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Crowborrow Farm

    Joshua Stonehewer

  • Walter Stonier (of Gillow)
    1. Joshua Stonehewer married Sarah Finney
      1. Hannah Stonehewer married Benjamin Hall
        1. William Stonehewer Hall
        2. Thomas Hall
          1. William Stonehewer Hall
        3. Sarah Hall married Richard Reade
          1. William Reade
          2. Sarah Reade
        4. Elizabeth Hall married Richard(?) Slack
          1. John Slack
      2. Ellen Stonehewer married Joseph Grosvenor
        1. Joshua Grosvenor married Sarah Jones
          1. Thomas Fenton Grosvenor married Mary Thomas
          2. Sarah Grosvenor married George Moody Brentnall
        2. Samuel Grosvenor
        3. Rupert Grosvenor
        4. Elizabeth Grosvenor
    2. Mary Stonehewer married Ralph Morton
Lie the Bodies of Joshua Stonehewer
late of this Town Gent & Sarah his Wife
She departed this Life 14 July
17..8 aged 34 He the 9th of August
1749 aged 77
Also Benjamin Hall Son-in-Law
to the above Joshua Stonehewer
who died 16 May 1740 aged 36
Likewise Elizabeth Slack
Granddaughter of the above Joshua
Stonehewer ..........
Likewise John Slack late of
Macclesfield ..............
Elizabeth Slack died 28 April
1815 aged 59
Family Tree Gravestone at Leek

From The Reades of Blackwood Hill, by Aleyn Lyell Reade, 1906

Joshua Stonehewer, of Leek, died 9 August 1749, aged 77, and was buried at Leek. He married Sarah, daughter of Thomas Finney. She died 14 July 1708, aged 34, and was buried at Leek, leaving issue two daughters,

  1. Hannah Stonehewer, who married, firstly, Benjamin Hall of Leek. He died 16 May 1740, aged 36, and was buried at Leek. She married, secondly, Peter Robinson of Leek (who died 28 April 1775), and herself died in October 1776, -7 or -8, leaving issue by her first husband,
    1. William Stonehewer Hall, baptised 30 Oct. 1726 at Leek. He married, and his widow was living at Wilmslow, Cheshire, in 1789. He had issue a son,
      1. William Stonehewer Hall, living 2 March 1803 at Leek.
    2. Thomas Hall, living 12 July 1749.
    3. Sarah Hall, who married Richard Reade [1731-64] of Congleton and had issue by him
    4. Elizabeth Hall, who married [? Richard] Slack. She was living in 1789 and had issue a son,
      1. John Slack of Macclesfield, who died 28 April 1815, aged 59, and was buried at Leek.
  2. Ellen Stonehewer, who married Joseph Grosvenor of Leek (according to Sleigh, son of William G. of Leek, physician, and of Sarah Brunt his wife) and had issue,
    1. Joshua Grosvenor, of Leek, surgeon. According to Sleigh, he married Sarah Jones and by her, who died in 1790, aged 70, had issue
      1. Thomas Fenton Grosvenor, of Pickwood, Leek, who married Mary Thomas (died 1863, aged 82) and died in 1831, aged 72, without issue.
      2. Sarah Grosvenor, who married George Moody Brentnall, and died in 1843, aged 86, at Leek, without issue.
    2. Samuel Grosvenor, living 12 July 1749.
    3. Rupert Grosvenor, living 12 July 1749.
    4. Elizabeth Grosvenor, living 12 July 1749.

According to a sketchy tabular pedigree in Sleigh's History of Leek, this Joshua was a son of Walter Stonier of Gillow, Biddulph (who died in 1690), and had a daughter "Hannah Ellen Stonier" who married Joseph Grosvenor. Sleigh has apparently combined the two daughters into one. Stonier and Stonehewer are merely variants of the same name.

Will abstract. Joshua Stonhewer, of Leek, Staffs, gent. Dated 12 July 1749. To my grandson William Stonhewer Hall, eldest son of my daughter Hannah, all my messuages or dwelling houses in Derby St., Leek, in my occupation and of Richard Slack and Widow Pyne, with the lands, etc., called the Day Work, the Calf Croft, the day work in the furlong with the house thereon occupied by John Rowley and James Lee, the two Cornhill Cross Fields, one purchased from Thomas Jolliffe, esq. , and occupied by Samuel Lucas, a piece of land called Brountsfield occupied by Joseph Jackson (lately exchanged for a piece of land called Birchall Croft) together with all the tythes thereof; and all my messuage, farm, etc., at Leek called Pickwood occupied by William Trafford with the appurtenances except the timber in the Clough next Moorhouse which shall remain to the uses named in the will of my late father-in-law Thomas Finney decd.; and also all my messuage or farm situate at Tittesworth, par. of Leek, called Foulchurch occupied by John Davenport, and also my third part or share of a farm called Crowborrow, par. of Horton, occupied by Richard Bolton; To hold to the said W. S. Hall for life and for want of issue to my grandson Thomas Hall, second son of my said daughter Hannah and in default of issue to my grandson Joshua Grosvenor eldest son of my daughter Ellen. To said grandson Thomas Hall my farm, etc., in Biddulph, called the Cross, occupied by Matthew Broadhurst for life and for want of issue to said W. S. Hall and Joshua Grosvenor. Whereas I am informed that my said daughter Hannah and her husband and my son-in-law Joseph Grosvenor intend to dispute my right to devise some part of the premises which were devised to me by my late father-in-law Thomas Finney decd, and to disturb my said grandson, and whereas I am entitled, under the will of my late father-in-law, as tenant by the courtesy of England, to certain lands at Leek and have suffered my daughters Ellen and Hannah to receive the rents, now they are to be accountable to my exors. for such rents if they refuse to convey to my grandson the whole property they intend to dispute. My exors. are to place out £400 to interest, and in case my said daughter Hannah and her husband, Joseph Grosvenor and Joshua Grosvenor shall make such conveyance as aforesaid, my exors. shall pay the said sum of £400 and interest to my grandchildren Joshua, Samuel, Rupert and Elizabeth sons and daughter of my said daughter Ellen at 21, but otherwise to my grandson W. S. Hall. To my exors. £5 to be laid out in two gravestones, one for my late wife and one for myself. To said Thomas Hall, £300. To my said grandchildren Joshua, Samuel, Rupert and Elizabeth Grosvenor, £100 each at 21. To my granddaughter Sarah Hall, £300 at 21 or marriage. To granddaughter Elizabeth Hall, £200 at 21 or marriage. Residue to grandson W. S. Hall, and appoint him and Ralph Moreton of Wolstanton, gent., exors. Wits., Isaac Cope, Ra. Bradley, and Mary Slacke. Proved 26 Oct. 1749 at Lichfield by William Stonhewer Hall, gent., power reserved for Ralph Moreton, gent.

Sleigh's pedigree shows Ralph Moreton as husband of Joshua Stonehewer's sister Mary.

Will abstract. Peter Robinson, of Leek, Staffs., gent. Dated 7 January 1775. To my mother Prudence Robinson of Macclesfield, Cheshire, widow, £150 which she owes me and I paid for her to Richard Bulkeley, esq., in discharge of a mortgage by way of assignment of a freehold lease of an estate at Bucklow Hill, Cheshire, and which premises my said mother is now possessed of. To my wife Hannah Robinson, £400 to be paid her by my brother George Robinson and certain goods in the house for her use for life and then to my brother John Robinson. My dwelling house, etc., in the occupation of my said brother John and which I purchased from the assignees of my said brother John and from his partners Harry Lankford and William Stafford both of Macclesfield silk merchants and throwsters, to my wife Hannah for life and then to mv said brother John, he to pay an annuity of £9 to my sister Hannah Robinson Mv messuage, etc., in Macclesfield occupied by Nathan Jackson, adjoining the last mentioned house, to said wife for life and then to my brother George Robinson on condition that he pays £400 to my wife and £100 to my sister Mary Haywood. To my sister Hannah Robinson the further sum of £50 to be paid 12 months after the decease of my mother Prudence Robinson. To my brother Henry Robinson, £100. To my worthy friend Richard Stonier, £20. Whereas I the said Peter Robinson and Hannah my wife have by certain indentures dated 24 March 1756 settled divers messuages, etc., upon the children of my wife by her first husband, etc., etc. Residue to my brother John Robinson. Exors., my wife Hannah Robinson and said Richard Stonier. Codicil dated 3 March. 1775, naming no additional persons or places. Wits, to will and codicil, George Lees, William Condlyffe and John Condlyffe. Proved 11 May 1775 at Lichfield by both exors.

Will abstract. Hannah Robinson, of Leek, Staffs., widow. Dated 28 August 1776. To my grandson William Stonhewer Hall 5/- in full satisfaction of his share of all my real and personal estate, except that part which is mentioned by a deed made and executed by my late husband Peter Robinson and myself. To my daughter Sarah Read of Congleton, half my household goods, £50, and also that part of my real estate as is particularly mentioned in above deed. To my daughter Elizabeth Slack, the other half of my household goods, etc., together with that part of my real estate as is particularly mentioned in above deed, and the remaining part of my money at interest. Exors., my daughter Sarah Read and my daughter Elisabeth Slack. Wits., Hugh Sleigh, Richard Smith, and Richard Stonier. Proved 29 Apl. 1779, at Lichfield, by Elizabeth Slack, power reserved for Sarah Read.

William Stonehewer Hall left a will, but it was not proved at Lichfield 1749-90. Sarah, widow of Richard Reade, in her will in 1803, leaves her furniture to " Mrs Catherine Hall of Wilmslow". Perhaps she was W. S. Hall's widow. The will of William Stonehewer Hall, late of the Green, gent., was proved in 1798 at Chester, but I have not examined it.

Notice to Joshua Bayley

Notice to Joshua Bayley that by an indenture dated 18 February 1789 between (1) William Stonehewer Hall then of Cheddleton, Staffordshire, (2) Thomas Fenton Grosvenor of Leek, Staffordshire which stated that William Stonehewer Hall, then late of the Green, Wilmslow in Cheshire, gentleman, in his will dated 22 December 1772 devised all his messuages in Derby Street, Leek then occupied by John Davenport, John Clowes and James Davenport; 2 houses called the Kiln then occupied by Robert Turnock and John Pyot; the 2 Cornhill Cross Fields purchased from Thomas Jolliffe and then or late in the holding of William Key; Brunts Field then in the possession of John Davenport but exchanged for Birchall Croft; the land called the Daywork in the possession of Thomas Ash; the Calf Croft then in the possession of William Key; the Furlongs then in the possession of Barnett Young; Pickwood Farm then in the possession of Thomas Ash; Fowlchurch Farm in the possession of Soloman Ash; Crowborrow Farm in the possession of Richard Bolton; to his wife Catherine Hall for life and then to his nephew "the said William Stonehewer Hall party to the new reciting indenture" for ever subject to the payment of his debts, etc.... Thomas Fenton Grosvenor, as a surety for W.S.Hall the nephew, became bound with him in a bond, dated 18 February 1789, to the Company of the Proprietors of the Navigation from the Trent to the Mersey in the sum of £400 on condition that the said W.S.Hall was appointed Clerk to the said Company and making the said bond void if the said W.S. Hall should well and faithfully conduct himself in the said office and should from time to time account for pay and deliver all sums of money books papers goods and merchandise he should receive for the Company or for their use. W.S.Hall had conveyed the property in which he had a reversionary interest to T.F.Grosvenor to indemnify him from any loss or damage due to his standing security for W.S Hall. There then follows a long recital of the lands, etc. again which shows that the occupancies had changed. The deed by which W.S.Hall conveyed the property to T.F.Grosvenor gave Grosvenor the power to take the rents and take other actions to recover any loss, cost or damages he might sustain due to a breach by W.S.Hall of any of the conditions in the previously mentioned bond. The notice ended by saying "And I further give you notice that I am now called upon by the said the Company of Proprietors in pursuance of the said bond to pay off and discharge a debt due from the said William Stonehewer Hall to the said Company of Proprietors Dated this day 17 February 1794." Signed Thos Fenton Grosvenor.

Copy of a bill in Chancery in the case of Jackson and others versus Hall Gould 1796?

Plaintiffs in this action were Nathan Jackson of Macclesfield, Gent, Martha his wife, Fanny and Dorothy Cartwright of Macclesfield, spinsters, the executors of the will of Dorothy Ward late of Macclesfield, widow. The deforciants were William Stonehewer Hall of Cheddleton, Staffordshire. Hall claimed to be seized of the fee simple in an estate after the life interest of Catherine Hall the widow of his uncle William Stonehewer Hall deceased. In January 1791 he approached Dorothy Ward for a £400 loan which she granted on security of a mortgage on the property, dated 3 January 1791. The property was devised to Catherine Hall for life with remainder to W.S.Hall subject to payment of legacies and debts I.e. £200 to John Read, £200 to William Read, £200 to Sarah Read, and £200 to Hannah Read. On signing the mortgage W.S.Hall granted all his property (Houses) in Derby street, Leek in the holding of John Davenport, John Clewes, and James Davenport together with two houses called the Kiln then in the possession of Robert Turnock and John Pyott, the two Cornhill Cross fields one of which had been purchased from Thomas Jolliffe, and late in the holding of William Key, a piece of land called Brants field then in the possession of John Davenport and formerly exchanged for Birchall Croft plus the tithes, and several pieces of land called the Day Work then in the possession of Thomas Ash, the Calf Croft then in the possession of William Key and the Furlongs then in the possession of Barnet Young. The property also included Pickwood Farm near Leek then in the possession of Thomas Ash, Foulchurch Farm in Tittesworth, then in the possession of Soloman Ash, Crowborrow Farm in Horton, then in the possession of Richard Bolton. Dorothy Ward died 9 Sept 1792 leaving a will dated 19 July 1792. Her trustees asked Hall to redeem the mortgage but Hall thought up "divers pretenses to avoid paying". (These cases are amongst those mentioned in a legal account dated 1794)

Will of William Stonehewer Hall, 1772

Copy of the will of William Stonehewer Hall of the Green, Wilmslow, Cheshire. His estates etc. were bequeathed to his wife Catherine for life and then to his nephew William Stonehewer Hall. His nephew William Read and niece Sarah Read were to receive £200 each. Witnesses were Martha Bullock, Lancellot Bellas and John Burgass. His property included: houses in Derby Street, Leek occupied by John Davenport, John Clowes, James Davenport; two houses called the Kiln occupied by Robert Turnock and John Pyott; the two Cornhill Fields purchased from Thomas Joliffe and late occupied by William Key; Brunt's Field occupied by John Davenport exchanged sometime before for Birchall Croft; a croft occupied by Thomas Ash; the Calf Croft occupied by William Key; the Furlongs occupied by Barnett Young; Pickwood Farm occupied by Thomas Ash, Foulchurch occupied by Soloman Ash; Crowborrow Farm, Horton occupied by Richard Bolton.

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