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The Contents of the Stonehewer to Stanier Society Library

In addition to the online archive, the Society had a large library of written and printed documents. We are gradually indexing these, by name, place, and occupation.

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Library Catalogue

The contents of the library are listed below. The colour codes show which items have been indexed.
Currently being indexed
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Item NoNamePlaceDatesA4 pagesDescription
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1Stanyer, CharlesStone STS1783 - 18891Tree023/R/GraySuperseded by 351
2Stonehewer, Thomas DanielLondon1856 - 18881Bible inscription013/P/Hayd 
3Stonier, JamesOdd Rode CHS1786 - 189512Tree022/P/Hodg 
4Stonier, RalphBarthomley CHS1736 - 18763Tree009/P/Kaye 
5Stanier, WilliamFulford STS1724 - 189923Descendancy chart024/S/Lanconline
6StanierWroxeter SAL, Stourbridge STS and WOR1652 - 188111Tree007/C/Lanf 
7Stanier, JohnUppington SAL, and WOR1652 - 18987Trees007/C/Lanf 
8StanierStourbridge WOR (11 entries)1710 - 18601Parish Reg extract007/C/Lanf 
9Stanier and Stanway of BiddulphSAL (various)1652 - 18545Parish Reg extract007/C/Lanf 
10Stanier, RichardWellington STS1771 - 17726Inventory007/C/Lanf 
11Stanyer, DanielChester CHS1771 - 188919Descendancy chart028/S/Lope 
12Stonyer, Stanier and Stonehewer, JohnBiddulph STS1560 - 18805Pedigree019/R/SmitIdentical to item 49 plus item 86
13Stanier, ThomasBirmingham and Wolverhampton STS1813 - 18932Tree032/G/Stai 
14Stonier, RichardKingstone STS1755 - 18958Trees020/D/Turn 
15Stonehewer, JohnMacclesfield CHS1843 - 18841List026/A/Wyat 
16Stonehewer, SamuelMacclesfield CHS182912Will026/A/Wyat 
17Stonehewer, WilliamTipton STS18566Will026/A/Wyat 
18Stonier, JohnLeek STS1726 - 18701Listnon-member 
19Stonier, GeorgeAstbury STS1616 - 17651Ancestral file details001/M/Stow 
20Stonier, ThomasAstbury STS1728 - 18804Tree011/M/Bowy 
21Stanier and StonehewerSTS1590 - 182514Parish Reg extract007/C/Lanf 
22Stonehewer, JohnBiddulph STS1560 - 18801Lineage chart017/N/Stai 
23Staniers of YesteryearsSAL and London1650 - 17471List017/N/Stai 
24Stonehewer, OrmondBrecon, Wales1771 - 18999Descendancy chart035/M/Ada 
25Stanyer and StonehewerLeek STS1857 - 189914Burial records011/M/Bowy 
26Stanyer, WilliamChester CHS1770 - 18142List025/B/Stay 
27Stonehewer, Mrs RichardDurham1655 - 18564Pedigree001/M/Stow 
28Stanyer - familiesof Canada1889 - 18954Articles025/B/Stay 
29Hewers of Stone - StanyerNorth America1805 - 188049Book incl trees (Loan Item)025/B/Stay 
30Stonehewer, WilliamGawsworth CHS and Manchester LAN1786 - 188410Tree001/M/Stow 
31Stonier, MaryLondon18041Will of Joane Lennys001/M/Stowonline
32Stonehewer (various families)Sutton CHS1572 - 189910Deeds of Properties014/P/Loma 
33Stonehewer, JosephLeek STS18042Will014/P/Loma 
34Stonier, William HerbertBirmingham and Coventry1862BookLife story (scrap book)007/C/Lanf 
35Stonehewers of BiddulphBiddulph STS1384 - 18938Pedigree024/S/Lanc 
36Stonier, JohnHorton STS1814 - 18896Descendancy chart022/P/Hodg 
37Stanier 8F LocomotiveUK 96Book (Loan Item)Lloyd D. 
38Biddulph Old HallSTS1664 - 18944History019/R/Smit 
39Stonehewer AncestersAstbury CHS1372 - 186527Bound Booklet (Loan Item)011/M/Bowy 
40Biddulph ChurchSTS1427 - 18244History014/P/Loma 
41A History of BiddulphSTS1426 - 18912Book extract015/G/Loma 
42Stoniers Buried at BiddulphSTS1721 - 18422List015/G/Loma 
43Brig Sir Alexander StanierSAL18991Obituary044/D/Whel 
44Sir John StanierHAM1372 - 18979Tree and letters044/D/Whel 
45Stoniers Old Cotton MillHurst Vale, Biddulph STS1596 - 1884 CD of scanned images(Loan Item)044/D/Whel 
46Stoniers Manchester Wire WorksMr Burdis 19911847 Audio CD (Loan Item)044/D/Whel 
47Stonier, ThomasBiddulph STS1611 - 18502Letter044/D/Whel 
48Stonehewer, JohnThe Hurst, Biddulph1560 - 18714Handwritten draft tree044/D/Whel 
49Stonehewer, JohnThe Hurst, Biddulph1560 -3Item 48 above transcribed and extended044/D/Whel 
50Stanier, JohnChesterton, Newcastle1898 - 199113A personal memoir017/N/Stai 
51Details of 7 propertiesBiddulph area1779 - 18011List044/D/Whel 
52Tolls and turnpike roads in BiddulphBiddulph STS18201Article on Biddulph044/D/Whel 
53Stonier, WilliamBiddulph STS1823 - 18781Extract from Parish Registers044/D/Whel 
54Stonehewer and StanierLichfield R.O.1532 - 18551List of Wills at Lichfield R.O.044/D/Whel 
55Stonehewer MarriagesParish of Prestbury1598 - 18552List044/D/Whel 
56Stonier, Thomas, Martha and Williamno place given1734 - 18501Inscription from Prayer Book044/D/Whel 
57Stonier, Marthano place givenno date1Section of her Will044/D/Whel 
58Chester Record OfficeBiddulph and District1648 - 18984Extracts from documents and deeds044/D/Whel 
59Biddulph Parish RegistersBiddulph STS1796 - 18741Burial details044/D/Whel 
60Stonehewer and StonierBiddulph and District1561 - 16843Baptisms, Marriages and Burials044/D/Whel 
61Stonehewer, Stanier and Stonier familiesBiddulph and District1685 - 17911Baptisms, Marriages and Burials044/D/Whel 
62MarriagesBiddulph and District1761 - 18811List044/D/Whel 
63Stonehewer and StonierNewcastle Family History Centre1648 - 18642Baptisms and Marriages044/D/Whel 
64Bishops TranscriptsBiddulph STS1560 - 18762Baptisms and Burials044/D/Whel 
65Stonehewer and StonierCHS Area1660 - 17741List of Wills 044/D/Whel 
66Thomas Stonier BeswickHorton STS1866 - 18801Details from Family Bible044/D/Whel 
67Notes on Stonehewer and StoniersBiddulph and District1356 - 17664Notes044/D/Whel 
68Hearth Tax DueBiddulph and District1666 - 17952Description044/D/Whel 
69Sir Alexander StanierUK1560 - 18566Correspondence044/D/Whel 
70Stonyer of BiddulphBiddulph STS1605 - 16651Tree044/D/Whel 
71Stonehewer of LeekLeek STS1284 - 18631Pedigree044/D/Whel 
72Stonehewer lineBiddulph STS1560 - 18601Tree044/D/Whel 
73Stonier, WilliamOf the Troughstones1838 - 18521Chart044/D/Whel 
74Brian Blayney re StoniersBiddulph STS1852136 letters044/D/Whel 
75Stonier propertiesBiddulph STS1759 - 18561List of Dates044/D/Whel 
76Stonehewer, Joshuaof Biddulph STS1514 - 18941Directory Entry044/D/Whel 
77Gravestones and PlaqueBiddulph Church STS1721 - 18403List044/D/Whel 
78GravestonesWolstanton Church STS1803 - 18861List044/D/Whel 
79GravestonesRushton Spencer Churchyard STS1826 - 19281List044/D/Whel 
80Thomas and William Stonhewerof Biddulph STS18382Inscription044/D/Whel 
81Stanier familyPeerage details1554 - 18941Tree044/D/Whel 
82Stonhewer, J.Various CHS Parishes17671Description001/M/Stow 
83Sale of Over Hall FarmBiddulph STS19932Newspaper article044/D/Whel 
84Stonier, Thomasof Hay Hill1611 - 17212List044/D/Whel 
85Stonyer, Johnof Barleyford CHS16052Will in secretary hand044/D/Whel 
86Stonehewer, Richardof Biddulph STS1560 - 18372Tree044/D/Whel 
87Stonehewer, Johnof Biddulph STS1564 - 18994Tree (see items 89 and 92 below)044/D/Whel 
88Stonehewer to Stanierof Biddulph STS1560 - 18806Tree (see items 89 and 92 below)044/D/Whel 
89Stonehewer to Stanierof Biddulph STS1560 - 18998(further details to item 88 above)044/D/Whel 
90Stonier, Williamof Biddulph STS18556Will044/D/Whel 
91Stonier, WilliamThe Moorhouse, Biddulph STS1648 - 183032Title to the estate044/D/Whel 
92Stonehewer to Stanierof Biddulph STS1560 - 18808(additions to items 88 and 89)044/D/Whel 
93Stonehewersof Biddulph STS1554 - 18992Newspaper article041/L/Cox 
94Memorial Inscriptionsof Biddulph STS1721 - 18401List041/L/Cox 
95Stonehewer to BiddulphBiddulph STS17791Marriage entry041/L/Cox 
96StonehewerGentlemans' Magazine, England1733 - 18502List041/L/Cox 
97Stonier, RalphCongleton CHS177211Court edict re the intestate Ralph Stonier011/M/Bowy 
98Stonier, GeorgeNewbold, Astbury CHS172813Will and information011/M/Bowy 
99Thomas and John StonierNewbold, Astbury CHS1728 - 17406Details and Baptism Records011/M/Bowy 
100Stanyer, Josephof Odd Rode CHS1764 - 18485Details on brickmaking011/M/Bowy 
101Various familiesDetails from Chester1654 - 18951List044/D/Whel 
102General Stonehewer and Stonier detailsBiddulph1645 - 17341List044/D/Whel 
103Stonier and StanierWolstanton1637 - 18111Parish Reg extract044/D/Whel 
104Conveyance detailsBiddulph1839 - 18691List044/D/Whel 
105Stonehewer, ThomasBiddulph1780 - 18081Tree044/D/Whel 
106Stonehewer, WilliamBiddulph1782 - 18811Court Rolls044/D/Whel 
107Stanier and SleighLeek and Biddulph1628 - 18811General details044/D/Whel 
108Reade and TurnockRudyard1558 - 17611Tree044/D/Whel 
109(All family name variants)(All)1085 - 18994/8 eachSociety Newsletter Back Copies001/M/StowIndex to issues 1-16
110Stanier, WilliamWolverhampton, Birmingham, Swindon1760 - date4Tree010/A/Staionline
111Stanier, ElijahDresdon STS18621Tree016/A/Stai 
112Stanier, WilliamNot known at this time17873List and Chart018/J/Ace 
113Stonehewer, JohnBiddulph STSmid 1500's2Burke's Peerage entry037/B/Stai 
114Stonier, JamesOdd Rode CHSabt 17902Description040/D/Boot 
115Stanier, John, Joshua and WilliamLeek STS1803 - 1812BookletDescription and Pay Lists (Loan Item)001/M/Stow 
116Stonyer, John and RichardBiddulph STS, Congleton Edge CHS25 Sep 15841Biddulph Court Baron - Trespass001/M/Stow 
117Stoneher (Journal of Admiral Winter)Flamborough Head16 Jan 15601State Papers Foreign - Elizabeth 1st001/M/Stow 
118Staniere, AdamRye12591Corporation of Rye - land rent001/M/Stowonline
119Stonehewer, John (of Gloucester)Tewkesbury Abbey Church22 May 13391Acolyte at Orders celbeb. by Bishop001/M/Stow 
120Stanier, Thomas, Anne and AmeeBadowe ESS16 May 15911Will. Essex Record Office001/M/Stow 
121Stonyoure, Roger (James Henshawe)Wolsanton STS and 'Thursfelde'25 Sep 15751Appraising Will. Lichfield Record Off001/M/Stow 
122Stonehewer, GeorgeCHS1781 - 17822Musters of Cheshire Militia001/M/Stow 
123Stonehewer, Edward (Eddie)Leek STS24-Mar-052Obituary Leek Papers (2)046/E/John 
124Stanier, Lady ContanceChapel of St. Luke, Weston SAL19491Newspaper Walk description046/E/John 
125Stonehewer, William and ThomasBiddulph STS16661Will of Margaret Winkle - contents014/P/Loma 
126Stonier, MarySt. Antholin, London25 Apr 16431Will of Joane Lenneys001/M/Stow 
127Stonehewer, GeorgeBarleyford CHS1807CDAbs of Title Heaton and Leek (Loan Item)non mem 
128Stonier, RalphBarthomley CHSearly 1700's18Family Tree009/P/Kaye 
129Stonier, ThomasHigh Carr STSMid 1700's2Family Tree007/N/Stai 
130Stonehewer, GeorgeMacclesfield CHS18264Family Tree051/K/Stow 
131Stanier, AnneNewcastle and Biddulph - Staffsabt 17101Family Tree055/E/Heath 
132Stanway JohnHorton STS18251Family Tree055/E/Heath 
133Stanway familiesHorton and Biddulph STS17468Burial Records055/E/Heath 
134Stanway familiesHorton and Biddulph STS17466Baptism Records055/E/Heath 
135Stonehewer, Thomas DanielWandsworth SRY18561Family Tree013/P/Hayd 
136Stonehewer, Richard and JamesWandsworth and Suffolk18442Family Tree013/P/Hayd 
137Stonier, JamesMDXearly 1800's8Family Tree021/P/MacR 
138Stanier, GeorgeKeele STSmid 1800's1Family Tree027/K/Proc 
139Stonier, RalphCrewe and Barthomley CHSearly 1700's2Family Tree034/K/Rees 
140Stanyer, AlfredBurslem STS18912Family Tree054/R/Stay 
141Stonehewer familiesBarleyford, Sutton and Chester1604 - 17983TreeT. Reeveonline
142Stonehewer, WilliamBiddulph STS1594 - 17832TreeT. Reeveonline
143Stonehewer, ThomasLeek STS1638 - 18522TreeT. Reeveonline
144Stonier, WilliamCamberwell London1655 - 16881TreeT. Reeveonline
145Stonyer, JohnChelmarsh SAL1869 - 18902TreeT. Reeveonline
146Stonyer, John WilliamEastbourne SSX1799 - 18812TreeT. Reeveonline
147Stonyer, WilliamKidderminster STS1767 - 18999TreeT. Reeveonline
148Stonehewer and StanierBiddulph STS1500's11Tree057/M/Neme 
149Stanier, John EdwardUppington to Canada18855Tree057/M/Neme 
150Stanway RalphHorton STSmid 1800's1Tree046/E/John 
151Stanier and StonierWolstanton Church1626 - 18362National Burial Records007/C/LanfIncluded within item 418
152Stanier, John EdwardBC Canada18681Death certificate024/S/Lanc 
153Stanier, Mabel RoseBC Canada18721Death certificate024/S/Lanc 
154Stanier, William EdwardBC Canada18771Death certificate024/S/Lanc 
155Stanier, Dorothy AliceBC Canada18801Death certificate024/S/Lanc 
156Stanier, Olive MiriamBC Canada19091Death certificate024/S/Lanc 
157FHS of Cheshire(various)15479Booklet001/M/Stow 
158Stonehewer, Thomas and JoshuaLeek STS18103Extract from book 'Old Leeke'059/C/Tatt 
159Stonier, JoshuaLeek STS17612Family Tree059/C/Tatt 
160Biddulph Hall Gardens and Castle RuinsStaffs1500's3Article014/P/Loma 
161Stonehewer, SamuelLeek STS17541Death announcement014/P/Loma 
162Stonehewer, HarveyBlurton STS19201Death announcement014/P/Loma 
163Stonehewer and Biddulph familiesNorth Staffs16751Extract from 'A History of Biddulph'014/P/Loma 
164Biddulph Old HallBiddulph STS20051Newspaper article014/P/Loma 
165'Roaring Meg' at Biddulph Old HallBiddulph STS20052Newspaper article014/P/Loma 
166Restoring Biddulph Old HallBiddulph STS20064Newspaper article014/P/Loma 
167Stonehewer, JohnBiddulph STS1023 - 18998Tree010/A/Staionline
168Stanier, William(Place unknown)17875Tree010/A/StaiSuperseded by 110
169Stanier, William(Place unknown)18473Tree010/A/StaiSuperseded by 110
170Stonier, ThomasAstbury CHS1728 - date5Tree010/A/StaiSuperseded by 391
171Stanier, JohnBirmingham1730 - 18841Tree010/A/Staionline
172Stanier, RichardUppington1570 - 18975Tree010/A/Staionline
173Stonehewer, George Gawsworth CHS17912Tree051/K/Stow 
174Stonehewer, KenLeek19221Obituary046/E/John 
175Stonier, Frances MargaretAstbury CHS17671Death announcement046/E/John 
176StanierWolstanton Church STS 16A Short History of the Church017/N/Stai 
177StanierWolstanton Church STS 10History of Wolstanton and Church044/D/Whel 
178StonehewerBarleyford and Foden Bank CHS15728Summary of Legal Documents001/M/Stow 
179Stanier and The Parish ChurchParish Church, Wolstanton1100 - 12006Booklet015/G/Loma 
180Staniers and Coal MiningNorth Staffs1800's4Presentaton 2006 get-together017/N/Stai 
181Stanier, Stanyer, Stonier, StonyerWolstanton Parish Records1637+5Presentaton 2006 get-together001/M/Stow 
182Stanier, Stanyer, Stonier, StonyerFamily records in Wolstanton1637+3Presentaton 2006 get-together001/M/Stow 
183DNA and Family HistoryBook by Chris Pomery  Book (Loan Item)001/M/Stownot indexed
184Stanier, ThomasAstbury CHS and Newchapel17734Pedigree068/D/Bald 
185Stonehewer, Francis W. H.Alsager CHS15801Directory Entry014/P/Loma 
186Stonier and StanierWolstanton Churchyard STS18331Monumental Inscriptions062/E/Newm 
187Stanier, GeorgeIn Boer War18721Newspaper article046/E/John 
188Stonehewer, EricLeek College20061Newspaper article046/E/John 
189StonierChester16321List of Wills062/E/Newm 
190StonierLichfield15931List of Wills062/E/Newm 
191Stonehewer and StonierCHS Churchyards17051Monumental Inscriptions062/E/Newm 
192Stonier, ThomasAstbury CHS17081Family Tree062/E/Newm 
193Stanier, Stonier and StonehewerSTS and CHS16307B, M, and D details001/M/Stow 
194Stonehewer, GeorgeGawsworth CHS17914Family Tree070/S/Stut 
195Archive ServiceStaffs and Stoke-on-Trent2006 5 Leaflets (Loan Item)001/M/Stownot indexed
196Old Parish Boundariesof STS  Book - (Loan Item)001/M/Stownot indexed
197Observers book of British Steam LocomotivesBritian1937 Book - (Loan Item)024/S/Lancnot indexed
198The Church and Ancient ParishStoke-on-Trent1969 Book - (Loan Item)024/S/Lancnot indexed
199Black Eight - Stanier TrainsLocomotive Society1978 Booklet - (Loan Item)024/S/Lancnot indexed
200GRESLEY - STANIERNat. Railway Museum, York1976 Book - (Loan Item)024/S/Lancnot indexed
201Federation of Family Hist Societies 20069List of Publications001/M/Stownot indexed
202Family History Research in York.YKS20069Leaflet001/M/Stownot indexed
203Field Marshall Sir John Stanier and familyLondon20056Pack of Newspaper cuttings017/N/Stai 
204Sir William StanierStoke STS - (Railway station)19502Newspaper cutting017/N/Stai 
205The Crimean WarFederation of Family Hist Socities1854 - 56 Book - (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
206The Anglo-Boer WarFederation of Family Hist Socities1899 - 1902 Book - (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
207The Zulu WarFederation of Family Hist Socities1879 Book - (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
208Stanier, ThomasSTS178023Family Tree060/M/StaiContained in 209
209Stanier and All AncestorsSTS1520 - 189914Names of interest to:-060/M/Stai 
210Letterman, Katherine StonehewerEnglandabt 18023Correspondence024/S/Lanc 
211Stonehewer, RichardDurham, England17281Extract from National Biography024/S/Lanc 
212Stonehewer and BrightDurham, Englandabt 17501Marriage notification024/S/Lanc 
213Rev. James Stanier ClarkeIndia18243Extract from 'Voyages and Travels'024/S/Lanc 
214Stonehewer, Thomas and AnneLeek STS16001Pedigree024/S/Lanc 
215Three Stanyer familiesParry Sound, CanadaNo date1List024/S/Lanc 
216Stonier, ThomasArmy Barracks, Birminghamborn 18362Entry024/S/Lanc 
217StanierCheckly STS18881Headstone inscriptions024/S/Lanc 
218Field Marshall Sir John StanierAustralia20061Newspaper article024/S/Lanc 
219Stanier, CatherineAltrincham CHS19151Death announcement024/S/Lanc 
220General Sir John StanierTimes Newspaper19841Picture024/S/Lanc 
221Stanier, RobertPrestwich CHS19051Death announcement024/S/Lanc 
222Stanier, FrancisPeplow Hall19001Small article024/S/Lanc 
223Stanier, EdwardStourbridge, West Midlandsearly 1800's1Descendant list024/S/Lanc 
224Stanier LocomotivesCrewe CHS1900's12Booklet and Postcards (Loan Item)024/S/Lancnot indexed
225Lt Gen John Wilfred StanierTimes Newspaper19781Birthday honours list024/S/Lanc 
226Stanier, JohnBlackburn LAN19781Newspaper article024/S/Lanc 
227Stanier, FrankMacclesfield CHS18991Newspaper article024/S/Lanc 
228Stanier - 4 namesDirectory of British Scientists19631Qualifications Listed024/S/Lanc 
229Stanier, John and EleanorShifnal SAL17976Letters024/S/Lanc 
230Stanier, John ThomasScotland to Canadalate 1800's5Letters024/S/Lanc 
231Stonier, MarieLeek STS17161Bishop Transcript entry024/S/Lanc 
232Stonier, ThomasLeek STS17141Bishop Transcript entry024/S/Lanc 
233Stanier familyCanada1970's2Photographs024/S/Lanc 
234Stanier, Mary AliceWest Bromwich STSmid 1770's2Letter024/S/Lanc 
235De Staneye, AdamWyrleye STS13271Parish Register entry024/S/Lanc 
236Stonier, Thomas and AnnCongleton CHS18092Letter024/S/Lanc 
237Brig Sir Alexander StanierLondon19951Memorial Service article024/S/Lanc 
238Duchess of Hamilton TrainVictoria Station, Manchester19961Newspaper article024/S/Lanc 
239Stonehewer familiesof Barleyford CHS1500's3Extract from book024/S/Lanc 
240Stonehewer, Williamof Barleyford CHS16531Marriage entry024/S/Lanc 
241Stonehewer, Maryof Barleyford CHS16551Marriage entry024/S/Lanc 
242Newbold, Francis StonehewerMacclesfield CHS18271Employment details024/S/Lanc 
243Stonehewer, Helenof Barleyford CHS16551Marriage entry024/S/Lanc 
244Stonehewer, Janeof Barleyford CHS16771Burial (Dau of John Stonehewer)024/S/Lanc 
245Stonehewer, John and FrancisHollins Estate, Foden Bank CHS1700's1Description of Property024/S/Lanc 
246Stonier, ThomasEccleshall STS18001Census and Will details024/S/Lanc 
247Stanier, KennethCongleton CHS20061Newspaper cutting046/E/John 
248Quarter Session RecordsUK BookletResearch - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
249Introducing Family HistoryUK BookletResearch - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
250Finding Out About Your Family HistoryUK BookletResearch - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
251Nelson's Navy 1793 - 1815UK1793 - 1815BookletResearch - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
252The Second World War 1939 - 1945UK1939 - 1945BookletResearch - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
253Stanyer, Peter, Eliza and Mary AnnLeek STS and Congleton CHS1896 - 19068Family in Leek Co-op Society011/M/Bowy 
254Care and conservation of doctors/archivesUK LeafletInstitute of Conservation leaflet001/M/Stownot indexed
255BMDs on the WebMidlands, N England, E Anglia BookletResearch - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
256British History and Heritage on the WebBritainUK BookletResearch - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
257Family Feuds - Chancery ProceedingsUK BookletResearch - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
258Family History on the WebEngland and Wales - Directory  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
259Genealgical Jargon(for Family Historians)  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
260Monumental Inscriptions on the WebUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
261Searching for SurnamesUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
262Surnames and Genealogy(A New Approach)  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
263War Memorials on the WebMidlands, N England, E Anglia  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
264Words from WillsUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
265World War I Army Ancestry 4th Edn.UK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
266World War I More Sources 3rd Edn.UK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
267World War 1 Soldiers from -Badges and Photographs  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
268Writing Up Your Family HistoryUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
269Family History Research in LancsLAN  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
270About Methodist RecordsUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
271Using Baptism Records for -Family History  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
272Using Education Records for -Family History  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
273British Civil RegistrationBritain  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
274Friendly Society RecordsUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
275Introduction to Occupations 2nd Edn.UK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
276Poor Law Before 1834Britain  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
277Poor Law Records Vol 4Gazetteer of England and Wales  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
278Bishops Transcripts and Marr Licences5th Edn  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
279Local Census Listings 1522 - 1930UK1522 - 1930 Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
280Local Newspapers 1750 - 1920 2nd EdUK1750 - 1920 Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
281Occupational SourcesUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
282Cheshire Vol 1 Genealogical SourcesUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
283Cheshire Vol 2 Family Histories & Pedigrees   Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
284Lancs Vol 1 Genealogical SourcesUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
285Lancs Vol 2 Registers, Inscriptions and Wills   Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
286Lancs Vol 3 Family Histories and Pedigrees   Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
287London and Middlesex Vol 1 2nd EdnGenealogical Sources  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
288Using Birth, Marriage and DeathRecords (Pocket Guide)  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
289Using Criminal Records(Pocket Guide)  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
290Using Naval Records(Pocket Guide)  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
291Using Poor Law Records(Pocket Guide)  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
292Using Wills(Pocket Guide)  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
293The Local Historians Glossary ofWords and Terms  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
294DNA for Family HistoriansUK  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
295Gedcom Data Transfer(moving your family tree)  Research - Booklet (Loan Item)FFHSnot indexed
296Internet Research on HeraldryUK Web site 2Magazine Article007/C/Lanfnot indexed
297Stonier and Kaye, GeorgeHuddersfield YKS18682Life Story034/K/Rees 
298Stanier, Edith MrsKnypersley STS1916 - 20071Obituary046/E/John 
299Mill Street Bowling ClubLeek STS1920s1Newspaper article046/E/John 
300Researching in Cheshire (2007)CHS (Leaflets) 16 itemsResearch in Cheshire (Loan Item)001/M/Stownot indexed
301Researching in Staffordshire (2007)STS (Leaflets) 9 itemsResearch in Staffs (Loan Item)001/M/Stownot indexed
302Stonehewer, WilliamSalford LAN1845 - 18991Family Tree072/Y/Grif 
303Military Books by Tom Morgan - 25List of Books007/C/Lanfnot indexed
304St. James Church,Sutton CHS1840 Research - Booklet (Loan Item)001/M/Stow 
305Stonehewer, GeorgeSt. Pauls, Macclesfield CHS18471Graveyard Memorials062/E/Newm 
306Stonehewer, JohnChrist Church, Macclesfield CHS18261Graveyard Memorials062/E/Newm 
307Stonier, John and SusannaHoly Trinity, Hurdsfield18431Graveyard Memorials062/E/Newm 
308Stonier and Stonehewer familiesOdd Rode Church CHS18201Graveyard Memorials062/E/Newm 
309Stanier familiesSt. Thomas, Mow Cop CHS18781Graveyard Memorials062/E/Newm 
310Stonier and Stanier familiesNewchapel Church STS18012Graveyard Memorials062/E/Newm 
311Stonier familiesSt. Lawrence, Biddulph STS17032Graveyard Memorials062/E/Newm 
312Rev. Francis StanierCropredy OXF16491Graveyard Memorials062/E/Newm 
313Stonehewer, John and Coker familyEast London18512Court Documents-property and leases001/M/Stow 
314Stonehewer, Thomas and RogerCongleton CHS13777'History of Congleton' - extract001/M/Stowonline
315Stonier, ErnestTunstall and Sneyd Colliery STS19422Mining disaster015/G/Loma 
316Stanier, F.M. Sir JohnHartley Wintney HAM20072Obituary001/M/Stow 
317Mines and QuarriesU.K.1688-to date5PRO sources for Mines and Quarries001/M/Stow 
318Stonehewer, RichardCambridge17272Resource list from Leicester Uni.004/J/Stev 
319Stanyer, JosephStone STS17983Family Tree075/P/Tull 
320Stanier, Charles DavidStourbridge, West Midlands19463Newspaper article071/A/Wilk 
321Stonier, William JohnLondon19421Obituary071/A/Wilk 
322Stanier, Charles DavidStourbridge, West Midlands19471Obituary and life of071/A/Wilk 
323Stonehewer, WilliamLeek STS18002Family Tree073/A/Pott 
324Stonehewer, MathildaLeek STS18281Photograph 073/A/Pott 
325Stonehewer, WilliamCHS and STS160021Family Tree074/D/New 
326Stonehewer and StanwayMacclesfield CHS185110Census details of families071/A/Wilk 
327StonehewerVarious counties1837 - 18534Birth entries071/A/Wilk 
328StonehewerVarious counties1838 - 18401Marriage entries071/A/Wilk 
329StonehewerVarious counties1837 - 18534Death entries071/A/Wilk 
330StonehewerVarious counties1916 - 19181Death entries071/A/Wilk 
331Stonehewer and StonierCHS1620 - 18357IGI Print out - 1981 edition071/A/Wilk 
332Stonehewer family membersAshton-under-LyneMid 1800's2Family photographs071/A/Wilk 
333Stonehewer, GeorgeManchester LANAbt 18301Family Tree071/A/Wilk 
334Stonehewer, Joshua(No location given)18314Legal appeal about property071/A/Wilk 
335Churches in England (three trusts)Friends of Churchesvarious3Conservation&HistoricChapelsTrusts001/M/Stownot indexed
336Congleton MuseumCongleton area CHSprehistory3Contents and local history books list011/M/Bowynot indexed
337Stanier, FM Sir JohnLondon20081Obituary001/M/Stow 
338Spain, Santiago de CompostelaSpain 5  not indexed
339Churches in East CheshireCHS 3Church Tales - guide to 17 churches001/M/Stow 
340Weston Park Stately HomeSAL 38Booklet on history of001/M/Stow 
341Stanier and Stanyer familiesSAL18814Census details of families007/C/Lanf 
342Stanier, George and descendantsDraycott and Fulford STS1752 - 18993Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanconline
343Stonier, ThomasChedleton STS17253Inventory062/E/Newm 
344Stonier, ThomasOdd Rode CHS1734 - 18911Family Tree076/J/MillExpanded version online
345Society 4th Get togetherWroxeter and Uppington1560+6Booklet007/C/Lanf 
346Chapel at Peplow HallSAL17151Leaflet001/M/Stow 
347Genealogy on the WebFamily History Society 96Booklet007/C/Lanfnot indexed
348Stanier, Sir SamuelLondon165012Info pack on the life of Sir Samuel017/N/Stai 
349Stanier, EdmundBarton-under-Needwood ???19191Obituary017/N/Stai 
350Stanier, Norman and AnnHEF20081Newspaper article - apple farming017/N/Stai 
351Stanier, CharlesStone STS1783 - date2Descendant List010/A/Staionline
352Stonier, Joseph (Gunner)Rudyard CHS and Leek STS19412Story of WWII Leek Dead011/M/Bowy 
353Stanier, James (Major)Newcastle STS 1Newspaper article Zeebrugge Disaster011/M/Bowy 
354Stonehewer, EdwardLeek STS20051Newspaper obituary046/E/John 
355Stanier, Sir WilliamEngland UK187611Clippings of Sir William's history017/N/Stai 
356Stanier, FM Sir JohnEngland UK 1Sir John's coat of arms045/J/Stai 
357Stonehewer, HLeek STS18841Article on his football benefit015/G/Loma 
358Stonehewer, SamuelLeek STS18381Report on his death as an old sexton015/G/Loma 
359Stonehewer, Jim, Fanny and familyWandsworth, London18951Article and photograph013/P/Hayd 
360Stonehewer, T.Leek STS19272Advert as Baker and Confectioner015/G/Loma 
361(various family members)East CHS-2Maccesfield Area Churches001/M/Stow 
362Stanier, JacobusLondon16432Print of his portrait037/B/Stai 
363Wesley, JohnCHS and STS17604His preaching in CHS and STS015/G/Loma 
dittoStanier, Stonier, Williamdittodittodittodittoditto 
364Stonehewer, Joshua and HarryLeek STS18444A cricketing family and photographs059/C/Tatt 
365Stonehewer, WilliamMacclesfield CHS1689LeafletsKing Edward Unitarian Chapel001/M/Stow 
366Stanier, Stonier, Stanway, StonehewerBiddulph STS17813Land Tax Accounts055/E/Heath 
367Methodist Register ListEast CHS18581List from FHS of Cheshire001/M/Stownot indexed
368Somme BattlefieldsSomme, France1914BookletVisitors Guide001/M/Stownot indexed
369SAL and STSSTS LeafletList of Churches to visit001/M/Stownot indexed
370Weston Park Stately HomeSTS1600 -1700LeafletGeneral information001/M/Stow 
371St Andrews ChurchWroxeter SAL LeafletGeneral information001/M/Stow 
372Peplow HallSAL18811Census details 046/E/John 
373Staffordshire Archive ListSTS and Stoke2008BookletArchive Service Pub'n and Catalogue001/M/Stow 
374Peplow Hall and ChapelSAL17151Leaflet on Hall and Chapel001/M/Stow 
375Washington (and Stonehewer)STS1520 (1661)6The Washingtons in Staffordshire001/M/Stow 
376Family Names variousCHS-13Index of CD 'Buried in Cheshire'001/M/Stow 
377Stanier, Stonier and StonehewerCHS and STS16307This family of STS and CHS017/N/Stai 
378Gresley, Nigel (Sir) and Stanier, William (Sir)      
379Stanier et alEngland, UK1900 - 2000BookletA Stanier family 20thC Military ass'n017/N/Stai 
380Stanier et alEngland, UK Booklet150 yrs of one branch Stanier family017/N/Stai 
381Stanier, BevillePeplow Hall18672Biography017/N/Stai 
382Newbold, Rev AMR StonehewerSutton, Macclesfield192223Deed of sale of "Kempt Croft" Sutton001/M/Stow 
383Tracing your First World War AncestorsEurope1914 - 1918BookBook on tracing WWI ancestors007/C/Lanfnot indexed
384Stonier, JosephMacclesfield CHS1809fFamily Tree080/A/Grif 
385Clarke, James StanierLondon1700'sBookBiography007/C/Lanf 
386St James' Church, Sutton 1840 - 1990CHS1840 - 1990BookHistory by Alan Dinnis001/M/Stow 
387CHS Society Get-together 2009Sutton and Prestbury CHS1100 - 2009BookletDetails of sites of CHS get-together001/M/Stow 
388CHS Society Get-together 2009Sutton and Prestbury CHS2009 Newspaper cutting and photograph001/M/Stow 
389Stanier, WilliamBuglawton CHS18631Family Tree081/P/Stan 
390Stonier, JosephMacclesfield CHS18095Family Tree080/A/Grif 
391Stonier, ThomasAstbury CHS1700 - date5Tree010/A/Staionline
392Stanier, JohnTunstall STS1822 - 18992Family Tree010/A/Staiexpanded online
393Stonehewer, Alfred James ReginaldSalford and Manchester LAN18912WWI Record001/M/Stow 
394Stanier, Brig Sir AlexanderSTS18992Obituary and WWII record046/E/John 
395Stonehewer, ThomasPresbury CHS17853Family Tree083/M/Moss 
396Stonehewer, RichardMDX18097Will and Family Tree072/Y/Grif 
397Stonehewer, ThomasStone STSabt 16701Family Tree - 5th Draft075/P/Tull 
398Stanyer, WilliamChester CHS17708Family Tree031/D/Cox 
399Stonier, JohnHorton STS178621Family Tree082/H/Ston 
400Stonehewer, JohnBiddulph STSmid 1550s1Family Tree062/E/Newm 
401Taylor and StanierWilliamscot OXF1600s1Family Tree062/E/Newm 
402Stanier, JohnUppington SAL16911Will062/E/Newm 
403Palmer and StanierCropredy OXF16051Family Tree062/E/Newm 
404Taylor, WilliamEydon NTH17111Will062/E/Newm 
405Palmer, Georgeof Northampton1721 - 17231Will062/E/Newm 
406Stanier, Francis and SarahBirmingham1682 - 17661Wills062/E/Newm 
407Stanier, FrancisNorthampton17351Will062/E/Newm 
408Stanier, Sarah and MaryNorthampton17701Wills062/E/Newm 
409Pasham, May (neé Stanier)Northampton17831Will062/E/Newm 
410Stonehewer, RichardBiddulph STS15502Family Tree019/R/Smit 
411Biddulph and Stonehewer FamiliesBiddulph STS15432Extracts from a book019/R/Smit 
412Stonehewer, JohnPrestbury CHS1604 - 17949Family Tree074/D/New 
413Stanway, WilliamBiddulph STS1639 - 189911Family Tree010/A/Staionline
414Stanier, FrancisUppington SAL16572Family Tree062/E/Newm 
415Stanier familyBiddulph and Uppington16912Family Tree062/E/Newm 
416Stonehewer, JohnBiddulph STS15602Family Tree019/R/Smit 
417Stonehewer, RichardBiddulph STSmid 1500s3Family Tree019/R/Smit 
418Stonehewer, Stanier, Stanyer and Stonierall areas1547 - 19832National Burial Index list007/C/Lanf 
419Stanyard, EdwardDudley WOR18532Marriage Cert007/C/Lanf 
420Stanier, WilliamStourbridge WOR and SAL19151Death Cert007/C/Lanf 
421Stanier, PercivalAmblecote STS19231Marriage Cert007/C/Lanf 
422Stanier, PercivalStourbridge WOR and STS18961Birth Cert007/C/Lanf 
423Stanier, WilliamStourbridge WOR and STS18581Birth Cert007/C/Lanf 
424Stanier, WilliamStourbridge WOR and STS18811Marriage Cert007/C/Lanf 
425Stanier, George HenryBirmingham WAR19531Death Cert018/J/Ace 
426Stanier, Mary AnnBirmingham WAR19581Death Cert018/J/Ace 
427Stanier, JosephKeele STS18901Marriage Cert127/K/Proc 
428Stanier, SusanSt Marylebone MDX18501Marriage Cert021/P/MacR 
429Stanier, Ethel MaryPortland DOR19721Death Cert018/J/Ace 
430Stanier, George HenryWest Bromwich STS18781Birth Cert018/J/Ace 
431Stanier, Ethel MaryAston Birmingham19111Birth Cert018/J/Ace 
432Stanier, George HenryBirmingham WAR19051Marriage Cert018/J/Ace 
433Stanier and Taylor familiesCropredy OXF15608Info pack for Get-together 2011062/E/Newm 
434Stanier, John EdwardWellington SAL18381Birth Cert057/M/Neme 
435Stanier, Charles DeverauxAtcham SAL18401Birth Cert057/M/Neme 
436Stanier, John EdwardAtcham SAL19101Death Cert057/M/Neme 
437Stanier, WilliamCongleton CHS18842Marriage Cert081/P/Stan 
438Stanier, BevilleNewport Division SAL1908 implied1Postcard010/A/Staifront back
439Hall, William StonehewerCrowborrow, Horton CHS17943Lawyer's statement of account010/A/Staionline
440Stanier, Warren and GarnerStoke on Trent STS18031Family Tree086/D/Mear 
441Stanier, ThomasFulford SRS1704 - 17551Descendancy Tree024/S/Lanc 
442Taylor, SarahEydon NTH1612 - 17181Will062/E/Newm 
443Stanier, MaryNorthampton St Giles NTH17361Will062/E/Newm 
444Allestree, RobertUppington SAL16531Will062/E/Newm 
445Stanier, ElijahMilwich CHS1862 - 18992Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
446Stanier, DavidMilwich STS1868 - 18831Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
447Watson, ThomasWhitmore STS1860 - 18911Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
448Stanier, JosephStoke on Trent STS1852 - 18943Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
449Watson, HenryStoke on Trent STS1855 - 18892Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
450Watson, BenjaminFulford STS1849 - 18912Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
451Stanier, WilliamFulford STS1754 - 189914Descendancy Reportnon-member 
452Stonehewer, WilliamCongleton CHS17951My Family Tree019/R/Smit 
453Stanier, William (Sir)DBY, STS19302Newspaper article017/N/Stai 
454Stanier, BevilleMarket Drayton STS19081Newspaper article017/N/Stai 
455Stanier, Beville (Sir)Wheatley OXF20103Newspaper article017/N/Stai 
456Stanier, AnnBirmingham All Saints WAR18631Death Certificate010/A/Stai 
457Shuttleworth, Charles and Stannier, MarthaBirmingham WAR19121Marriage Certificate010/A/Stai 
458Stanier, JohnBirmingham All Saints WAR18691Death Certificate010/A/Stai 
459Stanier, LilianBirmingham All Saints WAR18981Birth Certificate010/A/Stai 
460Stanier, LizzieBirmingham All Saints WAR19501Death Certificate010/A/Stai 
461Stanier, MaryBirmingham All Saints WAR18941Death Certificate010/A/Stai 
462Stanier, Roger WilliamKings Norton WAR19241Birth Certificate010/A/Stai 
463Stanier, William Edwin and Read, Mabel EleanorHandsworth STS19171Marriage Certificate010/A/Stai 
464Stanier, William EdwinBirmingham All Saints WAR18941Birth Certificate010/A/Stai 
465Stanier, William John and Shaw, LizzieBirmingham WAR18941Marriage Certificate010/A/Stai 
466Stanier, William JohnBirmingham All Saints WAR18711Birth Certificate010/A/Stai 
467Stanier, William JohnSelly Oak, Birmingham WAR19391Death Certificate010/A/Stai 
468Stanier, William and Kimber, MarthaBirmingham All Saints WAR18701Marriage Certificate010/A/Stai 
469Stanier, WilliamBirmingham St George WAR18441Birth Certificate010/A/Stai 
470Stanier, WilliamBirmingham All Saints WAR18471Birth Certificate010/A/Stai 
471Stanier, WilliamBirmingham All Saints WAR19051Death Certificate010/A/Stai 
472Stanyer, CharlotteNewcastle upon (sic) Lyne STS18481Birth Certificatenon-member 
473Stanier, Clifford Alonzo and Slyth, Mabel IreneLima Co Ohio18911Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
474Thomas Stanier and Hannah BarkerStone STS1725 - 17501Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
475John and Mary StanierBirmingham WAR1821 - 18501Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
476William and Ann StanierBirmingham WAR1791 - 18911Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
477Thomas Stanier and Elizabeth Ann DavisCHS1805 - 18912Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
478Sarah Vernon and William StonehewerLeek STS1836 - 19013Details and Census recordsnon-member 
479Charles StanierFulford CHS1780 - 19015Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
480Stanier familyColchester ESS1393 - 1899website"Hewing the Stones" - the ancestors of the Stanier family of Colchester010/A/Staionline
481Henry 'Harry' Goodall and Jane Stanier, 1874 - 1989Acton STS1874 - 18992Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
482George Brandrick and Elsie May StanierUttoxeter STS1903 - 19862Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
483David Buckley and Florence SpendilowUttoxeter STS1883 - 18912Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
484William Evans and Agnes Alice Catherine StanierRanton STS1851 - 18932Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
485James Moss and Agnes Alice Catherine StanierFleetwood LAN1851 - 18961Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
486Harriett StanierToronto CAN19141Cemetery Record024/S/Lanconline
487Thomas StanierTrentham STS1847 - 19012Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
488Joseph Stanier and Martha RobertsTrentham STS1844 - 19112Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
489Joseph Stanier and Catherine JenkinsonFulford STS1821 - 19362Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
490Elijah StanyerStone STS18381Birth Certificate024/S/Lanc 
491George Udall StanierStone STS18811Birth Certificate024/S/Lanc 
492Alfred StanierCongleton STS18501Birth Certificate024/S/Lanc 
493Elijah Stanier and Mary UdallStone STS18591Marriage Certificate024/S/Lanc 
494Alfred StanyerStone STS18591Birth Certificate024/S/Lanc 
495Tresa StanyerStone STS18591Birth Certificate024/S/Lanc 
496Alfred Stanier and Charlotte ForristerStone STS18781Marriage Certificate024/S/Lanc 
497Stoniers Old Cotton MillHurst Vale, Biddulph STS1596 - 1884 Scanned images of item 45044/D/Whel 
498Joseph Caine and Annie StanierIndia, STS and LAN18772Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
499George P Davies and Irene LeathamYKS and LAN18691Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
500Alice StanierBroughton STS18441Birth Certificate024/S/Lanc 
501Ruth StanierStone STS1869 - 18991Birth Certificate024/S/Lanc 
502John Timmins and Mary StanyerStoke-on-Trent STS18661Birth Certificate024/S/Lanc 
503Thomas StanierStone STS18931Death Certificate024/S/Lanc 
504Frances StanyerStone STS18691Death Certificate024/S/Lanc 
505George Henry Bowers and Minnie StanierSTS, LAN and WA AUS1879 - 18801Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
506Alice StanierSTS1780 - 18662Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
507Cornelius MarshSTS1780 - 18542Family Group Sheet024/S/Lanc 
527Stanier, StonyerSTS1756 - 1863 "Brickmaking" by M A Bowyer011/M/Bowy 
530StonierCheddleton STS1676 - 1754 Cheddleton Parish Registers, Marriages011/M/Bowy 
531Ann StanwayCheddleton STS1754 - 1786 Cheddleton Parish Registers, Marriages011/M/Bowy 
532StanierLeighton STS1599 - 1810 Leighton Parish Register011/M/Bowy 
533Stanway, StonierRushmore Spencer STS1911 - 1981 Monumental Inscriptions011/M/Bowy 
534Stanway, Stonehewer, StonierTalke O' Th' Hill STS1789 - 1939 Monumental Inscriptions, St Martin, Talke O' Th' Hill STS011/M/Bowy 
535StonehewerAudley STS1784 Monumental Inscriptions, St James, Audley STS011/M/Bowy 
536 Biddulph STS  "Biddulph Born and Bred", by Elaine Heathcote and Kathleen Walton011/M/Bowy 
537 Gillow STS  "Old Gillow" by Elaine Heathcote001/M/Stow 
538Stanier, Arnold 1915 - 1941 "Arnold Stanier" by Janet E Mills076/J/Mill 

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