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p. 213:. 
1726-9-8:  Thomas, Jr., Hanover Co. m. in Friends MH (Meeting House), Charles 
City, MO., to Elizabeth Crew, dau of John of Charles City.

1728-3-5:  James, son of Thomas, Hanover Co., m. in Friends MH, Henrico Co., 
of Charles City.

1733/4-11-9, (sic)  Mary, dau of John, m. David Crew

1745/6-12-2, (sic)  Maddox, son of Thomas, Hanover Co. m. in the MH in the 
swamp, to Huldah Magahea,  dau of Samuel of Hanover Co.  

1754-10-23:  James, son of James, Hanover Co, m. at Black Creek MH, New Kent 
Co., m. Elizabeth, dau of William Ellyson, of New Kent Co.

1757 12-4:  Pleasants a Thomas (this needs to be checked again) of Hanover 
Co., m. Wainoak MH Charles City Co., Sarah McGee, dau of Samuel (deceased).

1758-6-4:  Archelaus, son of Joseph and Mary of Hanover, m. in a publick 
(sic) Meeting of Friends in Virginia. to Elizabeth Ladd, dau of John and Mary 
of Charles City Co.

1764-12-2:  Shadrack, son of John of Hanover Co. m. in Waynoak MH, Charles 
City  Co. m. Agnes Ladd, dau of James of Charles City Co.

1775-3-6:  Zachariah of Charles City Co. to Sarah Crew.

1794-11-4:  Waddy Hanover Co., son of Thomas Stanley and Sarah, m. in Wayne 
Oak MH, Charles City Co.,  to Rebeccah Ladd,  dau of James and Sarah,  
deceased, of Charles City CO.     

1802-6-5:  Thomas, son of Thomas Hanover Co., m. in White Oak Swamp MH, 
Henrico Co., to Prisilla Ladd, dau of James, Charles City Co..

1700-2-28:  Thomas, name first appeared when he signed a certificate of a 
marriage held in New Kent Meeting House.

1706/7-11-18: Thomas (Standley), condemmed (hereafter con.), misconduct and 
put on probation.

1708-2-20:  Thomas (Standley) disowned.

1721/2-11-6:  Thomas and John Harries requested (hearafter rq) that the 
Meeting lately set up at Cedar Creek by them and others be recognized;  

1722-5-7:  Thomas, Jr. mentioned as being overseer of Cedar Creek Meeting.

1722-7-7:  Jacob, Cedar Creek Meeting reported married out of unity 
(hereafter mou.)

1723-3-5:  Jacob condemmed; mou.

1724-2-4:  James, Cedar Creek Meeting, Hanover Co., reported imprisoned for 
refusing to pay tithes or priest's wages; the next month he was reported 
freed, his fine paid by one who was not a Quaker.

1724-2-4:  John, Cedar Creek Meeting, reported imprisoned for refusing to pay 
tithes, next month he was freed, his fines paid, against his will, by a 

1724-6-1:  Thomas delayed his intention of m. a woman, not a Friend;  not 
allowed to proceed as the meeting thought she was not "under a real 
convincement of the Truth.".

1724/25-11-2:  Thomas Jr., condemmed, his endavering (sic)  to take a wife in 
this Meeting contrary to advice of Friends.  Acc (???)

1726-8-1:  Thomas, Sr.,  disowned;  married out of unity.

1726-10-3:  Thomas Jr. rmt (reported married to OR requested marriage 
certificate)  Elizabeth Crew.

1727-7-2:  Thomas suffered seizure for Sundry Goods for refusing to bear arms.

1728-4-1:  James rmt Catherine Hutchins.

1731/1733 (faulty copying??) Thomas, Cedar Creek Meeting , suffered seizure of 
a horse and a mare for refusaing to bear arms or pay tithes;

1733:  another horse taken for same.

1733/4-12-2:  Mary rmt David Crew

1733:  James, Cedar Creek Meeting suffered the seizure of 8 sheep for 
refusing to bear arms or pay tithes.  In 1735, he had a rug seized for the 
same reason.

1736-8-2:  James aided  "he being great charge in keeping his wife's mother, 
Mary Holme, who was helpless for some time.  

1741-7-5:  Daner (Dover??) Sheriff, collected fines from William and James 
Lead, Andrew Crew, John Binford, WayneOak PM (Public Meeting), Charles City 

1745/6-12-1: Maddox,  pref (produced certificate from)  the MM in Hanover Co. 
to marry Huldah Magahe.

1746-2-5:  Maddox, rmt Huldah Magahe.

1754-9-7:  James Jr, pref the Circular MM 

1754-12-11 James rmt Elizabeth Ellason.

175712-3:  Pleasants pref the MM to which he belonged to marry Sarah McGee.

1758-1-7:  Pleasants rmt Sarah McGee.

1758-6-3:  Archelaus, pref. Cedar Creeek MM to m. Elizabeth Ladd;  also 
presented a note of consent from his mother.

PAGE 214:
1765-1-5:  Shadrack rmt Agnes Ladd.  

Then on page 223:  " Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting  (also called Caroline 
Circular MM)  now Richmond MM.  Established 1739 from Henrico and Charles.  
....the name Stanley is found in scant surviving records in these counties 
along with early Land Owners in 1720. The Meeting House erected in 1719, if 
not earlier;  sessions had been sponsored by John Harris and Thomas Stanley, 
and they remained Patron Saints of the infant meeting until death at Cedar 
Creek, in Hanover Co., now Richmond, MM. " 

1758-6-3:  Archelaus ltm (liberated to marry) Elizabeth Ladd.

1758-8-5:  William, his Epistle directed to the "Elders of the people called 
Quakers in Virginia" respecting the declination of the Society in purity and 
Zeal.  Read at this meeting.

1759-8-4:  Elizabeth, member of Wainoak Meeting, g.c. (granted certificate) ; 
rem sometime past without a certificate.

1754-12-1:  Shadrack rmt Agnes Ladd.

1765-4-6:  Elizabeth, wid. James Jr.,dau of William Ellyson, and a late 
member of Black Creek PM,  (Public Meeting) disowned; mou (married out of 
unity), and without consent or knowledge of her parents.

1765-7-6:  Agnes (formerly Ladd) granted Circular MM, Va. 

1774-8-6:  Elizabeth (now Martin) condemmed;  her disorderly m. acc and rst 
(I think this means re-instated, but will have to check preface of book).

1775-3-4:  Zachariah pref (produced certificate from)  Cedar Creek MM to m. 
Sarah Crew.

1777-5-3:  Sarah gct Cedar Creek MM, Va., rem sometime before.

1777-6-7:  Jonah, member of Black Creek Meeting, New Kent Co., disowned: 
enlisting as a soldier.

1783-6-7:  Caleb, represented the Swamp Black Creek PM, at this session.  
First time name appeared.

1794-11-1:  Waddy pref Cedar Creek MM, VA. to marry Rebecca Ladd.

1795-12-6:  Waddy rmt Rebecca Ladd.    

1795-2-7:  Rebeccah gct (granted certificate) Cedar Creek MM, VA.

1802-6-5:  Thomas, pref Cedar Creek MM, VA to marry Priscilla Ladd.

1802-7-3:  Thomas rmt Priscilla Ladd.

1803-1-7:  Priscilla gct Cedar Creek MM, VA

Cedar Creek MM (page 268, Vol. VI, cont'd):

Stanley, Thomas
  ch:  Maddox, b. 1715-8-17 m. Hulda Magahe
         Elizabeth, b. 1718-3-29
               THOMAS  MARRIED 2ND:  Elizabeth _____.
         Margery, b. 1722-8-1; m. Gideon Ellyson.
         Mary, b. 1729-6-5; 
         Thomas, b. 1732-2-9
         Pleasant, b. 1733-4-25 m. Sarah Macgee
         Zachariah, b. 1737-10-6
         John, b. 1735-1-27; m. Ann Ballard
          Sarah --------   =====              
          Ann -----------       "                  
          Nathan-------        "                  
          Joseph-------        "
James Stanley m. Catherine of Hanover Co.
   ch:   William, b. 1729-6-11
           James, b. 1731-3-6 m. Elizabeth Ellyson
           Mary, b. 1733-6-27
           Martha, b. 1736-3-21
           Micahah, b. 1739-11-28
           Agnes, b. 1734-6-20
           Strangeman, b. 1745-11-7
           Elijah, b. 1750-10-7 

Also on page 268:
1743-10-11: John of Hanover Co. m. in a meeting in ________.

Maddox m. Huldah _______, d. 1771-9-6.
    ch.:  John, b. 1747/8  8-1-23 m. Milley Stanley
            Elizabeth, b. 1749-5-15
            William, b. 1750-7-22
            Obediah, b. 1751-4-27
            Mary, b. 1753-10-17
            Rachel, b. 1757-6-6
            Huldah, b. 1759-2-9
            Maddox, b. 1761- 3-15 

1746/7 -12-15  Agatha, dau of John, Hanover Co., m. William Ballard.

1765- 6-12  Milly, dau of John, Hanover Co. m. John Stanley Hanover Co.

______ (dates missing) Archelau (or Achilles) and Elizabeth
            ch.:  Agnes, b. 1768-6-24
                    Jessee, b. 1770-10-24

______(dates missing)  Joshua of Cedar Creek, Hanover Co. m. Elizabeth (also 
           ch.:  John, b. ______;  d. 1795-3-13

______(dates missing), Zachariah and Sarah, of Louisa Co. 
   ch:  Susannah, b. 1775-12-8
          Abraham, b. 1777-8-7                                           
          Abigail, b. 1780-2-5
          Zachariah, b. 1782-10-5

1780-12-12:  Thomas of Hanover Co,m son of John of Hanover Co., at Cedar 
Creek MM, Hanover Co. m. Unity Crew, dau of James and Judith, Hanover Co., 
b. 1760-8-31.
   ch.:  Moses, b. 1781-11-15
           John, b, 1783-11-2
           Temperance, b. 1786-2-22; and died 1786-4-29
           Joseph, b. 1789-2-9
           Benjamin, b. 1790-2-10
           Judith b. 1793-9-28
           Abigail, b. 1796-10-19
           Unity, b. 1799-8-19

1783-7-17 - John, eldest, ((Sr.?) , Cedar Creek Hanover Co., died age about 
90 yrs.

1787-3-2 - Littlebury, son of Thomas Hanover Co., m. at Cedar Creek MM, 
Hanover Co. to Agatha Stanley, dau of John of Hanover Co. 
   ch.:  Solomon, b. 1787-12-26
           Martha, b. 1789-11-8.

1789-5-28 - Martha, wife of John the eldest, died _____.

Thomas, Cedar Creek, Hanover Co., m. Edith___   (FIRST MARRIAGE)
   ch:  Milly, b. 1791-9-7
         Edmund, b. 1793--2-10 
         John, b. 1795-9-19  (still p. 268; cont'd)
         Elijah, b. 1796-9-8 (begin p. 269)
         Francis, b. 1798-10-1 
         Isaac, b. 1803-3-24  (BY SECOND WIFE, PRISCILLA LADD)  
         Thomas Binford, b. 1805-9-5
         Sarah   (These last two names need to be checked--- copied 
(date missing) Waddy and SRebecca, Cedar Creek
   Ch:  Samuel, b. 1796-4-1:  
        Priscilla, b. 1798-7-15
        Lucy, b. 1801-4-9
        Anne, b. 1803-6-23
        Joel, b. 1805-11-18

1797-7-11:  Huldah, dau of John and Milly, m. Littleberry Crew.

1798-12-12:  Joshua, son of John, Hanover Coi., m. in Cedar Creek MH, Hanover 
Co. to Rachel Harries, dau of John, deceased of Hanover Co.

1798-12-19:  Jonathan, son of John, Hanover Co., m. in Cedar Creek MH 
(Meeting House) Hanover Co. to Mary Crew, dau of James, dec., Hanover Co. 

1808-12-7:  Martha, dau of Littlebury of Hanover Co. married Thomas Cobbe  or 
Cobb? Needs checking  ...   (copied correctly?)

1814-12-16:  Maddox, son of Joshua of Hanover Co. d. ____ (check this)
_______ (date missing):  Jesse and Lucy Anne, Hanover Co
              ch:  Mary Francis, b. 1860-7-27
                     Jesse Thomas, b. 1864-4-24

1722-4-2:  Thomas Jr., appointed PM (Public Meeting) at Cedar this week.

1724-2-4:  John, Cedar Creek PM reported by Thomas Stanley as being 
imprisoned for refusal to pay tithes or priest wages.

1724-2-4:  James, Cedar Creek PM reported by Thomas Stanley as being 
imprisoned for refusal to pay tithes or priest wages. 
1739/40 - 1-19:  Elizabeth signed first certificate recorded 
in these minutes.

1739/40 - 1-19:  James signed first marriage certificate recorded in these 

1739/40 - 1-19:  Thomas  "        "        "           "              "       
  "      "        "     .

1739-3-12:  Thomas and James c  o  Cedar Creek Meeting (this needs to be 

1739-7-8:  Thomas contributed 5 0 toward the building of the Cedar MH 
(Meeting House)

1739-7-8:  James likewise.

1739-9-10:  Cathron's (Catherine's??) name first appeared in the record where 
she served on a committee.  

1739 - - :  John gave 10  towards the erection of a MH at Cedar Creek.

1741-4-7:  Thomas and James being mentioned as being at Hanover Co. 

1742-4-12:  John (Standley) under care of MM.

1743/44 - 11-14:  John rmt Martha Hutchings. (Hutchins?)
(I see a note attached to this group of papers which Mr. Lyle 
Hadley had answered a question directed to me:  "Where is the authority 
that mother of Catherine and Martha Hutchins  was Mary Allen?    See 
Hinshaw's EQG (Encyclopedia of Quaker GEnealgoy)  Vol VI, p. 184:    
Nicholas Hutchins married 8-9-1701 in Friend's MH Henrico Co. Mary WATKINS,  
Henrico Co."

1745-11-11:  Maddox granted cert. Henrico MM to m. 

1746-12-14:  Ashley r t m (requested or removed to marry) Agatha Stanley.

1748-6-13:  James and his (?) signed minute book as a token they are Friends 
and are members of the new MM (taken from page 269)

1749-6-12:  John recrq (received by request).

1752-11-11:  Marjory r m t Gideon Ellyson.

1753-4-4:  John, having been summoned to the General Court by Ashley Johnson, 
requested the advice of this MM.

1753-9-8:  Ann, dau of John, under care of MM pr (this needs checking) 
married out of unity and ordered his d i s (disown).

1753-10-13:  William and Ann Chiles granted certificate to travel as 
companions of Jane Haggitt on her missionary visits.             

1754-1-12: William granted certificate to Cain Creek MM to North Carolina to 

1754-2-9:  John of Hanover Co, mentioned as father of Ann Strong.

1754-6-8:  Thomas under care for misconduct.

1754-6-8:  William appointed clerk of Cedar Creek MM.

1754-6-8:  Thomas and Maddox under care of MM for a matter of disorder.  
Requested to be under care of Friends.  Granted.

1754-7-13:  Thomas Jr. and Pleasant received by request.

1754-8-8:  Mary r m t Anthony Hoggith (or Haggitt)

1754-8-10 James granted certificate White Oak Camp, Henrico Co. to marry.

1754-9-14:  William, granted certificate.

1755-1-11:  John r m t Edey Hutchins.

All previous Stanley groupings and notes are taken from Vol. VI,  of 
Hinshaw's EQG.
The following is from Vol. II, same set.  Much of this Vol. II is from PA 
and NJ.  Needs to be re-checked for COUNTY name in which the MM were held. 

VOL 11:  ALL STANLEY, except where indicated.:

p. 41, Salem MM:--- Mary d. 5-17-1817. 

p. 100, also Salem MM:     

1783-12-29:  Mary recrq (received by request) .

1785-7-25:  Mary (Standley) r o c f (received on certificate from) 
Greenwich MM.      

1788-7-27:  Mary, (Standley) granted certificate.

1800-5-26:  Mary r o c f (dated 1800-4-30).  

1802-6-28:  Mary (Standley) granted certificate Greenwich MM.

1806-4-28:  Mary r o c f Maurice River MM, dated 1805-4-4.  

1809-6-26:  Mary (Standley)  granted certificate to Philadelphia

1814-2-28:  Mary Stanley received on certificate dated 1814-2-3.  

1830-5-5:  Jesse, son of Samuel and Sarah, Philadelphia, PA, m.  
Elizabeth Reeve, dau of William & Letitia, at Salem MH (Meeting House), N.J.
1831-2-2:  Elizabeth M., granted certificate to NDMM ( Northern 
District Monthly Meeting)

p. 264:  Burlington MM:

1686-12-9:  William liberated to marry Rebecca Budd.

p. 423: Philadelphia MM:
            Mary (Standley) d. 3-16-1764  at age 60.
            William died 2-21-1689.

p.658 (also Philadelphia MM:
1686-9-26:  Elizabeth liberated to marry Thomas Hooter(N?) Jr?

1738-1-31  Mary (Standley), late Chandler, is condemmed;  married 
contrary to discipline.

1809-8-24:  Mary received on certificate from Salem MM,  NJ dated 1809-6-26.
1814-1-27:  Mary granted certificate Salem MM.

p. 719 (also Philadelphia MM):
            Nancy M., dau of Jene and Elizabeth, b. 11-13-1846. (Sic)
            _______ (date missing), Jesse received on certificate from 
Whitewater MM in  Indiana.                         

1846-2-26:  Jesse granted certificate Haddonfield MM to m.

1848-1-27:  Jesse and infant dau Nancy M. granted certificate 
Haddonfield .

1895-10-24:  William P. granted certificate Windham MM.


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