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Rose E. Hemings, aka.Rose Entringer, aka Rose (David) Meyer aka.Rosemary E. Meyer
Rose H.
Sweet girl, but lives in a fantasy world of her own!
Rose H.
*Rose H.
Rose H.
Rose H.
Rose H.
Rose H.
Rose  H.
Rose Really Looks Beautiful
In This Photo!
Rose  H.
Rose H.
Acting Coy!
Lacy Younger
Lacy Younger
Great Country Singer!
Check Out Her Latest CD!
Lacy Younger
Lacy Y.
Vicky Rule
Vicky R.
Shauna Robison
Shauna R.
Suzi Lewis.
Suzi L.
A Long Time,
Dear Friend!
Suzi Lewis
Suzi L.
Tina Marlow
*Tina M.
Peggy Sackrider
*Peggy S.
Beautiful and Intelligent!
Peggy Sackrider
Peggy S.
Susan H.
EMMY Winner!
Susan H.
Annette Delatorre
Annette D.
A Very Good Singer!
Jane (Marek) Shannon
Jane S.
Jane (Marek) Shannon
Jane S.
A Dear Friend!
Janet Behr
Janet B.
A Keeper!
Jennifer Lynn Link
Jennifer L.
We Were Engaged
After One Month!
But, I pushed her away.
A big mistake not to marry her!
Jennifer Lynn Link
Jennifer L.
Scared The Heck Out Of Me!
But Very Pretty!
Hahn Mai
Hahn M.
Jan Breuder
Jan B.
Jan Breuder
Jan B.
A Long Time Friend!
Debbie Bourne
***Debbie B.
Susie Lorraine
*Susie L.
Terry Eckley
*Terry E.
Donna Fabiano
**Donna F.
Donna Hobart
*Donna H.
My College Roommate!
Nancy Abercrombie
Nancy A.
Margo Tsoucalas
**Margo T.
"Big Eyes"
Susan Ross
*Susan R.
Jan Hines
**Jan H.
Linda Scott
**Linda S.
Sheila South
Sheila S.
Angie Sutter
Angie S.
Marita Kvist
My Dear Friend In Sweden!
Florencia Mazzoni
My Friend From Argentina

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