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Waukegan Area Bands

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Early 60's

  1. Buddy & The Citations
    Buddy & The Citations
    Buddy Stephens (Drums, Vocals){R.I.P.}, Jessie Vasques (Bass Guitar), Bobby Penny (Guitar), Chuck Hoppe (Sax)
    (Later Members:) Glen Holverson (Sax), Tom Fabre (Sax){R.I.P.}, Paul Zupec (Piano), Sam Benning (Guitar)

  2. Johnny & The Shy Guys
         Johnny (?) (Lead Guitar - Vocals), Les King (Drums), Hal Atkinson (Keyboard and Sax), Larry Ball (Bass Guitar- Vocals)

  3. The Lancers
         Jerry Ano (Rhythm Guitar), Barry Ano (Drums), Richard Ano (Bass Guitar), Woody Ano (Lead Guitar)

  4. The Rivieras
         Ronnie Grana (Drums){R.I.P.}, Donnie Grana (Rhythm Guitar & Bass){R.I.P.}, Gary Hampson (Lead Guitar),
         Craig Donovan (Bass), Paul Weiner (Vocals), Harry White (Vocals){R.I.P}.

  5. Skip Arne And The Dukes
         Tommy Palmer - (Bass){R.I.P.}, Joe Castelli - (Guitar) {R.I.P.} (June 13, 1944 - Feb. 17, 2007), Skip
         Arne - (Vocals), Daniel Webster - (Drums)

  6. The Predictors
          Dave Miller (Keyboards)

  7. Terry & The Dynamics
         Glenn Holverson (Sax), Terry Hathaway (Drums), Harvey Collins (Guitar), Joe Castilli
         (Electric Cordavox)

  8. The Tempos
         John Jamnik (Keyboards), Frank Laurie (Guitar), Bill Kirchmeyer (Guitar), Eddie Kanerva (Drums), Dick Robards (Bass Guitar), Jim Korn (Guitar),
         (Other Members:) Rick Finn (Drums), Jack Kostoff (Drums), Tom Nelson (Guitar),

  9. Cavaliers
         Tim Wagner (Guitar), Tom Nelson (Guitar), Ray Trusky(Drums)

  10. Beat Incorporated
    Beat Incorporated
    Back: Rick Finn (Drums){R.I.P.}, Bill Kirchmeyer (Lead Guitar){R.I.P.}, Jim Korn (Vocals), Dick Robards (Bass Guitar),
    Front: Jack Kostoff (Drums){R.I.P.}, Donny Grana (Guitar){R.I.P.}

  11. Empires
    Tim Wagner (Bass Guitar), Bob Stanley (Lead Guitar - Vocals), Bill Levak (Drums){R.I.P.}, Jim Stanley (Guitar - Vocals), Tom Nelson (Rhythm Guitar - Vocals)!

  12. X-Men
    Dave Luoma (Drums), Jim Chrisman (Guitar), Andy Anderson (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals), Steve Wypych (Bass Guitar), Dave Needham (Vocals)



  1. Outspoken Blues
    Outspoken Blues
    (Original Members)
    Jim Stanley (Bass Guitar, Cornet, Sax, Vocals), Jim Korn (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Bill Kirchmeyer (Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals){R.I.P.}, Bill Levak (Drums){R.I.P.}, Tom Nelson (Guitar, Vocals), John Pencak (Organ, Vocals):
    (Later Members:)
    Dave Luoma (Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals){R.I.P.}, Bob Stanley (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Glen Holverson (Sax), Ray Spoor (Drums), Jim Carmody (Drums), Chris Christopherson (Trumpet){R.I.P.}, Rick Shultis (Sax){R.I.P.}, Steve Wypych (Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals){R.I.P.}

  2. Bryds
    (Original Members)
    Jim Wessely (Guitar), Bayard Jones (Drums), Janez Jamnik (Organ, Vocals), Dave Inman (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Frank Laurie (Guitar, Vocals)
    (Later Member:) Bob Stanley (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

  3. Syns
    Syns VW
    Bernie Hahn (Lead Guitar), Ed Hall (Bass Guitar), Jack Kostoff (Drums){R.I.P.}, Paul Hahn (Rhythm Guitar), Bill Herrin (Keyboard), Mike Zaugra (Vocals){R.I.P.},
    (Later Members:) Jeff Payne (Drums), Dore Capitani (Keyboards).

  4. In-Sex
         Debbie Bensinger (Drums)(R.I.P.), Mitzi Bezek (Bass Guitar), Carol Leben (Guitar), Linda Lambert (Guitar)

  5. Barking Abbott
         Dore Capitani (Organ), Jim (Schram) Morrison (Bass, Harmonica and Vocals), Phil Wilson (Vocals), Jeff Payne (Drums), and Bob Rodriguez (Guitar).

  6. Messengers
    Gary Youngberg (Rhythm Guitar & Organ), Ed Gosar (Drums)(RIP), Skip Knutson (Vocals), Mark Hansen (Bass Guitar), Gregg Simmons (Lead Guitar).

  7. Blue Grass Band
    Blue Grass Band
    Gary Rosberg (Organ), Herb Elfman (Bass Guitar), Gerald Lambert, (Lead Guitar), Johnny Gray (Vocals), Ken Chrzanowski (Drums).

  8. Lys
         Kevin Swanson (Drums), John Leonowitz (Lead Guitar), John Szech (Rhythm Guitar), Calvin Rose (Bass Guitar)

  9. The New Ones
         Tom Kolar (Lead Guitar), Kirby Callos (Bass Guitar), John Tack (Keyboard), Art Craney (Rhythm Guitar), Fredie Burgstrom (Drums), Rick Roman (Vocals).

  10. Colours of Autumn
    Colors Of Autumn
    Ken Chrzanowski (Drums, Vocals),Tom Nelson (Guitar, Vocals), John Leonowitz (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Charlie Alden (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Kent Youngberg (Organ, Vocals)

  11. Ali Baba & The 4 Thieves
         Gary Hampson (Guitar & Vocals), Gary Skvarce (Bass), Bobby Adams (Keyboards & Vocals), Mike Manley (Drums), Rick Shultis (Sax) {R.I.P.}

  12. Mourning Sorrows
         Dave Motsfield (Guitar), Gary Rosberg (Organ), Chuck Holmberg (Drums), Herb Eichman (Bass)

  13. 5 Blind Mice
         Bob Schmidt (Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals), Roy Ferguson (Lead Vocals, Bass, Sax), George Beubien (Drums, Vocals), John Sturino (Guitar, Vocals), George Briggs ( Bass, Trumpet, Vocals)

  14. The Kiks
         Roger Smith (Organ, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Ron Barnett (Lead Vocals, Percussion), Jack Haines (Drums, Vocals), Danny Cagle (Lead Guitar), Mark Hansen (Bass), Dore Capitani (Organ)


Late-60's, Early 70's

  1. Brydes
         (Original Members) Bob Stanley (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Dave Luoma, (Guitar), Bill Levak (Drums),Dave Inman (Bass Guitar), Chuck Fagan (Trumpet), Kenosha Eddie (Trumpet), Bill McCaffery (Violin), Janez Jamnik (Organ)

  2. The Prod
         Jim Stanley (Bass Guitar, Vocals), Gary Rosberg (Organ), Larry (Butch) Maynard (Drums), Bill Kirchmeyer (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Herb Enterman (Bass Guitar, Vocals)

  3. Them Somewhat Familiar Blues Band
    Them Somewhat Familiar Blues Band

    Billy Martin (Lead Guitar), Randy Ross (Bass), Don Demkiw (Rhythm Guitar), Phil Martin (Vocals & Harmonica), Bill Bobrowski ((Drums),
    (Later Members:) Jimmy Eimerman (Drums).

  4. Wheatstone Bridge
    Wheatstone Bridge
    Jeff Hill (Guitar & Vocals), Ray Hampson (Drums), Greg Peklay (Bass), John Ahlswede (Keyboards & Guitar).

  5. Nine Hours
         Chuck Lockwood (Vocals), Bob Wilson (Keyboards), Craig Howenstein (Guitar), Cory Wells (Sax),
          Rick Shultis (Sax), Dennis Ransom (Drums), Tom Tometz (Trumpet), Herb Eizermack (Bass).

  6. Hot Mama Silver
    Hot Mama Silver

    Bob Stanley (Guitar), Dave Inman (Bass Guitar), Ed Crawford (Drums){R.I.P.}
    (Later Members:) Dore Capitani (Keyboards), Jeff Payne (Drum), Jim Smole (Drums), Bill Bobrowski (Drums), Tom Rutledge (Guitar), Randy Massey (Guitar).

  7. Second Coming
         Buddy Stephens (Drums, Vocals), Tommy Palmer (Bass), Les King (Drums), David Miller (Organ),
         Bobby Penny (Guitar), Bill Dinwiddie (Trombone) and Jack Kramer (Horns).

  8. Sunday Funnies/Fast Eddie
          Bob Young (Guitar), Tommy Palmer (Bass), Les King (Drums).

  9. Hot Zamost
         Randy Ross (Bass), Billy Martin (Guitar), Harry Perzigian (Drums).

  10. Liberation
         Joel Jonet (Guitar, Vocals), Ron Tindale (Guitar, Vocals), Bruce Ostrander (Drums, Vocals), George Matoian (Sax,), Gary Mordhorst (Bass)
         Later, Mike Wilson (Guitar), Brian Alleman (Bass).

  11. The Credibility Gap
         Ken Chrzanowski (Drums & Vocals), Kent Youngberg (Hammond B-3 Organ), Tom Rutledge (Lead
         Guitar & Vocals), Bill Weber (Bass Guitar), Charlie Alden (Vocals).

  12. Stonehedge
         Larry Zens (Bass), Gene Tipton (Lead Guitar), Dennis Strause (Keyboards), Bob DeGroot (Guitar){R.I.P.}, Kenny Serzynski (Drums), (Later) Mike Lubyk (Keys)

  13. Warlock
         Hank Rice (Lead Guitar), Bob Lawler (Rhythm Guitar), Frank Pederson (Bass), Larry Threadgill (Drums)

  14. The Blue Condition
         Allan Sjoholm (Guitar), Bill Fishback (Bass),Rich Denikas (Drums), Al Huisman (Guitar).

  15. American Can
         Steve Wypych, (Guitar, Vocals), Dave Smith (Bass), Dave Needham (Drums, Vocals), Terry Linsky (Guitar), Tommy Cox (Keyboards).

  16. Five Blind Mice
          Bob Schmidt, (Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals), Larry Ball, (Bass, Vocals), Bob Briegle, (Lead Vocals, Guitar), George Briggs (Trumpet, Bass, Vocals), Dan Baker, (Lead Vocals, Drums), Kerry Spitzer, (Lead Vocals, Saxophone, Harmonica, Keyboards, Guitar), John Kochman, (Bass, Vocals), Frank Huber, (Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Harmonica) and Tom Gena , (Lead Vocals, Bass).

  17. The Other Side
    The Other Side
    Tim Niemitz (Vocals), Ron Butcher (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Donny Jokinen (Drums), {R.I.P.}, Dan Furlan (Bass Guitar), Billy Shields (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Mike Lubeck (Keyboards) Dan Furlan was replaced by Marty Shields (Billy's Cousin)

  18. Front Page Story
    Front Page Story
    Left to Right: Mike Underwood (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals), Pat Cassidy (Drums), Ron Grace (Lead Vocals, Keyboards), Rudy Zeithammel (Bass, Vocals)

  19. Yesterday's Children
    Yesterday's Children
    Back Row - Left to Right: Mike Vacarella (deceased), Glenn Sevick (deceased), Rick Matteucci, Dave Lessman, Tony Caudil (deceased), Larry Cappozzo, Bob Borchardt (deceased), Rich Allen
    Front Row - Left to Right: Sylvia St. James, Joe Cervantes


Late 70ís - Early 80ís

  1. Roc Sinatra
         Bob Stanley (Guitar), Herb Iburpman (Bass Guitar), Tom Rutledge (Guitar), Steve Fennell (Drums).

  2. Rave Up
         Jerry D. Macier (Keyboards & Vocals), Bob Birk (Guitar & Vocals), Mel Vega (Bass & Vocals), Don Borsnik (Drums).

  3. Satin Finish
    Satin Finish

    Left to right: Billy Schultz (Drums), Richard Ano ( Bass ), LeLani Ano (Keyboards), Andy Ano ( Lead Guitar)


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In Memoriam

Richard Ano (The Lancers, Satin Finish)(February 11, 1943 - May 9, 2016)
Jeff Becker (Copenhagen)(Four Eyes)
Joe Castelli (Skip Arne And The Dukes)
Chris Christopherson (Outspoken Blues)
Ed Crawford (Hot Mama Silver)
Tom Fabre (Buddy & The Citations)
Rick Finn (The Tempos)(Beat Incorporated)
Ed Gosar (Messengers)
Donnie Grana (Rivieras, Beat Incorporated)
Ron Grana (Rivieras, Beat Incorporated)
Les King (Johnny & The Shy Guys)
Bill Kirchmeyer (Beat Incorporated)(Outspoken Blues)(November 8, 1941 - July 6, 2016)
Jack Kostoff (Beat Incorporated, Syns)
Bill Levak (Empires, Outspoken Blues, Brydes)
Dave Luoma (X-Men - Outspoken Blues, Brydes)(December 15, 1946 - August 8, 2006)
Tommy Palmer (Skip Arne And The Dukes)
Lou Pride (Blues Singer)(May 24, 1944 - June 5, 2012)
Bobby Rodriguez (Barking Abbott)(September 18, 1950 - September 5, 2012)
Rick Shultis (Outspoken Blues)(Ali Baba & The 4 Thieves)
Monty Sigurdsson (Harmonica) (1949 - Nov. 2, 2016))
Buddy Stephens (Buddy & The Citations)(May 26, 1945 - January 9, 2015)
Kevin Swanson (Lys)
Harry White (Rivieras)
Mike Wilson (Liberation)
Steve Wypych (X-Men, Outspoken Blues)(November 5, 1940 - August 15, 2010)
Mike Zaugra (Syns)
Mike Zradicka


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