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Stanley Family Genealogy

"STANLEY'S" From Illinois In The Civil War

NAME                            COMPANY & UNIT              RESIDENCE
STANLEY, ALBERT                   G  29 USC INF
STANLEY, ALBERT E                 C  2 CAV CON
STANLEY, ALBERT EDWARD            D  2 CAV                  UPPER ALTON
STANLEY, AQUILLA W                C  106 INF                LINCOLN
STANLEY, ARALZEMAN                D  96 INF                 GOODALE (My Great-Grandfather!)
STANLEY, CHARLES                     34 INF                 JACKSONVILLE
STANLEY, CHARLES                  H  18 INF CON
STANLEY, CHARLES                  H  87 INF                 ALBION
STANLEY, CHARLES M                C  52 INF                 SYCAMORE
STANLEY, CHARLES T                D  62 INF                 WHITE CO
STANLEY, EDGAR                    E  8 CAV                  CHICAGO
STANLEY, EDWARD B                    MERCANTILE             CHICAGO
STANLEY, ELI                      E  29 USC INF
STANLEY, ELIAS                    C  31 INF                 MARION
STANLEY, ELISHA                   D  105 INF                NAPERVILLE
STANLEY, ELLIS J                  G  156 INF                GENESEE
STANLEY, FRANCIS                  E  40 INF                 ALBION
STANLEY, FRANCIS B                I  30 INF                 CLINTON CO
STANLEY, FRANK                    C  83 INF                 RIO
STANLEY, FRANK                    D  61 INF                 RIO
STANLEY, GEORGE                   G  41 INF                 TAYLORVILLE
STANLEY, GEORGE                   H  136 INF                ALBION
STANLEY, GEORGE                   I  38 INF                 ALBION
STANLEY, GEORGE C                 K  9 CAV                  COPLEY
STANLEY, GEORGE W                 K  84 INF                 BIGGSVILLE
STANLEY, GUSTAVUS A               HQ 8 CAV                  NEWARK
STANLEY, HARVEY H                 F  151 INF                CENTER
STANLEY, HENRY A                  D  1 ART                  CHICAGO
STANLEY, HENRY C                  F  143 INF                GEORGETOWN
STANLEY, HUGH                        2 ART                  EVANS
STANLEY, HUGH                     F  15 INF CON             FORRESTON
STANLEY, J R                      G  47 INF CON             ROCK ISLAND
STANLEY, JAMES F                  K  16 CAV                 PULASKI
STANLEY, JAMES H                  A  58 INF                 GALESBURG
STANLEY, JAMES K                  D  47 INF CON
STANLEY, JAMES K                  H  47 INF                 HIGH POINT, MO
STANLEY, JAMES M                  A  18 INF CON             PULASKI
STANLEY, JAMES M                  K  9 CAV                  VICTORIA
STANLEY, JAMES S                  G  1 CAV                  MONMOUTH
STANLEY, JEREMIAH                 B  60 INF                 ANNA
STANLEY, JOEL                     B  105 INF                NAPERVILLE
STANLEY, JOHN                     B  46 INF                 ROCK GROVE
STANLEY, JOHN                     I  2 ART                  JOLIET
STANLEY, JOHN C                   F  46 INF
STANLEY, JOHN D                   A  18 INF CON             PULASKI
STANLEY, JOHN F                   C  135 INF                PARIS
STANLEY, JOHN L                   B  49 INF                 COLUMBIA
STANLEY, JOHN L                   K  83 INF                 KNOX CO
STANLEY, JONATHAN                 B  60 INF                 GRAYVILLE
STANLEY, JOSEPH                   B  105 INF                NAPERVILLE
STANLEY, JOSEPH                   C  30 INF                 SPARTA
STANLEY, JOSEPH                   G  5 CAV                  PLEASANT VALE
STANLEY, JOSEPH H                 G  34 INF                 MONROE
STANLEY, LAFAYETTE                   6 CAV
STANLEY, LEVI                     I  156 INF                EARL
STANLEY, LEVI                     I  4 CAV                  EARLVILLE
STANLEY, LUTHER                   H  136 INF                ALBION
STANLEY, MARK                     C  31 INF                 MARION
STANLEY, MICHAEL G                F  89 INF                 ROCK ISLAND
STANLEY, MOSES L                  G  99 INF                 PLEASANT VALE
STANLEY, NATHAN                   D  62 INF                 WHITE CO
STANLEY, O B                      D  12 CAV                 FULTON
STANLEY, R H                      G  47 INF CON             ROCK ISLAND
STANLEY, RICHARD H                G  19 INF                 CHICAGO
STANLEY, ROBERT                   E  7 CAV                  GRAYVILLE
STANLEY, ROBERT E                 D  96 INF                 GOODALE  (My Great-Uncle)
STANLEY, ROBERT P                 A  144 INF                ALTON
STANLEY, SALATHIEL                H  79 INF                 COLES CO
STANLEY, SOLOMON                  H  56 INF                 WHITE CO
STANLEY, STEPHEN                  C  135 INF                PARIS
STANLEY, THOMAS                   E  40 INF                 ALBION
STANLEY, THOMAS B                 L  17 CAV                 ALTON
STANLEY, THOMAS N                 K  48 INF                 CLAY CO
STANLEY, THORNTON                 C  18 INF CON             MIDDLETON
STANLEY, THORNTON                 F  18 INF                 S MIDDLETON
STANLEY, WESLEY                   G  5 CAV                  N SALEM
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  D  67 INF                 CHICAGO
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  E  12 CAV CON
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  E  14 INF CON             PEORIA
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  F  89 INF                 ROCK ISLAND
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  G  12 CAV                 NEW CARLISLE
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  H  147 INF                WEST LIBERTY, IA
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  I  1 ART                  COOPER, MI
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  I  6 CAV                  LA SALLE
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  I  81 INF
STANLEY, WILLIAM A                E  7 CAV                  PHILLIPSTOWN
STANLEY, WILLIAM H                H  78 INF                 PILOT GROVE
STANLEY, WILLIAM N                C  30 INF                 ELBA
STANLEY, WILLIAM S                K  84 INF                 BIGGSVILLE


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