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Hartford Stanley Families

Excerpt from the Massachusetts Colonial Records, Vol. 1, p. 134.

Court Order re John Stanley

"Att a Court, holden att Newe Towne, March 3, 1634. Whereas John Stanley dyed intestate, in the way to Newe England, & lefte three children vndisposed of, the yongest whereof is since disceased, haveing also lefte and estate of cxvj, in goods & chattels, &c., it is therefore ordered, with the consent of Thomas Stanley, brother to the said John, disceased, that hee shall haue forthwith the same of lviij of the s estate putt into his hands; in consideracon whereof, the said Thomas Stanley shall educate & bring vpp John Stanley, sonne of John Stanley, disceased, finding him meate, drinke & app'ell, till he shall accomplishe the age of xxi yeares, & att the end of the said terme shall giue vnto the said John Stanley the some of ffifty pounds."

"Also, it is further ordered, with the consent of Tymothy Stanley, another brother of the afores John Stanley, disceased, that the other lviij of the aforesaid estate shalbe put into the hands of the said Tymothy Stanley, in consideracon whereof the said Tymothy shall educate & bring vpp Rueth Stanley, daughter of the afores John Stanley, disceased, findeing her meate, drinke & app'ell, till shee shall attaine the ate of one and twenty yeares; & att the end of said terme, or att the day of her marriage, with Tymothy Stanleyes consent, shall giue vnto the s Ruth Stanley the some of thirty pounds; provided if eyther of the said children shall dye before the expiracon of the said tearmes, then the p'ty whoe kept the said childe shall stand to the order of the Court for payeing soe much to the survyeving childe as the Court shall appoynct."

The date of the above order, according to our present mode of reckoning, is March 3, 1665. At that time the civil year began March 25, and the months of January, February, and so much of March, instead of being at the beginning of the year, were at it's close.


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