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Status or Action

Albourne RG09/0583 Hurstpierpoint Search

Alciston RG09/0588 West Firle Search

Aldingbourn RG09/0620 Boxgrove Search

Aldrington RG09/0603 Shoreham Search
New! Alfriston RG09/0567 Eastbourne Search

Amberley RG09/0612 Pulborough Search

Amberley RG09/0616 Arundel Search

Angmering RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Appledram RG09/0618 Wyke Search

Ardingly RG09/0581 Lindfield Search

Arlington RG09/0568 Hailsham Search

Arundel RG09/0616 Arundel Search

Ashburnam RG09/0565 Battle Search

Ashington RG09/0613 Washington Search

Ashurst RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Balcombe RG09/0581 Lindfield Search

Barcombe RG09/0585 Chailey Search

Barlavington RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Barnham RG09/0619 Yapton Search

Battle RG09/0565 Battle Search

Beckley RG09/0558 Beckley Search

Beddingham RG09/0588 West Firle Search

See Upper Beeding

Bepton RG09/0628 Harting Search

Berwick RG09/0588 West Firle Search

Bexhill RG09/0563 Bexhill Search

Bignor RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Billingshurst RG09/0610 Billingshurst Search

Binderton RG09/0621 Singleton Search

Binsted RG09/0619 Yapton Search

Birdham RG09/0617 Manhood Search

Bishopstone Rg09/0589 Newhaven Search

RG09/0589 Newhaven

Bodiam RG09/0571 Salehurst Search

Bolney RG09/0582 Cuckfield Search

Bosham RG09/0630 Westbourne Search

Boxgrove RG09/0620 Boxgrove Search

Bramber RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Brede RG09/0558 Beckley Search

Brightling RG09/0565 Battle Search

Brighton RG09/0592 Kemp Search

Brighton RG09/0593 St Peter Search

Brighton RG09/0600 The Palace In preparation

Brighton RG09/0601 The Palace Did not survive

Brighton Kemp Town RG09/0591 Kemp Search

Brighton St Peter RG09/0594 St Peter Search

Brighton St Peter RG09/0595 St Peter Search

Brighton St Peter RG09/0596 St Peter Search

Brighton St Peter RG09/0597 St Peter Search

Brighton St Peter RG09/0598 St Peter Search

Brighton The Palace RG09/0599 The Palace Search

Brighton The Palace RG09/0602 The Palace Search

Broadwater RG09/0614 Broadwater Search

Broomhill RG09/0557 Rye Search

Burpham RG09/0616 Arundel Search

Burton RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Burwash RG09/0570 Ticehurst Search

Bury RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Buttolphs RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

Buxted RG09/0577 Maresfield Search

Catsfield RG09/0563 Bexhill Search

Chailey RG09/0585 Chailey Search

Chalvington RG09/0588 West Firle Search

Chichester All Saints RG09/0624 Chichester Search

Chichester Cthdrl Cl RG09/0624 Chichester Search

Chichester Newtown RG09/0624 Chichester Search

Chichester St Andrew RG09/0624 Chichester Search

Chichester St Bartholomew RG09/0623 Chichester Search

Chichester St James RG09/0624 Chichester Search

Chichester St Martin RG09/0624 Chichester Search

Chichester St Olave
RG09/0623 Chichester

Chichester St Pancras
RG09/0624 Chichester Search

Chichester St Peter RG09/0623 Chichester Search

Chichester St Peter RG09/0624 Chichester Search

Chiddingly RG09/0569 Hellingly Search

Chidham RG09/0630 Westbourne Search

Chithurst RG09/0628 Harting Search

Clapham RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Clayton RG09/0583 Hurstpierpoint Search

Climping RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Coates RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Cocking RG09/0626 Midhurst Search

Cold Waltham RG09/0612 Pulborough Search

Compton RG09/0629 Funtington Search

Coombes RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

Cowfold RG09/0582 Cuckfield Search
New! Crawley RG09/0580 Worth Search

Crowhurst RG09/0563 Bexhill Search

Cuckfield RG09/0582 Cuckfield Search

Dallington RG09/0565 Battle Search

Denton Rg09/0589 Newhaven Search

Didling RG09/0628 Harting Search

Ditchling RG09/0584 Ditchling Search

Donnington RG09/0618 Wyke Search

Duncton RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Durrington RG09/0614 Broadwater Search

Earnley RG09/0617 Manhood Search

Eartham RG09/0620 Boxgrove Search

Easebourne RG09/0626 Midhurst Search

East Blatchington Rg09/0589 Newhaven Search

East Chiltington
RG09/0584 Ditchling

East Dean RG09/0621 Singleton Search

East Grinstead RG09/0579 East Grinstead Search

East Guldeford RG09/0557 Rye Search

East Hoathly RG09/0575 Framfield Search

East Lavant RG09/0620 Boxgrove Search

East Marden RG09/0629 Funtington Search

East Preston RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

East Wittering RG09/0617 Manhood Search
New! Eastbourne RG09/0567 Eastbourne Search
New! Eastdean RG09/0567 Eastbourne Search

Eastergate RG09/0619 Yapton Search

Edburton RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Egdean RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Elsted RG09/0628 Harting Search

RG09/0571 Salehurst

Ewhurst RG09/0564 Ewhurst Search

Fairlight RG09/0559 Ore Search

Falmer RG09/0590 Rottingdean Search

Felpham RG09/0619 Yapton Search

Fernhurst RG09/0627 Fernhurst Search

Ferring RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Findon RG09/0613 Washington Search

Fittleworth RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Fletching RG09/0577 Maresfield Search

Flimwell RG09/0571 Salehurst In preparation

Folkington RG09/0566 Westham Search

Ford RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Framfield RG09/0575 Framfield Search

Frant RG09/0573 Frant Search
New! Friston RG09/0567 Eastbourne Search

Funtington RG09/0629 Funtington Search

Glynde RG09/0588 West Firle Search

Goring RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Graffham RG09/0621 Singleton Search

Greatham RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Guestling RG09/0559 Ore Search

RG09/0619 Yapton

Hailsham RG09/0568 Hailsham Search

Hamsey RG09/0584 Ditchling Search

Hangleton RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

Hardham RG09/0612 Pulborough Search

Hartfield RG09/0578 Withyham Search

Harting RG09/0628 Harting Search

Hastings St Clement
RG09/0562 All Saints

Hastings St Mary in Castle
RG09/0560 St Mary in the Castle Search

Hastings St Leonard
RG09/0561 St Mary Magdalen

Hastings St Mary Bulverhithe
RG09/0561 St Mary Magdalen

Hastings St Michael
RG09/0561 St Mary Magdalen

Hastings St Mary Magdalen
RG09/0561 St Mary Magdalen

Hastings All Saints
RG09/0562 All Saints Search

Heathfield RG09/0569 Hellingly Search

Heene RG09/0614 Broadwater Search

Hellingly RG09/0569 Hellingly Search

Henfield RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Herstmonceux RG09/0568 Hailsham Search

Heyshott RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Hollington RG09/0563 Bexhill Search

Hooe RG09/0568 Hailsham Search

Horsham RG09/0608 North Horsham Search

Horsted Keynes RG09/0581 Lindfield Search

Houghton RG09/0616 Arundel Search

Hove RG09/0604 Shoreham Search

Hove RG09/0605 Shoreham Search

Hunston RG09/0618 Wyke Search

Hurstpierpoint RG09/0583 Hurstpierpoint Search

Icklesham RG09/0558 Beckley Search

Iden RG09/0557 Rye Search

Ifield RG09/0609 North Horsham Search

Iford RG09/0590 Rottingdean Search

Iping RG09/0628 Harting Search

Isfield RG09/0576 Isfield Search

Itchingfield RG09/0607 South Horsham Search

Jevington RG09/0566 Westham Search

Keymer RG09/0583 Hurstpierpoint Search

Kingston RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Kingston near Lewes RG09/0590 Rottingdean Search

Kingston-by-sea RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

Kirdford RG09/0611 Petworth Search

Lamberhurst RG09/0572 Wadhurst Search

Lancing RG09/0614 Broadwater Search

Laughton RG09/0569 Hellingly Search

Leominster RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Lewes RG09/0586 Lewes Search

Lewes All Saints RG09/0586 Lewes Search

Lewes All Saints RG09/0587 Lewes Search

Lewes Castle Prcncts RG09/0586 Lewes Search

Lewes St John Bapt (S'over) RG09/0587 Lewes Search

Lewes St John sub Castro RG09/0586 Lewes Search

Lewes St Michael RG09/0586 Lewes Search

Lewes St Thomas (Cliffe) RG09/0587 Lewes Search

Linch RG09/0627 Fernhurst Search

Linchmere RG09/0627 Fernhurst Search

Lindfield RG09/0581 Lindfield Search

Lingfield (Surrey) RG09/0579 East Grinstead Search

Little Horsted RG09/0576 Isfield Search

Littlehampton RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search
New! Littlington RG09/0567 Eastbourne Search

Lodsworth RG09/0626 Midhurst Search

Lower Beeding RG09/0609 North Horsham Search
New! Lullington RG09/0567 Eastbourne Search

Lurgashall RG09/0627 Fernhurst Search

Madehurst RG09/0619 Yapton Search

Maresfield RG09/0577 Maresfield Search

Mayfield RG09/0574 Rotherfield Search

Merston RG09/0618 Wyke Search

Middleton RG09/0619 Yapton Search

Midhurst RG09/0626 Midhurst Search

Mid-Lavant RG09/0621 Singleton Search

Mountfield RG09/0564 Ewhurst Search

New Fishbourne RG09/0618 Wyke Search

New Shoreham RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

Newhaven Rg09/0589 Newhaven Search

Newick RG09/0585 Chailey Search

Newtimber RG09/0583 Hurstpierpoint Search

Ninfield RG09/0568 Hailsham Search

North Chapel RG09/0627 Fernhurst Search

North Marden RG09/0629 Funtington Search

North Mundham RG09/0618 Wyke Search

North Stoke RG09/0616 Arundel Search

Northiam RG09/0558 Beckley Search

Nuthurst RG09/0607 South Horsham Search

Old Shoreham RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

Ore RG09/0559 Ore Search

Oving RG09/0620 Boxgrove Search

Ovingdean RG09/0590 Rottingdean Search

Pagham RG09/0618 Wyke Search

Patching RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Parham RG09/0613 Washington Search

Patcham RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

Peasemarsh RG09/0557 Rye Search

Penshurst RG09/0565 Battle Search

Pett RG09/0559 Ore Search

Petworth RG09/0611 Petworth Search

Pevensey RG09/0566 Westham Search

Piddinghoe Rg09/0589 Newhaven Search

Playden RG09/0557 Rye Search

Plumpton RG09/0584 Ditchling Search

Poling RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Portslade RG09/0605 Shoreham Search

Poynings RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Preston RG09/0604 Shoreham Search

Pulborough RG09/0612 Pulborough Search

Pyecombe RG09/0583 Hurstpierpoint Search

Racton RG09/0629 Funtington Search

Ringmer RG09/0585 Chailey Search

Ripe RG09/0588 West Firle Search

Rodmell RG09/0590 Rottingdean Search

Rogate RG09/0628 Harting Search

Rotherfield RG09/0574 Rotherfield Search

Rottingdean RG09/0590 Rottingdean Search

Rudgwick RG09/0610 Billingshurst Search

Rumbolds-Wyke RG09/0618 Wyke Search

Rusper RG09/0609 North Horsham Search

Rustington RG09/0615 Littlehampton Search

Rye RG09/0557 Rye Search

Salehurst RG09/0571 Salehurst Search
New! Seaford RG09/0567 Eastbourne Search

Sedlescombe RG09/0564 Ewhurst Search

Selham RG09/0626 Midhurst Search

Selmeston RG09/0588 West Firle Search

Selsey RG09/0617 Manhood Search

Shermanbury RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Shipley RG09/0607 South Horsham Search

Sidlesham RG09/0617 Manhood Search

Singleton RG09/0621 Singleton Search

Slaugham RG09/0582 Cuckfield Search

Slindon RG09/0619 Yapton Search

Slinfold RG09/0607 South Horsham Search

Sompting RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

South Ambersham
RG09/0626 Midhurst

South Bersted RG09/0625 South Bersted Search

South Heighton Rg09/0589 Newhaven Search

South Malling RG09/0586 Lewes Search

South Stoke RG09/0616 Arundel Search

Southease RG09/0589 Newhaven Search

Southover (see Lewes)

RG09/0608 Horsham

Southwick RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

St Mary in the Castle (see Hastings)

Stanmer RG09/0590 Rottingdean Search

Stedham RG09/0628 Harting Search

Steep RG09/0626 Midhurst Search

Steyning RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Stopham RG09/0612 Pulborough Search

Storrington RG09/0613 Washington Search

Stoughton RG09/0629 Funtington Search

Street RG09/0584 Ditchling Search

Sullington RG09/0613 Washington Search

Sutton RG09/0622 Sutton Search

Tangmere RG09/0620 Boxgrove Search

Tarring Neville Rg09/0589 Newhaven Search

Telscombe Rg09/0589 Newhaven Search

Terwick RG09/0628 Harting Search

Thakeham RG09/0613 Washington Search

Ticehurst RG09/0570 Ticehurst Search

RG09/0572 Wadhurst

Tillington RG09/0626 Midhurst Search

Tortington RG09/0616 Arundel Search

Treyford RG09/0628 Harting Search

Trotton RG09/0628 Harting Search

Twineham RG09/0583 Hurstpierpoint Search

Uckfield RG09/0576 Isfield Search

Udimore RG09/0558 Beckley Search

Up-Marden RG09/0629 Funtington Search

Upper Beeding RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Up-Waltham RG09/0621 Singleton Search

Wadhurst RG09/0572 Wadhurst Search

Walberton RG09/0619 Yapton Search

Waldron RG09/0575 Framfield Search

Warbleton RG09/0569 Hellingly Search

Warminghurst RG09/0613 Washington Search

Warnham RG09/0609 North Horsham Search

RG09/0616 Arundel

Wartling RG09/0568 Hailsham Search

Washington RG09/0613 Washington Search

West Blatchington RG09/0603 Shoreham Search

West Chiltington RG09/0612 Pulborough Search

West Dean (West Sussex)
RG09/0629 Funtington Search

West Firle RG09/0588 West Firle Search

West Grinstead RG09/0607 South Horsham Search
New! West Hoathly RG09/0580 Worth Search

West Itchenor RG09/0617 Manhood Search

West Lavington
RG09/0626 Midhurst

West Stoke RG09/0621 Singleton Search

West Tarring RG09/0614 Broadwater Search

West Thorney RG09/0630 Westbourne Search

West Wittering RG09/0617 Manhood Search

Westbourne RG09/0630 Westbourne Search
New! Westdean (East Sussex)
RG09/0567 Eastbourne Search

Westfield RG09/0563 Bexhill Search

Westham RG09/0566 Westham Search

Westhampnett RG09/0620 Boxgrove Search

Westmeston RG09/0584 Ditchling Search

Whatlington RG09/0564 Ewhurst Search

Wiggonholt RG09/0616 Arundel Search

Willingdon RG09/0566 Westham Search

Wilmington RG09/0566 Westham Search

Winchelsea RG09/0558 Beckley Search

Wisborough Green RG09/0610 Billingshurst Search

Wiston RG09/0613 Washington Search

Withyham RG09/0578 Withyham Search

Wivelsfield RG09/0584 Ditchling Search

Woodmancote RG09/0606 Steyning Search

Woolavington RG09/0626 Midhurst Search

Woolbeding RG09/0626 Midhurst Search
New! Worth RG09/0580 Worth Search

Yapton RG09/0619 Yapton Search