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"In-Sex", was one of the first All-Girls Group to play in the
Chicago area in the 1960's. The girls were all from the
Waukegan/North Chicago, Illinois area.!

The members of the group were: Carol Leben (Lead Guitar), Debbie Bensinger (May 17, 1950 - March 12, 2014)(Drums),
Mitzi Bezek (Bass Guitar), and Lynda Lambert (Rhythm Guitar)!

Lynda Lambert In-Sex
Above L-R: Carol, Lynda, Debbie and Mitzi
Below L-R: Debbie, Carol

We're sorry to announce the passing of Debbie Bensinger on March 14, 2014 after a bout with Cancer! We'll miss her!
L-R: Mitzi, Carol, and Debbie (who later married
the Outspoken Blues lead guitarist Bill Kirchmeyer).

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