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Erie Railroad Passenger Representatives, 1906 Public Timetable
Barrow J.S. Asst Gen. Pass. Agent New York, NY
Barto E.H. Suburban Pass Agent New York, NY
Beach Wallace Ticket Agent Hamilton, OH
Bevan S.L. Ticket Agent New York, NY
Brown J.D. Asst Gen. Pass. Agent Cleveland, OH
Buckley James Gen Eastern Pass Agent New York, NY
Buehler A. 860 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY
Burke J.M. Ticket Agent (D&H) Saratoga Springs, NY
Carey W.J. Ticket Agent Jersey City, NJ
Cathcart J.R. City Pass and Ticket Agent Buffalo, NY
Clark Frank C. Ticket Agent New York, NY
Cleveland J.A. Travelling Pass Agent Buffalo, NY
Coleman W.P. City Passenger Agent Brooklyn, NY
Coogan W.J. Ticket Agent New York, NY
Cormany G.C. City Passenger Agent Dayton, OH
Crider L.L. Ticket Agent Middletown, OH
Day F.M. Ticket Agent Springfield, OH
Dean J.W. Ticket Agent Chicago, IL
Dolan J.A. Travelling Pass Agent Chicago, IL
Dolan J.B. Pass. And Ticket Agent Niagara Falls, NY
Dooley W.H. 479 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Dougherty T.T. City Pass and Ticket Agent Paterson, NJ
Dunbar J.A. Ticket Agent Binghamton, NY
Eller U.G. Ticket Agent Cincinnati, OH
Enos O.L. Travelling Pass Agent Marion, OH
Fouts G.E. City Passenger Agent Chicago, IL
Garfield F.H. Division Pass. Agent Jamestown, NY
Georgia F.B. Ticket Agent Olean, NY
Gilbert C.J. City Pass and Ticket Agent Rochester, NY
Hansen A.C. City Pass and Ticket Agent Jersey City, NJ
Harcourt W.K. Ticket Agent Albany, NY (D&H)
Harlow H.T. Travelling Pass Agent Memphis, TN
Harrigan G.E. Ticket Agent Cincinnati, OH
Hawley H.W. Travelling Pass Agent New York, NY
Hilton A.C. Pacific Coast Pass Agt Oakland, CA
Holabird H.C. Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent Chicago, IL
Honodale C.D. Ticket Agent Akron, OH
Howard F.S. City Pass and Ticket Agent Cincinnati, OH
Hughes G.D. Travelling Pass Agent Youngstown, OH
Huntington H.E. Gen Agt, Pass. Dept. Cincinnati, OH
Ingersoll C.S. Passenger Agent New York, NY
Jaeger H.T. Gen Agt, Pass. Dept. Buffalo, NY
Jordan O.W. NE Passenger Agent Boston, MA
Kingsley K.R. Depot Ticket Agent Cleveland, OH
Kinsley C.A. Ticket Agent (Union Office) Saratoga Springs, NY
Kipp J.A. City Pass and Ticket Agent Newark, NJ
Kiss Emil Agent, 1004 Second Ave. New York, NY
Langdon W.E. Ticket Agent Mansfield, OH
Leach C.B. City Pass and Ticket Agent Cleveland, OH
Lutzenberger L.P. Ticket Agent Dayton, OH
Moffatt J.C. Comm. Frt and Pass Agent Scranton, PA
Morrison W.S. Ticket Agent Lima, OH
Newman T.I. Ticket Agent, W. 23rd St. New York, NY
Osborn C.F. Travelling Pass Agent Denver, CO
Porch E.R. Travelling Pass Agent St. Paul, MN
Priest Frank Travelling Pass Agent Boston, MA
Rice F.H. Ticket Agent, Chambers St. New York, NY
Richardson F.A. Travelling Pass Agent Troy, NY
Robbins J.A. Ticket Agent Chicago, IL
Roberts John Ticket Agent Youngstown, OH
Roberts L.H. Travelling Pass Agent Kansas City, MO
Rock W.O. Asst. City Pass Agent Chicago, IL
Roemer A.G. Ticket Agent New York, NY
Rosett Moritz Agent, Stanton St New York, NY
Sackett A.T. Ticket Agent Meadville, PA
Schleisner S.F. Agent, 374 Alexander Ave. New York, NY
Scott Frank E. Ticket Agent Chicago, IL
Seeschaf A. Pass and Ticket Agent Hoboken, NJ
Slauson C.T. Ticket Agent Chicago, IL
Smith H.B. Travelling Pass Agent Seattle, WA
Stagg George H. City Passenger Agent New York, NY
Sypher W.R. Ticket Agent Cincinnati, OH
Templeton M.J. Ticket Agent Galion, OH
Webster J.H. Division Pass. Agent Elmira, NY
Wells W.L. City Passenger Agent Bradford, PA
Westinghouse J.F. Ticket Agent Oil City, PA
Wilson W.F. City Pass and Ticket Agent Newburgh, NY
Transcribed by James Sponholz, (c) 2002
Passenger Timetable courtesy of Emily Homer.