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The will of Hugh Stonehewer of Sutton, Staffordshire

Dated 1 July 1692, Inventory dated 4 November 1692

SourceCheshire East council


In the name of God Amen I Hugh Stonehewer of Sutton in the county of Chest Chap being sick and weak of body but of sound perfect memorie and sense of minde (pro sen) therefore be god knowing ? frailty of this life and not willing to die untest Doe make & ordain this my ? last will & testemet in manner & forme following
That is to say first and principlely I commend my soul in to the hands of all mighty god as to a faithfull Creator Hopeing through the ? death & passion of my blessed Lord and saviour Jesus Christ to have full & free pardon & forgiveness for all my sins And to inherit Life eternal and my body I comit to the earth to be desently buried at ? discreation of my exacutors herein here after named
and as and as touching the disposeing of all my temporel estates which it hath pleased all mighty God to bestow on me I distribute & give & dispose there of as followeth
first I will that my depts be pd & funerall charges discharged
Itm I give unto John Whermbey ten shillings
Itm to the poor twentie shillings
Itm I give to my mother my Bible and a broad peec of g?
Itm I give to my father fortie shillings
Itm to my brother Joseph Stonehewer ten pounds
Item to my sister Mary Foden ten pounds
Item to my sister Elizabeth Loe ten pound to be paid to her by twentie shillings a yer for ten year
Itm to my brother Williem Stonehewer ten pounds
Itm to my brother George Stonehewer ten pounds
Itm I give to my sisters Jane Barton, Anne Stonehewer & Ellin Stonehewer my dwellinghous in consideration of paying of thirty pounds by them joyntly to my Executors herein here after named
all the rest of my estate I doe give to my honrd(?) & loveing father Joseph Stonehewer & Brother In Law Samuell Barton my lawfull executors of this my last will and testamt and I doe hereby disanull and make void all former wills by me hereto fore made in witness where of I the said Hugh Stonehewer to this my last will & testemet have sett my hand and seall this first day of July And in the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred & ninety & two

In the prassents of


Anne Stonehewer, Hugh Stonehewer
Elin Stonehewer
Geo Stonehewe


A True Inventory of all And singulor tho? Goods Chattells of Hugh Stonehewer Deseased praized at his House the 28 Day of August: 1692 By us Joseph Redich & John Wharmby

Imps. Eighteen groat grd six smal & grs of dons240100
Itm 2 grs of silko silvor000900
Itm 6 grs of Luons001500
Itm 8 grs of rapt souons001704
Itm 24 grs of souons020400
Itm 10 grs of Brost ffolls(?)000608
Itm 23 grs of Broft att 10 grs001902
Itm 2 grs ? pearls Copor000400
Itm 4 grs of souons ? with Copor001008
Itm 14 grs of soptoes(?)001808
Itm 9 grs silk calls001500
Itm 15 grs of mowloargcalls001700
Itm 13 grs of gimp oxoys(?)000707
Itm 27 grs of gimp001006
Itm 4 great grs and 3 small grs of best gimp001600
Itm 14 grs of gimp broast(?)000510
Itm 7 grs of boal(?) gimps unpearled000506
Itm 2 small grs of mowloar(?)000204
Itm In(?) odd buttons000300
Itm 1 grs of gallons000700
Itm 1 grs of broads001000

4 : Nobrie 1692
Jurals fiiioro Extoros inharroiats
De Cons ex
Coram Me
Tho. Wainwrights

Cum Inventario
Bonor Hugoni
Nuoper de Sutton
In com testries
Chapman defci
Extm ? 4th die
Novembris 1692
Et commissa fuits
Executio de Extus
Prius juratis de
Salvo de


  1. a flat trimming of edging usually of cord in an open or braided pattern, sometimes stiffened by wires: use for decorating gowns and furniture, etc
  2. a heavy thread used in the edges of the figures in certain laces
  3. s silk fish line strenthened with a fine wire
Gallon or Galoon perhaps, Galoon:
  1. a cotton, silk ot worsted braid or ribbon used for trimming or binding
  2. such braid woven of gold or silver thread

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Joseph Stonehewer
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Joseph Stonehewer
Williem Stonehewer
George Stonehewer
Mary Foden
Elizabeth Loe
Jane Barton
Anne Stonehewer
Ellen Stonehewer
Brother in Law
Samuell Barton
John Whermbey
Anne Stonehewer
Elin Stonehewer
Geo Stonehewer
Tho Wainwrights
John Wharmby
Joseph Redich

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