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Peter Sperling Genealogy

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Mennonite Sperlings

Our Sperling ancestors joined the Mennonite church at some early unknown time and thereafter all had Mennonite roots. They came through Prussia and Russia. Many lived at Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia before immigrating to the United States in the years of 1874 and 1875. Some Sperlings came to Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and eventually some to the Dakotas. The last documented ancestor was Peter Sperling who was married to Wilhelmina Friedericka Feierherrn. They were born in Prussia and most likely died at Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia. In Prussia they were most likely from the Neumark - Kreis Friedeberg / Franztal area.

Peter Sperling and his family immigrated to Kansas, United States in 1874 on the S. S. Teutonia along with the many Russian immigrants that came to settle near Goessel, Kansas. Many on this ship were a part of the Alexanderwohl congregation that all immigrated together. Peter Sperling and his family became part of the group on the SS Teutonia, led by Minister Dietrich Gaeddert and settled near present-day Inman in McPherson County and established Hoffnungsau Mennonite Church. Peter's brother Heinrich Sperling and wife Sussana Voth and family came to Minnesota in 1875 via the S. S. Nederland. The brothers were both born in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia. Unsure which chukrch the Sperlings joined in Mt. Lake, Minnesota.

Peter Sperling has been connected to Lohrentz Sparling of  Dorposch, Culm, Prussia and the son of Tobias Sparling, also of Dorposch, Culm, Prussia. Tobias had three siblings: Hans, Isaac and Sarcke. The father whose name is unknown is said to be the father of all Mennonite Sperlings. The records of these names come from the Church Records of the Old Flemish or Groeningen Mennonisten Societaet in Przechowko, West Prussia.

There were also some Mennonite Sperlings from Lichtfelde, Molotschna, South Russia whose father was named Lorenze Sperling born 12 Jan 1787 in Pholen, Prussia and married in Prussia to Helena Nachtigall. They later immigrated to Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia [where "our" Sperlings were living].

I would like to connect all these Mennonite Sperlings BUT I need some more information on these ancestors to make the connections.  With the towns and family names so similar and intermixed I just need a little more help!

Perhaps one of you researching the Sperlings has the previously unknown link.  If so please contact me! Sperling Penner Families. Updated February 19, 2015

Sperling Ancestors clic for names

Photo is of Peter and Anna Heidebrecht Sperling

Sperling (Sparling), was a Mennonite family name in a number of Prussian congregations as early as 1700, in Montau even before 1700. Tobias Sperling, living in East Prussia, was forced to leave his farm in 1722, moving to West Prussia, where he died. Laurens (Lorenz) Sperling was an elder of the Groningen Old Flemish congregation in the Culmsche Niederung 1757-ca. 1780, and Johann Sparling (died 1799) a preacher and elder (from 1775) of the Klein-Werder (Markushof) congregation. The name is also found among the Mennonites of Russia and America.

The form "Spaarlinck," which is sometimes found, seems to indicate that this family was of Dutch descent.

From Gameo 
Zijpp, Nanne van der. (1959). Sperling family. Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online. Retrieved 11 February 2015, from

Website by Viktor KroekerViktor Kroeker is a Russian Sperling descendant  This is in Russian, and it will go to a Google translation.

You could use Google translation to read it.
But I have translated the basic thoughts below:

Peter Sperling was born around 1770 in West Prussia. He died in [Valdkhayme] -- Russia (Ukraine) Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia.
His father Lorenz Sperling died in 1779, when Peter was about nine years, and it is possible also that indeed both parents died about 1779.
 In the [Menonite] genealogical information there is no data about the parents of Peter Sperling, but I added him under Lorenz Sperling, for the following reason:  that both his parents died around 1779, and the step-mother has married another.
In my view, this was important reason for the mislaid or lost documentation.
It is known that Lorenz had a son of Peter Sparling, but his traces/documentation also are lost, at the same time, there is no information whatever about the parents of Peter Sperling. 
Except in the [Menonite] program of GRANDMA there is only one Peter Sperling born in 18 century and one Peter Sparling.  
This all gives grounds or basis to the fact that Peter Sperling is the natural  son of Lorenz Sperling. Peter Sperling is married to Wilhelmina  Friedericka  Feierherrn.
Of his wife is known only the fact that she was called or known as Christina.  Peter Sperling and Wilhelmina Feierherrn had three children according to the Menonite records. 

A web search of Sperling-Feuerherm brought this inquiry-[translated from German.]  --Looking for information on Wilhelmina Friedericka Feierherrn/Feuerhelm Feuerherm born circa 1790 in Neumark. Married about 1808 the Mennonites Peter Sperling born 1767 in Prussia.  Peter Sperling's father Lorenz Sperling lived in Kulm, where he died. His son Peter seemed to be in the Kreis Friedeberg area or move there -- Especially Driesen, Brenkenhoffswalde Franztal area that many Mennonites emigrated from.  Little information available for Wilhelmina Feuerhelm: only that she is descended from Neumark and was Catholic. Together with her husband emigrated 1828 to Southern Russia.
There is listed a Johann Heinrich Feuerherm (1780), who lived in Driesen in the Neumark database.   I would love to contact the person SIMS who made this post but I do not know German well enough to register and communicate with him.

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Sperling names from the "Mennonites in the Przechowka area, West Prussia" compiled by Adalbert Goertz 

"From Przechowka a second group joined 28 families 
from Jeziorky in 1764 to settle in the Frankfurt/Oder district of 
Brandenburg province to establish the settlements of Brenkenhoffswalde 
and Franztal in the Driesen Amt along the Netze River which at
that time was drained to claim more arable land for Prussia." On May 1, 1767 Tobias Sperling 
is listed with a wife and 2 sons and 4 daughters at Franztal.  

Sperling  Feuerhelm Names:

"The combination Sperling-Feuerherm(Feuerhelm) would be possible
only in an area where that extremely rare name Feuerherm/Feuer-
helm occurred. And that would be Friedeberg county, eastern Bran-
denburg province of Prussia. Throw in the additional condition
Mennonite, and it pinpoints Franzthal.

Franztal in der Neumark,[Brandenburg, Germany] Germany, was the place of residence for Mennonites from 1765 to 1834 who formed the Brenkenhoffswalde-Franztal congregation.

Adalbert Goertz has compiled and published some studies on
Franzthal Mennonite genealogy.

For Sperling names from Friedeberg, Brandenbulrg  Go to Neumark and enter Sperling into the Nachname field and Friedeberg into the Kreis field. Sperling is the surname (Nachname) you are after and most migration of Mennonites from Prussia to Russia were from the Friedeberg county of Brandenburg.

And before you hit the search button, set the display to the highest number available.

Brandenburg, Franztal

Franztal in der Neumark, Germany, was the place of residence for Mennonites from 1765 to 1834 who formed the Brenkenhoffswalde-Franztal congregation.

See Brenkenhoffswalde

The first generation of the Heinrich Sperling Family starting with his father

Peter Sperling and possible grandfather Lohrentz Sparling

                 22 Oct 2010                   Family Group Sheet
       Husband: Lohrentz Sparling  [Possible father to our Peter]
          Born: 24 May 1718          in Dorposch, Culm, Prussia 
          Died: Bef 1779             in  
        Father: Tobias Sparling
        Mother: Ancke Schellenberger
      Lohrentz Sperling had 4 wives. It is unknown which wives where the mother of his 4 children. One of which was a Peter Sperling.
      Wife 1: Rachel Pankratz   Born: 27 Feb 1744 
       Married: 1760                 in Dorposch, Culm, Prussia

      Wife 2 : _____ _____ 
        Married:                      in Dorposch, Culm, Prussia 

      Wife 3: Sarcke Richerts 
        Born: 24 Jul 1742          in Przechowka, Schwetz, Prussia 
       Married:                      in Dorposch, Culm, Prussia 

      Wife 4: Sarcke Jantz 
          Born:                      in Jeziorka, Schwetz, Prussia 
          Died:  5 Apr 1795          in  
     Child 1: Tobias Sparling 
          Born: 21 Dec 1755          in Dorposch, Culm, Prussia 
          Died: 30 Mar 1823          in Dorposch, Culm, Prussia 
      Child 2: Peter Sperling 
          Born: ~1767             in Prussia 
          Baptized:  21 Aug 1785
          Died: aft 1827-28          in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia 
      Child 3: Benjamin Sparling 
          Born: est 1870             in  
          Baptized: 24 Aug 1788
    Child 4  Ancke Sparlings 
          Born:  7 Apr 1778          in  
          Baptized: 18 Aug 1792
          Died: 25 Aug 1850          in  
Next generation
       Husband: Peter Sperling 
          Born: ~ 1767             in Prussia 
          Died: aft 1827-28          in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia 
        Father: Lohrentz Sparling ?
        Mother: _____ _____
          Wife: Wilhelmina Friedericka Feierherrn  they had 3 children that   we know about
          Born:  est: 1780-1800    in Prussia 
          Died:         ?            in South Russia 

     Child I: Heinrich Sperling
          Born: est 1820             in Prussia 
          Died: Oct-Dec 1845         in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia 
          Wife: Anna Ratzlaff 
       Married: bef 1841             in  
          Born: 30 Apr 1813          in Przechowka, Schwetz, Prussia 
          Died: Aug 1870             in South Russia 
        Father: Benjamin Ratzlaff
        Mother: Elsa Wedel
son 1: Peter A Sperling
          Born: 14 Feb 1841          in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia
      Baptized: PFINGSTEN 1859       in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia
          Died: 20 Nov 1927          in Goessel, Kansas
        Buried: 26 Nov 1927          in Hoffnungsau, McPherson County, Kansas
    Immigrated:  3 Sep 1874          in Teutonia; New York
        Spouse: Anna Heidebrecht  b. 11 Mar 1845  d. 10 Mar 1916
       Married: 14 Feb 1865          in 
        Spouse: Wilhelmina Ediger  b. 16 May 1861  d. 25 Jun 1927
       Married:  8 Feb 1920          in  
daughter 2: Helena Sperling 
          Born:  5 May 1843          in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia 
          Died:                      in South Russia 
son 3: Heinrich Sperling 
          Born: Apr 1844             in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia 
          Died: 26 Oct 1927  or 24 Apr1928   in Mountain Lake, Minnesota 
          Immigrated: 25 Jul 1875     through  Nederland; Philadelphia
        Spouse: Susanna Voth  b. 07 April 1844
son 4: Johann Sperling 
daughter 5: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sperling 
          Died:                      in South Russia 
         Spouse: Heinrich Friesen  b. 1843 
daughter 6: _____ Sperling 
          Born: est 1844-46               in 
          Spouse: _____ Kunkel
      Child 7: _____ Sperling 
          Born: est 1844-46          in  
     daughter 8: Katharina Sperling 
          Born: 23 Jul 1846          in  
          Died: Young                in  

      Child II: Katharina Sperling 
          Born: 25 May 1825          in Ruppel, Poland 
          Died: 23 Jul 1919          in Hillsboro, Kansas 
       Husband: Tobias Unruh 
       Married: 10 May 1844          in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia 
          Born: 20 Jan 1822          in Volhynia 
          Died: 24 Oct 1875          in Parker, South Dakota 
         Father: Benjamin Martin Unruh
         Mother: Elisabeth Buller
     Child III: Johann Sperling 
          Born: Jul 1828             in Prussia 
          Died: 20 Nov 1901          in Danilovka, Crimea, South Russia 
       Wife: Aganetha Boschmann 
       Married:  3 Nov 1847          in Waldheim, Molotschna, South Russia 
          Born: 19 Jul 1828          in Rosenort, Molotschna, South Russia 
          Died: 25 Jan 1868          in Bruderfeld, Crimea, South Russia 
        Father: Cornelius David Boschmann
        Mother: Katharina Suckau

Rest of family tree names

Sperling Sparling Feierherrn Sperling Sparling Feierherrn Wilhelmina Friederika Feuerhelm Feierherrn Feuerhelm Frierhelm

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