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Surname Initial

Clark A. B.

Barto H. D.

Gregg C. P

Maynard E. M.

Lovell Eber

Giles J.

Camp H.



Gregory John R.

Creque J,. Jr

Putnam I. K.

Smith J. D.

Clough S.



Rumsey E. S.

Stone A. G.

Stone A. G.

Mandeville L. A.



Van Duyn J.



McLallen G. J.

Quigley A. H.

Quigley D. C.



Follett J. K.

Stanley Charles



Page L. E.

DeGroot A. B.

Wychoff Richard B.

Ogden W. H.

Hill L. E.

Trembly L.

Hageman P. V.

Warne G. W.

Pease J. D.

Bell J. C.


Owen L. H.

Strobridge Lyman

Frear B.

Cole David, Capt.

McLallen D. K.

Legend (Numbered Buildings along Main and Union Streets)

Number Name

1 Washington House

2 Dr.'s Office

3 Shoe Store

4 Saloon

5 Bakery

6 Store

7 Post Office

8 Vacent

9 Paint Shop & Dwelling

10 Creque, J.

11 Hardware Store

12 Camp, H. Store

13 Drug Store

14 Harness Shop

15 Market

16 Jewelry Store

17 Saloon

18 Shoe Store

19 Grocery

20 Drug Store

21 Quigley, A. H. and D. C., Clothing Store

22 Hart, T., Store

23 Millinary Dumont Hall

24 Dumont, Pierson & Co.

25 Dumont House

Street Surname Initial Remarks

Bradley St. Abel A. J.
Bradley St. Mc Donald Mrs.
Bradley St. Biggs J. H.
Cemetery St. Grove Cemetery

Cemetery St. Sears A.
Cemetery St. Edick D.
Cemetery St. Carberry E.
Cemetery St. Durling O.
Congress St. Wrixson D.
Congress St. Creque J.
Congress St. Hill I. E. ,Dr.
Congress St. Office

Congress St. Stone A. G.
Congress St. Strowbridge L.
Congress St. Bull I. C.
Congress St. Bap Ch
Baptist Church
Elm St. Camp* H.
Elm St. Thompsom J.
Elm St. Maynard R. M.
Elm St. Daggett C.
Elm St. Miller W.
Elm St. Dunning B., Dr.
Elm St. Mosher L.
Falls St. Cronen C.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Creque J.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Smith C. S.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Graves O.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Lay Mrs.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Clock S.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Smith B. F.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Ellick I.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Cole D.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Foote E.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Woodworth H. C.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Robinson G.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Burch C.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Savage J.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Duryea W.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Thomas T. P.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Smith Mrs.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Brewer P. C.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Sawyer H.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Chandler M.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Manning S.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Fish J. R.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Ellick* I.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Stone W. J.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Gould R. V.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Woodworth E.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Stanley C.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Kelly O. P.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Fish C. H.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Lyon Mrs.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Cook B.
Gayuga (Cayuga?) St. Treman E. R.
Halsey St. Thompsom J.
Halsey St. Churchward R. R.
Halsey St. Winfield F.
Halsey St. Hemans J. P.
Halsey St. Brown J.
Halsey St. Reed C.
Hector Ave. Fair Ground

Hector Ave. Gregg's Furnature

Hector Ave. McLallen J.
Hector Ave. Brewer A.
Hector Ave. Crawford Mrs.
Hector Ave. Himrod Thompson & Co.

Hector Ave. Tannery

Hector Ave. Himrod B. W.
Hector Ave. Cabinet Sh(op)

Hector Ave. Carriage Sh(op)

Hector Ave. Livery

Hector Ave. B S Sh
Black Smith Shop
Hector Ave. Mable Shop

Hector Ave. Biggs & Mosher

Hector Ave. Biggs Bros. & Wilcox

Hector Ave. Mandeville I. D.
Hector Ave. Lovell E.
King St. King J. P.
King St. Connell R. O.
King St. Dorsey L.
Lake St. Wykoff S. C.
Lake St. Page L. E.
Lake St. Whittock Mrs.
Lake St. Pratt J. L.
Lake St. Flax Mill

Lake St. Do?tator J.
Lake St. Tremble R.
Lawn St. Camp H.
Main St. Robinson H.
Main St. Thompson J.
Main St. Gluxier H.
Main St. Corey J. G.
Main St. B. S. Sh
Black Smith Shop
Main St. Utter D. B.
Main St. Bank & Town Hall

Main St. Gluxier H.
Main St. Corey J. G.
Main St. B. S. Sh
Black Smith Shop
Main St. Stone W. J.
Main St. Market

Main St. Cabt Shop
Cabinet Shop
Main St. Hunter J. S.
Main St. Cole N.
Main St. Boughton J. D.
Main St. Bank

Main St. Quigley A. H. & D. C.
Main St. Prebst. Ch
Presbyterian Church
Main St. Lecture Room

Main St. Creque A. M.
Main St. Truman J.
Main St. Lewis J., Dr.
Main St. Office

Main St. Smith J. D.
Main St. Law Office

Main St. Smoke J.
Main St. Hopkins C.
Main St. Farrington J. M. , Dr.
Main St. Clock S.
Main St. Store

Main St. Drumont O.
Main St. Cooper D. L.
Main St. B. S. Sh
Black Smith Shop
Main St. Carriage Sh(op)

Main St. Cath Ch
Catholic Church
Main St. Owen L. H.
Main St. To??man Mrs.
Main St. ME Ch
Methodist Church
Main St. Lecture Room

Main St. Valentine Mrs.
Main St. Weed Mrs.
Main St. Chandler W.
Main St. Furnace

Main St. Ayers E.
Main St. Camp* H.
Main St. Cem.
Main St. Bancroft C. P.
Main St. Gould J. D.
Main St. Fritts D. J. & F. S.
Main St. Vandermeer Mrs.
Main St. Page L. E.
Main St. Jones P.
Main St. Holman A. M.
Main St. Pease A.
Main St. Hart T.
Main St. Hale D.
Main St. Severns E.
Main St. Gould* J. D.
Main St. Troutman D.
Main St. Jones H. B.
Main St. Young E.
Mc Lallen St. Himrod L.
Mc Lallen St. Mc Lallen J.
Mc Lallen St. Bloomer H.
Mc Lallen St. Sherwood A.
Mc Lallen St. Gunoung Miss
Mc Lallen St. Lowell E.
Mc Lallen St. Warne G. W.
Mc Lallen St. Horton J.
Mc Lallen St. Lecture Room

Mc Lallen St. Smith Mrs. D.
Seneca St. Bell S. W.
Seneca St. Smith W.
Seneca St. Fish R.
Seneca St. Biggs Bros.

Seneca St. Codington A.
Seneca St. Crego R.
Seneca St. Williams F.
Seneca St. Stone J. L.
South St. Stirrine J.
South St. Warring L.
South St. Atwater Mrs.
South St. Atwater R.
South St. Freur B.
South St. Elmore D.
South St. Aikens D.
South St. M. E. Parsonage
Methodist Parsonage
South St. Clough S.
South St. Pierson E.
South St. Cuffman D. P.
South St. McKeen P. M.
South St. Wykoff R.
Unnamed, off Main St. Clock H. C.
Unnamed, off Main St. G. Mill
Grist Mill
Unnamed, off Union St. Creque E.
Unnamed, off Union St. Hall E.
Washington St. Hageman P. V.
Washington St. Coddington A. P.
Washington St. Perkins T. N.
Washington St. Smith J. R.
Washington St. Hedger R. C.
Washington St. Mandeville L. A.
Washington St. Stewart G. W.
Whig St. Thompsom P. H.
Whig St. H. S.
Whig St. Hymes Mrs.
Whig St. Tompkins R.
Whig St. Taylor Miss
Whig St. Lovell H. M.
Whig St. Wicks S. R.
Whig St. Pres. Parsonamge
Presbyterian Parsonage
Whig St. Lorell J. M.
Whig St. Dumont Est(ata)

Whig St. Cuffman J. A.
Whig St. Boardman T.
Whig St. Clark G.
Whig St. Updyke J.
Whig St. Carpender Sh(op)

Whig St. Clark Mrs.
Whig St. Smoke D.
Whig St. Boyyer B.

* Indicates that only initials were on map

? Indicates that spelling is uncertain