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November-December 2016

Alison Cdave
Janet B
John P

Hello again,
   having said Hello to Carole in the previous Newsletter, we already have to say, "Goodbye and Thankyou".  She has helped us to reduce the number of pieces to transcribe down to just one, and is now looking for "employment" elsewhere in the FreeCEN scheme.  Good luck, Carole, and thanks again!
   As you know by now, the only work we have left to do in Sussex is checking and validating sections that have already been transcribed, and that process is moving on steadily.  We can't send anything off to the database until a whole piece is available, so there's a lot of separate sections stashed away on our hard drives waiting to be re-assembled when a piece is completed. 
   Thanks for keeping us up to date with your progress on the various tasks you're working on, and for the odd snippet or oddity for inclusion in the Newsletter.  This month's contributions are in the next column.
   It won't be long until Christmas, (though it's not as close as one of the local shops here seems to think - they had decorations up before the end of August), so we'd like to wish you and yours a wonderful time, a Happy Christmas and a great New Year. FreeCEN work is forbidden over the holiday, but there will be plenty to keep checkers busy in 2017!
   Best wishes to you all,
Simon and Chris

Progress Report
The 1891 Census for Sussex has been completed by another FreeCEN Team, and
the 1881 Census is already available without charge thanks to the LDS.  The Censuses for 1861 and 1871 were completed by this team. 

Census Year
Pieces in the Census
   21  (90 sections)
Pieces on line
16 (16)
Population of Sussex on line
71% (71%)
Pieces being transcribed
1 section (5)
Pieces waiting to be checked
6 sections (5)
Pieces being checked
6 sections (3)
Pieces being validated or waiting to go on line
17 sections (16)
(Numbers in brackets are last month's figures)
The last National update was on 19th October

The Team
Eng In England
Simon and Chris,   Marianne, Jan, and Susan, all in Sussex, Graham* in Berkshire, Barry in Buckinghamshire, Sue R and Janet B  in Hampshire, Richard in Tyne & Wear, John P* in Norfolk, Jean* in Surrey, and Keith* in Kent.
scot In Scotland
Janet M* in Caithness
In Australia
Alison C in NSW,
In the USA 
Karen in California,  Donna in Michigan
In Canada
Dave in BC,

* Inactive at present
(The "reserve list")

Things you Find
Some of the oddities you've noticed as you slave away

Is This a Record?
Found in Littlehampton:
Un-named infant.  Age 1/2 hour.

Appropriate Names
Also in Littlehampton:
Mr Coake, coal merchant

...and in Arundel
James Field, Farmer
Elizabeth Field, Farmer's Wife
James Field, Farmer's Son we've nearly got the set!

Another variation on the role of a housewife:
Jane Smart of Littlehampton, described by her husband (presumably) as "Mistress, House Department"


barryBarrySimon and Chris
Simon and Chris
...and who's next?