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Vita Ley Music Publishing


RasJas Music Publishing

Vita Ley Music Publishing (BMI) and RasJas Music Publishing (BMI) are the publishing arms of James K. Stanley, and Robert A. Stanley.
Among the songs whose publishing rights are owned or controlled by Vita Ley Music, are:

1. Your Lies (Recorded by the Bryds, The Gruesomes, and The Terminals)
2. Why Did You Have To Break My Heart (Recorded by the Bryds)
3. Take Me Back (Recorded by The Flock On USA Records)
4. Gotta Take It Easy (Recorded By Michael & The Messengers On USA Records)
5. Gotta Take It Easy (Recorded By Cherry Slush On USA Records)
6. Not Right Now (Recorded By The Outspoken Blues)
7. I'll Stay (Recorded By The Outspoken Blues)
8. Sitting On A Sunday (Recorded By The Outspoken Blues)
9. A Wonderful Summer (Recorded By The Outspoken Blues)
10. I Can't Make You Love Me (Recorded By The Outspoken Blues)
11. Sally Ann (Recorded By James K. Stanley)
12. Jennifer Lynn (Recorded By James K. Stanley)
13. N.Y.P.D. (Recorded By The Outspoken Blues)
14. All My Love (Recorded By The Outspoken Blues)

("Who That Girl" by Robert A. Stanley)

Among the songs whose publishing rights are owned or controlled by RasJas Music, are:

1. Baby's Like A Train (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
2. Who That Girl (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
3. Rollin' Home (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
4. Changes (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
5. She Knows How To Love (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
6. I Heard (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
7. On and On (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
8. I Could Say I Love You (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
9. Children of My Love (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
10. Sweet Peace, Sweet Love (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
11. The Mountain and The Valley (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)
12. So Many Roads (Recorded By Robert A. Stanley)

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