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May-June 2016

Alison Cdave
Janet B
John P

Hello again,
    Although you may have been News-less for several weeks this time, that doesn't mean nothing has been happening. Two more pieces now are within a whisker of being completed and your emails tell us that progress is being made in spite of comments such as, "without doubt this enumerator's handwriting is the worst I have ever seen" (and now we come to validate the section, Graham, we agree with you!).  We've also been delighted to welcome back Sue R after a break, ready to start work again.
   On the other hand, as we are still unable to supply images (and therefore in effect to recruit new members), the  team members actually able to contribute to the project are now outnumbered by those on the "inactive list" and there is less and less to report each month. We think it would  be more sensible to send out the Newsletter every two months from now on rather than monthly.  We will of course continue to be in touch with each of you as the need arises, and will send out a circular if there is anything urgent to tell you.  In the meantime, do keep sending us details and snippets to pass on.
   Best wishes to you all,
Simon and Chris

Progress Report
The 1891 Census for Sussex has been completed by another FreeCEN Team, and
the 1881 Census is already available without charge thanks to the LDS.  The Censuses for 1861 and 1871 were completed by this team. 

Census Year
Pieces in the Census
   21  (90 sections)
Pieces on line
15 (15)
Population of Sussex on line
67% (67%)
Pieces being transcribed
6 sections (5)
Pieces waiting to be checked
0 sections (1)
Pieces being checked
4 sections (4)
Pieces being validated or waiting to go on line
19 sections (16)
(Numbers in brackets are last month's figures)
The last National update was on 6th May

Who could he be?
We feel sorry for any researcher looking for this man in Rudgwick:
"Tom the Pensioner... male, age unknown"
(no other details)
The Team
Eng In England
Simon and Chris,   Marianne, Jan, and Susan, all in Sussex, Graham in Berkshire, Barry in Buckinghamshire, Sue R and Janet B  in Hampshire, Richard in Tyne & Wear, John P* in Norfolk, Jean* in Surrey, and Keith* in Kent.
scot In Scotland
Janet M* in Caithness
In Australia
Alison C in NSW, 
In the USA 
Karen in California,  Donna in Michigan
In Canada
Dave in BC,

* Inactive at present
(The "reserve list")

Things you Find

Puzzles for the Postman
 Last time we had
Hornshands (Horsham)
Rodmyll (Rodmell)
Nenvel (Ninfield)
Wadling (Wartling)
Catsfold (Catsfield)

  These new ones are not too difficult we think:
Appropriate Names
Two cooks from different areas in Broadwater:
Mrs Bone and Miss Butcher

barryBarrySimon and Chris
Simon and Chris
...and who's next?