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Here you will find old maps, pictures, postcards, air photos,
and geology info for Cayuga County and the Finger Lakes.
If you find this useful please let me know why.
If not, tell me what is missing and I may be able to find you the info or dirrect you to those who can help.

PICTURES of Cayuga Lake and other things.
Cayuga County genealogy web site
Cayuga County genealogy web site Maps pageIncluding 1859 Cayuga County Wall map.
Frontenac Historical Society in Union Springs


We live in the Finger Lakes because of its open space and vistas.
For a better understanding of open space use and some of the misconceptions regarding its zoning and development I encourage you to review the following article. Such Cost of Government Services studies have been done in many many communities all across the United States and the results are remarkably the same. Many of our old assumptions on taxation and "expanding the tax base" do not hold up when the true facts are looked at. Many communities have taken a look at their old ways of doing business and are finding it to be much more cost effective to plan growth and protect open space and farmland. You may also wish to check out the many articles on this at the web site of the American Farmland Trust.

The Economic Value of Open Space by. Charles J. Fausold and Robert J. Lilieholm
Published in Land Lines, September 1996, Volume 8, Number 5

For information on how you can help to protect your land and other lands in the Finger Lakes contact:
The Finger Lakes Land Trust


Erie Canal Info and Maps

       1862 Map of the Erie Canal Including the Seneca, Chemung, Crooked Lake, and Cayuga Canals
        "Profiles of the New York State Canals and Feeders; Showing the Elevations of the same above Tidewater"
        and the Junction of the Lateral Canals with the Erie.
        Designed under the Direction of Wm. B. Taylor. State Engineer and Surveyor,
        To accompany the State Engineer & Survey Report for 1862


1938 Air Photos of the north-east corner of Cayuga Lake
        from Cayuga to Long Point State Park.

       Be sure to compare these photos to the 1990's color infra-red photo below of the same area to see the changes in land use.
       If you open a second window in your browser (go to FILE, NEW, New BROWSER; in Netscape)
       you can then have the old and new views open at the same time.
       What these do not show is the visual loss of the natural shoreline due to construction too close to the shore.

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I have all of Cayuga County east to Otisco Lake and south to Ludlowville. Also some of Oswego County. If you need a particular area let me know and I can e-mail U the picture and zoom in. Let me know the intersection of two roads in the middle of the area you need.

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1790 Map of Western Finger Lakes

1802 Map of Central New York

1812 Map of Central New York

1829 Map of Cayuga County

1838 Map of Cayuga County


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1853 Map of Cayuga County

1875 Maps of Cayuga County

1879 Map of Cayuga County

1900 Map of Cayuga County

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Old Photos

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Local History of Springport, Union Springs, and Aurelius

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Frontenac Island Drawing by Sarah Richardson
Data from back of drawing
Mrs. Sarah Richardion (Richardson)
15 1/2 X 9 1/4
Back but no flaps in ???

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Geologic Map and Data

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Reports and Data

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Woodcut of Cayuga Bridge

"The above view of Cayuga Bridge, which crosses the Cayuga lake on the great western turnpike, was taken on the western bank, and shows on the opposite side of the lake a portion of the little village of Cayuga. The large building on the right is the well-known tavern of Mr. Titus, having superior accomodations. This bridge, so famous in political estimates, was commenced in May, 1799, and finished in September, 1800. It was built by the Manhattan Company of New York, and cost $150,000. Its length is one mile. "This bridge is thelongest in America, perhaps the world, and yet five years ago," says the traveller in 1800, "the Indians possessed the shores of the lake, imbosomed in almost impenetrable woods." The first bridge was built on mud sills - the second on piles - the third and last was errected in 1833, and cost about $15,000.

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Old Woodcut Illustrations from the book:

Edited by Henry Kollock

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Old postcard of Hammondsport and Keuka Lake

Compare this to the photo on page 46-47 of the wonderful new book FINGER LAKES PANORAMAS by Kristian S. Reynolds.

D ETAIL of old postcard of Hammondsport and Keuka Lake

The flying field down by the lake at Kingsley Flats was in use for a number of years -- certainly from 1909 or so until some time during the First World War. The Curtiss Flying School was there, operating both land planes and seaplanes. There was a dirigible hangar, and this was also the site for all the testing and experiemental work, including flights of the "Langley' and the "America."

Info from:
Mr. Kirk House, Executive Director
Glen H. Curtis Museum
8419 Rt. 54
Hammondsort, NY

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Old Photos from "Finger Lakes Topics"
an old publication of the Finger Lakes Association in 1924-25

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Color infra red images of the CAZENOVIA USGS 7 1/2 min quad dated to May 1994. I would suggest that you download these and save them to your own web space. Each file is about 150K in size.