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Miscellaneous Contributions

This is a collection of contributions which don't fit in anywhere else.

Shirley Lancaster

Register of Ontario births

Olive Stanyer born 26 Oct 1902 s/o John Stanyer, farmer & Madeline Brough Lot 26, Con. B, Faraday Township, Hastings County

Brenda Presswell []

Marriage Index Entry

1st qtr 1869: Sarah Atkinson Presswell = Joseph Stonehewer, Leek

1881 Census, 38 Mill St, Leek and Lowe, Stafford England

38 Mill St, Leek & Lowe, Stafford England

Joseph Stonehewer - M - 30 - Leek, Stafford, England - head - Gas Man
Sarah - M - 28 - Leek, Stafford, England - wife
ME - 11 - Leek, Stafford, England - dau - Silk Winder
F - 9 - Leek, Stafford, England - dau
WH - 4 - Leek, Stafford, England - son

Debbie Jackson []

1851 Census BRECON Enumeration District HO107:2489

BRECON Enumeration District HO107:2489
The Ward of St Mary's Brecon
WILLIAMS Mary - h - w - 62 - innkeeper - RAD Llowes, Ship Street Bear Inn, /f468/p13
WILLIAMS Susan - d - u - 37 - BRE Brecon, Ship Street Bear Inn, /f468/p13
WILLIAMS Lewis - s - u - 35 - farm bailiff - BRE Brecon, Ship Street Bear Inn, /f468/p13
WILLIAMS Margaret - d - u - 33 - - BRE Brecon, Ship Street Bear Inn, /f468/p13

WILLIAMS John D. - s - u - 32 - innkeeper & register - BRE Brecon, Ship Street Bear Inn, /f469/p14
STONEHEWER William - sv - u - 23 - ostler - BRE Brecon, Ship Street Bear Inn, /f469/p14
THOMAS Margaret - sv - u - 20 - house serv - BRE Brecon, Ship Street Bear Inn, /f469/p14
TREW Thomas - h - m - 39 - butcher - MON Abergavenny, Ship Street, /f469/p14

STONEHEWER John - h - m - 59 - currier - CMN Carmarthen - Market Street - /f467/p11
STONEHEWER Ann - w - m - 60 - - BRE Battle, Market Street, /f467/p11
STONEHEWER Ormand - s - u - 25 - gen clerk - BRE Brecon - Market Street - /f467/p11
STONEHEWER David - s - u - 14 - scholar - BRE Brecon, Market Street, /f467/p11

1881 Census BRECON

Dwelling:	Penoyre Lodge
Census Place:	Brecknock St John Evangelist, Brecon, Wales
Source:		FHL Film 1342313
PRO Ref:	RG11	Piece 5459	Folio 11	Page 16

William VAUGHAN - M - 25 - M - Brecon Brecknock Wales - Head - Gardener Dom
Mary Jane VAUGHAN - M - 19 - F - Brecon Brecknock Wales - Wife

NB Mary Jane formerly Stonehewer daughter of William Stonehewer.

Dwelling:	38 (Bridge Street) Well House
Census Place:	Llanwonno, Glamorgan, Wales
Source:		FHL Film 1342274	PRO Ref RG11	Piece 5296	Folio 151	Page 22

John STONEHEWER - M - 58 - M - Brecon, Brecknock, Wales - Head - Cabinet Maker
Janet STONEHEWER - M - 57 - F - Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales - Wife

Dwelling:	6 Dynevor Street
Census Place:	Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales
Source:		FHL Film 1342278
PRO Ref:	RG11	Piece 5309	Folio 101	Page 17

David STONEHEWER - M - 44 - M - Brecon, Brecknock, Wales - Head - Coachman (Dom)
Eliz.M. STONEHEWER - M - 34 - F - Milbow, Somerset, England - Wife
Robert STONEHEWER - 6 - M - Merthyr, Glamorgan, Wales - Son - Scholar
Celia STONEHEWER - 4 - F - Merthyr, Glamorgan, Wales - Daur - Scholar

Dwelling:	1 Well Street
Census Place:	Brecknock St John Evangelist, Brecon, Wales
Source:		FHL Film 1342313
PRO Ref:	RG11	Piece 5459	Folio 26	Page 13

Thomas JONES - M - 52 - M - Brentwood, Essex, England - Head - Haulier (Carter)
Mary JONES - M - 44 - F - Brecknock, Wales - Wife
William STONEHEWER - U - 21 - M - Brecknock, Wales - Stepson - Plasterer
Sarah JONES - 15 - F - Brecknock, Wales - Dau - Domestic Servant
Henry JONES - 12 - M - Brecknock, Wales - Son - Scholar
Jessie JONES - 8 - F - Brecknock, Wales - Dau - Scholar
Amy JONES - 6 - F - Brecknock, Wales - Dau - Scholar
Kate JONES - 4 - F - Brecknock, Wales - Dau - Scholar
Richard Vaughan JONES - 2 - M - Brecknock, Wales - Son
Nelly JONES - 1 - F - Brecknock, Wales - Dau

NB: Mary Jones (nee Walters) married William Stonehewer,
William died and she married Thomas Jones.

Miscellaneous Notes

Joshua STONEHEWER ordained Deacon 23 Jun 1759 at Whitchurch, Salop by
Richard, Bishop of Llandaff on letters dimissory from the Bishop of Chester

Thomas STONEHEWER BRIGHT MA instituted 8 Aug 1805 to the Prebend of
Caerfachell founded in St David's Cathedral
and 7 Aug 1820 to the Prebend of Mathrey, also founded in St David's

Carmarthen L St Peters

28/10 1756 Hugh Stonehewer, Castlemartin, marries Elizabeth Harries Carmarthen L St Peters 

Hugh Stonehewer buried 13 July 1764 

.... of [Hugh] Stonehewer baptized 30 July 1765

Elizabeth daughter of Hugh Stonehewer baptized 1 May 1767 

9/03 1768 Elizabeth Stonehewer burial 

Mary daughter of Hugh Stonehewer baptized 4 June 1768 

Anne daughter of Hugh Stonehewer baptized 28 March 1770 and buried 18 Feb 1771 

1/1/1779 Hugh Stonehewer burial 

24/2/1779 Mary Stonehewer burial 

29/3/1786 Thomas Davies marries Mary Stonehewer L St Peters 

Mary daughter of Hugh Stonehewer baptized 23 October 1787 

Hugh son of Hugh Stonehewer baptized 31 October 1788 

Margaret daughter of Hugh Stonehewer baptized 20 October 1791 

18/1/1795 Ann Stonehewer burial 

22/10/1801 Hugh Stonehewer age 42 

1806 16th Oct John Davies, widower marries Mary Stonehewer �
	consent Mother Mary Stonehewer at St Peters. 

279 - 534 - Hugh, son of Hugh & Mary STONEHEWER, of Carmarthen; died 1806, aged 17.
And relatives at St John's Cardiff

120 - 526 - Sarah Stonehewer BIRD, daughter of William & Margaret BIRD; died 1854, aged 29 

1811 June 18th Elizabeth Stonehewer marries Benjamin Davies, Carmarthen, St Peter

Year 1822 Date 26/03 

Groom Firstname William Groom Surname BIRD Groom Notes (l) Cardiff 

Bride Firstname Margaret Bride Surname STONEHEIVER Bride Notes Marriage Parish St.Peter Cmn 

1851 Census 31 Bleanpant, Conwil. HO107/2474

Dwelling:       31 Bleanpant
Census Place:   Mydrim 9/8c/
Registration District: Conwil 4
PRO Ref:        H.O. 107/2474

Elizabeth Stoneyware age 70 living in Carmarthen, Pauper Ag Lab, Widow, born in Trelech

From the soc.genealogy.britain newsgroup

In the biscuit tin, I have a letter headed Waianiwa July 14 1895, sent 
either to Shrewsbury, Shropshire or to Burslem, Staffordshire from New 

I also have another short letter from around the same time.

Persons mentioned include:

John Stanier
Cpt Hankinson
Te Anaue

Thomas Pert
New Zealand

Ada Pert (in N Z)

Maria Annie Stanier
died 21st February 1895, aged 44 (in N Z)
(probably born Rogers in Madely/Dawley Shropshire)

John Stanier
died 7th February 1895 aged 54 (in N Z)
(presumably born in England)

Aunty Eliza (in England)
(probably born Rogers in Madely/Dawley Shropshire)
Aunt Lousia (in England)
(probably born Rogers in Madely/Dawley Shropshire)

"a young man who came out with us on the same ship from London" (Thomas 

My grandmother Jemima Snape (born Jemima Abbotts, Burslem, 1885) used to 
receive correspondence from New Zealand. Christmas cards continued until a 
couple of years after her death (say, 1965) but then the link was lost. I 
assume that the correspondence was initiated with her mother, Jemima 
Abbotts (born Jemima Rogers, Madely/Dawley, Shropshire, 1845).

The address was Elgreave Street, Dalehall, Burslem, Staffs. Between them, 
the two Jemimas (Abbotts and Snape) occupied this address continuously 
from about 1873 to 1963. A brother/uncle Richard Rogers lived nearby.

Other snippets:

"I am married nine years the 28th of this month July" (Ada Pert).
"We have adopted a baby girl from birth she is 5 weeks old now born on the 
8 of June . . . " (Ada Pert)."and now I am 29 next January" (Ada Pert).
"we have never seen nor heard of Uncle Thomas" (Ada Pert).
"so we have called baby Maria Annie Pert" (Ada Pert).
"about father's photo and mother's you have the last that was taken" (Ada 
Pert)."We have a farm and milk cows for a cheese factory"" (Ada Pert).

I have, in the same biscuit tin, a posed photograph of a (presumably) 
married couple untitled, undated (1880/1890?) with "Gerstenkorn" (the 
photographers name?) "Invercargill, N.Z." on it.

Bye the bye, abdominal surgery for the relief of gravel and bowel blockage 
seems to have been an established (although unsuccessful) practice in New 
Zealand in 1895.

Debbie Jackson []

Will of Mary Stonehewer, Carmarthen

In the name of God Amen ..... Mary Stonehewer of the boarshead? In the County of the borough of Carmarthen, widow being of sound mind and memory praised ... the Almighty God for the saviour But knowing the uncertainty of life do make this my last Will and Testament in manner following

That is to say I give and bequeath unto my daughter MARGARET STONEHEWER the sum of three hundred pounds which is insured on my life

and I give and bequeath unto my daughter MARY the wife of MR JOHN DAVIES all my part share and interest of in and to the Ship or before called the Gratitude from and immediately after my decease I also give and bequeath unto my said daughter MARY the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds, one hundred pounds part thereof which is due to ... from her husband the said JOHN DAVIES to go to her immediately after my decease the remaining fifty pounds to be paid her by my executrix hereafter named in six months (next?) after my decease

I give and bequeath unto my Granddaughter MARY DAVIES the daughter of MR BENJAMIN DAVIES the sum of one hundred pounds to be paid her by my said executrix when she attains the age of twenty one years or marries the interest thereof in the .... Meantime to be laid out towards her maintenance and education and I .............. in my said Granddaughter to the ....... ........... and protection of my said ... daughter MARGARET in the full hope and confidence that she will bring her up as if she were her own child and I fully authorise my said daughter MARGARET to lay out the said one hundred pounds or such part thereof as she ... direction shall think proper for settling her ... said Granddaughter to some trade or business as she may choose

I give and bequeath unto my Grandson WILLIAM and Granddaughter MARGARET the son and daughter of BENJAMIN DAVIES the sum of twenty five pounds each to be paid them when they respectively attain the age of twenty one years or day of marriage, the interest thereof in the meantime to be applied towards their maintenance and education and in case one of them dies before his or her legacy becoming payable then I give the said legacy of him or her so dying to the survivor of them ..... I give my said executrix full power to lay out such last mentioned legacies to some trade or business without being accountable to such division for the same

all the ... residue and remainder of my personal estate inserted piece which I cannot read ..........irrespectively ........... each of them my said last..... ... ...._ estate whatsoever and wheresoever I give and bequeath to my said daughter MARGARET STONEHEWER whom I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint the Executrix and residuary legator of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former Will of Wills by me heretobefore made and declaring this to be my Last Will and Testament In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty fifth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and .....teen Mary Stonehewer (signed) Signed Sealed published and ...... by the said Testatrix as and for her Last Will and Testament in the presence of us ..... at her request in her presence and in the presence of each other ... accounts subscribed our names as ...... .... Williams ... Carmarthen and ... Williams .... His Clerk.

Proved at London 30 May 1820 before the Judge by the Oath of Margaret Stonehewer spinster, the daughter and sole executrix to whom admon was granted having been first proven by ..... duly to administer.

Mrs Platt [email]

Stonehewers of Barleyford

The land here has been farmed since 1286 (Barndeleesfoorde, the ford by the burnt clearing, cleared by Hugh the Smith - in the Chester court rolls) The house was begun in around 1450 we think by a Hobson.

Elene, nee Hobson, wife of William Stonehewer inherited Barleyford jointly with her sister in 1572. We have the moiety document. (Our earliest piece of paper (well, vellum actually)). E and W bought out the other couple and founded the dynasty which was here until the last Stonehewer, a Sarah, married William Trafford, heir to the enormous Swythamley estate (showing clearly the Stonehewer's social standing) as I recall in the mid 1700s. Barleyford remained as a tenant farm for Swythamley until 1958 when it was sold. We are the fourth family to own the place since 1572. In the house there is a fireplace with WMS and the date 1635 (great modernisation took place 1630-40), and we have wills and other papers with all sorts of domestic detail for Stonehewers down the years.

Susan Bradley [email]

STANIER/STONIER/STANYER/STONYER extracts from Stoke-on-Trent churches

(b)=birth, (d)=death, m-married


1575 Nov 1 Anna fa Rici Stanior (b)

1548 Sep 8 Margeria fa Rici Stonier (b)
1551 Sep 10 Ricus fi Rici Stonier (b)
1577 Apr 9 Ricus fi Rici Stonier (b)
1580 Sep 9 Willmus fi Rici Stonier (b)
1582 Oct 14 Thomas fi Rici Stonier (b)
1583 Nov 25 Georgius fi Rici Stonier (b)
1581 Aug 6 Jacobus fi Rici Stonier (b)
1585 Jan 30 Elena fa Rici Stonier (b)
1587 Dec 26 Johes fi Rici Stonier (b)
1589 Jun 16 Thomas fi Richard Stonier (b)
1547 Aug 3 Margeria Stonier (d)
1551 Jun 16 Rich Stonier (d)
1582 Dec 2 Thos fi Rich Stonier (d)
1600 Sep 16 Margery fa Rich Stonier (b)
1602 Nov 9 Rich fi Rich Stonier (b)
1606 Oct 28 Elizabeth fa Rich Stonier (b)
1609 Jul 26 Margaret fa Rich Stonier (b)
1615 Jan 26 Wm fi Rich Stomier (b)
1618 Mar 22 Susanna fa Rich Stonier (b)
1643 Jul 26 Rich fi Wm Stonier (b)
1665 Oct 12 Rich Stonier m Elizabeth Dayle uxor
1666 Jun 12 Wm fi Rich & Elizabeth Stonier(b)
1667 Sep 7 Ricus Stonyer (d)
1667 Nov 31 Wm fi Ricus Stonyer (d)
1668 Jul 29 Johes Stonier (d)
1592 Feb 22 Margareta Stonier (d)
1599 Apr 9 Ricus Stonier (d)
1627 Jun 8 Ricus Stonier (d)
1637 Mar 24 Johes fi Johis Stonier (d)
1543 Sep 28 Richard Stonier m Ellen Wood
1568 Aug 4 John Oldcott m Margaret Stonier
1569 Jan 30 Wm Johnson m Margery Stonier
1599 Sep 10 Richard Stonier m Agnes Rowley
1599 Nov 24 Thomas Baddeley m Anna Stonier
1642 Oct 12 Will Stonier m Anna Whytoughe


1811 Jun 16 Amelia dau Thomas & Jane Stanyer (Tunstall) (b)
1809 Sept 24 Maria dau Thomas & Jane Stanyer (Tunstall) (b)
1805 Dec 29 John son Thomas & Jane Stanyer (b)
1805 Jun 30 Richard son Sarah Stanyer & Thomas Lowe (illegit) (b)
1801 Jan 4 Pamela dau Thomas & Jane Stanyer (b)
1794 May 11 Enoch son Samuel & Elizabeth Stanier (b)
1780 Sep 24 Hannah dau Joseph & Hannah Stanier (b)
1779 Mar 12 Moses son John & Jane Stanier (Woolstanton) (b)
1809 Aug 24 William Stanier 3 weeks (d)

1647 Nov 21 Sara fla Thomas & Elizabeth Stonier (b)
1646 May 17 Johannes Garret m Elizabeth Stonier
1648 Feb 5 Johannes Stonier m Maria Burslem
1650 Sept 16 Dorothea fla Thomas & Elizabeth Stonier (b)
1652 Oct 12 Elizabetha fla Georgii & Elizabeth Stonier (b)
1652 Oct 17 Maria fla Thomas & Elizabeth Stonier (b)
1653 Feb 28 Thomas Stonier lanius (d)
1673 Mar 30 Johannes Stonier m Anna Tatton
1674 Apr 26 Thomas Locket m Sara Stonier
1675 Dec 9 Ester fla Dorothy Stonyer (b)
1675 Dec 28 Maria fla Richard & Anne Stonyer (b)
1677 Feb 3 Wm fli Richard & Anne Stonyer (b)
1677 Jun 26 Thomas Picken m Jana Stonyer
1677 Jun 30 Josiah Astberry m Maria Stonyer
1678 Dec 7 Wm Stonyer (d)
1679 Sept 21 Elizabeth fla Richard & Anne Stonyer (b)
1681 Feb 12 (no name) fla Richard & Anne Stonyer (b)
1742 Apr 18 Ralph son Ralph & Mary Stonier (b)
1778 Oct 5 John Stonier (potter, of Stoke) m Jane Hatton of Burslem
1777 Apr 6 Wm son Charles & Sarah Stonier (b)
1779 Apr 4 Sarah dau John & Hannah Stonier (b)
1779 Oct 24 Mary dau Samuel & Elizabeth Stonier (b)
1784 May 30 Moses son & Maria dau (twins) Samuel & Elizabeth Stonier (b)
1791 Jan 1 Mary dau Samuel & Mary Stonier (b)
1792 Aug 5 Ann dau Samuel & Elizabeth Stonier (b)
1798 Apr 15 Wm Wareham son Thomas & Jane Stonyer (b)
1799 Mar 24 Prudence dau Joseph & Hannah Stonyer (b)
1803 Oct 23 James son Thomas & Jane Stonyer (b)


1637 27/5 Willi Stonyer of Wedgwood, death
1626 25/12 John Stonier, death
1645 14/3 Rich son of Thomas & Elizabeth Stonier, bap
1649 29/4 John son of John & Mary Stonier, bap
1657 16/2 Rich Stonier of Odd Rode (Cheshire) & Elizabeth dau John Cawton (of W) marr
1704 15/3 Elizabeth Stonier, of W, death
1724 14/11 Thomas Stonier, death
1726 28/7 Thomas Stonier, an infant, death
1727 4/8 William son of Thomas & Anne Stonier, bap
1729 15/10 Elizabeth dau of Thomas & Anne Stonier, bap
1729 10/9 Catherine Stonier, death
1731 28/12 Thomas son of Thomas & Anne Stonier, bap
1731 10/11 Thomas Burgess & Frances Stonier, marr
1731 19/8 Elizabeth dau of Thomas Stonier, death
1731 14/12 Mary dau of Joshua Stonier, death
1735,11/2 Ann dau of Thomas & Anne Stonier, bap
1737 10/9 Francis son of Thomas & Anne Stonier, bap
1753 5/3 William Stonier & Mary Elkin, marr
1756 26/1 Thomas Stonier & Ellen Cotton, marr, both of W, wits Jonathon Cotton & John Capper
1758 11/6 Samuel son of William & Mary Stonyar, bap
1760 16/11 Joshua son of William & Mary Stonyer bap
1760 16/5 Margret dau Joshua Stonyer, death
1762 2/1 James Whitehurst of W, husbandman, & Mary Stonier of Norton, marr
1764 8/4 Calop son of William & Mary Stonyer, bap
1765 25/8 Peter Potter of Lawton & Mary Stonier of W, marr by lic
1769 6/2 Joshua Stonyer & Margeret Tunstall, both of W, marr
1771 12/3 Moses son William Stonyer of W, death
1771 31/10 Sarah widow of Joshua Stonyer of W, death
1773 14/1 William Stanyer & Mary Booth, both of W, marr, wits Thos Bedson & Jon Mills
1773 25/4 John Stanyer of W taylor & Jane Jones of Audley, marr, wits James Whitehurst & Jon Mills
1776 19/2 Michal son of William & Mary Stanyer, bap
1776 6/10 Charles Stanier, taylor, & Sarah Baggiley, marr, both of W, wits John Baggaley & Jon 
1779 11/4 Elizabeth dau of Thomas Stonyer of W, death
1779 28/9 Thomas son of Joseph Stonyer of W, death
1779 14/10 Sarah dau of Joseph Stonyer of W, death
1779 2/2 Aaron Harrison & Margaret Stanier, both of W, marr, wits Michael Shore & John Hassall
1784 27/11 Calop Stonyer & Elizabeth Stonyer, both of W, marr, wits William Turner & Jon Mills
1785 21/7 Wm Mellor & Mary Stanway (or Stonier) both of W, marr, Wm Mills & Ralph Massey
1786 29/9 Joshua Stonyer of W death
1788 6/1 Thomas son of Samuel Stonyer of W, death
1792 12/2 Chas Goostry & Sarah Stonhewer, marr, both of W, wits W Bate & Jon Mills
1794 28/8 Harcott dau of Samuel & Sarah Stanyer, aged 5 of W, death
1794 6/10 Joseph Stanier & Mary Dale both of W, marr, wits John Hassall & George Baker
1795 9/7 James son of Caleb & Elizabeth Stanyer aged 7 of W, death
1798 15/7 Moriah dau of Micheal & Ann Stanyer, bap (NB Micheal is spelt this way in the records).
1798 12/2 James Tatton boatbuilder & Catherine Stanyer both of W, marr, wits John Hassall & 
Andrew Ball
1800 13/4 Moses son of Micheal & Ann Stanyer, bap
1800 16/7 Massena son of Samuel & Elizabeth Stanyer aged 6 months, death
1800 1/8 Elizabeth widow of Samuel Stanyer aged 41 of W, death
1800 30/11 Joshua Stanyer, aged 68, death
1801 9/3 Jane wife of John Stanyer age 54 of W, death
1801 27/11 Moriah dau of Micheal & Ann Stanyer, aged 3 of W, death
1802 4/4 John son of Micheal & Ann Stanier, bap
1802 25/4 Moses Malban, labourer, & Sarah Stannier both of W, marr, wits John Hassall & Joseph 
1802 18/11 Mary wife of William Stannier aged 74 of W, death
1802 24/1 James Stanier aged 63 of W, death
1803 16/3 Alice dau of Thomas & Jane Stannier aged 2 of W, death
1803 4/7 Peter Hamblett labourer & Ellen Stanier, both of W, marr, wits William Taylor & Sarah 
1803 5/4 Dorothy wife of Francis Stannier aged 75.5 of Newcastle, death
1804 27/5 Theodosia dau of Micheal & Ann Stanier, bap
1804 6/11 Theodosia dau of Micheal & Ann Stanier of W aged 5m, death
1804 4/10 Alice base dau of Jane Stonier bap (born 6/9)
1804 4/10 Jno Handley farmer & Jane Stonier both of W, marr, wits John Stonier & Thos Rawlinson
1805 8/9 Micheal son of Micheal & Anne Stonier, bap
1805 15/10 Francis Stanier aged 68 of W, death
1806 5/5 Micheal son of Micheal & Anne Stanier of W aged 8 m, death
1807 16/7 James son of Thomas & Jane Stanyer aged 4 of W, death
1807 8/12 William Archers of Burlsem private in Staffs Militia & Theodosia Stanier of W, marr, wits 
Wm Bradbury & John Hassall
1808 23/5 Moses son of Thomas & Jane Stanyer aged 2 of W, death
1808 24/4 Matt Hollingshead potter & Elizabeth Stanier both of W, marr, wits Wm Hollingshead & 
John Hassall
1808 1/11 Wm Frost husbandman & Charlotte Stanier both of W, marr, wits W Leigh & John Hassall
1810 5/4 John Oakes widower & Elizabeth Stanier widow, marr, both of W, wits Thomas Stanier & 
John Hassall
1810 13/3 Dorothy dau Thomas & Anne Stanier of Newcastle aged 5 weeks, death
1811 25/7 Alice dau of Thomas & Jane Stanier aged 6 weeks, death
1812 9/1 John Beech son of Thomas & Anne Stanier of Madeley aged 5, death
1812 21/1 Mary wife of William Stanier aged 63, death

Extracts from the 1851 Northwich area census

Stanyer 2165 345
Witton cum Twambrooks
William Stanyer, 49 carpenter born Nantwich
Mary, wife, 59, born Sandiway? Cheshire

Stonier 2166 360
Wheelock St, Middlewich
Thomas Stonier, unmarried, 26, draper and grocer, born Chester High Leigh
Jane Stonier, sister, 23, unmarried, housekeeper, borh High Leigh

Extracts from the Nantwich area 1851 census:

Stanyer 2169 459 479 585 712
Stonier 2169 361, 2170 459

2169 361
Wybunbury village
Thomas Stonier, lodger, 48 labourer, widower, born Barthomley Cheshire

2169 459
Daisy House, Acton
Joseph Stanyer, widower, 49, farmer of 200 acres, born Shropshire
Joseph, son, 11, scholar, born Wrenbury Cheshire
Plus various servants

2169 479
Swanley, Burland
Mary Stanyer, widow, 55, farmer of 200 acres, born Cheshire Wirswall?
Thomas, 12, scholar, Burland
John, 8, scholar, Burland
Joseph, 6, scholar, Burland
Samuel, 4, scholar, Burland
William, 1, scholar, Burland

2169 585
Nantwich (school)
Maryann? Stanyer, 12, pupil, born Audlem

2169 712
Welch Row, Nantwich
Elizabeth Stanyer, widow, 78, annuitant, born Wrenbury
(visitor in Dawson household, timber merchant)

2170 459
Aston, Newhall
James Stonier, visitor 38, cadwinder?, born Cheshire Checkley
(visitor in Known? Household - shopkeeper)
Some of these pages are terribly hard to read as the handwriting is very difficult. If any are of especial interest I can send you a print out of the original page.

John Stonehewer died 1868

[John Stonehewer] was executor to my ancestor's will (William Coker died 1851). In 1853, he married William Coker's widow Jane Lawson Coker. William and Jane's family details are at

Shirley Lancaster [email]

St. John's Churchyard, Lane End

Thomas Stanier, 16 Apr 1861, ae 67 yrs of Lane End, Longton [b.c1794]
Sarah his wife, 25 Sep 1881, ae ?85 yrs. [b.c1796]
son John d. 25 Jan 1837, ae 13 mos [b.c1835]
son Joseph d. 28 Feb 1837, ae 4 yrs. [b.c1833]

Stone STS: Register of Marriages and Banns, 1813 - 1831

William Astbury, of this Parish, and Jane Stanier of this Parish were married by Banns 31st March 1814.
By me Joseph Smith, Curate.
This Marriage was solemnized between us William X Astbury, Jane X Stanier.
Witnesses: Jane X Perkin, Thos Wildblood

Ralph Stanier of this Parish and Mary Johnson of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns 21st January 1820.
By me Joseph Smith, Curate.
This Marriage was solemnized between us Ralph X Stanier, Mary X Johnson.
Witnesses: William Shenton, John Wildblood.

Joseph Stanyer of this Parish and Sarah Cope of the Parish Draycott were married in this Church by Banns 15th Apr 1822.
By me Joseph Smith, Curate.
This Marriage was solemnized between us, Joseph Stanyer, Sarah Cope.
Witnesses: John Kent, Mary Cope.

Thomas Stanier, of Uttoxeter Parish, bachelor and Hannah Bould of Stone Parish were married in this Church by License 7th June 1824.
By me John Thos Hinds.
This Marriage was solemnized between us Thomas Stonier, Hannah Bould.
Witnesses: John Bould, Margaret X Morris

* Richard Stanyer of this Parish and Hannah Redfern of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns 27 Dec 1824.
By me Joseph Smith, Curate.
This Marriage was solemnized between us Richard X Stanyer, Hannah X Redfern.
Witnesses: Edward X Walker, Hannah Walker.

Peter Brain of this Parish and Jane Stanyer of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns this 30th January 1826.
By me John Thos. Hinds, Curate.
This marriage was solemnized between us Peter X Brain, Jane X Stanyer.
In the Presence of Elizabeth X ... & James Clouse

Richard Stonier of this Parish and Jane Machin of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns this 12th May 1828.
By me John Thos. Hinds, Minister.
This marriage was solemnized between us Rich'd X Stonier, Jane X Machin.
In the Presence of James X Cliff, Mary Fairbanks.

James Malpas of this Parish and Lydia Stanyer of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns 21 July 1828.
By me John Thos Hinds, Curate.
This Marriage was solemnized between us James X Malpas, Lydia X Stanyer.
Witnesses: John X Stanier, Elizabeth Malpas.

Thomas Stanyer of this Parish and Maria Banks of this Parish were married in this Church by Banns 5 Apr 1830.
By me John Thos Hinds, Curate.
This Marriage was solemnized between us Thomas X Stanyer, Maria X Banks.
Witnesses: Mary X Stanyer, Sam Hughes, Parish Clerk.

Miscellaneous New York Records

Annie StonierDied16 December 1851New York City, New York, New YorkThe New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (quarterly-1932) - Extracts
Thomas M. StonierLived1850New York City, New York, New YorkDoggett's New York City Directory, 1849-1850

Scottish Census Returns: 1841

NameBirth yearBirthplaceCivil ParishCountyParish Number
Ann Stonierabt 1781Angus, ScotlandDundeeAngus282
Elspeth Stonierabt 1781Angus, ScotlandCoupar AngusAngus279
John Stonierabt 1781ScotlandCoupar AngusAngus279
Patrick Stonierabt 1791Angus, ScotlandMonifiethAngus310
Hellen Stonierabt 1806Angus, ScotlandMonifiethAngus310
Margrett Stonierabt 1811Angus, ScotlandMonifiethAngus310
Bell Stonierabt 1821Angus, ScotlandArbirlotAngus271
Margt Stonierabt 1821Angus, ScotlandDundeeAngus282
Margaret Stonierabt 1826Angus, ScotlandDundeeAngus282

Scottish Census Returns: 1851

NameParent or Spouse NamesEstimated birth yearBirthplaceRelationCivil parishCounty
Jean StonierJohnabt 1788Blangowrie, PerthshWifeLiff and BenvieAngus
John StonierJeanabt 1795Dundee, ForfarshHeadLiff and BenvieAngus
Margaret StonierAlexabt 1798Mains, ForfarshireWifeDundeeAngus
Alex StonierMargaretabt 1803DundeeHeadDundeeAngus
James StonierJanetabt 1809DundeeHeadDundeeAngus
Janet StonierJamesabt 1813PerthshireWifeDundeeAngus
Elspeth Stonier abt 1817Glenisla, ForfarshireServantGlenislaAngus
Ann StonierWilliamabt 1818EnglandWifeGlasgow St MungoLanarkshire
William StonierAnnabt 1821EnglandHeadGlasgow St MungoLanarkshire
Isabel StonierAlex, Margaretabt 1825DundeeDaughterDundeeAngus
Jean StonierJohn, Jeanabt 1827Dundee, ForfarshireDaughterLiff and BenvieAngus
Andrew Stonier abt 1828Glensila, Forfarshire InverkeilorAngus
Isabella StonierJohn, Jeanabt 1830Dundee, ForfarshireDaughterLiff and BenvieAngus
Christian StonierJames, Janetabt 1842DundeeDaughterDundeeAngus
John StonierJames, Janetabt 1844DundeeSonDundeeAngus
James StonierAlex, Margaretabt 1845DundeeSonDundeeAngus
James StonierJames, Janetabt 1846DundeeSonDundeeAngus
Grace StonierJames, Janetabt 1849DundeeDaughterDundeeAngus

Scottish Census Returns: 1861

NameParent or Spouse NamesEstimated birth yearBirthplaceRelationCivil parishCounty
Margret McKenzie [Margret Stonier]Catherineabt 1843Alyth, PerthshireDaughterAlythPerthshire
Catherine Stonier abt 1813Glenisla, ForfarshireHeadAlythPerthshire
Charles Stonier abt 1841Forfar, ForfarshireLodgerMurroesAngus
Jessie Stonier abt 1846Alyth, PerthshireServantEdinburgh St CuthbertsMidlothian

Scottish Census Returns: 1871

NameParent or Spouse NamesEstimated birth yearBirthplaceRelationCivil parishCounty
John Stanier abt 1813Dunscore, DumfriesshireHeadDunscoreDumfriesshire
Gordon E StanierJaneabt 1856AberdeenDaughterAberdeen St NicholasAberdeenshire
Susan StanierJaneabt 1858AberdeenDaughterAberdeen St NicholasAberdeenshire
Isabella Stonier abt 1796Kircaldy, FifeshireHeadDundeeAngus
Elizth Stonier abt 1803Forfar, ForfshWifeForfarAngus
Robert StonierMaryabt 1803Dundee, ForfarshireHeadDundeeAngus
Mary StonierRobertabt 1804Inverarity, ForfarshireWifeDundeeAngus
Mrs Stonier abt 1825Cargugllie, ForfarshireHeadArbroathAngus
Shasan Stonier abt 1826Glenisla, ForfarshireHeadLintrathenAngus
Margaret StonierIsabellaabt 1832Dundee, ForfarshireDaughterDundeeAngus
Elizabeth StonierAllanabt 1836Lochee, ForfarshireWifeDundeeAngus
Jessie StonierWilliamabt 1842King Edward, AberdeenWifeGlasgow BaronyLanarkshire
Sarah StonierJamesabt 1845IrelandWifeDundeeAngus
Allan StonierElizabethabt 1845Dundee, ForfarshireHeadDundeeAngus
James StonierSarahabt 1845Dundee, ForfarshireHeadDundeeAngus
Thomas B Stonier abt 1845BirminghamLodgerEdinburgh St GeorgeMidlothian
Mary StonierRobert, Maryabt 1848Dundee, ForfarshireDaughterDundeeAngus
Margaret StonierMargaretabt 1862Bro Ferry, ForfarshireDaughterSt AndrewAngus
James Stonier  abt 1863Carmylie, ForfarshireNephewLintrathenAngus
Allan StonierAllan, Elizabethabt 1866Dundee, ForfarshireSonDundeeAngus
Ann StonierJames, Sarahabt 1867Dundee, ForfarshireDaughterDundeeAngus
James StonierWilliam, Jessieabt 1867Glasgow, LanSonGlasgow BaronyLanarkshire
Isabella StonierWilliam, Jessieabt 1868Glasgow, LanDaughterGlasgow BaronyLanarkshire
Alexander StonierJames, Sarahabt 1869Dundee, ForfarshireSonDundeeAngus
Jessie StonierWilliam, Jessieabt 1870Glasgow, LanDaughterGlasgow BaronyLanarkshire
Jane StonierWilliam, Jessieabt 1871Glasgow, LanDaughterGlasgow BaronyLanarkshire
Ann Storner [Ann Stonier]Elizthabt 1835Forfar, ForfshDaughterForfarAngus

Scottish Census Returns: 1881

NameParent or Spouse NamesEstimated birth yearBirthplaceRelationCivil parishCounty
William Stanier abt 1858Dundee, ForfarshireLodgerEdinburgh St GilesMidlothian
Esther StannierWilliamabt 1840EnglandWifeDalzielLanarkshire
William StannierEstherabt 1842EnglandHeadDalzielLanarkshire
John T StannierWilliam, Estherabt 1866EnglandSonDalzielLanarkshire
Sarah J StannierWilliam, Estherabt 1868EnglandDaughterDalzielLanarkshire
William StannierWilliam, Estherabt 1870EnglandSonDalzielLanarkshire
Esther A StannierWilliam, Estherabt 1872EnglandDaughterDalzielLanarkshire
Joseph StannierWilliam, Estherabt 1877EnglandSonDalzielLanarkshire
George StannierWilliam, Estherabt 1879EnglandSonDalzielLanarkshire
Thomas H StonierElisabethabt 1844EnglandHeadEdinburgh St CuthbertsMidlothian
John StonierIsabellaabt 1850Dundee, ForfarshireHeadForganFife
Elisabeth StonierThomas Habt 1852EnglandWifeEdinburgh St CuthbertsMidlothian
Isabella StonierJohnabt 1855Tealing, ForfarshireWifeForganFife
John StonierJohn, Isabellaabt 1875Dundee, ForfarshireSonForganFife
Elizabeth StonierJohn, Isabellaabt 1876Dundee, ForfarshireDaughterForganFife
Eva Louisa StonierThomas H, Elisabethabt 1876EnglandDaughterEdinburgh St CuthbertsMidlothian
Margaret StonierJohn, Isabellaabt 1878Dundee, ForfarshireDaughterForganFife
Nillue Elesbath StonierThomas H, Elisabethabt 1878Mid Lothian, EdinburghDaughterEdinburgh St CuthbertsMidlothian
Isabella StonierJohn, Isabellaabt 1880Forgan, FifeshireDaughterForganFife

Scottish Census Returns: 1891

NameParent or Spouse NamesEstimated birth yearBirthplaceRelationCivil parishCounty
Annie F Stonier `abt 1828Loanhead, ForfarshireLodgerStirlingStirlingshire

Scottish Census Returns: 1901

NameParent or Spouse NamesEstimated birth yearBirthplaceRelationCivil parishCounty
Annie Stonier abt 1828Fpar of Glen Isla, ForfarshireHeadSt NiniansStirlingshire
William Stonier abt 1856Fife, St AndrewsLodgerEdinburgh New GreyfriarsMidlothian
Isabella StonierJessieabt 1865EdinburghDaur (Daughter)Edinburgh Lady GlenorchyMidlothian
Alexander StonierAliceabt 1869Dundee, ForfarHeadDundeeAngus
Alice StonierAlexanderabt 1876Dundee, ForfarWifeDundeeAngus
Andrew Stonier abt 1886HollandG SonEdinburgh Lady GlenorchyMidlothian
Mary Ann StonierAlexander, Aliceabt 1898Dundee, ForfarDaut (Daughter)DundeeAngus
James StonierAlexander, Aliceabt 1899Dundee, ForfarSonDundeeAngus

Astbury Churchwardens: STONIER

From a board in the Church
Collected by Liz Newman
17 September 2010
1598George Stonier
1613William Stonier
1687William Stonier
1757George Stonier
1763George Stonier
1765George Stonier
1766George Stonier
1767Richard Stonier

STANIER, STANYARD burials in SS Peter and Paul Aston Parish Register

Collected 2 October 2010, Birmingham Library
DateDetailsAgeCause of DeathWhere Buried
1640 - 1678no entries
2 September 1678 - 15 June 1727no entries
3 May 1771 - 29 June 1774
8 September 1772Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Ann STANYARD  Erdington
2 January 1784 - 16 February 1785no entries
11 June 1787 - 2 March 1790no entries
3 March 1790 - 5 May 1793
21 February 1791Thomas STANIER65ConsumptionSouth West Erdington
1793 - 1812
22 September 1799William, son of Thomas and Ann STANYARD1 year 8 monthsSmall PoxEast end Witton
28 August 1810Ann, daughter of David and Sarah STANYARD5 yearsFeverSouth from Mill Lane Deritend
29 May 1811David, son of David and Sarah STANYARD2 years 1 monthFitsSouth West from Deritend
21 January 1812Maria, daughter of William and Mary STANYARD2 years 2 monthsChin CoughSouth West from New John Street
30 September 1812John, son of David and Sarah STANYARD1 yearFeverSouth West from Mill Lane Deritend

Checked (film 2435) up to end of February 1784

STANIER MI in St Mary Handsworth

In loving memory
Harriett STANIER
Born November 25th 1821
Died June 13th 1898

Born February 16th 1826
Died November 18th 1906

STANIER in the 1911 Census of Ireland

The only STANIER in the 1901 or 1911 censuses of Ireland was William Stanier, living in a hotel at 3 Frederick Street, Belfast East, Antrim in 1911. The full entry (reordered to bring William Stanier to the top) is below

SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligionBirthplaceOccupationLiteracyIrish LanguageMarital StatusSpecified IllnessesYears MarriedChildren BornChildren Living
StanierWilliam39MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo MonaghanGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
CarsonJohn50MaleHead of FamilyPresbyterianCo DerryHotel ProprietorRead and write-Married--44
CarsonIsabel38FemaleWifePresbyterianCo Antrim-Read and write-Married--4
CarsonElizabeth Mc19FemaleDaughterPresbyterianScotlandScholarRead and write-Single----
CarsonJohn16MaleSonPresbyterianScotlandScholarRead and write-Single----
DouaghyTeresa25FemaleServantR CatholicCo TyroneDomestic ServantRead and write-Single----
SparksJames36MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
RossJames35MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
Mc KeagJames39MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimEngineerRead and write-Married----
Mc LeanRichard Chas38MaleBoarderR CatholicCo GalwayMusicianRead and write-Single----
HodqsonJoseph63MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimFlax DresserRead not write-Married----
CallaghanJames48MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghShoemakerCannot read-Single----
EarlyJohn50MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
GrahamJohn56MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownShip WrightRead and write-Single----
LauchlanHenry40MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimBrick LayerRead and write-Single----
BaileyWilliam22MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
EllenWilliam22MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
DonaghyJames29MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimCarterRead and write-Married----
MuldoonHenry60MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownFiremanRead and write-Married----
ThompsonMark34MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimTailorRead and write-Single----
MoffattGeorge54MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo CavanQuay LabourerRead and write-Single----
MartinWilliam39MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimJoinerRead and write-Widower----
FosterFred32MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BellSamuel29MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BoydAlexander26MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo ArmaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
SmithJames50MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimClerkRead and write-Widower----
JamiesonThomas36MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimPlumberRead and write-Single----
YoungJames24MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DerryGeneral DealerRead and write-Single----
HendersonPeter22MaleBoarderR CatholicCo FermanaghGeneral DealerCannot read-Single----
DicksonRobert30MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral DealerRead not write-Married----
MullanPeter20MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral DealerRead not write-Single----
CummingsJohn55MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimClerkRead and write-Single----
CrottyFrancis65MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo TipperaryClerkRead and write-Widower----
BurnsOwen35MaleBoarderNo Religion-RefundCannot read------
ThomsonD J40MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimClock CleanerCannot read-Single----
McCartneyWm38MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
Mc DonaldFrancis40MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimHotel PorterRead and write-Single----
BoyleJames28MaleBoarderR CatholicCo TyroneGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
GreggJohn32MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimFruit DealerRead and write-Single----
CummingsArchibald51MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimSpirit MerchantRead and write-Single----
O'NeilJohn19MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownVan DriverRead and write-Single----
KillenTom25MaleBoarderR CatholicCo CavanGrocers AssistantRead and write-Single----
Mc KenzieAlexander23MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimFarmerRead and write-Single----
SmithArchibald36MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimCanvasserRead and write-Single----
MageeWilliam48MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimSweep ChimneyRead and write-Married----
BrysonJames29MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DerryHammer ManRead and write-Single----
LannaganJames49MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
JohnstonAlexander38MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
CarlisleWilliam24MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DerryGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BellW J26MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
WyliePeter32MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HarveyGeorge33MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
MooreSammel55MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DerryTailorRead and write-Widower----
TrainorJohn36MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimSlaterRead and write-Single----
HarveyHugh70MaleBoarderR CatholicCo TyroneGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
SmithSamuel26MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
McDermottTerence38MaleBoarderR CatholicEnglandGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
O'neillRobert36MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimShoe MakerRead and write-Single----
BrownHugh32MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
CampbellJames42MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BonarRobert58MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryJoinerRead and write-Widower----
DunbarJohn36MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo TyroneGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ElyCharles45MaleBoarderR CatholicEnglandFlower DealerCannot read-Single----
KellyB J31MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownClerkRead and write-Single----
PinkertonThom A48MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownStoremanRead and write-Married----
O' DonnellDominick51MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
MageeJames40MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
JewellFrancis65MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandEnglandMechanicRead and write-Widower----
MillarThomas31MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo ArmaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
PhilipsPeter38MaleBoarderPresbyterianScotlandGardenerRead and write-Single----
KaneJames29MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryHotel PorterRead and write-Single----
CowanThomas25MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
SteeleThomas31MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimFiremanRead and write-Single----
MurrayHugh45MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimButcherRead and write-Married----
DonnoldWilliam59MaleBoarderR CatholicCo TyroneCarpenterRead and write-Married----
Mc KewonFrank48MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Widower----
O'neillJoseph23MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
DohertyPatrick40MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DublinGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
FosterWilliam30MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo BelfastDealerRead and write-Single----
RobinsonJohn38MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo BelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HolmesJames32MaleBoarderR CatholicCo BelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ReidJohn57MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownPainterRead and write-Widower----
JacksonThom59MaleBoarderEpiscopalianEnglandClerkRead and write-Married----
ArcherJames26MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
Mc FarlaneJames35MaleBoarderR CatholicDublinDraughtsmanRead and write-Single----
KernahanJames65MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
MorrisonWilliam40MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
SmithAlex28MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
LaveryHenry40MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
McConnellJames40MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimTailorRead and write-Single----
BoydJoseph20MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimVan DriverRead and write-Single----
McKennaMicheel26MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BrownlowHugh28MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DerryBakerRead and write-Single----
RaineyIsaac23MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourRead and write-Single----
GildayJames27MaleBoarderR CatholicScotlandFrench PolisherRead and write-Single----
WeirWilliam40MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimTailorRead and write-Single----
McLarnonDan32MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimSail MakerRead and write-Married----
DuncanSamuel34MaleBoarderPresbyterianBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BrooksPeter48MaleBoarderPresbyterianScotlandButcherRead and write-Married----
CanneryJames41MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
O'HaganJames30MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BennettThomas56MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownBlacksmithRead and write-Single----
LynchJames36MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
McCartneyJames25MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
McBrideAlbert19MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
StuartJoseph25MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
KempstonWm Hugh40MaleBoarderPresbyterianBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
MartinRichard39MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
DavisThomas41MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandDublinClerkRead and write-Single----
MillarWilliam48MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HendersonJoseph72MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimClerkRead and write-Widower----
DeansJohn39MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimStoremanRead and write-Single----
StevansonLewis40MaleBoarderPresbyterianBoston U S ACooperRead and write-Single----
ConnallyBernard30MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Married----
WillisJohn42MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimClerkRead and write-Married----
CoineJohn32MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryPorter (Travellers)Read and write-Single----
WardThomas51MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimCooperRead and write-Single----
JohnstonRobert27MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownWarehouse PorterRead and write-Single----
WelshJohn54MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral PorterRead not write-Single----
MooreJames28MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimHolder on ShipyardRead not write-Single----
PelanRichard24MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimFrench PolisherRead not write-Single----
HughesJames26MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryBoot Shoe MakerRead not write-Single----
RobertsonAlexander29MaleBoarderChurch of EnglandScotlandGeneral LabourerRead not write-Single----
DonnellyPatrick31MaleBoarderInformation Refused---------
BellWilliam34MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HarrisonWilliam33MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGilderRead and write-Single----
HackWilliam19MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimShoemakerRead and write-Single----
WilkinsonJames46MaleBoarderPresbyterianScotlandGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ShawJohn48MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownPainterRead and write-Single----
JonesGeorge71MaleBoarderR CatholicEnglandGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
KellyJohn40MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimHotel PorterRead and write-Married----
HughesEdward47MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownGeneral DealerRead and write-Widower----
Mc DermottJohn Joseph30MaleBoarderR CatholicEnglandGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
EvansRobert30MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimPorterRead and write-Single----
PierceFred40MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandScotlandStreet MusicianRead and write-Single----
ThompsonJohn59MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimTravellerRead and write-Single----
HauceJames73MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownPensionerRead and write-Married----
HarveyWilliam45MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimBarberRead and writeIrish and EnglishSingle----
Mc IlroyThomas26MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BulgerJohn48MaleBoarderR CatholicCo CorkGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
SloanJohn38MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
WallaceHugh56MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
LoweJohn19MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimBrush Factory WorkerRead and write-Single----
BoylesSamuel45MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastPlumberRead and write-Single----
MooreJoseph17MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
StraneyJames27MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastGeneral LabourerRead not write-Single----
ScottWilliam45MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Widower----
Mc LarsonJohn47MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
ClarkeSamuel32MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimShoemakerRead and write-Single----
GrantDavid65MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo ArmaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
NeillyJoseph70MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimBrick LayerRead and write-Widower----
MillsCharles42MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo MonaghanGeneral LabourerCannot read-Widower----
CookWilliam25MaleBoarderPresbyterianBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
PurceJames72MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimEngineerRead and write-Single----
DalyJohn39MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimHostlerRead and write-Single----
BoydHugh45MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimCarpenterRead and write-Single----
KellyJames57MaleBoarderInformation RefusedCo AntrimGardenerRead and write-Married----
HarrisonWilliam55MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo ArmaghIron FitterRead and write-Widower----
TarnsleyDaniel36MaleBoarderR CatholicEast IndiesStokerRead and write-Married----
ScottRobert35MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandScotlandJoinerRead and write-Married----
ChambersJohn36MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ChambersJames23MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimMachine DrillerCannot read-Single----
BoyleAuthur58MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastDock LabourerRead and write-Married----
OrrThomas37MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimTailorRead and write-Single----
CanysbellPatrick36MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghDock LabourerRead and write-Single----
CunninghamPatrick28MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghClerkRead and write-Single----
AndersonJames48MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Widower----
MacauallyEdward45MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HigginsonJohn41MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimFrench PolisherRead and write-Married----
ReidJames50MaleBoarderDlistCo ArmaghDamask WeaverRead and write-Single----
BakerJohn40FemaleBoarderInformation Refused---------
MarshallWilliam34MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
O'HaraCharles46MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
McCulloughMartin61MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo ArmaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Widower----
CarrollWilliam63MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
ThomasJoseph47MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimFlax DresserRead and write-Married----
SmithJames68MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DerryRiveterRead and write-Widower----
GalbraithCharles A44MaleBoarderMethodistEnglandPrinters LabourerRead and write-Single----
MulhollandAndrew60MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastButlerCannot read-Widower----
BaileyJohn42MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimWoodyard LabourerRead not write-Single----
LeeburnHarry61MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimCarpenterRead and write-Widower----
Merry WJohn37MaleBoarderR CatholicCo KildareShoemakerRead and write-Single----
LeveryJohn61MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghTailorRead and write-Widower----
RenwickJames42MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastPainterRead and write-Widower----
Mc CruddonHenry50MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BremanMaurice38MaleBoarderR CatholicCo GalwayStreet MusicianRead and write-SingleBlind---
Mc IlroyJohn49MaleBoarderR CatholicCo CavanGeneral LabourerRead not write-Married----
FerranJames45MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastQuay LabourerCannot read-Married----
GrahamJohn57MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ScottRobert41MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownFarm LabourerRead and write-Single----
McIlhattonWm46MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghGeneral DealerCannot read-Single----
GrahamSamuel30MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownDock LabourerRead and write-Single----
PhillipsAlfred44MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandEnglandDock LabourerRead and write-Single----
KellyHugh25MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
WilsonRobert36MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
MurphyJames49MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownDock LabourerCannot read-Single----
McGinnJohn41MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimBakerRead and write-Single----
MurphyJohn49MaleBoarderR CatholicCo CorkGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
CampbellRobert64MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
KinneyHarry50MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
JohnstonRobert45MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HughesWm John35MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
StewartWilliam60MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimDock LabourerRead and write-Married----
DonganWilliam32MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
DonganThos36MaleBoarderR CatholicTyroneGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
StrachanRobert40MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo ArmaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
McKeeJames48MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
BellBernard48MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghFlax RougherCannot read-Single----
TrimbleThomas27MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
CooganJames50MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead but not write-Single----
McLureRobert71MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
MurphyPaddy77MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastPedlarCannot read-MarriedBlind---
CruickshankJohn39MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
DonnollyPeter41MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimHawkerRead and write-Single----
DonaldsonSamuel52MaleBoarderPresbyterianBelfastLabourerCannot read-WidowerBlind---
Mc NallyJohn55MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfast, Co AntrimCoachmanCannot read-Married----
MallonBernerd45MaleBoarderR CatholicArmaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
StewartWm39MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfast, Co DownGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
BrownThomas27MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimCarpenterRead and write-Single----
ElliottEdward30MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimDock LabourerRead and write-Single----
BrysonWm56MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastRiveterRead and write-Widower----
HarrisonFred38MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandEnglandGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
TrambleJohn40MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownCar DriverRead and write-Single----
SimpsonThos68MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral DealerRead and write-Married----
DyerJames36MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
Mc KeownSammuel J36MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimIron MoulderRead and write-Single----
RyanMatthew70MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo LetrimClerkRead and write-Widower----
RyanWalter16MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastClerkRead and write-Single----
LoganDavid45MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownDock LabourerRead and write-Single----
BoydHugh33MaleBoarderPresbyterianEnglandGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
GillespieJames42MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DonegalRope MakerRead and write-Single----
NoccheLewis33MaleBoarderR CatholicItalyShop AssistantRead and write-Single----
BrownHenry23MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo ArmaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
MilligenArcher29MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimTailorRead and write-Single----
O'HaganJoseph48MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryGeneral LabourerRead and write-SingleDumb---
O'HaraDenis55MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimWeaverRead and write-SingleDumb---
Mc KenzieJames55MaleBoarderPresbyterianScotlandCarpenterRead and write-SingleDumb---
Mc MeekinJames35MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HawillGeorge39MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimCarterRead and write-Married----
CaufieldThomas44MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimPorterRead and write-Single----
WoodsThomas40MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownDock LabourerRead and write-Single----
WatsonGeorge48MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DerryTailorRead and write-Single----
HamiltonRobert Hawthorn44MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownAgentRead and write-Single----
MartJoseph B65MaleBoarderAgnosticEnglandArmy PensionerRead and write-Widower----
MillarAndrew55MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandLongfordCommission AgentRead and write-Married----
The entry for William Stanier is here in the original
MillPatrick42MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastGeneral LabourerCannot read-Married----
DonnollyBernard32MaleBoarderR CatholicCo TyroneGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
MurplyPatrick42MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
KeelyThomas42MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
MeadReginald25MaleBoarderMethodistCo DownPlumberRead and write-Single----
HallEdward45MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
WilsonAlexander37MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownCommercial TravellerRead and write-Married----
MonghanRobert34MaleBoarderR CatholicCo FermanaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
SmithJohn52MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Widower----
ThomsonGeorge25MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo FermanaghGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ConwayFrank26MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
Mc GawleyWilliam42MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimPork ButcherRead and write-Single----
DolanPatrick46MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownGroom (Military)Read and write-Single----
RaineyGeorge50MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimBoot CloserRead and write-Single----
KingsberryHugh47MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead not write-Married----
Mc DonaldJohn73MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
CummingJames58MaleBoarderPresbyterianScotlandEngineerRead and write-Married----
DowneyWilliam33MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ScottJohn35MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
Mc WilliamJohn46MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryFitter (Engine)Read and write-Married----
SmithJohn33MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
FinnJames35MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
RuskThomas35MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo ArmaghLinen WeaverRead and write-Single----
BowersHugh37MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
SimpsonThomas60MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimFlax DresserCannot read-Single----
HannaThomas28MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimDamask WeaverRead and write-Single----
AdairRobert45MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Married----
CarrollJames31MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
Mc CourtPatrick28MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
WattMartin47MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Widower----
CaldwellJames31MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGeneral LabourerCannot read-Married----
DonnollyCharles46MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghIron FitterRead and write-Married----
HillThomas29MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ConroyJohn51MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimVan DriverRead and write-Single----
SmithJames34MaleBoarderReformed PresbyterianCo AntrimRed LeaderRead and write-Married----
FergusonJames28MaleBoarderReformed PresbyterianCo AntrimTailorRead and write-Single----
KaneAlexander26MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ShannonJames30MaleBoarderR CatholicCo GalwayGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
LingThomas19MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastPrinterRead and write-Single----
DrewDavid64MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandWaterfordBoiler MakerRead and write-Married----
ConnollyThomas75MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghMiner (Coal)Cannot read-Widower----
Mac KeyWilliam66MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimMechanicRead and write-Single----
Mc NeiceDavid55MaleBoarderPresbyterianBelfastPlumberRead and write-Married----
CushleyThomas37MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Widower----
ConnollyPeter52MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Widower----
DonnollyArthur45MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
FinlayJohn33MaleBoarderR CatholicCo KerryGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
BaxterIsaac40MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownTin SmithRead and write-Married----
McClellandJohn31MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownGardenerRead and write-Single----
RyanHugh41MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryReporter (Newspaper)Read and write-Single----
MartinDennis36MaleBoarderR CatholicScotlandFiremanCannot read-Married----
WoodsOwen42MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownFish DealerRead and write-Widower----
RobertsThomas34MaleBoarderR CatholicCo TyroneGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HickeyThomas32MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
ErskineJames65MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimAccountantRead and write-Widower----
WatersCharles C48MaleBoarderWeslyian MethodistCo AntrimBarberRead and write-Widower----
JohnstonJohn39MaleBoarderWeslyian MethodistCo AntrimTailorRead and write-Single----
PollockHenry34MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimTailorRead and write-Single----
CarrollJohn34MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimCork CutterRead and write-Single----
GarrettThomas40MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HynnPatrick40MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
PedlowJames40MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead not write-Married----
NashEdward42MaleBoarderR CatholicCo CorkStreet MusicianRead and write-Single----
ArmstrongJohn45MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
MeehanJames63MaleBoarderBaptistBelfastSailorRead and write-Widower----
MaxwellJohn67MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownBakerCannot read-Widower----
DickeyJames29MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastBill PosterRead and write-Single----
SaundersHugh56MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGroomRead and write-Married----
BlairRobert71MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimDock LabourerRead and write-Widower----
CummingsWilliam30MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownCarpenterRead and write-Single----
ScottAndrew45MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DownShoemakerRead and write-Married----
LaveryDan70MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Widower----
BurnsHugh36MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimCabinet MakerRead and write-Single----
SmythWilliam33MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
LynchFrank52MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerCannot read-Single----
BoyleSteven60MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimPork ButcherCannot read-Married----
StevensonJames48MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo WexfordBakerRead and write-Single----
O'BryenJames28MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
JacksonAlexander30MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo GalwayDraperRead and write-Single----
TrembleGeorge49MaleBoarderPresbyterianBelfastCabinet MakerRead and write-Single----
NimmoWilliam44MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HerrittHenry33MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandBelfastGeneral LabourerRead not write-Single----
MurrayJames32MaleBoarderR CatholicBelfastWire - WorkerRead and write-Single----
MathersWm Jas62MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo DerryGardenerRead and write-Widower----
TomlinsonRobert72MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead not write-Widower----
GibbonsThomas42MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownDock LabourerRead and write-Married----
AtkinsonRobert23MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo DownStreet TraderRead and write-Single----
ConnollyJames35MaleBoarderR CatholicCo ArmaghPainterRead and write-Single----
MacanleyJohn28MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimGeneral LabourerRead and write-Single----
HillJohn30MaleBoarderR CatholicCo LouthPainterRead and write-Single----
DevineBernard40MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DerryBilliard MarkerRead and write-Married----
Mc IlduffAndrew39MaleBoarderR CatholicScotlandClerkRead and write-Single----
ThompsonAlexander20MaleBoarderR CatholicEnglandLabourerRead and write-Married----
Mc GovernJohn22MaleBoarderR CatholicCo DownClerkRead and write-Single----
LeeRobert31MaleBoarderPresbyterianCo AntrimLabourerRead and write-Single----
MurphyArthur27MaleBoarderR CatholicCo AntrimLabourerRead and write-Married----
Mc NeillAlexander53MaleBoarderPresbyterianEnglandComedianRead and write-Married----
GeereyWilliam56MaleBoarderChurch of IrelandCo AntrimLabourerRead and write-Single----
OwtrennDavid54MaleServantChurch of IrelandEnglandPorterRead and write-Single----
StevensonArchibald26MaleServantPresbyterianCo AntrimPorterRead and write-Single----
Mc CallumArchibald63MaleServantPresbyterianScotlandPorterRead and write-Single----

STONIER in the 1911 Census of Ireland

The only STONIER in the 1901 or 1911 censuses of Ireland was a family living at 504 Curragh Military Camp, Kildare in 1911:-

SurnameForenameAgeSexRelation to headReligionBirthplaceOccupationLiteracyIrish LanguageMarital StatusSpecified IllnessesYears MarriedChildren BornChildren Living
StonyerWilliam-MaleHead of Family----------
StonyerGertrude32FemaleWifeChurch of EnglandEngland-Read and write-Married-1244
StonyerOlive11FemaleDaughterChurch of EnglandEnglandScholarRead and write-Single----
StonyerEdith6FemaleDaughterChurch of EnglandEnglandScholarRead and write-Single----
StonyerQueenie5FemaleDaughterChurch of EnglandEnglandScholarRead and write-Single----
StonyerDorothy1FemaleDaughterChurch of EnglandEngland-Cannot read-Single----
CarrickfordRichard18MaleBoarderChurch of EnglandEnglandActorRead and write-Single----
StuartSylvester20MaleBoarderChurch of EnglandWalesActorRead and write-Single----

STANIER buried in Brooklands Cemetery, Sale CHS

The printed transcription of the Cemetery Record contains a number of abbreviations. Those on the two pages referenced below I take to be

I{A or B or L}{M or R}O
In [Affectionate or Blessed or Loving} {Memory or Remembrance} Of
In Hoc Signis?
Sacred To The Memory Of
Verse Not Recorded?
Note that the unrecorded verses on the gravestone from plot L 867 have been independently recorded, and shown here.

Plot K 615
Florence Maria STANIER, died Feby. 9th 1935 aged 73 years. Harry Harbottell STANIER, died Oct. 10th 1920 aged 57 years.

The National Probate Calendar of 1921 has "STANIER Harry Harbottell of Laburnum Cottage Chelford-road Knutsford Cheshire died 10 October 1920 Administration London 22 February to William Joseph Stanier gentleman. Effects £4505 11s. 6d."

Plot L 867
IBMO Joseph STANIER, a perfect father, who entered into rest Aug. 10th 1911 aged 81 years VNR. Frederick Huntley STANIER, second son of Joseph and Jane STANIER, who died July 17th 1884 aged 22 years VNR. Edwin STANIER, who died Nov. 8th 1866 aged 31 years VNR. STTMO Jane, wife of Joseph STANIER, who died Sept. 8th 1864 aged 31 years. VNR.

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