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BMD notices from the

Staffordshire Advertiser, 1821 - 1840

STANIERElizabeth28 April 1838Marriage
John20 August 1831Death
William23 November 1822Death
William F2 August 1834Marriage
STANYERMichael29 December 1832Death
Moses21 January 1826Death
Moses31 March 1832Death
Timothy15 December 1827Death
STONIERCharles16 February 1828Death
John13 October 1821Marriage
Josiah14 August 1824Death
Margaret5 July 1828Marriage
Mary19 March 1836Death
Thomas6 June 1840Death
William11 February 1826Marriage
William1 September 1832Marriage
William1 June 1833Death
William11 January 1834Death
William14 July 1838?Death