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The will of George Stonehewer of Sutton, Staffordshire

Dated 6 April 1703, Inventory dated 14 October 1703

SourceCheshire East council


In the Name of God Amen the sixth day of April Anodomini 1703: I George Stonehewer of Sutton in the County of Shoft(?) yeoman being sick and weak of body but of sound & ? memory plsed be God for ? same and being mindfull of my mortality I do therefore make & ordain this my last will & testament In manner and form following &
first & principly I commend my soul Into the hands of almighty God my creator with a steadfast hope and belief that through the merits & ? of Jesus Christ my Redeemer & by the intercession of the Holy Ghost my sanctifier I shall receive free pardon & remission for all my sins & be made a partaker of etenal life in the kingdom of heaven & my body I commit to be ? interred
and as to my ? estate with which it has pleased god to bless me I give & dispose thereof as follows
& the first it is my will & mind ? all my just debts be paid
Item I give & bequeath unto Joseph Swoodife(?) son of Robert Swoodife(?) of Winkle all that ? & Rossbo?oroft (?) ? the ? county in Macclesfield & by me lately purchased of & from my brother Joseph Stonehewer & John Hough of Macclesfield and do order that he the said Robert Swoodife(?) shall take & ? the ? ? ? of ? ? to his own ? & ? till his own son Joseph shall attain to twentyone years of age. ? ? the said(?) Robert Swoodife (?) ? & shall pay into ? ? of my executors ? ? the sum of forty pounds in lawful English money within six months next after my ? but & if the said Robert Swoodlife(?) shall refuse or neglect to pay the sum of forty pounds as afforesaid then it is my will and mind I do hereby give and bequeath unto my executors Hordin(?) & Roro after named all the ? ? with all ? with all my right & interest therein unto them and their heirs for ever to sell mortage or dispose thereof as to they shall see fit for the better discharging ? leggacies(?) as I shall by this my last will give & appoint.
Item I give to my brother Joseph Stonehewer five & twenty pounds.
Item I give unto my sister Mary Foden five shillings.
Item I give unto my sister Elizabeth Loo ten pounds
Item I give unto my sister Jane Barton five pounds
Item I give unto my sister Ann Swoodlife(?) five shillings
Item I give unto my sister Elin Douglass ten pounds
Item I give unto my loving friend Mrs Elin Hoathross widow ten guineaus
Item I give unto Jane Loe five pounds
Item I give unto Joseph Loe five pounds
Item I give unto my Cuzins(sic) John Stonehewer & Joseph Stonehewer either five pounds
Item I give unto my broth(?) Samuell Barton twenty shillings and unto his daughter Jane Barton five pounds
Item I give unto the poor of Sutton fourty shillings
Item all rest & remainder of my estate of what title or nature soever I do give & bequeath unto my loving father Joseph Stonehewer and I do make nominate & appoint him my said father & Joseph Stonehewer my brother Executors of this my last will & testament hoping they will see the same performed
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seals in the presence and sight of

Signatures follow

Herdinando Parkson(?) Geo Stonehewer
John Stonehewer
Thomas Brassington

14th October 1703
Joseph Stonehewer pater & Joseph Stonehewer frater nahiralis & crinus linoj
Testatoris fideme dederint de cens & fidele
To en testporiniplendo in conunui juris
Coran me
Sam Hulme Surrog(?)


A true and perfvect inventory of all and singular The goods; chattels and ? of George Stonehewer Of Sutton, in the County of Chester Yeoman; ?; taken and apprised by us whose names are hereunder subscribed,

Imprimis: His purse and apparel120000
Itm: In Bills and Bonds200000
Itm: One ?020000
Itm: ? ?020000

John Stonehewer
Thomas Brassington

14th October 1703
Extur frit a ped pleno & perfecto

People Mentioned

Joseph Stonehewer
Joseph Stonehewer
Mary Foden
Elizabeth Loo
Jane Barton
Ann Swoodlife
Elin Douglass
Samuell Barton
Jane Barton
John Stonehewer
Joseph Stonehewer
'loving friend'
Mrs Elin Hoathross
Jane Loe
Joseph Loe perhaps the children of Elizabeth Loo
Joseph Swoodife
Robert Swoodife of Winkle father of Joseph. These are perhaps son and husband, or husband and father-in-law, of Ann Swoodlife
John Hough
Herdinando Parkson
John Stonehewer
Thomas Brassington
Sam Hulme

Possible Famiy Tree

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