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May 2015

Alison Cdave
Janet B
John P

Hello again,
    We regret there was no April edition of the Newsletter; having the decorators in made normal life quite complicated, and getting to the computer was not always easy.  Anyway, here we are again...
   The logjam at the FreeCEN HQ seems to have been freed, and the piece we sent off earlier in the year (HO51/1646) has now been added to the on-line database. This has given quite a boost to the percentage figure in the chart below.  Thanks as always are due to those who contributed by transcribing, checking and validating the various sections of the piece; another chunk of Brighton accounted for!
   Barry has decided to take a breather since we last wrote.  He says he needs to catch up on the work he's doing for FreeBMD. We hope he'll be back before too long.  Barry is not the only one who's contributing to the world of genealogy in ways other than FreeCEN; we know some of the team are using their skills and experience elsewhere, and we ourselves have several ongoing family trees we have started off for other folk.  A distant cousin of Simon's got in touch with us lately, having found a message we left on one of the genealogy websites several years ago. That resulted in a few more names and details added to our own tree. Family research, it seems, never comes to an end.
   Best wishes to you all,
Simon and Chris

Progress Report
The 1891 Census for Sussex has been completed by another FreeCEN Team, and
the 1881 Census is already available without charge thanks to the LDS.  The Censuses for 1861 and 1871 were completed by this team. 

Census Year
Pieces in the Census
   21  (90 sections)
Pieces on line
Population of Sussex on line
Pieces being transcribed
9 sections (12)
Pieces waiting to be checked
5 sections (4)
Pieces being checked
3 sections (4)
Pieces being validated or waiting to go on line
25 sections (24)
(Numbers in brackets are last month's figures)
Last National update: 4th May

Things You Find
Please keep looking out for the little "snippets" and oddities you find as you work through the pieces. It helps to lift the spirits when we're struggling with illegible handwriting or horrendous spelling, and reminds us that the Victorians were an interesting bunch.  "There's nowt so queer as folk", as they say.

The Team
Eng In England
Simon and Chris,   Marianne, Neal*, Jan, and Susan, all  in Sussex, Graham in Berkshire, Barry* in Buckinghamshire, Sue R* and Janet B  in Hampshire, Richard in Tyne & Wear, John P* in Norfolk, Jean* in Surrey, Fiona in Yorkshire, and Keith* in Kent.
scot In Scotland
Janet M* in Caithness
france In France
Vivienne in the Dordogne
In Australia
  Iris* in WA, Alison C in NSW, Denis in Victoria
In the USA 
Karen in California,  Donna in Michigan
In Canada
Dave in BC,
sweden In Sweden
Lynne in Bullaren

* Inactive at present
(The "reserve list")

"Name this Child.."

In Charlton we found a lad called Atwick
and in Lidsey two brothers we entered on the spreadsheet as PRINCE William and PRINCE Harry. No sign of any other royals, though, not even a Charlotte.

What's My Line?
(Or Happy Families?)

In Aldingbourn lived Mr Baker, the Miller and Baker, with his brother, another Mr Baker, Miller and Baker, and their third brother, Mr Baker the Miller and Baker.
I wonder if these are the Fabulous Bakin' Boys whose cakes we buy at the Supermarket?

barryBarrySimon and Chris
Simon and Chris
...and who's next?