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Jimmy's Girls
(Graphic Courtesy Of Mary C.)



Clara Sherwood
*Clara S.
High School Sweetheart!
Nancy DiCastri
*Nancy D.
A First Love!
Lynn Tessmer
*Lynn T.(R.I.P.)
Jim and Jean
*** Jean B.
Puppy Love!

Jean Beiersdorf
Jean B.
Jean Beiersdorf
Jean B.
She's So Beautiful!
Jean Marie Beiersdorf
Jean B.
Jean Beiersdorf
Jean B.
Jean  (nee Beiersdorf) M. Maynard
Jean B.
A Little Chunky, But Beautiful!
Patsy Johnson
*Patsy J.
Judy Fantus
*Judy F.
Took Her To Prom!
A Very Dear Friend!
Sharon VerMurlen
***Sharon V.
Joyce Anderson
*Joyce Anderson
(June 14, 1951- April 25, 2002)
A Very Beautiful Lady!
Ann Gossard
**Ann Gossard
(December 9, 1952 -
August, 1975)
Pat Harju
*Pat H.
Joyce Kent
*Joyce K.
Beth Barnett
**Beth B.
Cyndi Dreyer
**Cyndi Dreyer
Mitzi Bezek
**Mitzi B.
A Long Time Friend!
Cindy Bourland
*Cindy Bourland
Florette Camarata
*Florette C.
Carol Vandergrift
Carol V.
Linda Mattilla
Linda M.
A Dear Friend!
Diana Krieg
Diana K.
Joan Plesnjak
***Joan P.
Claudia Freeman
*** Claudia F.
4'10-1/2" "Munchkin"!
Claudia Freeman
***Claudia F.
Mary Gabris (Klinefelter)
****Mary G.
Very Intelligent!
Sharon Johannsen
*Sharon Johannsen
(Aug. 9, 1953 - Dec. 28, 2008)
Judy Figeas
**Judy F.
Gloria Novak
Gloria N.
A Sweet Person!
Melanie Knutson
*Melanie K.
Debbie Christenson
*Debbie C.
Debbie Sturtevant
** Debbie S.
Joined The Marines!
Mary Lou Arnswald
*** Mary Lou A.
Tessa Angelopolis
**Tessa A.
Linda Koski
*** Linda K.
Gail Elmgren
Gail E.
Sherry Westover
*Sherry W.
Kathy Carlisle
Kathy C.
Karen Vidakovic
**Karen V.
Karen Vidakovic
Karen V.
Sherry Smith
*Sherry S.
Yvonne Luoma
Yvonne Luoma
(Nov. 20, 1949 - Sep. 13, 1997)
Lauretta Lewis
*Lori Lewis
Linda Thornton
*Linda Thornton
Linda Bombolis
Linda Bombolis
(January 25, 1953 - March 8, 2010)
Nancy Florian
Nancy F.
Kathy Kennedy
*Kathy M.
Very Close Friend Of The Stickler's!
Becky Corder
*Becky Corder
*Betty Allen (R.I.P.)
**Jane Alston
*Lisa Bedlion
*Sandy Beers
**Sue Bennett
*Chris Biederer (R.I.P.)
(April 22, 1949 - July 29, 2005)

**Char Brown
Julie Caldwell
Lucy Campos
***Carol Cappadona
*Jan Cooper
*Jill Costanza
*Deanna Doehler
Vickie Doucette
Sue Feldman
**Debbie Fermental
**Janet Jacobs
Kim McGee
*Linda Ofenloch
Alice Proctor
*"Puppet"(Playboy Bunny)
*Mary Radtke
*Elizabeth Reynolds
*Patricia Sable
**Sandy Stover
*Karen Sullivan
*Judy Swanson
*"Teacher" at Miller's Pub
Penny Tomei
(March 6, 1956 - March 2, 2014)

**Debbie Ward
*Ruby Welch

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