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Last NameSTANIER38

38 Combined Matches

NameBornDiedResidenceLast BenefitSSNIssuing StateIssued
ANDREW STANIER30 Nov 1909Jul 198507055 (Clifton, Passaic, NJ) (No Location Given)141-07-0864New JerseyBefore 1951
BETTY STANIER11 Dec 1896Nov 198617820 (Catawissa, Columbia, PA) (No Location Given)174-50-7735Pennsylvania1973
DONALD STANIER29 Dec 190624 Sep 1955 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)024-01-1959MassachusettsBefore 1951
DOROTHEA STANIER8 Sep 19084 Sep 1996 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)557-12-4615CaliforniaBefore 1951
ELIZABETH STANIER16 Jan 1903Mar 197644504 (Youngstown, OH) (No Location Given)273-44-0363Ohio1963
ELIZABETH STANIER22 Mar 190720 Apr 199292220 (Banning, Riverside, CA) (No Location Given)136-09-2832New JerseyBefore 1951
ELMER STANIER9 Nov 1885Apr 196815228 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA) (No Location Given)190-09-0731PennsylvaniaBefore 1951
F STANIER26 Jun 1905Sep 197715220 (Carnegie, Allegheny, PA) (No Location Given)208-03-6299PennsylvaniaBefore 1951
FRANK STANIER22 Jun 1903Jul 197833548 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)070-01-5707New YorkBefore 1951
GEORGE STANIER30 Jan 1879Mar 196791790 (Baldwin Park, Los Angeles, CA) (No Location Given)169-28-3253PennsylvaniaBetween 1951 and 1952
GERTRUDE STANIER12 Jan 190617 Oct 199619040 (Hatboro, Montgomery, PA) (No Location Given)167-50-0988Pennsylvania1973
H STANIER19 Dec 1909Jan 1971 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)192-09-0174PennsylvaniaBefore 1951
H STANIER28 Nov 19077 Dec 199374127 (Sand Springs, Tulsa, OK) (No Location Given)551-03-6784CaliforniaBefore 1951
HELEN STANIER7 May 1911Aug 198746304 (Chesterton, Porter, IN) (No Location Given)307-54-7046Indiana1965
HELGA STANIER14 Mar 190926 Jan 1990 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)166-48-3546PennsylvaniaBetween 1971 and 1972
JAMES STANIER5 Jul 1911Feb 197620715 (Bowie, MD) (No Location Given)216-44-3212Maryland1961
JOHN STANIER14 Feb 1907Feb 198915201 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA) (No Location Given)167-01-8437PennsylvaniaBefore 1951
JOHN STANIER21 Jun 192317 Jul 1990 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)285-18-9213OhioBefore 1951
KATE STANIER11 Oct 1884Jun 1964 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)549-14-3012CaliforniaBefore 1951
M STANIER25 Sep 1950Mar 1988 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)127-40-9487New YorkBetween 1965 and 1966
MAE STANIER19 Sep 1920May 1984 (No Location Given)07083 (Union, Union, NJ)153-16-2106New JerseyBefore 1951
1st qtrGUERITE STANIER24 May 1894Jun 197715228 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA) (No Location Given)183-38-9375PennsylvaniaBetween 1963 and 1964
1st qtrK STANIER23 Aug 1960Sep 198777006 (Houston, Harris, TX) (No Location Given)451-57-6872Texas1982
1st qtrY STANIER27 May 1903Mar 197332757 (Eustis, Lake, FL) (No Location Given)175-28-6857PennsylvaniaBetween 1951 and 1953
MINNIE STANIER13 Dec 1888Aug 198515237 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA) (No Location Given)168-50-1210Pennsylvania1973
MYRTLE STANIER29 May 190420 May 198834209 (Bradenton, Manatee, FL) (No Location Given)121-18-2771New YorkBefore 1951
PAUL STANIER14 Nov 194515 Jun 199133162 (Miami, Dade, FL) (No Location Given)219-48-1383Maryland1963
PHILIP STANIER4 Jul 1928Nov 1976 (No Location Given)12206 (Albany, Albany, NY)111-20-6661New YorkBefore 1951
RICHARD STANIER7 Nov 1881Jun 1964 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)551-07-9886CaliforniaBefore 1951
RICHARD STANIER24 Jul 1910Jul 197793305 (Bakersfield, Kern, CA) (No Location Given)548-01-5634CaliforniaBefore 1951
ROBERT STANIER2 Mar 1909Nov 198592123 (San Diego, San Diego, CA) (No Location Given)564-03-2645CaliforniaBefore 1951
SAMUEL STANIER13 Dec 1888Dec 198415232 (Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA) (No Location Given)193-05-8949PennsylvaniaBefore 1951
SARAPHINE STANIER20 Dec 1925Jul 1965 (No Location Given) (No Location Given)264-26-7563FloridaBefore 1951
SIDNEY STANIER19 May 190414 Oct 199246383 (Chesterton, Porter, IN) (No Location Given)313-07-0006IndianaBefore 1951
THOMAS STANIER26 Jun 1895Dec 197693401 (San Luis Obispo, CA) (No Location Given)557-12-2349CaliforniaBefore 1951
W STANIER27 Sep 1901Apr 198453095 (Allenton, Washington, WI) (No Location Given)175-28-6856PennsylvaniaBetween 1951 and 1953
WALTER STANIER17 Aug 1895Jan 196916239 (Marienville, Forest, PA) (No Location Given)176-09-9496PennsylvaniaBefore 1951
WILLIAM STANIER12 Dec 19171 Feb 199615116 (Allison Park, Allegheny, PA) (No Location Given)193-05-6907PennsylvaniaBefore 1951