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Depositions re the will of George Stonehewer of Barleyford, Staffordshire

SourceCheshire East council

There follow 4 transcripts of documents relating to the will of George Stonehewer of Barleyford (given as Barlowford in the list of Copyholders Deceased Within the Forest of Macclesfield), died 1704.

Ralph Hamersley

Dicto testium super Alleyacone quandom Cum Testamento George Stonehewer Gen difer Endem annexo, in weyctio probacony epinsdem In satin Jurus Forma ex parte Sara Mellor Unicio ejusdem Executricis, Coutra Vinnes et smytor In Genera data et admino Cuta 27th Aprilis 1704

Radus Hammersley de Leek in County(?) Staffordies Ironmonger astatis 37 Amoraf velcin, juratus et SupArto Allnis Testamto prodio annexs I asmsibi ustemo exaratus dicit, That he the deponent was well aquainted with the deceased George Stonehewer Gent. and has been at his request, witness to several wills ? or executed by him in his life time. And he well remembers that upon or about the Day ? the said Mr Stonehewer came to this deponent ? John Smith Ironmonger in his shop in Leek abovesaid and being then tho aged yet of perfect mind and memory and having the will or writing now ? to this deponent ready drawn with him he did ? ? of this deponent the said John Smith, Thomas Smith and John Goodwin, put his hand and seal to and did publish and declare the said will or writing for his last will and testament and desired this deponent and the herebefore said John and Thomas Smith and John Goodwin to be witnesses thereof who thereupon while the said Mr Stonehewer was in the same room subscribe their names to the same as witnesses thereof And this deponent saith that to the best of his memory the said Mr Stonehewer did before or upon the execution of this will, cancel or destroy another will formerly executed by him, it having been his manner upon the executing a later to cancel a former will. ? ? ? ? Mr Stonehewer dyd about six weeks ago ? ? ?

Signatures: Tho. Wainwright, Ralph Hamersley

John Smith

Joannes Smith de Leek in Com. Staffordire Ironmonger whatis 25 Amorum et ultra juratus, et Supar? Arto Altus ? testm prwdco annexo ? sibi astemo Exaiatum dicit. That ? ? deponent had known ? deceased Mr George Stonehewer for four years or thereabouts before ? ? of his Executing ? will ? and ? ? that upon or about The day relating to this deponent shop in Leek ?, and Mr John Goodwin (who it is said drew ? will) was with him and the said will was along with them, and the ? ? ? being the stricken ? , yet of ? mind and memory ? did in this deponents back shop put his hand and seal to And did publishing said will or ? writing for his last Will and testament ? ? of Mr hammersley, This deponent, this deponents brother (brother-in-law?) Thomas Smith and aforesaid Mr Goodwin and desired them to be witnesses thereafter who Thereupon ? ? testators ? subscribe their names ? ?. And this deponent paticularly remembers that On this occasion that the deceased sent for a pint of ale ? ? ? to make ? anniversary(?) drink. And About five weeks after as this deponent remembers? ? The said deceased dyed. Ethatis nescit deponser Sepultimo gd? Depostar perenim P.viras
Repitifume coram

Signatures: P. W., John Smith


Allegaco cum Testimo George Stonehewer Gen. Defies ?neyoo ? ejust im John jury Formicu compltre Sara Mellor ulmica exry Just datary 27th Apr 1704


Dicta Testium sup Allue cum Testamto Geo. Stonehewer Gen. Ditis annexo in Neyoo Placonis ejus? John Firma ad pinos Sara Mellor amico Exricis ? dat Capitan 27th Aprily 1704

Initially transcribed by David Newbold, with additional transcription by Alan Stanier

Last modified by Alan Stanier on 14 March 2011