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The Stanier DNA Project

Pedigree for Participant #2

Generation 2: Parents
FatherEllis George Stonehewer
Birth13 February 1901Salford LAN
Death23 March 1977Blackpool LAN
MotherAnnie Potter
Birth29 April 1906Manchester LAN
Death17 July 1999Blackpool LAN
Generation 3: grandparents
FatherMatthew Henry Stonehewer
Birth1876Macclesfield CHS
Death17 May 1940Crumsall LAN
BirthMacclesfield CHS
Death29 December 1939
Generation 4: gt-grandparents
FatherSamuel Stonehewer
Birth1841Capesthorne CHS
MotherEliza Brocklehurst
Generation 5: gt-gt-grandparents
FatherGeorge Stonehewer
Birth22 August 1791Gawsworth CHS
MotherElizabeth Carter
Birthcirca 1801Pennis Lane CHS
Generation 6: gt-gt-gt-grandparents
FatherWilliam Stonehewer
Birth2 August 1761CHS
Marriage22 June 1785
Death1 May 1803Gawsworth CHS
MotherSarah Robinson
Generation 7: gt-gt-gt-gt-grandparents
MotherMary Stonehewer