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Personal Information

For those who "need to know"
James K. Stanley, B.S.L., M.S., J.D.
Attorney at Law
Concentrating on Entertainment Law
Height - 6'6"
Weight - 248 Lbs.
Sign - Gemini

Left: This is a photo of the first rock and roll band I played in. The name of the group was "The Empires". That's my brother, Bob, second from the left.
Right: A few of my MIDI synthesizers and part of my home recording studio.
Midi Equipment
The Bryds
L-R: John Jamnik, Bob Stanley, Bayard Jones, Dave Inman,
Jim Wesley
Jim Stanley
Outspoken Blues
Outspoken Blues2
Top Left: My brother's second band, the "Bryds".
Above: That's me, with my long hair!
Top Right, Left and Right: Another band I was in, the "Outspoken Blues".
Outspoken Blues1
Left: Jean Marie Beiersdorf and me.
Right: Jean Beiersdorf: A lady who will always remain very dear to me.
I fell in love with her the very first time I saw her! She'll always remain special!
Bottom Left: Jean Beiersdorf, and my niece Jeanne Reeves!
Bottom Right: Jean Beiersdorf and me!
DanElectro Bass Eko Bass Guitar
Left: To the far left is my first Bass Guitar. A Danelectro. Paid $100.00 for it. I wish I still had it. They're very valuable now. Next to that is the Eko Bass I first used with the Outspoken Blues! I traded it in for my Gibson Bass.
Right: Some of my guitars. From the left are my 1962 Gibson 300 guitar, my Yamaha Acoustic, my 1966 Gibson EB-2CD Bass Guitar, my Epiphone SG Special, and my Fender Stratocaster!
My Guitars
IbanezFender Jazz Bass
Left: My Ibanez GSR200 Bass Guitar, and my Fender Squire Jazz Bass.
Right: One view of my 24-track digital home recording studio.
Below Left:My 8 Track Tape Deck.
Below Right: One of my effects racks.
Home Studio
Effects Rack
Some Trophies I've Won!
30 Years of Practicing Law!

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