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Stanley Immigrants Prior to 1800

* There were no less than 150 capital crimes in England for which a man might be transported. Of course, there were the expected ones of murder, arson, and treason, but there were also lesser ones such as maiming, stealing a cow, cutting down trees along an avenue, sending threatening letters, and standing mute when addressed by a legal official. Some convicts were even people of quality. One gentleman of high birth, for example, was transported for stealing books out of a library. As a child, George Washington was taught to read and write by a transported convict who had been a scholmaster. Especially on the country side, the crimes which resulted in transportation were often very petty. One man was transported for stealing a silver shoebuckle. Another was sent to America for seven years for the theft of a chicken. (Source: "The Stanley Family", American Genealogical Research Institute, Published 1975, Heritage Press, Inc.)


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