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Stanley Family Genealogy
Descendants of John Stanley


Jim as a Baby
These are photos of some of my family members.
Left: That's Me, James K. Stanley.
Right: My Mother and My Aunt Alma (the smaller one).
Below, My Brother Bob As A Young Boy!

Bob as a young boy!
Mom and Alma
Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary
Left: My Mother, Jennie and my Father, Lester Stanley, on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
Right: My Swanson Family Ancestors. Grandmother Greta, Grandfather August Swanson, Aunts, Uncles and my mother as a young girl.
Grandma and Grandpa Swanson
Shirley and Jerry
Left: My Sister Shirley and her Husband, Jerry Reeves. They've both passed away now!
Right: My Sister Shirley and my Brothers, Lester Jr. and Glenn Stanley (The youngest in the photo).
Chubby, Shirley and Glenn
Chubby and Mom
Left: My oldest Brother Lester Jr., his wife Judy, and My Mother.
Right: My Dad and my Nephew Bobby Stanley.
Below: My brother Glenn, his wife Susan, and their family!

Glenn & His Family!
Dad and Bobby

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