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Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad Employee Rosters

Source: The following employee indexes are taken from advertising rosters issued in the 1950s. The forward to each was written by R.E. Chapin, Secretary-Treasurer of the E. Richardson Division, No. 282, of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, indicating that the locals involved sponsored the publications. Included are the names of engineers, firemen, conductors, trainmen, yardmen and agents/operators on the Bessemer. Yards include Albion, Erie, Butler, Shenango and Conneaut. At the bottom of each index file are links to scans of the source data from the actual rosters.

1954 Roster, 508 records

1957 Roster, 466 records

1959 Roster, 447 records

On-line article listing the crews on the last runs of steam locomotives on the B&LE.

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