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Swanson Family Photos

Here are some thumbnails (small samples) of old Swanson Family photos I have assembled. To view a full screen version of the photo , just click on the photo with your LEFT mouse button. When the full screen version comes on the screen, if you want to save it to your computer, click on the photo with your RIGHT mouse button, and then click on 'SAVE IMAGE". Or, you can just send me Email asking for the photo. To return to this page, just click on your browser's BACK button.

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Arthur and Gilberta Swanson's Wedding Photo (1942)

Arthur Swanson (1911-1979)

Roy Swanson (1920-1990)

Ingrid (Swanson) Gustafson

Grandpa August Swanson (1883-1953)

Grandma Greta Swanson (1880-1972)

Grandma and Grandpa Swanson, with Esther, Jennie, Arthur and Ruth.

Lester and Jennie Stanley's 50th Anniversary (1977)

Grandma Greta Swanson (1880-1972)

Grandma Greta Swanson (1880-1972)

Grandma Greta Swanson (1880-1972)

Jennie K. (Swanson) Stanley
and Judy (Peterson) Stanley

Ruth (Swanson) and
Lee Cass

Judy (Peterson) Stanley,
Lester A., Stanley Jr.,
and Jennie (Swanson) Stanley (1910-1997)

Lester A. Stanley (1903-1990)

Shirley, Lester, Jr., and Glenn Stanley (Circa 1943)

Esther Swanson (1899-1962)
(Circa 1915)

Gilberta (Anderson) Swanson (1912-1970)

Jennie (Stanley) Swanson
and Alma Swanson
(circa 1918)

Lester and Jennie Stanley
(50th Anniversary Photo -1977)

Greta Stanley
Christmas (Circa - 1984)

Shirley (Stanley) Reeves,
Jennie K. Swanson,
Alma Swanson

Greta Swanson and Matson Family
Greta Swanson and Matson Family, circa 1923

Alma Swanson

Greta, Jennie, Arthur
Alma, Ruth, and
Roy Swanson
(July 4, 1947)

Greta Swanson, Jerry Cass, Ruth (Swanson) Cass

Alma Swanson,
James K. Stanley


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