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Commenced work as Extra Brakeman Nov. 29th, 1888. Age 33. Promoted to Extra Freight Conductor Jan. 21st, 1890.

Carried car to 51st Street (Chicago) that belonged at North Judson, had no waybill for car out of Huntington. Assessed for mileage from N. Judson to Chicago and return ($8.64).

Suspended 10 days beginning June 5th for holding train 90 at Rochester needlessly contrary to bulletin notice. Was also suspended 10 days for falsely registering at 51st Street to gain an extra hour's overtime. Reprimanded and given to understand that further complaints against him would result in dismissing.

Suspended 10 days Nov. 10th, 1891 for not reporting accident to his train. Reprimanded for refusing to answer message from dispatcher G.B.C. to delay to 2nd 90 at North Judson July 19th, 1892. Suspended 10 days for colliding with engine 317 at Hammond coal dock on No. 81, Aug. 17th, 1893. Suspended 7 days from Dec. 3rd for failure to report himself clear as per block signal rule "A" at Boone Grove on 2nd 86, Nov. 27th, 1893, causing a delay of 19 minutes to No. 1 and 18 minutes to No. 14.

Suspended 7 days for hauling C&E Car 4768, oats for Richford, PA from Chicago to Huntington in 1st 86, April 3rd, 1894, on a bill for Fitchburg Car 4768 which read "oats for Boston."

Suspended 30 days from Aug. 23rd for carrying passengers free on No. 85 of July 30th, 1894 and for allowing his engineer to ride in caboose from Judson to Hammond, same date and train, while fireman ran the engine, and one of the free passengers did the firing.

Suspended five days from Sept. 21st for not complying strictly with the rules in regard to passing man in charge of stock loaded in NYL 39642 from Chicago to Crown Point on Aug. 16th, 1895.

Suspended 5 days from Oct. 9th for failure to send a flag back to find a drawbar lost out of his train on Extra 712 East on Sept. 17th, 1897 between Coynes and bridge at Joliet on EJ&E Railroad. Drawbar was struck by Extra 706 East and engine damaged (see other book).

October 23rd, 1901, as Conductor on 2nd 82 at Ora, the 6th and 7th cars ahead of caboose were two empty stock cars which were to be left at Ora and Monterey; At Ora, Dyer directed the Engineer to go to the rear of the train and switch out car for that point. The Engineer and Brakeman Kindler were sent to west end of switch to put caboose and 5 rear cars back on train. Engineer and Dyer expected cars would be put on the train by the engine holding on to them, as there is a grade at that point. Brakeman Kindler did not understand this and after the cars had gotten well started, cut them loose from engine and they were running so fast that
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From Page 74)
other brakeman could not get on to stop them, resulting in a loss of $708.62. Mr. Dyer claims to have tried to give Engineer a signal from where he stood but neither the Engineer or anyone else saw him do this. His familiarity with the ground should have caused him to instruct the Brakeman to not give cars a run and cut them loose from engine.

SOURCE: P. 74 and 294, Chicago & Erie Railroad Employment Summary Book, ledger book covering @ 1880-1905. Donated to this site courtesy of Nick Pappas. Transcription by Jim Sponholz (c) 2007.

From the January, 1931 issue of Erie Railroad Magazine:
W.D. Dyer, veteran passenger conductor, has died. He was employed as a brakeman on the Marion Division on November 29, 1888, was promoted to freight conductor January 21, 1890, and to passenger conductor November 23, 1906. "Bill," as he was familiarly known, was well liked and known by everyone in the service on the division. He was retired on special allowance August 6, 1928, after having spent nearly 40 years in the service. His passing is mourned by a host of friends.

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