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Staniers in Shropshire Parish Registers

Hereford Diocese

Cleobury Mortimer

Lichfield Diocese




The Stanier family does not appear in the Atcham registers. However, the introduction to the transcript of the register has The tithes of Berwick Maviston passed in some way to the Langley family. Peter Langley had three daughters, Eleanor, Martha the wife of William Cludde, and another who was the wife of Charles Stanier. Eleanor Langley by her will dated 14th August 1744 (proved at Lichfield, 29th April 1756), left these tithes to her nephews Edward Cludde and John Stanier. Ultimately they became vested in William Cludde (formerly Pemberton) and Charles Price Stanier, who conveyed them on 6th April 1805 to the Rev Henry Burton.



In 1873, the Peplow estate was purchased by Francis Stanier Phillip Broade (afterwards Francis Stanier), and at his death in 1900 it passed to his son Beville Stanier MP for Shropshire (Newport Division). Peplow Hall was rebuilt in 1725 and enlarged in 1886.


Richard Leighton and Elizabeth Kynnersley had a family of two sons (who both died young) and eight daughters, five of whom married; the eldest, Elizabeth, became wife of John Stanier of Cosford...

The Registrar of Lichfield gives the appointment of Samuel Willis in 1666 as being on the death of William Stanier, buried on 26 March 1666, but the Leighton Register gives the date as 28 April, and gives him no title. William Stanier was Vicar of Leighton in 1662, when he gave 10 shillings to a present for the King from the Clergy of the Realm. The Staniers were a branch of the Staffordshire family of that name, and the first to come into Shropshire came, according to the Rev J B Blakeway, as agent to Francis, first Earl of Bradford (born 1620), and married a daughter of Robert Allestree, his predecessor as agent, and sister of Dr Allestree, provost of Eton.

The family settled at Uppington, and sent out several branches, John Stanier, barrister-at-law, of Cosford, near Shifnal, married Elizabeth Leighton.

Shrewsbury, St Mary





The old residence of the Staniers, known as The Cottage, is situate on the right hand side of the road leading from Atcham to Wroxeter Church, near the bank of the river Severn. John Stanier, the first to come into Shropshire, married a daughter of Robert Allestree of Uppington, and sister of Dr Richard Allestree.
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