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The will of Thomas Stonier of Cocknage, Staffordshire

Dated 18 May 1599


In the name of god amen. The 18th day of may in the yeare of our lorde god 1599.
I Thomas Stonier of Cocknedge in the p[a]rishe of Trentham doe beinge in good and of p[er]fect Rememberance doe make this my last will and Testament in mannor and Forme Followinge:
First I bequeth my sole unto almighty god my maker and Redemer in Jesus Christ and my bodie to be buried in the p[a]rish Church of Trentham,
Item I geive and bequeathe unto Margreate my daughter £5
Item I geive unto Margreat Sherpe the daughter of Willi[a]m Sherpe 35s in the handes of the sayde William her Father to be sett forthe to the use of the sayde Margreat at the oversight of my executor and yff he Refuse to sett it forthe att the Resonable Request of my executor then my will is that my executor shall take it and sett it forthe to the use of the sayde Margreatt
Item I geive and bequeath unto Roger my sonne 10s For and in the name of his childes p[ar]tt
Item I geive unto the sayde Roger one handecarcheffe w[hi]ch was his mothers
Item I assigne ov[e]r unto Jeffrey my sonne the Interest and Rev[er]cion of the terme of yeares w[hi]ch I have in my howse payinge theirefore unto William my sonne £10
Item I doe owe unto Thomas Beeche 11s
Item I doe owe unto John Deegge 30s
Item I doe owe unto George Sander 8s 4d.
Item my debtes legasies and Funerall expences beinge payde of the whole I geive and bequeathe all the rest of my goodes unto Jeffreye my sonne and to Margreatt my daughter equally to be devoyded betwixt them.
Item I constetute ordayne and make Jeffrey my sonne my trewe and Faythfull executor and John Stonier of Blackewood my ov[er]seer to see this my last will will p[er]formed and donne accordingly

Theise being witnes: James Bealy cle[rk] John Stonier and William Stonier w[i]th other


A true Inventory taken the 24th daye of September A[nn]o Regnno. Elizabeth the 12th
of all the goodes Cattels moveable & unmoveable of Thomas Stonier of Cocknedge
late deceased & praysed the daye & yeare above written
by George Bartram gentl[e]man John Bradwall John Barnes & Thomas Wood
Inprimis: 3 bullocke beastes praysed to£76s9d
Item: 4 kyne praysed to£74s10d
Item: 2 sterkes & towe weaninge calves£3  
Item: 1 horse praysed to 20s 
Item: 2 Swine & 2 yonge piges 20s 
Item: 35 sheepe praysed to£516s 
Item: All the corne praysed to£5  
Item: All the haye praysed to 20s 
Item: 1 bed and all thinges belonging to it praysed to 6s10d
Item: Brasse & pewter praysed to 20s 
Item: All husbandry ware praysed to 10s 
Item: All tryne ware praysed to 2s 
Item: Bordes formes tressells bedstides whiches and all wodden ware praysed to 13s4d
Item: All the Iron ware praysed to 5s 
Item: 3 bages praysed to  12d
Item: Butter & cheese praysed to 5s 
Item: 1 bakinge stone & apayre of ballise  4d
Item: 1 pented cloth  6d
Item: All his apparrell praysed to 13s 
Item: one tub  4d
Item: one 2 chickens  6d
Somma totalis£35 8d
Item: yff theire be any thinge left out throughe for getfulnes the some praysed to  12d


Fiat probac[i]o testamenti sup[r]ascripti et admin[is]trac[i]o bonoru[m] dict[i] defunct[i] Executori in test[ament]o nominac[i]o

Hurleston deput.

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