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Stanier Memorabilia

By Staniers

A Textbook of Economic Theory, published by Longmans Green & Co., 1956. Written by Alfred W Stonier and Douglas C Hague.

Two books published by Trent Valley Publications, by David J Stanier, W. Gash & Sons Ltd, Newark and Stevensons in the Eighties.

Trams and Buses in Burton: 1903 - 1965, published by Carlton Publishing, 1991. Written by David Stanier, Linda Stanier and Keith West. David Stanier may be the same man as the author of the two books above ... the text refers to him as D J Stanier.

The book is signed by all three authors.

Off The Rails, published by Travel Book Club, 1967. Written by G W Stonier.

Utilizing the Weekly Federal Reserve Statement, published by the American Institute of Banking, 1938. With a preface by Harold Stonier, National Educational Director.

Contemporary Political Studies 1996, Volume 2. Proceedings of the Annual Conference held at the University of Glasgow, April 10th - 12th 1996. Edited on behalf of the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom by Iain Hampsher-Monk and Jeffrey Stanyer.

Demo CD, produced 2002. Performed by Bed, guitarist Joel Stanier.

Biscuits for Smut, CD produced 1994. Performed by Helmet, drummer John Stanier. The cover is signed by John Stanier.

DVD of Monty Python's Life of Brian, Photographer John Stanier.

English Ghosts, CD by Nigel Stonier.

Cornwall's Mining Heritage, published 1988 by Twelveheads Press. Written by Peter Stanier.

Quarries and Quarrying, published 1985 by Shire Publications. Written by Peter H Stanier (who may be the author of the previous work).

A Foundation Course in Drawing by Peter Stanyer and Terry Rosenberg, published 1996 by Arcturus Publishing.

Outlines of Enzyme Chemistry by J.B. Neilands & Paul K. Stumpf, with a chapter on the synthesis of enzymes by Roger Y. Stanier, published 1955 by John Wiley & Sons.

Two books by Sylvia Stanier, published by J A Allen. The Art of Lungeing and The Art of Long Reining.

Plant Engineering Handbook published by McGraw-Hill, 1938. Editor-in-Chief, William Staniar, M.E..

Watch: Songs, poems, facts, games from the BBC Schools TV Series, published 1979. by Macdonald Educational. Written by Tom Stanier, Series editor, Watch.

By Stanier Companies

A salesman's sample book, with the hand-written date June 1896 on the cover, showing the silk gauzes made by John Staniar & Co of Manchester.

China box depicting Kensington Palace, made by Peter Stanier Pottery, Staffordshire.

Vase made by Bishop & Stonier.

Breakfast cup and saucer made in about 1880 by Powell, Bishop & Stonier.

Cream jug made by Foley Ltd, and supplied to the Cunard Shipping Line by Stonier's of Liverpool.

A Bottle of Reserve Chardonnay 1999 produced and bottled by Stonier Wines of Victoria, Australia.

A packet of World War II boracic lint, sold by T S Stonier Ltd of North Shields

A 17th-century tradesman's taoen, issued by Robert Stonier Ltd of Southworke

About Staniers

Programme from the 1984 production of Rodgers and Hart's On Your Toes at the Palace Theatre, starring Natalia Makarova and Honor Blackman, and featuring Colin Stanier.

Signed card showing Troy Stanier of the Ottawa 67's Ice Hockey team.

Gresley and Stanier, by John Bellwood and David Jenkinson. Published 1986 by the National Railway Museum.

Sir William Stanier, an engineering biography, by O S Nock. Published 1975 by Ian Allen.

1893 Oxford University Queen's College Pewter Rowing Tankard presented to the members of the University's Scratch Fours: Bow, P. Gordon; 3, W. S. Stanier; 2, R. Garwood; Stroke, P. H. L'Estrange; Cox, L. E. Reay. It is 4.75" tall and 4.5" wide, and weighs 13.5 ounces.

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