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The Stanier DNA Project

Pedigree for Participant #4

Generation 2: Parents

Father John William Stonier
Birth23 March 1913Aldershot SRY
Marriage1963Ontario, Canada
Death20 December 2003Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Mother Marlyn Elizabeth Stewart

Generation 3: grandparents

Father John William Stonier
Birth23 August 1888Willington DBY
Marriage13 January 1913Farnborough SRY
Death9 December 1952London SW1
Mother Annie Elizabeth Dennis
Birth25 December 1891Castle Gresley DBY
Death13 February 1933Paddington, London

Generation 4: gt-grandparents

Father Edwin Stonier
Birth9 July 1863Kingstone STS
Marriage23 March 1885Willington DBY
DeathApprox 1890?DBY/STS
Mother Annie Heldreich
Birth17 January 1863Derby
Death20 December 1950Burton on Trent STS

Generation 5: gt-gt-grandparents

Father Thomas Stonier
BirthBap 14 May 1842Kingstone STS
Marriagecirca 1862? Gratwich STS
Deathafter 1892
Mother Lydia Shaw
Death?1892?Cheadle STS

Generation 6: gt-gt-gt-grandparents

Father Richard Stonier
Birthcirca 1806?Kingstone STS
Marriage1 February 1827Kingstone STS
Death7 March 1885Kingstone STS
Mother Patience Ward
Birthcirca 1808?Kingstone STS
Death5 May 1860Kingstone STS