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Draycott le Moors, Staffordshire

BTs. Searched by A Davies & Printed book of BMDs at Lichfield CRO

FHL Film 1040839
Item 5 Parish Register 1669-1812 D3455/1/1 also Communicants Oct 1842
Item 6 Parish Register 1754-1812 Marriages D3455/1/2
Item 7 Parish Register 1813-1837 Marriages D3455/1/3 No Staniers found

The body of the present Parish Church of Draycott was built in the year 1735.

Baptisms, 1669-1672, 1678-1812.
Marriages, 1669-1672, 1678-1754.
Burials, 1669-1672, 1678-1719, 1729, 1748-1812.
Volume later used as a register of communicants, 1842-1864, and confirmations, 1840-1860, with names of godfathers and godmothers, nd.
Other memoranda include:

As you can see, there is a note of the list of communicants and confirmations which included the names of godparents. I have checked the original, and the back pages are all like this, with long lists - each name with a consecutive running number. The first pages are titled as communicants, with new communicants (ie: confirmations) marked with an asterisk, while some pages are specifically titled as confirmations, occurring either at Stone or Cheadle. I do not know what prompted such lists to be recorded. On the page titled Godfathers and Godmothers, there is a pencil note underneath saying “Cardinal Pole directed Registers of Godfathers and Godmothers to be kept.” This seems a bit strange for an Anglican register.

Item 5 - Burials

Ann d/o John Stanyear of Stone buried 16 Mar 1723

Mary widow of Thomas Stanyear buried 28 Mar 1741

Anne w/o John Stanyear of Stone buried 29 Mar 1741

Ann d/o Thos & Sarah Stannior of Stone Parish buried 30 Aug 1757

Sarah Stannier of Stone Parish buried 18 Apr 1761

William Stanier of Stone Parish buried 22 Dec 1783

Thomas Stanier of Stone Parish buried 1 Mar 1784

William Stanier, infant, buried 12 Jan 1795

George Stanior of Stone Parish buried 30 Oct 1799

Dorothy Beardmore, of the parish of Cheadle buried 5 Jun 1804.

Geo Stanyer, an infant, Stone parish bur 11 Mar 1805

Sarah Stanier, Stone parish buried 17 May 1807

Mary Stanier, buried 2 Aug 1810

Jas Stanier, Stone parish buried 10 May 1811

Thomas Stanier, infant, of Stone buried 22 Jan 1815

*William Stanyer, 68, of Stone parish buried 30 Jun 1821 [b. c1753]

John Stanier, 72, of Stone parish buried 18 May 1823 [b. c1751]

Mary Stanier, 78, of Stone parish buried 24 Apr 1828 [b. c1750]

Thomas Stanier, 67, of Stone parish bur 13 Sep 1829 [b. c1762]

*Alice Stanier, 76, of Stone parish, buried 17 May 1830 [b. c1754]

**Thomas Stanyers, 66, of Fulford, buried 12 Jul 1854 [b.c1788]

Wm. Stanier bur. 1 Mar 1872


1842 October & 1843 July 8th
45. Sarah Stanier, 15, cousin of Elizabeth Stanier #53
53. Elizabeth Stanier, SG [?Saverley Green], 14
1846 August 11th at Cheadle
1849 Jun 6th at Cheadle
1849 Jun 18th at Cheadle

Godfathers & Godmothers

286. Richard Stanier, Elizabeth Stanier, Mary Ann Bagnall
297. Joseph Stanier, Philip Stanier, Alice Stanier

Communicants cont'd

1844, 25th February
11. Elizabeth Stanier Senior wife of ......

Copy of the loose ...........

1671 Richard Toft, Susanna (?Stanier)

Communicants cont'd

1849 #23 Dec 21, Stanier Alice
1853 #5 Joseph Stanier, junior
1854 #23 Mary Stanyer
to 1860

Confirmations at Cheadle

June 14th, 1854
June 11th, 1854
August 29th, 1854

Godfathers & godmothers

#337 - #388

Communicants cont'd

1860 to 1864.


Banns of marriage between George Stannier of Stone Parish, Farmer m. Hannah Brane of Stone Parish, spinster were published the 1st, 8th & 15th Oct 1775. The said George Stannier of the Parish of Stone, Farmer and Hannah Brane of Stone, spinster, were married in this church by Banns 13 Dec 1775 by me J. Bill, Rector. Signed: George X Stannier, Hannah X Brane. Witnesses: Cath. Fielding, Wm. Latham.


Isabella d/o Charles & Mary Stanier of Lees Houses baptized 8 Aug 1847.

Emily d/o George & Leah Udall, Hilderstone, Joiner, bap 23 Feb 1868 son John d. 25 Jan 1837, ae 13 mos [b.c1835] son Joseph d. 28 Feb 1837, ae 4 yrs. [b.c1833]

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