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Bob Stanley's Home Page

North Chicago, Illinois

Bob and Family
From The Top:
Bob, Greta,
Barbara, Colin & Farrell!
Bob, Barb and Kids
Colin, Barbara, Farrell and Bob.
Bobby and Greta
Bobby and Greta Stanley
Bob when he was younger!
Farrell Laine Stanley.
Bob Stanley (1956)
Colin Westling Stanley.

The Bryds

The "Bryds"
L-R: John Jamnik, Bob Stanley,
Bayard Jones, Dave Inman,
Jim Wesley
Left: The Bryds! The second band that Bob was in.
While a member of The Bryds, the following songs composed by Bob Stanley, were recorded by the artists listed:
1. Take Me Back - The Flock (Columbia Records - 1967)
2. Gotta Take It Easy - Michael And The Messengers. (USA Records 897 - 1968)
3. "Gotta Take It Easy" - Cherry Slush (USA Records - 1967)
In 1965, before Bob joined the group, the Bryds recorded:
4. "Your Lies" and,
5. "Why Did You Have To Break My Heart",
both written by Bob Stanley, on Raynard Records (based in Milwaukee, WI).
"Your Lies" is available on a compilation album released by Crypt Records, called "Back From The Grave, Vol. 6"

Hot Mama Silver

Hot Mama
Left and Right, "HOT MAMA SILVER", another of the groups Bob played in.
Hot Mama3

Roadman's Hammer
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