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Hartford Stanley Families
Census of 1790

Stanley Heads of Households

Below are listed the names of all the heads of families bearing the name STANLEY in twelve of the thirteen original states (the schedules of Delaware having been destroyed in 1812, and those of Virginia having been reconstructed from state enumerations taken in 1782, 1783, and 1785). The list numbers over 200 family heads. Following the name is the County or District (in the case of North and South Carolina) of domicile of the particular individual.


Stanley,  Aaron          Litchfield
Stanley,  Abraham        New Haven
Stanley,  Allyn          Hartford
Stanley,  Amaziah        Hartford
Stanley,  Anna           Hartford
Stanley,  Benjamin       Hartford
Stanley,  Comfort        Litchfield
Stanley,  Comfort        Litchfield
Stanley,  Elijah         Hartford
Stanley,  Frederic       Hartford
Stanley,  Frederick      Windham
Stanley,  Gad            Hartford
Stanley,  George         Hartford
Stanley,  Hannah         Hartford
Stanley,  James          Hartford
Stanley,  James          Hartford
Stanley,  Jeremiah       Windham
Stanley,  John           Hartford
Stanley,  John           Tolland
Stanley,  Jonathan       Hartford
Stanley,  Lott           Hartford
Stanley,  Martha         Hartford
Stanley,  Nathan         Litchfield
Stanley,  Noadiah        Hartford
Stanley,  Noah           Hartford
Stanley,  Oliver         Hartford
Stanley,  Oliver         New Haven
Stanley,  Roswell        Hartford
Stanley,  Rufus          Litchfield
Stanley,  Ruth           Hartford
Stanley,  Selah          Litchfield
Stanley,  Seth           Hartford
Stanley,  Seth           Hartford
Stanley,  Timothy        Hartford


Stanley,  Jesse          Cumberland


Stanley,  David          Hancock
Stanley,  John           Hancock
Stanley,  Kenny          Hancock
Stanley,  Margaret       Hancock
Stanley,  Mark           York
Stanley,  Nathaniel      Hancock
Stanley,  Peter          Hancock
Stanley,  Samuel         Hancock
Stanley,  Sans           Hancock
Stanley,  Thomas         Hancock


Stanley,  Elizabeth      Cecil
Stanley,  Isaac          Kent
Stanley,  John           Kent
Stanley,  Richard        Kent
Stanley,  Thomas         Frederick


Stanley,  Abisha         Berkshire
Stanley,  Alexander      Berkshire
Stanley,  Amos           Berkshire
Stanley,  Amos           Bristol
Stanley,  Amos, Jr.      Berkshire
Stanley,  Anne           Essex
Stanley,  Benjamin       Bristol
Stanley,  Benjamin       Bristol
Stanley,  Benjamin       Essex
Stanley,  Daniel         Bristol
Stanley,  David          Essex
Stanley,  Edmond         Essex
Stanley,  George         Bristol
Stanley,  George         Essex
Stanley,  Jesse          Bristol
Stanley,  Jonathan       Bristol
Stanley,  Jonathan       Essex
Stanley,  Lefy           Worcester
Stanley,  Peter          Essex
Stanley,  Peter          Essex
Stanley,  Robert         Essex
Stanley,  Robert         Essex
Stanley,  Salmon         Berkshire
Stanley,  Samuel         Berkshire
Stanley,  Samuel         Essex
Stanley,  Thomas         Essex
Stanley,  Wells          Essex
Stanley,  William        Bristol
Stanley,  William        Essex
Stanley,  William        Essex
Stanley,  William        Essex
Stanley,  William, Jr.   Bristol


Stanley,  Denis          Grafton
Stanley,  Hannah         Rockingham
Stanley,  Jonathan       Cheshire
Stanley,  Joseph         Grafton
Stanley,  Joshua         Cheshire
Stanley,  Lois           Cheshire
Stanley,  Pentecost      Cheshire
Stanley,  Samuel         Cheshire


Stanley,  David          Westchester
Stanley,  Richard        Albany


Stanley,  Ann            Newbern
Stanley,  Benjamin       Newbern
Stanley,  Benjamin       Newbern
Stanley,  Elizabeth      Fayette
Stanley,  Elizabeth      Morgan
Stanley,  Elizabeth      Morgan
Stanley,  Elizabeth      Newbern
Stanley,  Ephraim        Newbern
Stanley,  Hugh           Wilmington
Stanley,  Isaac          Newbern
Stanley,  James          Newbern
Stanley,  James          Newbern
Stanley,  James          Wilmington
Stanley,  James, Sr.     Wilmington
Stanley,  Jesse          Salisbury
Stanley,  Jonathan       Edenton
Stanley,  Jonathan       Newbern
Stanley,  Joseph         Salisbury
Stanley,  Lucy           Morgan
Stanley,  Margret        Wilmington
Stanley,  Martin         Newbern
Stanley,  Moses          Newbern
Stanley,  Nathaniel      Morgan
Stanley,  Nedam          Wilmington
Stanley,  Samuel         Wilmington
Stanley,  Strangeman     Salisbury
Stanley,  Thomas         Morgan
Stanley,  Thomas         Salisbury
Stanley,  Thomas         Wilmington
Stanley,  William        Edenton
Stanley,  William        Edenton
Stanley,  William        Halifax
Stanley,  William        Newbern
Stanley,  William        Newbern
Stanley,  William        Salisbury
Stanley,  Wright         Newbern


Stanley,  Catharine      Philadelphia
Stanley,  John           Philadelphia
Stanley,  John           Philadelphia
Stanley,  Marsha         Huntington
Stanley,  William        Washington


Stanley,  Comfort        Bristol


Stanley,  Benjamin       Orangeburgh
Stanley,  Jacob          Georgetown
Stanley,  James          Georgetown
Stanley,  James          Orangeburgh
Stanley,  Lewis          Ninety-six
Stanley,  Richard        Orangeburgh
Stanley,  Samuel         Cheraw
Stanley,  Sams           Cheraw
Stanley,  Shadrach       Cheraw
Stanley,  Thomas         Charleston
Stanley,  William        Cheraw
Stanley,  William        Ninety-six


Stanley,  David          Windham
Stanley,  John           Bennington
Stanley,  John           Bennington
Stanley,  Josiah         Windham
Stanley,  Mathew         Orange
Stanley,  Solomon        Windham
Stanley,  William        Windham


Stanley,  John           Halifax
Stanley,  John           Hanover
Stanley,  John           Halifax
Stanley,  Jonathan       Fluvania
Stanley,  Nehemiah       Amherst
Stanley,  Richard        Halifax
Stanley,  Samuel         Hanover
Stanley,  Solomon        Fluvania
Stanley,  William        Hanover


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