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Ewy Sperling Galicia Mennonites

Ewy Genealogy

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Galician Mennonite Ewy History

The Ewy Ancestors were part of what is called the Galician Mennonites.

I am especially interested in further information on Barbara Albert Ewy born in Falkenstein, Galicia March 2, 1815 and died June, 14 1897 Murray County Minnesota. Her parents name listed on her death certificate was Jacob Ewy and mother Barbara.

Click for Family Tree starting with Micheal Ewy born April 5,1777 Falkenstein, Galicia, Austria. Christian Aebi born about 1641 in Heimswil, Switzerland is the oldest known progenitor.

The Great Grandparents Jakob Ewy [1809-1889] and Barbara Albert Ewy [1815-1897] came from Falkenstein, Galicia to Minnesota in 1881 arriving on October 18, 1881 on the S S Furnessia from Glasgow to New York. Also traveling with them were 2 unmarried sons Michael and Christian and another son Henry and wife Christiana with 2 children. Heinrich Ewy [an uncle] also came on this ship with his wife and 4 children

 In 1882 another son Jacob and Margaret Schmidt Ewy and 6 children came on the Silesia Hamburg/New York arriving Jun 3,1882. In 1883 daughter-i-law Katharina Rupp Ewy came on the Suevia Hamburg/New York arriving  23 Apr 1883. Her husband Johann had died shortly after the previous ship above carried two of her older daughters to Minnesota in 1882.  Next daughter Susanna Ewy came on the Westphalia to Hamburg/Havre/New York arriving on 19 Jun 1883.

The oldest daughter Barbara Ewy Ewy and husband Jacob E Ewy came later in 1884 on the Eider via Bremen/Southampton to New York arriving June 20,1884. They were married with 9 children that all came along.[including Del's Grandmother Emelia Ewy.]  It gets rather confusing as an Ewy maried an Ewy (cousins). This was the only Ewy family of this branch on both sides that settled in Kansas.

Much research has already been completed on the Ewy family ancestors.  I hope to provide some additional links below and history that may be helpful to researchers. I would love to locate pictures and locations for Jacob/Jakob Ewy [1809-1889] and Barbara Albert Ewy [1815-1897] who both died in Murray County, Minnesota Des Moines River Twp. Check map to see that this was just over the county line from Cottonwood County, Minnesota where most of the other family had settled.


Most “Galician Mennonites” were considered of Swiss origin, emigrating first to the Palatinate area [fleeing probably during persecution of Swiss Antibaptists] and then moving on to Galicia. There were 28 Mennonite families in 1784 immigrating to Galicia, where they made three settlements near Lemberg. These three new communites were Einsiedel , Falkenstein, and Rosenberg.

     Our Ewy Family came from the Falkenstein, Galicia area and were members of the Einsiede Mennoniten Church at that time.  Nearly 100 years later-in 1882- twenty-eight Galician Mennonite families from that area came to United States and settled in Murray, Watonwan, and Cottonwood Counties in the southern part of Minnesota and in the Hanston and Moundridge, Kansas area.  In total in 1880 and the years immediately following, 70 Galician families out of 144 left for America, a total of 369 persons out of  the number of 718 Mennonites located in Galicia in 1880. The descendants of the Swiss who came from South Germany via Galicia largely constituted the membership of 5 congregations located at Arlington and Hanston, Kansas, Butterfield and Westbrook, Minnesota, and Perry, Oklahoma. Most of these Galician Mennonites belonged to the General Conference Mennonite Church at that time.

     The first "Russian Mennonites" [about 80 persons] came in October 1873 to the Mountain Lake area and to the Butterfield Township in 1875; the first Galician Mennonites came in 1881 and settled near Butterfield and in the vicinity of Westbrook in the northwestern part of Cottonwood County.  One of the churches in the Butterfield area was located in town and the other was five miles northeast of Butterfield. The one 5 miles northeast of Butterfield was formerly known as the Bergthal Church then became First Mennonite Church of Butterfield - it appears only the cemetery is left now. There are no Ewys buried there. The church in the town of Butterfield is now known as the Community Bible Church. 

   When the the Mennonites came to Minnesota most of them worshiped in ten Mennonite churches, eight of which were in Cottonwood and two in Watonwan County: the Evangelical Mennonite Brethren, the Mennonite Brethren, the First Mennonite (General Conference Mennonite Church (GMC)), the Bethel Mennonite (GMC), and the Gospel Mennonite (GMC) churches of Mountain Lake; the Carson Mennonite Brethren and the Immanuel Mennonite (GMC) churches of Delft; the New Home Mennonite (GMC) Church of Westbrook (now closed); and the First Mennonite Church (GMC) closed and the Mennonite Church (GMC) of Butterfield.       Taken from:  Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online. Waltner, Erland. "Cottonwood County (Minnesota, USA)."1953. Web. 27 May 2015.

   Which church did our Ewy great grandparents attend?  The closest match is the one that began as the Menno Simons Mennonite Church, located in Butterfield, Watonwan County, Minnesota. It was organized in 1887 by Mennonites of Swiss origin coming from the Lemberg area of Austria. Their leader was Daniel Brubacher. The second minister was Heinrich Kintzi and when he resigned in 1915 the group merged with the Salem Mennonite Church in Butterfield. Later in 1921 the Swiss members left this church and reorganized into the Mennonite Church of Butterfield. The church later joined the Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches and are known as the Butterfield Community Bible Church.

In 2013 I realized greatgrandfather Jacob E Ewy's 2 sisters and husbands are buried there at Butterfield Bible Church so it must definately be the one!  Unfortunately, Jacob E Ewy and Barbara Ewy's burial place still remain unknown.

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Scans of Mennonites and others in registry records of so called "Bug River" of Kiev, Germany. City Einsiedel and other Mennonite colonies *, Galicia (Austrian partition), The Book of Mennonite colonies families: Einsiedel, Falkenstein, Rosenberg, Neuhoff, Dobrowlany, Horożanna, Kiernica, Trostianets, bridges, Podusilna, Błyszczywody (with the towns Szczerzec, Demnia, Dmytrze, Domaszów Ehrenfeld, Jameln, Laszki, Siena, Sokołówka, Ostrow, Sorocko, Lubień). If you open in Google Chrome it will translate for you.

P 8-9 has some Ewys but is difficult to read the dates. On page 23/26 is found the G-g-g-grandfaher Micheal Ewy born in April 5,1777 Falkenstein, Galicia listed with his children including Jakob Ewy born in 1809 who later married the Barbara Albert that I am researching and would especially like further information.

Scan of Johann Ewy and Elisabeth Schmidt -parents of Jakob E Ewy that immigrated to Moundridge, Kansas

Jacob Ewy and wife Barbara Albert are listed but it does not seem to give a lot more information other than listing the children that died young so earlier information was right that Barbara and Jacob Ewy did have 14 children! Now that I look closer I see a daughter Katharine is listed as born just 5 days before the first wife Katharine Ewy died Jacob's first wife must have died from childbirth complications. The daughter Katharine died about 18 days later.

Map of Murray County, Minnesota showing how Des Moines River Twp is just over the county border from Cottonwood County and Westbrook, MN 

FindaGrave New Home Mennonite Cemetery of Westbrook  [Rose Hill Cemetery- Church is disbanded] 13 Ewys listed

Westbrook Cemetery Cottonwood County 28 Ewys listed
Minnesota  USA

Mennonite Church of Butterfield Cemetery /Butterfield Community Bible Church; Watonwan County has 41 Ewys listed including

Elisabeth Ewy Linscheid sister to Jacob E Ewy and aunt of "our" Grandmother Emilie Ewy Sperling

Marie Ewy Linscheid another sister to Jacob E Ewy

First Mennonite Cemetery
Butterfield, Watonwan County, Minnesota 
no Ewys though

Jacob Ewy 1888 Land Record Sec 30 Township 106 N Range 39W - Murray county Des Moines River Twp  It appears Delbert Kirlin lives there now.

Jacob Ewy 1894 Land Record Sec 32 also Henry Rupp

Platt Map of 1896 Westbrook Twp Cottonwood County, Minnesota showing Jacob Ewy land sec. 32 Township 107 N  Range 38W

Map of Cottonwood townships

Parents: Jacob and Barbara Ewy Ewy Gravestone
First Mennonite Church of Christian
Moundridge, Kansas,USA

Peter A Sperling And Emilia Ewy Sperling Gravestone
Garden Mennonite Church Cemetery