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Some Descendants of John Stonhewer

John Stonhewer is the earliest Stanier ancestor I have yet found. This tree is produced from the Stanier entry in Burkes Peerage and Baronetage (ed 105, and ed 107), the Alumni Oxonienses, the published transcripts of Shropshire Parish Registers, and the work of several other researchers. Burkes do not state their sources, but the earlier entries are probably taken from the entry for Stonyer of Biddulph in the Visitation of Staffordshire, 1665


Burke's peerage gives Thomas Stonhewer's date of death as 1590, without giving any source.
However, there is strong, albeit circumstantial, evidence that Thomas is the Thomas of Cochnech (Cocknage)
the executor to William Stonhewer's will dated 1595.
The will of Thomas Stonier of Cocknage is dated 1599
(Burke's date of 1590 could therefore be a simple typographical error).

Will of Mary Stanier
of	Madeley STS Manor
died	14 October 1880 at Brighton SSX
Exec	Francis Stanier
	Randle Baddeley Stanier
	Thomas Stanier
Dated	9 August 1879
WILL	proved at Lichfield 17 November 1880
by	Francis Stanier of Peplow Hall near Market Drayton SAL esq, the son and one of the executors
Estate	under £200,000
	Son Thomas Stanier already provided for
	£80,000 to son Randle Baddeley Stanier
	£20,000 in trust for daughter Mary Jane Stanier
	£20,000 in trust for daughter Alice Constance Stanier
	£10,000 in trust for daughter Susan Mary Graeme
	£10,000 in trust for daughter Charlotte Louisa Farrington
	Various valuables, and all real estate, to son Francis Stanier
	Jewellery to be divided between the 4 daughters
	Remainder of personal estate equally to all children

Francis Stanier [1737 - 1805] was Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme 1772/73.

Francis Stanier [1808 - 1856] was Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme 1851/52.

According to Joyce Holiday's "Silverdale People"

In 1848, Ralph Sneyd granted a lease [on the Silverdale Mines] to Francis Stanier. The capital was the plant and 125 cottages plus a working capital of £30000, two thirds contributed by Sneyd and one third by Stanier. Stanier was to be the manager on a salary of £300 p.a. Francis Stanier later merged the Silverdale and Apedale enterprises and built a forge at Knutton. By September 1851, they had negotiated another lease providing for specified royalties of £6000 p.a. "certain rent"

P J Bemrose's chapter "Mines and Mills" in "Newcastle-under-Lyme 1173-1973" expands

In 1851, the year of his election as Mayor of the Borough, Francis Stanier had one of the Silverdale furnaces (in which he had had an interest since 1848) rebuilt, and he further extended the works output by the installation of a forge: six years later he founded a new forge at Knutton which consisted of 60 puddling furnaces and 5 rolling mills. The climax of Stanier's empire building was reached in 1864 when he took over control of the Apedale works, thereby making himself the head of the largest iron complex in North Staffordshire, whose plant comprised 10 furnaces and 2 forges. By 1870 Silverdale was on the decline whereas Apedale had not reached its peak output: yet by 1880 only two of the six furnaces there were in use. Shortly after his death in 1882 his industrial empire was dispersed.

However, Francis died in 1856, which is impossible to reconcile with Bemrose. I cannot see to whom the claimed death in 1882 may refer.

Francis Philip Broade Stanier [1838 - 1900] was Mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme 1896/97, 1897/98 and 1898/99.

Will of Francis Harvey Stonehewer
of	Alsager CHS, schoolmaster
died	5 June 1885 at Alsager
WILL	proved at the Principal Register 11 August 1885
by	Jane Stonehewer, widow, the relict
        Margaret Alice Stonehewer, spinster, the daughter
        William Stonehewer of 75 Cornhill, London, bankers clerk, the son
Estate	£185

Will of Mary Grosvenor
of      Leek in the County of Staffordshire
died    31 August 1863
WILL    proved at the Principal Register 20 October 1863
by      John Cruso of Leek
        Catherine Wood of Leek the Niece
	Joseph Challinor of Leek Solicitor
Estate	under £8,000

From Visitation of England and Wales (1893), by Joseph Jackson Howard and Frederick Arthur Crisp of the College of Arms of Great Britain:

Sarah Constance [Gibbons], born at Lower Mitton Vicarage on Wednesday, 3 January, and bapt. at Lower Mitton 4 February 1866; marr. at Hartlebury, (by the Bishop of Shrewsbury, assisted by the Rev. David Robertson, the Rector, and Hon. Chaplain to H.M. Queen Victoria), on Wednesday, 12 December 1894, Beville Stanier of Peplow Hall and Booley, co. Salop (2nd son of Francis Stanier of The Moor House, Biddulph, co. Stafford, and of Peplow, co. Salop, J. P. and D.L. for co. Salop, High Sheriff 1894, J. P. for co. Stafford, by Caroline his wife, dau. of General Justice of Green Park, Bath, Co. Somerset); born at Pull Wyke, Ambleside, co. Westmoreland, on Wednesday, 12 June 1867.


Will of Francis Stanier
of	Peplow Hall STS
died	7 October 1900
WILL	proved at London 1 January 1901
by	Beville Stanier, George Gordon, and Joseph Guy Knight solic
Estate	£591,808 13s, resworn July £592,073 15s 6d
	wife		Caroline Judith Stanier
	sons		Beville Stanier
			Frank Justice Stanier
			William Sneyd Stanier
	daughters	Lucy Caroline Drake
			Eleanor Mary Fisher
			Dorothy Stanier
	grandsons	Frank Adolphus Hood Stanier
				(son of Frank Justice Stanier)
			Alexander Algernon John Stanier
				(son of Beville Stanier)
			Thomas Tyrwitt-Drake
			Alexander Beville Gibbons Stanier
			Arthur Francis Fisher
	granddaughters	Dulcie Constance Stanier
			Frances Joyce Tyrwitt-Drake
	brothers	Randle Baddeley Stanier
			Thomas Stanier
	sisters		Mary Jane Gordon
			Alice Constance Masters
	nephews		Guy Stanier
				(son of Thomas Stanier)
			Ernest Stanier
				(son of Thomas Stanier)
			Malcolm Graeme
	nieces		Millicent Graeme
			Mildred Graeme
	brother in law	George Gordon
	godchildren	Mrs Oliver Warner
			Mrs Massey
			Kathleen Armitage
			E Akroyd
			Reginald Gordon
	miscellaneous	Miss Butler
			Miss Staberow now Mrs Hacke
			My coachman Townsend
			My butler Jones
Dated	15 August 1899
Witness	John T Coulam Newcastle, clerk
	James Eaton Newcastle, clerk
Codicil	dated 9 June 1900
Witness	William Sneyd Stanier, Peplow, Market Drayton, gentleman
	Edward Jones, Peplow, Market Drayton, butler
Codicil	dated 25 August 1900
Witness	Robert Saundby 140B Gt Charles Street, Birmingham
	Chris F MacKenzie 8 Bellfield Park, Inverness

Will of William Sneyd Stanier
of	The Wellington Club, Grosvenor Place MDX, and 63b Elizabeth Street, Eaton Square MDX
died	20 May 1903 at sea
WILL	proved at London 8 June 1903
by	Caroline Judith Stanier widow
Estate	£32,370 3s 9d resworn £63,140 2s 8d

Will of Caroline Judith Stanier
of	The Small House, Condover SAL widow
died	29 January 1905 at Bournemouth
WILL	proved at London 12 May 1905
by	Beville Stanier esq
Estate	£68,075 8s 9d

Will of Frank Justice Stanier
of	Palazzo Fontana Venice Italy
died	2 February 1910
WILL	proved at London 8 June 1910
by	William Henry Wheller esq and Courtenay Stevens esq
Estate	£50
Note	His gravestone, in the Protestant graveyard in the eastern
	corner of San Michele, Venice, bears the inscription
	"Left Us In Peace, Febry 2nd, 1910"

Will of Randle Baddeley Stanier
of	Sway Wood Sway HAM
died	22 May 1917 at Hartington, Poole Road Bournemouth
WILL	proved at London 31 July 1917
by	John Michael Waters esq and John Fitzgerald Waters esq
Estate	£16,767 1s 3d resworn £17,142 1s 3d

Will of Frederick John Allgood
of	53 Leicester-road Whitwick LEI painter
died	13 August 1921
WILL	proved at Leicester 7 October 1921
by	Mary Ann Allgood widow
Estate	£387 1s

Will of Beville Stanier
of	Peplow Hall and The Citadel Hawkstoke Preston Brockhurst Shrewsbury SAL baronet
died	18 December 1921 at The Citadel
WILL	proved at London 16 March 1922
by	dame Sarah Constance Stanier widow
       	Leonard Philip Gibbons gentleman
       	Archie George Chester Masters gentleman
Estate	£182,678 17s 5d

Letters of Administration for Edward Stanier
of	The Citadel Preston Brockhurst SAL
died	13 July 1926 at Battlefield Shrewsbury
ADMIN	granted at London 5 October 1926
to	dame Sarah Constance Stanier widow
Estate	£1,157 10s 6d

Will of Henry Allgood
of	1 Market-place Whitwick LEI painter
died	5 November 1926
WILL	proved at Leicester 15 December 1926
by	Mary Allgood widow
Estate	£654 9s 6d

Will of Mary Allgood
of	1 Market-place Whitwick LEI
died	18 November 1927
WILL	proved at Leicester 21 February 1928
by	Alfred Amsley Allgood painter
	Agnes Gertrude Hubbard (wife of Joseph Hubbard)
Estate	£497 8s 4d

Will of Mary Ann Allgood
of	61 Gracedieu-road Whitwick LEI
died	18 March 1939
WILL	proved at London 15 May 1939
by	Henry Johnson fruiterer
Estate	£644 7s 4d

Ernest Stanier is listed in the 1891 census of Kensington as the nephew of Frederick C Schooles, the husband of Charlotte Louisa Schooles née Stanier.

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