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Name Index to the Stonehewer to Stanier Society Library

A date given with an item is a year the document shows the indexed person to be alive.
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Item numbers prefixes:

HS: Item on the website Hewing the Stones: the ancestry of the Stanier family of Colchester
OR: Item from The Original Record

NameItem numbers
A, Barbara351
A...nes, Elizabeth [1716]OR60810
A...nes, William [1716]OR60810
Aagard, Hazel167
Abbiston, Margaret [1785]71
Abbot, Mr [1754]OR105702
Abbott, DanielOR75085
Abbott, Edmund [1709]OR226687
Abbott, LindaHS1
Abdy, John Rutherford [1800]OR28516
Abel, FrankHS2
Abey, Thomas [1731]OR74947
Ablart, Charles [1762]OR304027
Able, FrancisHS3
Able, FrankHS3
Able, RichardHS3
Abnett, Thomas [1675]OR26016
Abney, Sir Edward [1690]OR71853
Abney, Sir Thomas [1694]OR132135
Abraham, Annie486
Abraham, SarahHS1
Abraham, William G486
Abrams, Mr554
Abrom, Nathan [1690]OR71835
Accust, John [1720]OR61773
Ace, Lorraine MarieHS4
Ace, Marcus AnthonyHS4
Ace, Nicolette KarenHS4
Ace, Yvette JoanneHS4
Ackenbock, LymanHS1
Ackerley, Margaret [1673]OR26004
Ackers, Alice [1610]OR25480
Ackson, Margery [1615]OR25529
Ackworth, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Acland, JohnHS5
Acton, Francis [1692]OR155559
Adair, Adrian147
Adam Staniere [1259]118
Adamm, Charles [1773]OR325692
Adams, AbrahamHS6
Adams, Aidan RossHS7
Adams, Alfred JoshuaHS7
Adams, Alice EvelynHS7
Adams, Alice VioletHS7
Adams, AlmaHS7
Adams, AndrewHS9, HS10, HS8
Adams, AnnHS6
Adams, Ann IsabellaHS7
Adams, Anna MariaHS7
Adams, AnneHS11, HS12, HS13
Adams, Arthur EdwardHS7
Adams, Belinda MayHS7
Adams, BenjaminHS14, HS15, HS16
Adams, Beverley AnnHS7
Adams, Bradley DeanHS7
Adams, Bradley RowanHS7
Adams, Brady MylesHS7
Adams, Brett AndrewHS7
Adams, Brett DarrylHS7
Adams, Brian RossHS7
Adams, BridgetHS17, HS18, HS12
Adams, Brooke HeleneHS7
Adams, CharlesHS6, HS11, HS12, HS13
Adams, Christopher Neil24
Adams, ClaraHS7
Adams, CodyHS7
Adams, CraigHS7
Adams, Dale AshleyHS7
Adams, Darrell KimHS7
Adams, Darren RossHS7
Adams, David Eugene451
Adams, Dean LindsayHS7
Adams, Deborah LeeHS7
Adams, DeniseHS7
Adams, Donna MarieHS7
Adams, DouglasHS7
Adams, Dr W M486
Adams, Edgar CharlesHS7
Adams, Edna JeanHS7
Adams, EdwardHS7
Adams, Edward WilliamHS7
Adams, Eileen Mary AnnHS7
Adams, ElizaHS6
Adams, Eliza AnnHS6, HS8, HS19
Adams, ElizabethHS21, HS14, HS22, HS15, HS16, HS9, HS10, HS6, HS20, HS8, HS11, HS12, HS13, HS23, HS24
Adams, Elizabeth IvyHS7
Adams, EllenHS6
Adams, ElsieHS7
Adams, Elsie MayHS7
Adams, EmiliaHS7
Adams, Emily AnneHS7
Adams, Emma LeanneHS7
Adams, Ernest HenryHS7
Adams, Ethel AnnieHS7
Adams, Ethel FlorenceHS7
Adams, Ethel MayHS7
Adams, Flora MayHS25
Adams, FlorenceHS6
Adams, Gareth Michael24
Adams, GeorgeHS25
Adams, George EdwardHS7
Adams, George HHS6
Adams, Gilbert Lindsay24
Adams, GlenHS7
Adams, Glenn IanHS7
Adams, GraceHS17, HS18, HS11, HS12, HS13
Adams, Graham AlfredHS7
Adams, Grant AndrewHS7
Adams, Gregory ScottHS7
Adams, HarryHS25
Adams, HeneryHS14, HS15, HS16
Adams, HenriettaHS24
Adams, Henrietta Best SmithHS25, HS26
Adams, HenryHS17, HS21, HS27, HS18, HS6, HS20, HS8, HS19, HS26, HS11, HS12, HS13, HS7, HS23, HS24, HS28
Adams, Henry BowinHS7
Adams, Henry John GilbertHS7
Adams, Henry MaxwellHS7
Adams, Henry [1761]OR303863
Adams, Henry [1770]OR321568
Adams, Henry [1771]OR321722
Adams, Henry [1772]OR325394
Adams, Henry [1773]OR325692
Adams, HughHS17, HS21, HS14, HS22, HS18, HS15, HS16, HS11, HS12, HS13
Adams, Ian KeithHS7
Adams, IsabellaHS7
Adams, Ivie FlorenceHS7
Adams, Ivy ElizabethHS7
Adams, JackHS7
Adams, Jack HennesleyHS7
Adams, JacquelineHS7
Adams, JamesHS25, HS6, HS26, HS29, HS24, HS28
Adams, JaneHS9, HS10, HS6, HS20, HS8, HS26, HS11, HS12, HS13, HS7, HS24, HS28
Adams, JanineHS7
Adams, JeanetteHS7
Adams, Jennie LeeHS7
Adams, JoelHS7
Adams, JohnHS17, HS21, HS27, HS14, HS22, HS15, HS16, HS6, HS8, HS19, HS11, HS12, HS13
Adams, John [1675]OR26016
Adams, John [1694]OR132135
Adams, John [1773]OR325692
Adams, JosephHS9, HS10, HS6, HS20, HS8, HS26, HS7, HS23, HS24
Adams, Joseph [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Adams, JoshuaHS7
Adams, JoyceHS7
Adams, Julie LeanneHS7
Adams, JuneHS30
Adams, K29
Adams, Kayne RossHS7
Adams, Keith ArnoldHS7
Adams, Kelly AmaraHS7
Adams, Kevin BarryHS7
Adams, KrisHS7
Adams, LeonieHS7
Adams, Leslie JohnHS7
Adams, Lindsay GordonHS7
Adams, Louise ElizabethHS7
Adams, Luke WalterHS7
Adams, LydiaHS6, HS20, HS26, HS7, HS23, HS24
Adams, MaisaHS7
Adams, Margaret ElizabethHS7
Adams, Margaret [1682]OR62908
Adams, Maria LouiseHS7
Adams, Marion AliceHS7
Adams, Marjorie BellHS7
Adams, Mark EdwinHS7
Adams, MarthaHS6, HS20, HS26, HS7, HS23, HS24
Adams, MaryHS17, HS21, HS27, HS14, HS15, HS16, HS9, HS10, HS6, HS8
Adams, Mary AnnHS6
Adams, Mary [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Adams, MatthewHS7
Adams, Matthew RogerHS7
Adams, Mavis ElaineHS7
Adams, MerrilynHS7
Adams, MichaelHS7
Adams, Michael DouglasHS7
Adams, Michael GHS31, HS29
Adams, Michael GeorgeHS7
Adams, Michael HenryHS7
Adams, Michael Lindsey24
Adams, Mr Charles [1631]OR25752
Adams, Nanette OliveHS7
Adams, NathanielHS21, HS14, HS22
Adams, Neville GeorgeHS7
Adams, Nicola Marie24
Adams, Nola ClareHS7
Adams, Nola JeanHS7
Adams, Olive MaudeHS7
Adams, Olive MayHS7
Adams, Pamula LorraineHS7
Adams, Paula RaeHS7
Adams, Percival DouglasHS7
Adams, Percival InmanHS7
Adams, Peter ThomasHS7
Adams, Phillip GeoffryHS7
Adams, Phyllis MayHS7
Adams, RhondaHS7
Adams, Richard [1713]OR59865
Adams, Richard [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Adams, Robert CliveHS7
Adams, Robert RossHS7
Adams, Roger GeorgeHS7
Adams, RonaldHS7
Adams, Rosalyn AnnHS7
Adams, Ross GregoryHS7
Adams, SamuelHS6
Adams, Sandra JoyHS7
Adams, SarahHS32, HS24
Adams, Sarah SophiaHS6, HS20, HS8, HS19, HS26, HS7
Adams, Sarah [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Adams, Scott Edward CharlesHS7
Adams, Scott JamesHS7
Adams, SharleneHS7
Adams, Shaun MatthewHS7
Adams, Stuart DaleHS7
Adams, Teresa AnnHS7
Adams, TerrenceHS7
Adams, ThamsonHS21, HS14, HS22
Adams, ThomasHS9, HS10, HS6, HS8, HS19, HS7
Adams, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Adams, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Adams, ThomasinHS16
Adams, ThomsineHS17, HS21, HS27
Adams, Troy DavidHS7
Adams, Troy RobertHS7
Adams, Tyler KayeHS7
Adams, Unknown52
Adams, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Adams, Unknown [1791]OR89280
Adams, Valerie LorraineHS7
Adams, Violet LaviniaHS7
Adams, Walter EdwardHS7
Adams, Wesley29
Adams, William24, HS9, HS10, HS6, HS8, HS19
Adams, William HenryHS7
Adams, William [1691/2]OR72286
Adams, William [1709]OR226687
Adams, William [1713]OR59865
Adams, William [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Adams, William [1803]21
Adams, XeniaHS7
Adamson, Edith209
Adamson, John [1669]OR25970
Adanson, Mary [1835]209
Adanson, Unknown209
Addams, AndrewHS9
Addams, LydiaHS10
Adderley, Clara [1868]209, 5
Adderley, Thomas [1770]OR246862
Addington, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Addis, Mr [1689]OR71615
Addison, George [1608]OR25458
Addison, Margaret [1608]OR25458
Addison, Neil PaulHS7
Adelaide, Unknown92
Aderly, Prudence [1670]OR122154
Adeva, Araceli24
Adler, Mary JaneHS29
Adney, William [1714]OR60023
Adshead, Edith Annie Gertrude 'Gertie'HS33
Adshead, Ellen [1878]36
Affelt, Monsieur [1691/2]OR72310
Agar, Jacketta [1615]OR25529
Agatha, Unknown29
Ager, Rev A J486
Agner, Evelyn M351, 5
Ahlefeldt, Monsieur [1691/2]OR72310
Ainge, Oliver [1689]OR124112
Ainscow, Elizabeth [1626]OR25681
Ainsworth, Anne [1837]53
Ainsworth, George [1837]53, 55
Ainsworth, Martha Anne [1837]53
Ainsworth, Mr [1642]OR25827
Ainsworth, Ralph [1692/3]OR155559
Ainsworth, Robert [1613]OR25508
Ainsworth, Sarah [1805]55
Akehurst, Constance SarahHS34
Akehurst, EstherHS35, HS36, HS31, HS30, HS37, HS29, HS4
Akehurst, WilliamHS34
Alan Corboyl [1259]118
Alan, Clara12, 49, 73, 88, 89, 92
Alan, N73
Alard [1259]118
Alaston, Margaret [1785]20
Albert, Mrs W [1800]OR28516
Albertson, John [1691/2]OR72321
Albiston, Margaret209, 39, 45, 497, 527
Albiston, Margaret [1753]391
Albiston, Margaret [1785]344
Albright, Linda451
Alcock, Alice [1609/10]OR25472
Alcock, Catherine Mary [1890]342
Alcock, Edith L [1897]342
Alcock, Edward J [1895]342
Alcock, Elizabeth [1767]82
Alcock, Ephraim Lawrence [1862]342
Alcock, Ephraim Lawrence [1892]342
Alcock, Irene JoanHS37, HS4
Alcock, John [1609/10]OR25472
Alcock, John [1615]OR25529
Alcock, John [1767]82
Alcock, Lucy482, 5
Alcock, Lucy [1883]446
Alcock, Thomas [1688]OR62968
Alcock, Thos Wm [1888]342
Alcocke, Margaret [1680]OR62897
Alcocke, Stephen [1675]OR26016
Alcorne, Ann [1663]OR123805
Alcroft, Roager [1634]39
Alderidge, James [1762]OR304027
Aldersey, John [1620]OR25600
Alderson, Unknown [1791]OR87102
Aldley, James30
Aldorsey, S [1767]82
Aldritt, Beryl Elizabeth145
Alefounder, Beatrice MayHS4
Alexander Helis [1259]118
Alexander Pac [1259]118
Alexander, Daniel [1800]OR28516
Alexander, Dr C486
Alexander, Ellen [1609/10]OR25472
Alexander, George [1609/10]OR25472
Alexander, Humphrey [1606]39
Alexander, Mary [1867]5
Alexander, William [1615]OR25529
Alford, Elizabeth MHS7
Alger, John HHS38
Algren, Carl AlbinHS39
Alkar, Arthur [1692/3]OR155559
Alkar, William [1610]OR25480
Alker, William [1608/9]OR25462
Alkerton, Donald29
Alkerton, Sean29
Allan, Ethel AdaHS1
Allan, Grant [1799]OR9098
Allchurch, AnnHS40
Allchurch, JosephHS40
Allchurch, MargaretHS40
Allchurch, MaryHS40
Allchurch, PhoebeHS40
Allchurch, SquireHS40
Allcock, Thomas [1883]446
Allcock, William [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Allden, S [1791]OR90765
Alldritt, Christopher David145
Alldritt, Frederick145
Alldritt, Graham John145
Alldritt, Kenneth Roger145
Alldritt, Sarah Jane145
Alldritt, Shirley Ann145
Allecock, jacobOR75085
Allen, Agnes [1887]5
Allen, Albert Bailey [1897]167
Allen, AlexisHS4
Allen, Amelia147
Allen, Charles C486
Allen, DanHS4
Allen, Daniel [1643]OR25827
Allen, Daniel [1694]OR132135
Allen, DannyHS4
Allen, DouglasHS7
Allen, Elizabeth [1881]372
Allen, Emily A [1889]5
Allen, Ernest Samuel486
Allen, George Albert [1869]167
Allen, George [1760]OR302048
Allen, Gertrude [1891]5
Allen, Gordon147
Allen, HarrietHS5
Allen, J29
Allen, James [1768]OR244802
Allen, John [1689/90]OR71780
Allen, John [1690/1]OR72039
Allen, John [1690]OR71853
Allen, John [1691/2]OR72286
Allen, John [1760]OR302048
Allen, John [1884]5
Allen, Jon [1690]OR71853
Allen, Joseph486
Allen, Joseph [1681]OR62901
Allen, Joseph [1882]5
Allen, Liane29
Allen, Lileth Ann [1895]167
Allen, Lois Catherine167
Allen, Mary [1650]209
Allen, Mary [1665/6]OR25917
Allen, Mary [1681]OR62901
Allen, Mary [1886]5
Allen, Mary-JoHS41
Allen, Matthew29
Allen, Miss Margaret [1799]OR9098
Allen, Mr J [1791]OR90765
Allen, NevilleHS1
Allen, Norman AHS42
Allen, Paul167
Allen, Philip [1749-50]OR105702
Allen, Relia Sarah167
Allen, Richard [1688]OR62968
Allen, Robert [1726]OR74349
Allen, RosemaryHS42
Allen, SamuelHS7
Allen, Samuel R H486
Allen, Sir Joshu [1689/90]OR71791
Allen, ThomasHS7
Allen, Thomas [1689/90]OR71780
Allen, Thomas [1690/1]OR72039
Allen, Thomas [1690]OR71853
Allen, Thomas [1691/2]OR72286, OR72321
Allen, William127
Allen, William Henry [1881]5
Allen, William [1610]OR25480
Allen, William [1691/2]OR72286
Allen, William [1857]5
Allens, Samuel [1615]OR25529
Allesteree, Robert9
Allestree, Dr Robert9
Allestree, George [1653]444
Allestree, JohnOR238632
Allestree, Mary [1653]444
Allestree, Patience [1653]444
Allestree, ProvostOR238632
Allestree, Rachel [1610]209
Allestree, Rachel [1619]22
Allestree, Rachel [1690]172, 87
Allestree, Richard9
Allestree, Richard [1653]444
Allestree, Robert87
Allestree, Robert [1653]444
Allestrey, Mary35
Allestrey, Rachel35
Allestrey, Robert35
Allestry, Rachel72
Allestry, Rachel [1619]22
Allestry, Rachel [1690]167, 81
Allestry, Rachell142, 70
Allestry, Robert142, 70, 72, 81
Allestry, Robert [1578]209
Allestry, William [1581]209
Allestry, William [1598]209
Allexander, Thomas [1690]OR71956
Alley, James [1714]OR60023
Allgood, Agnes Gertrude [1887]167
Allgood, Agnes Jane [1861]167
Allgood, Alfred Amsley [1891]167
Allgood, Alfred Frederick167
Allgood, Alice Frederica [1898]167
Allgood, Alvin Willard167
Allgood, Ann [1783]167
Allgood, Annie Lomas [1889]167
Allgood, Annie Selena [1868]167
Allgood, Annie [1867]167
Allgood, Arthur [1890]167
Allgood, Arthur [1899]167
Allgood, Benjamin [1865]167
Allgood, Bertha Florence [1878]167
Allgood, Clara Jane Dingley [1881]167
Allgood, Clara Jane [1885]167
Allgood, Clara [1859]167
Allgood, David [1882]167
Allgood, Delbert Alvin167
Allgood, Dora167
Allgood, DuWayne Billie167
Allgood, Edward [1782]167
Allgood, Eliza Jane [1867]167
Allgood, Eliza [1840]167
Allgood, Elizabeth [1822]167
Allgood, Elizabeth [1836]167
Allgood, Elizabeth [1857]167
Allgood, Elsie167
Allgood, Emma Elizabeth [1878]167
Allgood, Ernest167
Allgood, Florence Irene167
Allgood, Florrie [1893]167
Allgood, Frances [1882]167
Allgood, Frederick John [1851]167
Allgood, Frederick John [1880]167
Allgood, George Charles [1874]167
Allgood, George [1846]167
Allgood, Gertrude [1885]167
Allgood, Gilbert [1890]167
Allgood, Glenna Lenora [1887]167
Allgood, Henry [1787]167
Allgood, Henry [1828]167
Allgood, Henry [1852]167
Allgood, Hyrum [1851]167
Allgood, Ida167
Allgood, James Robinson [1855]167
Allgood, Jane [1791]167
Allgood, Jane [1794]167
Allgood, Jane [1810]167
Allgood, Jane [1849]167
Allgood, Jane [1864]167
Allgood, John Henry [1876]167
Allgood, John Henry [1880]167
Allgood, John Platts167
Allgood, John Platts [1842]167
Allgood, John Read [1872]167
Allgood, John William Henry [1885]167
Allgood, John [1816]167
Allgood, Joseph Henry [1880]167
Allgood, Langley167
Allgood, Langley Henry [1898]167
Allgood, Langley [1779]167
Allgood, Langley [1819]167
Allgood, Langley [1848]167
Allgood, Langley [1853]167
Allgood, Langley [1874]167
Allgood, Langley [1887]167
Allgood, Lester Rees [1888]167
Allgood, Lucy Ann [1876]167
Allgood, Lucy [1873]167
Allgood, Mary Alta167
Allgood, Mary Ann Morley [1800]167
Allgood, Mary Ann [1858]167
Allgood, Mary Hannah [1876]167
Allgood, Maude Mary [1882]167
Allgood, Melvin Richard167
Allgood, Merlin Glenn167
Allgood, Millie [1898]167
Allgood, Pearl Elnora [1893]167
Allgood, Phoebe [1894]167
Allgood, Rea167
Allgood, Read167
Allgood, Read [1813]167
Allgood, Read [1838]167
Allgood, Reed [1855]167
Allgood, Reginald [1896]167
Allgood, Reid [1840]167
Allgood, Sabra Beach [1884]167
Allgood, Sabrah167
Allgood, Sabrah [1851]167
Allgood, Sarah Ann [1871]167
Allgood, Sarah Charlotte [1847]167
Allgood, Sarah [1788]167
Allgood, Sarah [1795]167
Allgood, Sarah [1843]167
Allgood, Stella [1882]167
Allgood, Thomas167
Allgood, Thomas [1785]167
Allgood, Thomas [1824]167
Allgood, Thomas [1845]167
Allgood, Vera Erma167
Allgood, Walter Grant167
Allgood, William Hammersley [1844]167
Allgood, William Hammersley [1870]167
Allgood, William [1823]167
Allgood, William [1830]167
Allgood, William [1842]167
Allgood, William [1855]167
Allgood, William [1863]167
Allgood, William [1878]167
Allgood, William [1879]167
Allgood, William [1887]167
Allin, Mary SkinnerHS43
Allingham, Unknown [1768]OR244802
Allington, John [1768]OR244802
Allison, Robert [1714]OR80998
Allison, Winifred May209, HS4
Allman, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Allonby, John H SHS4
Allonby, MargotHS4
Allonby, TinaHS4
Allonby, VirginiaHS4
Alloney, William [1760]OR302048
Allott, Andrew Jonathan209, HS4
Allott, William JonathanHS4
Allred, Ethlyn J167
Allred, Matthias [1887]167
Allred, Oleta Ann167
Allsopp, John [1840]209
Alp, BeverlyHS36
Alrfed, Robert [1682]OR62908
Alridge, Ann [1693]OR155562
Alsager, John71
Alsager, Unknown45, 497
Alsfoord, Bos [1605]85
Alson, Unknown29
Alsop, Bridget [1726]OR74349
Alsop, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Alsop, Richard [1726]OR74349
Alston, Thomas [1684]OR226533
Althouse, Isobel391
Alton, Isaac [1793]OR373622
Alvord, Lawrence Edward451
Alwood, Fritz29
Alwood, Gerry29
Alwood, Harry29
Alwood, Jahmal29
Alwood, James29
Alwood, Jennie29
Alwood, Kathi29
Alwood, Kevin29
Alwood, Lorna29
Alwood, Lulu29
Alwood, Lyle29
Alwood, Ronald29
Alwood, Theresa29
Alwood, Virginia29
Alwood, Vivian29
Alwood, William29
Aly, Richard [1694]OR132135
Amberot, William [1773]OR325692
Ambler, Miss Elizabeth [1772]OR8404
Ambridge, Winifred DHS1
Ambror, Lawrence [1690/1]OR72039
Ambrose, Edward [1705]OR361485
Ambrose, Florence EmelineHS7
Ambrose, Hannah [1685]OR62930
Ambrose, Lawrence [1693/4]OR207637
Ambroziak, GeorgeHS4
Amery, John [1685]OR62930
Ames, Edward [1691]OR11906
Ames, John391
Ameson, Rev [1630]OR25743
Amherst, Dorothy [1684]OR226533
Amherst, Lieutenant-General Sir Jeffrey [1772]OR7530
Amhurst, Dorothy [1684]OR226533
Amis, Abigail CallahanHS4
Amis, Henry [1770]OR321568
Amis, Wells CHS4
Ammons, Eva FayeHS1
Amory, ElizabethHS44, HS45, HS46
Amory, IsaacHS44, HS45, HS46
Amory, JacobHS44, HS45, HS46
Amory, JaquesHS44, HS45, HS46
Amory, MarieHS44, HS45, HS46
Amory, SamuelHS44, HS45, HS46
Amory, SusanneHS44, HS45, HS46
Amphlett, Cedric RaymondHS30
Amphlett, FloydHS30
Amphlett, GaylaHS30
Amphlett, Hazel KatherineHS30
Amphlett, Jennifer Jane RosemaryHS30
Amphlett, JohnHS30
Amphlett, Joyce Eileen MargaretHS30
Amphlett, LisaHS30
Amphlett, Michael JohnHS30
Amphlett, Michele Claire SusanHS30
Amphlett, Richard John PhilipHS30
Ancell, John [1713]OR80373
Ancell, Joseph [1765]OR317477
Andell, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Anderson, BrianHS1
Anderson, David RHS47
Anderson, Iva Katharine167
Anderson, John [1761]OR303863
Anderson, Joseph [1768]OR244802
Anderson, Lesley AnnHS1
Anderson, Mr [1799]OR9098
Anderson, Mrs [1799]OR9098
Anderson, Tamara ElizaHS1
Anderson, Unknown538
Anderson, ValerieHS7
Anderton, Ellen [1631]OR25752
Anderton, Hugh [1629]OR25726
Anderton, Mathew [1691/2]OR72286
Anderton, Mr [1629]OR25726
Anderton, Thomas [1692/3]OR155559
Anderton, William [1688]OR62968
Andison, James [1761]OR303863
Andreson, ElsieHS48
Andrew, Grace [1670]OR122154
Andrew, Jane [1709]OR226687
Andrew, Lawrence [1613]OR25508
Andrew, Thomas [1631]OR25752
Andrewes, William [1670]OR122154
Andrews, Donna JoanHS37, HS4
Andrews, JackHS37
Andrews, Jennifer MargueriteHS37, HS4
Andrews, John F T 'Jack'HS4
Andrews, John RichardHS37, HS4
Andrews, John [1669]OR25970
Andrews, John [1709]OR226687
Andrews, Karla MarieHS37, HS4
Andrews, Keiron RobertHS37, HS4
Andrews, Laura JaneHS37
Andrews, Lee JohnHS37, HS4
Andrews, Madam Grace [1690]OR71853
Andrews, MaryHS1
Andrews, Neil RobertHS37, HS4
Andrews, Richard [1689/90]OR71780
Andrews, Richard [1690]OR71835, OR71853
Andrews, Sarah [1845]167
Andrews, Sir Joseph [1791]OR87268
Andrews, Stanley Victor351
Andrews, ThomasHS1
Andrews, Thomas [1690]OR62977
Andrews, Tracie MargueriteHS37, HS4
Andrews, Trissie AmeliaHS30
Andrews, Unknown [1791]OR90203
Andrews, William [1771]OR321722
Anglice, John [1669]OR25970
Anithall, Thomas [1760]OR302048
Anlezark, John [1688]OR62968
Ann Duchess of Buccleuch [1694]OR207805
Ann Duchess of Monmouth [1694]OR207805
Ann, MaryHS30
Anne, Rachel142
Annitt, Thomas [1773]OR325692
Annwyte, Edward [1762]OR304109
Annyon, Richard [1608/9]OR25462
Anson, Lord [1761]OR298007
Anthony, Bartholomew [1689/90]OR71780
Anthony, Bartholomew [1689]OR71676
Anthony, Edward [1705]OR361485
Anthony, Samuel [1692]OR72390
Antingham, JamesHS49
Antrobus, Hannah [1685]OR62930
Antrobus, Joseph [1665/6]OR25917
Antrobus, Margaret [1665/6]OR25917
Antrobus, Parnell [1613]OR25508
Antrobus, Peter [1665/6]OR25917
Antrobus, Philip [1621]OR25602
Antrobus, Unknown39
Apleton, Jane [1682]OR62908
Appalton, John [1761]OR303863
Appleby, Doreen MHS30
Appleby, FrederickHS48
Appleby, WilliamHS30
Appleby, William HHS30
Appleton, Mr [1691]OR11906
Appleton, Thomas [1631]OR25752
Apreece, Robert [1691/2]OR72286
Aprice, Robert [1691/2]OR72321
Archduchess Charlotte [1768]OR7420
Archer, Benjamin [1682]OR124243
Archer, Frederick11
Archer, HenryHS39
Archer, John [1709]OR226687
Archer, Simon [1711]404
Archers, William [1807]21
Archibald, William [1770]OR321568
Ardern, Ralph [1675]OR26016
Ardern, Robert [1612]OR25500
Ardouin, Mr Daniel [1791]OR90765
Arkell, Allan29
Arkell, Betty Lynn29
Arkell, Brian29
Arkell, Ken29
Arkell, Kenneth29
Arkell, Kenneth Douglas11
Arkell, MelissaHS7
Arkell, Robert29
Arkell, Thersa29
Arlidge, Dr A B38
Arment, Aurora Lillian [1897]167
Armitage, Mrs566, 567, 568
Armitage, Rev W L486
Armstrong, Amanda29
Armstrong, Emily7
Armstrong, Emily [1864]6
Armstrong, Frederick29
Armstrong, Gerald29
Armstrong, Gould29
Armstrong, James35
Armstrong, Kelly29
Armstrong, Lieutenant-General Bigce [1772]OR7530
Armstrong, Lieutenant-General [1772]OR7530
Armstrong, Lucy [1696]OR132496
Armstrong, Margaret35
Armstrong, Margaret [1858]35
Armstrong, Mary7
Armstrong, Mary [1860]6
Armstrong, Patricia29
Armstrong, Trevor29
Armstrong, Unknown50
Armstrong, William [1696]OR132496
Arnall, Edward [1720]OR82023
Arnberg, GarnetHS1
Arnold, Francis [1768]OR244802
Arnold, Georgina [1889]11
Arnold, John [1760]OR302048
Arnold, Mr [1800]OR28516
Arnold, Unknown29
Arnson, Thomas [1720]OR61773
Arnutt, John [1765]OR317477
Arrington Antony [20 March 21 James I (1624)]OR156926
Arrowsmith, William [1714]OR80998
Artenstall, Matilda [1615]OR25529
Artenstall, Thomas [1615]OR25529
Arthur, David [1772]OR325394
Arthur, Edward [1772]OR325394
Arundel, William Monckton [1772]OR8404
Asbrooke, John [1629]OR25726
Asbrooke, Mr John [1631]OR25752
Asbrooke, Mr [1620]OR25600
Asbury, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Ash, Mary20, 209, 391, 527
Ash, Ralph538
Ash, Thomas127
Ashall, Rev [1630]OR25743
Ashbrooke, Elizabeth [1669/70]OR25972
Ashby, Christopher [1770]OR246862
Ashby, Elizabeth [1705]OR160455
Ashby, John [1705]OR160455
Ashby, Mary [1705]OR160455
Ashby, William [1705]OR160455
Ashcroft, Shirley30
Ashford, Mary209
Ashley, JenniferHS29
Ashley, Margaret [1673]OR26004
Ashley, Ralph [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Ashmore, Thomas [1765]OR317477
Ashton, Alice [1610]OR25480
Ashton, Catherine [1682]OR62908
Ashton, Charles [1761]OR303863
Ashton, Edith EllenHS50
Ashton, Jane554
Ashton, Jane [1709]OR226687
Ashton, JohnHS50
Ashton, John [1609/10]OR25472
Ashton, KatieHS50
Ashton, Louisa LydiaHS50
Ashton, Mary JaneHS50
Ashton, Richard554
Ashton, Thomas [1669]OR25970
Ashton, William [1608/9]OR25462
Ashton, William [1673]OR26004
Ashurst, Sir Henry [1694]OR132135
Ashurst, Sir William [1694]OR132135
Ashwin, Mrs [1791]OR90203
Ashworth, Abel [1630]OR25743
Ashworth, John [1620]OR25600
Ashworth, John [1809]21
Ashworth, John [1810]21
Asmall, Elizabeth [1693]OR155562
Asmore, John [1640]OR25801
Aspell, Ann [1834]167
Aspinal, Mary [1613]OR25508
Aspinall, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Aspinwall, Timothy [1673]OR26004
Assiter, William144
Astbury, Benjamin [1691/2]OR72321
Astbury, Mary [1736]4
Astbury, Roger4
Astbury, Unknown39
Asterley, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89606
Astle, John [1727]OR361874
Astle, Mr T [1791]OR90765
Astley, Alexander [1609/10]OR25472
Aston, Mary [1613]OR25508
Aston, Sir Thomas [1613]OR25508
Atcherley, Mr [1753]OR105702
Atfield, John [1762]OR233404
Atherton, Mr127
Atherton, Ralph [1665/6]OR25917
Athurton, Robert [1675]OR26016
Atkins, Frank [1762]OR233404
Atkins, Justice [1678]OR11382
Atkins, Mary [1709]OR226687
Atkins, Thomas [1689/90]OR71791
Atkinson, John [1692]OR155559
Atkinson, John [1791]OR89035
Atkinson, Martha BlakeyHS51
Atkinson, Mary JaneHS39
Atkinson, SylviaHS52
Atterbury Luff [1791]OR90765
Atwood, John [1768]OR244802
Atwood, Thomas [1791]OR90765
Auchenbach, Amber Irene451
Audley, Edward [1689/90]OR71780
Audley, Edward [1690]OR71853
Audley, William [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Ausiter, William144
Austen, Miss [1800]OR28516
Austen, NicholasHS53
Austen, RichardHS54, HS53, HS55
Austen, Robert [1694]OR132135
Austen, Robert [1800]OR28516
Austin, AdaHS38
Austin, AlfredHS4
Austin, AnnHS4
Austin, Charles ErnestHS4
Austin, Elias CharlesHS4
Austin, EliazabethHS54
Austin, ElizabethHS56, HS57, HS4
Austin, Elizabeth AnnHS4
Austin, Frances [1713]OR59865
Austin, GeorgeHS4
Austin, George [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Austin, Hilda MaryHS4
Austin, John [1761]OR303863
Austin, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Austin, Nathaniel [1714]OR60023
Austin, Pargiter [1716]OR60810
Austin, RobertHS4
Austin, Robert CharlesHS4
Austin, Robert [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Austin, WilliamHS4
Austin, William [1716]OR60810
Austry, Edmund [1652]OR21354
Avery, Edward [1689]OR124112
Avery, Henry [1731]OR74947
Avery, John [1731]OR74947
Avery, John [1773]OR325692
Awty, Audrey JeanHS58
Awty, Edward ArthurHS58
Awty, IreneHS58
Awty, IvanHS58
Axelson, Hazel167
Axon, Hamnett [1690]OR62977
Axon, William [1770]OR321568
Axton, Mary [1685]OR62930
Ayton, Alexander JHS4
Babbington, Alfred MacaulayHS1
Babbington, ComfortHS1
Babbington, Daisy EHS1
Babbington, Elizabeth HannahHS1
Babbington, KathleenHS1
Babbington, MarjorieHS1
Babbington, SusannahHS1
Babbington, ThomasHS1
Babbington, Thomas SHS1
Baber, John [1696]OR132496
Babington, Edward [1691/2]OR72286
Babington, George [1821]21
Babington, Muriel WhitmeeHS1
Babington, Thomas HHS1
Bach, William [1760]OR302048
Bache, Sarah [1720]172, 209
Bache, Thomas [1701]6, 7, 87, 9
Bache, Thomas [1771]10
Bachem Joshua [1791]OR90203
Baches, Thomas172
Backhouse, James [1753]OR105702
Backhouse, Mr [1752]OR105702
Backhouse, Thomas142, 35, 70
Backley, Cornelius [1762]OR304027
Bacon, Joseph [1673]OR26004
Bacon, Mr [1754]OR105702
Bacon, Robert [1714]OR60023
Bacon, Unknown40
Bacon, William [1714]OR60023
Bacoun, Richard [1372]44, 67
Bacoun, William [1372]67
Bacque, Andrew391
Bacque, Elisabeth391
Bacque, James Benson391
Bacque, Michael391
Bacy, Isaac DeHS44
Baddeley, Ann [1700]209
Baddeley, Ann [1783]22
Baddeley, Anne35, 45, 497, 71
Baddeley, Anne [1703]72
Baddeley, Anne [1726]12, 48, 49, 69, 81, 88, 92
Baddeley, Anne [1783]167, 77, 89, 94
Baddeley, Humphrey [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Baddeley, John [1768]62
Baddeley, Mary [1734]61, 63
Baddeley, Mary [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Baddeley, Randle12, 42, 48, 49, 77, 88, 92, 94
Baddeley, Thomas 'Peter' [1783]35
Baddeley, Thomas [1780]91
Baddeley, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Baddiley, Thomas [1613]OR25508
Baddiley, Thomas [1661]OR25839
Baddiley, Thomas [1665/6]OR25917
Baddley, Anne143
Baddley, Anne [1783]142
Bade, Mr [1694]OR132135
Badeley, Anne [1783]47
Badham, Darrell PHS30
Badley, Janet SHS39
Badley, Lesley MHS39
Badsey, Alan LHS39
Badsey, Albert GHS39
Badsey, Carol AHS39
Badsey, Clare WaymanHS39
Badsey, David JHS39
Badsey, Edna MHS39
Badsey, FrederickHS39
Badsey, Herbert G BadseyHS39
Badsey, Leonard GHS39
Badsey, LeslieHS39
Badsey, Lynne PHS39
Badsey, Nora EHS39
Badsey, Olive JHS39
Badsey, RaymondHS39
Badsey, Simone FleurHS39
Badsey, Stephen DHS39
Baggaley, Arthur451
Baggaley, Emily [1891]447
Baggaley, John [1776]21
Baggaley, Robert S451
Baggaley, Tim451
Baggely, Jane [1821]21
Baggiley, Sarah [1776]21
Baggott, Jack172
Baggott, Warren172
Bagguley, John ErnestHS30
Bagley, Charles HerbertHS41
Bagley, Emily MayHS41
Bagley, John WilliamHS41
Bagley, PatriciaHS41
Bagley, Richard [1791]OR90203
Bagnall, JamesHS59
Bagnall, Lydia [1664]167
Bagnall, MaryHS60, HS59, HS61
Bagnall, Mary [1826]5
Bagnall, Mary [1855]484, 485
Bagnall, Mary [1859]495
Bagnall, Marye [1662]167
Bagnall, Richard [1627]209
Bagnall, Sarah Ann [1851]479
Bagnall, Sarah [1675]209
Bagnall, Theresa [1881]489, 5
Bagnall, Thomas [1636]167
Bagnall, Thomas [1829]5
Bagnall, Thomas [1863]5
Bagnall, William209
Bagnall, William Bagnall141
Bagnall, William [1612]OR25500
Bagnall, William [1654]412
Bagnall, William [1708]32
Bagot, Richard [1767]OR107002
Bagueley, John [1726]OR361814
Baguley, Alice [1625/6]OR25666
Baguley, Anne [1626]OR25681
Baguley, Anne [1630]OR25743
Baguley, Edward [1626]OR25681
Baguley, Joseph [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Baguley, Unknown [1791]OR89035
Bailett, A W486
Bailey, Afton Caroline167
Bailey, Albert David [1879]167
Bailey, Ann167
Bailey, Arthur GeorgeHS1
Bailey, Audrey [1892]167
Bailey, Barbara167
Bailey, Barbara [1768]9
Bailey, Barbara [1770]9
Bailey, Beatrice167
Bailey, Bernard R167
Bailey, Bertha [1886]167
Bailey, Beth167
Bailey, Catherine [1879]167
Bailey, Charles5
Bailey, Charles [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bailey, Clela167
Bailey, Clement [1830]91
Bailey, Daniel Wesley167
Bailey, David Cazier167
Bailey, David Langley167
Bailey, David Lee167
Bailey, David William [1851]167
Bailey, David William [1873]167
Bailey, Donald Louis167
Bailey, Dora Myrtle167
Bailey, Earl William167
Bailey, Edward [1608]OR25458
Bailey, Edwin Allgood167
Bailey, Elda Irene167
Bailey, Elizabeth167
Bailey, Elizabeth Ann [1868]167
Bailey, Elizabeth Ann [1887]167
Bailey, Elizabeth [1892]167
Bailey, Ellen Charlotte [1868]167
Bailey, Enoch [1830]36
Bailey, Enoch [1862]36
Bailey, Erma Hannah167
Bailey, Ernest Allgood167
Bailey, Fern Charlotte [1891]167
Bailey, Gayle Russel167
Bailey, George Ernest [1884]167
Bailey, George Henry [1881]167
Bailey, Georgina Elizabeth209
Bailey, Gilbert Carroll167
Bailey, Gilbert [1884]167
Bailey, Glen167
Bailey, Goldie167
Bailey, Grace Evelyn167
Bailey, Hannah [1763]9
Bailey, Harold D167
Bailey, Harold Mark167
Bailey, Harriet413
Bailey, Harriet [1842]413
Bailey, Harvey Jay167
Bailey, Hazel167
Bailey, Hazel [1886]167
Bailey, Henry Andrews [1881]167
Bailey, Hilda DorothyHS1
Bailey, Hilda Winifred5
Bailey, Hyrum Edward [1886]167
Bailey, Ilene Charlotte167
Bailey, Isaac [1791]OR90203
Bailey, Ivan Langley167
Bailey, J E38
Bailey, J [1843]58
Bailey, James ArthurHS1
Bailey, James [1838]58
Bailey, James [1846]167
Bailey, Jane S [1870]167
Bailey, Jane [1631]OR25752
Bailey, Jane [1843]167
Bailey, Jane [1855]413
Bailey, Jane [1857]36
Bailey, Jane [1871]167
Bailey, Jane [1889]413
Bailey, Janet167
Bailey, Jesse Allgood167
Bailey, John Arthel [1898]167
Bailey, John Clarence167
Bailey, John David [1877]167
Bailey, John Golden167
Bailey, John Lauritz167
Bailey, John Wright Andrews [1862]167
Bailey, John [1765]OR317477
Bailey, John [1830]91
Bailey, John [1840]167
Bailey, John [1872]167
Bailey, John [1891]167
Bailey, Joseph [1875]167
Bailey, Josephine167
Bailey, Josiah [1838]58
Bailey, Josiah [1883]167
Bailey, Kenneth Parry167
Bailey, Langley Allgood [1838]167
Bailey, Langley Allgood [1866]167
Bailey, Lora Geneva167
Bailey, Louise167
Bailey, Lucille167
Bailey, Lucille P167
Bailey, M A [1864]58
Bailey, Male [2001]5
Bailey, Marceline167
Bailey, Margaret167
Bailey, Marilyn167
Bailey, Martin Dean209
Bailey, Mary Felma167
Bailey, Mary Jane [1874]167
Bailey, Maud20
Bailey, Max W167
Bailey, Maynard Cook167
Bailey, Melissa [1883]167
Bailey, Merrill Alfred167
Bailey, Merrill Joe167
Bailey, Michael Geoffrey DaleHS1
Bailey, Mildred167
Bailey, Murray Shepard167
Bailey, Myrtle Geniel167
Bailey, Naomi Jane167
Bailey, Parley Darius167
Bailey, Parley Parker [1877]167
Bailey, Paul167
Bailey, Paul Aagard167
Bailey, Pearl Caroline167
Bailey, Pearl [1899]167
Bailey, Perry Frank167
Bailey, Pherril C167
Bailey, Rachel [1859]36
Bailey, Ralph [1685]OR62930
Bailey, Raymond Thomas167
Bailey, Reed Allgood [1889]167
Bailey, Reed Warner [1896]167
Bailey, Relia Elizabeth167
Bailey, Robert JamesHS4
Bailey, Rosey Alice [1876]167
Bailey, Russel [1895]167
Bailey, Russell167
Bailey, Ruth167
Bailey, Samuel [1830]91
Bailey, Sarah A [1856]36
Bailey, Sarah Ann [1872]167
Bailey, Sarah Elizabeth167
Bailey, Sarah Elizabeth [1866]167
Bailey, Susannah [1875]167
Bailey, ThomasHS62
Bailey, Thomas Alma [1879]167
Bailey, Thomas Udall167
Bailey, Thomas [1830]91
Bailey, Thomas [1844]167
Bailey, Thomas [1869]167
Bailey, Trenna Eliza167
Bailey, Unknown167, 20, 74
Bailey, Vanessa Kate209
Bailey, Velora Venretta167
Bailey, Vernon Jay167
Bailey, Vicena Calista [1881]167
Bailey, Walter [1896]167
Bailey, Wesley Parker167
Bailey, Wilford [1893]167
Bailey, William Henry [1888]167
Bailey, William Lee167
Bailey, William [1625/6]OR25666
Bailey, William [1864]167
Bailey, Zelda167
Bailey, Zella167
Baillie, Dr W486
Baily, John [1697]OR134003
Baines, Captain [1799]OR9098
Baines, Miss Lydia [1799]OR9098
Baird, Harriet Belle [1872]451
Baker, Amy13, 209, HS4
Baker, AngelinaHS33
Baker, Edward [1716]OR81297
Baker, Edward [1766]OR107001
Baker, Elizabeth209
Baker, Gemma LHS39
Baker, George [1794]21
Baker, Jessie BrayHS1
Baker, John [1690]OR71835
Baker, John [1791]OR90203
Baker, Joshua [1791]OR90203
Baker, Leonard Bertram [1892]209
Baker, Mr William [1682]OR124243
Baker, Mrs Rebecca [1692]OR124243
Baker, Nicholas [1689]OR71615
Baker, Nicholas [1690]OR71835
Baker, Richard [1690]OR71835
Baker, Robert [1791]OR90203
Baker, Sidney NHS36
Baker, Sir George [1791]OR87268, OR90765
Baker, Stuart RHS36
Baker, Thomas [1720]OR82023
Baker, Thomas [1735]407
Baker, Unknown29, 538
Baldock, Elizabeth13
Baldridge, Alexander [1813]27
Baldridge, Alexander [1819]27
Baldwin, Emlen [1712]OR44507
Baldwin, Francis [1691/2]OR72286
Baldwin, Samuel [1712]OR44507
Baldwin, Unknown [1791]OR89035
Baldwin, Unknown [1804]31
Baldwin, William Bartlett Albertsen167
Bale, Christopher [1691/2]OR72321
Baley, Alice [1669]OR25970
Baley, William [1663]OR123805
Balies, Benjamin [1690]OR71828
Ball, Alfred [1862]413
Ball, Benjamin [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Ball, Charles [1760]OR302048
Ball, Colin5
Ball, Elizabeth [1684]OR226533
Ball, Enoch538
Ball, Grace13, 209, HS4
Ball, Hannah Mary [1882]413
Ball, J [1791]OR90765
Ball, Jane [1682]OR62908
Ball, John531
Ball, John [1688]OR62968
Ball, Joseph [1791]OR90203
Ball, Mark538
Ball, Mary [1640]OR25801
Ball, Richard [1720]OR61773
Ball, Robert [1663]OR25863
Ball, Sarah344, 391, 538
Ball, Sarah [1686]19
Ball, Thomas [1612]OR25500
Ball, Unknown451
Ballais, Isaac [1765]OR317477
Ballard, Isaac [1770]OR246862
Ballards, Unknown538
Balloil, John [1762]OR304027
Balmer, Alan172
Balmer, Amelia172
Balmer, Stephen [1791]OR372576
Balmer, Thomas172
Balmfield, Eleanor [1709]OR226687
Balthrop, Mary [1639]OR238556
Balthrop, Richard [1639]OR238556
Baly, John [1629]60
Bamber, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bamber, Norman Eustace413
Bamberger, Mart29
Bamford, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bamforth, William [1626]OR25681
Bamkins, Elizabeth167
Bamude, Mary Ellen29
Bamude, Unknown29
Banbury, Lady of Henry William [1772]OR8404
Bancroft, Elizabeth [1609/10]OR25472
Bancroft, Roger32
Bancroft, Roger [1698]32
Bancroft, Sara [1716]32
Band, Edward Wright [1800]OR28516
Banden, Thomas [1690/1]OR72039
Bangham, Frances [1791]OR90203
Bangham, Joseph [1791]OR90203
Banister, Christopher [1612]OR25500
Banister, James [1609/10]OR25472
Banister, Richard127
Banister, Thomas [1800]OR28516
Banker, FredHS1
Bankes, John [1665/6]OR25917
Bankes, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bankes, William [1688]OR62968
Banks, Alice JaneHS30
Banks, Caleb [1694]OR132135
Banks, Jane5
Banks, John [1705]OR160455
Banks, John [1791]OR89035
Banks, Lieutenant Major [1761]OR298007
Banks, Mary209
Banks, Sarah MariaHS63
Banks, Thomas [1717]OR61086
Banks, William [1705]OR160455
Banks, William [1717]OR61086
Banks, William [1793]OR373622
Banne, Nathaniel [1682]OR62908
Banne, William [1631]OR25752
Banner, John [1665/6]OR25917
Banner, John [1682]OR62908
Banner, Mr [1625/6]OR25666
Bannister, CHS1
Bannister, ClareHS1
Bannister, DavidHS1
Bannister, John [1762]OR304027
Bannister, SimonHS1
Banno, AlexanderHS1
Banno, ChristopherHS1
Banno, CourtneyHS1
Banno, DeanHS1
Bant, Jonathan [1717]OR61086
Bantick, John Thomas [1861]413
Bantick, William James [1882]413
Banyard, BillyHS64
Banyard, LaurenHS64
Banyard, Nicolas CHS64
Banyer, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Bapets, James [1765]OR317477
Barb, Mr St [1791]OR90714
Barbe, John St [1791]OR90632
Barber, Amanda Adaliene [1895]167
Barber, Boyce [1760]OR302048
Barber, Francis [1770]OR321568
Barber, Graham172
Barber, JamesHS3
Barber, James [1708]32
Barber, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Barber, John [1691/2]OR72286
Barber, John [1724]91
Barber, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Barber, Thomas [1791]OR89035
Barbett, George [1761]OR233344
Barbour, James127
Barbridge, William [1760]OR302048
Barbrook, Holly147
Barbrook, Philip147
Barbrook, Tasmyn147
Barbrook, William147
Barclay, R [1791]OR87268
Bardsley, Samuel Argent [1791]OR89035
Barecroft, John [1689/90]OR71780
Barecroft, Phillip [1689/90]OR71780
Barfoot, CatharineHS65
Barfoot, Frank MorrisHS65
Barfoot, Frederick JamesHS65
Barfoot, Henry SharpeHS65
Barfoot, Kate MarthaHS65
Barfoot, Maud MaryHS65
Barfoot, Maude AnnieHS65
Barfoot, SamuelHS65
Barfoot, Samuel HenryHS65
Barfoot, William JacksonHS65
Barfoot, William RidlingtonHS65
Barford, AileenHS65
Barford, Ernest BrookesHS65
Barford, William [1752]OR105702
Barhurst, Catherine [1824]45, 497
Barhurst, John45, 497
Barker, AnnHS66, HS57, HS67
Barker, CarolineHS66, HS68, HS69
Barker, ClaraHS66
Barker, ElizaHS66
Barker, ElizabethHS67
Barker, Elizabeth [1680]OR62897
Barker, GeorgeHS66
Barker, Hannah [1690]OR62977
Barker, Hannah [1748]474
Barker, Harrietta24
Barker, HarryHS66
Barker, Heather391
Barker, JacobHS66
Barker, John [1681]OR62901
Barker, John [1726]OR74349
Barker, John [1793]OR373622
Barker, Leonard Bertram [1892]5
Barker, Margaret [1681]OR62901
Barker, MargeryHS66
Barker, Margery [1630]OR25743
Barker, Marjorie DHS4
Barker, MaryHS66, HS68, HS69
Barker, Mary [1620]OR25600
Barker, Paula209
Barker, Peter [1681]OR62901
Barker, Rev William Higgs [1791]OR87856
Barker, RobertHS66, HS68, HS69, HS70
Barker, Robert [1640]OR25801
Barker, RobinHS67
Barker, ThomasHS1
Barker, Thomas [1691/2]OR72321
Barker, Walter444
Barker, WilliamHS66, HS68, HS69, HS67
Barkes, Elizabeth171
Barkesdale, John [1689]OR71615
Barkham, Molly LouisaHS71
Barkley, Joseph [1613]OR25508
Barksdale, Charles [1689]OR71676
Barlow, Anne [1620]OR25600
Barlow, Edward [1630]OR25743
Barlow, Elizabeth [1615]OR25529
Barlow, Ellen [1780]91
Barlow, Henry [1640]OR25801
Barlow, Isabel [1629]OR25726
Barlow, Jane [1620]OR25600
Barlow, Joan [1608]OR25458
Barlow, John [1620]OR25600
Barlow, John [1621]OR25602
Barlow, John [1639]32
Barlow, John [1791]OR89035
Barlow, Laurence [1608]OR25458
Barlow, Mary [1690]OR62977
Barlow, Mary [1815]20
Barlow, Richard [1772]OR325394
Barlow, Robert [1608/9]OR25462
Barlow, Roger [1608]OR25458
Barlow, William344
Barlowe, Peter [1669]OR25970
Barly, CharlesOR75085
Barmes, Benjamin [1714]OR60023
Barnard, Carol451
Barnard, David451
Barnard, James451
Barnard, Roy451
Barnard, Ruby451
Barnard, Ruth451
Barnbrook, Christine PatriciaHS36
Barnby, Richard [1762]OR233404
Barnefield, JoannaHS72
Barnes, Alan JamesHS1
Barnes, Alice [1613]OR25508
Barnes, Ann NicolaHS1
Barnes, C [1791]OR90203
Barnes, Elizabeth [1630]OR25743
Barnes, Elizabeth [1709]OR226687
Barnes, Ellen [1615]OR25529
Barnes, George [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Barnes, Henry [1608/9]OR25462
Barnes, Henry [1615]OR25529
Barnes, James [1620]OR25600
Barnes, Jim543
Barnes, JohnHS1
Barnes, John [1629]OR25726
Barnes, John [1672]OR25999
Barnes, John [1697]OR134003
Barnes, KellanHS1
Barnes, Margery [1615]OR25529
Barnes, Michael JohnHS1
Barnes, Ralph [1612]OR25500
Barnes, Ralph [1791]OR89035
Barnes, SarahHS73, HS74
Barnes, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Barnes, Unknown538
Barnes, Val543
Barnet, Francis [1793]OR373622
Barnet, Katherine [1610]OR25480
Barnet, Peter [1806]21
Barnett, Joan [1629]OR25726
Barnett, John [1621]OR25602
Barnett, John [1762]OR233404
Barnett, Margaret [1626]OR25681
Barnett, Richard [1705]OR361485
Barney, Thomas [1793]OR373622
Barnhouse, Virginia Lizzie 'Ginny'HS38
Barns, GeorgeHS75
Barnsley, Joseph [1713]OR59865
Baron CobhamOR238632
Baron Killard [1772]OR8404
Baron Mulgrave of New Ross [1767]OR107002
Baron Thursland [1678]OR11382
Baron de Hobe of Mecklenburgh [1768]OR7420
Baron de Symcolne [1691/2]OR72310
Baron de Synncolne [1691/2]OR72310
Baron of Croseck [1691/2]OR72310
Baron of Crosseck [1691/2]OR72310
Baron of Leyen [1691/2]OR72310
Baron, Arthur [1694]OR132135
Baron, Captain [1768]OR7420
Baron, Randolph [1713]OR59865
Barr, Robert [1760]OR302048
Barratt, Martha [1684]OR226533
Barratt, SusanHS48
Barret, James [1640]OR25801
Barret, James [1713]OR80373
Barret, John [1669/70]OR25972
Barret, KathleenHS1
Barrett, Anne [1669/70]OR25972
Barrett, Arthur GHS76
Barrett, CharlotteHS77, HS78, HS79, HS29, HS76
Barrett, Edward [1762]OR233404
Barrett, Elizabeth [1690]OR62977
Barrett, EmmaHS76
Barrett, Ethel MHS76
Barrett, GeorgeHS77, HS78, HS79
Barrett, HarriettHS76
Barrett, IsaacHS76
Barrett, JaneHS76
Barrett, JohnHS79
Barrett, John [1688]OR62968
Barrett, LouisaHS76
Barrett, MarthaHS76
Barrett, MaryHS76
Barrett, Mary AnnHS77, HS78, HS79, HS76
Barrett, Mary [1770]OR321568
Barrett, PhebeHS77, HS78, HS79, HS76
Barrett, RobertHS76
Barrett, SarahHS77, HS78, HS79, HS76
Barrett, Sarah AnnHS76
Barrett, Thomas [1762]OR304027
Barrett, WilliamHS77, HS78, HS79, HS76, HS80
Barron, Goldie Pauline451
Barrot, Lily14
Barrow, Ann [1811]209
Barrow, Candia44
Barrow, John209
Barrow, John [1626]OR25681
Barrow, Samuel [1770]OR321568
Barrow, SarahHS81
Barrow, William [1630]OR25743
Barrow/Barron, GeorgeHS65
Barry, Jon [1772]97
Barry, K538
Barsby, John [1709]OR226687
Barson, William [1772]OR325394
Bartee, L HHS42
Barter, JamesHS82
Barter, JaneHS83, HS82, HS84
Barter, JohnHS83, HS82, HS84
Bartholomew, Isaac [1670]OR122154
Bartholomew, Mr [1714]OR60023
Bartlett, AlfredHS4
Bartlett, EmmaHS4
Barton, Anne [1631]OR25752
Barton, Anne [1680]OR62897
Barton, Barbara Mary391
Barton, Edward [1705]OR361485
Barton, Elizabeth [1615]OR25529
Barton, George45, 497
Barton, George Howard Stanyer 'Dick'573
Barton, George Thomas209, 391
Barton, Hannah [1836]45, 497
Barton, Howard391
Barton, Margaret391
Barton, Mary344
Barton, Ralph [1791]OR89035
Barton, Richard [1626]OR25681
Barton, Richard [1716]OR60810
Barton, Robert [1691/2]OR72286
Barton, Samuel [1683]412
Barton, Samuel [1708]141, 209, 32
Barton, Samuel [1749]32
Barton, Sarah [1835]45, 497
Barton, Stephen [1716]OR60810
Barton, Thomas [1802]45, 497
Barton, Unknown [1818]45, 497
Bartram, AnneHS85
Bartram, FrancisHS87, HS86, HS85
Bartram, JohnHS87, HS86, HS85
Bartram, RobertHS87, HS86, HS85
Bartram, ThomasHS87, HS86, HS85
Bartram, WilliamHS87, HS86, HS85
Bartrum, ElizabethHS87, HS86, HS85
Barwick, Elizabeth [1709]OR226687
Barwis, Charles NicholasHS4
Barwis, Nicholas PaulHS4
Barwis, Rudi MeganHS4
Baseley, ElizabethHS88
Basford, Anne [1625/6]OR25666
Basham, Rev James35
Bashford, David LHS30
Bashford, HilaryHS30
Bashford, JohnHS30
Basilico, Mr Andrew [1791]OR90765
Basker, Sarah [1670]OR122154
Baskerville, Lucy [1790]209, 3
Baskerville, Lucy [1815]109
Baskerville, ThomasHS89
Basnett, Henry Costard [1791]OR89035
Basnett, John [1690]OR62977
Basnett, Richard [1626]OR25681
Basnett, Thomas [1608/9]OR25462
Bassett, John [1709]OR226687
Bassott, William [1751]OR84289
Bastiance, Mr William [1691]OR72155
Batchelor, John [1689/90]OR71791
Bate, Graham PHS39
Bate, James SHS39
Bate, Jane [1612]OR25500
Bate, John SHS39
Bate, John [1765]OR317477
Bate, Margaret [1608]OR25458
Bate, MaryHS36
Bateman, AnneHS90, HS91, HS92, HS93, HS94
Bateman, FranciscusHS91, HS93, HS94
Bateman, James44
Bateman, James [1693]OR207588
Bateman, James [1824]40
Bateman, James [1842]69
Bateman, James [1870]38
Bateman, JarmanHS90, HS91, HS92
Bateman, JermaniHS93
Bateman, JermannesHS91, HS93, HS94
Bateman, Joas [1694]OR132135
Bateman, JohannaHS91, HS93, HS94
Bateman, John40, 69
Bateman, John [1848]58
Bateman, JoneHS90, HS91, HS92
Bateman, KatherineHS90, HS91, HS92
Bateman, MargaretHS90, HS91, HS92
Bateman, MargareteHS91, HS93, HS94
Bateman, MargeryHS92
Bateman, Mary [1685]OR62930
Bateman, NicholasHS91, HS93, HS94
Bateman, Richard44, HS90, HS91, HS92
Bateman, Robert [1842]53
Bateman, Rowland [1841]53
Bateman, Unknown52
Bateman, Unknown [1877]58
Bateman, WillemusHS91, HS93, HS94
Bateman, William44, HS90, HS91, HS92
Bateman, William [1691/2]OR72286
Batersby, ElizabethHS95
Bates, Albert JHS1
Bates, CharlesHS30, HS96
Bates, ElizaHS96
Bates, John [1791]OR90203
Bates, Julia145
Bates, Margaret MHS1
Bates, Ralph [1682]OR62908
Bates, Robin 0HS1
Bates, Unknown486
Bates, WalterHS58
Bates, William JHS1
Bates, William [1770]OR321568
Bates, William [1773]OR325692
Bates, William [1791]OR90203
Bath, Rev Robert [1642]OR25827
Bather, William [1713]OR59865
Batho, Florence MaudHS97
Bathoe, Mary [1630]OR25743
Bathoe, Nathaniel [1681]OR62901
Bathoe, Randle [1631]OR25752
Bathoe, Randle [1669/70]OR25972
Batkin, Eric Gorden209
Batkin, Eric Gordon5
Batram, Ida MHS98
Batteley, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Battersby, Jane [1620]OR25600
Battersby, Unknown [1692]OR155559
Battesent, Sir Walter [1772]OR8404
Batth, JohanHS99
Bauden, Thomas [1690]OR71835
Baug, Antony29
Baug, James29
Baugh, Benjamin [1756]21
Baugh, Sarah AnneHS100
Baven, John [1791]OR90203
Bawden, Thomas [1689/90]OR71780
Baxter, AnnHS51
Baxter, Ann [1690]OR62977
Baxter, CatherineHS51
Baxter, EthelHS51
Baxter, Miss Susannah [1772]OR8404
Baxter, William [1625/6]OR25666
Bayes, Edward [1726]OR74349
Bayes, Thomas [1726]OR74349
Baykey, Hannah [1749]9
Baylet, Ellen [1748]9
Bayley, Adam [1780]91
Bayley, Elizabeth [1675]OR26016
Bayley, Hannah [1813]413
Bayley, Margaret [1782]21
Bayley, Maria [1794]9
Bayley, Mary144, 209
Bayley, Susan144
Bayley, Unknown209
Bayley, William [1720]OR82023
Baylie, John [1623]41, 67
Baylis, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Baylis, Unknown [1791]OR87856
Bayliss, Frederick391
Bayliss, Mary Ann 'Polly'391
Bayliss, Phoebe Matilda [1874]209
Bayliss, Sarah391
Bayliss, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Bayly, Benjamin [1690]OR71828
Bayne, Lily Eliza167
Baynes, John [1684]OR226533
Baynes, Maxine MaryHS7
Baynham, William [25 March 22 James I (1624)]OR156926
Bayton, Edward [1716]OR81297
Bayton, Thomas [1716]OR81297
Bazire, Germaine172, 35
Bazley, Miss Nancy [1768]OR7420
Beabis, Richard [1690]OR71853
Beacall, Richard [1761]OR303863
Beagley, Emma Forster néeHS101
Beake, Abraham [1705]OR160455
Beal, ElizabethHS102, HS103
Beal, WilliamHS103
Beale, FredaHS1
Beale, John [1791]OR90203
Beall, Phillip H EHS34
Beames, H P M453
Bean, BetseyHS104
Bean, Jonathan [1751]OR84289
Bean, Richard [1762]OR233404
Bean, Thomas [1751]OR84289
Bearcliffe, Mrs Sarah [1682]OR124243
Bearcliffe, Thomas [1698]OR129890
Bearcroft, Edward [1791]OR87268
Bearcroft, Philip [1690]OR71853
Bearcroft, Phillip [1692]OR72390
Beard, Daniel [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Beard, Edward [1791]OR90203
Beard, John [1652]OR21354
Beard, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Beard, Nancy391
Beard, Nancy [1819]344
Beard, Samuel [1716]OR60810
Beardmore, Dorothy [1823]342
Beardmore, George [1810]21
Beardmore, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Beardmore, William [1810]21
Beards, T [1791]OR90765
Beasley, Albert EdwardHS40
Beasley, Albert OwenHS40
Beasley, AlfredHS40
Beasley, AliceHS40
Beasley, Arthur CalebHS40
Beasley, Bessie IHS40
Beasley, CalebHS40
Beasley, CharlesHS40
Beasley, Charles 'Charlie'HS40
Beasley, Charles ErnestHS40
Beasley, Charles JesseHS40
Beasley, Clara MayHS40
Beasley, DavidHS105
Beasley, DorisHS40
Beasley, Dorothy Edna MayHS40
Beasley, Edith JanetHS40
Beasley, Eliza Ellen 'Nelly'HS40
Beasley, Eliza FloraHS40
Beasley, ElizabethHS40
Beasley, EllenHS40
Beasley, Ellen SophieHS40
Beasley, Elsie MayHS40
Beasley, EmmaHS40
Beasley, FannyHS40
Beasley, FrankHS40
Beasley, Frank BertramHS40
Beasley, GeorgeHS40
Beasley, Gertrude LilianHS40
Beasley, Gladys FlorenceHS40
Beasley, Harry ArthurHS40
Beasley, Harry EdgarHS40
Beasley, John OwenHS40
Beasley, JosephHS40
Beasley, Joseph 'Josh'HS40
Beasley, KathleenHS40
Beasley, LawrenceHS40
Beasley, LeonardHS40
Beasley, LouisaHS40
Beasley, LucyHS40
Beasley, MabelHS40
Beasley, Mary EllenHS40
Beasley, Mary JaneHS40
Beasley, Mary LouisaHS40
Beasley, Miriam MariaHS40
Beasley, Morris MHS105
Beasley, Nathaniel [1755]OR299269
Beasley, NellieHS40
Beasley, NeriHS40
Beasley, Norman OwenHS40
Beasley, Rosa MayHS40
Beasley, RoseHS40
Beasley, Samuel SimeonHS40
Beasley, Sharon JHS105
Beasley, SimeonHS40
Beasley, Srephen209
Beasley, William HenryHS40
Beasly, ElizaHS32
Beaton, John [1791]OR372576
Beauchamp, Roger29
Beauchamp, Viscount [1791]OR87268
Beauclerc, Lieutenant General Lord George [1766]OR107001
Beauclerck, Lord George [1761]OR298007
Beauclerk, Honourable Mr [1768]OR7420
Beaulieu, Richard29
Beaumont, Lady [1768]OR7420
Beaumont, Margaret [1625/6]OR25666
Beaumont, Sir George [1768]OR7420
Beavan, RichardHS33
Beaven, AlbertHS33
Beaven, Albert JamesHS33
Beaven, Alexander GeorgeHS33
Beaven, Alexander JamesHS33
Beaven, Alexander WilliamHS33
Beaven, Alfred PithouseHS33
Beaven, AliceHS33
Beaven, Alice MabelHS33
Beaven, AmyHS33
Beaven, AnnHS33
Beaven, Ann ElizaHS33
Beaven, AnnieHS33
Beaven, BessieHS33
Beaven, Cecil GeorgeHS33
Beaven, Christopher HaroldHS33
Beaven, Clifford Henry JHS33
Beaven, DaisyHS33
Beaven, Daisy EvaHS33
Beaven, Derek JHS33
Beaven, DonaldHS33
Beaven, Doris MaryHS33
Beaven, EdithHS33
Beaven, EdwardHS33
Beaven, Edward WilliamHS33, HS106
Beaven, Eleanor UrsulaHS33
Beaven, ElenorHS33
Beaven, ElizabethHS33
Beaven, Elizabeth AnnaHS33
Beaven, Elizabeth Anna Brown néeHS33
Beaven, Elizabeth EttaHS33
Beaven, Elizabeth LauraHS33
Beaven, Emily EHS33
Beaven, Emily Gertrude LHS33
Beaven, ErnestHS33
Beaven, Ernest JamesHS33
Beaven, EthelHS33
Beaven, Ethel FHS33
Beaven, EvelynHS33
Beaven, Francis EdwardHS33
Beaven, FrankHS33
Beaven, Frederick WilliamHS33
Beaven, GeorgeHS33
Beaven, George SeymourHS33
Beaven, Gertrude QuestedHS33
Beaven, Gladys Margaret MayHS33
Beaven, Grace WinifredHS33
Beaven, Graham EHS33
Beaven, Harriet UrsulaHS33
Beaven, Harry JamesHS107, HS33
Beaven, HenryHS33
Beaven, Henry HeadHS33
Beaven, Henry JamesHS33
Beaven, Herbert JohnHS33
Beaven, Hilda KateHS33
Beaven, JacobHS33
Beaven, JamesHS33
Beaven, JaneHS33
Beaven, JessieHS33
Beaven, Jessie BeatriceHS33
Beaven, Jessie PycroftHS33
Beaven, JohnHS33
Beaven, John AHS33
Beaven, John EdwardHS33
Beaven, John JamesHS33
Beaven, John PycroftHS33
Beaven, JosephHS33
Beaven, KateHS33
Beaven, Leonard JamesHS33
Beaven, Mabel MayHS33
Beaven, MargaretHS33
Beaven, MaryHS33
Beaven, Mary AlexandraHS33
Beaven, Mary AnnHS33
Beaven, Minnie GertrudeHS33
Beaven, NoreenHS33
Beaven, Reginald CliffordHS33
Beaven, RichardHS33
Beaven, RobertHS33
Beaven, Robert Seymour HallHS33
Beaven, RosieHS33
Beaven, SarahHS33
Beaven, Sarah AnnHS33
Beaven, SeymourHS33
Beaven, StanleyHS33
Beaven, SusannaHS33
Beaven, ThomasHS33
Beaven, VioletHS33
Beaven, WalterHS33
Beaven, WilliamHS33
Beaven, William EdwardHS33
Beaven, William QuestedHS33
Beavis, Peter [1689/90]OR71780
Beavis, Peter [1689]OR71676
Beavis, Peter [1690]OR71853
Beavis, Peter [1691]OR72204
Beavis, Richard [1689/90]OR71780
Beavis, Richard [1689]OR71676
Bebbington, Anne [1625/6]OR25666
Bebbington, Anne [1629]OR25726
Bebbington, Samuel [1642]OR25827
Beck, Benson [1761]OR233344
Beck, Betty Joann167
Beck, Fredrick McCoy [1874]167
Beck, Langley Eugene167
Beck, Peter [1793]OR373622
Beck, Sarah Nelda167
Beck, Thomas [1793]OR373622
Beck, Vermell Allgood167
Becket, Edward [1770]OR246862
Becket, Rodger Eldridge209
Becket, Sally Angela209
Beckett, Jane [1620]OR25600
Beckett, Jane [1621]OR25602
Beckner, Charles McKinley [1896]451
Beckner, Clyde Edward451
Beckner, Daniel Charles451
Beckner, Daniel Tarr [1868]451
Beckner, Donna Lee451
Beckner, Edith Blanch451
Beckner, Edith Gertrude451
Beckner, Gertrude May [1899]451
Beckner, Harry M451
Beckner, Katherine451
Beckner, Marjorie Jean451
Beckner, Mildred Marie451
Beckner, Ruth Lenore451
Beckton, Annette172
Beckton, Barbara172
Beckton, Bertie35
Beckton, Gladys Mary [1897]172
Beckton, Herbert Stanier [1892]172
Beckton, Herbert [1869]172
Beckton, Margaret Mary172
Beckton, Philippa172
Bectel, Rita Jane351
Bedford, John [1800]OR28516
Bedson, Frances209
Bedson, Harriet489
Bedson, Harriet [1866]5
Bedward, Margery [1610]OR25480
Bedwards, Abraham [1751]OR84289
Bedwards, Francis [1751]OR84289
Bedwell, Elizabeth [1670]OR122154
Bedwell, Sylvia LHS33
Bedwelle, Francis [1717]OR61086
Beeah, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Beech, Benjamin [1803]9
Beech, Benjamin [1805]9
Beech, Jane [1768]413
Beech, Jane [1794]9
Beech, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Beech, John [1830]91
Beech, Olive [1797]413
Beech, Thomas Lewis [1846]167
Beeche, John35
Beeche, Sarah [1805]35
Beehoc, Charles [1760]OR302048
Beer, Ellis [1773]OR325692
Beesley, John [1691/2]OR72286
Beesley, Karen EHS4
Beesley, Kevin MHS4
Beesley, Robert StephenHS4
Beesley, Stephen13
Beesly, John [1690]OR71853
Beete, Thomas35
Beitle, RobertHS4
Belasys, Sir Henry [1694]OR207808
Belfield, John538
Bell, AnnieHS108
Bell, Beverley29
Bell, Christopher JamesHS7
Bell, Daniel29
Bell, Darrien JoelHS7
Bell, Doris Annie413
Bell, ElizabethHS7
Bell, Genevieve GraceHS7
Bell, George [1791]OR372576
Bell, Heather RuthHS7
Bell, Howard29
Bell, JohnHS7
Bell, John [1761]OR303863
Bell, Justin JoshuaHS7
Bell, Katherine JaneHS7
Bell, Lachlan JamesHS7
Bell, Lawrence29
Bell, Lorna29
Bell, MarionHS7
Bell, Mary Ellen29
Bell, Mr [1753]OR105702
Bell, Peter AndrewHS7
Bell, RobertHS7
Bell, Rosalea MayHS7
Bell, Simon Michael209
Bell, StephenHS7
Bell, Terrence JeremiahHS7
Bell, Thomas [1613]OR25508
Bell, W [1791]OR90765
Bell, WilliamHS2
Bell, William [1772]OR325394
Bellamy, Frances [1838]490
Bellas, GladysHS108
Bellas, John [1709]OR226687
Bellers, Mary [1684]OR226533
Bellfield, Isaac [1861]3
Bellingham, Richard [1731]OR74947
Belllingham, Thomas [1731]OR74947
Bellot, Thomas [1791]OR89035
Bellott, Unknown39
Bellshaw, Sarah Ann [1834]11
Bellward, Peter [1640]OR25801
Bellye, Margaret [1610]OR25480
Belton, BenjaminHS49
Bember, James [1770]OR321568
Bembone, John [1770]OR321568
Bemrose, Mr H H453
Benbow, AnnHS109, HS110, HS111
Benbow, ElizabethHS109, HS110, HS111
Benbow, MaryHS109, HS110, HS111, HS112
Benbow, SarahHS109, HS110, HS111
Benbow, WilliamHS109, HS110, HS111, HS113
Benbow, William [1761]OR303863
Bench, Elizabeth [1839]209, 3
Bendbow, WilliamHS110, HS113, HS112
Bendixen, Cindy Sue167
Bendixen, Don Bailey167
Bendixen, Homer Knude167
Bendixen, Kent E167
Bendixen, Lewis H167
Bendixen, Marie167
Bendixen, Michael R167
Bendixen, Randy K167
Bendixen, Stacey Anne167
Bendixen, Tammie Lue167
Bendixen, Trudy Ann167
Benescott, James [1731]OR74947
Benet, Mr [1753]OR105702
Benge, William [1690]OR71956
Benington, Barbara13, HS4
Benington, David13
Benn, Eden28
Benn, William Wedgwood81
Bennet, Elisha [1693/4]OR207637
Bennet, John71
Bennet, Joseph [1771]OR321722
Bennet, Mary [1680]OR62897
Bennet, Ruth209
Bennett, Alice [1615]OR25529
Bennett, Alice [1620]OR25600
Bennett, Ann [1758]172
Bennett, Ann [1782]8
Bennett, Anne [1631]OR25752
Bennett, Anne [1672]OR25999
Bennett, DorothyHS7
Bennett, Edward [1761]OR303863
Bennett, Grayon NHS47
Bennett, Henry [1642]OR25827
Bennett, John71
Bennett, John [1688]OR62968
Bennett, Katharine [1824]71
Bennett, Mary [1688]OR62968
Bennett, Nicholas [1631]OR25752
Bennett, Richard [1771]OR321722
Bennett, Samuel [1693]OR155562
Bennett, StellaHS39
Bennett, Thomas [1620]OR25600
Bennett, Thomas [1688]OR62968
Bennett, Thomas [1727]OR361874
Bennett, Unknown546
Bennett-Hullin, AmityHS7
Bennett-Hullin, GlynHS7
Bennett-Hullin, John LawrenceHS7
Bennett-Hullin, LucasHS7
Bennington, Barbara209
Benoist, Gideon [1682]OR124243
Benscoter, Donald K451
Benson, Allan29
Benson, Audrey29
Benson, Benbow [1714]OR60023
Benson, Eric Nigel413
Benson, Gloria29
Benson, Henry [1691/2]OR72286
Benson, Hugh [1755]OR299269
Benson, Irene Ypres413
Benson, Iris413
Benson, James Osmond413
Benson, John [1772]OR7530, OR8404
Benson, Joseph Harold [1888]413
Benson, Olive MurielHS39
Benson, Samuel [1685]OR62930
Benson, Thomas Harold413
Benson, Thomas Osmond [1868]413
Benson, Thomas [1691/2]OR72321
Benson, WilliamHS51
Benson, William JohnHS51
Bent, Francis [1692]OR155559
Bent, John [1709]OR226687
Bent, Susanna141, 209, 412
Bent, William [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bentley, Adam [1753]91
Bentley, Betty Mae451
Bentley, Edward [1691/2]OR72286
Bentley, Edward [1705]91
Bentley, J [1791]OR90765
Bentley, John [1663]OR25863
Bentley, John [1753]91
Bentley, John [1780]91
Bentley, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bentley, Ralph [1705]91
Bentley, William45, 497
Benton, Cecil172
Benton, Elsie JaneHS30
Benton, Gordon172
Benton, Harold172
Benton, JohnHS30
Benton, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Benton, William GarlandHS30
Beny, Edward [1768]OR244802
Benyon, Joan [1625/6]OR25666
Beomon, Margaret [1625/6]OR25666
Bercrosft, Philip [1690]OR71853
Beregszasz, Margareta Drotár391
Beresford, Daniel LeeHS105
Beresford, LeeHS105
Beresford, Mr Richard [1791]OR90765
Beresford, Unknown546
Berg, Edward Herman [1886]167
Berkeley, John [1689]OR71681
Berkely, Robert [1720]OR82023
Berkley, Mrs Jane [1691]OR72204
Berkley, Willima [1720]OR82023
Berks, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Berney, George [1716]OR60810
Berriff, Ann35
Berriff, John35
Berrill, ElizabethHS1
Berriman, Ann LHS34
Berriman, Beverley AHS35
Berriman, DavidHS35
Berriman, EHS114
Berriman, ElizabethHS115, HS116, HS117, HS118, HS34, HS11, HS35, HS119, HS120, HS121, HS122, HS123, HS89, HS114
Berriman, EmilyHS116, HS117, HS118, HS35, HS124
Berriman, Emma SusannaHS34
Berriman, FannyHS117, HS34, HS43, HS35, HS119
Berriman, FemaleHS35, HS1
Berriman, GraceHS115, HS34, HS11
Berriman, Heather JuneHS125, HS126, HS127, HS35, HS31, HS29, HS1
Berriman, JHS114
Berriman, JaneHS115, HS116, HS117, HS118, HS34, HS11, HS35, HS123, HS114, HS124
Berriman, JohnHS115, HS116, HS117, HS118, HS34, HS43, HS11, HS35, HS119, HS120, HS121, HS122, HS123, HS114, HS129, HS124
Berriman, John DonovanHS35
Berriman, John HallHS126, HS116, HS128, HS35, HS1
Berriman, John HenryHS125, HS126, HS127, HS35, HS31, HS29, HS1
Berriman, Joy RosemaryHS126, HS116, HS128, HS35, HS1
Berriman, Luke CliffordHS126, HS116, HS128, HS35, HS1
Berriman, MHS114
Berriman, M AHS114
Berriman, Marcus DavidHS35
Berriman, MarkHS35
Berriman, MaryHS116, HS117, HS118, HS35
Berriman, Mary AHS123
Berriman, Mary AnnHS124
Berriman, MichaelHS35
Berriman, Myrtle ElizabethHS126, HS116, HS128, HS35, HS1
Berriman, PercyHS35
Berriman, RichardHS34
Berriman, SimonHS35
Berriman, Susan JaneHS125, HS126, HS127, HS35, HS31, HS29, HS1
Berriman, WHS114
Berriman, WilliamHS115, HS116, HS117, HS118, HS34, HS11, HS35, HS123, HS124
Berriman, William MelvilleHS35
Berriman, Zara Mary JeanHS35
Berrington, George [1669]OR25970
Berrisford, Ann [1782]507
Berry, EmilyHS58
Berry, Matthew [1770]OR246862
Berry, Richard [1692]OR155559
Berryman, EmilyHS130
Berryman, JaneHS130
Berryman, JohnHS130
Berryman, MaryHS130
Berryman, Mary AHS130
Berryman, WilliamHS130
Bertie, Charles [1690]OR71956
Bertie, Charles [1693]OR207588
Besenfelder, JosephHS42
Bessey, Anthony Wayne [1898]167
Bessey, Lee Wayne167
Bessey, Lynn Parry167
Best, Henry [1800]OR28516
Best, Mr [1752]OR105702
Best, Sir William [1768]OR7420
Bestly, Thomas [1684]OR226533
Beswick, Ann [1859]209
Beswick, Doris Lees [1893]209
Beswick, Dorothy R209
Beswick, Elizabeth A [1845]209
Beswick, Elizabeth [1871]209
Beswick, Eric B [1899]209
Beswick, Esther Edith209
Beswick, Frances83
Beswick, Frank12, 49, 56, 83, 88, 89
Beswick, Frank Stonier92
Beswick, George W [1852]209
Beswick, Hannah209
Beswick, James Wright [1845]209
Beswick, James Wright [1881]209
Beswick, James [1846]209
Beswick, Jane [1621]OR25602
Beswick, John Ewart [1897]209
Beswick, John Thos [1857]209
Beswick, John [1661]OR25839
Beswick, John [1818]209
Beswick, John [1835]209
Beswick, John [1869]209
Beswick, Lucy Mary [1886]209
Beswick, Mabel12, 49, 56, 88, 89, 92
Beswick, Maria Jane [1848]209
Beswick, Mary E [1854]209
Beswick, Mary Eliza [1843]209
Beswick, Phyllis Vera [1895]209
Beswick, Rachel [1848]209
Beswick, Rachel [1871]209
Beswick, Rhoda Annie [1882]209
Beswick, Robert [1805]209
Beswick, Robert [1841]209
Beswick, Robert [1877]209
Beswick, Thomas56, 66, 88, 89, 92
Beswick, Thomas Stonier12, 49, 56, 66
Beswick, Thomas [1809]209
Beswick, Thomas [1850]209
Beswick, Unknown12, 49, 88, 92
Beswick, William James [1843]209
Beswick, William Millatt [1879]209
Beswick, William [1663]OR25863
Bethel, Christopher [1768]OR7420
Betridge, GeorgeHS19
Betridge, JudeyHS19
Betridge, ThomasHS19
Betridge, WilliamHS19
Betsey, Eliza akaHS66
Betson, John [1709]OR226687
Bett, JohnHS1
Bettany, Frances209, 506
Bettany, Frances [1802]5
Betteridge, AnnHS131, HS132, HS133
Betteridge, AnneHS132, HS134, HS135
Betteridge, EdwardHS132, HS134, HS135
Betteridge, ElizabethHS131, HS19, HS132, HS133
Betteridge, GeorgeHS132, HS134, HS135
Betteridge, JohnHS131, HS132, HS133, HS134, HS135
Betteridge, JosephHS132, HS134, HS135
Betteridge, MaryHS131, HS132, HS133
Betteridge, RichardHS132, HS134, HS135, HS136, HS137
Betteridge, RobertHS132, HS134, HS135
Betteridge, SarahHS131, HS132, HS133
Betteridge, StephenHS131, HS132, HS133
Betteridge, StevenHS132, HS134, HS135
Betteridge, ThomasHS132, HS134, HS135
Betteridge, WilliamHS131, HS132, HS133, HS134, HS135
Betterley, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bettiley, Ann [1681]OR62901
Bettridge, CatherineHS19
Bettridge, JohnHS19
Betts, J [1791]OR90765
Betts, JohnOR75085
Betts, RuthHS4
Bevan, Mr453
Bevan, Mrs453
Bevens, HarrietHS4
Beverley, Hannah [1693]OR155562
Beverley, Michael [1690]OR71835
Beverly, Michaell [1689/90]OR71780
Bevis, Peter [1689/90]OR71780
Bewsey, Ralph [1640]OR25801
Bibbins, Edward [1791]OR90765
Bibbins, Mr W [1791]OR90765
Bicholson, John [1714]OR80998
Bickerstaff, John [1684]OR226533
Bickerstaff, Ralph [1613]OR25508
Bickerstaff, Sir Charles [1690/1]OR72039
Bickerstaff, Sir Charles [1690]OR71853
Bickerstaff, Sir Charles [1694]OR132135
Bickerstaffe, Sir Charles [1689]OR71615
Bickerstaffe, Sir Charles [1691/2]OR72321
Bickerton, Hannah [1669/70]OR25972
Bickerton, Sarah [1879]209, 5
Bickley, John [1694]OR132135
Biddick, Jane AnnHS1
Biddolph, Sir Michaell [1691/2]OR72286
Biddulh, Richard [1891]41
Biddulph of Biddulph38
Biddulph, Eliza [1699]35
Biddulph, Francis38, 41
Biddulph, Francis [1558]109
Biddulph, Francis [1593]41
Biddulph, Hannah [1779]12, 62, 86, 95
Biddulph, John38
Biddulph, John [1639]67
Biddulph, John [1642]67
Biddulph, John [1648]91
Biddulph, John [1673]58, 91
Biddulph, Margaret38
Biddulph, Mary38
Biddulph, Mr Henry [1640]OR25801
Biddulph, Mr [1640]OR25801
Biddulph, Richard35
Biddulph, Richard [1534]41
Biddulph, Richard [1593]41
Biddulph, Richard [1673]58, 91
Biddulph, Richard [1679]58
Biddulph, Richard [1830]91
Biddulph, Sir Richard [1625]41
Biddulph, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Biddulph, Unknown40, 41
Biddulph, William Henry538
Bidulph, Henry [1663]OR25863
Bidulph, Mr [1631]OR25752
Bidulphe, William de Bidulphe38
Bigelow, Bruce29
Bigelow, Charles29
Bigelow, Donna29
Bigelow, Howard29
Bigelow, Kathy29
Bigelow, Lori Ann29
Bigelow, Rusty29
Bigelow, Unknown29
Biggs, Harriett AHS39
Bigler, Madeline Elva [1880]167
Bignall, Elizabeth [1717]OR60892
Bignall, Judith [1717]OR60892
Bigson, Jane Sleigh66
Bigue, Timothy [1714]OR60023
Bill, Francis [1716]OR81297
Bill, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bill, John [1791]OR89035
Bill, Richard [1716]OR81297
Billers, John [1690]OR71835
Billers, Jonathan [1689/90]OR71780
Billing, Ursula [1608/9]OR25462
Billinge, Nellie351, 5
Billinger, Sarah [1868]342
Billingham, AlfredHS36
Billingham, AliceHS100
Billingham, Alwyn KennethHS36
Billingham, Arthur JHS100
Billingham, BenjaminHS100
Billingham, CarolineHS100
Billingham, ClarabelHS100
Billingham, Darren ChristopherHS36
Billingham, FannyHS100, HS36
Billingham, GeorgeHS100
Billingham, Harriett OliveHS47
Billingham, JamesHS100
Billingham, JohnHS100
Billingham, JosephHS100
Billingham, Kevin StuartHS36
Billingham, MaryannHS100
Billingham, SarahHS100
Billingham, WilliamHS100
Billington, Hugh [1669]OR25970
Billups, Beverley A167
Billups, Carl Jessie167
Bimock, Donald29
Bimock, Ryan29
Bines, John GilbertHS35, HS31, HS29, HS1
Bingham, LyndaHS47
Bingham, SidneyHS36
Bingham, Stephen [1713]OR59865
Binion, Susanna [1684]OR226533
Birch, Alice [1613]OR25508
Birch, Elizabeth Eleanor MayHS42
Birch, Emma [1868]167
Birch, Hannah [1692]OR155559
Birch, Janes [1610]OR25480
Birch, John [1770]OR321568
Birch, Jonathan [1690]OR71853
Birch, Leanne JoyHS7
Birch, Nellie351, 5
Birch, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Birch, Thomas [1812]91
Birch, Unknown [1808]91
Birch, William [1770]OR321568
Birchenhough, William Taylor32
Birchenough, Hannah [1861]209
Birchenough, Hannah [1878]209
Birchenough, Harriett [1864]209
Birchenough, Harry [1882]209
Birchenough, Joseph [1838]209
Birchenough, Mary Ann [1871]209
Birches, Rev George [1642]OR25827
Birchwood, Margaret [1608/9]OR25462
Bird, Alice AmeliaHS48
Bird, EllenHS29
Bird, Ellis [1626]OR25681
Bird, Erica JaneHS1
Bird, Henry [1680]OR62897
Bird, Margaret AnnHS1
Bird, Nellie1
Bird, PeterHS1
Bird, Richard [1608/9]OR25462
Bird, Richard [1631]OR25752
Bird, Robert [1692]OR124243
Bird, Robert [1717]OR61086
Bird, Sarah [1626]OR25681
Bird, Stuart PeterHS1
Bird, William [1661]OR25839
Bird, William [1717]OR61086
Bird, William [1822]109
Birdall, James [1682]OR124243
Birkby, Catherine [1681]OR62901
Birkenhead, Alice [1631]OR25752
Birtles, Hannah [1802]71
Birtles, Thomas71
Birtwhistle, William [1857]413
Bisholl, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Bishop and Prince of Liege [1691/2]OR72310
Bishop of Durham [1768]OR7420
Bishop of Ely [1691]OR11906
Bishop of Exeter [1689/90]OR71791
Bishop, ElizaHS48
Bishop, George [1713]OR59865
Bishop, John [1770]OR321568
Bishop, John [1791]OR372576, OR90765
Bishop, John [1793]OR373622
Bishop, Joseph [1765]OR317477
Bishop, Robert [1714]OR80998
Bishop, Stephen [1713]OR80373
Bishop, William [1691/2]OR72321
Bishop, William [1714]OR80998
Bishton, Violet GHS97
Bispham, Thomas [1615]OR25529
Bispham, William [1693]OR155562
Bissel, Elizabeth209, 391
Bissell, Ann Eliza Amelia SusannahHS108
Bisset, PeggyHS1
Black, Barbara29
Black, Bertha29
Black, Charles451
Black, Daniel29
Black, David29
Black, Debbie29
Black, Dorothy29
Black, Douglas29
Black, Edna29
Black, Edward29
Black, G [1791]OR90765
Black, Harvey29
Black, Herbert29
Black, Jacqueline29
Black, Jamie29
Black, June29
Black, Karen29
Black, Kenneth29
Black, Kevin29
Black, Linda451
Black, Louis29
Black, Margaret13, 209, 29, HS4
Black, Max29
Black, Muriel29
Black, Ronals29
Black, Ruth29
Black, Saunia29
Black, Stephen29
Black, Tammy29
Black, Trevor29
Black, Unknown29
Black, Wilfred29
Black, William29
Black, Wilma29
Blackall, George [1705]OR361485
Blackburn, John [1772]OR8404
Blackburne, Margaret [1688]OR62968
Blackburne, Thomas167, 172
Blackburne, Thomas [1570]209
Blackburne, Thomas [1680]OR62897
Blacke, GraceHS138
Blackelock, Amy29
Blackelock, David29
Blackelock, Debbie29
Blackelock, Laurie29
Blackelock, Ronald29
Blackelock, Sarah29
Blackelock, Thomas29
Blackelock, Unknown29
Blackelock, Warren29
Blackett-Smith, TracyHS7
Blackeway, Unknown [1653]444
Blackham, AnnHS30
Blackham, Elizabeth [1852]167
Blackham, Harriet Eva167
Blackham, Thomas87
Blackshaw, Elizabeth [1610]OR25480
Blackway, Susan [1653]444
Blackway, Thomas [1653]444
Blackwell, Beale [1768]OR244802
Blackwell, Richard [1761]OR233344
Blackwood, Robert [1690]OR71828
Blagden, Louisa ElizabethHS33
Blagden, MaryHS33
Blagg, Edward [1629]OR25726
Blagge, John [1716]32
Blagrove, JohnOR75085
Blagrove, ThomasOR75085
Blaikstone, Thomas [1709]OR226687
Blair, John Christian de [1697]OR134003
Blair, William [1767]OR107002
Blake, Anne [1645]45, 497
Blake, B [1791]OR90765
Blake, C [1791]OR90765
Blake, James [1726]OR74349
Blake, Thomas [1692]OR72390
Blakeman, Martha [1822]5
Blakeney, Edward [1772]OR325394
Blaker, Jonathan [1770]OR246862
Blakestone, Sir William [1645]OR174400
Blakeway, Rev J B9
Blakway, Thomas [1653]444
Blanby, FrederickHS139
Blanc, Daniel Le [1720]OR61773
Blanc, Peter Le [1720]OR61773
Blanchard, William [1717]OR61086
Blanche of Lancaster39
Blanchet, Joan [1610]OR25480
Bland, Catherine391
Bland, Dr Jennifer391
Bland, Emma391
Bland, Judith391
Bland, Michael [1800]OR28516
Bland, Prof David391
Bland, Robert [1714]OR60023
Bland, Ruth391
Bland, Thomas [1714]OR60023
Bland, William Ravenshaw391
Blandford, Vera Adelaide MHS38
Blaney, Alice29
Blaney, Benjamin [1770]OR321568
Blaney, Margaret [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Blaquier, Colonel [1772]OR7530
Blathwayt, Mr [1691]OR72155
Blathwayt, William [1690]OR71828
Blathwayte, Mr [1690]OR71956
Blayhwayt, Mr [1694/5]OR207838
Blayney, Brian73
Blayney, J Brian12, 49, 74, 88, 89, 92
Blayney, J J12, 49, 73, 88, 89
Blayney, JJ92
Blayney, Michael H12, 49, 88, 89, 92
Blayney, Michael Handley73
Bleas, Ralph [1608]OR25458
Blease, Hannah C [1901]514
Blease, John W [1901]514
Blease, John [1750]19
Blease, Maria [1891]513
Blease, Maria [1901]514
Blease, Oliver [1891]513
Blease, Oliver [1901]514
Blease, William [1891]513
Blenkinshipp, William [1714]OR80998
Blenkinsop, Charles [1714]OR80998
Blenkinsop, John [1714]OR80998
Blickmott, William [1772]OR8404
Bligh, Amelia RebeccaHS35
Bligh, Charlette ElizabethHS35
Bligh, Craig DouglasHS35
Bligh, Gabriella RachealHS35
Blight, Ethel GraceHS34
Blinsham, ChristianHS72
Blisset, Joseph [1705]OR361485
Blomfield, Heather147
Blood, Mary [1860]5
Bloomer, EdithHS105
Bloomer, EdwardHS105
Bloomer, HarrietHS40
Bloomer, PollyHS105, HS108
Bloomer, SusanHS105
Bloor, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bloore, FrancesHS98
Bloore, John [1785]21
Blore, Nellie3
Blossom, George Joseph351
Blossom, Thomas Ira351
Blotchynden, Anna [1714]OR80998
Blotchynden, Edward [1714]OR80998
Blott, Mrs1000
Blount, Christopher [1684]OR226533
Blow, Dr John [1690]OR71828
Blower, AnnHS140
Blower, ElijahHS141, HS142
Blower, ElizabethHS143, HS141, HS144, HS145, HS146
Blower, ElizbethHS147
Blower, ElizthHS147
Blower, FrancesHS143, HS141, HS144
Blower, HephzibahHS143, HS141, HS144
Blower, JohnHS143, HS141, HS144, HS142, HS140, HS147, HS148, HS146
Blower, JosephHS143, HS141, HS144, HS147, HS148
Blower, MarthaHS143, HS141, HS144, HS62
Blower, Mary351
Blower, Mary [1866]5
Blower, SarahHS141, HS142, HS147
Blower, ThomasHS141, HS142
Bloxham, Joseph [1713]OR80373
Bloxham, Matthew [1791]OR87268
Bluck, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Bluet, Edward [1791]OR87856
Bluff, MargaretHS30
Blum, Anna R451
Blundell, Henry [1613]OR25508
Blunden, Elizabeth EmmaHS51
Blunk, John [1714]OR60023
Blunt, Rev [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Blunt, W [1791]OR90765
Bluolow, Thomas [1765]OR317477
Bly, Gerald351
Blyth, Robert [1770]OR246862
Blythe, Gladys AbigailHS4
Blythe, Unknown [1791]OR87102
Bo, Anthoine duHS149
Boadman, Mary209
Boaler, ArthurHS30
Boaler, EdithHS30
Boaler, EmilyHS30
Boaler, EnochHS30
Boaler, HarryHS30
Boaler, HilaryHS30
Boaler, VeraHS30
Board, Philip [1690/1]OR72039
Boardman, Edward [1661]OR25839
Boardman, John [1642]OR25827
Boardman, John [1665/6]OR25917
Boardman, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Boardman, Mr William [1688]OR62968
Boardman, Thomas [1791]OR89035
Boas, Deanne29
Boas, Harold29
Bocan, Unknown40
Bocock, AliceHS3
Boddington, James [1694]OR132135
Boddington, John [1772]OR8404
Bodell, John [1714]OR80998
Bodell, Jonathan [1714]OR80998
Boden, John [1773]OR325692
Boden, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bodkin, Emily LouisaHS33
Bodkin, SharonHS4
Bodon, Alice [1609/10]OR25472
Bogelow, Gary29
Bois, Isaac duHS150
Bol, ElaineHS7
Bold, John [1631]OR25752
Bolde, Randle [1663]OR25863
Bolden, Thomas [1762]OR233404
Bolins, Richard [1768]OR244802
Bolland, Arthur [1688]OR62968
Bolland, James [1675]OR26016
Bollington, Isabella [1673]OR26004
Bolshaw, John [1877]32
Bolt, Aileen MaryHS42
Bolt, Alan GeorgeHS42
Bolt, Alan JHS42
Bolt, Daniel RobertsHS42
Bolt, Frederick DenisHS42
Bolt, Kathleen LucyHS42
Bolt, Phillip DanielHS42
Bolton , Isabella [1610]72
Bolton, Ann209
Bolton, Ann [1636]35, 87
Bolton, Anna21
Bolton, Anna [1636]22
Bolton, Anne142, 167, 172, 47, 70
Bolton, Anne [1610]209
Bolton, Anne [1634]72
Bolton, Anne [1636]12, 81, 84, 86, 89, 92
Bolton, Anne [1686]88
Bolton, C R486
Bolton, Elizabeth142, 172, 35, 44, 70
Bolton, Elizabeth [1560]209
Bolton, Elizabeth [1588]81, 87
Bolton, Elizabeth [1614]167
Bolton, Ellen [1688]OR62968
Bolton, Hannah45, 497
Bolton, Isabel167
Bolton, Isabel [1610]81, 87
Bolton, Isabella142, 172, 44, 70, 88, 92
Bolton, Isabella [1570]209
Bolton, Isabella [1610]12, 86, 89
Bolton, Jane [1640]OR25801
Bolton, John142, 35, 70, 72, 81, 87, 88, 89, 92
Bolton, John [1626]OR25681
Bolton, Margaret [1663]OR25863
Bolton, Richard [1626]OR25681
Bolton, Richard [1685]OR62930
Bolton, Robert [1620]OR25600
Bolton, Roger [1692/3]OR155559
Bolton, Unknown142, 87
Bolton, Unknown [1794]439
Bolton, William142, 209, 35, 70, 81
Bolton, William [1626]OR25681
Bonar, Brien29
Bonar, Cindy29
Bonar, Shannon29
Bonas, Albert LeahairHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29
Bonas, AnnaHS153, HS154, HS155, HS156
Bonas, AnneHS152, HS157, HS153, HS158, HS29, HS159
Bonas, Arthur WilliamHS160
Bonas, Arthur William 'Jack'HS151, HS152, HS71, HS29
Bonas, CharlesHS152, HS157, HS153, HS29, HS161, HS159
Bonas, CharlotteHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29, HS162
Bonas, DaltonHS153, HS154, HS158, HS155
Bonas, Edna Lillian HarrietHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29
Bonas, ElizaHS153, HS154
Bonas, ElizabethHS153, HS154
Bonas, EmmaHS152, HS157, HS153, HS29, HS159
Bonas, EricHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29, HS160
Bonas, FrancisHS153, HS154
Bonas, Frank HerbertHS153
Bonas, FredHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29
Bonas, FredericHS152, HS157, HS153
Bonas, FrederickHS161, HS159, HS162
Bonas, FredkHS163
Bonas, FredrickHS160
Bonas, GraceHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29, HS162
Bonas, HarrietHS163, HS162, HS160
Bonas, HazelHS29
Bonas, HenryHS160
Bonas, Henry JesseHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29, HS162
Bonas, JabezHS153, HS154, HS158, HS155, HS156
Bonas, JaelHS152, HS157, HS153, HS154, HS158, HS29, HS155, HS161, HS159
Bonas, JamesHS153, HS154
Bonas, JesseHS153, HS154, HS158, HS164, HS155, HS156, HS161, HS159
Bonas, JohnHS153
Bonas, MaryHS153
Bonas, MyrtleHS29
Bonas, PansyHS160
Bonas, Pansy SusannahHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29
Bonas, Sarah AnnHS153
Bonas, SusanHS161, HS159
Bonas, Sybil MaryHS162
Bonas, Sybil MayHS151, HS152, HS71, HS163, HS165
Bonas, ThelmaHS29
Bonas, Thomas WilliamHS153
Bonas, UriahHS153, HS154, HS158
Bonas, VioletHS151, HS152, HS71, HS29, HS162, HS160
Bonas, WalterHS153
Bonas, WilliamHS166, HS167, HS152, HS157, HS153, HS154, HS29, HS155, HS161, HS159, HS168, HS160
Bonas, William FrankHS153
Bonass, AnnaHS164
Bonass, DaltonHS164
Bonass, ElizabethHS164
Bonass, JabezHS164
Bonass, WilliamHS164
Bonce, John [1709]OR226687
Bond, Charles [1772]OR8404
Bond, Wesley [1772]OR7530
Boness, JohnHS166
Bonfoy, Mrs M [1791]OR90765
Bonice, EllenHS169
Bonice, WilliamHS169
Boniman, Mr [1661]OR25839
Bonis, AliceHS170
Bonis, WilliamHS170
Bonnell, William [1791]OR87856
Bonneral, Bon29
Bonnet, George [1705]OR361485
Bonser, Mary Ann [1857]167
Bonus, FrederickHS29
Bonus, Sybil MayHS29
Booker, Sampson [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Boon, John [1758]61
Boone, John [1768]62
Boord, Phillip [1691/2]OR72286
Boord, Philop [1690]OR71853
Boore, Mr [1609/10]OR25472
Boore, Richard [1755]21
Boos, Griffith [1755]OR299269
Boot, Elizabeth209
Boot, Elizabeth [1790]21
Boot, Leonard [1761]62
Boot, Richard [1630]OR25743
Booth, AbrahamOR75085
Booth, AlbertHS30
Booth, Ann [1745]55
Booth, Ann [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Booth, Anthony141, 209, 412
Booth, Audrey391
Booth, Charles [1755]OR299269
Booth, Elizabeth12, 86
Booth, Elizabeth [1629]OR25726
Booth, George [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Booth, Hannah36
Booth, James [1760]OR302048
Booth, John32
Booth, John [1769]62
Booth, Lawrence [1663]OR123805
Booth, Martha [1639]32
Booth, Mary [1612]OR25500
Booth, Michael RHS30
Booth, Richard [1609/10]OR25472
Booth, Shoman [1726]OR361814
Booth, Suzanne [1727]OR361874
Booth, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Booth, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Booth, Unknown12, 29, 86
Booth, William [1791]OR90203
Boothby, Miss [1768]OR7420
Boothby, Robert Arthur David147
Boothman, Nicholas [1625/6]OR25666
Bootle, John [1770]OR321568
Bootle, Mary [1688]OR62968
Bootle, Thomas [1685]OR62930
Borbiss, D [1791]OR90765
Borde, Phillip [1689/90]OR71780
Bore, Andrew [1610]OR25480
Borradale, Rebecca [1684]OR226533
Borrodale, Rebecca [1684]OR226533
Borton, Richard [1717]OR60892
Bosanquet, Mr [1800]OR28516
Bose, John [1726]OR74349
Bose, Joseph [1726]OR74349
Bosley, Don29
Bosley, Ernest29
Bostock, Elizabeth209
Bostock, Elizabeth [1610]OR25480
Bostock, Elizabeth [1692/3]OR155559
Bostock, Francis [1626]OR25681
Bostock, IvyHS1
Bostock, John551
Bostock, John [1613]OR25508
Bostock, Rev [1625/6]OR25666
Bostock, Richard [1608/9]OR25462
Bostock, Thomas551
Bostocke, John [1669/70]OR25972
Boston, John [1760]OR302048
Bosvile, William [1713]OR59865
Bosville, Miss [1768]OR7420
Boswell, AnnHS1
Boswell, Mary [1610]OR25480
Bosworth, Annie VeneaHS63
Boteler, Capt Edward [1678]OR11382
Boteuyle, Richard [1720]OR82023
Boteuyle, Thomas [1720]OR82023
Botterill, Alan Gordon172
Botterill, Joanne Victoria172
Botterill, Karen Elizabeth172
Botton, William [1829]16
Boudara, Luke [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Boudro, Gloria Cecilia167
Boughen, KatharineHS1
Boughey of Whitmore40
Boughey, Henry209, 351
Boughey, Henry [1895]351
Boughey, James [1896]351
Boughey, John209, 5
Boughey, Unknown40
Boughey, William [1899]351
Boughney, Henry [1893]5
Boughney, Henry [1895]5
Boughney, James [1896]5
Boughney, William5
Boult, Elizabeth [1613]OR25508
Boult, Mary [1688]OR62968
Boulter, Edmund [1694]OR132135
Boulton, Ann93
Boulton, Anne [1636]12, 48, 49, 60
Boulton, Elijah [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Boulton, Elizabeth93
Boulton, Elizabeth [1581]60
Boulton, Elizabeth [1588]72
Boulton, Helen83
Boulton, Isabella12, 49
Boulton, Isabella [1610]48, 60
Boulton, John12, 48, 49, 93
Boulton, John [1690]OR62977
Boulton, John [1755]OR299269
Boulton, Thomas [1779]95
Boulton, Unknown74
Boulton, William48
Boulton, William [1611]93
Boulton, William [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Boune, John [1765]OR317477
Bourn, John [1726]OR74349
Bourne Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bourne, AnnHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, Anne [1684]OR226533
Bourne, Desmond145
Bourne, ElizabethHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, Ellen [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bourne, JemimaHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, Jesse [1841]477
Bourne, JohnHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, John [1791]OR90203
Bourne, KesiahHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, KeziaHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, MaryHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, Mary [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bourne, RachelHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, Samuel [1791]OR90203
Bourne, SarahHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, ThomasHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Bourne, Unknown [1500]109
Bourne, WilliamHS171, HS172, HS173
Bourne, William [1791]OR90203
Bourton, James [1713]OR80373
Bouville, Viscount [1761]OR298007
Bouwens, Major Jacob Carel Philip551
Bowden, John [1675]OR26016
Bowden, Mary [1709]OR226687
Bowden, Mr [1767]OR107002
Bowdler, Andrew [1720]OR82023
Bowdler, Richard [1716]OR81297
Bowdler, Robert [1770]OR321568
Bowdler, William [1716]OR81297
Bowdridg, Tristam [1691/2]OR72321
Bowen, Ann551
Bowen, David [1791]OR87856
Bowen, Essex [1791]OR87856
Bowen, JaneHS37
Bowen, JohnHS174
Bowen, Joseph [1772]OR8404
Bower, AlanHS7
Bower, MelissaHS7
Bower, Ralph [1669]OR25970
Bower, Rev Harry [1800]OR28516
Bower, Richard [1615]OR25529
Bower, ScottHS7
Bower, TasmanHS7
Bower, ValmaHS7
Bowers, Allan29
Bowers, Anne [1826]209, 5
Bowers, Anne [1852]448
Bowers, Anne [1862]445
Bowers, Anne [1868]446
Bowers, Anne [1872]15
Bowers, Betsy [1830]392
Bowers, Betsy [1857]392
Bowers, Clara [1867]392
Bowers, Constance Annie [1890]167
Bowers, Crystal29
Bowers, Daniel29
Bowers, Diane29
Bowers, Dorothy Ethel505
Bowers, Edward John [1856]167
Bowers, Eli167
Bowers, Ellen [1847]167
Bowers, Ernest [1895]392
Bowers, Florrie [1880]167
Bowers, Frederick Percy [1892]392
Bowers, George Henry [1880]505
Bowers, Gladys29
Bowers, Harry [1887]167
Bowers, Henry A [1828]392
Bowers, Henry Edward [1860]392
Bowers, Henry [1888]392
Bowers, Irma29
Bowers, Isabella29
Bowers, James29
Bowers, Jane 'Betsy' [1852]392
Bowers, Joan29
Bowers, John29
Bowers, John William [1886]392
Bowers, Joseph [1880]505
Bowers, Julia Ann [1849]392
Bowers, June29
Bowers, Lee29
Bowers, Lillian29
Bowers, Lily [1889]392
Bowers, Linda29
Bowers, Lizzie [1869]167
Bowers, Lucy Ann [1871]167
Bowers, Mandy29
Bowers, Margery29
Bowers, Martha Ann505
Bowers, Mary [1855]392
Bowers, May29
Bowers, Minnie505
Bowers, Rachel29
Bowers, Raymond29
Bowers, Richard29
Bowers, Richard Meeson [1845]167
Bowers, Richard Meeson [1884]167
Bowers, Robert Charles [1874]167
Bowers, Robert Meeson [1899]167
Bowers, Ross29
Bowers, Roy29
Bowers, Ruby29
Bowers, Samuel Eli [1877]167
Bowers, Sarah Ann [1865]392
Bowers, Ukn209
Bowers, Unknown29
Bowers, William [1850]167
Bowers, William [1863]392
Bowes, Ann [1780]55
Bowker, Alice Cooke [1874]302
Bowker, John302
Bowker, John [1850]302
Bowlby, Thomas [1767]OR107002
Bowler, Elizabeth413
Bowler, John [1689/90]OR71780
Bowler, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bowler, Rev Mr [1772]OR8404
Bowles, Catherine167
Bowles, Dr Henry [1800]OR28516
Bowles, William Alvin [1886]167
Bowman, Charles [1772]OR8404
Bowman, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Bowne, Thomas [1689/90]OR71780
Bowns, ChristopherHS39
Bowns, Daryl ConradHS39
Bowns, EricHS39
Bowns, Paul GHS39
Bowns, Sarah BettyHS39
Bowns, Terence AHS39
Bowra, Thomas [1716]OR60810
Bowring, Richard [1762]OR304027
Bowtel, Philip [1684]OR226533
Bowyer, AliceHS98
Bowyer, Elizabeth AnnHS41
Bowyer, Florence ElizabethHS1
Bowyer, James [1626]OR25681
Bowyer, John38
Bowyer, John Wyndham [1767]OR107002
Bowyer, John [1629]67
Bowyer, John [1648]58, 91
Bowyer, Jonah [1661]OR25839
Bowyer, Jonathan [1661]OR25839
Bowyer, Rev John40
Bowyer, Rev [1631]OR25752
Bowyer, Sir John [1689]41, 68
Bowyer, Sir William [1639]67
Bowyer, Sir William [1640]40
Bowyer, Thomas [1661]OR25839
Bowyer, Thomas [1692]64
Bowyer, Unknown40
Bowyer, Unknown [1534]41
Box, Ralph [1717]OR60892
Box, Sir Ralph [1694]OR132135
Boxley, Anna ElizaHS47
Boxley, Elsie MayHS30
Boxwell, EdithHS30
Boyce, Lodowick [1791]OR90765
Boyce, Susannah [1765]OR317477
Boycot, Francis [1691/2]OR72310
Boycott, Benjamin [1771]OR321722
Boycott, Francis [1689/90]OR71780
Boycott, Francis [1690/1]OR72039
Boyd, William [1791]OR372576
Boyer, Ellen [1693]OR155562
Boyer, George [1791]OR87856
Boyer, Harlan Lee [1873]167
Boyer, Hugh Lee167
Boyer, John38
Boyer, Ruth Bailey167
Boylan, Bronagh24
Boyle, Sarah [1853]209, 5
Boyling, Mary AnneHS4
Boyntele, Thomas [1760]OR302048
Boynton, Sir Griffith [1768]OR7420
Bozier, Elizabeth [1675]OR26016
Braaten, Christina29
Braaten, James29
Brabam Francis [1691]OR72155
Brabam, Elizabeth [1691]OR72155
Brace, JaneHS175
Brace, Mary [1764]7
Brace, Mary [1784]6
Bracegirdle, Sarah [1780]91
Braching, William [1760]OR302048
Bradbury, Alice LetitiaHS108
Bradbury, AnneHS108
Bradbury, BertHS108
Bradbury, ClaraHS108
Bradbury, ElizabethHS108
Bradbury, EstherHS108
Bradbury, GeorgeHS108
Bradbury, HoraceHS108
Bradbury, J [1876]58
Bradbury, JohnHS108
Bradbury, John Thomas B Dunabin néHS108
Bradbury, John W342
Bradbury, Joseph509
Bradbury, Joseph [1909]510
Bradbury, LilyHS108
Bradbury, MaudHS108
Bradbury, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Bradbury, Philip BerryHS29
Bradbury, SarahHS108
Bradbury, Sarah Jane [1909]509, 510
Bradbury, SusannaHS108
Bradbury, T [1876]58
Bradbury, ThomasHS108
Bradbury, TomHS108
Bradbury, WesleyHS108
Bradbury, WilliamHS108
Bradbury, William [1869]58
Bradbury, William [1872]58
Bradbury, Willima [1807]21
Braddocke, Anthony [1672]OR25999
Braddocke, Margaret [1669/70]OR25972
Braddon, MellioreHS72
Bradford, White KnightOR75085
Bradhurts, Thomas [1767]82
Bradington, William [1765]OR317477
Bradley, Daniel [1772]OR8404
Bradley, Elizabeth209
Bradley, Geoffrey29
Bradley, Joshua29
Bradley, Mrs Elizabeth [1663]OR123805
Bradley, Mrs Mary [1663]OR123805
Bradley, Rev Oates [1630]OR25743
Bradley, Rev [1625/6]OR25666
Bradley, William [1709]OR226687
Bradner, William [1694]OR132135
Bradshaw, AlanHS39
Bradshaw, Ann [1688]OR62968
Bradshaw, Anthony [1689/90]OR71780
Bradshaw, Anthony [1690]OR71853
Bradshaw, David Ernest [1895]209, 5
Bradshaw, Elizabeth [1704]441
Bradshaw, Elizabeth [1726]OR74349
Bradshaw, Fiona Gillian172
Bradshaw, Gillian AHS39
Bradshaw, Jane Alice Sloggett néeHS33
Bradshaw, Joan [1615]OR25529
Bradshaw, Joan [1692]OR155559
Bradshaw, John [1726]OR74349
Bradshaw, Lucy [1684]OR226533
Bradshaw, Mr [1626]OR25681
Bradshaw, Richard32
Bradshaw, Samuel [1690]OR71835, OR71853
Bradshaw, Samuel [1692]OR72390
Bradshaw, Samuell [1689/90]OR71780
Bradshaw, Thomas [1615]OR25529
Bradshaw, Thomas [1767]OR107002
Bradshaw, William [1615]OR25529
Bradshaw, William [1771]10
Bradshawe, Christopher [1607]39
Bradshawe, John [1682]OR62908
Bradshawe, Richard32
Bradshow, Isaac [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bradwell, Mr John [1621]OR25602
Brady, Betty MargaretHS48
Braford, William [1612]OR25500
Bragg, MayHS4
Brain, Anne [1843]15
Brain, Hannah [1752]342
Brain, Mary [1750]5
Braint, John [1717]OR60892
Braithwait, Rev George [1791]OR90203
Bramall, Mary [1661]OR25839
Bramley, Edward [1716]OR60810
Brammar, Mary Anne [1855]209
Brammar, Unknown [1855]3
Brammel, Thomas [1769]62
Brampton, Sir John [1690/1]OR72039
Branch, Thomas [1762]OR304027
Brand, CarolineHS3
Brand, Elizabeth [1684]OR226533
Brand, Samuel [1762]OR304027
Brand, William [1760]OR302048
Brandenburg, Mrs A [1791]OR90765
Brandick, Esme482
Brandick, George482
Brandick, John Elliott482
Brandick, Mavis A482
Brandrick, Elsie May446
Brandrick, George446
Brands, Unknown29
Brane, Hannah [1752]209
Brankstones, George [1761]OR303863
Branson, Henry [1714]OR60023
Branson, Thomas [1762]OR233404
Branthwayt, A [1750-1], Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Brassell, Elizabeth Mary AnnHS33
Brassell, JohnHS33
Brassington, Henry [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brassington, Ralph [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brassington, Roland Charles209, 5
Brat, Mrs Anne [1689]OR124112
Bratt, Arthur [1858]20, 391
Bratt, Emily [1856]20, 391
Bratt, Henry [1829]391
Bratt, Henry [1853]391
Bratt, Henry [1854]20
Bratt, Joseph [1762]OR304109
Bratt, Unknown20, 209
Braun, UnknownHS1
Brawne, Charles [1689/90]OR71780
Brawne, Charles [1690/1]OR72039
Brawne, Charles [1690]OR71853
Brawne, Charles [1691/2]OR72286, OR72321
Brawne, Thomas [1678]OR11382
Bray, Elizabeth [1684]OR226533
Bray, John [1663]OR123805
Bray, Mr [1694]OR207808
Braye, MatildaHS72
Brazier, HildaHS105
Brearcliffe, Sarah [1670]209, 412
Breend, Charles H486
Breend, Helen L486
Brees, Margaret [1682]OR62908
Breese, Gilbert24
Breese, Phyllis [1899]24
Breese, Thomas [1682]OR62908
Breese, Trevor24
Breese, William G G [1896]24
Breese, William John [1873]24
Breeve, Charles [1770]OR321568
Bremelcombe, ElizabethHS72
Brent, Captain Thomas [1697]OR134003
Brent, Harold29
Brentall, George Moody71
Brentnall, George Moody167
Brentnall, Unknown [1837]12, 86
Brereton, Edmund [1680]OR62897
Brereton, Kenneth GHS38
Brereton, Sir William [1645]OR174399
Brereton, Sir William [1664]38
Brereton, Unknown39
Brerewood, Robert [1690/1]OR72039
Brerewood, Robert [1691/2]OR72286
Brescie, Benjamin [1693]OR155562
Brescie, Jonathan [1693]OR155562
Breterton, Katherine [1629]OR25726
Bretherton, Alice [1626]OR25681
Brett, Betsy AnnHS98
Brett, Mary [1684]OR226533
Brettall, Barry JHS39
Brettel, Lucy MatildaHS40
Brettell, Alice LHS39
Brettell, F S81
Brettell, Fred AHS39
Brettell, Jack EHS39
Brettell, JeanHS39
Brettell, Kathleen Gertrude Isobel167, 209, 81
Brewer, Barbara DateHS50
Brewer, Cornelius [1690]OR62977
Brewer, Debra LaurineHS1
Brewer, Mabel LHS4
Brewis, Barbara JHS4
Brewis, Dorothy AHS4
Brewis, Margaret JHS4
Brewis, Wilfred13, 209
Brewis, Wilfred CHS4
Brewster, Albert CHS30
Brewster, Catherine EHS29
Brewster, Thomas [1712]OR44507
Brian, Matilda487
Brick, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brickdale, Michael [1751]OR84289
Brickley, John [1791]OR90203
Bridge, Abraham [1621]OR25602
Bridge, Henry [1621]OR25602
Bridge, John [1762]OR304109
Bridge, Johnathan [1726]OR361814
Bridge, Rev [1642]OR25827
Bridger, Edward [1717]OR60892
Bridges, Brooke [1690]OR71828
Bridges, Richard [1793]OR373622
Bridgewood, Richard10
Bridiney, Thomas [1762]OR304027
Brien, Bruce29
Briggs, Augustine [1689/90]OR71780
Briggs, Augustine [1690]OR71835
Briggs, Joe209, 5
Briggs, Sarah [1771]OR321722
Briggs, Thomas JohnHS58
Brigham, William [1791]OR89035
Bright, Dr Richard Stonehewer [1863]109
Bright, Edward [1762]OR233404
Bright, Henry [1684]OR226533
Bright, Samuel [1793]OR373622
Brim, Mary Thelma167
Brindle, John [1615]OR25529
Brindle, Robert [1615]OR25529
Brindley, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brindley, James [1871]478
Brinkley, Marion13, HS4
Brinsley, Eliza JaneHS48
Briscoe, Alice [1640]OR25801
Briscoe, Anne [1625/6]OR25666
Briscoe, Anne [1626]OR25681
Briscoe, Richard [1685]OR62930
Briscoe, Unknown [1682]OR62908
Brise, Samuel [1709]OR226687
Brisrod, Daniel [1773]OR325692
Bristow, Mary [1684]OR226533
Bristow, Richard [1694]OR132135
Bristow, Robert Esquire [1709]OR226687
Britain, Joseph [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Britten, Miss [1800]OR28516
Britton, Sylvia MariaHS40
Brizley, Frances LouisaHS48
Broad, ElizabethHS176, HS177, HS178
Broad, MaryHS178
Broad, Mary [1684]OR226533
Broad, Sarah [1855]209
Broad, WilliamHS176, HS177, HS178
Broadbent, Alec [1880]35
Broadbent, Alice [1625/6]OR25666
Broade, Margaret105
Broade, Philip Barnes454, 81
Broadfiled, Edward [1791]OR90203
Broadgate, Ellen [1856]449
Broadhurst, Alice AdelaideHS4
Broadhurst, Dorothy Alice172
Broadhurst, Elizabeth [1782]55
Broadhurst, Francis [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Broadhurst, James [1716]OR60810
Broadhurst, John [1688]OR62968
Broadhurst, Sarah [1835]35
Broadhurst, Thomas [1716]OR60810
Broadhurst, Unknown209
Broadhurst, Unknown [1622]141
Broadhurst, William141, 209, 412
Broadley, John [1689/90]OR71780
Broadley, Miss Anna-Maria [1800]OR28516
Broadley, Peter [1800]OR28516
Broadley, Rev Robert [1800]OR28516
Broardhurst, Unknown209
Brocke, Philip [1675]OR26016
Brockett, John [1678]OR11382
Brocklehurst, Eliza30
Brocklehurst, Peter Pownall [1899]32
Brocklehurst, Philip Lancaster [1899]32
Brocklehurst, Sir Philip Lancaster [1870]32
Brocklehurst, Sir Philip Lee32
Brocklesby, John [1760]OR302048
Brockman, Ed167
Brockman, William [1694]OR132135
Brodbeck, Isabel HavenHS39
Brodhurst, Ann [1682]OR62908
Brodhurst, Edward [1669/70]OR25972
Brodhurst, Mary [1673]OR26004
Brodie, BenHS41
Brodie, BrianHS41
Brodie, DavidHS41
Brodie, HannahHS41
Brodie, Ludovick [1791]OR372576
Brodie, MichaelHS41
Brodie, PeterHS41
Brodie, SaraHS41
Brodie, ThomasHS41
Brodock, Richard [1356]67
Broens, James [1709]OR226687
Broke, Lord Willoughby de [1791]OR87268
Brombil, Robert [1751]OR84289
Bromehall, Frances [1684]OR226533
Bromewell, Isaac [1608]OR25458
Bromfield, Jeremiah [1626]OR25681
Bromley, Ann [1825]21
Bromley, Elizabeth [1684]OR226533
Bromley, George [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bromley, Jane [1610]OR25480
Bromley, Jane [1612]OR25500
Bromley, John [1765]OR317477
Bromley, Thomas [1761]OR303863
Bromley, William [1690]OR71853
Bromwell, MaryHS1
Bronkhurst, Agnes MaryHS5
Broodbank, Sir Joseph GuinessHS65
Brook, Adam391
Brook, Lesley Elisabeth391
Brook, Robert391
Brook, SophyHS179
Brook, Thomas [1762]OR304109
Brookbank, Miss [1800]OR28516
Brooke, Anne [1661]OR25839
Brooke, Isabel [1626]OR25681
Brooke, Jonathan [1726]OR74349
Brooke, Peter127
Brooke, Thomas [1631]OR25752
Brookeling, Thomas [1697]OR134003
Brooker, Joane [1609]60
Brookes, Edna MHS36
Brookes, Elizabeth [1690]OR62977
Brookes, Ethel IHS36
Brookes, JamesHS39
Brookes, John WHS36
Brookes, Lily DHS36
Brookes, Madge JHS36
Brookes, Raymond SHS36
Brookes, Richard [1665/6]OR25917
Brookes, Robert [1762]OR304027
Brookes, William [1771]OR321722
Brookesbank, Mrs Elizabeth [1692]OR124243
Brookesbank, William [1692]OR124243
Brooks, AdrianHS1
Brooks, AnnHS40, HS25, HS180, HS181
Brooks, Betty451
Brooks, ClaireHS1
Brooks, ElizabethHS40, HS181
Brooks, JohnHS181
Brooks, John [1726]OR74349
Brooks, Joseph [1726]OR74349
Brooks, MaryHS40, HS181, HS182
Brooks, Mr Samuel [1791]OR90765
Brooks, NigelHS29
Brooks, Paul391
Brooks, RichardHS1
Brooks, SylviaHS40, HS181
Brooks, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Brooksbank, Mr S [1791]OR90765
Broom, John [1755]OR299269
Broome, Robert [1615]OR25529
Broomes, John [1762]OR304109
Broomes, Unknown538
Broster, Emma [1858]5
Broster, Margaret [1661]OR25839
Brothersen, Alten Rulene167
Brotherston, James [1762]OR304027
Brough, Madeleine29
Brough, Thomas [1830]91
Broughall, Elizabeth [1809]209
Broughall, Elizabeth [1817]171
Broughall, Robert [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Broughton, AlisonHS39
Broughton, Brian [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Broughton, Bridget [1712]91
Broughton, Bridget [1714]91
Broughton, Bryan [1791]OR87268
Broughton, John [1663]OR25863
Broughton, JospehOR75085
Broughton, Mr G [1791]OR90765
Broughton, Thomas [1689]OR71615
Browe, Robert [1692]OR155559
Brown, Aaron [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brown, Abel [1705]OR361485
Brown, Abigail RuthHS1
Brown, AdrianHS4
Brown, Alex550
Brown, AmeliaHS73, HS183, HS74, HS184, HS185
Brown, Ann [1709]OR226687
Brown, Anne [1608]OR25458
Brown, Annie JaneHS107, HS33, HS106
Brown, AnthonyHS1
Brown, Bella29
Brown, C50
Brown, Carol29
Brown, CarolineHS73, HS183, HS74, HS185
Brown, Charles413
Brown, Cyril29
Brown, Derrick HughHS71
Brown, Dianne ElizabethHS1
Brown, Dr N E486
Brown, Edward [1698]OR129890
Brown, Eleanor [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brown, Elizabeth [1621]OR25602
Brown, Elizabeth [1625/6]OR25666
Brown, Elizabeth [1716]27
Brown, Ellen413
Brown, Ernest Henry 'Johnny'HS4
Brown, Florence M [1899]413
Brown, Francis [1761]OR303863
Brown, Gaynor KathlynHS36
Brown, George Buxton [1791]OR89035
Brown, George [1791]OR90203
Brown, Gordon544
Brown, Grant29
Brown, HannahHS74, HS184
Brown, Humprey [1770]OR321568
Brown, Irene Margaret167
Brown, James [1755]OR299269
Brown, James [1791]OR90203
Brown, Jane [1615]OR25529
Brown, Jeremiah [1771]OR321722
Brown, JohnHS1
Brown, John [1788]9
Brown, John [1791]OR87856
Brown, Josiah413
Brown, LindaHS4
Brown, MaryHS30
Brown, Mr [1753]OR105702
Brown, Muriel29
Brown, NeilHS39
Brown, Nicole29
Brown, Pansy Beatrice Houldsworth néeHS30
Brown, Richard [1613]OR25508
Brown, Richard [1716]OR60810
Brown, RobertHS1
Brown, Robert [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brown, SelinaHS73, HS183, HS74, HS184
Brown, ShelleyHS4
Brown, StaceyHS4
Brown, ThomasHS183, HS184, HS185
Brown, Thomas [1761]OR233344
Brown, Thomas [1771]OR321722
Brown, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brown, Thomas and HannahHS184
Brown, Tom391
Brown, Unknown167, 29, HS4
Brown, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Brown, VeraHS98
Brown, Vernon29
Brown, Walter [1761]OR233344
Brown, WilliamHS1
Brown, William StevenHS33
Brown, William [1768]OR244802
Brown, William [1771]OR321722
Brown, William [1772]OR325394
Brown, William [1793]OR373622
Brownbill, Alexander [1771]OR321722
Browne, Anne [1665/6]OR25917
Browne, Charles [1689/90]OR71780
Browne, Charles [1690]OR71853
Browne, Christine451
Browne, Daniel [1675]OR26016
Browne, Edward [1714]OR80998
Browne, Gerard [1642]OR25827
Browne, Hester [1684]OR226533
Browne, J Hawkins [1791]OR87268
Browne, John [1615]OR25529
Browne, Judith [1684]OR226533
Browne, Matthew [1669]OR25970
Browne, Mr [1754]OR105702
Browne, Thomas [1689/90]OR71780
Browne, Thomas [1689]OR71615, OR71676
Browne, Thomas [1690]OR71853
Browne, Thomas [1691/2]OR72286
Browne, Thomas [1691]OR72187, OR72204
Browne, Thomas [1694]OR207808
Browne, Thomas [1716]OR60810
Browne, Thomas [1727]OR361874
Brownent, John [1690]OR62977
Browning, Bertram Joseph209
Browning, Catherine146
Browning, Christopher209
Browning, John [1762]OR304027
Browning, Julie Elizabeth209
Browning, Percy146
Browning, Rosalind146
Browning, William [1713]OR59865
Brownlow, Ellen [1621]OR25602
Brownlow, Emma [1629]OR25726
Brownlow, Sir William [1705]OR160455
Brownsword, Daniel [1713]OR80373
Browster, George [1682]OR62908
Broxton, Thomas [1793]OR373622
Bruce, Gwendoline391
Bruce, Jean Cousin Howie413
Bruce, Martha RebeccaHS34
Bruce, Mr [1752]OR105702
Bruch, Hamnett [1625/6]OR25666
Bruckman, MichelleHS7
Bruckshawe, Catherine [1675]OR26016
Bruere, Goul [1791]OR90765
Bruffall, Elizabeth [1847]470
Brumpsted, Thomas [1689]OR71676
Brundrett, James [1640]OR25801
Brundrett, Thomas [1682]OR62908
Brunner, Sidney [1690/1]OR72039
Brunt, Robert [1778]21
Brunt, Sarah209
Brunt, Sarah [1707]71
Brunt, William [1691/2]OR72286
Brunter, Derby [1794]439
Brunton, Anthony JHS97
Brunton, Catherine Edith 'Kitty'HS97
Brunton, Christine MHS97
Brunton, DavidHS97
Brunton, David JohnHS97
Brunton, James [1709]OR226687
Brunton, Michael DHS97
Brunton, Moira JHS97
Bruyn, Amber Joan147
Bruyn, Caitlin Hannah147
Bruyn, Christopher147
Bruyn, Shane147
Bruze, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bruze, Samuel [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bryan, Ann [1713]OR80373
Bryan, Catherine [1689]OR124112
Bryan, Matthew [1713]OR80373
Bryant, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Bryant, Mr [1799]OR9098
Bryce, AnnHS1
Bryce, Rev P486
Bryce, Rev P P486
Brydges, Kempe [1791]OR87268
Bsrly, JohnOR75085
Buch, William [1765]OR317477
Buchan, Jon29
Buchan, Victoria29
Buchan, William29
Buchanan, Unknown167
Buck, Robert [1714]OR80998
Buckeridge, Edmund [1691]OR72204
Buckingham, Owen [1694]OR132135
Buckley, David [1886]483, 5
Buckley, Elizabeth12, 86
Buckley, Elizabeth [1762/3]OR304109
Buckley, Elizabeth [1894]5
Buckley, Ethel Winnifred [1898]5
Buckley, Fanny5
Buckley, Francis Bernard [1889]5
Buckley, Francis [1610]OR25480
Buckley, Frederick [1895]5
Buckley, George [1690]OR62977
Buckley, George [1879]5
Buckley, Henry [1713]OR59865
Buckley, James [1830]91
Buckley, James [1833]75
Buckley, Jason John147
Buckley, John James [1882]5
Buckley, John [1713]OR59865
Buckley, John [1857]5
Buckley, John [1886]483
Buckley, Joseph [1709]OR165680
Buckley, Kevin147
Buckley, Margaret [1642]OR25827
Buckley, Mary Theresa [1878]5
Buckley, Mary [1621]OR25602
Buckley, Norman483
Buckley, Percy Aloyseus [1892]5
Buckley, Priscilla [1608/9]OR25462
Buckley, Richard [1681]OR62901
Buckley, Rowland [1705]OR160455
Buckley, Shawn147
Buckley, Simon147
Buckley, Thomas [1609/10]OR25472
Buckley, Thomas [1897]5
Buckley, William Henry [1887]5
Buckley, William [1692]OR155559
Buckmaster, George John44
Buckmaster, Hugo Denis44
Buckmaster, Rachel Cicely May44
Buckmaster, Simon John44
Bucknall, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bucknell, Cyril DanHS37
Bucknell, DanielHS37
Bucknell, Elsie MariaHS37
Bucknell, Eunice AnnieHS37
Bucknell, Lois NaomiHS37
Bucknell, Winifred AmyHS37
Bucknum, Everett Edwin [1891]167
Bucknum, Jack Everett167
Bucknum, Jean F167
Budonis, Algis172
Budonis, Richard172
Buffery, MaryHS186
Buffett, NicoleHS7
Buffkin, Ralph [1694]OR132135
Bugg, Bernard MHS97
Bugg, Dennis CHS97
Bugg, Elsie JaneHS97
Bugg, Henry CharlesHS97
Bugg, JamesHS97
Bugg, James AmbroseHS97
Bugg, James G VHS97
Bugg, Jean EHS97
Bugg, Pamela MHS97
Bugg, PhyllisHS97
Bugg, Robert FrancisHS97
Bugg, Sarah LouiseHS97
Buggins, John [1694]OR132135
Bukie, Elizabeth27
Bull, Catherine [1851]209
Bull, Elizabeth [1791]OR90203
Bull, Henry [1765]OR317477
Bull, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Bull, Luke [1716]OR60810
Bull, Mr D [1791]OR90765
Buller, James [1800]OR28516
Buller, M [1791]OR90765
Buller, Mr [1791]OR90765
Buller, Samuel [1726]OR74349
Bullock, Hannah [1771]55
Bullock, Louisa Elizabeth [1873]351, 5
Bullock, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Bullock, Mr [1753]OR105702
Bullock, Percy [1887]351, 5
Bullock, Sarah Louisa [1890]351, 5
Bullock, Zephimah [1867]351, 5
Bullough, John [1631]OR25752
Bulmer, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Bulpit, Ciel Edward209
Bumpas, John [1762]OR304027
Bungay, Archie172
Bungay, Edith172
Bungay, Marcella Anne209, HS4
Bungie, William [1791]OR372576
Bunker, Ann [1689]OR124112
Bunn, GordonHS100
Bunn, HazelHS100
Bunn, Mary Ann [1838]209, 3
Bunn, Walter JohnHS100
Bunne, Charles [1631]OR25752
Bunting, Unknown50
Burbank, Adell Lindsay [1879]167
Burch, DorothyHS39
Burch, William [1767]OR107002
Burche, Hugh [1669]OR25970
Burches, Mr David [1630]OR25743
Burches, Mr David [1631]OR25752
Burches, Mr Richard [1629]OR25726
Burches, Mr [1609/10]OR25472
Burches, Rev David [1630]OR25743
Burcomb, Dorothy [1689]OR124112
Burdon, John [1705]OR160455
Burgeney, Mary [1688]OR62968
Burges, Catherine [1640]OR25801
Burges, Joan [1615]OR25529
Burges, Richard531
Burges, Richard [1609/10]OR25472
Burges, Thomas [1610]OR25480
Burgess, Henry [1612]OR25500
Burgess, Linda1002
Burgess, Lynda209
Burgess, Marguerite Ada 'Rita'HS50
Burgess, Richard [1734]9
Burgess, Thomas Liddell [1853]3
Burgesse, Catherine [1693]OR155562
Burgesse, Richard [1693]OR155562
Burgis, Thomas [1709]OR226687
Burgoyne, Me Montagu [1791]OR90765
Burgoyne, Sir Roger [1772]OR7530
Burk, William [1693]OR155562
Burke, Brandy29
Burke, Chris29
Burke, Mark29
Burland, C M [1800]OR28516
Burland, Miss [1800]OR28516
Burleay, William [1760]OR302048
Burley, Ellenor [1684]OR226533
Burley, Euphami [1726]OR74349
Burley, Margaret MiriamHS48
Burn, Willima [1608]OR25458
Burnaby, Mr [1754]OR105702
Burnaby, Richard [1689/90]OR71780
Burnby, Richard [1690]OR71853
Burne, Jesse209, 391
Burne, Maria391
Burne, Unknown29
Burne, William209, 412
Burne, William [1702]141
Burneby, Richard [1689/90]OR71780
Burneby, Richard [1690]OR71853
Burneby, Richard [1691/2]OR72321
Burneby, Richard [1691]OR72204
Burnet, James [1766]OR107001
Burnett, Maida13
Burnett, Maida Euphemia Kerr209, HS4
Burnett, Sarah [1867]342
Burnett, William [1771]OR321722
Burney, Charles [1791]OR90765
Burney, James [1791]OR90203
Burningham, Dorothy [1684]OR226533
Burns, Calvin29
Burns, Doris29
Burns, Geoffrey29
Burns, John29
Burns, Julie29
Burns, Michael29
Burns, Susan29
Burr, Joan [1652]OR21354
Burr, Thomas [1652]OR21354
Burrell, Ann29
Burrell, Betty Ann29
Burrell, John [1652]OR21354
Burrell, John [1691/2]OR72321
Burrell, June29
Burrell, Margaret [1652]OR21354
Burrell, Raymond29
Burrell, Rick29
Burrell, Sandra29
Burrell, Sir W [1791]OR90765
Burrell, Unknown29
Burron, Arthur [1630]OR25743
Burroughs, Mary [1665/6]OR25917
Burrowes, Edward [1672]OR25999
Burrowes, Sarah [1675]OR26016
Burrows, Anne [1640]OR25801
Burrows, Charles [1791]OR90203
Burrows, John [1731]OR74947
Burrows, Robert [1716]OR60810
Burrows, Sarah [1731]OR74947
Burscough, John [1625/6]OR25666
Burslem, Mary [1648]63
Bursset, Robert [1652]OR21354
Burssey, Elizabeth [1652]OR21354
Burton, Amy Selina WHS39
Burton, Bartholomew [1694]OR207808
Burton, Batholomew [1694]OR207805
Burton, Bridget [1652]OR21354
Burton, Dorothy [1652]OR21354
Burton, Edward [1652]OR21354
Burton, Ellen [1652]OR21354
Burton, EllinorHS187
Burton, Hannah167
Burton, Helen Barr5
Burton, Hellen Barr209
Burton, Jane [1652]OR21354
Burton, John [1610]OR25480
Burton, John [1652]OR21354
Burton, Judith [1652]OR21354
Burton, Lancelot [1691/2]OR72286, OR72321
Burton, Margaret [1652]OR21354
Burton, Mary [1652]OR21354
Burton, Philip [1691]OR11906
Burton, Robert [1790 - 1797]OR89606
Burton, Rowland [1652]OR21354
Burton, Thomas [1652]OR21354
Burton, Thomas [1791]OR90765
Burton, William [1767]OR107002
Burtonwood, Mr [1626]OR25681
Burtonwood, Rev [1625/6]OR25666
Burwell, Amos [1714]OR60023
Burwell, Francis [1652]OR21354
Burwick, Alice [1626]OR25681
Bury, Edmund [1673]OR26004
Bury, Francis [1642]OR25827
Bury, Henry [1673]OR26004
Bury, Joanna [1652]OR21354
Bury, John [1652]OR21354
Bury, Symon [1652]OR21354
Bury, William [1672]OR25999
Busby, Charles Henry457
Busby, Harriet457
Buse, ThomasHS188
Busfield, Thomas [1717]OR60892
Busfield, William [1717]OR60892
Bush, Abigail [1652]OR21354
Bush, Abraham [1652]OR21354
Bush, Gabriel [1652]OR21354
Bush, Thomas [1670]OR122154
Bushell, Edward [1709]OR165680
Bushell, Ellen [1608/9]OR25462
Bushell, Jane [1663]OR25863
Bushell, John [1709]OR165680
Bushell, Roger [1608]OR25458
Buss, Edward [1713]OR59865
Buss, F E29
Busse, Frances [1652]OR21354
Busse, Richard [1652]OR21354
Busse, Walter [1652]OR21354
Bussell, Richard [1751]OR84289
Bustocke, Margaret [1681]OR62901
Butcher, Ann [1772]OR325394
Butcher, AnneHS48
Butcher, Elizabeth [1652]OR21354
Butcher, FrancesHS189
Butcher, JamesHS48
Butcher, MaryHS48
Butcher, Matilda Caroline [1826]27
Butcher, SarahHS48, HS30
Butcher, ThomasHS30
Butcher, WilliamHS48
Butcher, William [1652]OR21354
Butcher, William [1713]OR80373
Butker, Anne [1652]OR21354
Butler, AnneHS190
Butler, ArthurHS30
Butler, Douglas29
Butler, Elizabeth [1652]OR21354
Butler, Frances [1652]OR21354
Butler, George511
Butler, George [1652]OR21354
Butler, Gregory [1652]OR21354
Butler, James [1652]OR21354
Butler, John [1652]OR21354
Butler, John [1691]OR72204
Butler, Katherine [1630]OR25743
Butler, Kenneth29
Butler, Linda29
Butler, Mary [1772]OR8404
Butler, Michael29
Butler, Mr127
Butler, Mr John [1791]OR90765
Butler, Mr [1753]OR105702
Butler, Mr [1754]OR105702
Butler, PatriciaHS4
Butler, Richard [1691/2]OR72286
Butler, Richard [1691]OR72204
Butler, Sarah [1652]OR21354
Butler, Stephen29
Butler, Stephen [1652]OR21354
Butler, Thomas [1652]OR21354
Butler, Unknown29
Butler, William [1608]OR25458
Butler, William [1652]OR21354
Butlet, John [1793]OR373622
Butry, Mary [1718]442
Butson, Catherine [1652]OR21354
Butson, Richard [1652]OR21354
Butterfeild, Dorothy [1652]OR21354
Butterfeild, Robert [1652]OR21354
Butterfeild, Thomas [1652]OR21354
Butterfield, Charles Ovid167
Butterworth, Edmund [1692]OR155559
Butterworth, Ellen [1885]3
Butterworth, Jane [1663]OR25863
Butterworth, John [1625/6]OR25666
Buttery, Frances [1609/10]OR25472
Buttler, JohnHS72
Button, Sally391
Buxton, Bertha A EHS48
Buxton, Daniel [1832]413
Buxton, Eleanor SelinaHS48
Buxton, Elizabeth Ann [1857]413
Buxton, Elizabeth V [1861]413
Buxton, Ellen SHS48
Buxton, Hannah [1825]413
Buxton, JamesHS29
Buxton, Jane [1837]413
Buxton, JohnHS29
Buxton, John [1785]5
Buxton, Louisa [1866]413
Buxton, Mary AHS48
Buxton, Mary Jane [1860]413
Buxton, Mary [1839]413
Buxton, NorahHS48
Buxton, RowlandHS48
Buxton, Sarah E [1862]413
Buxton, SidneyHS48
Buxton, SimeonHS48
Buxton, Thomas [1810]413
Buxton, Walter Joseph JHS48
Buxton, William [1835]413
Byard, Bartholomew [1652]OR21354
Byard, Isabel [1652]OR21354
Byass, Mr [1752]OR105702
Byatt, Hannah413
Bydulphe, Francis38
Bye, Joan [1652]OR21354
Byerley, Anthony [1652]OR21354
Byerley, Elizabeth [1652]OR21354
Byerley, Robert [1652]OR21354
Byerly, Mary [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Byers, Andrew29
Byers, Carl29
Byers, Linda29
Byers, William H486
Byfield, John [1791]OR90765
Byfield, William [1791]OR89035
Byford, Henry D HHS98
Byggdin, Ralph Eugena209
Bygrave, Agnes CarolineHS191
Bygrave, Agnes LizzyHS191
Bygrave, ArthurHS191
Bygrave, Caroline529
Bygrave, FrederickHS191
Bygrave, Frederick [1829]16
Bygrave, GeorgeHS191
Bygrave, HilleryHS191
Bygrave, JamesHS191
Bygrave, WilliamHS191
Byles, Nathaniel [1652]OR21354
Byles, Susan [1652]OR21354
Byng, Hon John [1800]OR28516
Byng, Hon Miss [1800]OR28516
Byng, KevinHS30
Byng, Miss Bridget Augusta Forrest [1800]OR28516
Bynner, Henry [1716]OR81297
Byott, John [1705]OR361485
Byrch, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Byrne, JohnHS7
Byrne, Michael [1772]OR8404
Byrom, George [1642]OR25827
Byrom, Henry [1629]OR25726
Byrom, Menry [1675]OR26016
Byron, Hugh [1652]OR21354
Byron, Joan [1688]OR62968
Byron, John Lord [1645]OR174400
Byron, Lord William [1692]OR124243
Byron, Sir Nicholas [1645]OR174400
Byron, Unknown39
Byron, the Hon Catherine [1682]OR124243
Byrt, GlenysHS4
Byshop, RichardHS14
Cadbury, Elizabeth Ursula44
Cadbury, George [1839]44
Cadbury, John [1801]44
Caddey, MarthaHS48
Caddick, Henry [1615]OR25529
Caddick, Jane [1615]OR25529
Caddocke, Rwebecca [1680]OR62897
Cade, EbenezerHS51
Cade, EdithHS51
Cade, EdwardHS51
Cade, Harry ArthurHS51
Cade, JohnHS51
Cade, John [1652]OR21354
Cade, JonathanHS51
Cade, JosephHS51
Cade, LouisaHS51
Cade, MarkHS51
Cade, MaryHS51
Cade, Mary [1712]OR44507
Cade, Nathaniel [1712]OR44507
Cade, ReubenHS51
Cade, RobertHS51
Cade, Robert [1652]OR21354
Cade, SusanHS51
Cade, WilliamHS51
Cade, William [1712]OR44507
Cadelle, Cyrus [1762]OR304027
Cadman, Eliza Ann413
Cadman, JaneHS100
Cadman, John [1770]OR321568
Cadman, Sir James50
Cadwallader, MarthaHS48
Caffala, AthanasinsHS192
Cage, Lettice [1652]OR21354
Cage, Margaret [1652]OR21354
Cage, Toby [1652]OR21354
Cain, Bess351, 5
Caine, Annie501
Caine, ElizabethHS98
Caine, John [1899]5, 501
Caine, Joseph501
Caine, Joseph [1869]501
Caine, Joseph [1870]209, 5
Caine, Mary Winnifred501
Caine, William501
Caird, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Cakebread, WilliamOR75085
Calamy, John [1690]OR71835, OR71853
Calamy, Jonathan [1689/90]OR71780
Calcot, Philip [1610]OR25480
Calcott, Joshua10
Calcroft, John [1760]OR302048
Caldcot, Elizabeth [1669]OR25970
Caldecott, Henry [1652]OR21354
Caldecott, John [1675]OR26016
Caldecott, Lound [1652]OR21354
Caldwall, Robert [1768]OR244802
Caley, Margaret3
Calkin, William [1680]OR62897
Callaghan, Patrick THS4
Callahan, DenisHS193
Callard, Henry [1652]OR21354
Callard, Thomas [1652]OR21354
Callender, MarieHS4
Callis, Jeffery [1652]OR21354
Callis, John [1652]OR21354
Callister, RalphHS37
Callister, RichardHS37
Callister, VeronicaHS37
Callow, EvelynHS4
Callow, George4
Callow, JohnHS4
Callow, LilianHS4
Callow, Rhoda [1833]4
Callow, William209, HS4
Callow, William JohnHS4
Callowe, Margaret [1652]OR21354
Calveley, Ellen [1612]OR25500
Calverley, Margaret [1625/6]OR25666
Calyton, Sir Robert [1694]OR132135
Cam, Mr [1753]OR105702
Cam, William [1716]OR60810
Cambey, D [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Cambridge, Edmund [1652]OR21354
Cambridge, John [1652]OR21354
Cambridge, Riched [1652]OR21354
Camell, Edward [1773]OR325692
Camoys, 2nd Baron [1426]41
Campbell, Bruce W486
Campbell, Commissioner [1800]OR28516
Campbell, Elizabeth Marlyn14
Campbell, Fred A486
Campbell, John [1791]OR87856
Campbell, Lord Frederick [1767]OR107002
Campbell, Miss [1800]OR28516
Campbell, Rev A486
Campbell, Right Hon Carolina [1767]OR107002
Campion, Abraham [1652]OR21354
Campion, Richard [1652]OR21354
Campion, William [1652]OR21354
Campion, William [1694]OR132135
Campling, Phyllis May209
Canary, Mabel Irene [1889]5
Candland, Zoy [1893]167
Candlin, Ann172
Candlin, Benjamin172
Candlin, Bridget [1824]172
Candlin, Elizabeth172
Candlin, George172
Candlin, Joseph172
Candlin, Juliot172
Candlin, Margaret172
Candlin, Mary172
Candlin, Mary [1817]172
Candlin, Richard172
Candlin, Sarah172
Candlin, Susannah172
Canham, Thomas [1709]OR165680
Canning, Richard [1726]OR74349
Canning, Right Hon George [1800]OR28516
Cannon, Daniel [1714]OR80998
Cannon, TeresaHS37
Cant, Constantine [1712]OR44507
Cantrell, William [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Canwell, John [19 March 21 James I (1624)]OR156926
Canwell, Margaret [19 March 21 James I (1624)]OR156926
Cape, Sarah489
Capes, HannahHS194
Capper, Charles209
Capper, Eleanore [1807]209
Capper, Elle [1807]209
Cappur, Priscilla [1672/3]OR25999
Capsey, Willima [1791]OR90203
Card, Laura29
Card, Lorraine PHS29
Cardale, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Cardross, Lord [1767]OR107002
Careles, GeorgeHS195, HS196, HS197
Careles, KatherineHS195, HS196, HS197
Careles, LewesHS196
Careles, MaryHS195, HS196, HS197
Carelesse, AnnHS198, HS195, HS199
Carelesse, ElizabethHS198, HS195, HS199
Carelesse, IsabellHS199
Carelesse, IsabellaHS198, HS195, HS199
Carelesse, KatherineHS197
Carelesse, ThomasHS195, HS196, HS197
Carew, Richard [1691]OR72204
Carey, Samuel [1717]OR61086
Carkamole, William [1771]OR321722
Carlisle, Mr [1800]OR28516
Carmichael, Brenda29
Carmichael, John29
Carmichael, Sharyl29
Carnal, Lavinia [1847]209
Carnall, Joseph487
Carnall, Lavinia [1847]351, 487, 5
Carnall, Martha [1881]487
Carney, Edward [1755]OR299269
Carns, John [1751]OR84289
Carpenter, AlleynHS1
Carpenter, AmeliaHS1
Carpenter, AudreyHS1
Carpenter, EirlysHS1
Carpenter, Frances NathanHS1
Carpenter, Henry [1761]OR233344
Carpenter, IrvingHS1
Carpenter, Kathleen NancyHS1
Carpenter, Leonard GeorgeHS1
Carpenter, MaureenHS1
Carpenter, NathanHS1
Carpenter, SandraHS1
Carpenter, SusannahHS1
Carpenter, Thomas GordonHS1
Carpenter, Unknown29
Carr, Amy [1882]5
Carr, Captain [1772]OR8404
Carr, Cuthbert [1691/2]OR72286
Carr, Eleanor [1886]5
Carr, Elizabeth [1691]OR72204
Carr, Elizabeth [1854]5
Carr, Gertrude [1857]5
Carr, Grace [1691]OR72204
Carr, Hannah [1855]5
Carr, Jane [1884]5
Carr, JohnHS200
Carr, John [1851]5
Carr, Jonathon [1826]5
Carr, Maria [1858]5
Carr, MaryHS201, HS200, HS202
Carr, Mary [1691]OR72204
Carr, NancyHS39
Carr, Reuben [1857]5
Carr, William [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Carre, Thomas [1663]OR25863
Carre, Thomas [1669/70]OR25972
Carrington, Joan [1642]OR25827
Carrington, Leslie WilliamHS48
Carsen, Margaret JaneHS5
Carstairs, Nora391
Carswell, Selina JaneHS4
Carswell, Virginia Peggy AnneHS1
Carter, Benjamin [1682]OR124243
Carter, Daniel [1717]OR60892
Carter, Elizabeth30
Carter, Ellen [1631]OR25752
Carter, Joan [1669]OR25970
Carter, John B167
Carter, John [1625/6]OR25666
Carter, John [1661]OR25839
Carter, John [1690]OR71835
Carter, John [1762]OR233404
Carter, Mary [1772]OR325394
Carter, Mr Cornelius James [1800]OR28516
Carter, Richard [1688]OR62968
Carter, Samuel [1691]OR11906
Carter, Unknown167
Carter, William [1768]OR244802
Carteret, Abraham [1714]OR60023
Carterm W [1791]OR90765
Cartland, Beatrice [1878]109
Cartland, William Waldby [1872]11
Cartlidge, Amy [1838]209
Cartlidge, Ann [1836]209
Cartlidge, Daniel [1839]209
Cartlidge, Eliza [1846]209
Cartlidge, Ellen [1827]209
Cartlidge, John209
Cartlidge, John [1839]209
Cartlidge, Selina [1842]209
Cartlidge, Thomas [1832]209
Cartlidge, William [1833]209
Cartright, HannahHS203
Cartwright, Ann [1680]OR62897
Cartwright, Anne39
Cartwright, Anne [1610]OR25480
Cartwright, Anne [1654]19
Cartwright, CharlesHS204
Cartwright, Cornelius [1805]209
Cartwright, John552
Cartwright, John [1625/6]OR25666
Cartwright, John [1665/6]OR25917
Cartwright, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Cartwright, Maria [1812]209
Cartwright, Mary209
Cartwright, Mary Ann [1809]209
Cartwright, Richard [1642]OR25827
Cartwright, Richard [1669]OR25970
Cartwright, Sarah171, HS204
Cartwright, Sarah [1811]209
Cartwright, Srah209
Cartwright, Superintendent453
Cartwright, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Cartwright, William [1684]OR226533
Cartwright, William [1765]OR317477
Cartwright, Zachariah209
Cartyant, Benjamin [1689]OR71615
Caruthers, Capt [1800]OR28516
Caruthers, Mrs [1800]OR28516
Cary, John [1694]OR132135
Cary, Walter [1684]OR226533
Casa, John [1768]OR244802
Case, EmilyHS50
Case, Rev William [1631]OR25752
Cash, Alfred GeorgeHS30
Cash, Ellen [1613]OR25508
Cash, Mary Jane44
Cash, Mary [1692]OR155559
Cason, John [1694]OR132135
Cass, John [1705]OR361485
Casson, Mary [1680]OR62897
Casswell, Andrew DavidHS39
Casswell, Bradley PhilipHS39
Casswell, BrianHS39
Casswell, CarolineHS39
Casswell, Christine AnneHS39
Casswell, Georgia ClaireHS39
Casswell, MartynHS39
Casswell, Philip MartynHS39
Castellano, John Christopher167
Castleton, Mary [1673]OR26004
Caswell, Mr Timothy [1791]OR90765
Catchpoole Elizabeth [1705]OR160455
Cater, Benjamin [1762]OR233404
Cater, John [1772]OR8404
Catesby, Bridget442
Catesby, Clifton442
Cathrall, John [1685]OR62930
Catlin, William [1663]OR25863
Catmure, Thomas [1716]OR60810
Cato, Alexander [1791]OR372576
Caton, David MelvaHS4
Caton, Michael Peter LearHS4
Caton, Peter CyrilHS4
Caton, Sally JeanHS4
Caton, Thomas PeterHS4
Catt, Robert [1709]OR226687
Cattell, Jeremy [1720]OR61773
Cattell, Thomas [1720]OR61773
Catterall, Alice [1630]OR25743
Catterell, Bartholomew [1609/10]OR25472
Caunter, John [1693]OR207588
Cave, Miss [1766]OR107001
Cave, Sir Thomas [1766]OR107001
Cavendish, Mrs [1791]OR90765
Cawdrey, Zachariah [1663]OR25863
Cawdron, Henry [1714]OR60023
Cawdron, John [1714]OR60023
Cawsey, Elizabeth [1709]OR226687
Cawthorp, William [1689]OR71681
Cawthorpe, William [1689/90]OR71780
Cawthorpe, William [1690/1]OR72039
Cawthorpe, William [1690]OR71835, OR71853
Cawthorpe, William [1691/2]OR72321
Cawthorpe, William [1692]OR72390
Cawthrop, Willima [1689]OR71676
Caxton, Miles [1765]OR317477
Cay, Mr [1752]OR105702
Cay, Robert [1772]OR325394
Caygill, Miss [1768]OR7420
Cayley, William [1766]OR107001
Cazier, Camille167
Cecil, Henry [1689]OR71681
Cervante, Henry [1791]OR90765
Chad, Mr G [1791]OR90765
Chaddock, EdwardHS39
Chaddock, John [1625/6]OR25666
Chaddock, Joseph [1844]45, 497
Chaddock, Rev [1629]OR25726
Chaddock, Thomas [1779]95
Chaderon, Robert [1681]OR62901
Chadler, Rev Colin486
Chadweeke, James [1694]OR132135
Chadwick, Alice486
Chadwick, Elizabeth [1610]OR25480
Chadwick, Gabriel [1608/9]OR25462
Chadwick, Jordan [1615]OR25529
Chadwick, Richard [1642]OR25827
Chadwick, Roger [1608/9]OR25462
Chadwick, SarahHS205
Chadwick, Unknown486
Chaffings, Josiah [1760]OR302048
Chalke, SarahHS48
Challand, Robert [1791]OR90765
Challenor, Jane [1608/9]OR25462
Challenor, R [1879]58
Challinor, John [1847]104
Challinor, Unknown [1815]91
Challinor, Unknown [1869]104
Chalmers, Annie486
Chalmers, William486
Chaloner, Arthur [1684]OR226533
Chamber, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Chamberlain, IreneHS4
Chamberlain, John [1705]OR361485
Chambers, Anne [1670]OR122154
Chambers, Archie DHS4
Chambers, Catherine Ruth24
Chambers, Ellen [1608]OR25458
Chambers, Huw24
Chambers, John [1751]OR84289
Chambers, MaryHS1
Chambers, Morgan John24
Chambers, Richard Morgan24
Chambers, Richard [1690]OR71835
Chamerleyne, Charles [1694]OR132135
Chamoux, Anthony [1714]OR60023
Chamoux, Diana [1714]OR60023
Champion, John [1760]OR302048
Champion, Thomas [1683]32
Champion, Thomas [1691/2]OR72286
Champness, Lucy EllenHS1
Champneys, Sir Thomas [1768]OR7420
Champneys, Thomas [1766]OR107001
Chance, MarthaHS174
Chancellor, Mr [1609/10]OR25472
Chandler, AnneHS206
Chandler, Anthony351
Chandler, Carol VHS29
Chandler, EdwardHS207, HS208, HS209
Chandler, ElizabethHS208, HS209, HS210
Chandler, JaneHS211
Chandler, JohnHS208, HS210
Chandler, MaryHS207
Chandler, SarahHS207, HS208, HS209
Chandler, SusanHS207, HS208, HS209
Chandler, ThomasHS207, HS208, HS209, HS210
Chandler, WilliamHS210, HS206
Channon, Jacquelin209
Chant, Robert [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Chantler, John [1640]OR25801
Chantley, Mariam [1727]OR361874
Chantrell, William [1689/90]OR71791
Chaplain, Robert [1690]OR71853
Chaplin, James [1690]OR71853
Chaplin, James [1691/2]OR72286
Chaplin, Kate44, 7
Chaplin, Kate [1844]6
Chaplin, Kate [1865]87
Chaplin, Robert [1691/2]OR72286
Chaplin, Robert [1691]OR72187
Chaplin, Thomas [1691/2]OR72286
Chaplock, Walter [1761]OR233344
Chaplyn, Robert [1691]OR72204
Chapman, Anne [1684]OR226533
Chapman, Clarabetta351
Chapman, ElizabethHS1
Chapman, John [1712]OR44507
Chapman, MaryHS212
Chapman, Mary Eleanor [1870]167
Chapman, Susanna [1723]405
Chapman, Thomas [1762]OR233404
Chapman, William [1690]OR71853
Chapman, William [1691/2]OR72321
Chappell, ElizaHS1
Chappell, John32
Chapplelow, ChristopherOR75085
Charberlain, William [1767]82
Charles 1st [1625]41
Charles Baron of Coloony [1767]OR107002
Charles Duke of Southampton [1694]OR207805
Charles Earl of Radnor [1693/4]OR207637
Charles II [1693/4]OR207637
Charles II [1696]OR132496
Charles Lord Gerrard of Brandon [1678]OR11382
Charles, Elizabeth [1692/3]OR155559
Charles, John [1791]OR90203
Charles, Mr [1791]OR87856
Charlesworth, Anthony William [1860]5
Charlesworth, Arthur [1895]5
Charlesworth, Dora Annie [1888]5
Charlesworth, George Thomas [1890]5
Charlesworth, John William [1886]5
Charlesworth, Unknown71
Charlton, John [1705]OR361485
Charlton, William [1791]OR89035
Charnock, Margret [1663]OR25863
Chart, James ReginaldHS42
Chartley, Ellen [1615]OR25529
Charton, Elizabeth [1684]OR226533
Charworth, Sarah [1767]82
Charworth, Winifred [1767]82
Chase, AdeleHS1
Chase, ElizaHS101
Chase, Ralph Eugene167
Chatfield, Kenneth538
Chatterton, J H [1835]58
Chatterton, Mary Ann [1834]62
Chattey, DeborahHS4
Chebbott, HesterHS213, HS214, HS215
Chebbott, HonorHS213, HS214, HS215
Chebbott, JoanneHS213, HS214, HS215
Chebbott, JohnHS215
Chebbott, MargaretHS213, HS214, HS215
Chebbott, MaryHS213, HS214, HS215
Chedderton, Thomas [1608]OR25458
Chedworth, Lord [1761]OR298007
Cheek, John [1691/2]OR72286
Cheel, Rose Helena [1886]209, 391
Cheesebrooke, Gerard [1714]OR60023
Cheesebrooke, James [1714]OR60023
Cheeseman, Edith MayHS47
Cheeseman, Elizabeth [1714]OR80998
Cheeseman, Thomas [1714]OR80998
Cheetle, Mr [1689]OR71615
Cheke, Letitia [1691/2]OR72310
Cheke, Thomas [1691/2]OR72310
Cheney, Richard [1705]OR361485
Cheney, SelinaHS4
Chennery, RobertOR75085
Cherrey, Edward [1692/3]OR155559
Cherry, Edward [1683]32
Cherry, Grace486
Cherry, Thomas486
Cheshire, John [1765]OR317477
Cheshire, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Cheshire, Margaret [1615]OR25529
Cheshire, Margaret [1665/6]OR25917
Cheshire, William10
Chesshyre, Ewdard [1791]OR89035
Chester, Charkes [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Cheswas, George [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Chetham, Mr Thomas [1791]OR90765
Chetwyn, BennetHS141, HS147
Chetwyn, BennettHS147
Chetwyn, EdwardHS141, HS147
Chetwyn, EliHS141, HS147
Chetwyn, ElizabethHS141, HS147
Chetwyn, HenryHS141, HS147
Chetwyn, SarahHS141, HS147
Chetwyn, ThomasHS141, HS147
Chetwyn, WilliamHS141, HS147
Chetwynd, EdwardHS141, HS147
Chetwynd, John [1689]OR71615, OR71676
Chetwynd, Jonathan [1691/2]OR72321
Chetwynd, Simon45, 497
Chetwynd, Sir George [1850]71
Chetwynd, Walter38
Chevallier, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Chevallier, Mr [1753]OR105702
Chew, Alice IreneHS58
Chew, Annie DaleHS58
Chew, EbenezerHS58
Chew, Henry ErnestHS58
Chew, Herbert ArthurHS58
Chew, HubertHS58
Chew, MargaretHS58
Chew, MaryHS58
Cheyney, Thomas [1799]OR9098
Chick, Christopher29
Chick, Dale29
Chick, Heather29
Chick, Jody29
Chick, Justin29
Chick, Kurtis29
Chick, Lary29
Chick, Marty29
Chick, Stew29
Chick, Tracy29
Chick, Travis29
Chick, Wendy29
Chidlow, George342
Chidlow, John [1761]OR303863
Chiffinch, Thomas [1689]OR71681
Chiffinch, William [1694]OR207805
Child, Ann39, 89
Child, Ann [1756]48
Child, Anne143, 209, 45, 497
Child, Anne [1756]71
Child, Elizabeth [1670]OR122154
Child, Ellen [1670]OR122154
Child, George [1689/90]OR71780
Child, George [1689]OR71676
Child, John [1689]OR71676
Child, John [1690]OR71835
Child, Jonathan [1689/90]OR71780
Child, Mr J [1791]OR90765
Child, Peter [1699]39
Child, Richard [1676]39
Child, S [1835]58
Child, Sarah [1719]19
Child, Sarah [1746]55
Child, Sir Francis [1691/2]OR72310
Child, Sir Francis [1692]OR72390
Child, Thomas [1689/90]OR71780
Child, Thomas [1689]OR71676
Child, Thomas [1690]OR71835
Child, Thomas [1780]62
Child, Unknown [1805]58
Child, Unknown [1830]58
Childe, Ann39, 527
Childe, Ann [1734]20, 344, 391
Childe, Anne39
Childs, George [1761]OR233344
Chilton, Jean L EHS174
Chilton, Susanna [1709]OR226687
Chilton, Thomas [1709]OR226687
Chisholm, John [1791]OR372576
Chittenden, Albert486
Cholmondley, Mr G J [1791]OR90765
Chorley, Alexander [1772]OR7530
Chorley, Jane [1620]55
Chorlton, William [1727]OR361874
Choudhury, Rex AHS30
Christensen, Affie Minnie [1898]167
Christensen, Clare Bernard167
Christensen, Dorthea [1891]167
Christensen, George Lynn167
Christensen, Josephine Hettie167
Christensen, Unknown167
Christensen, Vera Ellen [1897]167
Christian, Benjamin [1791]OR90765
Christian, Frederick [1845]5
Christian, Frederick [1849]351
Christian, George A [1881]351
Christian, Robert E [1875]351
Christie, Alice HendersonHS5
Christopher Lord Viscount Hatton [1691]OR11906
Christy, Unknown [1791]OR87102
Churcher, Arthur L486
Churcher, Charles C486
Churchill, Capt [1689]OR71615
Churchill, Lady M [1791]OR90765
Churchill, Mr [1754]OR105702
Churchill, Winston455
Churchman, ElizaHS29
Churchman, FlorenceHS29
Churchman, FrancesHS29
Churchman, John ThomasHS29
Churchman, Thomas [1720]OR61773
Chute, Sir George [1694]OR132135
Chylde, William [1578]39
Chylte, Roger [1585]39
Claese, Christiaen [1694]OR132135
Claggett, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Clapper, Marlen Judith351
Clapperton, Lucy EllenHS98
Clare, BertieHS36
Clare, Jane [1629]OR25726
Clare, Marjorie LHS36
Clark, Audrey M486
Clark, Bertha AmeliaHS4
Clark, Bertram ErnestHS4
Clark, Beverley29
Clark, Daren29
Clark, DavidHS1
Clark, Duane29
Clark, Edmund [1691/2]OR72321
Clark, Elizabeth [1709]OR226687
Clark, Ethel BeatriceHS4
Clark, Henry FrederickHS4
Clark, Henry GeorgeHS4
Clark, Henry [1694]OR132135
Clark, JamieHS1
Clark, Janice29
Clark, Jason29
Clark, John12, 86
Clark, John [1717]OR60892
Clark, John [1726]OR74349
Clark, Joyce29
Clark, LydiaHS47
Clark, Martha 'Mattie' MaudeHS4
Clark, Marvin29
Clark, Rev William [1661]OR25839
Clark, Richard29
Clark, RichieHS1
Clark, Robert [1689]OR71676
Clark, Rosa JaneHS4
Clark, SarahHS216
Clark, Sarah ElizabethHS4
Clark, Sarah [1753]12, 86
Clark, Sarah [1787]105
Clark, Sarah [1881]372
Clark, Shirley29
Clark, Sir Edward [1694]OR132135
Clark, Tawnya NoreenHS1
Clark, Thomas486
Clark, Thomas [1717]OR60892
Clark, Unknown29
Clark, William [1621]OR25602
Clark, William [1661]OR25839
Clark, William [1726]OR74349
Clarke, AmyHS47
Clarke, Bernard29
Clarke, Charles HenryHS30
Clarke, Charlotte A [1897]209
Clarke, Daniel [1751]OR84289
Clarke, Daniel [1771]OR321722
Clarke, Dr H486
Clarke, Edith [1886]209
Clarke, Edward [1625/6]OR25666
Clarke, Elizabeth391
Clarke, Elizabeth [1640]OR25801
Clarke, Elizabeth [1866]209
Clarke, ErnestHS30
Clarke, FlorenceHS174
Clarke, Francis [1689]OR124112
Clarke, Frank209, 391, HS30
Clarke, FrydeswideHS1
Clarke, George [1690]OR62977
Clarke, George [1891]209
Clarke, Godfrey29
Clarke, Henry [1661]OR25839
Clarke, Henry [1768]OR244802
Clarke, James [1669]OR25970
Clarke, Joanna [1689]OR124112
Clarke, John [1663]OR123805
Clarke, John [1684]OR226533
Clarke, John [1691]OR72204
Clarke, John [1829]16
Clarke, Joseph [1680]OR62897
Clarke, Julia [1689]OR124112
Clarke, Katherine [1663]OR123805
Clarke, Mary A [1893]209
Clarke, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Clarke, Mr [1752]OR105702
Clarke, Mrs [1800]OR28516
Clarke, Pensome [1791]OR90203
Clarke, Robert [1690/1]OR72039
Clarke, Robert [1691/2]OR72321
Clarke, Roger29
Clarke, Sir Edward [1692]OR72390
Clarke, Thomas [1665/6]OR25917
Clarke, Thomas [1670]OR122154
Clarke, Thomas [1689]OR124112
Clarke, Unknown209
Clarke, Violet M [1895]209
Clarke, William Stanley [1800]OR28516
Clarke, William [1661]OR25839
Clarkson, Alice Mary [1885]147
Clarkson, Richard [1762]OR304109
Claslowe, William [1765]OR317477
Clay, Andrew1002, 209
Clay, HerbertHS4
Clay, Jessica209
Clay, Jessica Frances1002
Clay, Muriel FHS4
Clay, Sarah [1819]5
Claypen, James [1760]OR302048
Clayton, Alice [1608/9]OR25462
Clayton, Alice [1684]OR226533
Clayton, Elizabeth [1615]OR25529
Clayton, Elizabeth [1682]OR62908
Clayton, Katherine [1713]OR59865
Clayton, Ralph [1609/10]OR25472
Clayton, Robert [1713]OR59865
Clayton, Samuel [1791]OR90203
Clayton, Sarah [1688]OR62968
Clayton, Thomas [1607]60
Clayton, Thomas [1669/70]OR25972
Clayton, WilliamHS39
Clayton, William [1682]OR62908
Clayton, William [1684]OR226533
Clayton, William [1690]OR62977
Clayton, William [1766]OR107001
Cleale, MaryHS95
Clear, Mary [1709]OR226687
Clearke, Richard [1690]OR71853
Cleaton, James [1625]60
Cleaton, Richard [1669/70]OR25972
Cleaton, William10
Cleaver, Debbie147
Cleaver, John [1689]OR71676
Clee, Anthony WilliamHS30
Clee, Darren AnthonyHS30
Clee, DebbieHS30
Clee, JasonHS30
Clee, John [1793]OR373622
Clement, JohnOR75085
Clement, Simon [1691]OR72204
Clements, Blanche [1881]372
Clements, Thomas [1714]OR80998
Clemetshaw, Marguerite AidaHS33
Clemetshaw, ThomasHS33
Clemton, John [1771]OR321722
Clench, ThomasOR75085
Clerbau, MarieHS149
Clewes, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Clewitt, DoraHS30
Clewitt, EileenHS30
Clewitt, Eric HaroldHS30
Clewitt, GladysHS30
Clewitt, Gwendoline 'Gwen'HS30
Clewitt, HaroldHS30
Clewitt, JeanHS30
Clewitt, MargaretHS30
Clewitt, MaryHS30
Clewitt, PamelaHS30
Clewley, Ellen [1892]391
Clews, Mary5
Cliff, James [1828]479
Cliffe, Barbara [1661]OR25839
Cliffe, Ellen [1608]OR25458
Cliffe, Thomas [1681]OR62901
Clifford, Obadiah [1762]OR304027
Clift, AbigailHS217, HS218, HS47, HS36, HS219, HS220
Clift, AbigaleHS221
Clift, AlaceHS36
Clift, AlbertHS36
Clift, AlfredHS36, HS108
Clift, AliceHS36
Clift, AmeliaHS36
Clift, AmyHS36, HS108
Clift, Angela JHS105
Clift, AnnieHS36
Clift, Anthony BHS105, HS108
Clift, ArthurHS36
Clift, Arthur EdwardHS36
Clift, BeatriceHS36
Clift, BerthaHS36
Clift, BertieHS36
Clift, Bertram HeadHS36
Clift, BettyHS105, HS108
Clift, CatherineHS36
Clift, CharlotteHS217, HS218, HS36, HS222, HS221, HS219
Clift, Clarence EwartHS47
Clift, ConnieHS105, HS108
Clift, CorneliusHS223, HS224, HS60, HS36
Clift, CyrilHS36
Clift, DavidHS36
Clift, David BrightHS223, HS224
Clift, EbenezerHS223, HS224, HS60
Clift, Edith IHS36
Clift, Edward HeadHS36
Clift, ElijahHS108
Clift, ElizaHS217, HS218, HS36, HS222, HS221
Clift, ElizabethHS217, HS218, HS47, HS36, HS221, HS219
Clift, Elizabeth 'Lizzie'HS108
Clift, Elsie GladysHS36
Clift, EmilyHS36
Clift, Emily MayHS36
Clift, EmmaHS217, HS218, HS36, HS222, HS221
Clift, Erni HeberHS36
Clift, EthelHS36
Clift, FlorenceHS36
Clift, Florence MabelHS47
Clift, Frances S AHS36
Clift, FredHS108
Clift, Frederick RichardHS36
Clift, Geoffrey KHS36
Clift, GeorgeHS225, HS36
Clift, Gertrude 'Dora'HS36
Clift, GladstoneHS36
Clift, Gladys MayHS36
Clift, HannahHS217, HS218, HS47, HS40, HS223, HS36, HS226, HS219, HS220
Clift, HaroldHS36
Clift, HarryHS36
Clift, HeberHS36
Clift, HenryHS108
Clift, HephzibahHS223, HS224, HS60
Clift, HerbertHS36
Clift, HettieHS36
Clift, HowardHS36
Clift, Howard VivianHS47
Clift, JackHS105, HS108
Clift, JamesHS224, HS228, HS229, HS227, HS230, HS231, HS36, HS232
Clift, JaneHS217, HS218, HS47, HS36, HS219, HS220
Clift, Joan EHS36
Clift, JohnHS227, HS230, HS231, HS36
Clift, John AlfredHS36
Clift, JosephHS223, HS224, HS60
Clift, JustineHS36
Clift, Kenneth MHS105, HS108
Clift, LawsonHS105, HS108
Clift, LeonardHS36
Clift, Leslie AshworthHS47
Clift, Leslie MHS36
Clift, LeviHS218, HS40, HS223, HS36, HS226
Clift, LucyHS223, HS224, HS60
Clift, Lucy AHS36
Clift, MarthaHS227, HS230, HS231
Clift, MaryHS218, HS40, HS223, HS224, HS60, HS36, HS108, HS226, HS232, HS233
Clift, Mary AnnHS217, HS218, HS36, HS222, HS221, HS219
Clift, MichaelHS36
Clift, Michael JHS105
Clift, NancyHS223, HS224, HS60
Clift, NellieHS36
Clift, NelsonHS36
Clift, NeriHS36
Clift, OswaldHS36
Clift, PhillisHS36
Clift, RalphHS105, HS108
Clift, RichardHS36
Clift, SamuelHS217, HS218, HS47, HS228, HS227, HS234, HS36, HS221, HS219
Clift, SarahHS223, HS224, HS60, HS231
Clift, Sarah JaneHS36
Clift, Sheila MHS36
Clift, SidneyHS36
Clift, Stephen DHS105
Clift, SusanHS222
Clift, ThomasHS223, HS224, HS60, HS227, HS230, HS231, HS36, HS226, HS233, HS235, HS236
Clift, TimothyHS217, HS218, HS47, HS36, HS221, HS219
Clift, Valerie AHS36
Clift, WalterHS36, HS108
Clift, WilfredHS105, HS36, HS108
Clift, Wilfred LawsonHS105, HS108
Clift, WilliamHS218, HS40, HS223, HS224, HS60, HS36, HS226, HS222, HS221, HS219, HS220
Clift, William DHS36
Clift, William HaroldHS36
Clift, William HenryHS36
Clift, William ThomasHS36
Clifton, CharlesHS191
Clifton, HarryHS47
Clinch, Karen Gaynor147
Clinch, Raymond147
Cline, DotHS7
Clive, Lord [1790 - 1797]OR89606
Clive, Rt Hon Rt Lord [1772]OR8404
Closs, Annie LouisaHS97
Closs, FlorineHS97
Closs, JohnHS97
Closs, John AnthonyHS97
Closs, John JamesHS97
Closs, Mabel ElizabethHS97
Clough, James [1755]OR299269
Clough, John [1791]OR89035
Clough, Susan [1608]OR25458
Clough, Thomas [1615]OR25529
Cloves, Margery209
Cloward, Hannah Geneva [1876]167
Clowes, Anne [1668]91
Clowes, John413
Clowes, Margaret87
Clowes, Mary141, 209, 412
Clowes, Richard [1668]91
Clowes, Robert [1756]32
Clowes, Robert [1766]32
Clowes, Unknown1000
Clowes, William141
Clowes, William [1601]60
Clowes, William [1639]32
Clowes, William [1749]32
Clowes, William [1780]91
Clowes, William [1791]91
Clowes, William [1812]91
Clownam, Robert [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Clowse, William [1609]87
Clubb, Josephine [1615]OR25529
Clue, Adminral De la [1799]OR9098
Clulow, Jane105
Clulow, Jane [1764]12, 86
Clulow, Thomas105
Clutton, Mr [1754]OR105702
Coa., Jane452
Coales, MaryHS238
Coales, Mary AnnHS237
Coar, Jane [1819]167, 209
Coates, David29
Coates, Elsie EHS100
Coates, Hannah [1815]21
Coates, Mr George [1791]OR90765
Coates, Stephen29
Coates, Unknown29
Cobb, Thomas [1691/2]OR72321
Cobb, Thomas [1692]OR72390
Cobbledick, Frances SmaleHS118
Cochayne, James [1690/1]OR72039
Cochrane, John [1791]OR372576
Cock, ElizabethHS33
Cock, Henry [1690]OR62977
Cock, Peter [1762]OR304027
Cock, Richard [1705]OR361485
Cock, WilliamOR75085
Cocke, Margaret [1673]OR26004
Cockerill, EvaHS1
Cockerill, FlorrieHS1
Cockerill, NellyHS1
Cockerill, ThomasHS1
Cockete, Ann [1716]OR60810
Cockete, Jeffery [1716]OR60810
Cockin, Ann MHS217
Cockin, CharlesHS217
Cockin, EileenHS217
Cockin, ElizabethHS217
Cockin, EmmaHS217
Cockin, EttieHS217
Cockin, GeorgeHS217, HS36
Cockin, George HHS217
Cockin, HarrietHS217
Cockin, HelenHS217
Cockin, JosephHS217
Cockin, Joseph ArthurHS217
Cockin, LottyHS217
Cockin, MichaelHS217
Cockin, Sarah JHS217
Cockman, John [1690]OR71853
Cockman, Richard [1690]OR71853
Cockman, Richard [1691/2]OR72321
Cocks, Mr [1689]OR71615
Cockshoot, Ann [1767]82
Cockshoot, Edmund [1767]82
Cockshoot, Joseph [1767]82
Cockshoot, Martha [1767]82
Cockshoot, Mary [1767]82
Cockshoot, Rachael [1767]82
Codd, David [1712]OR44507
Codd, Mary [1712]OR44507
Codrington, Sir Christopher [1696]OR132496
Coe, HannahHS153
Coe, Kathleen MHS1
Coe, Michael29
Coe, Terry29
Coe, Unknown29
Coekman, John [1689/90]OR71780
Coffer, Mrs [1800]OR28516
Coker, Robert CecilHS71
Colbourn, Robert [1772]OR8404
Colbourne, John29
Colby, Thomas [1772]OR7530
Colclough, Elizabeth [1859]209
Colclough, Emma J [1850]5
Colclough, Mary [1836]5
Colclough, Mary [1846]5
Colclough, Mary [1848]9
Colclough, Samuel [1685]OR62930
Colclough, Samuel [1897]209, 5
Cole, Christian [1709]OR226687
Cole, Edith44
Cole, Hannah [1709]OR226687
Cole, James [1690]OR71853
Cole, James [1771]10
Cole, John [1779]21
Cole, Jonathan [1690]OR71853
Cole, Lionel [1690]OR71853
Cole, Nicholas [1691/2]OR72286
Cole, Ray [1760]OR302048
Cole, Richard [1690]OR62977
Cole, Sir Arthur [1682]OR124243
Colebatch, George [1793]OR373622
Colebrook, Miss [1772]OR8404
Colee, JanetteHS7
Coleman, Henry [1691/2]OR72286
Coleman, Miss [1772]OR8404
Colemore, Joseph [1771]OR321722
Coles, Albert BinesHS35
Coles, Edwin BinesHS35
Coles, Francis WilliamHS35
Coles, George [1773]OR325692
Coles, Mary KathleenHS35
Coles, Nathaniel JohnHS35
Coles, William [1694]OR132135
Coley, AgnesHS39
Coley, AlanHS39
Coley, AlbertHS39
Coley, Albert EdwardHS39
Coley, Alexander KillinHS39
Coley, Amy SelinaHS39
Coley, Andrea LouiseHS39
Coley, AndrewHS39
Coley, ArthurHS39
Coley, AudreyHS39
Coley, BeatriceHS39
Coley, Beatrice AnneHS39
Coley, BenjaminHS39, HS239
Coley, Benjamin Alexander JohnHS39
Coley, Benjamin SamuelHS39
Coley, BerniceHS39
Coley, BerthaHS39
Coley, BettyHS39
Coley, Brian CyrilHS39
Coley, Bruce AlexanderHS39
Coley, CalebHS39
Coley, Charlotte LisaneHS39
Coley, ChristineHS39
Coley, ClaudiaHS39
Coley, CyrilHS39
Coley, DavidHS39
Coley, David JosephHS39
Coley, DouglasHS39
Coley, Edith MaudHS39
Coley, Edith MayHS39
Coley, EdwardHS39
Coley, Elaine AHS39
Coley, ElizaHS36, HS39, HS240
Coley, ElizabethHS39
Coley, ElsieHS39
Coley, EmilyHS39
Coley, EmmaHS39
Coley, EmmieHS39
Coley, EphraimHS39
Coley, ErnestHS39
Coley, EthelHS39
Coley, Ethel LauraHS39
Coley, EuniceHS39
Coley, Fanny LouisaHS39
Coley, Florence 'Florrie'HS39
Coley, Florence HadleyHS39
Coley, Francis WilliamHS39
Coley, GertrudeHS39
Coley, Giles BadenHS39
Coley, GillianHS39
Coley, GiuliaHS39
Coley, GladysHS39
Coley, GrahamHS39
Coley, HaroldHS39
Coley, HarryHS39
Coley, Heather MargaretHS39
Coley, Henry ThomasHS39
Coley, HoraceHS39
Coley, Horace WHS39
Coley, Irene AnneHS39
Coley, JamesHS39
Coley, James AlexanderHS39
Coley, James [1768]OR244802
Coley, JaniceHS39
Coley, Jessica FayHS39
Coley, Jessie MyraHS39
Coley, Joan MaryHS39
Coley, JohannaHS39
Coley, John ArthurHS39
Coley, John RHS39
Coley, JosephHS39, HS240, HS239
Coley, Joseph AlexanderHS39
Coley, Joseph HenryHS39
Coley, Joyce KHS39
Coley, Kathleen MabelHS39
Coley, Leah MariaHS39
Coley, Leonard WalkerHS39
Coley, Leslie WilliamHS39
Coley, LoisHS39
Coley, LouisaHS39
Coley, MabelHS39
Coley, MargaretHS39
Coley, Margeret Jean LouiseHS39
Coley, MariaHS39, HS240, HS239
Coley, MaryHS240, HS239
Coley, Mary EllenHS39
Coley, Mary JaneHS39
Coley, Maureen LHS39
Coley, MavisHS39
Coley, MichaelHS39
Coley, MyraHS39
Coley, Myra AliceHS39
Coley, Nancy ElizabethHS39
Coley, NicholasHS39
Coley, NormanHS39
Coley, PhillipHS39
Coley, PhoebeHS39, HS239
Coley, Phoebe MabelHS39
Coley, RaymondHS39
Coley, ReginaldHS39
Coley, RichardHS39
Coley, SamanthaHS39
Coley, SamuelHS39
Coley, ScottHS39
Coley, SheilaHS39
Coley, Sheila MHS39
Coley, StanleyHS39
Coley, StephenHS39
Coley, Sylvia EHS39
Coley, Thomas DanielHS39
Coley, Thomas HaroldHS39
Coley, Thomas Jack AlexanderHS39
Coley, Trevor BruceHS39
Coley, VioletHS39
Coley, WalterHS39
Coley, WilliamHS241, HS39, HS240, HS239
Coley, William HaroldHS39
Colinor, Philip [1773]OR325692
Collard, Donald Bailey167
Collard, Ellen Venretta167
Collard, Hannah Geniel167
Collard, James Glade167
Collard, John Bernis167
Collard, Rollo LaRay167
Collard, Welcome Rollo [1898]167
Collenwood, Israel [1804]31
Collenwood, Raphe [1804]31
Collet, Joseph [1705]OR361485
Collett, AnnHS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, CatherineHS174
Collett, Doris K JHS35
Collett, ElizaHS174, HS244
Collett, ElizabethHS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, EmmaHS174
Collett, EstherHS174
Collett, Geoffrey KHS35
Collett, GeorgeHS174, HS242, HS243, HS244
Collett, HarrietHS174
Collett, James [1690]OR71835
Collett, JohnHS245, HS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, Jonathan [1712]OR44507
Collett, JosephHS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, MarthaHS174
Collett, MaryHS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, Mary MariaHS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, Matthew [1712]OR44507
Collett, MiraHS174
Collett, Murray JHS35
Collett, NicholasHS174
Collett, NoahHS174
Collett, Noah RichardHS174
Collett, Pamela CHS35
Collett, RichardHS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, Richard NoahHS174
Collett, SamuelHS245, HS246, HS174, HS242, HS244
Collett, SarahHS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, ThomasHS174, HS244
Collett, Thomas [1717]OR61086
Collett, WilliamHS174, HS242, HS243
Collett, William [1762]OR304027
Colley, Catherine [1762]OR304109
Colley, Edward [1770]OR321568
Colley, George [1791]OR372576
Colley, Sarah [1791]OR372576
Collie, ChristineHS41
Collier, Henry [1705]OR361485
Collier, Joseph [1791]OR89035
Collier, Thomas [1610]OR25480
Collier, William [1793]OR373622
Collimore, J [1791]OR90765
Collinger, Thomas [1760]OR302048
Collingewood, Israyell [1804]31
Collingwood, Bridget [1804]31
Collingwood, Dorothy Alice478
Collingwood, Israel [1804]31
Collingwood, Israeli [1804]31
Collingwood, Joan [1804]31
Collingwood, Jone [1804]31
Collingwood, Raphe [1804]31
Collingwood, William [1717]OR61086
Collingwood, William [1804]31
Collins, Catherine [1670]OR122154
Collins, Charlotte EmilyHS39
Collins, Chloe FrancesHS39
Collins, EdgarHS1
Collins, Jim DouglasHS7
Collins, John DouglasHS7
Collins, John [1713]OR80373
Collins, Joseph [1705]OR361485
Collins, Mary AnnHS48
Collins, Michael WilliamHS39
Collins, Nicholas [1691/2]OR72286
Collins, Robert [1772]OR8404
Collins, Suzanne146
Collins, Thomas [1663]OR123805
Collins, Thomas [1691/2]OR72286
Collins, Thomas [1713]OR80373
Collins, Thomas [1773]OR325692
Collins, William [1765]OR317477
Collinson, Brett147
Collinson, Mathew Michael147
Collinwood, Elizabeth [1804]31
Collinwood, Israell [1804]31
Collis, Elizabeth4
Collison, Albert EdwardHS33
Collison, Albert Edward JHS33
Collyer, Richard [1761]OR233344
Collyer, William [1895]14
Colman, Mr Edward [1791]OR90765
Colmore, William [1691]OR11906
Colombo, Count [1761]OR298007
Colonel Berkley [1689]OR71676
Colonel Beveridge [1689]OR71615
Colonel Fleming [1689/90]OR71780
Colonel Hamilton [1689/90]OR71791
Colonel Hastings [1689]OR71615
Colonel Letterell [1689]OR71615
Colonel Lutterell [1689]OR71681
Colson, MaryHS247
Colson, Thomas [1694]OR132135
Colton, Herbert29
Columbies, Anthony [1772]OR8404
Colvill, Josiah [1772]OR8404
Colvin, Andrew29
Colvin, Chris29
Colvin, Unknown29
Colwell, FrankHS1
Colwell, JeanHS105
Comant, Rachael [1709]OR226687
Combe, Burnett [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Combe, JohnOR75085
Combe, JosephOR75085
Comberbach, Edith344
Comberbach, Edward [1643]OR25827
Comberbach, Roger [1620]OR25600
Comberback, Joseph [1749]32
Comberback, Joseph [1756]32
Combes, John [1691/2]OR72286
Combes, Jon [1691/2]OR72286
Comeleche, Richard [1615]OR25529
Commander, LouisaHS217
Compart, Miss [1800]OR28516
Compart, Vincent [1800]OR28516
Compton, Mr [1753]OR105702
Compton, Rouse [1791]OR90765
Compton, Spencer [1709]OR165680
Conant, John [1736]443
Conch, Mr B [1791]OR90765
Condliffe, James [1753]108
Coney, Bicknell [1791]OR87268
Coney, Edward [1709]OR226687
Coney, Mr R [1791]OR90765
Coniers, John [1691/2]OR72286
Coningham, James [1691]OR72155
Coningsby, Mr [1690]OR71956
Coningsby, Thomas [1691]OR72155
Conley, Deborah LeeHS4
Conley, Dennis PatrickHS4
Conley, JamieHS4
Conley, JesseHS4
Conley, JosephHS4
Conley, Robert LeeHS4
Conner, Cornelius [1726]OR74349
Connor, Edward [1791]OR90203
Conny, Mr John [1642]OR25827
Consett, William [1689]OR124112
Constantine, Elizabeth [1669/70]OR25972
Conteson, John [1714]OR60023
Conton, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Conway, Ffrangcon G391
Conway, Frangcon344
Conway, Glynn391
Conway, Miss [1766]OR107001
Conway, Rev [1625/6]OR25666
Conway, Right Hon Henry Seymour [1766]OR107001
Conway, The Tight Hon Henry Seymour [1772]OR7530
Conyers, Richard [1726]OR74349
Cooes, Richard [1688]OR62968
Cook, AlbertHS4
Cook, AnneHS173, HS248, HS249
Cook, ArthurHS48
Cook, Arthur EdwinHS48
Cook, Bonnie29
Cook, Brent29
Cook, CatherineHS173, HS248, HS249
Cook, Charles WilliamHS1
Cook, Chloe [1885]167
Cook, Doris MabelHS194
Cook, DorothyHS48
Cook, Dr W R486
Cook, ElinorHS48
Cook, ElizabethHS173, HS248, HS249
Cook, Elizabeth AnneHS1
Cook, Ethel MaudHS194
Cook, Fanny WhiteHS48
Cook, Florence MayHS194
Cook, FrederickHS33
Cook, George WilliamHS194
Cook, GertrudeHS48
Cook, Harlon29
Cook, Henry [1762]OR304027
Cook, James [1765]OR317477
Cook, Jeffrey29
Cook, JennyHS7
Cook, JohnHS173, HS248, HS249, HS7
Cook, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Cook, JosephHS173, HS248, HS249
Cook, Joseph [1717]OR60892
Cook, LanghamHS194
Cook, Larry29
Cook, LizzieHS4
Cook, Lori29
Cook, MaryHS173, HS248, HS249
Cook, NoraHS48
Cook, Paul29
Cook, Philip HowardHS48
Cook, Richard29
Cook, Richard [1717]OR60892
Cook, SallyHS7
Cook, Samuel [1841]477
Cook, SarahHS173, HS248, HS249
Cook, Sarah Ann [1847]209, 351, 5
Cook, Shelly29
Cook, Sherry29
Cook, Sir Thomas [1694]OR132135
Cook, T546
Cook, Thomas [1717]OR60892
Cook, Thomas [1760]OR302048
Cook, Thomas [1762]OR304027
Cook, Unknown546
Cook, William [1761]OR303863
Cook, William [1779]95
Cooke, Ernest H391
Cooke, Ernest Harry344
Cooke, George John [1767]OR107002
Cooke, Helena [1573]60
Cooke, Hellen167
Cooke, Hellen [1554]209
Cooke, James [1791]OR89035
Cooke, Jane538
Cooke, Janet E391
Cooke, John391
Cooke, John [1765]OR317477
Cooke, Kathleen391
Cooke, Mary Jane [1845]302
Cooke, Mrs Sarah [1692]OR124243
Cooke, Peter391
Cooke, Susanna [1684]OR226533
Cooke, Thomas [1608/9]OR25462
Cooke, Thomas [1705]OR160455
Cooke, William [1779]62
Cooke, William [1788]9
Cooks, James [1772]OR8404
Cookson, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Cookson, Thomas [1808]21
Cookson, William [1771]10
Cooley, Thomas [1661]OR25839
Cooley, William [1791]OR90203
Coombe, Benjamin [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Coombs, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Cooney, Alexander BasilHS1
Cooney, Rev Alexander JamesHS1
Cooney, Thomas BabbingtonHS1
Cooper, Abraham [1709]OR226687
Cooper, AndrewHS39
Cooper, AnnHS250, HS251, HS205
Cooper, Arlene HHS39
Cooper, BertramHS30
Cooper, Caleb StevenHS39
Cooper, Cynthia413
Cooper, Daisy BHS39
Cooper, Daisy BelindaHS252
Cooper, Daniel [1761]OR303863
Cooper, ElizaHS39
Cooper, ElizabethHS39
Cooper, Emma29
Cooper, FannyHS253
Cooper, Florence MaudeHS39
Cooper, Frederick JamesHS254
Cooper, Harry AndrewHS39
Cooper, Harry CalvinHS39
Cooper, Hester [1693]OR155562
Cooper, JackHS7
Cooper, James127
Cooper, James [1791]OR90765
Cooper, John [1761]OR303863
Cooper, Lesley SandraHS39
Cooper, Letitia [1772]OR325394
Cooper, Lieutenant Thomas [1645]OR174399
Cooper, Lily MariaitHS39
Cooper, LoisHS39
Cooper, Margaret JHS33
Cooper, Marion ElizabethHS39
Cooper, Mary29, HS255, HS250, HS56, HS62
Cooper, Mathew [1714]OR80998
Cooper, Mr William [1791]OR87268
Cooper, Olive AudreyHS39
Cooper, Oscar WinfieldHS39
Cooper, Ralph413
Cooper, RichardHS251, HS256, HS257
Cooper, Richard WHS39
Cooper, RobertHS250, HS251, HS205
Cooper, RonaldHS7
Cooper, RuthHS254
Cooper, SamuelHS39
Cooper, SarahHS250, HS251, HS205, HS257
Cooper, Steven GaryHS39
Cooper, T [1791]OR90765
Cooper, Thomas [1714]OR80998
Cooper, Thomas [1720]OR82023
Cooper, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Cooper, Thomas [1887]413
Cooper, Thomas [1894]38
Cooper, UnknownHS39
Cooper, Unknown [1794]439
Cooper, WilliamHS250, HS251, HS205, HS256, HS39
Cooper, William SHS39
Cooper, William [1605]85
Cooper, William [1709]OR226687
Coot, Lady Elizabeth [1691]OR72204
Coote, Thomas [1691]OR72204
Cope, Alexander [1772]OR7530
Cope, Ann [1819]21
Cope, Catherine [1828]342
Cope, James [1769]21
Cope, James [1804]33
Cope, Joseph [1765]OR317477
Cope, Sarah [1797]5
Cope, Stephen [1791]OR90203
Copeland, Dorothy [1663]OR123805
Copeland, Edward [1717]OR61086
Copeland, Joseph [1717]OR61086
Coppack, George [1631]OR25752
Coppinger, Miss [1766]OR107001
Coppock, William [1609/10]OR25472
Corbet, Andrew [1696]OR132496
Corbet, Mr [1790 - 1797]OR89606
Corbet, Richard [1791]OR90203
Corbet, Thomas566, 567, 568
Corbett, Ann [1831]172
Corbett, Anthony FHS40
Corbett, Beatrice172
Corbett, EdithHS108
Corbett, EdwardHS108
Corbett, Eliza172
Corbett, Elizabeth AnnHS108
Corbett, Elizabeth Louise [1860]172
Corbett, EllenHS108
Corbett, Elsie172
Corbett, Elsie Joan172
Corbett, Emily MayHS108
Corbett, Enoch [1865]172
Corbett, Enoch [1892]172
Corbett, FrederickHS108
Corbett, George172
Corbett, George WilfredHS40
Corbett, George [1829]172
Corbett, Henry [1819]172
Corbett, Hettie172
Corbett, James172
Corbett, James HenryHS108
Corbett, James [1857]172
Corbett, Jill PHS40
Corbett, John WilliamHS108
Corbett, John [1842]172
Corbett, Joseph172
Corbett, Joseph [1684]OR226533
Corbett, Julia Ann [1855]172
Corbett, Kathleen Beatrice172
Corbett, Kenneth GHS40
Corbett, Mary [1653]444
Corbett, Roger MHS40
Corbett, SarahHS108
Corbett, Sarah AnnHS108
Corbett, Selina172
Corbett, Selina [1853]172
Corbett, SusanHS108
Corbett, Sydney CharlesHS108
Corbett, Wendy AHS40
Corbett, William172, HS108
Corbey, Edward [1723]405
Corbin, William [1612]OR25500
Corbishley, Ann [1812]91
Corbishley, John Joseph209
Corbishley, John Joseph [1884]5
Corbishley, John Joseph [1894]445
Corbishley, PrudenceHS258
Corbishley, Samuel [1812]91
Corbishley, Simon [1800]62
Corbit, Richard [1791]OR90203
Corbridge, Lulu167
Corby, William [1755]OR299269
Corcker, Elizabeth [1709]OR226687
Cordery, Richard [1761]OR233344
Corey, Annie ElizabethHS39
Corfe, Mr John [1642]OR25827
Corfield, ElijahHS100
Corfield, ElizabethHS100
Corfield, JosephHS100
Corfield, Nancy JaneHS100
Corfield, Richard [1691/2]OR72321
Corfield, Sarah RHS100
Corfield, ThomasHS100
Cork, Hugh [1795]21
Cork, JaneHS259
Corles, Josia [1690]OR62977
Cormwell, Margery [1613]OR25508
Corn, Joseph [1773]OR325692
Corn, Sarah [1826]392
Cornack, James [1762]OR304027
Cornet, Mary [1672]OR25999
Cornish, Henry [1690]OR71828
Cornish, Henry [1694]OR132135
Cornmaes, John R [1793]OR373622
Cornwaliis, Earl [1768]OR7420
Corrbet, Lynley Jayne147
Corrin, AliceHS48
Corrin, Eleanor JaneHS48
Corrin, JamesHS48
Corrin, James FrancisHS48
Corsen, John [1773]OR325692
Corson, James [1791]OR372576
Corsor, Rev William [1791]OR90203
Corsor, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Cory, MaryHS153
Cosfield, John [1761]OR303863
Cossnell, Thomas [1772]OR325394
Cotes, William [1773]OR325692
Cotgreave, John [1675]OR26016
Cotgreave, Ralph [1642]OR25827
Cotharm, Chac29
Cotharm, Gerald29
Cott, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Cotte, Martha [1770]OR246862
Cotten, Richard [21 March 21 James I (1624)]OR156926
Cotterell, Robert [1609/10]OR25472
Cottle, AgnesHS260, HS261, HS262
Cottle, CharlesHS260, HS263, HS13
Cottle, DamarisHS260, HS263, HS13
Cottle, GraceHS260, HS261, HS262
Cottle, JohnHS260, HS263, HS13
Cottle, MargrettHS260, HS261, HS262
Cottle, MaryHS260, HS261, HS262
Cottle, SimonHS260, HS261, HS262
Cotton, Alice [1675]OR26016
Cotton, Dorothy [1684]OR226533
Cotton, Dr J M486
Cotton, Edward [1615]OR25529
Cotton, Ellen209
Cotton, HeatherHS7
Cotton, Mary [1684]OR226533
Cotton, Robert [1682]OR62908
Cotton, Sir Robert [1691]OR72155
Cotton, Sir Robert [1694]OR207805
Cotton, Susan [1626]OR25681
Cotton, Thomas [1681]OR62901
Cotton, Thomas [1716]OR60810
Cotton, Unknown40
Cottrill, George [1714]OR60023
Cottrill, Willima [1714]OR60023
Couch, Joseph Henry [1876]167
Couldey, RichardOR75085
Coules, Mary AnnieHS238
Coulson, Mary [1736]443
Coulston, Emil29
Coulter, Arnold29
Coulter, Benjamin29
Coulter, Diana29
Coulter, Frank29
Coulter, Michelle29
Coulter, Randall29
Coulter, Richard29
Coulter, Sandra29
Coulter, Terry29
Coulter, Thomas29
Coulter, Thomas J29
Count Bruhl [1766]OR107001
Count D'Autell [1691/2]OR72310
Count Prela-Daris [1691/2]OR72310
Count Reventlou [1691/2]OR72310
Counter, UnknownOR132496
Countess Dowager of Egremont [1766]OR107001
Countess Mount Edgecumbe [1800]OR28516
Countess of Cossilis [1800]OR28516
Countess of Suffolk [1791]OR90714
Coupe, Charles HenryHS30
Coupe, Clarence WilliamHS30
Coupe, EthelHS30
Coupe, Mary ElizabethHS30
Coupe, RemaliahHS30
Coupe, SusanHS30
Coupe, Susan LilyHS30
Coupe, WalterHS30
Coupe, WilhelminaHS30
Coupe, WilliamHS30
Courage, Camilla Tania167
Courbet, CharlesHS4
Courbet, Charles SidneyHS4
Courbet, Dorothy WinifredHS4
Court, Robert [1720]OR61773
Courtenay, William [1772]OR7530, OR8404
Courthope, William [1689/90]OR71780
Courvoisier, Caroline29
Courvoisier, Christian29
Courvoisier, Ernest29
Courvoisier, Joan29
Courvoisier, Unknown29
Courvoisier, Valerie29
Courvoisier, Wanda29
Cousins, Arthur DixonHS1
Cousins, Arthur ReynoldsHS1
Cousins, Eileen DixonHS1
Cousins, Eric WhitmeeHS1
Cousins, Gladys MaryHS1
Cousins, Mary JaneHS1
Cove, Edward [1709]OR226687
Coveney, Peter [1670]OR122154
Coverly, William [1717]OR61086
Cowapple, Thomas [1621]60
Cowcill, Arnold209
Cowcill, Carol M209
Cowcill, Elizabeth [1853]209
Cowcill, Erric R209
Cowcill, Fred209
Cowcill, Gabrielle Lily209
Cowcill, John [1883]209
Cowcill, Kathleen209
Cowcill, Leonard209
Cowcill, Lucy Emma209
Cowcill, Margaret Irene209
Cowcill, Rachel209
Cowcill, Richard209
Cowcill, Robert D209
Cowcill, Roger [1853]209
Cowcill, Unknown209
Cowdall, Thomas [1713]OR59865
Cowdery, Richard [1761]OR233344
Cowell, EmmaHS48
Cowell, George [1772]OR8404
Cowles, Margaret [1672]OR25999
Cowling, John [1791]OR89035
Cowlinshaw, Charles12, 86
Cowlinshaw, Fanny12, 86
Cowlinshaw, Richard12, 86
Cowlinshaw, Richard [1837]12, 86
Cowlinshaw, William12, 86
Cowlough, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Cowper, Earl [1761]OR298007
Cowper, James [1626]OR25681
Cowper, John [1630]OR25743
Cowper, John [1681]OR62901
Cowper, MaryHS264
Cowper, Thomas [1625/6]OR25666
Cowper, Thomas [1669/70]OR25972
Cowper, William [1572]32
Cowper, William [1608/9]OR25462
Cowpes, John [1680]OR62897
Cox, Ada AliceHS4
Cox, Albert EdwardHS105
Cox, AnnieHS105
Cox, BenjaminHS265, HS266, HS267
Cox, CalebHS105
Cox, Carol AHS30
Cox, ClaraHS40
Cox, DennisHS105
Cox, EdwardHS105
Cox, ElizaHS40
Cox, Elizabeth [1684]OR226533
Cox, EmmaHS100
Cox, Ernest SamuelHS4
Cox, Ernest Samuel [1873]209
Cox, FlorenceHS105
Cox, FrancisHS267
Cox, GennaHS30, HS37, HS4
Cox, Hercules [1705]OR160455
Cox, IsaacHS265, HS266, HS267
Cox, JamesHS40
Cox, Jane [1808]21
Cox, John Herbert351
Cox, John [1791]OR90203
Cox, Laura FlorenceHS4
Cox, LeahHS105
Cox, Lilian MHS105
Cox, MariaHS105
Cox, MaryHS105
Cox, Mary AnnHS36
Cox, Maud MaryHS4
Cox, MayHS105
Cox, Miss [1768]OR7420
Cox, MolleyHS265, HS266, HS267
Cox, NoahHS265, HS266, HS267
Cox, PamelaHS266, HS267
Cox, PameloHS265
Cox, Rev Mr [1772]OR8404
Cox, Robert351
Cox, Sandy29
Cox, SarahHS265, HS266, HS267
Cox, Shelby29
Cox, Sophia AmeliaHS40
Cox, SusannahHS265, HS266, HS267
Cox, ThomasHS265, HS266, HS267
Cox, Thomas-WillettsHS265, HS266, HS267
Cox, Unknown29
Cox, Valerie JoyHS7
Cox, WalterHS105
Cox, Walter JHS97
Cox, Walter James LawesHS4
Cox, William [1684]OR226533
Cox, Winifred MaryHS30
Coxe, Miss [1768]OR7420
Coxon, Andrew550
Coxon, Fanny L445
Coxson, John [1768]OR244802
Coyn.., Mr J [1791]OR90765
Coyner, Catherine [1881]372
Crabbe, Betty24
Crabbe, Bill24
Crabbe, HarriettHS4
Crabbe, Ormond24
Crabtree, Jane [1608/9]OR25462
Cracey, Mary [1709]OR226687
Cracherode, Anthony [1690]OR71828
Crachley, Thomas [1661]OR25839
Craddock, Mr Joseph [1690]OR71853
Cradock, Edmond [1689/90]OR71780
Cradock, Joseph [1689/90]OR71780
Cradock, Joseph [1691]OR72204
Craft, Caleb [1684]OR226533
Craft, James [1793]OR373622
Cragg, Geoffrey [1629]OR25726
Cragg, Martha [1780]91
Cragg, William [1630]OR25743
Craig, N A486
Craig, Unknown486
Craighead, MargaretHS48
Cramphorne, Henry [1709]OR226687
Crampton, KathleenHS100
Cran, Norman74
Cranage, Jasper [1608]OR25458
Cranage, John [1608]OR25458
Crane, Margaret [1688]OR62968
Crane, Thomas [1663]OR123805
Cranfield, Ethelred [1684]OR226533
Cranmer, JonathonHS49
Cratchrode, Thomas [1705]OR160455
Craven, Anne [1672/3]OR25999
Craven, John [1673]OR26004
Craven, Mr [1753]OR105702
Craven, Thomas [1716]OR81297
Craw, George [1791]OR372576
Crawford, Betty Joe29
Crawford, Capt [1690]OR71956
Crawford, Cathy29
Crawford, Chad29
Crawford, Charles29
Crawford, Constance29
Crawford, Daniel29
Crawford, David29
Crawford, Donald451
Crawford, Dorothy451
Crawford, George29
Crawford, Gordon29
Crawford, Gregory29
Crawford, Janet29
Crawford, Joan29
Crawford, John29
Crawford, Lisa29
Crawford, Margaret29
Crawford, Michael29
Crawford, Molly29
Crawford, Paul451
Crawford, Paul Richard451
Crawford, Robert [1694]OR132135
Crawford, Timothy29
Crawford, William29
Creasey, EllenHS37
Creed, ArthurHS29
Creed, ErnestHS29
Creer, JasonHS1
Creer, JessicaHS29
Creer, NHS1
Creer, PeterHS29
Creer, RichardHS29
Cremer, Edmund [1693]OR207588
Cresley of Knypusley38
Cressenor, Edward [1694]OR132135
Cresswell, Arthur Eric209
Cresswell, EmmaHS48
Cresswell, Mr Thomas [1791]OR90765
Creswell, Thomas [1731]OR74947
Crew, Hon Anne [1684]OR226533
Crew, Samuel [1693]OR155562
Crew, Urian [1669/70]OR25972
Crewe, Rev Offley39
Crewe, Unknown39
Crewe, Unknown [1767]82
Crewe, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Crich, William [1689]OR124112
Crickley, William [1673]OR26004
Crimes, Mary [1672]OR25999
Crimes, William [1693]OR155562
Crip, John [1762]OR304027
Crisley, Thomas [1673]OR26004
Crismas, Herbert MansfieldHS30
Crispe, John [1691/2]OR72286
Crispe, Samuel [1709]OR165680
Critchley, Arthur William HuelinHS253
Critchley, George A HHS253
Critchley, Henry [1762]OR233404
Critchley, Jack HHS253
Critchley, Joyce E MHS253
Critchley, Rosaline M JHS253
Crocker, Bert Dick1000
Crocker, Mrs1000
Crockett, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89606
Croft, William [1791]OR372576, OR90203
Crombocke, Anne554
Crombocke, John554
Crombrook, Richard [1625/6]OR25666
Cromewell, Dorothy [1684]OR226533
Cromick, Abraham [1772]OR8404
Cromp, Mr [1754]OR105702
Crompton, Ada [1891]413
Crompton, Elizabeth [1620]OR25600
Crompton, Katherine [1610]OR25480
Crompton, Katherine [1613]OR25508
Crompton, Robert [1690]OR71853
Cromwell, Dorothy [1684]OR226533
Crook, GeorgeHS4
Crooke, George [1640]OR25801
Crooke, Thomas [1670]OR122154
Croome, Johin [1761]OR233344
Cropley, Benjamin [1705]OR160455
Cropper, George [1760]OR302048
Cropper, Samuel [1760]OR302048
Cros-Yocken, Mary [1675]OR26016
Crosby, Robert [1690]OR62977
Crosdill, J [1791]OR90765
Crosieu, Joseph [1761]OR303863
Crosley, John [1754]OR105702
Cross, DavidHS7
Cross, David Arthur WilliamHS7
Cross, Ernest Henry ThomasHS7
Cross, Ernestine VictoriaHS7
Cross, FlorenceHS7
Cross, John [1756]32
Cross, John [1766]32
Cross, LillianHS7
Cross, Mabel Blanche24
Cross, MarjorieHS7
Cross, OliveHS7
Cross, PeterHS7
Cross, Priscilla EmmaHS7
Cross, WilliamHS7
Cross, William [1608]OR25458
Crosse, Judith [1680]OR62897
Crosse, Margaret [1675]OR26016
Crosse, Mr [1663]OR25863
Crosse, Unknown [1804]31
Crossland, Harold15
Crossley, MaryHS1
Crouch, Marion RubyHS107
Crow, BarrieHS39
Crow, Christopher JamesHS39
Crow, ElspethHS4
Crow, FrancesHS4
Crow, Joseph [1755]OR299269
Crow, Joseph [1762]OR304109
Crow, JuliaHS4
Crow, LeeHS39
Crow, Richard AshleyHS39
Crow, Robert13
Crow, Robert WHS4
Crow, StanleyHS39
Crowe, Terry542
Crowley, Allan29
Crowley, Bernice29
Crowley, Dennis29
Crowley, Josephine [1848]29
Crowley, Unknown29
Crowne, Robert [1680]OR62897
Crowther, Jane [1837]53
Crowther, M [1791]OR90203
Crowther, Ray Eldon167
Crowthers, William JohnHS3
Croxen, John [1771]OR321722
Croxton, Elizabeth [1612]OR25500
Croxton, James [1681]OR62901
Croxton, John [1751]OR84289
Croxton, Richard [1620]OR25600
Croxton, Richard [1791]OR372576
Crump, Edward [1685]OR62930
Crump, Edward [1731]OR74947
Crump, George [1770]OR321568
Crumrind, Mary Virginia351
Cruso, Francis [1850]32
Cruso, John127
Cruston, Thomas [1762]OR233404
Crutchley, Mary Ann [1868]172
Cruwys, John [1690]OR71835
Cudden, Thomas [1694]OR132135
Culcheth, Hannah [1693]OR155562
Culcheth, Henry [1693]OR155559
Culcheth, John [1665/6]OR25917
Culcheth, William [1661]OR25839
Cullam, John [1694]OR132135
Cullen, MichaelHS4
Culliford, Mr [1689/90]OR71791
Cully, John [1691]OR72204
Culpin, DavidHS1
Culpin, EleanorHS1
Culpin, MatthewHS1
Cumberbatch, John [1730]21
Cumberford, Anne [1684]OR226533
Cumberland, Dr T486
Cumberland, JosephHS100
Cumberland, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Cumberledge, Betty209
Cumberlidge, Henry209
Cumerlidge, Henry3
Cumming, Ian SkeochHS30
Cummings, Adam29
Cummings, Timothy29
Cummings, Unknown29
Cummins, Aaron [1773]OR325692
Cunn..., Alexander [1799]OR9098
Cunningham, Felix Lambert44
Cunningham, John [1770]OR246862
Cunningham, Rose Moone Tekoora44
Cunningham, Scott Tuana44
Cunningham, Wilhelmina44
Cupis, AnneHS268, HS269, HS198
Cupis, DorothyHS268, HS269, HS198, HS270, HS271
Cupis, EdwardHS268, HS269, HS198, HS270, HS271
Cupis, ElisabethHS268, HS269, HS198
Cupis, JohnHS269, HS270, HS271
Cupis, MaryHS268, HS269, HS198, HS271
Cupis, StephenHS268, HS269, HS198, HS270, HS271
Cupis, ThomasHS269, HS270, HS271
Cupis, WilliamHS269, HS270, HS271
Curran, R29
Currance, John [1684]OR226533
Curson, Unknown [1839]96
Curtice, John [1731]OR74947
Curtis, Charles [1691]OR11906
Curtis, Elizabeth [1691]OR11906
Curtis, James [1726]OR74349
Curtis, Martha [1726]OR74349
Curtis, William [1762]OR304027
Cusack, Peter147
Cusack, Sarah147
Cusak, Christopher147
Custolow, Thomas [1714]OR80998
Cuthbert, Thomas [1694]OR132135
Cutlar, ThomasHS272
Cutler, John [1663]OR123805
Cutler, Mrs Mary [1689]OR124112
Cutlove, John [1689]OR71676
Cutlove, John [1690]OR71835
Cutmore, Alice SophiaHS273
Cutmore, EdmundHS273
Cutmore, EllenHS273
Cutmore, Ellen AliceHS273
Cutmore, William HenryHS273
Cuttlete, William [1664]60
Cutts, Katherine [1663]OR123805
D'Eath, Thomas [1694]OR132135
D'Oyley, Thomas [1691/2]OR72321
D'Oyly, Thomas [1689]OR71681
Daber, Albert209, 5
Dack, Frances MayHS194
Dack, JacobHS194
Dack, Leonard Walter WilliamHS194
Dack, MariaHS3
Dack, Victor JacobHS194
Dacre, EmmaHS48
Dailey, Roger GHS39
Daine, ElizabethHS274
Dakin, Ann [1836]344
Dakin, CatherineHS39
Dakin, Emily [1850]209
Dalbye, John [1681]OR62901
Dalbye, Stephen [1672]OR25999
Dale, Arthur [1842]45, 497
Dale, Elizabeth142
Dale, Felise [1621]OR25602
Dale, Frances45, 497
Dale, Jane [1684]OR226533
Dale, John [1608]OR25458
Dale, John [1844]45, 497
Dale, Mary [1794]21
Dale, Randle [1669/70]OR25972
Dale, Susan83
Dale, Thomas45, 497
Dale, William45, 497
Dale, William [1669/70]OR25972
Dale, Yvonne MHS105
Dallas, Anne167, 72, 81, 89, 92
Dallas, Anne [1855]209
Dallas, R A81
Dallicock, John [1684]OR226533
Dally, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Dalrymple, Captain [1761]OR298007
Dalte, Francis [1717]OR60892
Daltem Robert [1717]OR60892
Dalten, John [1718]442
Dalton, ElizabethHS39
Dalton, Mr [1791]OR87856
Dalton, SidneyHS39
Daltry, Mrs566, 567, 568
Daly, Mrs [1768]OR7420
Damont, Unknown45, 497
Danbick, Francis [1765]OR317477
Danby, Mr [1800]OR28516
Dance, AliceHS98
Dance, W [1791]OR90765
Dandoe, Philip [1713]OR59865
Dandridge, John [1761]OR233344
Dangerfield, MaryHS30
Daniel, John [1791]OR87856
Daniel, Michael [1716]OR60810
Daniell Earl of Nottingham [1690/1]OR72039
Daniell, Ann [1690]OR62977
Daniell, JesseHS104
Daniell, John [1615]OR25529
Daniels, IsabelHS104
Daniels, MiriamHS51
Danks, AnnieHS4
Danks, Charlotte E 'Lottie'HS174
Dannat, Margaret [1669]OR25970
Dannatt, Anne [1673]OR26004
Danser, JacobOR238632
Danser, JaneOR238632
Dantel, William [1768]OR244802
Danvers, Charles [1691]OR72187, OR72204
Danvers, Mrs Henrietta [1689]OR124112
Dany, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Darbey, Robert [1791]OR89035
Darbie, John [1689/90]OR71780
Darbie, John [1690]OR71835, OR71853
Darbie, John [1691/2]OR72321
Darbie, John [1691]OR72187, OR72204
Darby, Abraham560
Darby, CharlotteHS100
Darby, ConstanceHS100
Darby, Eliza AHS100
Darby, ElizabethHS100
Darby, Frederick WHS100
Darby, Hannah JaneHS36
Darby, Iris EHS36
Darby, JamesHS36
Darby, James HHS36
Darby, JohnHS100
Darby, John ClarkHS1
Darby, John [1689]OR124112
Darby, LeviHS100
Darby, MikeHS100
Darby, Mrs Mary [1689]OR124112
Darby, RosieHS100
Darby, SamuelHS100
Darby, Sarah EllenHS100
Darby, Unknown144, 209
Darby, Uriah AlbertHS36
Darby, Violet MHS36
Darby, WalterHS100
Darby, William89, HS100
Darbyshire, William [1640]OR25801
Darling, JanHS7
Darlington, Ellen [1609/10]OR25472
Darlington, Job [1680]OR62897
Darlington, John [1770]OR321568
Darlington, Joseph36
Darlington, Margery [1630]OR25743
Darlington, Ralph [1620]OR25600
Darlington, Thomas [1716]OR60810
Darlington, William [1716]OR60810
Darrington, Margery [1720]OR61773
Darrington, Thomas [1720]OR61773
Dart, SusanHS4
Dartmouth, George Lord [1691/2]OR72310
Darwin, Charles529
Darwin, Mr [1754]OR105702
Dashwood, Sir Samuel [1694]OR132135
Dauntsey, William [1613]OR25508
Davall, Elizabeth [1858]448
Davenport, Charles [1853]104
Davenport, Elizabeth [1690]OR62977
Davenport, Harry Tichborne [1877]32
Davenport, Isabel [1642]OR25827
Davenport, James [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Davenport, John [1837]32
Davenport, John [1850]32
Davenport, Margaret [1669]OR25970
Davenport, Margaret [1685]OR62930
Davenport, Unknown39
Davenport, William [1669]OR25970
David, Humphry [1770]OR321568
David, John [1761]OR303863
David, William [1761]OR303863
David, William [1770]OR321568
Davidorn, John29
Davids, Charles [1770]OR321568
Davidson, Betsy13
Davidson, ElanorHS37
Davidson, Elizabeth209, HS4
Davidson, MarkHS37
Davidson, SophieHS37
Davidson, Thomas [1761]OR303863
Davies, AliceHS100
Davies, Andrews [1709]OR226687
Davies, AnnHS6
Davies, Ann M504
Davies, Beatrice EmeryHS63
Davies, BertieHS100
Davies, BlairHS41
Davies, BobHS41
Davies, BrendaHS41
Davies, Brian S504
Davies, CarolineHS275
Davies, Catherine Elsie342
Davies, Catherine [1663]OR25863
Davies, Catherine [1685]OR62930
Davies, Charles FrederickHS41
Davies, Christopher [1689]OR71681
Davies, Claudius CharlesHS41
Davies, Darlene AdeleHS41
Davies, DavidHS100
Davies, David I504
Davies, David [1771]OR321722
Davies, David [1773]OR325692
Davies, DonHS41
Davies, DonnaHS41
Davies, DorothyHS41
Davies, DougHS41
Davies, EdieHS41
Davies, Edith MaryHS41
Davies, Edna Isobel342
Davies, EdwardHS25
Davies, Elizabeth109, HS276, HS25, HS105, HS174, HS275, HS186, HS277
Davies, Elizabeth [1615]OR25529
Davies, Emma [1826]209, 392
Davies, Eric Gordon342
Davies, Ernest P504
Davies, EstherHS276, HS25, HS105, HS278, HS277
Davies, Evan [1770]OR321568
Davies, Florence EthelHS100
Davies, FlorieHS25
Davies, George392
Davies, George P504
Davies, HenryHS25, HS105, HS100, HS26, HS278, HS277
Davies, Henry [1615]OR25529
Davies, Henry [1661]OR25839
Davies, Henry [1663]OR25863
Davies, HildaHS48
Davies, IreneHS41
Davies, IsaacHS275
Davies, James Alfred342
Davies, Jane [1629]OR25726
Davies, JoanHS39
Davies, Joan Ann342
Davies, JoannaHS41
Davies, John342, HS100
Davies, John Charles5
Davies, John Charles [1872]209
Davies, John G504
Davies, John HHS277
Davies, John [1661]OR25839
Davies, John [1709]OR226687
Davies, John [1771]OR321722
Davies, John [1773]OR325692
Davies, John [1793]OR373622
Davies, JosephHS276, HS25, HS105, HS100, HS26, HS275, HS186, HS277
Davies, Joyce342
Davies, KatherineHS94
Davies, Lena GeannHS37
Davies, LeviHS276, HS25, HS105, HS275, HS277
Davies, Margaret147
Davies, Margaret Louise342
Davies, Margaret Rose7
Davies, Margaret [1828]392
Davies, MaryHS276, HS25, HS105, HS275, HS277
Davies, Mary [1823]392
Davies, Matthew CharlesHS41
Davies, MeghanHS41
Davies, PeterHS37
Davies, Philip13
Davies, PhoebeHS278, HS277
Davies, Richard DaleHS41
Davies, Richard [1720]OR82023
Davies, Richard [1771]OR321722
Davies, Richard [1793]OR373622
Davies, RogerHS41
Davies, RosamondHS41
Davies, SarahHS25, HS105, HS278, HS277
Davies, Sarah AnnHS100
Davies, Sarah [1822]392
Davies, Selina Alice May342
Davies, SusanaHS279
Davies, SusannaHS25
Davies, Thelma Jean342
Davies, Thomas [1612]OR25500
Davies, Thomas [1751]OR84289
Davies, Thomas [1772]OR325394
Davies, TomHS41
Davies, Wendy MarieHS41
Davies, WilliamHS275, HS186
Davies, William CharlesHS41
Davies, William [1615]OR25529
Davies, William [1793]OR373622
Davis, AgnesHS41
Davis, AnnHS100, HS280, HS281
Davis, AnneHS100
Davis, BenHS25
Davis, BenjaminHS100
Davis, BettieHS100
Davis, CarolineHS100, HS280, HS281
Davis, Christiana [1665/6]OR25917
Davis, ClaudiusHS41
Davis, Claudius CharlesHS41
Davis, ConstanceHS100
Davis, David [1791]OR87856
Davis, Dr [1791]OR87856
Davis, EdithHS41
Davis, Edith Caroline GeoginaHS3
Davis, ElizaHS100
Davis, ElizabethHS25, HS100, HS280, HS281, HS26, HS282, HS283
Davis, Elizabeth AHS41
Davis, Elizabeth Ann29
Davis, Elizabeth Ann [1814]26
Davis, Elizabeth Ann [1816]477
Davis, Ellen or EllenorHS100
Davis, EmmaHS100, HS4
Davis, EnochHS100, HS280, HS281
Davis, EstherHS25, HS100, HS280, HS281, HS282, HS284
Davis, Evan [1761]OR303863
Davis, Evan [1791]OR372576, OR87856
Davis, Fanny [1805]21
Davis, Fhyabet27
Davis, GeorgeHS100
Davis, George [1761]OR233344
Davis, Gewndoline13
Davis, Gwen209, HS4
Davis, HarryHS283
Davis, Henry [1726]OR74349
Davis, Henry [1772]OR325394
Davis, HowardHS100
Davis, IsaacHS100, HS280, HS281
Davis, Ivan Reese167
Davis, JacobHS285
Davis, JohnHS100
Davis, John HenryHS276, HS284
Davis, John [1755]OR299269
Davis, John [1761]OR303863
Davis, John [1773]OR325692
Davis, John [1791]OR87856, OR90203
Davis, JosephHS100, HS280, HS282, HS283, HS286
Davis, Joseph [1771]OR321722
Davis, Joseph,HS280, HS281
Davis, JuliaHS41
Davis, Ken29
Davis, Kieran MichaelHS1
Davis, Kristine29
Davis, LeviHS100, HS280, HS281, HS282, HS284
Davis, LindaHS4
Davis, LotHS100
Davis, Martha [1690]OR62977
Davis, MaryHS100, HS280, HS281, HS284, HS286
Davis, Mary AnnHS287, HS288, HS289, HS100, HS290, HS291
Davis, Melvin167
Davis, Michael CharlesHS1
Davis, Mr [1791]OR87856
Davis, NoahHS288, HS100
Davis, Owen [1791]OR90203
Davis, PhoebeHS284, HS286
Davis, Richard [1791]OR90203
Davis, RosannaHS100, HS280, HS281
Davis, SarahHS276, HS282
Davis, Sarah AnnHS100
Davis, Siona RuthHS1
Davis, Tara EsterHS1
Davis, ThomasHS100, HS292
Davis, Thomas JamesHS41
Davis, Thomas [1663]OR123805
Davis, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Davis, Vern Burl167
Davis, WilliamHS100, HS280, HS281, HS282, HS283
Davis, William EdwardHS41
Davis, William [1726]OR74349
Davis, William [1767]OR107002
Davis, William [1791]OR90203
Davis, William [1801]OR8302
Davison, Albert AustinHS58
Davison, Alice MaryHS58
Davison, Annie MaudHS58
Davison, Charles AustinHS58
Davison, Harriet LouiseHS58
Davison, William [1765]OR317477
Davy, John [1608]OR25458
Davy, Richard [1692/3]OR155559
Daw, Edmund [1691/2]OR72286, OR72321
Daw, Georgina SHS29
Dawbeney, John [1709]OR226687
Dawes, Captain Hugh [1697]OR134003
Dawes, Mr [1754]OR105702
Dawes, RonaldHS1
Dawes, RosaHS30
Dawes, William [1652]OR21354
Dawson, Edward [1714]OR80998
Dawson, Mary [1626]OR25681
Dawson, Peter [1672]OR25999
Dawson, Richard [1714]OR80998
Dawson, Robert [1672]OR25999
Dawson, William [1717]OR61086
Day, CharlesHS5
Day, Charles [1765]OR317477
Day, Daniel [1755]OR299269
Day, Ernest GeorgeHS1
Day, Florence L486
Day, GeorgeHS1
Day, John [1709]OR226687
Day, Mary [1685]OR62930
Day, Michael [1709]OR226687
Day, Milly LangleyHS3
Day, Richard [1688]OR62968
Day, Sarah AnnHS139
Day, William [1713]OR59865
Daykin, John [1762/3]OR304109
Dayne, Margaret [1626]OR25681
De Bruyn, Amber Joan147
De Bruyn, Caitlin Hannah147
De Bruyn, Christopher147
De Bruyn, Shane147
De Lacy, Henry39
DeWolf, Hobart Wilson167
Deakin, Ann [1858]5
Deakin, Anne [1824]342
Deakin, Frances [1688]OR62968
Deakin, Henry [1640]OR25801
Deakin, Peter [1682]OR62908
Dealtry, Benjamin [1800]OR28516
Dealtry, Mrs [1800]OR28516
Dean, Arnold [1685]OR62930
Dean, Cissie391
Dean, Edwin T [1869]11
Dean, Gladys M209
Dean, Henry538
Dean, Henry [1612]OR25500
Dean, John [1615]OR25529
Dean, John [1688]OR62968
Dean, John [1856]17
Dean, Margaret [1626]OR25681
Dean, Mary [1690]OR62977
Dean, Robert [1680]OR62897
Dean, Uriah [1682]OR62908
Dean, William [1714]OR60023
Deane, John [1712]OR80373
Deane, John [1717]OR60892
Deane, Miss Elizabeth Salisbury [1772]OR8404
Deane, Samuel [1712]OR80373
Deane, Sir Robert [1772]OR8404
Deane, Urian [1683]32
Deathick, Rev Thomas [1791]OR90203
Deaves, Edward [1709]OR226687
Debenham, Sarah [1713]OR59865
Debenham, William [1713]OR59865
Debranson, Joanne29
Debranson, Louis29
Debranson, Shelly29
Debranson, William29
Decayne, Anne [1684]OR226533
Deck, Ruth167
Dee, John [1615]OR25529
Deeley, EdgarHS36
Deeley, EdnaHS36
Deeley, EricHS36
Deeley, Ethel WinifredHS36
Deeley, Thomas PhilipHS36
Defour, Joseph [1767]82
Defour, Peter [1767]82
Delane, Mr C [1791]OR90765
Delawne, William [1694]OR132135
Delevel, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Delmestre, Martha [1717]OR60892
Delves, Hugh [1613]OR25508
Delves, Sir Thomas [1613]OR25508
Delves, Thomas [1793]OR373622
Dempsey, Dulcie PhyllisHS7
Demsy, Lt-Col Lawrence [1678]OR11382
Deneel, Jacob [1694]OR132135
Denew, James [1694]OR132135
Denham, Nichols [1691]OR72204
Denison, JaneHS293
Denkin, Martha [1688]OR62968
Denne, Mr [1753]OR105702
Dennil, Elizabeth [1761]62
Denning, John [1689]OR124112
Dennis, Annie Elizabeth14
Dennis, GeorgeHS75
Dennis, William [1684]OR226533
Denson, Elizabeth [1610]OR25480
Denson, Mary [1610]OR25480
Denson, Mr William [1629]OR25726
Denson, Richard [1610]OR25480
Dent, George [1716]OR60810
Dent, Susan13
Denteth, Gilbert [1672]OR25999
Denton, Samuel [1762]OR304027
Depdale, Elijah35
Depdale, Richard35
Deroe, Unknown29
Derrell, William167
Derricott, Margaret AHS100
Derricutt, Arthur DHS100
Derricutt, John THS100
Dervile, Daniel [1694]OR132135
Desborough, Nathaniel [1714]OR60023
Desborough, Thomas [1714]OR60023
Desbovery, Lord Edward [1694]OR132135
Descharmes, Rev Dr William [1772]OR8404
Despaignall, Samuel [1726]OR74349
Detra, Joane [1684]OR226533
Deval, Elizabeth45, 497
Devaynes, John [1791]OR90765
Devel, Elizabeth [1682]71
Deverell, William [1751]OR84289
Devey, John Smith [1791]OR89035
Devey, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Devias, Henry [1665/6]OR25917
Devill, Elizabeth [1682]63
Devison, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Devonport, MariaHS48
Dewby, Thomas [1684]OR226533
Dewhurst, Richard [1610]OR25480
Dewick, J [1791]OR90765
Dexter, George [1762]OR233404
Dey, Henry [1630]OR25743
DiPrinzio, David RomeoHS7
DiPrinzio, Paul AnthonyHS7
DiPrinzio, PietroHS7
Dibbern, Norman Thomas7
Dibdale, Elizabeth [1626]OR25681
Dibley, Willian Sherry35
Dibon, Elizabeth [1726]OR74349
Dibon, William [1726]OR74349
Dick, Mr William [1791]OR90765
Dicken, Thomas [1653]444
Dickens, Francis [1693]OR207588
Dickens, Mr James [1791]OR90765
Dickenson, Jane70
Dickenson, Katie209
Dickenson, Neil209
Dickenson, Samuell70
Dickerson, HannahHS51
Dickerson, MaryHS3
Dickins, Brosia [1681]OR62901
Dickinson, Hannah [1791]OR90203
Dickinson, John [1713]OR59865
Dickinson, Martha AHS3
Dickinson, Mr [1799]OR9098
Dickinson, Mrs [1799]OR9098
Dickinson, Rivers [1698]OR129890
Dickinson, Sydney PercyHS3
Dickonson, Anne [1663]OR25863
Dicks, Barbara Ann451
Dicks, Cynthia Susan451
Dicks, Daniel Vernon451
Dicks, David Scott451
Dicks, David Wayne451
Dicks, James Lester451
Dicks, Jennifer Louise451
Dicks, Joelle Lee451
Dicks, Katherine Mary451
Dicks, Laura Lynn451
Dicks, Lisa Marie451
Dicks, Majorie Susan451
Dicks, Michael Alan451
Dicks, Roger Alan451
Dicks, Sharon Marie451
Dicks, Timothy Alan451
Dicks, Timothy James451
Dicks, Wayne Joseph451
Dicks, William David451
Dickson, John209
Didier, AnneHS149
Didiman, Royston538
Didsbury, John [1640]OR25801
Digby, Lord George [1645]OR174400
Digge, Leonard [1694]OR132135
Dillard, AnnieHS47
Dillard, CyrilHS47
Dillard, GilesHS47
Dillard, MayHS47
Dillard, Sarah AnnHS47
Dillon, Martha [1693/4]OR207637
Dilly, Mr [1799]OR9098
Dimeroff, P29
Dimmock, Amy BetsyHS108
Dimmock, Mary AnnHS36
Dimmock, PriscillaHS40
Dimmock, WilliamHS105
Dimmock, William MHS105
Dingdale, Barbara413
Dingle, JohnHS119
Dingley, Jane [1828]167
Dinodale, William209
Dipdale, Richard142, 167, 172, 70, 87
Dipdale, Richard [1570]209
Diplidge, Elizabeth [1663]OR123805
Dismarette, Abraham [1731]OR74947
Dismarette, James [1731]OR74947
Disney, Mr [1753]OR105702
Ditchfield, Jane [1626]OR25681
Ditchfield, John [1791]21
Dive, John [1772]OR8404
Divel, Elizabeth143, 167
Divel, Elizabeth [1660]209
Dix, Charles [1717]OR60892
Dixon, Claire MHS42
Dixon, Doris LHS42
Dixon, Elizabeth [1684]OR226533
Dixon, Ella209
Dixon, Elsie VHS4
Dixon, Eric CHS42
Dixon, George HawkinsHS294, HS295
Dixon, George SHS42
Dixon, Henry JHS42
Dixon, John [1772]OR8404
Dixon, Mrs Mary [1682]OR124243
Dixon, Steven209
Dixon, Thea209
Dixon, Thomas [1661]OR25839
Dixwell, Sir Basil [1694]OR132135
Dmochowski, Stanley RichardHS39
Dobbe, Samuel [1680]OR62897
Dobbie, Dr W J486
Dobson, Florence AnnieHS3
Dod, Elizabeth [1673]OR26004
Dod, Elizabeth [1726]OR74349
Dod, Ellen [1767]82
Dod, John [1682]OR62908
Dod, John [1726]OR74349
Dod, Joseph [1762]OR304109
Dod, Margaret [1630]OR25743
Dod, Margaret [1669]OR25970
Dod, Mary [1681]OR62901
Dod, Susan [1673]OR26004
Dod, Thomas [1673]OR26004
Dodd, Arnold FrancisHS7
Dodd, Edward [1621]OR25602
Dodd, Eleanor RuthHS7
Dodd, John [1625/6]OR25666
Dodd, Joshua TimothyHS7
Dodd, Martha [1863]209
Dodd, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Dodd, Naomi IsabelHS7
Dodd, Philip [1621]OR25602
Dodd, Richard [1793]OR373622
Dodd, Richrd [1642]OR25827
Dodd, Samuel [1769]62
Dodd, Thomas407
Dodd, Thomas [1608]OR25458
Dodd, Thomas [1772]OR8404
Dodds, Elizabeth Jane [1872]209, 5
Dodds, Unknown486
Dodson, AnneHS39
Dodson, ArchieHS39
Dodson, Barrington JHS39
Dodson, DennisHS39
Dodson, EthelHS39
Dodson, FrankHS39
Dodson, GayeHS39
Dodson, HoraceHS39
Dodson, Mary [1621]OR25602
Dodson, Nathan [1621]OR25602
Dodson, Thelma LHS39
Doe, Ann [1610]OR25480
Doe, James [1610]OR25480
Doe, Thomas [1610]OR25480
Doek, EmanuelHS3
Doherty, Oliver FrancisHS1
Doig, Andrew [1791]OR372576
Dolan, Dr J F486
Dolben, Sir William [1791]OR87268
Dolby, Thomas [1690]OR62977
Dolby, Walter [1751]OR84289
Doley, William [1691]OR11906
Dolge, Frederic [1772]OR8404
Doliffe, James [1697]OR134003
Dolins, Daniel [1705]OR361485
Dollimore, Lydia RuthHS71
Domville, Sir William [1693]OR207588
Donahue, Nancy209
Donald, CatherineHS48
Donbell, Moira Weston-Burt orHS35
Doncastle, Alice [1669/70]OR25972
Done, Ellen [1613]OR25508
Done, Thomas [1608/9]OR25462
Done, Thomas [1672/3]OR25999
Done, Thomas [1690]OR71828
Donnelly, MaryHS7
Donnelly, UnknownHS1
Donneral, Earl29
Donneral, Jean29
Donneral, Unknown29
Doo, EmmaHS58
Dood, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Dooley, Edward [1631]OR25752
Dooley, William45, 497
Doorbar, Hugh538
Doose, George29
Dooss, Stephen29
Dooss, Unknown29
Dore, John [1791]OR90203
Dorington, Major-General [1694]OR132135
Dorman, Anthony147
Dorn, Allison Stanyer29
Dorn, Jennier29
Dorn, Susan29
Dorn, Unknown29
Dorn, William [1755]OR299269
Dotorford, Stanley [1726]OR361814
Doughty, Roy LeslieHS4
Douglas, Emily13
Douglas, Emily [1847]209
Douglas, Eric29
Douglas, Grant29
Douglas, Paul29
Douglas, Susan29
Douglas, Thomas209, 412
Douglas, Thomas [1703]141
Douglas, Unknown29
Dourbar, Richard [1808]62
Dove, Edmund [1731]OR74947
Dove, Joseph [1717]OR61086
Dove, William [1717]OR61086
Dovey, Martha E147
Dovey, Martha E [1804]147
Dowdeswell, Richard [1690]OR71853
Down, BarbaraHS1
Down, Edward [1720]OR82023
Down, Mary [1720]OR82023
Downes, Arthur [1755]OR299269
Downes, Edward [1720]OR82023
Downes, James [1689/90]OR71780
Downes, James [1689]OR71676
Downes, James [1690/1]OR72039
Downes, Martha [1692/3]OR155559
Downes, Mr [1753]OR105702
Downes, William [1669]OR25970
Downing, Carl Leroy351, 5
Downing, FrancisHS1
Downing, James [1850]209
Downing, Pattie Louise [1873]209
Downing, Susannah [1791]OR90203
Downing, Thomas H4
Downing, Thomas Henry [1828]4
Downing, Unknown [1829]96
Downs, Benjamin [1810]21
Downs, DavidHS36
Downs, Edward [1791]OR90203
Downs, LilianHS36
Downs, MaureenHS36
Downs, ThomasHS291
Downward, John [1629]OR25726
Dowse, William [1689/90]OR71780
Dowze, William [1690]OR71853
Doy, JohnHS154
Doyley, Thomas [1690]OR71835
Doyly, Thomas [1689/90]OR71780
Dr Clark486
Dr Dickenson32
Dr McFaul486
Dr Symonds76
Drackenburg, Christian Jacobsen [1772]OR8404
Drake, Francis [1726]OR74349
Drake, John [1726]OR74349
Drake, Thomas [1709]OR165680
Drakeford, Mary32
Dranfield, Benedicta Lydia [1893]167
Draper, Alice [1621]OR25602
Draper, Charles [1720]OR61773
Draper, James [1692/3]OR155559
Draper, Mary Elizabeth209
Draper, Richard [1681]OR62901
Draper, Unknown167
Drax, Henry [1691]OR11906
Drayton, Alaster David147
Drayton, Andrew John147
Drayton, Charles Edward147
Drayton, Christine147
Drayton, Christopher James147
Drayton, David George147
Drayton, John Edward Albert147
Drayton, Lee Ann Mavoureen147
Drayton, Tania May147
Dresins, Mr J [1791]OR90765
Drew, Edward [1717]OR60892
Drew, John [1717]OR60892
Drew, John [1726]OR74349
Drewe, Miss [1800]OR28516
Drewe, Rev H [1800]OR28516
Drewery, GarryHS1
Drewit, George [1768]OR244802
Drewry, Unknown [1794]439
Drinkwater, Alice [1631]OR25752
Drinkwater, Ellen [1629]OR25726
Drinkwater, John [1791]OR89035
Drinkwater, Peter [1669/70]OR25972
Drinkwater, Thomas [1762]OR304027
Drinnen, J B50
Driscoll, Barbara29
Driscoll, Hazel29
Driscoll, Karen29
Driscoll, Kathleen29
Driscoll, Orville29
Driscoll, Unknown29
Driver, Kit147
Driver, Ruben147
Drow, William ThomasHS296
Drozier, AliceHS154
Druces, Samuel [1768]OR244802
Drummond, AinslieHS7
Drummond, Brylie MeganHS7
Drummond, WayneHS7
Drury, Edward [1793]OR373622
Dryhurst, Donald NHS4
Dryhurst, Eleanor FHS4
Dryhurst, Florence IvyHS4
Dryhurst, George William VictorHS4
Dryhurst, Harold GHS4
Dryhurst, Harold PercyHS4
Dryhurst, Jack MHS4
Dryhurst, Loraine DHS4
Dryhurst, Maud LilianHS4
Dryhurst, Mavis OHS4
Dryhurst, May EdithHS4
Dryhurst, Michael JHS4
Dryhurst, Norma EHS4
Dryhurst, Patricia AHS4
Dryhurst, Patricia CHS4
Dryhurst, Raymond CHS4
Dryhurst, Reginald OwenHS4
Dryhurst, Roy T GHS4
Dryhurst, Ruby DorothyHS4
Dryhurst, Shirley IHS4
Dryhurst, Thomas George EdwinHS4
Dryhurst, Thomas WilliamHS4
Du Cane, Peter [1709]OR165680
DuRocher, AndrewHS39
DuRocher, Anne LouiseHS39
DuRocher, Dale JenniferHS39
DuRocher, Dale MarieHS39
DuRocher, Michele AnneHS39
DuRocher, RobertHS39
DuRocher, RolandHS39
DuVernon, Ken351
Dube, Shirley24
Dubeau, A29
Dubeau, Benjamin29
Dubeau, James29
Dubeau, Lori29
Dubeau, Yvonne29
Dubois, Jacob [1720]OR61773
Dubois, Mr Vincent [1694]OR132135
Dubourdieu, Armon [1717]OR61086
Dubourdieu, Jacob [1717]OR61086
Duchess Dowager of Athol [1766]OR107001
Duchess of Buckingham [1698]OR129890
Duckett, Anthony [1608]OR25458
Duckworth, George [1791]OR89035
Duckworth, Margaret [1625/6]OR25666
Duckworth, Mr [1620]OR25600
Duckworth, Rev [1661]OR25839
Duckworth, Sarah [1784]55
Duddell, James [1770]OR246862
Dudley, Eliza45, 497
Dudley, Mr Isaac [1791]OR87268
Dudley, RosinaHS38
Dugdale, Frederick GHS39
Dugdale, Richard GeorgeHS39
Duggen, Francis [1762]OR233404
Duke of Bolton [1690]OR71828
Duke of Bolton [1767]OR107002
Duke of Brunswick [1691/2]OR72310
Duke of Buckingham [1476]67
Duke of Buckingham [1678]OR11382
Duke of Chandos [1766]OR107001
Duke of Devonshire [1694]OR207808
Duke of Gordon [1766]OR107001
Duke of Holstein Gottorp [1691/2]OR72310
Duke of Holstein [1691]OR72187
Duke of Leinster [1691]OR72155
Duke of Norfolk [1766]OR107001
Duke of Ormonde [1691]OR72204
Duke of Savoy [1691/2]OR72310
Duke of Savoy [1691]OR72155
Duke of Somerset [1766]OR107001
Duke of Somerset [1800]OR28516
Dukes, Richard [1791]OR90203
Dule of Marlborough [1799]OR9098
Dumbleton, Benjamin [1709]OR226687
Dumbrell, Mary [1749]55
Dunabin, Arthur MHS108
Dunabin, Christopher JHS108
Dunabin, John EdwardHS108
Dunabin, Nigel SHS108
Dunabin, Philip THS108
Dunabin, ThomasHS108
Dunbabin, Alice [1613]OR25508
Duncan, Dorothy AlexandraHS41
Duncomb, Charles [1689/90]OR71780
Duncomb, Charles [1690]OR71853
Duncombe, Charles [1689]OR71615, OR71676
Duncombe, Charles [1691/2]OR72286
Duncombe, Lidia [1705]OR160455
Duncombe, Mr John [1691]OR11906
Duncombe, William [1689/90]OR71780
Duncough, Richard [1669/70]OR25972
Dundas, Sir Laurence [1767]OR107002
Dunkley, F P538
Dunmill, ElizabethHS192
Dunn, AlfredHS36
Dunn, AmosHS40
Dunn, Annie LHS40
Dunn, ArthurHS40
Dunn, Bobby546
Dunn, CyrilHS40
Dunn, DaisyHS36
Dunn, EliHS40
Dunn, EllenHS40
Dunn, Elsie AHS4
Dunn, IsaiahHS40
Dunn, J546
Dunn, JamesHS36, HS4
Dunn, James JoshuaHS4
Dunn, JaneHS36
Dunn, JosephHS40
Dunn, Lily SHS40
Dunn, LouiseHS36
Dunn, MargaretHS97
Dunn, MathewHS40
Dunn, May MatildaHS4
Dunn, MiraHS40
Dunn, NehemiahHS40
Dunn, NormanHS40
Dunn, PriscillaHS40
Dunn, R546
Dunn, RoseHS40
Dunn, RosinaHS40
Dunn, SamuelHS40
Dunn, SelinaHS40
Dunn, SimeonHS40
Dunnford, George [1773]OR325692
Dunning, PaganHS30
Dunning, Simon542
Dunstall, Richard [1689]OR124112
Dunster, Joan [1608/9]OR25462
Duppa, Mary [1684]OR226533
Durance, Jonathan [1760]OR302048
Durden, John [1791]OR89035
Durdin, PeterHS29
Durell, Admiral [1761]OR298007
Durham, Sarah5
Durie, Rev James [1800]OR28516
Durose, Ann [1834]209
Durose, Ann [1867]209
Durose, Beth209
Durose, Charles E [1875]209
Durose, Clive209
Durose, David209
Durose, Edward [1789]209
Durose, Edward [1822]209
Durose, Edwin [1830]209
Durose, Edwin [1860]209
Durose, Elizabeth [1873]209
Durose, Emma [1871]209
Durose, Henry [1863]209
Durose, James209
Durose, James [1838]209
Durose, James [1880]209
Durose, Jill Margert209
Durose, John [1748]209
Durose, John [1829]209
Durose, Joseph [1650]209
Durose, Margerat209
Durose, Richard [1800]209
Durose, Sarah E [1878]209
Durose, Sarah [1819]209
Durose, Thomas [1707]209
Durose, Thomas [1832]209
Durose, William [1600]209
Durose, William [1683]209
Durrant, William [1705]OR361485
Dutchman, Baden PowellHS71
Dutchman, BarbaraHS71
Dutchman, BarlowHS71
Dutchman, Barnet EmmaHS71
Dutchman, Dulcie Pansy MayHS71
Dutchman, EsdaileHS71
Dutchman, Harold GordonHS71
Dutchman, Henry MartinHS71
Dutchman, Horace GeorgeHS71
Dutchman, LaviniaHS71
Dutchman, Monica MavisHS71
Dutchman, Pansy MayHS71
Dutton Margaret [1690]OR62977
Dutton, AnnHS144, HS297, HS274
Dutton, CharlesHS144, HS297, HS274
Dutton, FrancesHS144, HS297, HS274
Dutton, George [1682]OR62908
Dutton, JamesHS144, HS297, HS274
Dutton, Jane [1631]OR25752
Dutton, JohnHS144, HS297, HS274
Dutton, John [1620]OR25600
Dutton, John [1685]OR62930
Dutton, John [1768]OR244802
Dutton, John [1791]OR89035
Dutton, JosephHS144, HS297, HS274
Dutton, Mary [1690]OR62977
Dutton, Richard [1675]OR26016
Dutton, Samuel [1682]OR62908
Dutton, Sir Richard [1690]OR71956
Dutton, Thomas [1609/10]OR25472
Dutton, WilliamHS144, HS297, HS274
Duty, Helen LauraHS39
Duty, Katherine MaryHS39
Duty, Nicola DawnHS39
Duty, Rachel MarionHS39
Duty, Robert CharlesHS39
Duty, Stephen PhilipHS39
Duty, WilfredHS39
Duval, Rev Philip [1791]OR87268
Duvall, Elizabeth [1858]448
Duxbury, Andrew [1689]OR71681
Dwyer, Brittany NicoleHS4
Dwyer, Clarence BernardHS4
Dwyer, Cynthia JaneHS4
Dwyer, David ToddHS4
Dwyer, Jeremy ToddHS4
Dwyer, Joshua DavidHS4
Dyas, Ellen LouisaHS6
Dyches, Melvin Roswell167
Dye, JamesHS153
Dye, JohnHS153
Dyer, Mary [1712]OR44507
Dyer, Patrick [1709]OR226687
Dyer, Richard [1693]OR207588
Dyer, Waldron [1714]OR60023
Dyke, Elizabeth van [1694]OR132135
Dyke, John van [1694]OR132135
Dykes, Sr Thomas [1630]OR25743
Dyson, AndrewHS3
Dyson, LesleyHS3
E, Martha [1899]5
Eacott, Elizabeth LHS42
Eade, John [1765]OR317477
Eares, Mary [1670]OR122154
Earl of Abingdon [1768]OR7420
Earl of Albemarle [1772]OR7530
Earl of Anglesey [1678]OR11382
Earl of Bath [1689]OR71615
Earl of Belmont [1767]OR107002
Earl of Bute [1761]OR298007
Earl of Callender [1645]OR174399
Earl of Carlisle [1768]OR7420
Earl of Carnarvon [1800]OR28516
Earl of Carnwath [1645]OR174399
Earl of Charlemont [1768]OR7420
Earl of Clare [1690]OR71956
Earl of Dalhousie [1766]OR107001
Earl of Darlington [1768]OR7420
Earl of Denbigh [1645]OR174399
Earl of Denbigh [1694]OR207808
Earl of Dorset [1691/2]OR72310
Earl of Dunmore [1799]OR9098
Earl of Essex [1678]OR11382
Earl of Galloway [1768]OR7420
Earl of Harborough [1766]OR107001
Earl of Holdernesse [1761]OR298007
Earl of Hopetown [1766]OR107001
Earl of Inchiquin [1692]OR72390
Earl of Kerry [1768]OR7420
Earl of Leven [1689]OR71615
Earl of Lincoln39
Earl of Litchfield [1772]OR7530
Earl of Lothian [1645]OR174399
Earl of Meath [1698]OR129890
Earl of Miltown [1768]OR7420
Earl of Montagu [1690]OR71828
Earl of Montagu [1691]OR72155
Earl of Niddisdate [1645]OR174399
Earl of Northampton [1761]OR298007
Earl of Oxford [1694]OR207808
Earl of Oxford [1698]OR129890
Earl of Pomfret [1766]OR107001
Earl of Portland [1690]OR71828
Earl of Ranelagh [1689/90]OR71791
Earl of Ranelagh [1689]OR71681
Earl of Ranelagh [1690]OR71828
Earl of Ranelagh [1691]OR72155
Earl of Ranelagh [1694/5]OR207838
Earl of Ranelagh [1694]OR207808
Earl of Ranelagh [1698]OR129890
Earl of Ranelgh [1690]OR71956
Earl of Romney [1709]OR165680
Earl of Romsey [1698]OR129890
Earl of Rothes [1768]OR7420
Earl of Rothes [1772]OR8404
Earl of Selkirk [1691]OR72187
Earl of Shrewsbury [1689/90]OR71791
Earl of Stamford [1690]OR71853
Earl of Stamford [1791]OR87268
Earl of Strafford [1791]OR90714
Earl of Strathmore [1768]OR7420
Earl of Suffolk [1791]OR90714
Earl of Thanet [1766]OR107001
Earl of Tyrconnell [1693]OR207588
Earl of Wilton38
Earle, Dennis LHS4
Earle, Edward [1691]OR11906
Earle, James [1762]OR233404
Earle, Kaitlyn ElizabethHS4
Earle, Mr James [1791]OR90765
Earls of Chester569
Early, Elizabeth [1663]OR123805
Early, James [1663]OR123805
Earns, Thomas [1844]500
Earwaker, WilliamHS107
Eason, Alexander [1791]OR89035
East, John [1694]OR132135
Easton, Daisy486
Easton, MaryHS1
Eastwood, John [1697]OR134003
Eastwood, Nathaniel [1731]OR74947
Eastwood, Richard [1731]OR74947
Eato, ArthurHS30
Eato, Elsie MayHS30
Eaton, Ellen [1631]OR25752
Eaton, James [1608]OR25458
Eaton, John [1613]OR25508
Eaton, John [1669/70]OR25972
Eaton, John [1762/3]OR304109
Eaton, Mary [1690]OR62977
Eaton, Mary [1859]209
Eaton, R [1791]OR90765
Eaton, Richard [1612]OR25500
Eaton, Richard [1615]OR25529
Eaton, Robert [1669]OR25970
Eaton, Thomas [1608/9]OR25462
Eaton, Thomas [1640]OR25801
Eaton, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Eaton, Thomas [1762]OR304109
Eaton, William [1608/9]OR25462
Eatwell, Edward [1770]OR246862
Eavans, JudethHS298
Eaves, Janice MHS105
Ecaler, Joen Ann35
Eccles, Mr [1625/6]OR25666
Eccleston, Alice [1608/9]OR25462
Eccleston, Ellen [1608]OR25458
Echement, Alice JeanHS4
Eckersall, Jane [1673]OR26004
Eddowes, R [1767]82
Eddy, William [1693]OR207588
Eden, Edward [1714]OR80998
Eden, Sir Robert [1691/2]OR72286
Ederton, Alsopp38
Edge, Bert391
Edge, Edward [1755]OR299269
Edge, Hannah [1784]209
Edge, John [1755]OR299269
Edge, Katherine [1621]OR25602
Edge, Richard [1691/2]OR72321
Edge, Russell391
Edgeley, Dom [1688]OR62968
Edgerton, Rev John [1684]OR226533
Edgeworth, Ellen [1608]OR25458
Edginton, MarjorieHS47
Edgley, Ellen [1610]OR25480
Edgley, Humprey [1612]OR25500
Edith Stanway Murphy551
Edleston, Mary [1629]OR25726
Edmond, Thomas [1690/1]OR72039
Edmonson, ElizabethHS290
Edmonson, ThomasHS290
Edmund, John [1621]OR25602
Edmund, Thomas [1621]OR25602
Edmunds, Edward [1793]OR373622
Edmunds, Mr [1772]OR8404
Edward 1st39
Edward Earl of Clarendon [1709]OR165680
Edward Earl of Warwick [1694]OR132135
Edward Lord Morpeth [1678]OR11382
Edward, Elizabeth verch [1630]OR25743
Edward, MaryHS225
Edward, Rees [1772]OR325394
Edward, Robert [1793]OR373622
Edward, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Edwards, Anne [1612]OR25500
Edwards, Barbara [1693]OR155562
Edwards, CharlesHS299
Edwards, David [1791]OR87856
Edwards, Edward [1612]OR25500
Edwards, Edward [1716]OR81297
Edwards, Edward [1761]OR303863
Edwards, Edward [1772]OR8404
Edwards, Eleanor SHS299
Edwards, ElizabethHS299
Edwards, EllenHS217
Edwards, Ellenor [1682]OR62908
Edwards, Francis [1625/6]OR25666
Edwards, Garvis SHS299
Edwards, George [1714]OR80998
Edwards, Howard [1762]OR304027
Edwards, Jeffrey [1762]OR304109
Edwards, John [1714]OR80998
Edwards, John [1720]OR82023
Edwards, John [1761]OR303863
Edwards, Jonathan [1751]OR84289
Edwards, Margaret [1669]OR25970
Edwards, Mary AHS299
Edwards, Millicent AliceHS38
Edwards, Miss [1800]OR28516
Edwards, Mr J [1791]OR90765
Edwards, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Edwards, Mr [1754]OR105702
Edwards, Owen [1791]OR90203
Edwards, PeterHS139
Edwards, Peter [1691/2]OR72286
Edwards, Rev Robert [1791]OR90203
Edwards, Samuel [1755]OR299269
Edwards, Thomas [1751]OR84289
Edwards, Thomas [1755]OR299269
Edwards, Thomas [1761]OR303863
Edwards, Thomas [1762]OR233404
Edwards, Thomas [1773]OR325692
Edwards, Thomas [1791]OR87856
Edwards, Unknown209
Edwards, WilliamHS299
Edwards, William [1751]OR84289
Edwards, William [1761]OR303863
Edwards, William [1791]OR372576
Egar, DanielHS300
Egar, DavidHS300, HS150
Egar, PierreHS300
Egar, SaraHS300
Egar, SusanneHS300
Egerton, Florence5
Egerton, Mary [1681]OR62901
Egerton, Peter [1693]OR155562
Egerton, Ranulph38
Egerton, Rev John [1684]OR226533
Egerton, Sir Phillip [1681]OR62901
Egerton, Sir Ralph [1554]67, 93
Egerton, Unknown39
Eggleton, John [1690]OR71835, OR71853
Eggleton, MaryHS153
Eggleton, Thomas [1690]OR71835, OR71853
Egleston, Jane [1665/6]OR25917
Egleton, Thomas [1690/1]OR72039
Egleton, William [1690/1]OR72039
Eibling, Harold Henry351, 5
Eibling, Henry W [1871]351, 5
Eibling, Kent Robert351, 5
Eibling, Leroy Kent351
Eibling, Lloyd Henry351
Eibling, Sharon Lynn351
Eibling, Willis Norman351, 5
Ekins, NellieHS1
Ekman, Dale147
Ekman, Gillian147
Ekman, Roidon147
Elam, JeanHS301
Elcock, Emma [1859]351, 5
Elcock, Margaret [1612]OR25500
Elcock, Ralph [1609/10]OR25472
Elcock, William [1791]OR90203
Elderton, T [1791]OR90765
Eldridge, Miss [1800]OR28516
Elector Palatine [1691/2]OR72310
Elector of Bavaris [1691/2]OR72310
Elector of Treves [1691/2]OR72310
Elford, Francis William 'Frank'HS35, HS31, HS29, HS1
Eling, Thomas [1684]OR226533
Elizabeth, AnnieHS153
Elizabeth, HenriettaHS71
Elkin, Chloe543
Elkin, Mary22
Elkington, Thomas [1711]404
Elkins, DeborahHS137
Ella, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Ellcott, William MayHS302
Ellen, Felthouse [1803]14
Elles, John [1717]OR61086
Elliot, Amy Catherine 'Catie'HS4
Elliot, Joanna OliveHS4
Elliot, John [1767]OR107002
Elliot, Kevin PatrickHS4
Elliot, Loise-Pippa 'Pippa'HS4
Elliot, Mary JacquelineHS4
Elliot, Mr [1749-50], Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Elliot, Oscar BenjaminHS4
Elliot, Philip Thomas 'Tom'HS4
Elliot, Robert Daniel 'Dan'HS4
Elliot, Sarah [1832]5, 507
Elliot, Spenser Edward 'Ted'HS4
Elliot, William209
Elliot, William 'Patrick'HS4
Elliot, William Frederick 'Fred'HS4
Elliott, Aaron29
Elliott, Anne [1684]OR226533
Elliott, Bartholomew [1731]OR74947
Elliott, James29
Elliott, Lawrence [1752]OR105702
Elliott, Patrick13
Elliott, Travis29
Ellis, Angela29
Ellis, Anthony [21 James I (1624)]OR156926
Ellis, Carol29
Ellis, David29
Ellis, Donna Lee29
Ellis, Edward29
Ellis, Elaine29
Ellis, Gerald29
Ellis, Gladys RHS97
Ellis, H486
Ellis, Jack29
Ellis, James29
Ellis, Jane29
Ellis, John [1772]OR325394
Ellis, Jordan29
Ellis, Kathleen29
Ellis, Lisa29
Ellis, Llewellen29
Ellis, Marilyn29
Ellis, Matilda [1629]OR25726
Ellis, Mr Thomas [1791]OR90765
Ellis, Nancy29
Ellis, Papter [1762]OR304109
Ellis, Peter [1762]OR304109
Ellis, Richard [1771]OR321722
Ellis, Roger [1663]OR25863
Ellis, Thomas [1762]OR304109
Ellis, William [1773]OR325692
Ellison, Anne [1680]OR62897
Ellison, John [1673]OR26004
Ellison, John [1688]OR62968
Ellison, John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Ellison, Joseph [1772]OR8404
Elliston, Mr [1754]OR105702
Ellor, William [1608]OR25458
Ells, Mr Deputy Francis [1772]OR8404
Ellwill, John [1689]OR71676
Elmsall, Mr [1754]OR105702
Elsden, Edward [1713]OR59865
Elsden, Katherine [1713]OR59865
Elsdon, JohnHS2
Elsdon, RobertHS2
Elstone, UnknownHS303
Elvey, Richard [1714]OR80998
Elvey, Thomas [1714]OR80998
Elwell, ColleenHS4
Elwell, MeganHS4
Elwell, ShannonHS4
Elwell, WilliamHS4
Elwill, John [1689/90]OR71780
Elwill, John [1690]OR71853
Embleton, K G538
Emerson, EdwardHS78
Emerson, ElizabethHS78
Emerson, FrancesHS78
Emerson, JohnHS78
Emerson, Mary AnnHS78
Emerson, RichardHS78
Emerton, John [1684]OR226533
Emery, BerthaHS273
Emery, JohnHS207
Emery, Samuel [1720]OR61773
Emery, Thomas [1761]OR233344
Emery, Unknown342
Emery, Unknown [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Emmerick, Kim29
Emmerick, Ramon29
Emmerick, Vince29
Emmerick, Wayne29
Emmerson, AudreyHS7
Emmerson, Richard [1673]OR26004
Emmerson, WilliamOR75085
Emmerston, Thomas [1761]OR233344
Emmerton, Lillian MaryHS97
Emmery, Elizabeth [1689]OR124112
Emmery, Hugh [1689]OR124112
Emmet, Henry [1705]OR361485
Ende, Mr Carel Van den [1694]OR132135
Endon, Elizabeth108
Endon, Samuel [1644]108
Endon, Thomas108
England, David PeterHS39
England, Peter JHS39
England, Stephen JamesHS39
Entwistle, Francis [1613]OR25508
Epex, Daniele [1762]OR304027
Erickson, BruceHS41
Erickson, Jenna LeaneHS41
Erickson, Kimberley MichelleHS39
Erickson, Lacey MarieHS41
Erickson, Lanae AlyssaHS41
Erle, Peter [1661]OR25839
Errington, HildaHS47
Erskine, SharonHS1
Escott, Edmund [1714]OR60023
Esmett, Mrs [1689]OR124112
Eugene, Angela29
Eugene, Bradley29
Eugene, Theodore29
Evance, Sir Stephen [1694]OR132135
Evand, Alice [1881]484
Evand, Mary A [1881]484
Evand, William [1881]484
Evans, Agnes485
Evans, Agnes [1882]484
Evans, AlfredHS253
Evans, Alice485
Evans, Alice MariaHS4
Evans, Alice [1672]OR25999
Evans, Arthur29
Evans, BenjaminHS83, HS304, HS305
Evans, Bernard485
Evans, Bernard [1893]484
Evans, CarolineHS253
Evans, David29
Evans, Dennis29
Evans, Dorothy [1709]OR226687
Evans, Dustin29
Evans, Edward29
Evans, Edward [1690]OR71835
Evans, Edward [1709]OR226687
Evans, Edward [1720]OR82023
Evans, Elizabeth29, HS306, HS83, HS307, HS304, HS305
Evans, FannyHS253
Evans, GeorgeHS253, HS34
Evans, George HHS30
Evans, George [1793]OR373622
Evans, Griffith [1791]OR87856
Evans, Humphrey [1720]OR82023
Evans, Idris [1771]OR321722
Evans, Jack29
Evans, James29, HS83, HS304, HS305
Evans, Jane [1804]31
Evans, Jeffrey29
Evans, Jennifer29
Evans, Joan29
Evans, Joanne29
Evans, John ThomasHS174
Evans, John [1709]OR226687
Evans, John [1720]OR82023
Evans, John [1770]OR321568
Evans, John [1793]OR373622
Evans, Judy29
Evans, Lewis [1793]OR373622
Evans, Linda29
Evans, Margo29
Evans, Mark Shane167
Evans, MaryHS83, HS307, HS304, HS305, HS4
Evans, Mary A [1876]484, 5
Evans, Melissa29
Evans, Michael29
Evans, Michelle29
Evans, Miss E [1800]OR28516
Evans, Mr [1625/6]OR25666
Evans, Mr [1752]OR105702
Evans, Neil29
Evans, Oliver [1761]OR303863
Evans, Paul29
Evans, Philip Frank167
Evans, Philip Harry167
Evans, Richard29
Evans, Richard [1762]OR304027
Evans, Richard [1804]31
Evans, Robert [1762/3]OR304109
Evans, Robert [1793]OR373622
Evans, Roberts [1761]OR233344
Evans, SarahHS308
Evans, SelinaHS4
Evans, Thomas29
Evans, Thomas [1629]OR25726
Evans, Thomas [1689]OR71676
Evans, Thomas [1793]OR373622
Evans, Tony29
Evans, Unknown29
Evans, W [1791]OR90765
Evans, Wayne29
Evans, William485, HS306, HS307, HS253, HS305
Evans, William [1714]OR60023
Evans, William [1762]OR304027
Evans, William [1852]484, 485, 5
Evans, William [1878]484, 5
Evanson, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Eveleigh, Rev Dr [1791]OR87268
Eveling, George [1684]OR226533
Evelyn, George [1684]OR226533
Evelyn, George [1694/5]OR207838
Evelyn, Lady Jane [1772]OR8404
Evelyn, Sir John [1767]OR107002
Evens, Anna209
Everall, Edward [1771]OR321722
Everet, John [1689]OR71681
Evers, Carole AHS39
Eves, SarahHS33
Eveson, ArnoldHS30
Eveson, DuncanHS30
Eveson, GeoffreyHS30
Eveson, HarryHS30
Eveson, IanHS30
Eveson, JohnHS30
Eveson, JulieHS30
Eveson, KarenHS30
Eveson, Pamela JHS30
Eveson, SusanHS30
Evetts, Caroline PenningHS4
Evetts, Caroline Penning [1814]209
Evson, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Ewart, Barbara Barclay Carr167
Exton, Janet [1612]OR25500
Eyre, James [1772]OR7530, OR8404
Eyre, Mr Thomas [1800]OR28516
Eyre, Sir James [1772]OR7530, OR8404
Eyre, Trulan Orlando167
Eyres, Bishop [1768]OR7420
Eyres, Miss [1768]OR7420
Eyton, Charles10
Eyton, David [1613]OR25508
Faber, Mr [1753]OR105702
Fairbank, Unknown [1861]209
Fairbanks, Alice [1873]209
Fairbanks, Ann [1856]209, 5
Fairbanks, Arthur [1857]209
Fairbanks, Arthur [1866]5
Fairbanks, Edith [1859]5
Fairbanks, Eli [1851]209, 5
Fairbanks, Eliza [1861]209, 5
Fairbanks, Ellen [1867]209, 5
Fairbanks, Emma [1857]209, 5
Fairbanks, Isabella [1852]209
Fairbanks, Isabella [1853]5
Fairbanks, Isabella [1862]5
Fairbanks, James [1852]209, 5
Fairbanks, Joseph [1854]209
Fairbanks, Joseph [1862]209, 5
Fairbanks, Levi [1868]5
Fairbanks, Levi [1869]209
Fairbanks, Mary Isabella [1856]5
Fairbanks, Mary [1828]479
Fairbanks, Sampson STANIER [1848]5
Fairbanks, Sampson [1819]5
Fairbanks, Sampson [1851]209
Fairbanks, Sampson [1868]5
Fairbanks, Sarah Ellen [1848]5
Fairbanks, Thomas [1872]5
Fairbanks, William209
Fairbanks, William [1816]5
Fairbanks, William [1851]5
Fairbrother, HarrietHS36
Fairbrother, Roger [1620]OR25600
Faircloth, CLARAHS309
Fairclough, Ann [1692/3]OR155559
Faire, Ellen [1661]OR25839
Fairey, Isabel147
Fairfax, George [1691]OR72204
Fairfax, Sir Thomas [1664]38
Falkenor, Elizabeth [1791]OR372576
Falkingham, Georgina [1880]11
Falla, PenelopeHS7
Fallows, George [1630]OR25743
Fallows, Richard [1609/10]OR25472
Fallows, William [1625/6]OR25666
Fanner, John EHS97
Fanning, John [1762]OR304027
Fanshaw, Elizabeth [1684]OR226533
Fanshaw, Miss Elizabeth [1772]OR8404
Fanshaw, Thomas [1772]OR8404
Fardoe, Joseph [1771]OR321722
Fardoe, Richard [1720]OR82023
Farmer, BeatriceHS39
Farmer, Elizabeth [1717]OR61086
Farmer, Gertrude MayHS39
Farmer, JosephHS39
Farmer, MargaretHS39
Farmer, Sarah [1717]OR61086
Farmer, WilfredHS39
Farquhar, Caroline Mary167
Farquhar, Charles Gorden Darroch [1867]209
Farquhar, Charles Gordo Darrach81
Farquhar, Charles Gordon Darroch [1867]167
Farquhar, Charles Robert Stanier167
Farquhar, David John Charles167
Farquhar, Eleanor Doris167
Farquhar, Gillian Mary167
Farquhar, Margaret167
Farquhar, Sir Arthur81
Farr, FlorinaHS253
Farr, Nicholas [1761]OR233344
Farrall, Emma344
Farrance, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Farrar, John [1669]OR25970
Farrell, CatherineHS310, HS64
Farrer, Jeremiah [1692]OR124243
Farrer, Ralph [1608/9]OR25462
Farrer, Ralph [1625/6]OR25666
Farrington, Hastings [1841]209
Farrington, Samuel [1691/2]OR72321
Farrington, Unknown167
Farrinton, Anne [1626]OR25681
Farrister, Charlotte [1881]491
Farrow, Edward [1771]OR321722
Farside, James [1689/90]OR71780
Faucet, Richard [1691/2]OR72286
Faucett, Richard [1690/1]OR72039
Faulkner, AHS4
Faulkner, Charles WilliamHS4
Faulkner, Ellenor [1672/3]OR25999
Faulkner, Leah DorisHS52
Faulkner, Thomas [1791]OR89035
Faulkner, William [1672/3]OR25999
Faulkner, William [1694]OR132135
Faulkners, Miss [1791]OR90203
Fausett, Alexander [1793]27
Fausett, Amanda Armstrong [1810]27
Fausett, David [1747]27
Fausett, David [1800]27
Fausett, Dorothy [1744]27
Fausett, Eleanor [1797]27
Fausett, Eliza McKee [1808]27
Fausett, Elizabeth [1746]27
Fausett, John McKee [1804]27
Fausett, Mary [1742]27
Fausett, Nancy [1799]27
Fausett, Richard [1769]27
Fausett, Sarah Maria [1795]27
Fausett, Sarah [17667]27
Fausett, William McKee [1807]27
Faux, George Washington167
Faux, John George167
Faux, Rita167
Faux, Robert J167
Fawaz, Mark MikhaelHS31, HS29
Fawaz, MichelHS31, HS29
Fawaz, RebeccaHS31, HS29
Fawcett, Christopher [1795]27
Fawcett, John [1676]27
Fawcett, John [1735]27
Fawcett, John [1740]27
Fawcett, Richard [1714]27
Fawcett, Thomas27
Fawkener, John [1716]OR81297
Fawns, Dr W F486
Fazakerley, John [1772]OR325394
Fazakerley, Margery [1629]OR25726
Fazakerley, William [1629]OR25726
Fearneyhough, Neville AubreyHS4
Feast, Unknown [1691]OR72204
Feerny, Thomas [1760]OR302048
Feffrys, Jeoffry [1694]OR132135
Feilden, William [1673]OR26004
Fellowes, ElizabethHS100
Fellows, Jack WilliamHS7
Fellows, PaulHS7
Fellows, Samuel PaulHS7
Fellows, Tom CharlesHS7
Felton, Thomas [1694]OR207805
Fensom, ElizaHS185
Fenson, SarahHS1
Fentham, AmeliaHS4
Fentham, Amelia [1845]209
Fenton, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Fenton, William [1684]OR226533
Fenwick, Mr [1749-50]OR105702
Ferguson, AlexanderHS5
Ferguson, AnnieHS36
Ferguson, Donna M351
Ferguson, Doreen AnnieHS48
Ferguson, Dr G G486
Ferguson, Edward29
Ferguson, Elizabeth29
Ferguson, Gwendoline29
Ferguson, John29
Ferguson, Joseph Willard351
Ferguson, Rev J J486
Ferguson, Vivian Ray [1895]5
Ferguson, Vivian Roy [1895]351
Fernandez, Antonio CarlosHS4
Fernandez, DarioHS4
Fernandez, Oliver JacobHS4
Ferne, Edmund [1690]OR71853
Ferne, Henry [1689/90]OR71780
Ferne, Henry [1690]OR71835, OR71853
Ferne, Robert [1689/90]OR71780
Ferne, Robert [1690]OR71853
Ferneyhough ,Michael13
Ferneyhough, MichaelHS4
Ferneyhough, Neville13, 209
Ferneyhough, Susan13, HS4
Fernihough, Mary [1693]OR155562
Fernley, Gwenllian [1608]OR25458
Fernyhaugh, Anne [1867]14
Fernyhough, Mr [1752]OR105702
Ferrar, John [1691/2]OR72286, OR72321
Ferrar, Jon [1691/2]OR72321
Ferraro, Philip451
Ferriar, John [1791]OR89035
Ferris, Anthony [1690]OR71853
Ferte, Mr La [1694/5]OR207838
Ferusen, Alta473
Fetter, BettyHS4
Fettiplace, Charles [1791]OR87856
Fewtrill, MaryHS39
Ffaire, Benjamin LeHS300, HS311, HS150
Fiddes, James [1791]OR372576
Field, AlfredHS98
Field, Alfred J5
Field, Alfred John VentrisHS98
Field, Alfred Russel Wallace VentrisHS98
Field, Beta Frances IsabellaHS98
Field, Brian FitzgeraldHS98
Field, Constance Hypatia VHS98
Field, Daphne Robina VHS98
Field, Edward Alexander StuartHS98
Field, Fanny ElizabethHS98
Field, Francis VentrisHS98
Field, GladysHS4
Field, Ina Lucia A CHS98
Field, Mary [1755]OR299269
Field, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Field, Muriel VentrisHS98
Field, Peace [1684]OR226533
Field, Victor DantonHS98
Field, WilliamHS2
Fielden, Mary [1608/9]OR25462
Fielding, Sarah ElizabethHS4
Figes, John [1720]OR82023
Figes, Paul [1720]OR82023
Finch, EmilyHS30
Finch, H [1691]OR11906
Finch, Howard JefferyHS174
Finch, Joan IHS174
Finch, John [1640]OR25801
Finch, KathleenHS174
Finch, Mr [1691]OR11906
Finch, Rev Robert Poole [1791]OR87268
Finchet, Thomas [1642]OR25827
Finchett, Ralph [1669]OR25970
Findlay, Betty MHS38
Findlow, Elizabeth [1613]39
Findlowe, Richard [1611]39
Finley, Alfred [1817]13
Finley, Ann Catherine [1815]13
Finley, Anne CatherineHS4
Finley, Anne Catherine [1815]209
Finley, Edgar [1819]13
Finley, Emily13
Finley, George13
Finley, Robert13
Finley, Unknown209
Finley, William13
Finley, William [1813]13
Finlowe, Mary [1669]OR25970
Finmore, William [1661]OR25839
Finn, Stephen [1714]OR80998
Finnes, John [1714]OR80998
Finney, John [1692/3]OR155559
Finney, Mr [1754]OR105702
Finney, Richard12, 86
Finney, Sarah143
Finney, Sarah [1670]209
Finney, Sarah [1798]167, 71
Finney, Thomas209, 45, 497, 71
Finney, Unknown [1678]12, 86
Finsby, Thomas [1760]OR302048
Finucane, Capt [1800]OR28516
Finucane, Mrs [1800]OR28516
Fiodly, George [1717]OR60892
Firman, Edith LouiseHS107
Firth, Anne [1871]209
Firth, Audrey IHS42
Fish, Emanuel [1761]OR233344
Fish, Ernest486
Fish, Robert [1726]OR74349
Fish, Unknown486
Fish, William [1731]OR74947
Fisher [1791]OR87102
Fisher, Andrew RichardHS35, HS1
Fisher, Ann Georgina167
Fisher, Arthur Francis [1899]167
Fisher, Capt John Francis81
Fisher, Charlotte 'Lottie'HS1
Fisher, EmilyHS30
Fisher, James [1712]OR44507
Fisher, Jessica EvelynHS35, HS1
Fisher, John81, HS35, HS1
Fisher, John Francis [1868]167
Fisher, John HowardHS35, HS1
Fisher, John Patrick167
Fisher, John [1868]209
Fisher, Mr John [1791]OR90765
Fisher, Mr [1753]OR105702
Fisher, Rebecca JayneHS35, HS1
Fisher, Robert [1712]OR44507
Fisher, Thomas [1629]OR25726
Fisher, William Francis167
Fisher, William [1680]OR62897
Fishwood, Jonathan [1760]OR302048
Fisk, Dorothy MaudHS39
Fitch, Jane [1684]OR226533
Fitch, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Fitton, Alexander550
Fitton, Edward [1621]OR25602
Fitton, Francis [1694]OR132135
Fitton, Sir Edward550
Fitton, William550
Fitzell, BrentHS1
Fitzer, Jesse [1717]OR60892
Fitzgerald, MarkHS7
Fitzgerald, Richard [1698]OR129890
Fitzherbert, Mr R [1791]OR90765
Fitzpatrick, Captain Richard [1698]OR129890
Fitzpatrick, Colonel John [1698]OR129890
Fitzroy, Colonel [1772]OR7530
Fitzroy, Major-General Charles [1772]OR7530
Flachs, DanielleHS7
Flacke, Philip [1661]32
Flackett, William Ernest [1898]5
Flackkett, Wiliam Ernest [1898]209
Flahau, EsterHS44
Flahau, JacquesHS44
Flahau, MarcHS44
Flahau, MarieHS44
Flanagan, BernardHS174
Flanagan, Daniel JosephHS174
Flanagan, Eva AHS174
Flanagan, Florence Agnes GertrudeHS174
Flanagan, John MichaelHS174
Flanagan, John PatrickHS174
Flanagan, Kathleen LucyHS174
Flanagan, King RoderickHS174
Flanagan, Leonard RHS174
Flanagan, Lucy MargaretHS174
Flanagan, MaryHS174
Flanagan, Mary MaudHS174
Flanagan, Michael MHS174
Flanagan, NoraHS174
Flanagan, Patrick MichaelHS174
Flanagan, Roderick PatrickHS174
Flandeau, Jean29
Flanders, Blaine29
Flanders, Dave29
Flanders, David29
Flanders, Julie29
Flanders, Nicholas29
Flanders, Patrick29
Flanders, Sherralyne29
Flanders, Sherwin29
Flavell, John [1684]OR226533
Flavell, John [1694]OR132135
Flavell, Roy CHS39
Flean, James29
Fleet, Sir John [1694]OR132135
Fleet, Unknown [1807]96
Fleetwood, Margery [1620]OR25600
Fleischer, Laura AnnHS7
Fleming, Arthur ValentineHS29
Fleming, Jacqueline AnneHS29
Fleming, Richard [1615]OR25529
Fleming, Robert [1705]OR361485
Fletcher, Albert [1878]392
Fletcher, Anne [1673]OR26004
Fletcher, Charles [1672]OR25999
Fletcher, Dr W J486
Fletcher, Ferry Bell351, 5
Fletcher, George Frederick209
Fletcher, George Frederick [1876]3
Fletcher, Henry [1883]392
Fletcher, James [1881]392
Fletcher, Jane [1756]21
Fletcher, John [1685]OR62930
Fletcher, John [1693]OR155562
Fletcher, John [1717]OR61086
Fletcher, Julia A [1880]392
Fletcher, Ken413
Fletcher, Mary [1876]392
Fletcher, Michael413
Fletcher, Mr [1698]OR129890
Fletcher, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Fletcher, Peter [1625/6]OR25666
Fletcher, Randy29
Fletcher, Robert29
Fletcher, Robert [1610]OR25480
Fletcher, Rodney29
Fletcher, Samuel Frederick [1887]392
Fletcher, Sarah Jane [1870]392
Fletcher, Thomas [1673]OR26004
Fletcher, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Fletcher, Tiffany29
Fletcher, Tommy453
Fletcher, Unknown29
Fletcher, William392
Fletcher, William [1681]OR62901
Fletcher, William [1791]OR89035, OR90203
Fletcher, William [1872]392
Flether, Thomas [1635]39
Flevill, Ann83
Flint, Mr William [1791]OR90765
Flockton, EmilyHS41
Flockton, MaryHS41
Floulkes, Hannah209
Flowerdue, Bridget [1712]OR44507
Floyer, Peter [1694]OR132135
Floyer, Peter [1696]OR132496
Fluke, Allison29
Fluke, Allyn29
Fluke, Barbara29
Fluke, Brian29
Fluke, Carl29
Fluke, Ceinwen29
Fluke, Charles29
Fluke, Darlene29
Fluke, Donna29
Fluke, Elizabeth29
Fluke, Elsie29
Fluke, Gerald29
Fluke, Harold29
Fluke, Harry29
Fluke, Helen29
Fluke, Ina29
Fluke, James29
Fluke, Jesse29
Fluke, Judith29
Fluke, Luella29
Fluke, Nancy29
Fluke, Robert29
Fluke, Unknown29
Flynne, AnneHS7
Foach, Sir John [1694]OR132135
Foden, Elizabeth [1624]141, 209, 412
Foden, Elizabeth [1648]32
Foden, Hugh [1661]32
Foden, Hugh [1673]32
Foden, John [1690]OR62977
Foden, John [1672]OR25999
Foden, John [1673]32
Foden, Mary [1673]32
Foden, Robert [1642]OR25827
Foden, Samuel [1689]OR71615, OR71676
Foden, Samuell [1689]OR71681
Foden, Samuell [1691/2]OR72321
Foden, Thomas [1689]OR71615, OR71676
Foed, John [1716]OR60810
Fogden, Jonathan [1712]OR44507
Fogden, Richard [1712]OR44507
Fogg, Mary [1709]OR226687
Fogg, Mr [1626]OR25681
Fogg, Richard [1615]OR25529
Foley, Ralph [1767]OR107002
Foley, Sula29
Follis, Rev R J486
Folwell, Elizabeth [1712]OR44507
Foord, Hugh [1600]209
Foot, James [1770]OR246862
Foot, Robert [1694]OR132135
Foot, Samuel [1690]OR71835
Forbes, John [1791]OR372576
Forbes, Malcolm N KHS1
Ford, Al29
Ford, CyrilHS4
Ford, Deanna29
Ford, DoreenHS7
Ford, Dorothy [1709]OR226687
Ford, Edna344, 391
Ford, Edward [1751]OR84289
Ford, Elizabeth PatriciaHS4
Ford, George [1625/6]OR25666
Ford, George [1762]OR233404
Ford, GlenHS7
Ford, Hesta [1754]55
Ford, Isabel [1620]OR25600
Ford, James [1716]OR60810
Ford, Jean Hazel167
Ford, JohnHS5
Ford, John [1675]OR26016
Ford, John [1765]OR317477
Ford, John [1791]OR372576
Ford, KelsyHS7
Ford, Lynda AHS39
Ford, LynetteHS7
Ford, MareeHS7
Ford, Marvin29
Ford, MaxHS7
Ford, Mr [1689/90]OR71791
Ford, Mr [1752]OR105702
Ford, RhondaHS7
Ford, Sarah [1684]OR226533
Ford, Thomas83
Ford, Thomas [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Ford, Unknown [1793]OR373622
Ford, WilliamHS5
Ford, William [1751]OR84289
Fordham, John [1770]OR246862
Foreshew, MarjorieHS48
Forfitt, Thomas [1714]OR60023
Forrest, BillHS30
Forrest, Elizabeth [1689]OR124112
Forrest, Mary [1625/6]OR25666
Forrest, Priscilla MeredithHS7
Forrest, RobertHS30
Forrister, Betsy [1878]496
Forrister, Charlotte [1854]209, 5
Forrister, Charlotte [1878]496
Forrister, Robert [1878]496
Forrister, William [1878]496
Forse, Malcolm351
Forse, Mark351
Forshall, Richard [1681]OR62901
Forshaw, Joan [1631]OR25752
Forsley, Thomas [1762]OR304027
Forster, Mr Clement [1697]OR134003
Forster, Mr [1754]OR105702
Forstrer, Collingwood [1761]OR303863
Forsyth, Margaret SmithHS39
Fortune, Thomas [1800]OR28516
Foss, Penny24
Foster, John [1681]OR62901
Foster, Margaret [1692]OR155559
Foster, Martha [1752]55
Foster, Mr Samuel [1697]OR134003
Foster, Thomas P W482
Fothergill, Martha ElizabethHS33
Fothergill, William [1691/2]OR72286
Foulis, Anne [1689]OR71681
Foulis, William [1689]OR71681
Foulkes, Hugh [1713]OR80373
Foulks, Thomas [1793]OR373622
Fourneor, John [1716]OR81297
Fourneor, Joseph [1716]OR81297
Fowkes, AliceHS312
Fowkes, Ann Sophia PhyllisHS312
Fowkes, Charles WilliamHS312
Fowkes, ClaraHS312
Fowkes, ElizabethHS312
Fowkes, RichardHS312
Fowkes, ThomasHS312
Fowle, Ann [1709]OR226687
Fowle, William [1791]OR87268
Fowler, CatherineHS1
Fowler, Dennis [1709]OR226687
Fowler, LilyHS39
Fowler, Samuel [1755]21
Fowler, Samuell [1689]OR71676
Fowler, William [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Fowles, E438
Fowlie, Maureen Agnes413
Fox, Acton4
Fox, Ann [1805]71
Fox, Charles [1693/4]OR207637
Fox, Edward [1691/2]OR72321
Fox, Edward [1768]OR244802
Fox, EllenHS225
Fox, Flora EHS225
Fox, George [1770]OR321568
Fox, Henry [1630]OR25743
Fox, Isaac Oscar MarkHS7
Fox, Jim29
Fox, JohnHS225
Fox, John [1640]OR25801
Fox, Joseph GeorgeHS7
Fox, Margaret [1673]OR26004
Fox, Mark Paul CharlesHS7
Fox, Martha [1758]4
Fox, Mr Charles [1691]OR72155
Fox, Mr [1690]OR71956
Fox, Mr [1693/4]OR207637
Fox, R538
Fox, Randle [1625/6]OR25666
Fox, Sir Steven [1694]OR207805
Fox, Sophie JasmineHS7
Fox, Thomas [1690]OR71828
Fox, Thomas [1691]OR72155
Fox, Unknown [1791]OR89035
Fox, William [1761]OR233344
Fox, William [1765]OR317477
Fox, William [1791]OR89035
Foxall, Ann [1791]OR90203
Foxall, ElizabethHS314, HS315, HS313
Foxall, George [1870]468
Foxall, HenryHS314, HS316, HS317
Foxall, JesephHS314, HS316, HS317
Foxall, MaryHS314, HS316, HS317
Foxall, SaraHS314, HS316, HS317
Foxley, John [1685]OR62930
Foxley, John [1692]OR155559
Foxley, Thomas [1693]OR155562
Foxley, Unknown [1791]OR89035
Foy, Henry [1630]OR25743
Fraleigh, Dr A J486
Frampton, Thomas [1754]OR105702
France, Florence A351
France, Frank351, 5
France, Frederick J351
France, JohnHS39
France, Kenneth W351
France, LillianHS39
France, Robert [1626]OR25681
France, SidneyHS39
Frances, Ethel [1888]209
Francesse, Anne [1663]OR123805
Francis Archbishop of Dublin [1693]OR207588
Francis Lord Newport566, 567, 568
Francis Viscount Newport [1689]OR71615, OR71676
Francis Viscount Newport [1691/2]OR72321
Francis, Harris [1709]OR226687
Francis, John [1690]OR71956
Francis, Miss E [1800]OR28516
Francis, Nicholas [1717]OR61086
Francis, Ralph [1669]OR25970
Francis, Richard [1717]OR61086
Francis, Samuel [1771]OR321722
Francis, UnknownHS195
Francis, William [1717]OR61086
Franckland, Thomas [1691]OR72155
Francklyn, Thomas [1690]OR71956
Frank, Thomas29
Frankew, Thomas [1762/3]OR304109
Frankish, SophiaHS4
Frankland, Jeffray [1709]OR226687
Frankland, Thomas [1694]OR207805
Franklin, Anne [1684]OR226533
Franks, Unknown [1738]96
Fraser, Catherine Wilson413
Fraser, EstherHS1
Frazer, ArthurHS7
Frazer, DerekHS7
Frazer, DoreenHS7
Frazer, EricHS7
Frazer, ErnestHS7
Frazer, Fullerton CyrilHS7
Frazer, GrahamHS7
Frazer, HelenHS7
Frazer, LawrenceHS7
Frazer, LilyHS7
Frazer, MavisHS7
Frazer, NicoleHS7
Frazer, RaymondHS7
Frazer, SharonHS7
Frazer, ValerieHS7
Frazer, WinnifredHS7
Freaks, Philip [1689/90]OR71791
Frederick, Thomas [1694]OR132135
Freeman, Alida [1694]OR132135
Freeman, Ambrose HarveyHS97, HS318, HS319
Freeman, Arthur AlexanderHS97
Freeman, Beatrice Louisa EsmeHS97
Freeman, Cecil Harold HHS97
Freeman, Charles EdwardHS97
Freeman, Doris H CHS97
Freeman, Edward Arthur DouglasHS97
Freeman, ElizabethHS97
Freeman, Elizabeth HarrietHS97
Freeman, Elizabeth LucyHS97
Freeman, Elizabeth [1723]405
Freeman, Elsie DorisHS97
Freeman, Emma MargaretHS97
Freeman, Ernest William486
Freeman, EvaHS97
Freeman, Florence EthelHS97
Freeman, Florence Minnie VictoriaHS97
Freeman, FrancisHS97
Freeman, Frederick FrankHS97
Freeman, Gertrude IreneHS97
Freeman, Grace [1709]OR226687
Freeman, HarrietHS97
Freeman, HenryHS97
Freeman, Henry [1717]OR60892
Freeman, Jessie Rita DorothyHS97
Freeman, John209
Freeman, John AlbertHS97
Freeman, John [1705]OR361485
Freeman, John [1723]405
Freeman, Leonard Samuel AlexanderHS97
Freeman, LucyHS97, HS318, HS319
Freeman, Mabel A VHS97
Freeman, Mary ElizabethHS97
Freeman, Mr [1799]OR9098
Freeman, Rev Charles [1723]405
Freeman, RobertHS97
Freeman, Sanuel [1723]405
Freeman, TheresaHS97
Freeman, Thomas [1771]10
Freeman, WilliamHS318, HS296
Freeman, William AmbroseHS97
Freeman, William H486
Freeman, William HarveyHS97
Freer, James [1760]OR302048
Freer, Unknown [1860]8
Freer, Unknown [1865]6
French, Charlotte29
French, Elizabeth29
French, Gail29
French, Isabella [1673]OR26004
French, James29
French, John29
French, Lester29
French, Michael29
French, Miriam IHS105
French, Miss [1768]OR7420
French, Patrick29
French, Ralph [1665/6]OR25917
French, Susanna Maria [1736]443
French, Unknown29, HS98
French, William [1791]OR372576
Frere, Francis Le [1772]OR8404
Frere, John [1791]OR90203
Frewen, Edward [1684]OR226533
Friday, James [1709]OR226687
Friend, Thomas [1714]OR80998
Frier, Ellen [1615]OR25529
Friesen, David BradleyHS1
Friesen, Eric John Frank GeorgeHS1
Friesen, Matthew DavidHS1
Friesen, PhilipHS1
Friesen, Wanda JoanneHS1
Frith, Elizabeth [1610]OR25480
Frith, G A538
Fritsch, Rodney Eugene167
Frodsham, Ellenor [1669]OR25970
Froggatt, EdmaHS58
Frost, Alice Ann5
Frost, Jabez [1755]OR299269
Frost, John [1751]OR84289
Frost, Mary [1779]62, 95
Frost, NancyHS7
Frost, RichardOR75085
Frost, Samuel [1850]5
Frost, Sarah39, 45, 497, 527
Frost, Sarah [1787]209, 391
Frost, Sarah [1807]20
Frost, Thomas [1765]OR317477
Frost, William [1808]21
Frutii, DoreenHS7
Fry, Thomas [1772]OR8404
Fry, William [1762]OR233404
Fryer, Elizabeth AnnHS30
Fryer, Emma [1669/70]OR25972
Fryer, John [1760]OR302048
Fryer, Margaret [1608]OR25458
Fulham, Rev Mr John [1772]OR8404
Fullam, Marjorie Martinson147
Fuller, ElizaHS95
Fuller, Isaac [1691/2]OR72286
Fuller, William [1691/2]OR72286
Fullhurst, Dorothy [1631]OR25752
Fulton, Douglas29
Fulton, James29
Fulton, Jody29
Furber, Richard [1881]372
Furness, MadelineHS65
Furney, Rev John [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Furnifall, Ellen [1669/70]OR25972
Furnifall, John [1675]OR26016
Furnival, Leonard344, 391, 538
Furnivall, Thomas [1669]OR25970
Furnose, Sir Henry [1694]OR132135
Furst, Wilfeed Herman35
Futorell, Rev Charles [1791]OR90203
Fyfe, Cathy29
Fyfe, Robert29
Fyfe, Sandra29
Fyfe, Wendy29
Fynney, Edward [1663]OR123805
Fyvion, Joan [1613]OR25508
Gabels, Neillie29
Gabels, Nellie29
Gabels, Theresa29
Gabels, Unknown29
Gable, Mrs28
Gable, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Gadd, AgnesHS105
Gael, Mary [1684]OR226533
Gahan, Benjamin EdwardHS7
Gahan, Deaglan RuadhanHS7
Gahan, Philip David JohnHS7
Gahan, ZoeHS7
Gaite, Elsie Isobel538
Galabin, Mr H L [1800]OR28516
Galabin, Mrs [1800]OR28516
Galard, John [1717]OR60892
Galard, William [1717]OR60892
Gale, David147
Gale, John [1709]OR226687
Gale, Matthew David147
Galipeau, KimHS39
Galton, Alice MaudHS42
Galton, EdwardHS42
Galton, Edward HenryHS42
Galton, Edward WilliamHS42
Galton, Eliza KatharineHS42
Galton, Eliza LydiaHS42
Galton, Emma ElizaHS42
Galton, Florence MaryHS42
Galton, Frederick CharlesHS42
Galton, Harold VictorHS42
Galton, Henry JamesHS42
Galton, Hilda MaudHS42
Galton, Jmaes [1768]OR244802
Galton, Leonard ThomasHS42
Galton, LydiaHS42
Galton, Lydia MargarettaHS42
Galton, MariaHS42, HS37
Galton, Marion IsabelaHS42
Galton, Walter AlbertHS42
Galway, John [1698]OR129890
Galway, Lord Viscount [1772]OR8404
Galway, Mr [1698]OR129890
Gamble, Mr [1750-1]OR105702
Gamet, Clyde Eugene167
Gammans, Mary Edith209
Gammon, Lewis EdwardHS4
Gamull, Val [1675]OR26016
Gandy, Elizabeth [1640]OR25801
Gandy, Katherine [1608/9]OR25462
Gandy, Margaret [1620]OR25600
Gandy, Samuel [1669/70]OR25972
Garbett, Kathryn391
Garceau, Jesse29
Garceau, Unknown29
Gardiner, Alice [1693]OR155562
Gardiner, Heather29
Gardiner, John [1694]OR132135
Gardiner, LouiseHS34
Gardiner, Sharon29
Gardiner, Sherry29
Gardiner, Steven29
Gardiner, Thomas29
Gardiner, Unknown29
Gardner, Arthur Bensley81
Gardner, Cesarly GraceHS39
Gardner, Charles [1801]OR8302
Gardner, Grace13
Gardner, Grace CHS4
Gardner, John Comber RaybouldHS41
Gardner, Margaret [1642]OR25827
Gardner, Norma Edna167
Gardner, William [1663]OR123805
Gardner, William [1770]OR246862
Garland, William [1772]OR8404
Garle, Me De [1800]OR28516
Garmston, Mr [1752]OR105702
Garner, Ellinor [1693]OR155562
Garner, HenryHS320
Garner, Unknown [1626]OR25681
Garnett, John [1620]OR25600
Garnham, CharlotteHS64
Garnham, ElizaHS64
Garnham, ElizabethHS64
Garnham, EmmaHS64
Garnham, FlorenceHS64
Garnham, GeorgeHS64
Garnham, John ThomasHS64
Garnham, ThomasHS64
Garrard, Drake [1800]OR28516
Garrard, Mrs [1800]OR28516
Garrat, William [1669]OR25970
Garratt, MaryHS30
Garrett, Ann147
Garrett, Ernest Edward147
Garrett, Francis MarieHS254
Garrett, Gareth147
Garrett, Hortense Estella [1897]167
Garrett, Mary [1688]OR62968
Garrett, Morris 'Jock'147
Garrett, Murray147
Garside, AlanHS7
Garside, Alice KatherineHS42
Garside, Ellen ElizabethHS42
Garside, Fanny GHS42
Garside, LucyHS321
Garside, Mary LucyHS42
Garside, SamuelHS42
Garswood, Unknown [1673]OR26004
Garth, Unknown [1775]96
Gartside, Robert [1642]OR25827
Garvey, BreannaHS7
Garvey, JacquelineHS7
Garvey, RobertHS7
Garvis, John [1672]OR25999
Garworth, Giles [1762]OR304027
Gascoign, Sarah [1767]82
Gascoign, Thomas [1767]82
Gascoign, Unknown [1767]82
Gascoigne, Thomas [1684]OR226533
Gasgoine, Sir Thomas [1772]OR8404
Gaskin, Rev George [1791]OR87268
Gasper, Gertrude EllaHS217
Gatefield, William HenryHS36
Gater, Violet209
Gates, Isaac [1808]12, 86
Gates, John [1768]OR7420
Gathorn, Roger [1712]OR44507
Gatteser, John [1724]91
Gauntlett, John H209, 5
Gavey, EmmaHS179
Gavey, GraceHS179
Gavinsons, Thomas [1768]OR244802
Gawen, Thomas [1684]OR226533
Gay, John [1772]OR325394
Gay, Reverend Sir Peter Rivers [1768]OR7420
Geary, Rear-Admiral [1761]OR298007
Gedman, Daniel [1841]477
Gee, AdamHS98
Gee, ElizabethHS322
Gee, John [1761]OR233344
Gee, Joseph [1773]OR325692
Gee, Mr [1753]OR105702
Geering, William [1770]OR246862
Geggie, Rev A L486
Gellion, John [1762/3]OR304109
Gen(eral) Clinton [1799]OR9098
Gen, Gary29
Gen, Michael29
Gen, Unknown29
Gen, Vanessa29
Geoghegan, Doreen [1899]351, 5
Geoghegan, Elsie May [1894]351, 5
Geoghegan, Emily Elizabeth [1894]5
Geoghegan, Emily Ethel [1894]351
Geoghegan, Kathleen Georgina [1896]351, 5
Geoghegan, Wilfred M [1891]351, 5
Geoghegan, William [1867]351, 5
George Duke of Northumberland [1694]OR207805
George Earl of Dunbarton [1678]OR11382
George, Dr Arthur St [1772]OR7530
George, James [1771]OR321722
Geoylife, Edward [1765]OR317477
Gerard, Charles550
Gerard, John [1713]OR59865
Gerard, Joshua [1713]OR59865
Gerner, Ralph [1705]OR160455
Gerrard of Bryn38
Gerrard, Albert EHS50
Gerrard, Anne [1630]OR25743
Gerrard, Elizabeth [1620]OR25600
Gerrard, Ellen [1608]OR25458
Gerrard, James [1610]OR25480
Gerrard, James [1642]OR25827
Gerrard, John [1629]OR25726
Gerrard, Mary [1630]OR25743
Gethin, Roger [1690/1]OR72039
Gibbes, J [1711]404
Gibbins, Dawn550
Gibbons, Audrey JeanHS1
Gibbons, Audrey JoyHS1
Gibbons, Benjamin209
Gibbons, Derek AnthonyHS1
Gibbons, Grinling [1691]OR72204
Gibbons, James [1689]OR71681
Gibbons, James [1690]OR71853
Gibbons, John [1680]OR62897
Gibbons, John [1689]OR71676
Gibbons, Jon [1689]OR71676
Gibbons, Mary [1675]OR26016
Gibbons, Matthew JamesHS1
Gibbons, Rebecca LouiseHS1
Gibbons, Rev Benjamin12, 48, 49, 81, 89, 92
Gibbons, Robert [1712]OR80373
Gibbons, Sarah Constance12, 209, 48, 49, 81, 89, 92
Gibbons, Sarah Constance [1866]167
Gibbons, Thomas [1682]OR62908
Gibbons, TomHS1
Gibbs, Charles [1663]OR123805
Gibbs, JeanHS35
Gibbs, Unknown29
Gibson, Ann Elisabeth [1875]89
Gibson, Anna Elizabeth [1875]66
Gibson, Anne Elizabeth [1875]12, 49, 88, 92
Gibson, Annie45, 497
Gibson, Christopher ThomasHS36, HS30, HS37, HS4
Gibson, Colonel [1689]OR71615
Gibson, Colonel [1694]OR207808
Gibson, Edna66
Gibson, Ellen [1860]88
Gibson, Ellen [1866]12, 49, 66, 89, 92
Gibson, Evelyn Jane [1880]12, 49, 66, 88, 89, 92
Gibson, FrankHS323, HS36, HS30, HS37, HS4
Gibson, FraserHS36, HS30, HS37, HS4
Gibson, HarrisHS36, HS30, HS37, HS4
Gibson, HollyHS36, HS30, HS37, HS4
Gibson, James [1625/6]OR25666
Gibson, James [1630]OR25743
Gibson, James [1791]OR372576
Gibson, John209
Gibson, John William209
Gibson, Joseph [1790 - 1797]OR89288
Gibson, LeahHS4
Gibson, Lily Rose45, 497, 89
Gibson, Lily Rose [1878]12, 49, 66, 88, 92
Gibson, Mary Mavis66
Gibson, Mr [1752]OR105702
Gibson, Philippa Maris 'Pippa'HS36, HS30, HS37, HS4
Gibson, Thomas12, 45, 49, 497, 56, 66, 74, 88, 89, 92
Gibson, Unknown74
Gibson, William RobertHS36, HS30, HS37, HS4
Gibson, William Stanier45, 497
Gibson, William Stonier [1877]12, 49, 66, 88, 92
Gibson, William [1877]89
Gibson, Wilma Rosalind [1898]167
Giddins, JohnHS303
Gifford, Isabella41
Gifford, Richard [1714]OR80998
Gilbert, Alfred JamesHS174
Gilbert, Barry JHS4
Gilbert, Edward [1713]OR59865
Gilbert, ElianHS324
Gilbert, ElizabethHS325, HS324
Gilbert, HannahHS324
Gilbert, Henry [1684]OR226533
Gilbert, Henry [1714]OR60023
Gilbert, Joan CHS174
Gilbert, JohnHS324
Gilbert, John [1689]OR124112
Gilbert, MaryHS123
Gilbert, Mary BHS324
Gilbert, Mary PHS174
Gilbert, PheobeHS310
Gilbert, Reginald WilliamHS4
Gilbert, Samuel [1688]OR62968
Gilberton, John [1890]209
Gilbody, John [1692]OR155559
Gildon, Ann [1709]OR226687
Gildroy, Jane [1835]209, 5
Giles, William HHS39
Gilford, Richard [1630]OR25743
Gilford, Thomas [1630]OR25743
Gill, Ann [1761]OR303863
Gill, Annie [1665/6]OR25917
Gill, ElizabethHS55
Gill, Elizabeth [1713]OR59865
Gill, Margery [1661]OR25839
Gill, Mary [1669]OR25970
Gill, Rev [1626]OR25681
Gill, Thomas [1713]OR80373
Gill, William [1713]OR59865
Gillam, Frank486
Gillam, Ira486
Gillett, John [1726]OR74349
Gilliard, Deanna29
Gilliard, Maurice29
Gilliard, Melodi29
Gilliver, Alyson MHS39
Gilmour, Dr A H486
Gimblett, DennisHS50
Gimblett, HaroldHS50
Gimblett, Lawrence HHS50
Gimblett, LewisHS50
Gimblett, PercyHS50
Gimmbles, William [1761]OR303863
Gimmier, Alexander [1760]OR302048
Ginder, EdwardHS4
Ginder, Jeremiah [1801]51
Ginder, JohnHS4
Ginkle, Monsieur [1691/2]OR72310
Girling, Edward [1771]OR321722
Gisborne, Mr [1754]OR105702
Gisbourne, Dr Thomas [1791]OR90765
Gisby, Susanna [1670]OR122154
Gisling, Robert [1791]OR87268
Gittings, Thomas [1761]OR303863
Gittins, John [1720]OR82023
Gittins, Margret7
Gittins, Margret [1861]6
Gitton, George [1791]OR90203
Gitton, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Gittos, Edward [1791]OR90203
Givins, Charles [1777]9
Gladman, DorisHS7
Gladman, Miss [1772]OR8404
Gladman, Thomas [1761]OR233344
Gladwyn, JaneHS39
Gladys, Vera5
Glandole, Rev John [1631]OR25752
Glanville, Ann [1712]OR44507
Glanville, Julius [1712]OR44507
Glase, Thomas [1791]OR90203
Gleast, Anne [1625/6]OR25666
Gleave, John [1688]OR62968
Gleave, Mr [1752]OR105702
Gleave, Robert [1640]OR25801
Glen, Miss [1766]OR107001
Glendenning, James Beville167
Glendenning, Philip Peter167
Glendinning, Halbert Peter Gray167
Glendole, John Mr [1642]OR25827
Glendole, Rev [1630]OR25743
Glenham, Sir Thomas [1645]OR174400
Glest, Richard [1692]OR155559
Glew, MargoHS7
Gliddon, Phyllis147
Glossop, GrahamHS39
Glossop, Jack NickHS39
Glossop, Josephine EmmaHS39
Glossop, Nicholas RobertHS39
Glover, Ann [1717]OR60892
Glover, Ellen [1688]OR62968
Glover, Hannah [1795]55
Glover, John [1626]OR25681
Glover, John [1689]OR71676
Glover, John [1717]OR60892
Glover, Jon [1689]OR71676
Glover, Margaret [1653]55
Glover, Mary [1620]OR25600
Glover, Mr [1661]OR25839
Glover, Thomas [1663]OR25863
Glover, Thomas [1688]OR62968
Glover, Thomas [1761]OR233344
Gnerick, Monsieur [1691/2]OR72310
Godber, CarolineHS39