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Stallman family from Oldenberg, Germany to Iowa and South Dakota

Parents: Clem and Anna (Schelle)

Children of Clem and Anna are: Frank Joseph  married Regina ROEDER;   Victoria Clementina  never married;    Lawrence John  married Ida HATTING;
Paul Ambrose  ;  
 Albert Theodore   married Anna BLACK;   Leona Josephine   married Joe VOSS;   Raymond Clement ;   Marie Catherine   married Herman HATTING;   Frances Ann   married Lawrence NANNEMAN;   Henry Edward  married Katherine (Katie) THELEN

Paul Ambrose Stallman

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                              Back - Frank. Front - Victoria, Paul, Lawrence              Paul, ca 1976, Taken in Mitchell, SD       Paul, nursing home on Kittridge, Mitchell
                                                                                             ca 1906                                                      

Paul Ambrose STALLMAN was the fourth child born to Clemens Anton and Anna Mary (SCHELLE) STALLMAN, at Breda, Carroll Co., Iowa. He was born June 3, 1906. He grew to manhood on the family farms,

Paul was born tongue-tied. Some said he wasn't tongue-tied, it was something else, but I cannot remember what it was. The family was told he would not live to be past four years of age. A photo was made of him, Frank, Lawrence and Victoria at that time. Uncle Paul was the butt of many jokes, by adults and children alike. All of his nieces and nephews tried to talk like him, behind his back, of course, but we all grew to know and love him as we got older and became compassionate human beings.

Paul was a big man, as were most of his brothers and was his father. According to Grandpa Stallman's family portrait, the Stallman men were big men. Uncle Paul spoke very gruffly and I know I for one, was scared to death of him at times. He lived on the farm until Grandma Stallman passed away. He was a hard-working man. My son Bill was named Albert after my father, and I have always thought I should have named him Paul ... Bill was my Uncle Paul...big, gruff, always working and working hard; he wore bib overalls quite often, so I get to "see" uncle Paul on a regular basis.

In 1960, Paul bought a home in Reliance after the farm was sold. He continued to work for farmers in the area and did odd jobs around town.  My cousin, Mary Ann Rogers, and her husband Charlie watched over Uncle Paul and became fast friends with him while he lived in town. Eventually, he was to have prostate surgery and ended up in Sunset Valley Nursing Haven in Chamberlain, which he disliked so much as he did not trust the nurses, he was moved to a nursing home in Mitchell on North Kittridge Street. Here he formed an admiration society with the manager and his wife and knew he was loved and cared for. It was here that he, and his new friend became Brothers of the Bush and grew beards. Paul, like Victoria, had a head full of beautiful white hair and his beard was white, too.

Bill, Casey and myself went to visit him once while we were home on vacation and we sat out in the yard under a tree to visit. The boys loved him on the spot. They had no problem understanding what he was saying. Uncle Paul and I got into a mean game of cribbage and as I got a major score for my last pegging, and beat him, he threw himself across his bed and in true Redd Foxx form, threw his hand over his heart and declared, "This is the big one "lizbeth, I'm comin' home!" Paul also like to drink as did his father before him, and his brothers, probably with the exception of Uncle Lawrence. Paul also enjoyed dabbling in poetry.

Paul passed away July 30, 1978, in the hospital in Mitchell after having been gravely ill a few days. He died from cancer. He is buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery at Reliance alongside his parents, brothers Raymond and Albert, and sister Victoria.

ca 1975, Mitchell






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