earthen Painter209
Earthenware ManufacturerOR366027, OR366055, OR366090, OR89288
Earthenware PrinterOR366027, OR366055
EditorOR297, 164
Editor and Artist128
Electrical Engineer209, 50
Electrical Intrument Maker - Journeyman, Retired467
Electro Burnisher476
Elementary School Teacher485
Elixir WarehouseOR87102
EmbroidererOR169660, OR169673
Engine Designer13
Engine Drive209
Engine Driver209, 427
Engine Driver - Stationary Engine At A Brick Yard209
Engine ManOR366027
Engine Tender209
Engine TenterOR256371
EngineerOR366090, OR368272, OR42555
Engineer Static209
Engineer and MillwrightOR321754
Engineers Labourer209
EngraverOR104169, OR230885, OR256371, OR268448, OR366090, OR42555, 76
Engraver for Calico Printers and Hot PresserOR89035
Engraver to Calico PrintersOR370633
Ensign115, OR121746, OR134003, OR238632
EnvoyOR238632, OR72310
Estate Agent128, 182, 38
Examiner for Permit OfficeOR104872
Examiner for Soap and CandlesOR104872
Examiner of Soap and CandlesOR90765
Examiner of all Plays etcOR90765
Examiner of the BreweryOR90765
Examniners for LondonBrewery and DistillersOR104872
Exchequer Auditor for North WalesOR71615
Excise CommissionerOR72204
Excise OfficerOR373534
FactorOR21354, OR8302
Falcon InnOR89280
Fan MakerOR60892
Fancy Cabinet Maker476
Fancy Dress MakerOR104169
Fancy Steel Toy GrinderOR256371
Fancy Worsted MakerOR271215
Farm Ag Labourer488
Farm Bailiff209
Farm Labourer1024, 209
Farm Worker175
Farmer1005, 1006, 1016, 1017, 109, 111, 128, 130, 133, 137, 14, 147, 15, 17, 175, 178, 181, 193, 209, OR271215, 28, 29, 297, 32, OR325394, 326, 34, 36, OR368272, OR370633, OR373534, OR373546, OR373576, OR38960, 39, 4, 428, 432, 436, 440, 455, 477, 496, 5, 551, 59, 6, 610, 82, OR82023, 83, OR89288, OR90203, 93, 98, 99
Farmer 50 acres employing 1 Man326
Farmer 500 Acres1032
Farmer Labourer209
Farmer Of 12 Acres479
Farmer Of 7 Acres479
Farmer and Blacksmith209
Farmer and Dog Breeder128
Farmer and GrazierOR373576, OR42555, OR9098
Farmer and Liecensed209
Farmer and MFH128
Farmer and MalsterOR373576
Farmer and Miller114, 209
Farmer and Soldier193
Farmer etcOR373534
Farmer of 430 Acres 9 Men 2 Boys1024
Farmer of the LotteriesOR207808
Farmers Assistant209
Farmers Daughter209
Farmers Servant209, 479, 82
Farmers Son209
Farmers Wife209
FarrierOR230885, OR244802, OR374436, OR44507, OR84559
Farrier etcOR77912
FellmongerOR319663, OR373534, OR38960
Fellow of EmmanuelOR105702
Fellow of PembrokeOR105702
Fellow of Queen's College CambridgeOR297
Fellow of St Peter'sOR105702
Fellow of St Peter's and Professor of Modern HistoryOR105702
Felt MakerOR25839, OR304027, 46, OR60810, OR61086, OR80373, OR82023, OR84559
Field Marshall1004, 203, 218, 237, OR238632, 316, 337, 349, 356, 379, 380, 44
Fifth ClerkOR104872, OR90765
File CutterOR256371
File MakerOR256371
Financial Clerk24
Finisher of FustiansOR89035
Fireman204, 355
Fireman of Japanner209
Fireman to the Sun Fire OfficeOR104169
First AssisstantOR90765
First ClerkOR104872, OR90765
First Clerk of the DiariesOR104872, OR90765
First LieutenantOR995, 115
Fishing Tackle ManufacturerOR104169
FishmongerOR244802, OR268448, OR42555, OR44507, OR77912, OR80373, OR89288
Fishmonger and CowperOR169673
Fishmonger and GrocerOR233404
Flax DresserOR169951, OR304109, OR325610
Flax Dresser etcOR373882
FletcherOR169660, OR169673
Flight Lieutenant128
Floral Designer544
Florist543, 544
Flour DealerOR89035, OR89280
Flour, etc DealerOR366027, OR370633
Footman158, 320, 82, OR9098
Foreman Of Japanners13
Foreman Shunter14
Formerly Gardener1024
Fortune TellerOR28779
FounderOR122154, OR71956
Fourth ClerkOR104872, OR90765
Frame MakerOR77912
Frame Work KnitterOR374399
Framework KnitterOR244802, OR75085
Freelance Marketing Consultant247
French MerchantOR8404
French and Italian TeacherOR89288
Fruiterer167, OR359028, OR368331
Fruiterer, etcOR256371
Fuller etcOR84551
Funeral Director123, 156, 354
Funeral Furnishers298
Furnishing IronmongerOR104169
Furnishing UndertakerOR16112
Furniushing IronmongerOR370633
FurrierOR60023, OR61086
Fustian Cutter187, OR42555, 449, 516, OR89035
Fustian ManufacturerOR104707, OR16112, OR373936, OR38960, OR8302, OR89035
Fustian ShearerOR370633
G(eneral) P(ractitioner)128
Game Keeper209
Garden Labourer209, 489
GardenerOR104169, 209, 24, OR256371, 34, 36, OR373936, 375, 479, 488, 489, OR87856, OR89288
Gardener and SeedsmanOR366102, OR368272
Gardener etcOR366027
Gardeners Assistant and Toll Gate Keeper209
Gardeners Labourer479
Gas Man209
Gate Keeper428, 52
Gate MakerOR236120
Gauger of ExciseOR72204
Genera; Surveyor of BreweryOR90765
GeneralOR297, OR104452, OR107001, 12, 203, 218, OR28516, 316, 379, 380, 49, 81, 92
General Accomptant for AuctionOR104872
General Accomptant for BeerOR104872
General Accomptant for Candles and HidesOR104872
General Accomptant for Foreign Spirits, Wine, Tea and TobaccoOR104872
General Accomptant for General BusinessOR104872
General Accomptant for General Licences and SoapOR104872
General Accomptant for Malt, Hops and SaltOR104872
General Accomptant for Tea and Tobacco LicensesOR104872
General Accomptant of AuctionsOR90765
General Accomptant of Candles and Spiritous Liquor LicensesOR90765
General Accomptant of ExciseOR90765
General Accomptant of General LicencesOR90765
General Accomptant of HidesOR90765
General Accomptant of MaltOR90765
General Accomptant of Soap and GlassOR90765
General Carrier by WaterOR366055
General Clerk24
General Domestic Servant440
General Labourer209, 450, 488
General Servant447, 488
General Servant - Domestic209
General Servant Domestic479
General Surveyor of BreweryOR104872
General Surveyor of ExciseOR129890
General Surveyor of WineOR104872
General Surveyor of Wine etcOR90765
General of his Majesty's ForcesOR7530
Generale de Brigade379
Gentleman10, 1006, 1029, OR11906, 12, OR122154, OR124112, 127, OR129890, OR134003, 141, OR155559, OR155562, 158, 167, OR169673, OR169951, OR170001, OR17583, 178, OR207805, OR21354, 239, 241, 243, OR244832, OR25462, OR25472, OR25508, OR25600, OR25743, OR25752, OR25839, OR25863, OR25917, OR25970, OR25972, OR25999, OR271215, OR28779, 312, OR318512, 32, 35, 358, OR359028, 365, 366, OR368272, OR368331, OR370633, OR373534, OR373546, OR373576, 382, 402, 403, 404, 405, 407, 41, 410, 411, 42, 433, 444, OR44507, 463, 577, 578, 59, OR59865, 6, OR60023, OR60810, OR60892, OR61086, OR61773, OR62897, OR62901, OR62908, OR62930, OR62968, OR62977, 67, OR71676, OR71681, OR71780, OR71835, OR71853, OR71956, OR72039, OR72204, OR72286, OR72310, OR72321, 80, OR80998, OR81297, OR83241, OR84131, OR84289, 86, OR90632, 91, OR9675
Gentleman of the GuardsOR71956
GentlewomanOR365996, OR366055, OR368272, OR368331, OR373546, OR373576
Gingerbread BakerOR77912
Gingerbread and Biscuit BakerOR104169
Glass Blower469
Glass CutterOR16112, 8
Glass Decorator322
Glass Maker223, 320, 322
Glass ManufacturerOR256371, OR8302
Glass MerchantOR271215
GlazierOR124112, OR244802, OR246862, OR359028, OR373534, OR61086, OR84551, OR84559, OR89606
Glazier etcOR373936
GloverOR124112, OR233344, OR233404, OR246862, OR25500, OR25863, OR302048, OR317477, OR374399, OR44507, OR60810, OR61086, OR80373, OR84289, OR89280
Glover and UndertakerOR90632
Glover etcOR379381
GoldsmithOR124112, OR236120, OR244802, OR244832, OR61086, OR71853, OR72039, OR72321, OR74947, OR84131, OR84551
Goldsmith and JewellerOR87102
Golg Grounds Man488
Govenor of BarbadoesOR8404
Governer Harper Adams Agricultural College381
Governer of JerseyOR238632
Governer of NewfoundlandOR298007
Governess1013, 160, 34, 372
Governess of a School for Young LadiesOR42555
Governor and Captain of the Isle of Jersey, etcOR7530
Grazier and FarmerOR373546
Greengrocers Labourer25
Griffin Inn and Excise OfficeOR89280
Grocer1008, OR104169, OR104707, OR16112, OR169951, OR17583, OR230593, OR230885, 234, 24, OR244832, OR256371, OR26004, OR268448, OR271215, OR299269, OR302048, OR303863, OR317477, OR319663, OR321722, OR321754, OR366090, OR366102, OR373622, OR374395, OR38960, OR44507, OR59865, OR60810, OR61086, OR71676, OR72039, OR74349, OR74947, OR81297, OR82023, OR8302, OR84131, OR87102, OR87856, OR89146, OR89280, OR89288, OR89606, OR90203, OR9675
Grocer and BakerOR271215, OR366055
Grocer and Corn DealerOR271215
Grocer and Dealer in HopsOR365996
Grocer and DraperOR16824, OR366027, OR373534
Grocer and Flax-dresserOR89288
Grocer and Flour DealerOR366090
Grocer and HaberdasherOR90203
Grocer and IronmongerOR271215
Grocer and Linen DraperOR365996
Grocer and Tea DealerOR104169, OR104707, OR252203, OR87102, OR89146
Grocer etcOR325610, OR373576, OR373936, OR374399
Grocer, Chandler and Tea DealerOR104707
Grocer, Tea Dealer, and ConfectionerOR368331
Groom1017, 1024, 24, OR304109, 449, 479, 488, 6
Groute Maker209
Grover etcOR373882
Guilder's Bricklayer488
Gun Lock MakerOR374399
Gun MakerOR16824, OR207808, OR374399, OR74349
Gun Maker and VictuallerOR252203
Gun Room StewardOR97480
Gunlock MakerOR8302
Gunner109, 29, 352, OR97480
GunsmithOR321722, OR89606
Gunsmith and Truss MakerOR365996
Gunstock MakerOR44507
HaberdasherOR169660, OR230885, OR246862, 405, OR59865, OR61086, OR71835, OR74349, OR77912, OR8302, OR84559, OR87102, OR89606
Hair Cloth Maker9
Hair DresserOR366090, OR370633, OR42555, OR89146, OR89280, OR89606, OR90203
Hair MerchantOR90632
Hand Loom Weaver Silk326
Hand and Bottle InnOR90203
Hardware ManOR87856, OR90632
HardwaremanOR84131, OR87102
Hat Lining Cutter and Silk manufacturerOR104707
Hat MakerOR104169, OR169660, OR169673, OR87856
Hat ManufacturerOR104707, OR16824, OR365996, OR8302, OR89035, OR89146, OR89280, OR89288
HatterOR104169, OR16824, OR169660, OR17583, OR303863, OR365996, OR374395, OR374399, 391, OR87102, OR89606, OR90203, OR90632
Hatter and HosierOR87102, OR87856
Head Groundsman174
Head Master76
Head Master of Westminster SchoolOR105702
Head Miller147
Headmaster1029, 163, 185, 223, 34
Heel and Patten MakerOR90203
Hide ExaminerOR90765
High Court Judge128
High Sheriff81
High Sheriff Of Shropshire43, 93
High Sheriff and Deputy Lieutenant of Shropshire394
High Sheriff of CornwallOR151163
High Sheriff of SAL38
High Sheriff of Salop113, 379, 411
His Electoral HighnessOR134003
His Majesty's Domestic ChaplainOR8404
His Majesty's Justice of the Peace and deputy Lieutenant for EssexOR9675
His Majesty's Lieutenant of and in the county of SalopOR8404
Home Secretary50
Home duties505
Hon Secretary Shriopshire Territorial Association381
Hooker Cloth Warehouse130
Hoop WarehouseOR87102
Hop MerchantOR38960
Horse Breeder128
Horse Corn, Provender, and Flour DealerOR16112
Horse Driver At Silk Dyeing Works209
Horse Master379
HosierOR16112, OR170001, OR271215, OR38960, OR89146, OR89606, OR90632
Hosiery Manufacturer128
House AgentOR256371
House BuilderOR325610
House CarpenterOR325692, OR60810, OR77912
House Carpenter and JoynerOR80998
House Keeper209
House Keeper For Here Farther209
House Keeper For The Family209
House Maid1017
House PainterOR370633, 457
House Servant209, 29, 326
House Steward82
Housekeeper1003, 1032, OR104872, 24, 326, 372, 479, 488, 6, OR90765
HousewiferyOR268448, OR325610
Hunt Secretary128
Husband of ShipsOR60023
Husbandman1006, 1029, 121, OR123805, OR155562, 181, 189, 190, 21, OR25508, OR277633, OR318397, OR374399, 39, OR44507, 577, 62, OR80373, 82, OR84551, 95, 99
Importer General of Coffee, Tea, etcOR90765
In Jewellers Warehouse476
InnholderOR169951, OR60810, OR89606
InnkeeperOR16824, OR170001, 24, 25, OR271215, OR38960, OR8302, OR87856, OR89288, OR89606
Innkeeper - Yew Tree Inn209
Inspector General of Brewery for England and WalesOR104872
Inspector General of Imported Liquors and DistillersOR104872
Inspector General of Imported Liquors and DistilleryOR90765
Inspector General of PermitsOR104872
Inspector General of Tea, Coffee, etcOR104872
Inspector of Materials355
Inspector of Permit PrintersOR104872
Inspector of Spiritous Liquor LicencesOR90765
Inspector on the RiverOR104872
Inspector, Examiner and ComptrollerOR132496
Inspector-General of BreweryOR90765
Instrument BuilderOR90765
Instrument MakerOR61773
Insurance Broker128, OR8302, OR90632
Interior Designer128
Interpreter of Oriental LanguagesOR298007
Interpretor of Oriental Languages318
Interpretor of Oriental languages211
Investment Banker128
Iron FounderOR370633
Iron Founder and MillwrightOR16824
Iron Founder, Paper Maker, and MillerOR373576
Iron Master and Tinplate ManufacturerOR87856
Iron MerchantOR16824, OR271215, OR42555
IronfounderOR16112, OR16824
Ironmaster1039, OR16824, 229, 372
IronmongerOR16824, OR169673, OR230885, OR302048, OR304109, OR317477, OR319663, OR321568, OR321754, OR325610, OR366102, OR62908, OR81297, OR8302, OR8404, OR84131, OR84551, OR87102, OR87856, OR89146, OR89288, OR89606, OR9098
Ironmonger and Iron FounderOR8302
Ironmonger etcOR373936, OR374436
Ironmonger, Brass Hinge, and Bolt Maker in GeneralOR252203
Ironmonger, Provison Merchant, and Ship OwnerOR16824
Ivory and Bone TurnerOR256371
Japanner209, OR319663
Japo Fancy ??209
Jean, Satteen, Quilting, Shirting, etc ManufacturerOR370633
Jenney MakerOR89146
JewellerOR104169, OR169951, 209, OR233344, OR252203, 476
Jeweller and HardwaremanOR89280
Jeweller and ToymanOR297
Joe's Coffee HouseOR87102
Joiner109, 111, 15, OR16112, 17, OR230593, OR244802, OR244832, 25, OR268448, OR302048, OR303863, OR304109, OR317477, OR319663, OR321568, OR321722, OR325394, OR325610, OR325692, 326, OR359028, OR366090, OR368331, OR372576, OR373534, OR373622, OR373936, OR374395, OR374436, 448, OR84559, OR89035, OR89146, OR89280, OR89606, OR90203
Joiner and BuilderOR16824, OR365996, OR368272
Joiner and BuolderOR271215
Joiner and Cabinet MakerOR366102, OR89288
Joiner and CarpenterOR325610, OR325692
Joiner and GlazierOR321568
Joiner and GrocerOR89288
Joiner and ShopkeeperOR90203
Joiner etcOR319663, OR373882, OR373936, OR374395, OR379381, OR84551
Joiner of the Privy ChamberOR207808
Joiner, etcOR370633
Joint Under Secretary for War1008
Journeyman Bricklayer445
JoynerOR124243, OR233344, OR233404, OR299269, OR304027, OR321568, OR325692, OR60023, OR61773, OR77912, OR82023, OR83241
Joyner Turner and CarverOR80373
Joyner and Cabinet MakerOR82023
Judge of the High Court of AdmiraltyOR134003
Jurat in the Royal CourtOR174400
JusticeOR104872, 122, OR174400, OR207838
Justice of the Peace177, OR87856
Keeper of the Clock in the Palace of WestminsterOR28779
Keeper of the LionsOR28779
Kettle DrummerOR72155
Kiln Firman487
Kilns Man209
King of DenmarkOR87268
King of Nepal380
King of SpainOR134003
King of SwedenOR134003
King of the Two SiciliesOR298007
King's BenchOR236120
King's NurseOR28779
King's PrinterOR87102
King's RemembrancerOR71681
King's Steward177
King's ValetOR28779
Kings Dry NurseOR28779
Kings Messenger365
Kings RemembrancerOR71791
Kings' Head InnOR90203
Kitchen Maid1017
Knight HarbingerOR90765
Labourer10, 1032, 109, 130, 133, 14, 15, 181, 182, 193, 209, 21, 25, 29, 319, 326, OR359028, 36, 365, 39, 427, 478, 493, 500, 505, 507, 510, 59, 610, OR61773, 82
Labourer Farmer109
Labourer In Brickyard479
Labourer In Market Garden209, 479
Labourer Woodsman209
Labourer and Pointsman355
Lace MakerOR60892
Lace WorkerOR368272
Ladies Maid372
Ladies ShoolOR90203
Ladies' Boarding SchoolOR104169
Ladies; Day SchoolOR370633
Lady Help149
Lamb InnOR89280
Lance Corporal380
Land Girl128
Land Steward23
Land SurveyorOR42555
Land Surveyor and PainterOR9098
Land and Water CarrierOR104707
LandwaiterOR207637, OR71681
LapidaryOR252203, OR74349
Laundress1024, 11
Laundress of the Body LinenOR90765
Laundry Maid372
Law StationerOR89606
Lawn ManufacturerOR366055
Lead MerchantOR90632
Lead Smelter and Proprieter of the MinesOR87856
Leather Breeches MakerOR236120
Leather CutterOR60023
Leather SellerOR230593
Letterpress PrinterOR365996
Librarian at the CollegeOR89035
Licenced HawkerOR366055
Licenced VictuallerOR17583
Licentiate of MedicineOR62908
LieutenantOR297, OR995, 1008, OR121746, OR151163, 158, OR174399, OR177522, 379, OR42555
Lieutenant ColonelOR995, 1008, 122, 203, 237, 316, 379, 380
Lieutenant General225, 380
Lieutenant GovernerOR71956
Lieutenant of the Tower of LondonOR72310
Lieutenant-General of his Majesty's ForcesOR7530
Lieutenant-General of his Majesty's OrdnanceOR7530
Lieutentant in the Herts MilitiaOR298007
LightermanOR104169, OR42555
Lime Burner and Lime DealerOR16824
Linen DraperOR104169, OR104707, OR122154, OR16112, OR16824, OR169951, OR170001, OR17583, 178, OR25999, OR26004, OR271215, OR277633, 32, OR321754, OR325692, OR373622, OR374395, OR374436, OR38960, OR71676, OR71835, OR72286, OR8302, OR87102, OR89146, OR89280, OR9675
Linen Draper and HosierOR104169, OR89035
Linen ManufacturerOR8302
Linen MarchantOR359028
Linen and Cotton ManufacturerOR104707
LinenDraper and Tea DealerOR370633
Liner Draper and Tea DealerOR89288
Liquoer MerchantOR42555
Liquor Merchant35, OR89035, OR89280, OR89288
Livery Man348
LocksmithOR319663, OR89280
Locksmith and Bell HangerOR252203
Locksmith, etcOR256371
Locomotive Engine Driver209
Lodging HouseOR370633
London CarrierOR89606
London Manager321
Looking Glass ManufacturerOR16824
Lord Archbishop of CanterburyOR87268
Lord Bishop of BangorOR105702
Lord Bishop of CarlisleOR87268
Lord Bishop of KillalsOR105702
Lord Bishop of Lichfield179
Lord Bishop of LincolnOR87268
Lord Bishop of LondonOR105702, OR87268
Lord Bishop of PeterboroughOR105702
Lord Bishop of St Asaph, Regius Professor of the Civil Law, and Fellow and Tutor of Trinity HallOR105702
Lord Bishop of WinchesterOR87268
Lord Bishop of WorcesterOR87268
Lord ChamberlainOR90765
Lord Chief Baron of his Majesty's Court of ExchequerOR8404
Lord Chief Justice of the King's BenchOR132135
Lord GeneralOR174399
Lord JusticeOR72204
Lord LieutenantOR207588
Lord Lieutenant of IrelandOR107002
Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire237
Lord Mayor180, 23
Lord Mayor of LondonOR132135, 348
Lord Mayor of Stoke on Trent204
Lord Mayor of YorkOR297
Lord President of the CouncilOR7420
Lord TreasurerOR165680
Lord of Councill and Session in ScotlandOR107001
Lord of Manore of Nether Biddulph (or Gillow)163
Lord of the AdmiraltyOR134003, OR298007
Lord of the TreasuryOR28516, OR298007
Loriner178, 32
Lusterer and Chine EnamellerOR366055
M(edical) (D(octor)426
M(edical) D(octor)OR151163, 153, 155, 229, 425, OR42555, 429, OR89035, OR89288
M(ember of) P(arliament)OR297, 237, OR238556, 320, OR90714, OR9675
M(ember) of P(arliament)OR87856
MP for the Borough of SouthwarkOR9098
Machine MakerOR8302
Maid Servant82
MajorOR297, 1008, 122, 128, OR134003, 237, 353, 379, OR9675
Major GeneralOR129890, 225, 237, 316, 380, OR71828
Major-GeneralOR132135, OR7530
Maker Up at Chemical Works130
Maker of Playing CardsOR59865
Malster and ...OR373576
Malt and Potatoe DealerOR16824
Maltser and VictuallerOR252203
MaltsterOR123805, OR233404, OR256371, OR25863, OR271215, OR366055, OR373534, OR84551, OR87856, OR89280, OR89606, OR90203
Maltster etcOR373534, OR373546
Man's MercerOR271215
Manager349, 393, 608
Manager of a Portable Theatre297
Manager of the Birmingham Theatre RoyalOR9675
Managing Director128, 320, 4, 542
Mangle MakerOR90765
Mantel MakerOR233344
Mantua MakerOR230885, OR246862, OR268448, OR304109, OR319663, OR321568, OR321722, OR325394, OR325610, OR373622, OR373936, OR374395, OR379381, OR60810, OR60892, OR61773, OR74947, OR84551, OR89146, OR89280
ManufacturerOR104707, 158, OR16112, OR370633, OR8302
Manufacturer and Cotton SpinnerOR16112
Manufacturer of Artificial GraniteOR17583
Manufacturer of China and Timber Merchant440
Manufacturer of Dimities, etcOR104707
Manufacturer of Earthenware and MerchantOR89288
Manufacturer of Sheet and Rod IronOR373576
Manufacturer of Silver and Plated WaresOR256371
Manufacturing Chemist297
Marchant and IronmongerOR169660
Marine Consulting Engineer128
MarinerOR123805, OR169673, OR169951, OR170001, OR21354, OR25863, OR25917, OR304109, OR38960, OR44507, OR59865, OR60892, OR62897, OR62901, OR75085, OR8302, OR84551
Market Researcher24
Marquis and Custos Rotulorum of the County of LincolnOR297
MarrinerOR61086, OR83241
Marshall of the Fleet203
Marshall of the Royal Air Force203, 218
MasonOR104169, OR122154, OR244802, OR302048, OR303863, OR372576, OR373882, OR374395, 39, OR42555, OR60023, OR74947, OR84559, OR90203
Mason and BuilderOR373534
Mast MakerOR8302
MasterOR71791, OR72390, OR97480
Master Baker1029
Master Brick Maker326
Master Cabinet Maker11
Master Dyer Silk326
Master Joiner326
Master Potter176
Master of MechanicsOR90765
Master of Pembroke Collge Cambridge1033
Master of Queen's College CambridgeOR297
Master of SidneyOR105702
Master of St John'sOR105702
Master of Trinity and Lord Bishop of PeterboroughOR105702
Master of the Bell Public HouseOR9675
Master of the Free Grammar SchoolOR373534, OR87856
Master of the Free School185
Master of the Great WardrobeOR207838, OR72390
Master of the HawksOR207805
Master of the HorseOR107002, OR207838
Master of the OrdnanceOR11382
Master of the Ordnance by Sea117
Master of the RobesOR132496, OR207838
Master of the Rolls313, 334
Master of the Tennis CourtOR90765
Master of the WardrobeOR71828
Master-General of the OrdnanceOR7530
Mathematical Instrument, Dog Collars, etc MakerOR252203
MayorOR169660, OR169673, OR169951, OR170001, 226
Mayor of Abington122
Mayor of Asnelles, Normany237
Mayor of ChesterOR72286
Mayor of Henley122
Mayor of HerefordOR72286
Mayor of LincolnOR9098
Mayor of Macclesfield241
Mayor of Maidenhead122
Mayor of NottsOR72286
Mayor of St Albans122
Mayor of Stockton upon TeesOR80998
Mayor of Stourbridge320
Mayor of SudburyOR72286
Mayor of Wallingford122
Mayor of WeymouthOR132135
Mayoress of Stourbridge320
Mealman and BakerOR252203
Mechanical Engineer128, 209, 24
Medical AssistantOR87268
Member Of Parliament438, 93
Member for St Maw's in CornwallOR8404
Menial ServantOR11382
Mercer127, OR16824, OR170001, 178, OR230593, OR230885, OR233344, OR246862, OR304109, OR319663, 32, OR321568, OR321722, OR325394, OR325610, OR325692, OR373622, OR373936, OR374395, OR374399, OR60810, OR61773, OR71791, OR72321, OR74349, OR77912, OR81297, OR8302, OR87856, OR89280, OR89606, OR90203, OR90632
Mercer and DraperOR325394, OR325692, OR9098
Mercer and GrocerOR325610
Mercer etcOR373882, OR374436, OR379381
Merchant1033, OR104707, OR123805, OR124112, OR124243, OR129890, OR134003, 141, OR16112, OR16824, OR169660, OR169673, OR170001, OR17583, 178, OR207588, OR207637, 209, 212, OR21354, OR233344, OR233404, OR236120, OR238556, OR244832, OR246862, OR252203, OR271215, OR277633, OR303863, 32, OR321754, OR325610, 346, 348, 35, OR370633, 374, OR38960, 403, OR42555, 433, OR44507, OR62897, OR71615, OR71676, OR71780, OR71791, OR71835, OR71853, OR72039, OR72204, OR72286, OR72321, OR72390, OR74947, OR8302, OR8404, OR84551, OR87102, OR87856, OR9098, OR9675
Merchant TailorOR72039
Merchant TaylorOR123805, OR244802, OR44507, OR60023, OR60810, OR74947
Merchant and Agent to the Phoenix Fire and Pelican Life OfficesOR104707
Merchant and JewellerOR16824
Merchant and ManufacturerOR104707
Merchant and Tallow ChandlerOR87856
Merchant and manufacturerOR104707
Merchant's ClerkOR256371
Merchant, Cock Founder, etcOR256371
Merchant, Manufacturer and Calico PrinterOR104707
MessengerOR87268, OR90765
Messenger in OrdinaryOR90765
Messenger to the Chancellor of the ExchequerOR90765
Messenger to the Lord ChacellorOR90765
Messenger to the Penny PostOR72204
Messenger to the Printing PressOR90765
Methodist Minister391
MidwifeOR62968, OR89035
Military Assistant316, 380
Military Assistant to the Vice Chief of the Imperial General Staff380
Military Secretary43
Military Secretary to the Governer of Gibralter394
Miller1005, 109, 147, OR236120, OR244832, OR246862, OR25917, OR271215, OR379381, 39, 403, 433, 478, OR60810, OR90203
Miller and Farmer209
Miller and Farmer Emp 6 Men on 20 Achers209
Miller and Farmers Son209
Miller and ShopkeeperOR368331
Millers Clerk209
Millers Traveller209
MillinerOR104169, 11, OR16112, OR244832, OR246862, OR256371, OR268448, OR277633, OR28516, OR304109, OR317477, OR321754, OR325394, OR372576, OR373936, OR379381, OR59865, OR60810, OR74947, OR89146, OR89280, OR89288, OR90203
Milliner and Dealer in LaceOR17583
Milliner and Dress MakerOR366055, OR366090
Milliner and Mantua MakerOR379381
Milliner etcOR368272
Millwright147, OR230885, OR372576, OR373936, 39
Miner1037, 193, 21, 297, 315, 50, 510, 538
Mining Agent50
Mining Engineer1011, 50, 74
MinisterOR25839, OR365996, 402, 403, 433, OR71780, OR71835, 82
Minister Extraordinary from the Elector of SaxonyOR107001
Minister of the Crown320
Minor CanonOR25801, OR9675
Minor Canon of Westminster203
Minor Canon of WindsorOR8404
Modern Language Teacher128
Money ScrivenerOR8302
Moneyer of His Majesties Mint in the TowerOR60892
Monk176, 177, 528
Monument MakingOR325394
Mould Presser487
Mould Runner209
Music Composer128, 4
Music SellerOR104707, OR42555
Musical Director297, 551
MusicianOR230885, OR244802, OR244832, 297, OR89035, OR89288
Muslin ManufacturerOR104707, OR370633, OR8302
Muslin WarehouseOR87102
Muslin, etc ManufacturerOR104707
Mustard ManufacturerOR16112
Myers Mixer25
Nail Maker209, OR366090, OR368272, 479, 489, 493, 498, 499, 506
Nail Maker (Journeyman)495
Nail Maker (Master)494, 502
Nail Maker and Farmer209
Nailer209, OR268448, 489, 490, 506
Nailor319, OR321722
Nailor (Shoe)319
Naval Pilot Officer50
Navy AgentOR87102
Navy CommissionerOR165680, OR207588, OR207637
Navy Pay OfficeOR9675
Neat's Foot Oil and Size WarehouseOR370633
Necessary WomanOR90765
Needle MakerOR359028, OR75085, OR77324, OR90632
Net MakerOR89146
New InnOR90203
Nickle Plater209
Notary Public17
Nurse1017, 209, 372, 382
Nursery and SeedsmanOR87856
Nurseryman, Florist and Publican128
Office Boy355
Officer in the ArmyOR9675
Officer of the GuardOR71956
Oil MerchantOR17583
Oil Merchant and Tripe Dealer11
Oil and ColourmanOR87102
OilmanOR38960, OR87102
Operations Manager542
Operator for the TeethOR90765
Opulent Grazier etcOR9675
Ordinary SeamanOR97480
Organ BuilderOR90765
Overlooker Embroidery Department25
Overseer of Poor67
Overseer of the Parish of AudleyOR28779
P(olice) C(onstable)455
Page of the BedchamberOR72310
PainterOR104707, 11, 167, OR169673, 25, 326, OR359028, OR365996, OR370633, OR373622, OR373882, OR38960, OR42555, 468, OR74947, OR89280, OR89606, OR9675
Painter - Self Employed11
Painter In Pottery Manufactory479
Painter StainerOR124243, OR230593
Painter and ColourmanOR89035
Painter and GilderOR89146
Painter and GlazierOR104169
Painter and Plumber234
Painter and StainerOR236120, OR244802
Painter and StanierOR77324
Painter in Pottery Manufacture209
Painter of Sea PiecesOR8404
Paper DealerOR16824
Paper MakerOR104707, 46
Paper Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer, Engraver, Letter Press, and Copper Plate Printer and FactorOR256371
Paper Manufacturer, Rag Merchant and Wool carderOR365996
Paper MillOR373576
Paper RulerOR16112
Parish Clerk176, OR25839, OR25970, OR62908
Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Transport1008
Parson149, 177
Pastor1009, 365
Pastry CookOR104169
Patent Axletree and Coach makerOR271215
Patent Mail ManufacturerOR16824
Patten MakerOR244832, OR89035
Patten Wood MakerOR379381
Pattern Card and Paper Box MakerOR256371
Pawn Broker209, OR370633
PawnbrokerOR230885, OR271215, OR368331, OR42555, OR89035, OR89146
Paymaster GeneralOR71828
Paymaster General of the Guards, Garrisons and Land ForcesOR207838
Paymaster of the Forces in IrelandOR207637
Paymaster of the WorksOR207808, OR71828
Pearl Ornament ManufacturerOR16824
Percussion Cap and Button MakerOR256371
PerfumerOR104169, OR124243, OR170001, OR370633
Perfumer and Toy SellerOR16112
Permanent Auditor of the Excise211
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport1008
Personal Assistant34
Peruke MakerOR230885, OR233404, OR303863, OR374395, OR379381, OR38960, OR59865, OR61086, OR82023, OR89280
PewtererOR61086, OR74947
PhysicianOR995, OR374436, 71, OR8404, OR87856
Physician Extraordinary to the Prince of WalesOR297
Physician extraordinary to his MajestyOR90765
Physician extraordinary to the HouseholdOR90765
Physician in OrdinaryOR90765
Physician to his Majesty's Forces and Inspector of the Military Hospitals in the South-West DistrictOR28516
Physician to the HouseholdOR90765
Pianist13, 297
Pig and Castle InnOR90203
Pilot1036, OR42555
Pin MakerOR124243
Pipe MakerOR302048, OR359028
Pistol FilerOR374399
Pit Buttie50
Pit Fettler Underground209
PlaistererOR60892, OR61773, OR90632
Plane and Saw ManufacturerOR256371
PlastererOR104169, 11, OR233344, 24, OR244802, OR304027, OR359028, OR74947, OR89035, OR89280, OR90203
Plasterer and Painter11, OR89035
Plasterer and Painter Master11
Plasterer and Stone CutterOR366102
Plate Glass SilvererOR271215
Plate Layer540
PlumberOR104169, 11, 16, OR236120, OR244802, OR271215, OR302048, OR303863, OR304027, OR321722, OR368272, OR374395, OR60810
Plumber and GlazierOR38960, OR89288
Plumber and VictuallerOR89288
Plumber etcOR373882
Plumber, Decorator, Hot Water and Santitary Engineer360
Poet LaureatOR90765
Police OfficerOR104872
Police SergeantOR256371
Police Superintendent453
Pork ButcherOR256371
PorterOR370633, 496
Porter at the GateOR72039
Post Office Area General Manager226
Postmaster29, OR89288
Postmaster GeneralOR207805, OR72155
Pot PainterOR373936
Pot Seller133
Potter176, 180, 181, 182, 193, 209, 21, OR366027, OR366055, OR366090, 510, OR84551, OR84559, OR89288
Potter Painter209
Potter Paintress209
Potter's Fireman487
Potter's Gilder246
Potter's Kiln Foreman487
Potter's Presser487
Potterrs Assistant209
Potters Burnisher209
Potters Fireman209
Potters Kilm Fireman209
Potters Paintress209
Potters Presser209
Potters Sagger Maker511
Pottery Manufacturer440
Pottery Transferer209
Poultry Farmer209
Powder MakerOR207588
Power Loom Cloth ManufacturerOR16112
PrebendaryOR297, 76
Prebendary of the 2nd Stall212
Precentor of Durham CathedralOR8404
President of Corpus Christi College, OxfordOR297
President of St John's College OxfordOR8404
President of the Board of Trade320
President of the Radcliffe InfirmaryOR7530
President of the Supreme JuntaOR297
President of the United States316, 380
Pricipal Commissioner of PrizesOR72204
PriestOR238556, OR238632, 82
Primary School Teacher188
Prime Minister316, 379, 380
Prime SerjeantOR207588
Primitive Methodist Minister25
Principal Clerk of the TreasuryOR107002
Principal ExaminerOR90765
Principal Secretary of StateOR72039
Principal of Manchester College Oxford365
Principal of St Mary's CollegeOR9675
Principal of Stourbridge School of Arts320
Principla Commisioners from PrizesOR71681
Priner and BooksellerOR89280
Printer137, OR359028, OR366027, OR366055, OR374395, OR374399, 453, OR87268, OR90632, OR9675
Printer and Proprietor of the Newcastle and Pottery Advertiser, and Agent to the Sun Fire etc OfficeOR365996
Printer and StationerOR87102
Printer etcOR374436
Printer upon Earthen WareOR373936
Printer, Bookseller and StationerOR87856
Printer, Stationer, and BooksellerOR17583
Private1040, 105, 106, 109, 14, 158, 181, 21, 29
Private 4th Dragoons216
Private Secretary to her late Majesty Queen CarolineOR8404
Privy CouncillorOR238632
Privy Councillor in IrelandOR107002
ProctorOR104169, 577, 70
Proctor GeneralOR373936
Procuator General of the Court of Canterbury ArchesOR277633
Procurator General of the Prerogative Court of CanterburyOR246862
Producer of Cheshire Cheese98
Professional Cricketer364
Professor of Arabic and Master of St John'sOR105702
Professor of ChemistryOR105702
Professor of Music209, OR256371
Property Estate Manager128
Proprietor of Coal MinesOR297
Provest of the Corporation of Moneyers in his Majesties Mint in the Tower and Ingenier of the said MintOR60892
Provision Dealer25, 326, 4
Provison Dealer128
ProvostOR238556, 9
Provost Of Eton College35
Provost of Eaton345
Provost of Eaton College1014
Provost of Worcester College OxfordOR28516
Public AccomptantOR89288
Public BakehouseOR366027
Public BrewerOR72204
Publican209, 432, 447, 506
Publican and Insurance Agent128
Puisne JudgeOR7530
Pump MakerOR122154, OR256371
Pump makerOR366027
Pupil TeacherOR349708
Q(eens) C(ouncil)203
Quarry ProprietorOR16112
Quartermaster to the 2nd Regiment of Horse GuardsOR8404
Queen DowagerOR207588
Queen's Council128
Race Horse Breeder440
Rag MerchantOR87102
Railway Carter25
Railway Clerk209
Railway Engine Driver209
Railway Engineer378
Railway Guard491
Railway Labourer209
Railway Man484
Railway Porter14, 209, 25, 485, 610
Railway Servant209
Railway Signal485
Railwayman204, 453
Ranger of Windsor ForestOR238632
Raven InnOR90203
Razor MakerOR74349
Rear AdmiralOR297, OR995
Receiver GeneralOR104872, OR72390, OR90765
Receiver General for co Cambridge and Isle of ElyOR72187
Receiver General for co DorsetOR72187
Receiver General for co HerefordOR72187
Receiver General for co MonmouthOR72187
Receiver General for co SalopOR207808, OR72155, OR72187, OR72310
Receiver General for co SiffolkOR72187
Receiver General for co WarwickOR72187
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for Co Cambridge and Isle of ElyOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for Newcastle-on-TyneOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for Southampton and Isle of WightOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co CornwallOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co DerbyOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co Devon and city of ExeterOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co Dorset and PooleOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co HuntingdonOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co LeicesterOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co LincolnOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co Norfolk and city of NorwichOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co RutlandOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co SalopOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co Somerset and city of BristolOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co Stafford and city of LichfieldOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co SurreyOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co Warwick and Coventry XCityOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co Wilts and New SarumOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for co WorcesterOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for the borough of Southward and county of SurreyOR71780
Receiver General for the 2s and 1s Aid for the county and city of OxfordOR71780
Receiver General of Crown Revenues for North WalesOR71615
Receiver General of Crown Revenues of North WalesOR129890
Receiver General of Crown Revenues of South WalesOR132496
Receiver General of TaxesOR207637
Receiver General of the Poll for Kent and CanterburyOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for LincolnOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for London, Middlesex and WestminsterOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for Newcastle-on-TyneOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for Surrey and SouthwarkOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for co BedsOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for co BucksOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for co CambridgeOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for co NorthamptonOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for co SalopOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for co Stafford and LitchfieldOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for co WorcesterOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for cos Anglesea, Carnarvon and MerionethOR71615
Receiver General of the Poll for cos Durham, Northumberland and Berwick-on-TweedOR71615
Receiver General of the Post Office RevenueOR72155
Receiver General of the Six Months' Assessment, Poll, Review of the Poll, 12d Aid, 2s Aid, Additional 12d Aid, second Poll and first Twelve Months' Aid for co CornwallOR72390
Receiver General of the Six Months' Assessment, Poll, Review of the Poll, 12d Aid, 2s Aid, Additional 12d Aid, second Poll and first Twelve Months' Aid for co DerbyOR72390
Receiver General of the Six Months' Assessment, Poll, Review of the Poll, 12d Aid, 2s Aid, Additional 12d Aid, second Poll and first Twelve Months' Aid for co SalopOR72390
Receiver General of the Six Months' Assessment, Poll, Review of the Poll, 12d Aid, 2s Aid, Additional 12d Aid, second Poll and first Twelve Months' Aid for co SouthamptonOR72390
Receiver General of the Six Months' Assessment, Poll, Review of the Poll, 12d Aid, 2s Aid, Additional 12d Aid, second Poll and first Twelve Months' Aid for co WorcesterOR72390
Receiver General of the first 4s Aid and Review of the Poll for co BucksOR207805
Receiver General of the first Twelve Months' Aid for London, Westminster and MiddlesexOR72390
Receiver General of the first Twelve Months' Aid for co HertsOR72390
Receiver General of the first Twelve Months' Aid for co LincolnOR72390
Receiver General of the first and second Twelve Months' Aid and the Quarterly Poll for co SalopOR207805
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for Devon and ExeterOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for EssexOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for London and MiddlesexOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for Newcastle-on-TyneOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for co BedfordOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for co HerefordOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for co LincolnOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for co StaffordOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for co SuffolkOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for co SussexOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for co WarwickOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for co YorkOR71676
Receiver General of the present Aid and Poll for cos Chester, Flint, Montgomery, Denbigh, Merioneth, Carnarvon and AngleseaOR71676
Receiver General of the second Twelve Months Aid and the Quarterly Poll for co BerksOR207637
Receiver General of the second Twelve Months Aid and the Quarterly Poll for co NorthantsOR207637
Receiver for CornwallOR72321
Receiver for Devon and ExeterOR72321
Receiver for Dorset and PooleOR72321
Receiver for Kent and CanterburyOR72321
Receiver for Newcastle upon TyneOR71853
Receiver for Somerset and BristolOR72321
Receiver for Yorks co and York city, Durham and Northumberland, Hull, Newcastle and BerwickOR72321
Receiver for co BedsOR71853
Receiver for co BerksOR71853, OR72039
Receiver for co BucksOR71853, OR72039
Receiver for co Cambridge and Isle of ElyOR72321
Receiver for co Cambridge, Cambridge University and Isle of ElyOR71853
Receiver for co CornwallOR72039
Receiver for co DerbyOR71853
Receiver for co Devon and Exeter cityOR71853
Receiver for co DorsetOR71853
Receiver for co EssexOR72321
Receiver for co GlamorganOR71853, OR72039
Receiver for co HerefordOR72321
Receiver for co HertsOR71853
Receiver for co HuntingdonOR71853, OR72321
Receiver for co HuntsOR72321
Receiver for co Kent and CanterburyOR71853
Receiver for co Kent and city of CanterburyOR72039
Receiver for co LeicesterOR71853
Receiver for co LincolnOR71853, OR72321
Receiver for co Lincoln and city of LincolnOR72039
Receiver for co MonmouthOR71853
Receiver for co NorthamptonOR72321
Receiver for co NottsOR71853
Receiver for co OxfordOR72321
Receiver for co PembrokeOR72039
Receiver for co RutlandOR71853, OR72321
Receiver for co SalopOR71853, OR72039, OR72321
Receiver for co Somerset and Bristol cityOR71853
Receiver for co Somerset and city of BristolOR72039
Receiver for co Southants and Isle of WightOR72321
Receiver for co StaffordOR72321
Receiver for co SuffolkOR71853, OR72321
Receiver for co Surrey and SouthwarkOR71853
Receiver for co Warwick and CoventryOR72321
Receiver for co Worcester and Worcester cityOR71853
Receiver for co YorksOR71853
Receiver for cos Brecon and RadnorOR71853, OR72039
Receiver for cos Denbigh, Flint, Montgomery and CarmarthenOR72039
Receiver for cos Denbigh, Flint, Montgomery, Carmarthen, Carnarvon, Merioneth, Anglesea, Cardigan, Radnor and BreconOR72321
Receiver for cos Westmorland and CumberlandOR72039
Receiver for the city and county of York and town of Kingston-upon-Hull and for cos Durham and Northumberland and towns of Berwick and NewcastleOR72039
Receiver of Crown Revenues for cos Cornwall and Devon and city of ExeterOR71681
Receiver of the 12d Aid for Devizes in WiltsOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co BerksOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co BucksOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co Cambridge and Isle of ElyOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co HertsOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co Norfolk and NorwichOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co NorthamptonOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co NottsOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co OxfordOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co SalopOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co SomersetOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co SurreyOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co WestmorlandOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for co WorcesterOR71676
Receiver of the 12d Aid for cos Leicester and RutlandOR71676
Receiver of the 12d per £ for Cheshire and Chester city, Flint, Montgomery, Denbigh, Merioneth, Carnarvon and AngleseaOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for Hampshire, Southampton town and Isle of WightOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for Kent and CanterburyOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co BedsOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co BerksOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co EssexOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co GlamorganOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co GloucesterOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co HerefordOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co LancsOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co Lincoln and Linclon cityOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co MonmouthOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co SalopOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co StaffordOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co SuffolkOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co Warwick and Coventry cityOR71681
Receiver of the 12d per £ for co WestmorlandOR71681
Receiver of the Civil List Deductions from all Salaries exceeding 50lOR90765
Receiver of the Poll for co SalopOR71956
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for York county and city, Hull, Durham, Northumberland and NewcastleOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co Cambridge and Agent for TaxesOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co HerefordOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co LancsOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co NorthamptonOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co SalopOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co Somerset and BristolOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co SuffolkOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co SurreyOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for co Warwick and CoventryOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for cos Leicester and NottsOR72286
Receiver of the second Twelve Months' Aid for the county and city of Chester and counties of Anglesea, Carnarvon, Merioneth and BreconOR72286
Reciver General of Crown Revenues for WalesOR207637
Recorder of BostonOR297
Recorder of LondonOR7530
Recorder of the City of LondonOR132135
RectorOR297, OR995, OR151163, 167, 177, 211, 23, OR238556, OR238632, OR25458, OR25839, OR25863, 27, 35, OR368272, OR373534, 39, 552, OR71780, 76, OR8404, OR9675
Rector of ApplebyOR8404
Rector of Cheddington SRYOR8404
Rector of Hampstead and Great BromleyOR28516
Rector of Kirby Underdale YKSOR8404
Rector of Laverstock and EwhurstOR9098
Rector of St Lawrence in Reading BRKOR8404
Rector of Stoke177
Rector of Stoke upon PernOR8404
Rector of Winston212
Reed and Shuttle Maker \and Heald KnitterOR16112
Regimental Adjutant237
Regimental Secretary337
Regional Director542
Register to the Court of AppealsOR90765
Registrar to the Court of AppealsOR104872
Regius Professor Of Divinity35
Regius Professor of HebrewOR105702
Resident with the Hanse TownsOR72187
Retired Accountant8
Retired Farmer436
Retired Publican246
Revenue CommissionerOR207588
River ManufacturerOR256371
Road Carrier13
Roman Cement Figure MakerOR256371
Rope LayerOR77324
Rope MakerOR8302, OR84559
RoperOR359028, OR87856
Roper and Flax DresserOR89146
Royal Prince320
Rurial Postman209
Sack MakerOR8302
SaddlerOR366102, OR368272, OR368331, OR373523, OR373534, OR373576, OR373882
Saddler and Collar MakerOR368272
Saddler etcOR368272
Saddlery Warehouseman457
SadlerOR236120, OR246862, OR268448, OR304027, OR304109, OR319663, OR321568, OR321722, OR325394, OR374395, OR60023, OR60810, OR60892, OR61086, OR74947, OR81297, OR82023, OR84131, OR84559, OR89280, OR89288, OR89606, OR90203
Sadler DruggistOR374436
Sagger Maker510
Sail Cloth MakerOR233404
Sail MakerOR17583, OR244832, OR90632
Sailcloth MakerOR9098
Sales Director128
Sales Promotion and Advertising128
Sales Representative349, 46
Salt MerchantOR104169
SalterOR124112, OR244802, OR59865, OR71780, OR72321, OR77912
Sarjeant at LawOR71681
Saw MillOR256371
Sawyer1005, OR368272, 39, 527, OR60810, OR89146, OR89280, 99
Scarlet DyerOR90632
Scholar209, 326, 372, 447, 449, 450, 478
Scholar & Silk Twisters Helper209
Scholar of Wadham CollegeOR9675
Schooel Mistres209
School MasterOR90203
School MistressOR104169
School for Young LadiesOR368331
Schoolmaster14, OR16112, 163, 167, OR170001, OR252203, OR256371, OR25839, OR28779, OR366102, OR368331, OR373546, OR373576, OR89146, OR89280, OR89606
Schoolmaster and FarmerOR373546
Schoolmistress209, OR61086
Schools Governess128
Screen Printer123
Scribbling MillerOR38960
Scullery Man1035, 130, 326, 610
Seamstress and StarcherOR90765
Second ClerkOR104872, OR90765
Second Clerk of the DiariesOR90765
Second Lieutenant115, OR177522, 380
Second Minister1009
Secondary in the Pipe OfficeOR8404
Secong AssistantOR90765
SecretaryOR104872, OR107001, 128, OR298007, 34, OR72310, OR87268, OR90765
Secretary and PA128
Secretary of StateOR298007
Secretary of State for the Northern DepartmentOR298007
Secretary of the TreasuryOR107002
Secretary of the islands of St Christopher, Nevis, Monserrat and Antigua, and "our other Leeward Carribbee Islands in America"OR134003
Secretary to the AdmiraltyOR42555
Secretary to the Board of Excise at DublinOR8404
Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of IrelandOR107002
Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of IrelandOR7530
Secretary to the Revenue Commissioners, IrelandOR71791
Secrfetary to the Commissioners for TradeOR132496
SeedsmanOR230593, OR90203
Senior AldermanOR297
Senior Curate76
Senior Magistrate of the Corporation of DoncasterOR42555
Senior Prebend of St Peter's WestminsterOR8404
Senior Surgeon at St Bartholomew's HospitalOR9675
Sergeant1036, 115, 158, OR42555
Sergeant Major109, 115, 158
Sergeant Major-GeneralOR174399
Sergeant SurgeonOR90765
Sergeant TrumpetOR90765
Sergeant at ArmsOR90765
Sergeant at Arms attemding the House of CommonsOR90765
Sergeant at Arms attending the Lord ChancellorOR90765
Sergeant at LawOR169673
Serjeant at ArmsOR72204
Servant1013, 1025, 1026, 1027, 1028, 1033, 111, 127, OR134003, 160, OR169673, 184, 209, OR359028, 372, 38, 447, 479, OR71828, 8, 82, 85, OR9098
Servant Unemployed209
Servant to the MayorOR169660
Sexton109, 161, 358
Sexton, Stone Cutter, and PlastererOR366102
Shed Foreman378
Sheriff Of Shropshire35
Sheriff of London and Middlesex348
Sheriff of Staffordshire71
Sheriff's OfficerOR89035
Sherriff's OfficeOR368331
Ship BuilderOR16112, OR87856
Ship CarpenterOR246862
Ship CaulkerOR60892
Ship's MasterOR11906
Shipowner and Assisstant of the Trinity HouseOR42555
Shipping Executive551
Ships Captain109
Shipwright137, 144, 209, OR230593, OR233344, OR233404, OR268448, OR325692, OR359028, OR38960, OR60023, OR60892, OR61086, OR74947, OR77912, OR84289
Shoe Binder209
Shoe MakerOR104707, 158, OR169660, 193, 209, OR230593, OR233344, 246, 25, OR256371, OR25839, OR25917, OR26004, OR277633, OR302048, OR303863, OR304109, OR317477, 319, OR319663, OR321568, OR321722, OR321754, OR325394, OR325610, OR325692, OR365996, OR366027, OR366055, OR366090, OR368331, OR370633, OR372576, OR373534, OR373576, OR373622, OR373882, OR373936, OR374399, OR374436, OR379381, 39, OR60810, OR82023, OR8302, OR84289, OR87856, OR89035, OR89280, OR89288, OR89606, OR90203
Shoe Maker etcOR373534, OR374436
Shoe ManufacturerOR17583
Shoe makerOR368272
Shoeing SmithOR256371, OR38960
Shop Assistent128
ShopkeeperOR104169, 16, OR256371, OR366027, OR366055, OR370633, OR373534, OR373546, OR373576, OR374436, OR379381, OR38960, OR8302, OR89035, OR89288
Shopkeeper etcOR373534
Shops MasterOR207637
Shorthand Typist34
Signal Fitter481
Signal Pilot481
Silk Baller25
Silk Cleaner209, 478
Silk Doubler25
Silk Dresser25
Silk Dryer209
Silk Dyer209, 25
Silk Factory Hand Millman209
Silk Factory Hand Weaver209
Silk Factory Hand Winder209
Silk Finisher209, 25
Silk Hand209
Silk Hand Loom Weaver1032
Silk Machinest209
Silk Machinist478
Silk Manufacturer326, OR366102, OR8302, OR89146
Silk Mercer13, OR374436
Silk Picker1032, 25, 326, 478
Silk Piecer209, 478, 608
Silk Presser326
Silk Skeiner608
Silk Spinner326
Silk Spooler209, 478
Silk Thrower1029, OR60023
Silk Throwster191, 25, OR370633, OR89035, OR89146
Silk Twister209, 25, 478
Silk Twisters Helper209, 478
Silk Warehouseman1032, 326, 608
Silk Warper326
Silk Weaver1032, 209, 253, 326, 39, 527, OR60810, 610, OR8302, OR89146, OR90632
Silk Weaver and Shopkeeper326
Silk Winder209, 478
Silk Worker25
Silk and Cotton ManufacturerOR89146
Silker Piecer326
SilversmithOR170001, 457, OR75085, OR89280
Silversmith Journeyman462
SkinnerOR123805, OR169951, OR236120, OR25839, OR321568, OR321722, OR325692, OR373622, OR60892, OR77912, OR84131
Skinner and GloverOR89280
SlaterOR169673, OR256371, OR304027, OR359028
Slater etcOR244832, OR373534
Small Farmer209
Smelter of LeadOR8302
SmithOR169673, OR304027, OR325610, OR359028, OR372576, OR60810, OR75085, OR83241, OR84289, OR84559, OR89146, OR89280, OR89288, OR90203
Smith and FarrierOR366102
Soap BoilerOR230885
Soap CoilerOR8302
Soap MakerOR77324, OR8302
Soap Warehouse and Tallow ChandlerOR87102
Soldier109, 115, 29, 34, 59, OR71828, 93
SolicitorOR297, OR104872, 127, OR16112, 167, OR16824, 17, 171, OR17583, 177, 227, 229, OR271215, 32, 34, 35, OR359028, OR365996, OR368331, 382, OR42555, 5, 578, 66, OR74947, 8, OR90765, 93
Solicitor GeneralOR132496, OR165680, OR207588
Solicitor General of IrelandOR207588
Solicitor and Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgements of Deeds by Married Women for Warwickshire, Worcestershire and StaffordshireOR256371
Solicitor and Town's ClerkOR365996
Solicitor for cos Beds, Bucks amd OxfordOR72187
Solicitor for the 12d Aid in co NorthamptonOR71956
Solicitors Clerk6
Solicitors General Clerk - Law11
Sous Prefect379
Spectacle MakerOR244832
Spinning Machine MakerOR8302
Stable KeeperOR38960
Staffordshire-ware MerchantOR89288
Stamp Office DistributorOR365996
Stationary Engine Driver209
StationerOR104169, OR104707, OR122154, OR123805, OR124112, OR230593, OR244802, OR244832, OR246862, OR304109, OR60023, OR60892, OR87102, OR89606, OR90632
Stationer and GrocerOR16824
Stationer and Post masterOR90203
Stationer and PrinterOR89606
Stay MakerOR317477, OR325610, OR359028, OR372576, OR373622, OR59865, OR89146, OR89280, OR89288, OR89606, OR90203
StaynerOR319663, OR84289
Steam Engineer46
Steel Toy MakerOR252203
Steelworker - Foreman24
StewardOR129890, 239, 346, 35, 358, 374
Steward to the Earl of Bradford1014
Stockbroker113, 93
Stocking ManufacturerOR89146
Stone CutterOR233344
Stone Hewer38
Stone Hewer Underground514
Stone MasonOR104169, 17, OR28516, OR374436
Stone Worker29
Stonecutter388, 39
Stonemason64, OR89146
Store KeeperOR104872
Straw Bonnet ManufacturerOR366102
Stucco Worker and PlastererOR89035
Stuff MakerOR233404
Sub-Commissioner of PrizesOR72204
Sub-commissioner and Collector of RevenuesOR72155
Superintendent Minister1009
Supervisor of The Highway41, 67
SurgeonOR297, OR104169, 12, OR16824, 178, 182, 229, OR233344, OR233404, OR246862, OR256371, OR25839, OR26016, OR28516, OR299269, OR304027, OR319663, 32, OR321568, OR321722, OR321754, OR368331, OR370633, OR372576, OR373534, OR373622, OR374399, OR374436, OR42555, 48, 49, OR62908, 69, OR71853, 78, OR80373, OR82023, OR83241, OR84131, OR84551, OR84559, 88, 89, OR89035, OR89288, OR90203, OR9098, 92
Surgeon LicentiateOR62908
Surgeon and ApothecaryOR16112, OR87856
Surgeon and Man MidwifeOR89035
Surgeon etcOR319663, OR373936
Surgeon extraordinary to the HouseholdOR90765
Surgeon extraordinary to the PersonOR90765
Surgeon to the HouseholdOR90765
Surrogate16, 17
Surveyer General of Crown LandsOR165680
SurveyorOR373534, 90
Surveyor General of Crown LandsOR129890, OR71791
Surveyor General of WorksOR72204
Surveyor of CustomsOR359028, OR72204
Sword CutterOR374399
Sworn AuctioneerOR90632
Sworn BrokerOR90632
TailerOR17583, OR271215, OR359028
TailorOR104169, 12, OR16112, OR169673, OR169951, OR170001, 193, 25, OR256371, OR25839, OR321722, OR325394, 326, OR365996, OR366027, OR366055, OR366090, OR368272, OR370633, OR373534, OR373546, OR373576, 86
Tailor and DraperOR366102, OR368331
Tallow ChandlerOR104169, OR124112, OR169673, OR169951, OR233404, OR236120, OR268448, OR321754, OR374395, OR75085, OR82023, OR8302, OR89280
TannerOR169660, OR25972, OR303863, OR321568, OR325610, OR359028, OR368331, OR373882, OR374395, OR60810, OR62908, OR81297, OR8302, OR83241, OR84131, OR87856, OR89280, OR89288, OR89606, OR90203
Tape WeaverOR368272
Taxi Driver24
TaylerOR372576, OR61773, OR74349, OR8302
Taylor181, 193, 21, OR230593, OR230885, OR233344, OR233404, OR236120, OR244832, OR246862, OR268448, OR277633, OR299269, OR302048, OR303863, OR304027, OR304109, OR317477, OR319663, OR321568, OR325394, OR325610, 35, OR373622, OR373882, OR373936, OR374395, OR374399, OR374436, OR379381, OR44507, 60, OR74947, OR75085, OR77324, OR77912, OR80373, OR80998, OR81297, OR82023, OR84131, OR84289, OR84551, OR84559, OR87102, OR87856, OR89035, OR89146, OR89280, OR89288, OR90203
Taylor and Habit MakerOR90203
Taylor and ShopkeeprOR89288
Tea DealerOR87102
Tea Dealer and GrocerOR104707
Tea Dealer and Shoe WarehouseOR366102
Tea Urn Tap MakerOR256371
Tea and Urn Cock ManufacturerOR104169
Tea-pot Handle makerOR104169
Teacher128, 28, 538
Teacher and Physiotherapist128
Teacher of Music209
Teacher of the French LanguageOR89035
Telegraph Messenger209
Television Presenter247
The KingOR87268
Third AssistantOR90765
Third ClerkOR104872, OR90765
Third Clerk of the DiariesOR104872
Thrashing Machine WorkerOR373576
Thumb Latch and Screw Plate MakerOR252203
Ticket Collector1008
Tide SurveyorOR104872
Tile MakerOR303863
Timber Mercahnt and Chair MakerOR370633
Timber MerchantOR104707, OR16824, OR17583, OR271215, OR366090, OR373534, OR87856, OR89035, OR89146, OR89606
Timber Merchant, Auctioneer, and Joiner and Cabinet MakerOR366102
Times Defence Correspondent220
Tin ManufacturerOR271215
Tin Plate WorkerOR256371
Tinfoil ManufacturerOR271215
TinmanOR359028, OR373622, OR87856, OR89606
Tinplate WorkerOR246862, OR81297, OR84551, OR84559, OR89280
Tobacco ManufacturerOR370633
TobacconistOR104707, OR271215, 82, OR84559, OR89606, OR90632
Tobacconist and CheesemongerOR104169
Toll Gate Keeper209
Tool MakerOR77912
Tortoise Shell and Horn Camb makerOR252203
Town Clerk320, 388, OR72321
Town Hall Keeper30
Toy MakerOR319663, OR59865, OR89288
Toy Watch and Glass Maker and Caster in GeneralOR252203
Toyman and PerfumerOR90203
Traffic Superintendent226
Train Driver204
Tramway Employee505
TreasurerOR165680, OR87268
Treasurer of the ChamberOR298007, OR71956
Treasurer of the NavyOR207808, OR207838, OR71828
Treasurer of the OrdnanceOR207588, OR207808
Tripe DresserOR365996
Trustee for her Majesty's bountyOR165680
Turn Table Worker485
TurnerOR124112, OR277633, OR359028, OR366027, OR366090, OR60892, OR77324, OR82023, OR89146
Turner and Chair MakerOR89280, OR89288
Twist ManufacturerOR89146
Twist and Weft DealerOR104707
Twister158, 25
Umbrella MakerOR370633
Umbrella Maker and Old BooksellerOR256371
Under Manager1010
Under-Secretary for the Southern Department211
Under-Secretary of State for the Northern Department318
Under-Secretary of State for the Southern Department318
Undertaker152, 217, 486, OR89606
UpholderOR236120, OR59865, OR82023, OR89288
UpholstererOR170001, OR236120, OR244832, OR25917, OR271215, OR303863, OR325394, OR373622, OR61773, OR71615, OR71853, OR89606, OR9098
Valet at Arms within the Tower of LondonOR28779
Veneer Merchant and Timber Importer11
Venison DealerOR9675
Veterinary SurgeonOR373523
Vicar10, OR297, 1009, 1029, 176, 177, 209, OR238556, 242, OR25602, OR256371, OR25666, OR25726, OR25743, OR25827, OR25863, 27, 312, OR373546, 40, 400, 401, 407, 41, 433, 442, 479, 6, OR62930, 67, 69, 7, 87, OR87856, OR9675
Vicar and SchoolmasterOR28779
Vice AdmiralOR995, 379, OR71791
Vice Admiral of Shetland and OrkneyOR107002
Vice Admiral of West FloridaOR107002
Vice Admiral of the Isle of WightOR107002
Vice-Admiral117, OR298007
Vice-Chief of the General Staff225
Vice-Chief of the Imperial General Staff316, 380
VictuallerOR16824, OR169951, OR170001, OR252203, OR256371, OR359028, OR365996, OR366027, OR366090, OR366102, OR368272, OR368331, OR370633, OR373534, OR373546, OR373576, OR38960, OR8302, OR89035, OR89146, OR89280, OR89288, OR90203, OR90632
Victualler and BakerOR368272
Victualler and Barge OwnerOR90203
Victualler and ButcherOR373546
Victualler and Cabinet MakerOR366055
Victualler and Chair MakerOR368331
Victualler and FarmerOR373576
Victualler and Machine MakerOR8302
Victualler and MaltsterOR8302
Victualler and MasonOR89280
Victualler and Sail MakerOR90203
Victualler and SchoolmasterOR373546
Victualler and SeedsmanOR368331
Victualler and SmithOR89288
Victualler and Tow FactorOR373576
Victualler, Maltster and BrewerOR365996
Victualler, Wine and Spirit Merchant and MaltsterOR365996
Victualling CommissionerOR207588
Vinegar MakerOR28516
VintnerOR124243, OR277633, OR60023, OR60810, OR61773
Vitriol manufacturerOR370633
Wagonette Constructor209
Wagonette Proprietor209
Waistcoat MakerOR42555
Warden of Wadham College, Oxford320
Warehouse ManOR90632
WarehousemanOR104169, 109, 141, 178, 209, OR271215, 32, OR370633, OR8302, OR87102, OR89035
Warehouseman and CarpenterOR17583
Washer Woman319
Watch Case MakeOR104169
Watch MakerOR104169, 11, OR236120, OR244832, OR317477, OR379381, OR61773, OR62897, OR62968, OR81297, OR87102, OR89146, OR89280, OR89606, OR90632
Watch and Clock MakerOR366027, OR366102, 463
Water LeaderOR169660
Wax ChandlerOR74947
Weaver10, 1032, 109, OR123805, OR233404, OR246862, 25, OR299269, OR303863, OR304027, OR304109, OR321568, OR321754, 326, OR372576, OR373882, OR374399, OR44507, OR60023, 610, OR80998, OR84131, OR84289, OR89035
Weaver and Silk Picker130
WebsterOR317477, OR81297, OR84551
West-India MerchantOR8404
Wet GloverOR170001
Wharfinger and Porter DealerOR366027
Wheel Wright209
Wheelwright1045, OR169660, 193, 209, OR230593, OR230885, OR233404, OR244802, OR244832, OR25917, OR268448, OR277633, OR299269, OR302048, OR303863, OR304027, OR304109, OR317477, OR321568, OR321722, OR325692, OR366055, OR366090, OR368272, OR373534, OR373546, OR373576, OR373622, OR373882, OR373936, OR374395, OR374399, OR374436, OR379381, OR60810, OR84289, OR84551, OR89280, OR90203
White Hart InnOR89035
White and LocksmithOR370633
WhitesmithOR236120, OR304027, OR325610, OR89280
Wholesale BooksellerOR271215
Wholesale CheesemongerOR87102
Wholesale Grocer551, OR87102
Wholesale HosierOR104169
Wholesale Watch MakerOR104169
Wig MakerOR81297
Win and Spirit Mercha\ntOR16112
Wine MerchantOR104169, OR16112, OR16824, OR271215, OR28516, OR8302, OR87102, OR89606, OR90632
Wine and Brandy MerchantOR87102
Wine and Spirit MerchantOR17583, OR252203
Wire DrawerOR16112
Wire Drawer, Pin and Flour Machine and Wire WorkerOR104707
Woodman209, 479
WoodwardOR207588, OR71828
Wool CarderOR244832
Wool StaplerOR374399
WoolcomberOR304027, OR77912
Woolen DraperOR71676, OR84559
Woollen Cloth DresserOR89035
Woollen Cloth ManufacturerOR271215
Woollen Cloth MerchantOR16824
Woollen DraperOR104707, OR16824, OR169951, OR244832, OR271215, OR374436, OR379381, OR42555, OR71780, OR8302, OR89280
Woollen Draper, EtcOR89146
Woollen ManufacturerOR370633
Woollen ManufacturersOR17583
Woollen WarehousemanOR17583
WoolstaplerOR16824, OR271215, OR366102, OR87102
Worker in the Coal Pit209
Working JewellerOR89035
Working SilversmithOR104169
Works Superindendent355
Worsted ManufacturerOR17583
Worsted Spinner128, OR16112, OR271215, 4
WrightOR169660, OR169673, OR304109, OR321754, OR372576
Writer to the SignetOR321754
Writing ClerkOR368272
Yason Stores209
Yeoman1006, 102, 1029, 105, 106, 108, 12, OR122154, OR123805, 128, 141, 142, OR155559, OR155562, OR169660, OR169673, OR169951, 178, 189, 190, 191, 21, 239, 246, OR25500, OR25863, 32, 33, 365, 375, 38, OR38960, 39, 4, 400, 401, 402, 403, 411, 433, 44, OR44507, 48, 49, 552, 60, OR60810, OR60892, 61, OR62968, OR62977, 65, OR72039, 75, OR75085, OR80373, OR80998, OR81297, OR82023, OR83241, OR84131, 85, 88, 89, 91, 92, 98
Yeoman TannerOR80373
Yeoman Warder379
Yeoman of the GuardOR71956
Youth Project Coordinator128

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