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Kate Spilman
October 09, 1891 - March 1981

Photo taken in 1913

Kate was the seventh child of Tom and Thea Spilman.  She was born in Clear Lake, IA and died in Sturgis, South Dakota.  We know that in 1913 she had been to South Dakota where her brother Tom, had taken up a farmstead in Faith, SD.  Below is a photo of her from the book "Faith Country 1910-1960" that was kept by Thomas Spilman.

Kate is the woman in the center of the photo with the 'v neck' dress.  The book indicates that the photo was taken at the Teacher Institute at Annie Moore's in 1913.  Perhaps she was training to become a teacher and lived in Faith, SD for a while.  She  married Chester Arthur Johnson and per the photo below they would have been married in 1911.  They had a ranch and lived  in Faith, SD until moving to the Black Hills in 1943.

Kate and Chester Johnson in 1971 celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary

The couple lived in Sturgis, SD and had seven children.

  1. Daniel Johnson July 22, 1917-March 1980 married Adeline Knutson

  2. Gertrude Alida Johnson married Kenneth A. Trask

  3. Kenneth Cecil Johnson Jan. 27, 1931-Feb. 28, 2002  married Carol E. Frame

  4. Thelma Vivian Johnson married James B. Frame

  5. Russell Eugene Johnson April 11, 1926-June 25, 1943

  6. Ethel Arlene Johnson married George L. Lamers

  7. Beverly Mae Johnson married Don R. Lindblom

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Daniel , Jr.




Daniel Spilman 1848-1915 - Life in England before going to the United States.
-Birth Certificate,   Sloop Walcot, Whitton Windmill, Map of North Lincolnshire to America 1870.
Letters from America back to England
-Dan's marriage to Thea Anderson and his farm in Clear Lake, IA
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