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Notes to the Timeline

13th Century

Coucher Book of Kirkstall Abbey

filii Gille, et Costeltrungate, videlicet, in latitudine usque ad essartum quod fuit Willelmi Cecilie, et usque ad essartum Walteri Stanhewer, et in longitudine usque ad sepem Ewardi et usque ad Stain Rode iuxta Costeltrun. Ita quod monachi inuenient hominibus meis de Horseford liberos introitus et exitus super terrain suam eidem terre proximam, quam dedi eis in orientali parte ad latitudinem vici qui est iuxta Costeltrun. Has predictas terras dedi predictis monachis, tenendas de me et heredibus meis in puram et perpetuam elemosinam iiberas et quietas et solutas ab omni terreno seruicio et seculari exactione. Ita quod ego et heredes mei predictam terram predictis monachis adquietabimus et warantizabimus, vbique et erga omnes homines. Testes multi.

mid 13th Century

Canterbury Cathedral

From: John son of Roger-the-chaplain ('Capellanus')
To: Nicholas de Hereford
The land [in Canterbury] which was of the holding ('Tenementum') of William Staniere, lying with the land of William kokin
and the land which was of Thomas de hereford to east and west and Nicholas's land and the way to north and south. For an
annual payment of 2s, payable as specified. Made and recorded at Worthgate hundred court. For this Nicholas has also paid
10s as a gersum fine. No date.
Witnesses: John turte; Ralph turte; Robert haket; Ralph of Dover; Henry campeneys; Durand the vintner ('vinitarius');
Lambert Dravet; Peter the dyer ('tinctor'); Robert curlyn; Guy the tailor ('cissor'); Adam the mercer ('mercerius'); Robert
de Hereford; Hamo the clerk Endorsed with description
(in mid 13th cent hand, from which the document's date is inferred).


The Manuscripts of the Corporation of Rye

Temp. Henry III, no date given. Grant by John Buss to Alexander Pac, of a messuage near to land in Rye late belonging to Roger Sage, at a yearly rent of 2s. Payable on the day of St. Andrew; half a mark of silver having been paid beforehand.
Witnesses: Nicholas Blund, Reginald, Alard, Pharon de Port, Alan Corboyl, Richard, Hennyng, Adam Staniere, Thomas Buchard, William Lambyn, Payen Prud, John his son, Alexander Helis, Peter Ardinge, Stephen le Thayler.
Blund and Helis are witnesses to the deed first mentioned.


Muster Roll for Staffordshire

Almyngton, Halez and Blore.

Thes persons foloing be abull men with bowes and have hemes and artillarie as foloith their names.

In primis, William Preston a hors and hernes for him self.
Item, Robert Hurlebut a bow and xij arrows.
Item, William Cadman a bow.
Item, William Creswalshoe a bow.
Item, John Home.
Item, Ralph Newall.
Item, Robert Styrropp a bow and xij arrows.
Item, John Pyckyn a sallett and a bow.
Item, Robert Brecok a jack and a sallett.
Item, Homfrey Brecok a bow and a sheff of arrows.
Item, John Longshae a bow and a sheff of arrows.
Item, John Wade

Thes persons foloing be abull men with bylles and have hernes and artyllarie as foloith their names.

In primis, William Colly a jack and a sallett.
Item. John Wright a sallett.
Item, William Rotheram.
Item, John Hickok.
Item, Ric. Wade a bill.
Item, Williafn Bower hors and hernes for a man.
Item, Roger Wyncull a jack a sallett and a bill.
Item, Roger Stonyer a jack a sallett and a bill.
Item, William Kelyng a gestern a sallett and a bill.
Item, John Spode a peyr of splentes.


Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office

Christopher Anderton of Wauton (i.e. Walton ?), co. Chester, and John Stonhewer, his tenant, v. Richard Byddulph, esquire.: Lands in Biddulph.: Stafford. Covering 22 April 1544 to 15 February 1547


Feet of Fines for Staffordshire

On the Quindene of Easter. 11 James I.

Between William Stonhewer, Richard Wyncle, Ralph Brooke, and William Statham, complainants, and John Baylie, the elder, and John Baylie, the younger, deforciants of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 60 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 80 acres of pasture, 60 acres of wood, common of pasture for all kinds of cattle, and common of turbary in Biddulphe.

John and John remitted all right to the complainants and to the heirs of William Stonhewer, for which the complainants gave them 240.


Court Roll, Halmote of Manor and Forest of Macclesfield, 26 May 1651 (fragment only)

At Macclesfield.
Suitors: 1. John Davenporte of Shrigley yeoman.
2. Thomas Greene of the Waters, Robert Yeaveley of Langley, Thomas Normansell, John Johnson (alias Jackson).
Jurors: Sir William Brereton, steward of the Keepers of the Libertie of England by Authoritie of Parliament; John.....,....Downes Esq, John Shrigley, John Stonehewer, John Baddeley deputy for Nicholas Higginbothom Gent clerk of court. Pledge for Fine; Thomas Greene. Franked; Higginbothom.
Surrender and Admittance (Fine 3s.9d.) for 88 years of an estate in two parts to use of John Davenport and Mary his wife or the survivor and to use of Thomas Davenport (his?) son and Mary his wife or the survivor respectively, remainder (John) Davenport (?); in a messuage in Pottshrigley formerly held by Thomas Smale of Pottshrigley yeoman and now or lately held by "him the sd John Davenporte or by the......."


Court Roll, Halmote of Manor and Forest of Macclesfield co. Chester 18 July 1653

At Macclesfield.
Suitors. 1. Richard Holland of Heaton co. Lancaster Esq by his attorney (letter quoted) Thomas Adshead of Birchinoliffe co. Chester Yeoman, and Lawrence Downes of Worth co. Chester Esq.
2. William Allen of Pott Shrigley Yeoman.
Jurors. Sir William Brereton Bt steward for The Keepers of the Libertie of England by Aucthoritie of Parliament, Edmund Jodrell Esq, Robert Yeaveley, William Stonhewer, John Lowe, and Nicholas Higginbothom Gent clerk of court. Pledge for Fine Thomas Adshead.
Surrender by Attorney under Letter 12 April 1653 recited, and Admittance (Fine 13d.) for term of 99 years of life of survivor of William Allen, Edmund Pott and Mary Pott son and daughter of Edmund Pott late of the City of London Gent, at 4s.3d. per annum payable to Lawrence Downes with suit of mill at his mill Pott Milne (alias Pottes Milne) and Harriott 12d, coalminig rights reserved, remainder Lawrence Downes; in waste and common upon Pottes-moore within the afsd manor and forest called Fearney hole containing about 4½acres, lately held by Ralph Vnwayne senior, Ralph Vnwayne junior, William Brombell and Lawrence Vnwayne of Pott Shrigley co. Chester, Husbandmen, and now held by Lawrence Downes of Worth co. Chester Esq. Franked; Higginbothom.
Memorandum written above superscription in another hand; Mr Davenport/ This parcel of Ground is divided into 2 parts the higher & Lower fearny hole the/ Higher wch is bigger he is to haue during this lease, the other he is to/ pass to me but still to pay me the whole rent etc. L.D.
Mark none. Lawrence Downes &c. to William Allen 1653 Faerne holle.