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Stonier Transcripts

Chester Diocesan Consistory Court

These transcriptions were kindly supplied to me by Liz Newman (email

Stonier, George - Newbold - Yeoman - 1691


Dated 2 January 1690/1

  1. Recites annual payment under will of his father Ralph Stonier of 10/- p.a. to Thos Stonier, brother of testator, to be continued
  2. To same brother, Thos., his worser suit of clothes
  3. To 2 grandchildren, Anne Stonier and Elizabeth Shaw, £3 each
  4. To son Ralph Stonier, furniture (some already in his possession)
  5. To my late servant, Elizabeth Hulme, 5/-
  6. To present servant, Mary Harrison, 36/-?
  7. Residue to 2 grandchildren, John Stonier and Geo Stonier (brothers)
  8. To executors, son Ralph Stonier, and kinsman John Burges of Newbold, 20/- each


Granted 8 October 1691, to execs Ralph Stonier and John Burges


Dated 22 September 1691, value £77-8-0

Household goods£13-0-0
Clothes, money£3-0-0
Debts dues to speciality£60-0-0

The testator refers to himself as "aged".
Both he and his father provide an annuity for a son/brother, Thomas - possibly disabled in some way?
Management of the farm appears to have already passed to son Ralph Stonier.

Stonier, George - Newbold Astbury - Yeoman - 1728


Dated 9 Sept 1728

  1. To executors Peter Baddiley of Newbold Ast yeoman and Isaac Arrowsmith of Kermingham yeoman, 10/- each
  2. To wife Hannah, all his personal estate during her life
  3. To brother John's children, John Stonier jr, Ann Stonier, Ralph Stonier, Sarah Stonier and Thomas Stonier, his personal estate, divided equally after his wife's death

Renunciation of executorship

On 28 October 1728, by Peter Baddiley of Newbold Astbury, gent, and Isaac Arrowsmith of Kermingham, yeoman


Granted 30 October 1728, to Executrix Hannah Stonier of Newbold Astbury, widow,

Surety: John Stonier of Astbury, yeoman, and John Stonier jr, of Astbury, joiner


Dated 18 September 1728, untotalled £117-3-0

Cattle. horses, swine£49
Husbandry ware£5
Corn, hay£17
124 cheeses£12
Household goods£15
Clothes, purse£1
Money at interest£20

Stonier, George - Odd Rode - 1638


28 August, to John Stonier, only child.



Hay, peas, fitches, oats, barley£23
Cattle, mares, sheep, swine, poultry£55
Cheese and wool£4
Corn and malt£1
Ploughs, carts, etc£4
Household goods£42
Apparell and purse£21
Debts owing to him£34

Stonier, John - Congleton - Brazier - 1705


Granted 13 March 1705, to John Whittakers, brother in law, of Sandbach, to administer goods of deceased, to the use of Hannah Stonier his widow.

Surety, Richard Owen of Chester, ironmonger


Dated 28 March 1705, value £29-12-5

The inventory is very detailed (46 entries) but are almost all household goods, not stock in trade.

"We, Wm Ridgeway, Jonathon Burges and Thos Welsh have ... (ap)praised the goods of John Stonier late deceased, for and upon account of John Sydebotham landlord, Being as follows, hee having seaised the goods for Rent due to him"

"To the Uttmost of our Knowledge wee have done fareley uppon all hands Both for Debter and Credittor. To which we have sette our hands this 28th Day of March 1705"

There is a MI to John Stonier 1705 at Congleton St Peter

Stonier, John - Odd Rode - Yeoman - 1696


Dated 25 April 1696

  1. To be buried in church or churchyard of Astbury
  2. Recites deed of feoffment 1st March 1677/8 which conveyed his house and lands in Odd Rode to trustees, Thos Richardson and Ralph Cartwright, to several uses, including support of himself and then wife Ann. Also empowered his to charge estate with sum of £150, which his will does, to pay following legacies:-
    • to John Welch, father in law, £10
    • to John Welch, brother in law, £20
    • to Thos Welch, brother in law, £20
    • to son of Wm Bailey, husband of Ann Welch, sister in law, £10 (when 21 or marries)
    • to the 5 children of my uncle Wm Stonier, £50, equally divided
    • to 2 greatnephews Edward Whittikars and Edward Antrobus, both of Odd Rode, £20 each
  3. To (great)nephew Edward Antrobus, his messuage, lands, moss places (to get turf in) in Macclesfield, but charged with £70 to pay the following legacies:-
    • to nephew and nieces, Phillipp Antrobus, Mary Antrobus and Jane Antrobus, £30, equally divided
    • to the 4 younger children of nephew John Whittikars, £40 equally divided
  4. To 3 children of my nephew Ralph Cartwright of Odd Rode, John, Mary and Judith Cartwright, £30 equally divided
  5. To old tenant and friend Phillip Orme of Macclesfield, £10
  6. To my now servant Ann Tankard £10
  7. Residue to Edward Whittikars, Edmund Antrobus, John Welch (brother in law), Thos Welch and John Whittikars, equally divided.

Executors: (great)nephews Edward Whittikars and Edmund Antrobus


Dated 19 May 1696, value £418-5-8

Cattle, horses, swine£35
Hay, corn, malt£9
Husbandry ware£6
Household goods£39
Money owing by speciality£50
Money owing without speciality£30
Ready money£242
Saddle, bridle, clothes£8

Rooms in the house at Odd Rode:-
kitchen parlour, parlour in the out shore, kitchen, dwelling house, back house, chamber over the house, cheese chamber, kitchen chamber.

Stonier, John - Odd Rode - Yeoman - 1774


Dated 21 May 1773

  1. To daughter Mary, wife of Samuel Smith, my estate in Odd Rode, now in his holding and all personal goods and clothes. Life interest, then,
  2. To grandson John Smith, he paying £100 to the younger children of Mary Smith equally divided (Proviso that should Mary die before her youngest child reaches 14, the estate is to be charged with their maintenance

Executors: daughter Mary Smith and Randle Wilkinson of Odd Rode


Granted 20 April 1774, to Mary, wife of Samuel Smith and Randle Wilkinson, exectors.

Value under £20?

Stonier, John - Sandbach - 1687


Granted 25 June 1687, to son John Stonier and widow Elizabeth Stonier


Dated 22 - 3 James II
2 pages, both damaged at the top
Not totalled, but at least £160

Corne in the ground, old hay£25
Manure in the fold£3
Cattle, horses, swine£54
Husbandry ware£7
Household goods£59
Clothes, purse£10

The house seems to be at Cleaton, and was large.
Rooms mentioned:- cellar, house place, kitchen, closet.
Chambers:- panthery chamber, chamber over parlour, chamber over house, chamber over kitchen, cheese chamber, corn chamber, chamber over brewhouse
garrett over parlour, garett over panthery.

Stonier, Ralph - Congleton - Brazier - 1722


Granted 20 April 1722, to Jane Stonier of Biddulph, spinster, niece to administer goods of Ralph Stonier late of Congleton.

Surety, Thos Rooker of Biddulph yeoman


Dated 9 January 1721/2, value £175-11-10

Household goods£46-0-0
One mare£5-0-0
Goods and metals in the shop£118-0-0

2nd Bond

Also granted 20 April 1722, to Elizabeth Stonier widow of Biddulph to use goods etc left to her children under the will (missing?) of Ralph Stoner of Congleton, brazier, for their education.

Stonier, Ralph - Newbold - Husbandman - 1697


Issued to Anne Stonier, to administer the goods and credits of Raphe Stonier, her late husband.

Richard Brookes of Astbury, yeoman, her surety.

Ralph Stonier married Anne Cartwright at Bosley, 1680.

Stonier, Ralph - Newbold Astbury - Yeoman - 1682

Radelphus Stonier, yeoman of Newbold, buried 12 January 1681/2, Astbury (Parish register)


Dated 15 June 1680

  1. To son Thomas Stonier, my wearing apparel and 10/- p.a. on 12th November
  2. To Edmund Hurdman and Margerie his wife, 5/- and his bed, sheets and coffer.
  3. To Geo. Strongintharme and An his wife, 5/-
  4. To Raphe Barlooe and Margaret his wife, 5/-

Executor: my son George Stonier


Granted 30 May 1662


Undated, value £5-10-0

Household goods£3-10-0
Wearing apparel and purse£2

Stonier, Richard - Newbold Astbury - Yeoman - 1663


Dated 16 May 1663, signed Richard Stonhewer

  1. Father in law, Anthony Smith of Combridge Staffs
    Assignment, 22 June 1658, of lease of four parcels of land in Combridge (marriage portion presumably) to wife Jane for her life, then to younger son Thomas and to unborn sibling during the life of Sarah Moss, sister of Jane.
  2. Lease from Francis Biddulph, Esq, of Biddulph (1654) of parcels of land in Biddulph to wife Jane until eldest son Richard reaches 21. [ Biddulph PR has Rich, s of Rich, bapt 20 December 1658 ]
  3. To said son Richard, £50
  4. Residue of goods to son Thomas and unborn sibling.

Executrix: wife Jane

Overseers: brother Thomas Stonier of Biddulph, yeoman, and friend John Burgess of Newbold Astbury, yeoman.


15 August 1663, to executrix


Dated 4 June 1663, value £157-9-00

Corn, hay, malt£13
Cattle, mares, sheep, swine, poultry£91
Whitemeat in house£18
Husbandry ware£4
Household goods£28
Apparel, purse, saddle, bridle£3

Stonier, Richard - Odd Rode - Yeoman - 1671

Buried 6 March 1670/71, Astbury (Parish register)


Dated 20 January 1670/71

  1. To Elizabeth my wife, £145, according to marriage settlement. 2 chests and 1 box and a chest, 2 pewter dishes, monogrammed, 4 pewter dishes, brass pott, bedding, linen and nappery which she brought from White Hill at marriage. One cow
  2. To 6 children of my Uncle Wm Stonier, 5/- each
  3. To kinsman Wm Tomson's 2 daughters, 5/- each
  4. To brother John Whittacres, my cloak
  5. To brother John Stonier, set of silver buttons and 50/-
  6. To kinswomen Anne Garratt and Mary, and to Mary Whittacres and Anne, a cow each
  7. To Edmund Antrobus of Rode, 50/-
  8. Residue to Anne and Mary Garratt (daughters of my brother Garratt), and to Mary and Anne Whittacres (daughters of my brother Whittacres)

Executors: brother John Stonier and Edmund Antrobus.


29 March 1670/1 or 1679, to Edward Antrobus alone.


Dated 10 March 1670/1, value £528-10-02

Corn, hay, malt£4
Cattle, a mare£26
Household goods£21
Provisions in the house£5
Reversion of house and holding in Odd Rode£52
Due from bonds, bills, securities£400
Disperate debts£10
Apparell and purse£10

Stonier, William - Odd Rode - Yeoman - 1632


  1. Burial in church or churchyard of Astbury, or as execs think fit
  2. To son Richard, all boards, shelves, bedstocks, all husbandryware
  3. To grandchild William, son of Richard, the whiche
  4. To daughter Ann Twemlow, wife of Wm Twenlow, 10/-
  5. To all godchildren, 12d
  6. To wife Margarett and to daughter Margarett, residue divided equally

Executors: brother in law, Wm Shaw and son, Richard Stonier

Overseers: brother in law, Richard Shaw and son in law, Wm Twemlow

Debts owing to testator


£99 (including money owing, £60). Shows no stock or crops.

Stonier, William - Odd Rode - Yeoman - 1723


Dated 2 July 1714

  1. To nephew John Stonier, messuage and lands in Odd Rode
  2. To wife Ellin, £20 from the above estate, and 10/- p.a. and 6 months profits of the estate
  3. To nephew Wm Stonier, son of my brother John Stonier, £5
  4. To niece Sarah Lowe, £1

Sole Executrix: wife Ellin

Witnesses: Thomas Lockit, Edward Whittaker and Edward Antrobus

Admin and Bond

Granted 31 October 1723, to John Stonier of Odd Rode, yeoman, nephew, principal legatee, and sole executor (because of the death of testator's wife).

Surety, Wm Sumner of Macclesfield, yeoman


Dated 13 March 1720, value about £17

Beasts, horses, swine£11
Husbandry ware£2
Household goods£2
Clothes and money£1

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