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THIS ALEXANDER FAMILY of the Southside, Virginia; Putnam Co., GA and Columbus, GA & Oswichee, AL 

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Mission Statement

The mission of this site is to document This Alexander Family, Kith and Kin of Southside Virginia from the Anglo-British Colonial American period through to the (nearly) present. 

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Some of the people, areas and times covered in this site include: 

John ALEXANDER & Martha [LNU], 2nd Richard PEPPER Sr. 
(unk - Feb 1738)       (unk - Jun 1743)     (unk - 1760) 
Parishes: Bristol & Albemarle, VA 
Counties: Prince George & Brunswick Co's., VA and Surry & Sussex Co's., VA 
Child married: [Jones?] 
Grand-children married: Smith, Hopkins, Lane (2X), Cato & Clark 

1st Generation Neighbors 
Anderson, Munford, Brooks, Hix (sic Hicks), Avent, Banister (sic Bannister), Brown, Davies (sic Davis), Kimball, Napier,  Smith, Byrd, Butcher, Cargill, Cocke, King, Mathis (sic Matthews), Mitchell, Walker, Stith, Fox, Bolling, Carrel, Harwell,  King, Parham, Keith, Clark, Steed, Robertson, Westbrook, Philip, Cook, Pennington, Twitty 

Robert ALEXANDER Sr. & Martha [Jones?], 2nd John Petaway (sic Pettaway, Pettway
(Feb 1733 - Jul 1784)       (pre-1748 - ca. Feb 1803)  (unk - ca. Nov 1796) 
Parishes: Bristol & Albemarle, VA 
Counties: Brunswick, Lunenburg & Mecklenburg Co's., VA and Warren Co., NC 
Children married: Smith, Hopkins, Lane (2X), Cato & Clark 
Grand-children married: Thrower, Roberton, Taylor (2X), Pain, Hudson, Chambers, Flewellen, Billings, McDougald, Harris, Crowell, Clark, Leslie & Gayle

2nd Generation Neighbors 
Bracey, Harrison, Twitty, Lindsey, Stokes, Taylor, Dansby, Tileman (sic Tilman), Farguson (sic Ferguson),  Mothershead, Gray, Roberson, Ward, Tisdale, Embro, Edwards, Wills, Spread, Martin, Hopkins, Coleman, Watson,  Mitchell,  Beard, Baugh, Davis, Goode, Jones, Willis, Easter, Burton, Dedman, Thornton, Johnson, King, Miller, Burchett,  Fitts, Norsworthy, Talley, Palmore (sic Palmer), Walker, Moore, Pope, Jones, Notes, Wood, Ellis 

William ALEXANDER Sr. & Elizabeth LANE 
(Mar 1780 - Mar 1853)         (Aug 1784 - Sep 1833) 
Parishes: unknown; most family members began participating in/practicing "Southern" Methodism ca. 1802
Counties: Mecklenburg Co., VA, Hancock, Putnam, Harris & Muscogee Co's., GA and Russell Co., AL 
Descended from: Alexander, [Jones?], Lane, Perry 
Children married: Hudson, Chambers, Flewellen, Billings, McDougald, Harris, Crowell & Nisbet 
Grand-children married: Flewellen, Gordon, Harris, Bozeman, Threewits, O'Bryan, Dawson, Shingleur, Dixonm Fitten, Boykin, Toney, Chambers, Merritt, Cantey, Lawton, Garrett, Wynns, Whitaker, Abercrombie, Bloom, Hunter, Whitaker & Dennis (2X) 

William ALEXANDER Jr. & Ariadne CROWELL 
(May 1813 - May 1889)      (Sep 1826 - Mar 1864) 
Counties: Putnam, Harris & Muscogee Co's., GA and Russell Co., AL 
Descended from: Alexander, Lane, Crowell, Cantey 
Children married: Chambers, Merritt, Cantey, Lawton, Garrett & Wynns 
Grand-children: Boykin, Dallas, Fields, Lindley, Milford, Thomas, Stevens, Munroe, Skelton, Williams, Stokes, Henderson, Goza & Willis 

Chambers ALEXANDER & Clara Rebecca WYNNS 
(Jun 1861 - Mar 1949)        (Jul 1871 - Mar 1905) 
Counties: Russell Co., AL 
Descended from: Alexander, Crowell, Wynns, Barnes 
Children married: Henderson, Goza & Willis 
Grand-children married: Edwards, Hodgson & MacDonald 

William Chester ALEXANDER & Mary Elma GOZA 
(Apr 1896 - Jul 1981)                  (Nov 1904 - Mar 1995) 
Counties: Russell Co., AL, Shelby Co., TN and Craighead & Crittenden Co's., AR 
Descended from: Alexander, Wynns, Goza, Berry 
Children married: Edwards 
Grand-children married: Sargent

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